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Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: allah, beauty, eve, gothic, history, love,

The Prophet

The Prophet

I read the words of a poet
From the days of tomorrow
His verse flowed backwards in time
And rhyme 
I, a fair maiden, doomed to a fate
Of obligations unseen
If only the book on my lap
Was not ahead of my youthful station on this earth

Verses seeping with promise
I long for the voice of this master of the pen
I day dream, and lose my place in this world of pain
To hear his softness in the blowing wind
Alas it must be the times he lives

No man can carry such passion
Inside a book within a book of dreams
Yet, here I am, to ponder
The romance of a tomorrow I shall never see

I am doomed to village laws and customs
A stoning that is so unjust
For I unveiled my eyes to the world before me
Staring into the depths of mans possessive hatred
I ran in fear, I ran towards the forest of hope

As they drag me by my feet
The book clutched close to my breast
Bloodied and in the moonlight, I open it
To find out, even in the future of majestic noble poets
There lies evil still
Stealing the breath of innocents and infants

I hope one day
I shall meet the author of these words
I may slap him across face for my silly fantasies
So long I dreamed the world would change as does the seasons
For better days filled with peace and kindness

I hope one day
I shall meet the author of these words
I may plant a sweet kiss upon his soft lips
Singing of songs he has long forgotten
I slowly wrap the rope around my neck

They will not stone me
They shall not claim any victory over me
The poets words, hidden deep between my legs
Shall melt within my soul
For better days filled with love and kindness
I shall kiss him sweetly in my death

Poem Details | by Alyssa Waters |
Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, betrayal, bible, body, books, children, conflict, confusion, corruption, cry, dedication, emotions, eve, evil, faith, father, fear, feelings, first love, forgiveness, friendship, religion, religious, remember, women,


Does the past really matter?
 Does it set you free? 
I’m absorbed in the sin,
That is surrounding him and me

Lost in the curiosity,
Cold to the touch
Drenched in the poison,
With my dignity in his clutch.

Feeling like I was cheated;
I chose the evil instead of light.
I traded in the sunshine,
For what lurks in the night

I disobeyed his orders,
I gave up security to be unsure.
I went against the warnings,
Gave into darkness instead of remaining pure.

Once my bed was made of soft grass,
But now it is made of stone.
Was plump from all of the luscious fruit,
Now I’m starving to the bone

My curse is one of circumstance.
The punishment a crime,
I’m stuck inside this dampened cave,
For the rest of time
My world came crashing down,
The grief has not subsided.
My heart broke completely,
When my sons collided

My misery a token,
From the abandonment I earned.
Upon the time spent in sorrow,
There was a lesson to be learned.

Have I found the moral?
Only in time we shall see,
For all I did was eat an apple-
From the Knowledge tree

Poem Details | by cheryl hoffman |
Categories: boat, death, sad love,

Eve of Eternity

She couldn't contain her rhapsody demeanor much more
hugging her husband and gushing with excitement as he closed the door
the third class cabin was modest but she thought it would do
finally spending time together in this steerage cabin room

After dining together and playing cards with some other passengers
they retired to their cabin and did some reading till their eyes tired
then they spooned together in the darkness of the room
and made passionate love being they were on their honeymoon

Sound asleep till they we're abruptly awaken by a violent jarring
finding out from people running about it was from an icebergs scarring
throwing on their overcoats they we're thrown two lifejackets
and fought their way up to the top deck amidst all the panic

Their weary eyes saw the last lifeboat being lowered down to the ocean
many brave men staying behind waving trying not to show emotion
the newlyweds hugged each other while their faces wept
about to go down with the ship into the fathomless depths

They held hands while trying with all their might to hold on and grip
as the ship rose up perpendicular making them and others slip
the ship now offered nothing but quietus to the passengers on board
as they both plummeted in slow motion down to the ocean floor

Some survivors in the Titanic lifeboats watched with pitiful awe
while others who lost loved ones lost control and bawled
the ones who lost many possessions tried not to show too much enmity
while the newlyweds love story would last for all eternity.


Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: eve, lonely, longing, lost love, love, relationship, sad,


 ~~anacreontic verse~~

     As  yawning  sun
   shall end the day
     and stars at night
   flutter betray,
     my heart besets
   the velvet sight
     and wafting breeze-
   no solace brings.
     I wander slow
   walking on air,
     pictures within
   whisper confuse
     yet, love I dare
   feather breath warmth,
     lit the magic
   'til angels rose
     to pluck dire strings
   so bards may sing
     my lovers name.
   By candy flame
     of deep despair,
   seeking spirit
     moans in silence.
   Thirsty thoughts
     in depth of eve
   spell longing weep,
     my lone heart tears
   of waiting song,
     of one sweet kiss.
10:01 am, October 28, 2015

***dedicated to my HUGE ONE~~~ James Fraser

Poem Details | by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: beautiful, desire, inspiration, life, love, power, prayer,

The Five Word Challenge - The First Daughter of Eve

My Father, 
See the little serpents slither
Among the Wolfsbane, the Foxglove and the Daffodil
My mother distains the creatures,
And fears the beauty of my garden
Though I see splendor in their movement
They dance carefully in the night,
The moonlight shining on their freshly shed scales

Why are they punished for an ancient wrong?
Why are they hated for their doings? 
Am I like the snakes, in my father’s eye?
A limbless mistake? A falsehood you know,
As they wait to accuse,
And always abuse? 

Fallen Lucifer laughs in the crevices,
As he has taken my brother with the rock of another,
My desires remain in the ground,
Among the burrowing creatures round
For it is a falsehood you know
That we, the children should be blamed
For a wrong made by the very ones who made us
I will dance in the moonlight,
I will water my beautiful, poisonous plants
And I will live and die like the ones before me
I will bear others, and keep watch of their growth 

For The Five Word Challenge contest, hosted by Timothy Hicks
Five words used: 

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: 1st grade, caregiving, children, inspirational, tribute, true love, uplifting,

TEACH THE CHILDREN THE ALPHABET A Dedication to Child Advocate Poet Teacher Eve Roper

 A Dedication to Child Advocate Poet Teacher Eve Roper

It's up to us, the parents and other adults
What has happen to the village
Caring for children is an honor and privilege

   teach the children the alphabet
 so they can build the words
   teach them how to read sentences
 so that they can read God word

It's up to us, the parents and other adults
What has happen to the village
Caring for children is an honor and privilege

it's the fathers, mothers, grandparents
 -our teachers and neighbors
we all have a commitment a service
 -to teach the children
so they all understand learn how 
-to praise the Lord
the world would be so much better
-if we teach the children the letters
to form words, read the words from the bible
-to learn about God and Jesus Christ

It's up to us, the parents and other adults
What has happen to the village
Caring for children is an honor and privilege

Dedication Poet  Eve Roper
Written by James Edward Lee Sr.2018©

Poem Details | by Robert Trezise Jr. |
Categories: christmas, eve, happiness, holiday, inspirational, love, magic,

Bells of Christmas Past

On Christmas Eve night,
The only sound
Within our house
Comes from its wooden frame,
And settling
Like three footsteps
From the upstairs
To downstairs
Then nothing more,

An exhausted ghost
From the hot air
Of the furnace
That begins to blow
Through the opened vents
On the wooden floors.

But then,
From the living room
Down the hall,
A tiny bell

I go to see.

From under the Christmas tree,
With twinkling lights
Like the skyline of a city
Towering upon a bay at night,
The presents
And stacked
In all the colors,
Like a watery reflection,

I see
Our cat
With his snowy white paw,
Much like a miniature mitten,

Batting the air,
Back and forth,
Above his head,
A little bell
That fell
From the top of the tree,
Snagged by the tree’s scraggly arm
At the hem of its billowing skirt,

Pulsating a tiny
Through all the rooms
Throughout our house
In the pendulum eyes
Of that curious cat,

Holy echoes
From all my Christmas’ past.

