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Love Poems About Ferret or Ferret Love Poems
by Richard Breese |
Categories: animal, cute love, funny love, giggle, humor, humorous, pets,

Puppy Love

To the market grab a carrot
Sneak it home never share it.
This is what my spaniel does
Every Thursday just because,
His lady friend's a ferret.

by jay del fierro |
Categories: lost love, love,

Silly Rabbit......

Hop-hop the trail
little bunny,shake your tail
to be noticed is the action
as you get,without fail

Hop-hop with some flowers
maybe candied desserts
you might get so lucky
be treated as a first

Hop-hop with a gift
maybe a precious stone
should open up those eyes
you'll never be alone

Silly,silly rabbit
chasin' the wrong carat
protector of this diamond
will be your ferret.....

by theo constantinides |
Categories: love,

Dearest Heart

Do not look for me out on a plain;
For sure as life it will not rain.

Do not look for me far a yonder; 
For there i shall not ponder.

Do not look for me up in the skies;
there all but my spirit flies.

Do not look for me in hell bent fire;
For at peace i am with your desire.

Do not look for me on moss laden bark;
As i am not with the ferret or the lark-

But deep inside your dearest heart.

Categories: adventure

ferret rides again

Well Andrea, second poem:)

I suppose feral ferret gets loose a bit,
when he ain't n isn't on the tit,
lived too long with little wit,
the ferret comes out cagey.

so sneaking through the tall, short wood,
to catch a chook, for her own good,
cafuffle feathers  tasty could,
be just more time a wasting:)

A rooster blurts across the yard,
with feathers ruffed, spurs like barbs,
catches ferret right off guard,
and rides him, from came he-whence.

but turning on the rooster chook,
he cast him off, black balled the look,
his .45 a raising,
watch out for the underchook,
lightening quick guns a blazing:)

muttering onsoup...Don Johnson



by Ram Ram |
Categories: birth, how i feel, i am, life, mystery, surreal, truth,

Fetal thought

               Fetal thought..!

Alone in a chamber, fused as one,
was I a proof of love or lust ?
Did I take shape out of my own will,
or was I induced to face a test ?

But, here I am feeling cosy inside,
primeval fluids - aloft and afloat !
No sense of 'I' - just existing along,
abiding joy and nothing to gloat.

Is it a chance that I am in here, or 
providence decree - pronounced ?
Taking my own form and shape,
my arrival will soon be announced !

What is in store and where and how is it ?
no such questions occurred as yet !
Not seperate from my committed host,
it is time alone - in time that will ferret.