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Love Poems About February or February Love Poems

February love poems and/or love poems about February. Read, share, and enjoy these February love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other February Poems.

Poem Details | by E.J. Smith |
Categories: uplifting, care, care, love,

February 7, 1946

Where's my baby?
Bring my baby!
She knew something was wrong
Who did she think she was
To risk having a child at forty-six?
The new love demanded it though
And she had prayed it would be all right
But it wasn't.
That exotic little face
Those almond eyes
The old doctor said put it away
It will never grow, it will never know you
It will be a vegetable.
Leave it where it will get the care it needs...
The care he needs?
I will care for him, he is my son.
I will love him and be proud of his accomplishments.
And he grew, and he loved
And accomplished much
His greatest feat being that of bringing
A family together together
Teaching them how to love
And to be proud of him.

Categories: love,

haiku 9th February 2015

                                        birds sing sun rises
                                   how wonderful the world is
                                      dreaming in your love

Poem Details | by Sharon Gulley |
Categories: allusion, betrayal, crush, february, love hurts, valentines day,

My Valentine

I lovingly waited for my Valentine
just to find out, he wasn't mine.

My emotions poured out and my 
tears were scattered, as they fell
to the floor, and shattered.

What a fool I must have seemed
to have fallen prank to Cupid's
day dreams.

Your wink of a eye or tender brush
by, didn't mean you were to be my Valentine.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: cute love, emotions, february, feelings, imagery, valentines day,

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day instills romance amenable to the heart's call enticing love to take a chance. February finds time to dance as winter temperatures fall Valentine's day instills romance. Happy hearts slip into a trance joy encompasses one and all enticing love to take a chance. A dance allows hopes to advance for when winter slows to a crawl Valentine's day instills romance. Sharing a reassuring glance lovers wear teardrops like a shawl enticing love to take a chance. When two hearts link by circumstance they don't defer to protocol. Valentine's day instills romance enticing love to take a chance. (A Villanelle Poem)

Poem Details | by Flora Mae Gudez |
Categories: absence, baby, best friend, boyfriend, emotions, farewell, february, feelings, first love, girlfriend, grief, heartbroken, i love you, kiss, leaving, loneliness, lost love, love, missing, missing you, moving on, poems, sad love,

First and Last Kiss

Atop the road by the sea
Thou confessed thy affection for me
By a kiss as thy language of love
Ebbed from the copious desire thou have

A kiss from thee, my first love,
Something at last I have
My first love; my first kiss
I didn’t expect I’ll miss

‘Twas a kiss of farewell
For my love will depart and travel
Didn’t know when we’ll meet again
But I’m hoping it’ll happen

Though it’s heartbreaking,
I have to accept the pain I’m feeling.
The first and last kiss we had
Is the first and last kiss we’ll have?

Poem Details | by Denise Morgan |
Categories: april, devotion, february, first love, fun, funny love, kiss, love,

Springtime Lovers

Tulips in springtime
Expressed, two lovers kissing
Air aromatic

Categories: love,

haiku Friday 13 February 2015

                                           we both in embrace
                                 our souls demand something more
                                             innards of silence

Poem Details | by Mariam Traore |
Categories: candy, care, celebration, february, heart, love, valentines day,

Happy Valentines Day

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Happy Valentines day to all of you
Enjoy all those chocolates,
and share a moment with your loved ones,
Be happy, share that laughter
Share those chocolates, when time comes around
Say I love you to friends,
and family
But most importantly that mate that adores you
Happy Valentines Day once more
Enjoy it this year we have plenty more. 

Poem Details | by Emenaha Godwin Holiday |
Categories: age, anniversary, february, happy birthday, holiday, i love you, me,

It's My Birthday

The mind cannot grasp its beauty's
even though it count the colour's
just like rainbows _ pretty's
the heart accepts its glamour's

your heart accepts its glamour's
till the sky falls from the heavens
a conundrum so candour
with tears from the eyes of a raven

adding radiance to life's breath
saying goodbye to hurt and lust
love that is stronger than death
calls us back _ when we're lost.

