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Poem Details | by Charles Fuller |
Categories: imagination, life, love, passion, time,

Our First Gift Rediscovered

Those old memories crash
     Like frenzied hurricane waves
          Upon our sand and stone beach
     Our sacred moment
          Where innocent love blossomed
               We cast our childhood into the sea

That sweet July night beckons
     Two pure spirits from their haven
          Phantom lovers illumed before me
     Awash in newborn love’s passion 
          I buried a coal stone in the sands
               Promising you diamonds at nightfall

Laughing you covered every stone
     In that moment I truly found myself
          Under the summer moon I held you
     Gifting you the gems alight in the skies
          Embracing the lovers faded leaving a kiss
                On the spot where I laid it so long ago

…So I could return to you

Poem Details | by Charles Fuller |
Categories: happiness, inspirational, life, love, passion, uplifting,

Dancing In The Sandpipers Ruins.

The walls have fallen and the grounds overgrown,
If you’d never been here you might never have known,

The stair that lead nowhere from the cracked ocean deck,
With the waves of the hurricane slowly it’s swept,

The light from her windows once lit up the Atlantic,
From all over they came for that weekend romantic,

To take long evening walks on a moon water beach,
While the laughter spills out and the music would reach,

Stirred in with the breeze creating crisp melodic sound,
In the flash of an instant discover paradise found,

For here moments were shared and each one becomes,
The memories of time in which we’re forever young,

A place to rekindle that once adolescent desire,
Here the poets retreated to compose and inspire,

Now these few crumbling walls are all that remain,
From a night of disaster that devoured in flame,

Now the patrons return their memories cupped in hand,
Hearing ballads of wave from the sea’s ethereal band,

I saw them closing their eyes once again hearing those tunes,
Traveling back to their youth…as they dance in the ruins

Poem Details | by Tianna Anhorn |
Categories: allegory, imagination, love, passion, people, people,

Activity #28

"Such beauty"
"Such grace"
"Such wonder"
"Such waste"

That is what they said to me
As she climbed the forbidden tree

Some said she'd make it
Some said she'd fall
Some tongues stood still
As she climbed through it all

When she reached the top at last
She found the magic had just past

She climbed down
Without a fight
As people left
Saying they were right

As the leaves began to stir
I stayed there, waiting for her

As people fled
Leaving just us
She came to me
Saying, "It's not lust."

To prove her love, she climbed the tree
So now I know that she loves me

Poem Details | by Anna-Marie Docherty |
Categories: husband, imagination, life, love, passion, thank you, uplifting

It's your attention to detail

Gentle caresses sweep my skin
with creeping tenderness,
devouring every curve of my body
and feeling its sizzling melt 
against your skin.
Your loving gaze enters my soul
striking away all attempts 
to keep the padlocked
heart and mind 
shuttered from any harm.
Your finger tips tantalize 
my womanly form
raising delightful awareness.
You lead my chin towards you
brush your nose and lips 
over my face as you slowly
move towards my mouth
then meet, magically.
Explosive emotions 
dynamite through my mind 
as we meld together
I become putty in your hands
and you play purposely 
mastering your art
knowing it’s your attention 
to detail that matters
in loving me.

Poem Details | by Charles Fuller |
Categories: hope, imagination, inspirational, life, love, mystery, nature,

Torturous Twenty Four.

Forlorn in midnights vastness
Twinkling cousins as patient companions
She covets him
Her blushing glow pacifying the empty night
Descending toward dawn
Anxious Lingering

He will come for her…

Slowly the stars fade out and night dissipates in morning mist
Ocean breezes begin murmuring the promise
Life begins again this new day

He ascends the heavens upon brilliant light
His rending ardor glowing sultry upon her face
Almost becoming one they embrace in chaste love 
Only for the moment before she falls away

Mirroring souls caught in a cyclical lovers dance
Reaching out for the other at dawn and dusk
Losing one another time and again

Forlorn within the midday skies
Gentle clouds and albatross as patient company
He yearns for her
His heavy radiance granting the gifts on the new day
Descending towards twilight
Restless Lingering

She will come for him…

Poem Details | by Benson Langat |
Categories: best friend,

I Love You

You'll always be my only,
Your beauty is so much my weakness.
Your smile is usually-
The only reason i end my days in happiness.
Your wonderful figure,
Added on to your spectacular look,
Makes me so eager-
To hold you in my arms...look,
I cannot keep this in my heart,
I can hide it no longer,
Because it really hurts,
As it stays the longer.
I don't think there's any better way,
That i could say this to you,
But i'll say it anyway,
I love you.

