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Love Poems About Epithalamium or Epithalamium Love Poems

Epithalamium love poems and/or love poems about Epithalamium. Read, share, and enjoy these Epithalamium love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Epithalamium Poems.

Poem Details | by Amanda Gough |
Categories: happiness, inspirational, life, wedding,

What Love is

Love is a secret . . . Keep it
Love is a rose . . . Grow with it
Love is a mystery . . . Unfold it
Love is an adventure . . . Chance it
Love is beauty . . . Pamper it
Love is a song . . . Sing it
Love is a struggle . . . Deal with it
Love is sorrowful . . . Mourn with it
Love is a book . . . Renew it
Love is a fire inside . . . Never let it die

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: love



Innocence surrounded new love at dreams first meeting.
Together, two young hearts played, wildly beating. 
Prayers hoped forever would settle upon true love.
At the tingles of newness, faith turned to God above.

Years passed and your friendship grew stronger.
Differences and directions did not matter any longer.
Together, walking one path with faithfulness by your side.
In love, two became one, a man and his bride.

From that day forward know, love, honor and cherish.
Communicating with kindness preventing loves perish.
The brightest of dreams become reality.
Go forth, kind souls; find loves, tranquility.

© August 19, 2010
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: love



Joys by the ocean share nature’s array.
Hopes joined forever on their wedding day.
Love, anticipation, together reached
Everlastingly seen like sands and beach.

The beautiful bride and her loving groom
Walk hand in hand; embrace their new life’s bloom.
Families assembled beneath God’s sun.
Happily-Ever-After has begun.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 28, 2010

Poetic form:  Epithalamium

Poem Details | by cecil hickman |
Categories: anniversary, girlfriend-boyfriend, husband, life, love, wife, day, love, together,

Wedding Poem

Today is the day we join in life and love.
To love, honor, respect, each other forever.
As we live in this life, and in Heaven above.
God bonds us together today and forever.
We join in union together in heart as one.
Our minds intertwined not put aside by any.
We share this day with all who live in Heaven.
For those who have gone on their path, before us.
Let Angels ring the bells, which sound in Heaven.
Sending a message to all we are one, together.
Our love we pledge between us everlastingly.
Through turmoil, adversity our love will grow.
Along with all our happiness, that God will show.

Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: love, wife,


I married not her money, but for what she is with pure intent and love!

Poem Details | by Shari Davis |
Categories: husband, wedding, wife, love, i love you,

Vows of Forever

I never thought I'd fall in love
Or find the one that I've been dreaming of
But here you are, you've come into my life
You are everything in the world to me
You are my days and you are my nights
I wish I knew what I did to deserve you
There's no one on this earth that I'd put above you
You are the one that I love dearly
I know that honestly and say it so clearly
I want you with me for the rest of my life
I want us to be husband and wife
Together we'll share all of our hopes and dreams
Being with you is what happiness means
Sweetheart I love you now and forever
Our hearts as one, we belong together

Copyright © 2002 Shari E Davis

Poem Details | by Meridy Petricciolli |
Categories: life, love, people, wedding, love, time,

I Love You

If you could look into my mind,
  you would readily see,
How much I really love you and
  just what you mean to me.

I can see in my mind’s eye
  the portrait of your face,
Which no artist could recreate
  and time could not erase.

So with each passing of the day,
  and coming of the night,
I remember when we were together,
  and the arms that held me tight.

Although I have no great offer
  like frankincense or myrrh,
You have my love and devotion –
  of this you are assured.

No matter what time is given to us -
  or what trials life should ensue,
Just remember from this poem,
  the mere words – “I Love You!”

Poem Details | by Stella Buendia |
Categories: anniversary, devotion, love, love,

July 4, 1996

  Five years today we were joined to together
  in holy union. 
  In the eyes of God we became one.You as my 
  bride with me by your side;so lovely and
  precious most beautiful than the world.
  We pledged our love in the vows we shared;
  To be together in love forever till death
  do us part.

  My love is high I cannot attain to it!
  Higher than the highest of all yet- deeper
  than the depths of any sea
  Wide is the sky,still my love goes beyond
  that and reaches farther on.So my Dear-
  with all of this I dedicate this day to you.
   Happy Anniversary from the one who loves you,

Poem Details | by Rosemarie Schrock |
Categories: devotion, faith, forgiveness, happiness, inspirational, life, love,


Roses grow as GOD has said,
they bloom as He commands.
He lovingly touches each of them
each pedal to unfold;

Never does He break away
a pedal that He does not renew,
but gently takes it to renew it 
when it's time to go.

Roses are GOD'S creation;
   A Witness!

Poem Details | by Leon Stacey |
Categories: husband, love, wedding, wife,

Made For One Another

We were made to see eye to eye
We were made to walk hand in hand
We were made to stand side by side
We were made to be woman and man
Here on earth under Heaven above
With two minds we both agree
With two hearts we have one love
And as one body we shall be
In the union of our covenant
As we grow as one forever
May God's will for us be evident
As we live and learn together
Let us dwell in pleasant unity
Clinging to God and each other
And his favor will join you and me
For we were made for one another

Poem Details | by Paul Curtis |
Categories: love, weddingsummer, day, summer,


Since that summer day
When you first caught my eye
You’ve lit up my life
Like the sun rising in the morning sky

We got to no each other
On that glorious afternoon
We asked the important questions
And found we were in tune

At the end of that perfect day
That perfect summer day in June
I took you in my arms
And we kissed beneath the moon

Now it is another summer day
Another perfect afternoon
And we are side by side
On our wedding day in June

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: appreciation, i love you, inspirational love, wedding,


At the altar together they stand; An open venue love is present; As a guest we honour; Ahh! we celebrate shower you in flowers; We see that you love each other; Mr Man God has loaned you His daughter; We share your love we honour your choice; To be man and wife; Oh, how a blessing to wed a wife to share their life; God sanctions this so nice as we celebrate this wedding bliss; A wedding nothing more beautiful than this;
8/10/19 Written by James Edward Lee Sr.2019© From forth coming anthology “Old Gospel Songs Sung"

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: appreciation, celebration, marriage, wedding,

In Celebrating Marriage and Love--

Looming bells; Celebrating marriage and love Channelling flowers; Overlooking for the bride; From a distant you can smell her; Aromatic like oracle flowers; She walks softly and quietly; Celebrating marriage and love Flowers surround and hang surrounds them; Bride to be and her groom; Standing in a row the bride-man/groom alongside him his best man; Flowers fold outside wedding blossoms claps; Father of the bride sheds tears, Celebrating marriage and love He stumbles yet says something blew in his eyes; As the organist plays here comes the bride...
8/13/19 written by James Edward Lee Sr.©2019

Poem Details | by olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: love, romance,

Summer wedding

Your heart is in my possession,
to show the heaven that my love
is so dear,even if the cloud is not clear,
I stand in this summer light
to let my true complexion exhibits
itself with rays of emotions_
that is true and eternal,

As the untrimmed branches of the
coconut tree dances ~dances to
this rhythm of romance and passion,
Oh!my bride, my gold I cherish you with pride ,

Under this shade of hope and love buds,
I profess my love in the presence of men,
As I lease my strength like a brave lion,
This temperate region shall bear witness ~this day.

Contest:A summer's Day Redo sponsored by Michelle Faulkner.

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, beautiful, desire, i love you,


O' my lady whose was on her way to her marriage chamber,
both Father and father embrace her;
A smile as long as God's horizon,
as you thank Him for your bridegroom;

Written by James Edward Lee Sr.2019©