Poem Details | by Manni Veena |
Categories: anxiety, emo, february, feelings, for him, jealousy, sad love,

Great love

"Was it a great love?" she asked, 
with a cool facial expression, 
and a raging storm in her heart. 
"The kind that keeps you awake in your sleep, 
And forces you to dream when you're awake."
As she waits for his reply, 
she is fixated on his reluctant eyes,
Wishing for a lie, 
Wishing for a "no".

Poem Details | by Micah Watkins |
Categories: deep, emotions, february, future, i am, i love you, metaphor,

Love is Evolution

on the night that i was born a storm formed while the sun slept...
my mother left me scorned in her womb as the moon wept...
darkness filled the room as i emerged from my cocoon fresh....
i rumbled heavens floors as a roar replaced my first breath...
Thunder made me humble as i slumbered in my vortex...
Dangers in abundence when the beast is at your door step...

Poem Details | by Emenaha Godwin Holiday |
Categories: africa, autumn, beauty, deep, earth, emotions, february,

The Love I Breathe

Above the deep blue clouds, i
overhear you hauling like the east wind
kissing all over my neck, where i
lay, so beautiful as the butterfly wing

which I cannot catch
only to feel the lifelong soothe
you offer before the sun hatch
and discomfort me in my suit

ample _ sweats falls like tears
from the rain down to my ring
you never stop flirting with my ears
times you come by and sing.

Poem Details | by Robert Uy |
Categories: destiny, love,

An Afternoon in February: A Lady's Sentiment

A riddle she could not decrypt,
    He was; and t'was the reason why
To him, her Love she would not give.
    Perhaps she would, someday, in time.

Poem Details | by Lei Strauss |
Categories: fun, funny, funny love,

February 30

She said it’s over
We’ll forget what we had
Sooner to leave
It’s ever too bad.

She said a date
Oh February 30!
It broke my heart
Broke me so gently.

Spent long hours
Crying alone
But I’d realized
Something was wrong.

Holy crap!
It was just a trick
Rolled myself laughing
So stupid and freak.

Poem Details | by jan oskar hansen |
Categories: february, first love, friendship, funny love, gothic,

Marvellous life

Marvellous Life
Back then it is back then- so bloody long ago- 
my heart sang when going home after seeing you
I crossed a bridge, and the water hummed a love 
song and there was no troll under it being 
sarcastic telling me love will not last how wrong  
the troll was, love is the earth I walk upon it is 
the olive tree, the sun and rain that fall it is a part
of what is beautiful in your heart and that you could
not take away the day you left. You made me free to
love the magnificence of reality and charity knowing
my life is wat it is supposed to be today.

Poem Details | by Candi Stricker |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, chocolate, february, funny love, how i feel, valentines day,

My Funny Valentine

My Valentine, oh how I love thee, from head to toe
The one whom every day I see
My Funny Valentine is simply me
Beautiful vibrant woman, that's definitely me
One who loves herself from land to sea
Romance, chocolates, a single red rose
Delightful I suppose, to some and I assume to most
As for me, my own funny Valentine
A toast to me, for being content within me

Poem Details | by EMMANUEL ORIEDO |
Categories: africa, desire, february, first love, love, uplifting, valentines day,


My valentine is unique this time,
No flowers no dates,
My valentine is unique this time,
My valentines is real this time.

I wont let flowers speak for me this time,
I wont let red color to speak for me,
I won't set a date hilton to tell you this,
I won't because there's a better way,

A better way to say it to you,
A better way to let you know how much I love you,
A better way to express my feelings for you,
So ill just look you in the eye,
Kiss you on your cheek,
Look straight into your eyes,
And tell you, "I love You!"
And that's my valentine.

