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Poem Details | by Allan Terry |
Categories: appreciation, confidence, encouraging, endurance, film, fun, love,

got me thinking you love me

it like you care
i mean if you keep on
keeping on
i might whined-up thinking you
love me or something
I mean kissing and dance
getting those second glances
and the notes on my phone
I might whined-up thinking
you love me.
sometimes I think about
the way you might preseve me
and than I wonder if
I should look at you the same way
smelling your hair
acting like you care
it makes me wonder
asking myself what spell am I under
You got me thinking you
love me

Poem Details | by April Gabriella |
Categories: celebrity, film, for him, how i feel, love,

Leonardo DiCaprio

Dedicated to my love: Leonardo DiCaprio

For how many years have I loved you
I think it has to be about eighteen
We were both so young in those days
But I still longed to be your queen
With each film I fell more in love
With each role you reminded 
"This is what true talent is made of"
Beautiful Leonardo
How keenly I feel
How much I love you
Probably too much, but still
You have shown true beauty
You have shown true grace
You're a perfect specimen
Of the human race
You are of the greatest actors 
Of this generation and more
For there will never be another
That I so much adore

Poem Details | by Allan Terry |
Categories: art, film, guitar, love, magic, money, music,




Poem Details | by Elle Smith |
Categories: feelings, how i feel, love, memory, missing you, poetry, relationship,

Love Captured On Film

Love Captured on Film
You and me in that photograph,
time paused as each to the other we glanced.
Funny how the camera never lies,
as even then I could see the glint in your eyes.
I kept that photo locked safely away,
waiting for your return each and every day.
Thinking if I wished it and prayed with all my heart,
surely destiny would not keep us apart.
I guess over the years life took its toll,
as even your image started to look old.
Wrinkles appeared and your pallor grew feint,
as carrying you with me everywhere was a heavy wait.
Christmas was simply the loneliest time,
without you there to share the magic and wine.
Days turned into weeks, and weeks to years,
that photo started to fade as you disappeared.
No longer could I bear watching you slip away,
into a box out of sight I tossed that photo one day.
Little did I realize the photo froze with a smile,
as later you returned to keep me beguiled. Copyright Elle Smith 2017

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: absence, america, art, books, business, celebration, celebrity, christmas, city, culture, dedication, depression, family, farewell, farm, feelings, film, freedom, goodbye, growing up, history, home, house, i love you, image, life, lost, money, music, native american, new york, paradise, patriotic, people, places, political, pride, today, tribute, truth, usa, world,

young American days

                   To be in a young America ~
           visions of a ship upcoming statue of Liberty
               the young lad holding tightly to his Mothers leg
             in all excitement of a new Land to call their own
      celebrations of apple pie and fireworks on the 4th of July 
             thoughts of the old Hollywood on screen 
                films without 3-D costing less then a dollar
        Greta , Monroe , Betty Davis eyes tantalizing blue glare
       The Wizard of Oz or books written by Steinbach, Capote, Mark Twain

             exciting new visions of creating new concepts 
                 before Capitalism bought all little ones to bigger
           songs came from the hills of Virginia to the black Mountains
               surfacing in Tennessee for all to hear and wish to see  

          The day when one travelled by car on the road travelled
             every town a story told , learning history we once shed blood 
         American Indian tears to the British man whom choose freedom of taxes
            Boston held a tea party , now wishing they threw out marmite instead
         The day when we knew our neighbors and bought homes with a paystub
             Everyone had a chance to make their own with pride , even through wars
        When Martin Luther King stood proudly as did President Lincoln for Freedom 
             How many streets have been named after the man whom had a dream ?

             When milk was delivered on doorsteps in Glass bottles 
                 Babies wanting the very first of the top being cream 
             leaving doors open , watching news with your family at 6pm
                cartoons were shut down and it was now grown up time 

                      Cereal being a cheap snack for after school 
                         school supplies costing twenty dollars 
                      Grandma school clothes shopping for fifty 
                   before the internet , cell phones , and text for hello ~

                         2 week Vacations not afraid to put up Camp 
                Christmas sold in December with the sentiment of Love not money
        a day when if one were sick , you could actually get penicillin without question 
         The Doctor treated everything calling it General Practice no fear of Malpractice 

               Never forgetting our Motor city  
                 Old Ford Trucks Chevrolets and Dodge
                  The city that brought Ottis Reding and Marvin Gaye 

                     What happened to us ?  Where did America Go ? 



Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: angel, anniversary, art, august, autumn, baby, birth, birthday, career, celebration, celebrity, child, creation, dream, film, i love you, imagination, inspiration, inspirational, magic, moon, mother, my child, my children, nostalgia, people, poetry, success, sun,

My Son Moon and Star

            My Son Moon and Star ~

        Approaching the celebration of his Birth 
                cherishing the gift I received 
           within weeks of conception I knew
            something amazing was in Creation ~

            the Stars held a party
            sending me with one of their own  
    Gazing at 3 shooting stars twinkling crossing the sky   
       It was magic  It was destiny taking its flight 

           In love with an October full moon 
               drawing and painting I liked 
             thinking of Vincent Van Gogh ~
                caught in a loss of time 

          Hours going by as choosing my color  
           a wittness to three falling stars 
             A clear night sky sparkle's
           A once Famous Star was sent 
            inspiring the tiny child inside ~ 

           Never a doubt in my mind at all     
       child bearing was worth any pain received
      yours will be in a pursuit of a dream ~
             one to cherish and hold
          My Son was born the following August ~

    working on the set of Grimm 3rd season this year  
         as the set of Leverage for 3 years

              Has done a Indie movie here  
             In Paris it was seen and honored
             coming soon filmed in Portland ~
                 "The House of Last Things "

        awaiting the credits , you will see
    1st Assistant Director ~ production assistant 
                 My Young Lion Mans dream ~
        A proud mom I watch every show and the credits 

        as foretold in a whisper to me 25 years ago
              My Son &  Moon and Star  
               A name you will all know ~

            Happy Birthday to my creative Son
             you will exist in my heart forever~
                        and thereafter               

Poem Details | by Tom Arnone |
Categories: break up, desire, destiny, film, heartbreak, irony, love,

500 Days

When first I swayed her eyes a perfect round,
With hair that fell so circular and dark.
Spherical girl -- not rotund or fat-bound,
With curves that flow in wide expanse of arc.

By dawn the night does wane to working day.
With awe I fill her every need profound -- 
A pup to fetch and run the word, obey.
My Summer's smile augments a love unbound.

Yet, smiles are few and eyes a glazing dim.
No touch returned for softly warm caress.
I beg her, please, recount my every sin:
"Nothing," says she, a wisp so vaporous.

Summer left a tasteless void of season;
Autumn blows a gust of destined reason....

September 19, 2016
Movie Mania - Romance - Poetry Contest 
Inspired by the romantic comedy,
500 Days of Summer (2009)

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: best friend, books, character, film, friendship, love,

Sam - Cinquaino chain

Loyal Best friend always ready to help Thru difficult journey You're so sweet my Best friend So brave Strong and watching my back all time You're so beautiful you Saved my life, see Better Without You I'd have never made it thru Gave me hope when mine was lost Yore so kind my Sweet Sam! Dorian Petersen Potter Aka ladydp2000 Copyright@2014 September.1025.2014

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: culture, dark, film, husband, relationship, sad love,

Bad Husband

(Free Verse) 

You did me a favor by letting me go 
I know that I deserve better and that's so 
I am far better in so many ways than you ever be 
You're do blind with all the trash in your brain that you can not see 
But what goes around comes around one day soon enough 
You can laugh everyday at me and enjoy the sun and the moon 
I am already laughing at all your stupidity and silly ways 
You have no moral sense of what's right or wrong anymore 
You don't care to hurt me or anyone to get what you want 
Go and do what you wish, you're a cruel man, you're a beast 
You told me you loved me but stabbed me in the back 
And you cheated on me and then left me got rid of me 
Your kind is not the kind I want to be married to but at least have some very 
good and that's  our kids 
You are so selfish and a very unkind a very sad excuse of a human being 
As for  me I will surely make it with your money, I am not perfect but at least I 
don't kill people and don't cheat 
I feel so sorry for your kind and wished now  that somehow I have had  never set 
my eyes on you.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


Poem Details | by Wonder Bred |
Categories: feelings, film, hip hop, love, music, rap, spiritual,

Salt Lake Expression

I wrote this on the Salt Lake Express, enjoy.

Salt Lake Expression 

I just got my phone and im travelling home 
I havent been rappin since the age of de la soul
But i happen to imagine the things i dont know 
Its all about where you are, however you go

My jedi mind is tricked out, 
opposite of KISS- i lick it down, 
i am about to be around, 
instantly syncing experience into the sound, so listen now...

