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Poem Details | by Allan Granstrom |
Categories: devotion, faith, friendship, hope, love, upliftingme,

Everyone Has To Go

If you were looking for me 
I had to go.
God was calling you see
and I couldn't say no.
Don't be sad 
it's a happy day.
Just be glad
we had yesterday.
We had some fun 
and we had some laughs.
But it's not done.
Not by half.
God called me
but I'm still here.
You just can't see
but I'm with you dear.
I'll be watching over you
and I'll love you forever.
So what ever you do
don't ever say never.
I'll see you again.
God told me so.
Good-bye now my friend.
Everyone has to go.

Poem Details | by Ravindra K Kapoor |
Categories: allegory, tree, , sweet love,

The Mulberry Tree And its Birds One of Two

A GIFT FOR EVERYONE ESPECIALLY FOR CHILDREN BASED ON A TRUE STORY IMPORTANT NOTE: Now watch a short Video film made by me (placed on my Music Channel on You Tube) based on this Poetic story and enjoy a Great Secret revealed in this short Video Film about India's grand past and about its prosperity and how it was stolen nearly 2500years agoUse the following URL : The Mulberry Tree & its Birds My Mulberry tree, in its season Used to get loaded With its sweet, Mulberry fruits. To eat these sweet fruits Birds of different colors and species From even far off places Used to come to eat And to play, on its branches. Watching these lovely birds When they eat Its sweet fruits and play Was a joy for the Mulberry Which can, only be felt If you ever see the Mulberry When it is loaded With its fruits and birds In the, season of Shahtoot* 01 The birds, used to come To stretch, their colorful wings Sometimes, to show their beauty And sometimes, to show their Their affection for the tree, But, when they were In the company, of their friends And soul mates They used to sing, some lovely songs For the Mulberry tree 02 Seasons come and seasons go The buds of yesterday, becomes A blooming flower of today As, life keep rolling With the change of time But even, in the season of Fast blowing winds The Mulberry tree remains Spreading, its smiles, Like, an innocent child03 Only, in the season of falls When it use to shed its leafs The tree, Becomes, sad and lonely For a while04 But soon again, the tree Becomes happy and smiling When, birds return And come, to Joy fully play On its, thick and thin branches The game of love and affection While singing, their songs In praise, of the Mulberry tree 05 Hearing those Lovely sweet voices and Singing of different birds Seems very familiar sometimes But sometimes, They seem so alien To me 06 It was not easy to understand What, these birds say and sing In their sweet lovely language and words But one thing was clear That they used to tell, The Mulberry tree That they would come again soon To eat, its sweet fruits And to sing songs For that lovely Shahtoot* Full of fruits07 Today, while searching and looking Towards that side of the sky Where, the Mulberry tree Used to spread, its smiles Every morning and everyday The birds find only, A blank space in the sky And they go away Sadly from there To some other place In search of a New Mulberry tree. Those colorful birds, Who used to show their presence While, playing and jumping Up and down, when they skip On the branches, Of the Mulberry tree While singing Their sweet lovely Songs, Have almost fled away For some unknown place Forever and forever08 Those birds Often, used to get lost In their sweet singing voices And lovely notes Which were very dear To their soul mates 09 Ravindra Kanpur India 1st November 2013 NOTE: Protected under the copyright provisions of Poetry Soup and US copyrights. To be concluded in 2nd * Shahtoot = Mulberry

Poem Details | by Laurel Larison |
Categories: family, father, children, happiness, life, loss, love, dad, miss you, heaven, dad, heaven, miss you, i love you,

My Father

I miss you dad every single day
The wonderful Times I remember 
Are the times we spent together going 
To dinner and church
The times I will cherish always on this earth
Your gentle ways and smiles and hugs
Made Life worthwhile for this is true
Forever you are missed in my heart and soul
But the forever is Heaven and you are there basking
In the Light of the Lord
I miss you dad and loved you so much 
But eternity is yours to no longer hurt
Cancer is what took you far too soon
I am always remembering your hugs and 
I loved you so much too.
Eternity is there for you now and forever
Remember I love you and Kisses from here
to you in the forever they call Heaven from earth

Poem Details | by donna phillips |
Categories: death, loss, love, love, me,


 You was the love of my dreams.
With you my dreams came true.
 But everything is not as it seems.
I was always so very blue.
 There were times I hated to come home.
My love became a obsession.
 There were times I felt so alone.
That left me with many of questions.
 So many times I hated you.
There where times I wanted to kill you.
 All I could see was just us two.
You did not stay true.
 You asked of me way to much.
I gave you everything you asked for.
 My soul you did touch.
But left lost and at war.
 You where the love of my life.
And now you are gone.
 But you were my wife.