Poem Details | by NWANDO OBIANYOR |
Categories: friendship, lost love, love, wife,

My Purple Hibiscus

She arrived the year I thought I broke free
From the seductive hold of art and all art-meets
I shunned the temptation
But she broke into my tube
Televising purpose and purple hibiscus
Her first fine flower of an early budding
In an enchanting voice and visage...
And something in me sought to pluck
At the comind of Half of a yellow sun
I trod from La Campaign Tropicana to Jazzhole
To keep a date with a daydream;
Sniffing into all the farflung path of her purple 
And there she was,the lady in my tube
I gazed longingly upon a stately sight with a well-
Laid out  body structure
That mates so well with her sentence structure
There she was,the ancient child in a haste to change.

Poem Details | by Shakeela Kingzley |
Categories: feelings, heartbroken, how i feel, leaving, life, longing, loss, lost love, love, moving on,

Right Person, Wrong Time

Right person,
Wrong time
Holding to this moment
Forever intertwined
The perfect fit
My hand in yours
We have this moment
But we can't have more
Our time is short
So savor the now
No room for words
Just silent vows...

Our eyes are locked
He holds my stare
So secure and safe
An answered prayer
Soft touch, smooth skin
Poetic on its own
Like a movie scene
Perfect in its sweetness
Content if I could add
This is all I'd need
If today was all we had

Every dimension
Stained in my mind
I see your heart
You feel my smile
Your thoughts are mine
Both souls refined

Maybe in another life
We will find our way
This one I'll spend 
In reminisce of today
I'll look back with gratitude
As you've changed me in ways
And everyday
I'll say your name when I 
In a different timeline
Our story will transcend
But in this life
Our story has to end.

Poem Details | by SIBUSISO NTOMBELA |
Categories: love, me, love, me,



I compare this love with none;
You are able to keep me happy,
With just telling me I love you
Your touch is neither like nor other;

My heat beat much faster,
When am with you sunshine.
When am near you,
You make me feel alive inside.

You completed me while,
Some pieces were missing in me.
Can’t even go a day,
Without being touch by you,

Without being kissed by you,
Without being with you beautiful,
Having is like having it all in live,
I love you
                                                                                                                             DEDICATED BY SBUH AKA S.M.S

Poem Details | by Lena Pate |
Categories: fantasy, imagination, love, seaworld, light, sea, light, sea,

Forbidden Love

He stood upon the cliffs awaiting the sunrise
Watching as the last of the moon descended
Anticipating the light meeting the sea
Listening to the waves kissing the shore.

As the tips of light began to reflect
He saw her on the rocks below
Sable hair embracing her shoulders
Skin so pale against the sea washed rocks

He watched as she finger combed her tresses 
Humming softly to the morn
A siren song to warm and greet him
Watching, yearning, wanting more.

She must have felt his eyes upon her
Green met fawn linking sea and sky
Caressing, calling, passions rising
Heart beats crashing with the tides

Both knew magic in their souls
Part man, part hawk he spread his wings
On gentle currents down he drifted,
Softly landing on the shore.

But soul mates they could never be
For she was not his kind
Through eyes that glistened with briny tears
She bidden him good life and goodbye

For her world was not of air and sun
Her world was wet and blue
She donned her skin and swam away
As selkie maidens do.

Poem Details | by Emma Hughes |
Categories: angst, confusion, dedication, devotion, fantasy, hope, imagination, life, lost love, love, romance, time

From Dusk Till Dawn

Distant You Were In Tortured Dreams

*Even My Imagination Won’t Let Us Entwine*

Your Eyes Spoke Miles of Unavoidable Truths

*Honesty That Should Only Exist in Reality*

Every Night I Loved, Every Day I Lost

*When Will This Ache End?*

You Took Away My Rest and Left Me Exhausted

By Your Commitment to Haunt Me

*At Last Illusions Evolve to My Hearts Contentment*

From the Touch of Hands

Now Those Nights Could Never Cause Resentment

Poem Details | by Ismael Nieves |
Categories: hope, love, passion, wifebird, bird,