Whatever I sample, 
its all too hot to handle, 
i dissipate stress within damsels, 
what's jack and a candlestick without a candle? 
I describe inside my mind simply when i ramble

The rise and fall is epic like that of the Berlin wall, 
hungry cows just in for the green, im herding you all, 
transmitting transitions went from winter to fall, 
this tale you're listening to is legitimate, it isn't tall.

Im like Rafiki just seeking to speak with the king,
i ford rivers to Mordor to find the Lord of the Ring, 
this isn't a hobbit talking but when i walk i sing, 
playing the harp with heart strings, 
hark the lion king 
versus shot in the dark, bark, then endangering, 
i dine with fine eats at a Chinese restaurant called Ming's, 
before the crack im born to rap, let the liberty bell ring.

Crazier than Nicolas cage, 
i face the machine with rage, 
i speak on street corners, concrete is my stage, 
I'm going to flee to Indonesia seeking to speak with a sage

Gourmet food for thought is about to blast off, 
get on this hip hop or listen to Slim and kick rocks in flip flops, 
this is not a shot in the dark or a walk in the park, 
im a man ready on his mark to rock steady like Bob 
and drop heavy as wonder bred never forget that's who brought...

...This to you, get in-tuned 
it's not on your radio so plug in your ipod, 
im not a rhyme god, but I've got my lines off 
like Joseph is how my coat is, mad colors, 
i think the big government is actually a bad brother, 
im blessed since I have my mother, 
and we all are cause we have each other 

Poem Details | by richard nah |
Categories: love, film, me,

Will you like to go out with me?

Will you like to go out with me?

I saw a film today,
a film of me and you;
Then I had a dream, 
a dream of our being;
It looked so good, so innovating..
You took my hand,
telling me the truth in every bits of your words;
And like the moon standing with its star, 
I now ask you;

Will you like to go out with me?

Poem Details | by Tom Quigley |
Categories: adventure, film, fun, love, satire, science fiction,

Red Pill Girl

Oh, you know what I want, I want me a Red Pill Girl
	The kind that’s aware of the realities of the world
	The kind who’s awake and her mind is unfurled
	No sensory deprivation tank for my kind of girl
	A self-aware she-babe makes my toes curl

Oh, I’d kinda get bored with a Blue Pill Chick
	The kind caked in fake-up three feet thick
	The kind who needs me to look smooth and slick
        Playing along with her daydream is such Bolshevik
        And floating in her pod would make me seasick
Oh, I can’t wait for my life with my Red Pill Hun,
	‘Cause she will always be lots of fun
	‘Cause she can do cartwheels while firing machine guns
	Dodging those enemy bullets one by one
	We’ll get white rabbits tattooed right on our buns

Oh, we’ll be so happy together, my Red Pill Wife
	She knows that the Matrix is just endless strife
	She knows how to fly spaceships and fight with a knife
	Our kids’ spinning back kicks will be outta sight 
	And forever after, we’ll still be pals for life

Oh, my Red Pill Girl, my Red Pill Girl…


Poem Details | by Janis Thompson |
Categories: film, hello, love,

Racing To Arms

Racing to Arms

Two parallel scenes come to mind,
Each of a similar yet different kind.
Melanie sees Ashley in” Gone With the Wind,”
Hobbling home from the Civil War, over the glen.
She cannot run fast enough, into his arms.
He runs from his distance to feel her charms.

In the Depression Era, times were moribund,
Worse off for Black people like the Morgans.
Rebecca sees Nathan in the movie” Sounder,”
Hobbling home from prison camp to be around her.
She cannot run fast enough into his arms.
He runs from his distance to feel her charms.

In both scenes there’s urgency in their faces,
With arms opened wide to meet up with embraces.
Love is colorless, ageless, timeless and free.
What a thrill racing to long missed arms must be?