Poem Details | by jan oskar hansen |
Categories: february, first love, food, kids, friendship,



They were young at the stage when old people
But not your granny look funny, those young faces looking
Or perhaps not into the future without any trepidation 
I enjoyed their laughter even if it was directed at me with
Hair was sticking out of my baseball cap; they looked edible.
I knew with resigned sadness when they came to age I would
Be no more and they would stop laughing and face
A future of devastation, need and hunger and many of them
Perhaps most die of wars no of their making but of what 
Political leaders decide today 
Despite this foreknowledge, I would like to be there
And laugh with the survivors.

Poem Details | by Christina Rose |
Categories: encouraging, february, feelings, first love, love, relationship, wisdom,


It’s the little things I love the most.
The beauty marks on your skin,
The roughness of your face,
The way your hair curls in the back.
And it’s these little things,
These little, so little things,
That I will always remember.
Forever, in my mind,

Poem Details | by Joy Wellington |
Categories: beauty, february, love,

The Meaning Of Love

The sweetness of love is like the syrup from the honeysuckle. 
Love is the freshness after the rain. 
The brilliance of the rising sun. 
The softness of moon's full glow. 
The feeling of love as the flutter of the butterfly. 
The gentle tugging of the heart as subtle fingers upon the guitar.  
Let's sing a poem to the tune of love. Let's sing, sing, sing!

Poem Details | by Eric Livy Chemwor |
Categories: february, i love you, joy, love, poems, romance, true love,


God send me the flower
Send it Red
With petals and 
Stalk I can hold with my heart
And pedal to happiness
My bi-cycle
This is love cycle
Me and my baibe
Holding hands in the streets
Following each other 
On the pavement
Like those bicycle tyres
Red Rose
Here is February
I need my garden Red
Lilies in my lake
All I need is love
Appealing like red rose
Shining like lilies.

Poem Details | by Julia Ingolfsdottir |
Categories: love, me,

February 28th

In times like this, I wander within your walls
Like some lost form, far off and gray on an overcast beach
A muted form, crouched over the mist in waiting 
You-- who loves me as the wind loves the sand, 
Touching the ever changing surface, 
swirls of crystalline dancing with some kind of dark sway,
Stirring deep inside the belly of your wants and dreams, 
and yet, brushes beyond the shape of time and permanence:
Each note of each turn, rising upwards towards 
a rupture in monochromatic skies
And I am waiting, 
Standing against the flood of your light
For the water to wash over me, 
and carry me on your tide

Poem Details | by Walter Tomeo |
Categories: best friend, boyfriend, deep, desire, dream, february, love,

If you would dream of me

If you would dream of me -
As I dream of you,
Then my pensive mood would not be lonely;
As the moon above looks like.
Where are the stars going after?
Why is the bridge of love broken in my view?
Kill my flesh, but not my soul, 
Though living in pieces, I shall not die windily. 

Under the impression of a fantastic night, 
We both lived an inspiring time;
Glimpses of a story we had never imagined to pass,
I guess the midnight sun appeared as a mirror to our eyes.
Destiny or fate?
A partner in crime or just an animated image of someone?
In a dream of you I flew one way to paradise,
And I felt your hands tightly when we became one.

Poem Details | by Ina Nakagawa |
Categories: february, feelings, love, valentines day,


Lovely kisses
On the special day
Vast of warmth air
Elegantly touching
Life filled with gentleness
Inside everyone's mind
Nothing but thoughts of your Valentine
Everyone shares love
Someone has his feelings for you
Someone has her feelings for you

Poem Details | by daisy bala |
Categories: february, husband, love, marriage,

Valentine's Day

St Valentinus honoring day
I was pompous since a week
Lovers feast with kisses in hay
But eventually Despair strong and love meek

In shadow, no surprises
Blatant thoughts got me carried
Heart melted like melancholy hospices
Either I can b in love, or I can be married

It was just a day dated fourteen
I did my usual chores in saunter
Though he could have expressed umpteen
My tongue waggling in banter 

Nevertheless hopefully for the next year valentines
Surely my husband will propose, singing love hymns.