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Poem Details | by Domi Marchewka |
Categories: dedication, hope, life, love, nostalgia, sad

The heart that swore fidelity


"The heart that swore fidelity"

After I'm gone
You may not cry for me
You'll find the truth
Engraved upon my door:
"Here lived a heart
That swore fidelity
Through peaceful days
And through the nights of war"

Go on and feed
Your youthfull soul with pride,
With awe you wake
In all those lost and cold

After I'm gone
You'll come back just to find
This secret pledge
Written upon my door.

Though years have passed,
Though I have known them all -
Pale breasted loves
Aiming to steal your light

I let you sail,
And if such is your choice -
Than silent waiting
Becomes the choice of mine 

Poem Details | by Darren Garmer |
Categories: beauty, inspirational, love,

Fidelity of Blue Nebula Sentiment

When my being is the focus from her glance
I am swooned with adoration as if under the magic of the full moon...
As I look into her enchanting blue windows of the soul
This one is embraced by unconditional loves serenity dance...

Surpassing the bliss of her lips reciprocity; knowing her eyes divine generosity...

Her inner beauty flows like that of a mountain stream as her eyes arise in the morn from her angel blessed dream...
Beaming the frequency of compassion, loyalty, balanced sensuality...
Uplifting all others self value; giving goodness to humanity...

Surpassing the bliss of her lips reciprocity; knowing her eyes divine generosity...

Opening your heart fully receiving the gaze of purity
Sets one forth on the path free from vanity...
Worship this sacred blessing; cherishing the warmth given freely to thee
Eyes of the goddess teleport my attention to a new realm of timeless love...

Surpassing the bliss of her lips reciprocity; knowing her eyes divine generosity...

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: love, wedding


No human can separate two  hearts
dedicating themselves to love..
when God accepts their vows.

Marriage is so sacred and honorable
through acts of fidelity....
shouldn't it be desirable?

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: emotions, love, passion, sorrow,


Me, you,
Living this life,
Full of love and sorrow,
Better now than ever before,
Rest your head next to my fidelity.

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: devotion, joy, love,

The Proclamation Of Fidelity

Wasting huge amounts of energy
not for the proclamation of fidelity
is to discard the vowes made on that altar...
when the sincere and amorous eyes didn't look far.

Only true hearts are devoted to faithfulness
and their commitment is never to go astray;
will they dishonor their vows of their wedding day?
No, the truest love awaits them: it's blissful happiness!

Poem Details | by Tony Bush |
Categories: life, love, passion,

High Fidelity

This oath I breathe into the night, 
Where spectral voices wage and fight 
For space to salvage, immunise 
And subjugate before my eyes
A song despatched with vocal chords, 
Dipped in sorrow, ill affords 
To waste a single key of sound, 
To find the words not often found
And thus in tears of honey dew 
I turn the dial and think of you, 
And know I will remain, prevail, 
Hold fast my heart beyond the pale
This muted plea of fire and ice, 
It burns and chills, will not suffice; 
This unremitting, ceaseless cry, 
Fidelity tuned a perfect high
This I must tell and you must know, 
For when you leave me, when you go, 
My world may stop and cease to be 
'Till you return and stay with me

Poem Details | by Norman Purvis |
Categories: devotion, love, wife,


Another couple broken up.
Why does it happen?
Sad to see.
They no longer.
Want to be.
Together, by the sea.

Passing, on the other side.
Not a wave or a smile.
How could they defile.
The love they had,
Is not the style.

Will we go this way?
Please God , let me stay.
With my loved one.
Every day.

A life time.
Of happy content.
Safe in your arms.
I consent.

No money or wealth.
Could take you off the shelf.
You are the only one.
I look upon.
To be my wifefor life.

Poem Details | by Jeanette Huston |
Categories: confusion, faith, forgiveness, friendship, life, love, words, love,


We use to hold hands.
We used to treasure these wedding bands.
We used to love each other like there was no tomorrow.
There was never a secret we couldn’t swallow.

We us to love our nights away.
Together we cherished the days.
So many loving words we loved to say.
Forever we’d always stay.

It seems to me now
We have no future you and me,
“I love her,” You now say.
I can’t find the words to make you stay.

I don’t know how it got this way.
I try to figure out when I lost you.
What day?
Our nights have been filled with fights
But I never stopped loving you.
When you run off with her tonight
Know that I die inside!

I guess you have to go.
What happened to our dreams and promises?
I don’t know.
She’s waiting outside the door.
I just can’t look at you anymore.
You’re free!
Just as you wanted to be!

Poem Details | by Mubarika Sami |
Categories: love, marriage,

If fidelity was an animal

Fidelity would not be a skunk
It would not stink
I think it would be a deer
it's fragrance musk
The sweet scent of fidelity
That's right, dear