Gone With the Wind


Poem Details | by peter walsh |
Categories: film, horror, poetry, sad love,

Queen of the Damned

As gently, she drifts through the darkness
Waiflike, she flows on the breeze
Her eyes never resting on anyones
Appearing to all Ill at ease

She wades in the depths of her carnage
Pressed by the weight of her sins
The humans, mere collateral damage
Ever conscious the thirst always wins

Her games will be played in the darkness
She's queen of the damned, you're her pawn
And the best, of the worse, you can hope for
Is to last 'til the break of the dawn

Lost in the wonder of bloodlust
A little too long in the tooth
She's witnessed her friends turn to dust
While she Lives on, enchained by her youth

The curse of the love of a demon
Taints the flow of the blood in her veins
It has ended her innocent dreaming
Now none but her nightmare remains

As she calls to the night, ever knowing
Her hunger can never be filled
An insatiable thirst, ever flowing
Through rivers of blood that she's spilled

As Black as the night that enfolds her
As dark as the road that she travels
She moves with the grace of an angel
Whilst waiting for time to unravel

Poem Details | by Archontoula Alexandropoulou |
Categories: childhood, color, daughter, family, father, love, remember,

Black and white film photography

         It was midday, just before the end of spring and sunlight had conquered everythingDespite the heat, the leafy pergola above his mother's yard enclosed them in her natural cool shadeThe sea was but some kilometres away, but the very idea of its presence invested the warm breeze with a soft auraSome essence of the first flowery fragrances still lingered in the air and flowed downwards to meet the smell of fresh grass and the intense aroma of lemon and orange blossoms in the lower gardenThe white bunches of the acacia blossoms sent their penetrating perfume up to their nostrils and exploded halfway upon encountering that irresistible redolence of the lilac on the hedgeHow could one find the strength to get up from the chair when held captive by spring-tide?
          So they lingered in their embrace, nested in the cobble-yard, facing the tall wide-ledge windows, as if caught in the midst of a fairy circle made up of smells, colours and the feeling of each-other's tender presence
           He kissed her cheeks and he felt them like soft velvet peaches, he smelled her hair and thought he had plunged into a field decked with chamomile
          FunnyThe feeling came back as vivid as ever, every time he touched the faded little picture in the family albumSo black and whiteUnlike the memory of his daughter in it.

Archontoula Alexandropoulou
March 9, 2015

Poem Details | by Julia Ho |
Categories: film, love, memory, moving on, relationship, teen, teenage,

At The Movies

Let's grab some popcorn, And watch a silent movie, Hide snacks in warm hoodies, And forget the memories forlorn.

Poem Details | by Marty King |
Categories: beautiful, feelings, film, funny love,

two people alone in a movie theater senryu

movie night kisses
lips are greasy from popcorn

Poem Details | by Ralph Sergi |
Categories: forgiveness, i love you,

Film Noir

	Film Noir

By the lamppost at night
with the pale moon shining bright
but obscured by the fog
I saw her in the harbor
standing where my boat lay moored
but she knew that
her azure eyes beckoned me to come
smoke from a cigarette in her hand
trailing upward and blending with the mist
and a gold braid around her wrist
I remembered my gift

I stood there transfixed
if for only a moment
then I walked to her slowly
and tipped my fedora
and the little joke we shared in love
I asked,”Where have been all my life?
Waiting for you, she said
I laughed at her resentfully and sighed
You left me here from this place
without a note, without a trace
I scoured old haunts, you weren’t there
you left as if you didn’t care

Remember our walks along the shore
your favorite drink, our special place
in a cafe by the window
where the sun would shine on your hair
and leaving a golden glint
as it did on my boat when it was in full sail

Then one day you went away
our love became a mystery
that was never solved
now you’re here and I ask you, why?

There was a war she said
I lost this guy and you came along
to fill the void and share my grief
I loved you, Jake ,your silly hat
the way you tipped it, the boat ,the cat
who begged for fish after every catch
she paused and lit another smoke

Then one day, he showed up, his name was Clive
the guy I mentioned had survived
and left his tags with a guy who died
and he became an MIA
he was hiding out in Mandalay
involved in something, he wouldn’t say
but he wanted me there, he promised me fame
I was a singer you know
and all the dough that I could want or I could take
I just had to know how to play the game
but I thought of you, Jake
and what we had and I told him ,No

He got mean, Jake
and threatened to expose me 
for what I really was
and I couldn’t bear for you to hear 
my sordid past, my constant fear
We’re both alike you and me, he said
we’ll take what the world has to give
or grab it by the throat
or I’ll expose you if you don’t

As time went by it didn’t take long
to see he was singing a different song
his lies, his schemes, his other dolls
I lost my respect and I didn’t care
I had to get out, I needed a plan
to rid myself of this rotten man