Once upon a fortunate time
I saw a princess that was so sublime.
She was *embellished with the beauty of a Seraph.
Therefore, in her heart, I sowed a seed that would etch a lovely *pyrograph.
That special *calescent egg of divine source
Was implanted to guide the maiden on her predestined course.
Then, as time passed by, the eggshell began to crack.
'Twas a rare bird breakin' through the sack.
And behold! a baby Pheonix.
Oh...there was the babe in love's *matrix!
Right away the little chick began emitting sparks-
Tiny sparklin' flares which left fond marks.
Despite that, as the bird grew, she ignore'
Due to the shyness that was resting in her core.
Thus the foul began to feel *claustrophobic.
So..that was the moment to perform fervor's magic.
Overwhelmed with an ardent vehemence the Pheonix lit on fire,
And, inhaling and exhaling, flames he did respire.
Then, the horizon of the young girl's heart got ablazed.
Suddenly, the lass began to feel amazed.
And right after, a conflagration of passion consumed all resistance,
Thereby leaving peace on the fiery bird's semblance.
Now it was able to soar through the sweetheart's soul.
So the Pheonix accomplished his fate and the damsel her goal--
'Cause she pursued her prince,
And *enamoring him, they lived happily ever after since

*Embellish-- adorn.
*Pyrogragh-- a design produced by pyrograghyPyrograghy is the act of producing drawings 
on wood, leather, etc., by using heated tools or a fine flame.
*Calescent-- increasing in warmth; getting hot.
*Matrix-- an enclosure within which something originates or develops; a womb.
*Claustrophobic-- suffering from claustrophobiaClaustrophobia means an abnormal fear of 
being enclosed in a confined space.
*Enamor-- inspire with love or delight

For Sami Al-Khalili's contest


Poem Details | by Nicole Hicks |
Categories: faith, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, life, love, passion, me,

The Perfect Man

My whole life, it seems
I've spent only waiting                                                  
For the perfect man
My mind's always painting

I've searched and searched
But the end's all alike
I'll go to bed empty
Sleep alone for the night

Suddenly, my hopes grow limp
My portrait fades to bland
I realize that my search must end
There is no perfect man

But you proved me wrong                                             
You showed me what's right
And handed back that paintbrush
To paint again tonight

But there is no need to paint
My work is nearly done
Because of her the colors returned
The light of love has won

My whole life of waiting
Has someone to end my strife
My dream has been accomplished:
The portrait came to life

Poem Details | by Demeter Edwards |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, romance, me,

Show me your love

Dance along with me
utter that special word you love me
give my eyes, your cunning smile
show me you care, even if its just for a while
fill my empty-heart with your deep surprise,
then afterwards shade me from that hot sunrise,
be my strength, the remedy to my health
be my treasure, that luxurious wealth.

Demeter Edwards

Poem Details | by christie mills |
Categories: fantasy, imagination, love

Bedtime prince

I look for you within the night.
With tall tale words of wishful flight
Thy eyes are gazed upon you brightly.
With hopes, and dreams at heart.
 I do not believe in Fairy tales, But a yearning in my heart
I seize to fantasize of unrealistic things.
For my knight in shinning armor has faded with thy dreams
For when my eyes are open, and reality settles in
If only you could turn back time, and do it all again.

Poem Details | by Shakeela Kingzley |
Categories: deep, desire, fear, feelings, joy, love, magic,

And Maybe, Just Maybe

I’m scared you’d make me happy
that you’d make me smile at the thought.
That when I’m around you, you’d make me laugh 
so hard that I’d forget all that’s wrong with the world.
That maybe, just maybe you love to see me joyful 
you love to see me carefree

That maybe you want to run alongside me
Run through meadows and under the full moon
And take my hand because it’s cold and yours is warm
That maybe my monumental expectations intrigues you
And you are up for the challenge

I’m scared that I’d get addicted to your persona 
That it’s as ambitious, playful and sincere as the day is young.
That maybe my path and yours have overlapped in this moment
And that maybe the entire universe foresaw and 
conspired for our energies to collide

That somehow you’d begin my sentences
And educate me in esoteric ways
That perhaps it’s okay for the sky and the earth 
to kiss one another
and have gratitude fill each night, each day

That in this matrix, you look at me
You read me, you see me
You know my soul
You know my truth

And maybe
Just maybe

It melts

Poem Details | by Benjamin Amsden |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love

Tanabata Knock

and snake oiled gleaming

That day of grey Tuesday was remediously teeming

Simply chilli,
chopped onion,
or tragedy-eyed streaming

Girls Gone Wilderness, 
two sopping wet cupfuls

I opened, then poured some number of n-tuples

We were one o’ those 
fight nail,
tooth pick olive,
and lemon twisted couples

Poem Details | by Grace Williams |
Categories: fantasy, love,

The Lady of the Lake

He did not hear her foot falls, for he lay immersed in water. She stepped soft under the starry vault The lady of the lake. He had disturbed her si- lent lake with his loud cries and splashing. She came with one simple goal in mind: to kill the tresspasser. But when she got close to his noble face, eyes closed and floating, she did not feel aught but love for him. Her new lord of the Lake
*Do people think that I should write another verse about her acidentally drowning him, or about a wife that she stole him from?*

Poem Details | by Swairik Das |
Categories: depression, life, lost love, love, sadhappy, me, happy, love, me,


(Please note: this poem is a continuation after ‘last season’.)