Poem Details | by Ken Duddle |
Categories: eve, love, mythology, satire,

The Original Sin

As Adam and Eve walked through the garden Their love grew and grew They gathered berries for their supper And leaves for a brew. Later as they lay naked under the stars Adam kissed Eve and gently stroked her thighs They heard a sound, turned in fright And saw a vision before their eyes. 'Stop, sin no more or go to Hell' Spake the fanged head But then it spoke no more As with a stone Adam hit it till dead. Adam turned to Eve with a smile 'We still have much to learn and see But what I'd really like to know Is what was in that tea?

Poem Details | by Deb Wilson |
Categories: eve, love, winter,

The Warmth In A Winter's Night

The intricate dusting of tree limbs and grass
paints such a quaint picture tonight.
Cold hands in mittens , warm breath fogs the glass
as we find our way towards the light.
Crackling hearth's such a delight!

I'm snug as can be all wrapped up in your arms
though outside our window it's snowing.
Captured here happily by all your charms
I can't even hear the wind blowing.
The warmth of you's  all that I'm knowing.

Let's drink a hot toddy and toast to the night
as we cuddle and watch all the snow.
The flakes as they drift are a beautiful sight.
Right beside all the lamp posts they glow
All night long they'll continue to blow.

The warmth of the fire makes us sleepy and such.
I am here by your side,close your eyes.
I'm lost in your eyes as I feel your sweet touch.
We'll sleep as the wind howls and cries;
awaken to a snowy sunrise.

for contest "A Winter's Night" sponsored by Francine Roberts
written November 18th, 2013

Poem Details | by Terrell Martin |
Categories: black african american, introspection, love,

If Adam and Eve Fell Down On Their Knees

Where does sin begin and end, in the mind 
Or beyond the stars?
Is true love lust, smoke or dust
When felt so near or far?

Is black the lack of white and gray
And what divides high from low?
Where’s the distinction between 
Genius, Ignorance and enlightenment 
And those who think they know?

If Adam and Eve fell down on their knees
Fooled by a wily serpent’s silver forked tongue,
Then God was a fake who made a mistake 	
Leaving mankind on the run 

If he knew all along what might have gone wrong
And failed to make better plans;
I’d take him to court under police escort 
And sue him for improper demands

And if love is war and saints are whores
And beauty’s deceit in disguise,
Then all is lost and death the cause 
Of every miracle before our eyes

And if history is real as movies feel 
And facts are made of sand;
Then I believe there’s more to life and death
Than what we’ve been led to understand 

And if you think you agree, I disagree
With every thought you think I’ve shared 
Because truth is stranger than any belief
Any one of us ever dared 

Poem Details | by Jeinara Odonio |
Categories: absence, art, blue, dark, desire, devotion, earth, emotions, eulogy, eve, feelings, hope, how i feel, howl, i love you, image, irony, joy, loneliness, lonely, longing, memory, missing, moon, night, pain, passion, poems, relationship, romantic, stars,

Yellow Moon

She watched as the earth fell asleep

Waited for the yellow moon

soft kisses of unfaithful wind..

Images..Images on her head

Nostalgic memory of a forgotten love

Flashes of things she tried to forget..

Her eyes caught the reflection of the moon

locked inside the rain on her cheek..

She was standing alone..

Her grieving heart sought

solace from the moon

She petitioned the stars

Where is he this very night?

Cruel..oh so cruel..

Beneath the silence of the sky

she bowed her head and cried..

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: august, baseball, beautiful, bird, blue, children, creation, earth, eve, first love, imagination, inspirational, native american,

This Blue Moon

This Blue Moon..
This moon is hypnotizing , this moon knows all Truth and lies

it is a rare moon and filled with questions asked 
luminous clouds weaving through , knowing all through existence

showing me there is yet true love in the mist

who else has been captured by the Magic that surrounds this Blue Moon tonight ~
pure  light and magic that pulls on your soul , instinctively,  when called you will go
with all senses enhanced, romancing you 
 all that you know

it controls the waters at Sea, as though it instructs all sea life
speaking to the dolphins' and lighting the oceans glow 

telling the night owl too take flight and hunt ~ 
showing a white Owl for the first time seen

this moon is speaking , listening to all prayers 
there is more around us, more then the finest of wise Men know

Look at this moon tonight 
Tell me now what the truth is 
This Blue knows.