There was this guy, Buck
who ran the bar, he pitied my plight
that I was in, he hated Clive as much as I 
I told him I watched Clive at the end of each night
the cash he hid in a special place
no doubt to leave in a hurry when things got hot
he would check to see how much was stashed
if it was worth the dare, we would split down the middle 
and make our departure as soon as we could
I knew a Burmese captain of a scow
who asked no questions for a fee
he’d  have some cabins for you and me

Just before closing, I feigned getting ill
and called for Clive to aid me somehow
to stay awhile and give me a pill
and while he was there, Buck went to that spot
took the cash and lit out that night to wait for me
at a pre destined place

My bag was packed in another room
I told Clive I would rest and join him soon
but as soon as he left I slipped out
to the back grabbed a bag and headed
for freedom away from that man
thinking of you and to make things right

She paused for a moment and put out her smoke
and I thought I saw a drop of blood 
form on the corner of her mouth
she quickly wiped her hand across her face
and continued her story at a slower pace

I arrived at the pier where the scow lay docked
took one look behind me and looked at the clock
on the building we were to meet
I checked my watch and matched the time
I saw a jeep and he saw me
two grips in his hand and a smile on his face
he said, I got the dough , I’ll leave the jeep
it’s the least I can do for that miserable creep
I said ,there’s no time to waste, just show me the dough
we’ll split it up now and get ready to go
he said, Oh, I’m ready but the plans have changed
I’ll leave you enough to change your luck
this one’s for you and this one’s for Buck

I suspected as much and I scoured as he grinned
but his mouth formed an O as he looked down below
a knife in his stomach pulsed blood from his guts
too late I saw his gun come up as he fell
I felt a pain in my side and clutched at my coat
I picked up my bags and summoned the strength
to get onto the boat

I said to the captain, there’s double the price
if we get away soon just pick up some steam 
and head for Rangoon
he patched me up as good as he could
with the aid of rum and smoldering wood
to cauterize the wound for awhile

I knew it was wrong to take his life
but I was prepared to kill him 
to end all this strife
as a precautionI took the knife that we cut bait with
a long time ago the knife stirred up memories
that you and I had
that pressed my decision to leave that cad
the wound didn’t heal, the lead stayed inside
I was resigned to my fate to see you once more
before it’s too late…and here you are

She collapsed in my arms and I held her tight
with tears in my eyes , her audible sighs
gasping for breath and leaning toward death

And before she expired her hand on my face, she said
Where have you been all my life?
waiting for you, I cried, waiting for you

A tribute to the black and white movies prevalent in the late 30’s and early 40’s
Sponsored by Silent One  September 29, 2017

Poem Details | by Ako Henshaw |
Categories: film, love, war,


Youngest of all she went unnoticed.
 So beautifully cultured but shy a motive.

  So talented, so loved;
   And above her the beaut world evolved.

     To Cecilia and Robbie 'twas their spring.
       But with Robbie little Tallis hoped a ring.
        Then came the industrious Marshall so virile.
          So sharp in charisma but in deeds so vile.

            little Tallis knew him a hoax.
             But out of this notion her Schizophrenic mind coax.

              Yet love unfold for Ceci and Robbie 'twas vanquished
                And in perishing indeed reputation tarnished.

                  Aye was this right of little Tallis?
                    Nope cos she got it all amiss.

                      With this couple she never again got a moment
                         So she wrote her fiction in atonement.
Dedicated to the movie Atonement ( by Joe Wright).
 Please read about atonement and write about it(

Poem Details | by Aa Harvey |
Categories: celebrity, film, friend, image, love, money, youth,

Young and famous

Young and famous

Yeah!  We’re young and we are famous!
We’ve got money and we can love and laugh.
Yeah!  We’re young and famous!
Everyone knows us and they all want our autograph.
Yeah! We’re young and we are famous!
We are super stars who hang out in the famous bars.
Yeah! We’re young and we are famous!
We are on the T.Vand we drive fast cars.

They all want us and they all want to be us.
We have so many friends and an endless amount of love.
Happy every day and no day is ever the same;
You wish you could have my life but I would never throw this away.

I guess it beats working for a living.
All my life on screen and we are winning!
Fame and fortune; surrounded by angels and stars.
We used to see celebrities on the magazines, now that is what we are.

We’re touring the States and every other place;
We are globetrotters; we are young and we are famous!  
They all know my name 
And they all want my fame.
My face is everywhere; I have a stylist for my hair
And a fashion designer gives me clothes for free to wear.

