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Love Poems About Fathers Day or Fathers Day Love Poems

Fathers Day love poems and/or love poems about Fathers Day. Read, share, and enjoy these Fathers Day love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Fathers Day Poems.

Poem Details | by Wendell Brown |
Categories: appreciation, best friend, blessing, fathers day, first love, god, inspiration,


You light the fires within
my heart causing tiny
embers to become ablaze
filling my world with your
love's glow while sweeping
my love filled mind away

For each time when I pray
to You all over again, I start
to ascend for I am touched
deeply by Your bliss that in
love I simply begin again

I start to feel the way I felt
that memorable day we first
did meet and like that day 
You are still the same as again
Lord, I am swept off my feet

And the fires are always fanned
daily that inside of my spirit lives
so deep while my heart will still
be a willing slave to a true love
who will not let me be...

"Happy Fathers Day, My Lord."

Poem Details | by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: black african american, childhood, dad, daughter, dedication, family, father, fathers day, children, kids, friendship, inspirational, life, love,


Which love is not a struggle to the mind?
'tis easier to think love glides along,
regardless of a road not there to find,
or never caring what is right or wrong.

One love, of child, a father's steady hand,
protecting innocence, through many years
as if he knew the way, and had it planned,
to heal each mortal wound as it appears.

As if all things begin with his okay,
the good, the joy of life to build upon;
demanding right, and hoping in some way
he's always with you, even when he's gone.

The banged up knee, your losing of a friend,
are yours to feel, but his to comprehend.

Poem Details | by Elmer Candol |
Categories: blessing, creation, fathers day, happiness, i love you, june, love,

Fathers Day

Every June it happens,
Big celebration that never ends.
This is their sunrise-to-sunset,
Should us to commemorate.

An attendant at night,
Attentive parent at light,
Presence never leave us,
In every challenges we have.

Greatest gift of all,
A huge thanks for all,
You're our and my loving father,
And I must say I love you.

Poem Details | by Agatha Jetaime |
Categories: dad, dedication, father, father daughter, fathers day, love, wisdom,

Dad is a genius

My dad is a genius, 
He is a brilliant diamond! 
My life is tedious, 
He is a get-away island. 

For me he's always there 
With his harsh but loving critique. 
His way of taking care 
Of his loved children is antique. 

Dear daddy, do you know 
Just how much it's that I love you? 
You don't like it to show: 
But inside me it still accrues.

Poem Details | by diane christian |
Categories: devotion, faith, family, father, life, love, uplifting, fathers day, day,

Fathers day

as fathers  day approaches
i sit and think of you
and all the things that we used to do
go to the dog pond fishing
and bramble picking too
somethings we may forget  things but we will never forget about
I remember learing to ride my bike and you tried to teach us to swim
and sometimes we would look at you 
with a cheeky grin
you always tried to do your best in all that you did do
so as fathers day approaches
I sit and think of you.   

 R.I.P  dad we love you always and will  forget you never
always in our thoughts and in our hearts  forever.  xxxx    

I look up to the sky
and thank the Lord that you are in heaven on high

Poem Details | by Abdulhafeez Oyewole |
Categories: family, fathers day, happiness, inspirational, journey, love, mothers day,

As in WE

As in WE

Me, my father and my mother---
Talk of love, think of my brothers
And sisters like father and mother.
We're one happy adult tree.

In pairs we came, together we work.
In pairs we home, together we walk.

For little wonders world,
Further happier our bonds.

We are doves of one feather:
A flock we are together. 

A.O, 6/4/2014

Poem Details | by john loving iii |
Categories: love,

Happy Fathers Day

my eye's are filled with tears
and my mouth with cries of dispair
my heart is filled with remorse
and soul the bitterness of regret
i have a mind lacking
the conscioueness to repent
having only the will to resent
what fate drew to a close
how can I go on
having no posterity
no part of me
nothing for which i would surely die
still possessing that final lesson
that i would love to pass on
i have a name for a son
and precious love for a daughter
yet neither came to appear
never were the special memories
that i would hold so dear
happy fathers day? maybe
let's see how it plays out

Poem Details | by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: fathers day,


 your wear 
you look like a bear
you walk and talk
 shop   and hop
kiss hhug in aparking lot
and have  acuor soup bold

Poem Details | by Balbir Singh |
Categories: fathers day, hope, i love you, inspirational, mom, mother, mothers day,


Mums purely care for our life
They are kind and indeed very nice.

Dads protect us from darkness
They wish to bring into our lives brightness.

Be with your parents forever
They will love you forever.

Poem Details | by Warner Baxter |
Categories: bereavement, fathers day, heaven, inspirational, lost love, tribute,

Every Day is Father's Day part 2

~*~ In the Living Years nobody’s perfect we are who we are there’s no one reason or no perfect rhyme divided by difference in a generation of time You see things your way and I see things another I see the dreams and wishes of a Father and Mother, and I’ll do my best to erase all your doubts and fears I’m glad I got to tell you ~ “In the living years” ~~**~~
is inspired by the song “In the living years” by Mike & The Mechanics 1988

Poem Details | by David Brown |
Categories: age, father, fathers day, love,

Father's day

You’re lying in a hospital bed, 
Shaking, and so small it seems 
As if you’re the child and I, the Father

I hold your hand as you once did mine
And tell you how I want to live to be 100,
And that you are getting closer and closer