Poem Details | by Tyshawn Knight |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, divorce, eve, life, love, marriage,

May Forever be Our Happy Ending

We had something
and whatever it was
is sustaining me
through this lonely moment
of mourning.

You touched me
And you spoke
You loved me
And you wrote
You sang to me a sweet song
and that memory is helping me
keep on.

I don't want you to die
I don't want you to cry
You are my answer to that question "Why?"
What kind of romantic story
Could we to our children tell
if we wound up in paradise together
        if we actually both survived this hell.

I realize I loved you tonight.
Everything that went wrong
went wrong
But today I understand
You were something I did right.

Because if we had never touched
If you had never loved me that much
I wouldn't be able to survive tonight
A night so tough.

That memory of that moment
is keeping my sheets warm.
It is keeping me from tossing and turning
I can whether this storm.

This is why Jehovah created me
I am your Eve
Please don't leave...
I need for our story to survive.
I need us to remain the once upon a time.
Please let my loving prayer
help you survive...
Please stay alive...

Poem Details | by Sarai Virden |
Categories: eve, for him, love, star,

Their reflection in my eyes

For all the stars that shined their light
And found their reflection in my eyes
Not one could illuminate this cavernous sky
For their vision was constrained by sight

You peer into the depths of my galaxies
Without a word my heart falls to knee
So loving, piercing, so all consuming
Are your eyes when beholding me

Your touch like brilliant colors tracing the sky
You wrap me in your light while my old skin takes flight
Peculiar the way without you for hours or a day
My body feels naked my world in dismay 

A word with more power than loves been explained 
Is thee expression I seek yet fail to attain
It resides in the sound I hear in your voice
Or how it feels on my lips to say your name

No lyric or poem nor work of art
No celestial body that lingers on high
No beauty that lies where ocean waters hide
Describe how you search me with your eyes

You exhume a surrender I once buried so deep
From that first time my heart skinned its knee
Which taught me give only your soul to this point
Relinquish not your own needs..Quickly wish them Godspeed 

Yet you say without words in those sapphire pools
That you'll honor the treasure of my trust
My surrender is your prize the apple of your eye
Your bride and the love of your life 

Our dreams and our needs no longer be carried alone
For infinities love ever winds
My joy is your smile your crown is my throne
Your happiness is mine intertwined

Yes so many stars have shined their light
And found their reflection in my eyes
But only yours has shined so bright
it begs a loving surrender..known as a wife

Poem Details | by Just That Archaic Poet |
Categories: dance, heaven, innocence, love, night, people, sea, sky, writing,

Damn You, Eve

Mourn my loss of innocence; the Queen of 
Love, and I her princeDance, we dance, all 
the way to Heaven- born of grief, and the 
things I have written...And dare I ask, or 
merely inquire, on who doth Love me, and who 
is a liar? Just say my name, old curse of 
shame, cloaked in dark, and murky colors 
No skies to fly, no seas to sail, no land on 
which to keep my Lovers
All too silent, this lonely night;
No choice to choose, no grounds to fight 
These pleading words, and Fools in herds-
marching to the Ends of the Earth 
People I loath, and you were told: I do wish 
Eve hadn't given birth...

Poem Details | by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: lost love,

New Year's Eve

It is the new year's eve again
And I am all alone.
My one connection to the world
My silent telephone.
There was a time in my long life
When he was by my side.
I looked forward to New Year's Eve
And supper by fireside.
After dining we'd sit by the fire
And plan our happy life.
He was my faithful husband and
I was his loving wife.

Lovers can't always see ahead.
Sweet plans can go awry.
Our plans did not include the thought
That one of us could die.
Tonight my thoughts go back to then
As I sit all alone
And wish that Heaven could be reached
By my old telephone.