We will live forever!  Under the spotlight.
We party hard from morning, straight through to the end of the night.
Yeah, we have made it and we’re getting paid to say things;
We love our lives and this dream will never end…
We are able to buy everything.

Who needs a normal job?
I’ve got the best one.
I’m young and I am famous!
I’m a movie star, a T.Vstar, a rock ‘n’ roll star
And I am having so much fun!

(C)2016 Aa HarveyAll Rights Reserved.

Poem Details | by Victor Ernest Osong |
Categories: break up, devotion, encouraging, farewell, film, lost love, love hurts, pain, romance, sad love,


Divorce me
Marry my dreams
I dreamt I was loving you for eternity.
I know your beauty is a hoax
I don't mind falling a million time indeed
As far as I end up giving a toss
That forever we shall swim in love streams.

Love is blind
But your beauty won't let me pretend to be
Love hurt like knife
But the weather of my love is too hot for that indeed.
Anything good comes with a price
I want the best in you, I will give it a fight.
You ask me if I can die for love
I say if we will be buried together I have no choice.

Do you still want to leave my love
Go with my dreams at once.
Yes, I will die happily when you are with my all
I shall be waiting at the other side
To continue wooing you to fall.

Poem Details | by Gordon McConnell |
Categories: christmas, film, life, love,

What a Wonderful World

What a wonderful world
became a favourite Christmas hit
a movie to thrill and inspire
a classic film it is it

Starred the marvellous Jimmy Stewart
assisted by the lovely Donna Reed
focused on man's guardian angel
each one's protector it is indeed

This movie asks an important question
what if we had never been born
never indeed been known
to the world we be foreign

Looking back on our life
has it made any impact?
what if we never came here?
never to be a fact

So be very thankful
for all you have got
remember and never forget
history reveals more than you thought


Poem Details | by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: lost loveheart, pain, heart, hope, love,

The Film Cast Away (What was in that FedEx Box )

Acquainted with love again 
I soon recovered from past pain 
I met this goddess in a tight black dress
I peaked Kilimanjaro, at the sight of her, I must confess

We exchanged digits and addresses too
She said she loved me and I said “I love you”
Problem is that she lived in the far away
But I said I got to have her as she left with a hypnotic sway

So, you guessed it, I placed in a box my healed heart
It was as good as new and wouldn’t break apart
Sent it to her overseas by FedEx
Yep I was horrified at what happen next

The bloody plane crashed in the sea
With a lone survivor, nobody knew where he could be
I hear the sod washed up on an island beach
My heart was drenched in tears and out of reach.

However, the boxes all wash up on the shore
The bugger ripped them open but mine he kept aside on the floor
Every box he ripped I felt it in my chest
I silently said please, not the one with the gold crest

Anyway I think he was feeling what I was going through
As he developed a pain in and didn’t know what to do
The pain was severe, a bloody tooth ache
Which the poor bugger knocked out with the blade of an ice skate

My heart was telling him what to do
And he knew that this box was now important to him too
Eventually he mustered the courage to leave the island on a raft
Which took him some time to build but mastered the craft

When he left the island he took the box his ball friend, Flintstone 
And started adrift with a hope to see home
A ship found him passed out floating on the sea
With a box tightly gripped for her from me
They dropped him off in the town where my heart was to be
And he made sure he delivered it himself you see

But a week later I received a box with a note
That sank my heart and choked my throat:
“I love you my Sidney but your love was too late”
“I finally received it but I couldn’t wait”
“I have married now and I hope you did too”
“I return your heart and remember that I love you”

So if you were ever wondering what was in that FedEx box
It was my broken heart wrapped in a pair of warm wooly socks…

Poem Details | by jan oskar hansen |
Categories: fear, film, first love, food,

to see or not to see

 To see or not to see 

To know what you know
Needs no deep reflection as it is evident
That you stopped thinking  
Being so sure, unresponsive sure
That when it hits you
What you knew was wrong 
That new thinking is needed 
If you are lazy just ride if and insist
You were right
Saves time 
And in hundred yours whatever it was 
Is forgotten.
A whale of a time
Swimming in arctic water 
Oh man that is deep 

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Categories: desire, film, life, lost, love, memory, music,

My wasted heart

My wasted heart

Growing older, with memories on my mind;
Wishing I could have had more time to share, 
With the women I have loved.
Laughing at love with open eyes, now I am no longer blind;
Romantic comedies are my painful addiction 
And my love life is so unjust.