As if that will inspire you to shake off this
Bitter process, the body’s reckoning with time
Put off the inevitable and sad conclusion

And somehow then, your smile appears
Then you tell me how precious I am
And become again the Father, and me, the child

Poem Details | by john castro |
Categories: love, day, beautiful, beautiful, day, love, i love you,

A Fathers day to Abbie

The day I became a father to a beautiful baby girl 
I had tears of joy and happiness that she came into my world 

I held her in my arms as she lay there on my chest 
A miracle that God had sent me to show that I  was blessed 

Now all the problems of my life seem so far away 
because my heart belongs to you and my love is here to stay 

You have been my sunshine since the day that you were born 
and ever since that day I have yet to see a storm 

Everyday is beautiful wherever we may go 
I just want to say I love you I just thought I let you know 

and even if that day comes when the angels call my name 
don't feel sad nor sorrow for my love will never change

Poem Details | by sadashivan nair |
Categories: father, father daughter, father son, fathers day,

you are friend father and love

When I hold your hand,
With my tiny supple hand,
Gives me valour;
A support I feel,
As pillar holds,
From falling apart;
When am tired,
For comfort and warmth,
Take me in your lap,
Hold me tight;
The instinct you hold,
In your heart;
Your caress raises hope,
Saves me,
From pain and sad;
Am of your seed,
Always watch me grow;
You are friend, father, love,
And living God of mine;

© sadashivan nair

Poem Details | by tracey mcdonnell |
Categories: childhood, father, love, dad, dad, love,

To a father on fathers day.

To a dad we all adore no matter if rich or poor a gift you have for us all of love and 

To you we show no appretiation yet you must know we love you more than words 
can say no matter night or day.

Thank's for being the dad we all need and for standing by us whenever we grive.

Thanks for keeping up our smiles knowing here give's us the strenth to succeed.

Thank's is a word that can't describe what we want to say but you get the drift we 
love always.

Tracey McDonnell.

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: appreciation, faith, father daughter, fathers day, love, relationship, uplifting,


It’s a little unsettling
To think
You are more present
Than ever
More now
That you are gone
I feel you hovering around me
Protective and encouraging
I feel you
Plugged into my energy
Almost living vicariously
Through me
And it gives me
Strength and determination
As I feel you with me
More like a spiritual presence
Holding my hand 
Guiding me
On my quest
Through the galaxy
Of life’s miracles and mysteries

Submitted on May 10, 2018, for contest MID MAY PREMIERE sponsored by BRIAN STRAND

Poem Details | by Alexis Y. |
Categories: father daughter, fathers day, how i feel, love, miss you,


The person that you are and were 
lives on in my heart.
You are forever apart of my soul
and being.
There's not a day that goes by that 
I don't think of you.
My love for you has no end.
You were the love of my life.
And you still hold that position.
My hero and my rock in spite of your 
I loved you just the way you were.
Although this day is joyful to many,
my heart breaks because I can't hug 
you or call you to say Happy Father's Day.

I would like to wish all the Soup Father's 
A Happy Father's Day.

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: betrayal, father, father daughter, fathers day, love, lust, sexy,

Father's Day 2018

My dad was renown as a cad
Which made my love life rather sad
Would I know when I kissed her
That she was my sister?
If not, he would be a grand dad!

Poem Details | by BL DEVNATH |
Categories: introspection, sweet, children, sweet, , sweet love,


                              A man who feels the pain of heart of others					
                           takes the burden some troubles on his shoulders					
                      converts the eyes' tear of others to the lovely sweet smile 					
                            whatever is needed, mentally and physically helps					
                                 maintains everywhere nice truly atmosphere 					
                            thinks and treats the children of others as like own					
                            having the concepts about the World as a big home					
                                       a sweet lovely father of his children 


Poem Details | by Susan Bucsku |
Categories: father, fathers day, love, meaningful, mother son, pride, son,

Happy Father's Day Mom


My mom mows the lawn
At the crack of dawn;

She takes out the trash
To get rid of our stash;
She repairs the car
So that we can go far;

She fixes the sink
Because we need a drink;

She patches the roof
As there’s no time to goof;

She lifts heavy things
Though she hurt her strings;

She paints the walls
In any spare time that falls;

She cuts the wood
Though I wish I could;

She works all day
But still finds time to PLAY.

Thanks MOM for being the GREATEST DAD ever!

Poem Details | by The Heart Of Jackson |
Categories: children, father, fathers day, leadership, love, mentor, spiritual,


Forever A Mentor

Always Leading In A Positive Direction

Trustworthy In All Areas

Having Honor With High Respect

Everlasting Love

Respects With Love And Dignity 

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: father son, fathers day, feelings, friend, life, love, memory,

father father

father father 
hold me up high 
over your head
farther and father 
and spin me 
around and around
I become you 
and you become you
in my fond memories 

Poem Details | by Alexis Y. |
Categories: dedication, fathers day, love,


Today I'm flooded by memories of the past
You were and will always be a big part of 
my life.
Will I ever get over you not being here? No
But I've learned to live without you being
here physically.
I recall your steadfast love toward me,
I understand it more now.
Becoming a parent changed my life.
I wish I could say this to you in person
I'm sending you a big Happy Father's Day
from my heart to yours.
Until we meet again I love you dad.

Dedicated all the Fathers, Step Fathers ,
Grandfathers and God Fathers. Basically any
Father figure.

Alexis Y.