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: faith, hope, inspirational, love,

Adam And Eve

~Adam And Eve~ (2)
(Free Style)

God created Adam, a man
And from his rib created a woman
Called her Eve as we all know
And thru their fall, evil in this world came to be 

All this took place
A long time ago as you may know
Till Jesus the Son of God came to free us all
From  the fires of Hell and damnation that it can be

Inherited from Adam and Eve thru birth their sin
But thru Jesus only love and life enters in
Thru his suffering and death on the cross He brought 
Satan right down crawling on his knees

And since Jesus came, now men can accept  to be free
He paid the price of all our sins, each one and every fee.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


Poem Details | by Darius Stokes |
Categories: bible, celebration, children, first love, funny love, heaven, marriage,

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve
Thoughts of a lover friend; Cleverly Yet tenderly
Synergy, independence, stunned in; Yet  meant in; Value
Truth is, Let me see where to begin; Lovely you look silly
From a boy to a man; a lady to a woman; smile
Early then young ceremony pledged 
To thee on our branches edge do we be 
Blown by what's not known; unexplained
Adam's Apple plucked from this Tree "The Life of We"
Working for this ship thoughts for miles; Sitting branched  yo yo-in
Who's to blame not to be plain;  repenting is cycling say no to Insanity
First time said; you meant it gladly; Shrugged shoulders "Heyy"  relations
Conflicted wrongs from the design of nature's man; confessed in
Peered sin; Then opposed from our unique profession
Companions  foundation never ends; but factor
Look this bush I surrender thee to "We" Look Its The Bird's and The Bee's
Adam and Eve from Happily became Ever and After
Reality is rhythmically; Our purity came with virginity
Growth lessons to be free; Thinking a baby will make three; Its A wedding
The value of this band learned as child; A sir, A ma'am that rhymes with I AM
"Hold On" to be we; Just being fruitful and multiplying
Nothing far fetched just a lesson; Remember to sit for a session
"Perfection" Message!; Life a blessing
Doors opened "Enjoy Heaven"
This letter starts with Our vowel A
A Man

MiAmor JustALoveNote
That's All Folks

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: autumn, beauty, bird, blue, color, desire, eve, fruit, lonely, love, pain, sunset,

The Brilliance Of The Ending Day

Let's sit under the tall, satured elm after the long-gone storm;
its branches, unwavering and steaming, are awfully warm.
They stretch their drooping arms to brush off the remaining hues,
those of a placid sunset turned apple-red.
Hear me warbling along with the shivering mockingbird,
too lonely and in somber moodHe relies on his brain,  
absorbing the faint heat...before he dies of his amorous evening blues,
I should comfort him and soothe his inconsolable pain.
And watching him, I recall the state I was in, miserable and frail...
until I realized that I was missing: a hand to touch me and restore my will.

I have brought a basket of Californian sun-ripened fruits,
tempting and lively; look inside, cast your gleeful glance on it.
Be that eagle with quick claws when his empty guts emit growls; 
pick the ones your palate craves or those with attracting colors.
My pick is that of a yellow apple like your golden hair slightly wet,
it reminds this lover of the delirious laughter chasing another sunset.
Let's behold the brilliance of the ending day which refuses to subdue;
only the sadness concealed in the depths of our souls holds the clue

Poem Details | by Ali Adhab |
Categories: allusion, art, cute love, emotions, eve, magic, power,

Burning Love Notes'

Share me your breath, lend me you lips
Do let me bring rain to your sands with my finger tips
Tackle my skin with your hair, awaken my dark desires
cross your fingers with mine and put out my fires
Put your nose on my neck, smell the boiling blood
And press, do firmly press; your hand, prevent my flood
Now lay on my arms, with your sweat sprinkling face 
Put your arms around me, touch my base
Do kiss me softly, till cupid runs far away
And bite my lips, with extravagancy such as you play 
Let go you fears, forces and your doubt
Passion goes further: heavy and stout 

Poem Details | by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO |
Categories: anniversary, art, dedication, family, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, husband, lost love, love, romance, teen, uplifting, wife,

----------------------------Dancing With Eve----

We danced through words black silk of her hair calmed my nerves we danced through words lovers enticed through songs of birds one magic Eve a man deserves lost in the taste of all her curves we danced through words ~JSLambert Esquire *personally written for Nette Onclaud's WEAVE A RONDELET Contest!