Fly High

Left you behind to your own world
Where you said you will be happy - 
The only thing that I couldn’t ceded…
The love that I felt for you could not be regretted

I left alone once again with memories I cherished 
I smiled with drops of water from my eyes.
Days seemed to me as years,
And time gave up my tears.

You smiled back once again with a new life…
And I kept my promise, I didn’t look back;
You let me go where I settled no-where…
I lost myself leaving behind allegiance desire

I stand-alone myself without fear
A dire arouse and I took it as a dare.
I tied up myself and reveled with new aspire…
Yes! I left your memories, and I left it by

I heard your voice once again, yet I didn’t fumbled,
Your tears then proved me -
Yes! I can live without you, with no tears,
Yes! I’m living without you, with no fears.

I smiled once again and I started to live afresh
Where I left you behind to your own world
Where you said you will be happy - 
The only thing that I couldn’t ceded,
The love that I felt for you could not be regretted –
Yes! You were my love and you are
But I can live without you, with memories faded


Poem Details | by Rasheal Timm |
Categories: hope, lost love, love, time, love, time,

The Promise of Love

Regret written on our foreheads,
With invisible ink,
That only we can see,

I wish things could've been different,
But how great would things be,
Who knows what a minor change would bring,

I had given up,
My heart became numb,
I didn’t care,
About anyone who was there,

I had wept,
As a mental picture of you crept,
Through my mind,
Forgetting the bread crumbs behind,

The future is where our love stands,
Waiting for us to entwine our  hands,
I would be there till the end of the earth,
I would be exactly what you deserve,

Not even time will hold us apart,
For I gave my heart,
And I can’t buy it back,
Your stuck with my love and I’m sorry about that,

I can’t promise you we would last,
Only time can tell that,
I can promise you  I love you,
No matter what separates our path.
                            Rasheal LTimm

Poem Details | by SIBUSISO NTOMBELA |
Categories: love,

Am a one man army

Am a one man army


                                                                                                                                    WRITTEN BY: SBUH AKA S.M.S
	                            FOR: ZAMOKUHLE MAZIBUKO

Poem Details | by Charles Fuller |
Categories: devotion, hope, inspirational, love, visionary, wife, sweet, me, sweet,

My Eve.

From the dust of Earth I came
A dry unnamed brittle soul
Before life’s humid breath
Filled my chest with curiosities

                     And you cast from pallid bone
                     Alabaster innocence and life’s sweet milk
	Slipped from me as I dared to dream
	Perchance of you to come

She, who was given to me
To help bear my every burden 
Gifting to me sweet life as 
Partner, lover, mother and friend

	She, the beauty of true feminine spirit
	Whose every soft line and thoughtly curve
	Was created for only my adoration
	…And I only for hers.

Poem Details | by Nayda Ivette Negron |
Categories: feelings, love,

Romance Anticipation

My skin shivers anticipating your presence.
I smiled alone thinking about you.

Suddenly, you appeared before me.
Emotion surrender myself entirely.

Words cannot describe the feeling.
Reaction was a profound sigh.

Glances across the room talk without saying a
single word.
Expressions will be silentInterpretation will
be according to your mind set

Nayda Ivette

Poem Details | by Elaine George |
Categories: imagination, lost love,

Cannon Lee - Re-posted for reference

The ocean shatters on the banks of my despair
where I stand above the cliffs in mournful yearning there,
amid the thunder and the lightning
that cracks the black of night
I curse the rocks below that took his precious life.

Oh Cannon Lee, Oh Cannon Lee!
my merman of the sea,
so beautiful a creature the world has never seen.
To gaze upon his beauty is to wake up in a dream
and drift forever in those tranquil eyes of green,
those dreamy eyes of my darling Cannon Lee.

I met him on the shore of Evermore
where he lay upon the rocks, his tail torn,
battered by the raging storm, so cold and so forlorn,
dying in the wake of early morn.

I wrapped myself around him, beneath my ermine cape,
and felt his shallow breath upon my tear-stained face
as he took me with a kiss
to his home beneath the sea,
the only place where he could ever live and breathe.