Sing me a song and I will take it to my heart;
Let the backing singers sing along and let their voices be heard!
My wasted heart has forever been lost in the dark;
Will you become my guiding light 
And let me see clearly through the blur?

I want to find love, so inside a film I look.
Can you help me find the love I seek?  
There are too many books on love.
All I want is you; let me into your life for a while.
Dance with me under a disco ball and I will try to make you smile.

Raise the trumpets, bang the drums;
Clap those hands and sing about love!
Let my wasted heart find those three words it wishes to hear.
Surely I deserve a little piece of happiness too;
Am I ever going to find a real and true love that will never disappear?
Before you depart and vanish from my life,
Let me leave a thought inside your mind…

Could you fall hopelessly head over heels with me?
And could I be someone you could be with?
I would like to know, how do you feel and what do you see?
When you have come to your decision, could you give me a hint?

If we had never met and you had never known of my existence,
Would you have missed out on something that you could desire?
If you were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar
And I had never asked for your assistance;
Would I have made a mistake if I had never told you, 
You are what I require?

Would my love have been wasted, without you to love?
Or would you make the first declaration inside a crowded café?
You can leave and forget me, but I would never give up on love;
So before you walk away and waste my heart once again, 
Please remember how you felt when we first met…
Before I become a stranger and I sadly walk away.

(C)2016 Aa HarveyAll Rights Reserved.

Poem Details | by Milan Georges Burovac |
Categories: addiction, allegory, beauty, desire, film, first love, kiss,

Carmen or Tara

I nominate me the I
behind the fear
front of the TV
behind the desire
front of the selection
Carmen or Tara
to a birth of Me

Poem Details | by carl dunford |
Categories: dedication, friendship, happiness, imagination, love, film,

No more.

No more worries.
no more tears.
let me take away your fears.
No more saying, what might have been,
no more coming in  between.
No more doubting,
about us two,
fate will know what to do.
To the future we must look,
we will play it by the book.
If the lord above ,see's other wise,
then I will just close my eyes,
and pretend that what I see, 
is a film of you and me.
A  film so Oscar rife ,
you would play my wife.
till Holly wood beckons me,
I will continue, writing poetry.
So you can see,
what you mean to me.

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Categories: cute love, desire, emotions, film, life, miss you, world,

Studio of destiny

only You can understand
the heat of mirrors
the brightness of cameras
the resistance of perfumes
the pain of existence
before the cold shower
in the studio of destiny

Poem Details | by Mark Toney |
Categories: conflict, film, love, war,

Oscar-ku 12 -Gone With The Wind

Scarlett, Rhett, Tara
Fiddle-dee-dee War War War-
“I don't give a damn”

Copyright © 2018 by Mark ToneyAll rights reserved
First published 2018 in Hollywood Haiku via

Poem Details | by eric delmer millen |
Categories: lost love, love, nostalgia, people, philosophy,

undeveloped film.

what have you seen w/ those sweetness eyes? 
		at the bus stops, in the malls, breathing the cold dead air of february, the crackered
soup of weirdo.
		childhood beds, the smell of christmas, possible selves, assumptions.
		avatars, siblings, unrealized realities— private  places where you dry up and float
awaywhat have you seen?

innocence, not ignoranceeyes up— under a falling sky.

		i’ve been up all night w/ memories; skin to skin, palm to palm, the googeley eyes of
closeness and myopic not seeingpieces that fit alright— for the price we pay they
shouldit's ideas we love, not people
sex is an ideapride, a bad one.

do you believe that kindness is possible? 

remembering you, or the idea of youand your sweetnessand me--when i wanted only to be
handsome, dumb and happy.

		14 teeth when you smilea slight halitosis; your scent? sexy in my mouth.
i burnt my tongue on your teeth more than oncehow many sad coffees followed? now
visions, apparitionsindulgences, at a cost— more than my eyes could afford.

it's long that i've been wantingsomething innate, divineall the world's sufferings

as all is possible all is necessary.

the ones who people our lives are doomed to become abstractions, slaves of recall and
impossible ideas—the more defined the more confining
		freedom, change; should you challenge your definition-we resent none more than those who
shatter our illusions.

in your absence i will keep you; safe, sweet, abstract
in my skull you are forever

flowers beyond perception, inevitable hair.