Poem Details | by Rachel St.Cross |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, love,

All About Eve

Longing lovely ladies, a hush; gazing
Upon her bare beauty's splendours...
Crossing,  the dressing room betwixt
Hollywood scenes back stage as  she
Her ivory's palace in perfections rare
Stilling their breath's; beating heart's.

Poem Details | by tara jennings |
Categories: fantasy, husband, love, passiondream, dream, love,

midnight summers eve kiss

My dreams were that of nothing but your kiss.
A lingering essence soothing frayed edges of my heart.
Heaven couldn’t breach the wonder of your touching
handsThey tickle memories invoked by the scent of your breath
against my cheekThis is but the taste I crave every night, every time
I feel days too long since you’ve returned the other half of my soul.

The awe and wonder will never cease, mated souls
Destiny declared to me, that our love and fated kiss
could bring forth in our lives eternities timeless 
blissI never knew that which seemed to be a heartless
world would provide a love that would become my very breath;
for surely I would die each night if I couldn’t wake and touch

your beautiful lipsFor they are but the substance that touches
me to this worldThey spew forth the nectar that feeds my soul.
With you I am Queen Nivea, crowned in baby’s breath
about my browA midnight summer's eve of magic kissing
the air about our palletIn sleep I hear our heart
strings shimmering our own melodious melody of half time.

In you arms my slumber is light, every time
you nuzzle my nape, asleep yourself, your touch
stirs my blood from half doze to a stuttered heart
soaring reachIt's the dust of twilight that moves soul 
music through our heated bloodYour fluttered kisses
wafts into this hot dream to wake me with a fairies breath

riding my senses like white fireThough our breathing
may be labored, this is not a frenzied moment, languish in time
and savor the bouquet of miracles brushing your moon kissed
backMiracle that you are the only one who could soften my touch
from the warrior I tried to beYou alone brought life to a soulless
husk;  the balm and solvent that softened my calloused heart

Now fully aware I reach to find your heart
beat, and find it shuddering to the pace of my breath.
Caress the plane of my face and nape as our souls
uniteWhisper the language of lovers every time.
Just never stop this Shakespearean dream touched
eve, our very reality exist based on this kiss.

Though our hearts beat in all consuming time,
your the force of my breathYou are my grace touched
body of life, my soul, who feeds this void with a kiss.

Poem Details | by Carl Halling |
Categories: cry, day, eve, morning, sad love, simple, song,

To See You At Every Time of Day

To see you in the morning
Be with you in the evening
To see you here
At every time of day
Such a simple prayer
To see you at every time of day
To hold you when you're laughing
Console you when you're crying
Take care of you
At every time of day
Such a simple prayer
To see you at every time of day
So tell me why you push me away
When I've sworn to be forever true
When I've pledged 
My pure and simple heart to you?
How can you be so cruel?
To see you in the morning
Be with you in the evening
To see you here
At every time of day
Such a simple prayer
To see you at every time of day.

Poem Details | by Robert A. Dufresne |
Categories: natural disasters, nature, woman, love,

The Continuing Saga of Adam and Eve

The Story of Adam and Eve
Is all well and good and fine,
It marks the frailties of each sex
Without really trying.

First of all it shows the Love of our Creator,
The One, the Good, the True, the Beautiful,
And the deviousness of the Hater.
Antithesis of Love and Justice; a traitor.

The story of Adam and Eve 
Is all well and good and fine.
It marks the frailties of each sex
Without really trying.

In our selfish disobedience
we are the very same today,
In our sinful expedience
to get our own way.

Adam was created first,
the woman as an ad lib.
Because Adam was lonely for his own kind
God formed her from his rib.

Well, they were doing just fine
Until one day the serpent said “Eve
You want to be like God, I believe.”
She said yes that would be fine.

So she gave Adam a tempting plausible line,
And he apathetically joined in the sinful crime.
Didn’t want to make any waves, you know,
After all he had his seeds to sow.

And so we see how they fared
Still, woman always shooting for control
The man timid and scared.
The snake laughing in his hole.

So men, before you succumb to so called feminists
and both sexes spend eternity crying…
Remember,.God  only gave her your rib…
so please,.take back your spine.