Visions of Atlantis were painted in my mind,
a castle on a cliff where liquid valleys wind
amid the blue and green
and all the shades of light that fall between,
the difference of awake and in a dream.

And in that final hour
his heart began to beat as mine,
and I knew for evermore that I would never find
a love so deep, complete and so divine
as the love that stole my heart, my soul, my mind,
my darling Cannon Lee.

And now I stand upon the cliff of Evermore,
and fall into those dreamy eyes of green once more.

                            Author:  Elaine George

Poem Details | by Paula Moyer |
Categories: confusion, girlfriend-boyfriend, loss, lost love, love, passion,

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

What can I tell you 
That you don't already know?
That I know how rain looks
When I'm standing on my head?
That the clouds on Friday
resembled ice cream?
That is takes approximately one minute and thirty-two seconds to swim the 
border of the town pool?
Or I forgot my locker combination and cried?
Or that I ran out of shampoo from washing my hair three times a day?
Maybe you'd care to know that I'm now an expert at crosswords, and I've learned 
how to spell your name in four different languages?
What can I tell you that would make you see?
That breaking up really hurt me?

Poem Details | by Laura Mckenzie |
Categories: devotion, love, passion

Undying love

With every last breath
With every last murmur
Before I close my eyes 
I shall be always grateful for you!

Poem Details | by David Dowling |
Categories: family, life, love,

That Funny Emotion Called Love

I see some who have faith, and some who have doubts,
and why not? for so many have seen it go south.
It is hard to embrace an emotion so frail,
with one outcome glorious, the rest, doomed to fail.
It discourages, sadness and dims your demeanor,
with one thrust, it can take all your trust to the cleaners!
And SO many times it will falsely appear,
moving away every time you draw near.
It teases and tiptoes around you at night,
yet by day it remains a big part of your life.
It shows up at meetings, when lunch is provided,
and when you are home, it strolls in uninvited.
It stomps around, feet full of mud, without wiping,
It purposefully mixes the trash with recycling.
Suffice to say, it can be an ill guest,
it will eat, it will push, it will tug, it will test.
But there is a trick, which I'll tell you about,
one thing about true Love, it's not often found.
Rather, Love tends to treat you better, you'll find,
when it happens without force, and arrives  from inside.
But I promise, cross my heart, hope to die, i don't lie,
when Love's arms open wide, they squeeze tight for all time.
...and that's the end of this rhyme!

Poem Details | by Kristin Baker |
Categories: love, passion


Our skin, embracing the touch While the penetration of deep breaths succumb Soft lips breathing hot about my neck My lips and hands tracing the outline of your body Fingers intertwine and our legs climb about each other The sheets, they seem to tangle Just as our clothes are sprawled across the floor The heat of two bodies starts to fill the air Making eye contact as our mouths dry Licking our lips and tightly holding onto each other We don’t want it to end, hanging onto the sensation as long as we can Switching places now; your hands up and down my back My lips resting on your shoulder The smell of your skin and hair corrupt my mind As I feel you deep within, controlling my movements Breathing exciting warmth on my ear, like a whisper Our hearts pounding so hard, we can hear them echoing in our chests Our bodies begin to shake uncontrollably Grasping your arms tighter then before Our breaths are getting louder, more intense So intense they’re turning into sounds Shifting about the bed, fingers through my hair Movements are getting faster and faster The sensation is getting closer Chills are beginning to take over my body Your body is tensing up; there’s no going back Our lips embrace once more as the sensation is released Now our body’s resting side by side Trying to regain our breath Letting our skin touch Eye contact; lips intertwine
Written January 27, 2009

Poem Details | by Tianna Anhorn |
Categories: lost love, love, passionlost, lost,


We used to love
We used to dance
But now it seems
We've lost that chance

So much has changed
So much is new
I only wish
I somehow knew

The stage is set
The curtain falls
And now it seems
We've lost it all

We move on
We keep up pace
As we try to hide
Every little trace

Poem Details | by Christal Gill |
Categories: anniversary, husband, love, passion, romance, wife

30 Years

How do I begin to tell you how
grateful I am to have you in my life? 
I'll start by saying what an honor it is 
for me to be your wife

You're my best friend in the good times 
and my rock in times of sorrow
You're the reason for sweet yesterdays 
and my promise for tomorrow

I never thought I could feel this loved 
until I became your wife
You made this year and every year 
the best one of my life
Happy 30th Anniversary
Love You,
Your Loving Wife.