Poem Details | by Erica Szabo |
Categories: faith, rain, children, lonely, love, rain,

Adam, Eve and Lilith Too

Part One: Eva of in chanting rib Seduces Adam to sinful ways Beckoning him to lay in tall Field of grass were love is made Lilith looks on with sinful hate A cast away The will/her to lay beneath no man born for the same dust and sand So she fled to heavens gates to be knocked down a succubus So Adam grow lonely with spoiling fruits God stole his rib and Eva was born But it was Lilith who stole her bran The retarded child God made Planted the seed that grow the tree to the Apple Eva eats For ever cursed with unripe children to rain down on hell a place Adam knows well Part Two: It rains warm drops of due On the shaken ground love once grow A place that lingers in are harts A place that Lilith hates so much With open arms she takes the lost Broken hearted And Thous to strange to love The dead children Eve never grow In her arms they find warmth A place were the rain douse not fall They wonder the mortal realms of life Taking revenge on thous that wish them harm Serial killers that never get tried Not enough jury to condemn the lie So they rome like lonely souls Leaving moss and butterfly's were every they go Taking in thous to lost to see that a knife is not the key God doesn't love any of us Even if he douse site beyond the gates of haven Hell never manifest Death is just Death like Breath is life

Poem Details | by Andrew Shannon |
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Side By Side

Oh it's a beautiful night!
The moon is full
And the stars are glowing
While the trees, with Earth's cool summer breeze
Start slowly blowing...

A campfire's flames are burning so bright
While a young couple holds each other tight
Warming their hearts, as these two lovers embrace
Traveling together, through time and space
Oh how tonight, with their love, they won't hide
Two lovers forever, Side By Side

Under the stars, both of them lay
They've been together, happy, all night and all day
Holding each other, a sweet caress
While green grass stains her pretty white dress
But no words, to each other, do they say
Happy just sitting Side By Side, knowing no other way

Gazing up at the stars
Breathing in the night
Them together with nature
A beautiful sight

All the years they've both struggled
And how they cried 
Has led them here tonight
It matters not now
As they'll lie here forever, Side By Side

Poem Details | by Charles Fuller |
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My Eve.

From the dust of Earth I came
A dry unnamed brittle soul
Before life’s humid breath
Filled my chest with curiosities

                     And you cast from pallid bone
                     Alabaster innocence and life’s sweet milk
	Slipped from me as I dared to dream
	Perchance of you to come

She, who was given to me
To help bear my every burden 
Gifting to me sweet life as 
Partner, lover, mother and friend

	She, the beauty of true feminine spirit
	Whose every soft line and thoughtly curve
	Was created for only my adoration
	…And I only for hers.

Poem Details | by William Boyd |
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i don't wanna sit here 
in the garden, without you 
i don't want to be here 
falling apart, waiting for you 
cause i'm sick and tired 
of existing here, without you dear 
hanging onto nothing, hoping for something 

we're not adam and eve 
oh why can't you see 
how much i need you 
so hard to believe 
yet cannot conceive 
how much i love you 
i won't say sorry 
doesn't mean a damn thing 
cause you don't love me 
we can never be 

i'm not gonna stand here 
all evening, without a clue 
i'm not gonna be here 
sweetheart, bleeding just for you 
cause i'm sick and tired 
of burning here, without you dear 
hanging onto nothing, hoping for something 

we're not adam and eve 
oh why can't you see 
how much i need you 
so hard to believe 
yet cannot conceive 
how much i love you 
i won't say sorry 
doesn't mean a damn thing 
cause you don't love me 
we can never be 

you're not adam, 
more like the snake 
you're the phantom, 
that haunts me 
you can't be adam 
more like the snake 
you're the phantom, 
ripping my heart away 

we're not adam and eve 
oh why can't you see 
how much i need you 
so hard to believe 
yet cannot conceive 
how much i love you 
i won't say sorry 
doesn't mean a damn thing 
cause you don't love me 
we can never be

Poem Details | by Rachel St.Cross |
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Behind The Red Door II

She acted like an innocent, tender virgin...
Until she grabbed her beauty's breast as she arched 
Forward a gasp then sigh squeezing them while she cried, more.