Poem Details | by Brian Strand |
Categories: lost love, on writing and words


for words,
writers' block-
said ?

for love,
broken up-
my emotions

Poem Details | by Justin Worthy |
Categories: absence, best friend, heartbroken, love, missing you, sorrow, sorry,

My Best Friend The Lion

You were always my best friend,..
Even if we didnt see each other as much as we did
Ever sense the day we met in 5th grade
I knew you were a great guy upon that day
You were a Leo and i was a capricorn
Together i felt we could conquer the world by storm

You were like my twin brother,
So many things we shared in common
Your humour though was better than mine, I admit
You had a way of making people laugh and smile
And you could sing man..
Your voice was awesomely sick

I dont understand why you took your life when you did...
But i just wish i could have helped you..
I didnt know it was getting bad for you too..
The news hurt my heart hard 
like a lightning bolt that hit and hit
So many conversations and memories we shared
My friend i remember all of it
And you i while deeply miss..

You were the first to read the first chapter
 of my developing  fiction novel
I wish you lived to read the rest of it..
And for you someday it will be finished
 il dedicate a character in your likeness
And forever you will be apart of me..apart of this
And whoever reads my book as they ponder and sit
Its hard to believe your gone my dearest friend
And harder to stop mourning 
As my eyes burn into the morning
In my heart.
Your spirit will forever be roaring

I love you man
Please be in a better place..
Because when it's my i know everyone will have..
if i have to go to hell and pull you out..
You know il do it
Il fight until there is nothing of me that exists
Love you my friendMemories us i will forever cherish

Poem Details | by kaci barnes |
Categories: death, family, father, loss, love, sympathy, teen, heart, heart, love, i love you,

Forever In My Heart

A million times I've needed you
A million times I've cried
If love alone could have saved you
You never would have died
In life I loved you dearly
In death I love you still
In my heart you hold a place
No one can ever fill
It broke my heart to lose you
But you did not go alone                                            
A part of me went with you
The day GOD called you home
Your precious memory is my keepsake
With which I'll never part
GOD has you safely in HIS keeping
But I have you forever in my heart

Poem Details | by Patrick Cornwall |
Categories: funny, me, love, me, weather,

Some R

You stowed our love to use at your  convenience.
Pulled me out when the weather grew cold
You wore me as was needed and I was your medication.
I blanketed you with my love and was taken as prescribed.

But you thawed of my heat and you grew cool in spring.
And the days grew quite warm ,you folded me into the bundles you loved.
I wasn't useless so I stayed in your presence and the March roared.
Felt like a hero when it rained with snow mixed in and I mattered.

The sheets  were new and the weather grew warm but I was faithful.
And I was washed and folded  neatly and placed in the attic unloved.
But I worried naught because Some R always ending back to the beginning.
And after the first chill You released me.

Poem Details | by Denise Hopkins |
Categories: absence, angel, baby, bereavement, care, creation, death, dedication, desire, dream, emotions, faith, family, farewell, feelings, future, god, goodbye, grandchild, grandmother, grief, heartbroken, hope, i love you, innocence, journey, life, loss, memory, miracle, pain, passion, sorrow, strength,


You were never seen by us, that privilege sadly was not for us an extravagance we were overwhelmed by, the thought of your embrace The entire twelve weeks you were a joy to have known, even 'without' being seen hearing about you're arrival, was a blessing at the time you were conceived For life hadn't been easy and we had all asked God, we even plea'd We wait upon the day, you will finally meet us having the honour to love and learn with you, saddly not for us It brakes my heart as you part, you had already embeded love into my heart Just knowing we will now...forever be kept apart God has other plans for your love that's so strong, blessing us from the start we continually pray, maybe he'll deside to let you stay around But the intense pain of tears and loss, are constantly falling all around just let it be known, we all desperately wanted you to become part of us We all will love you for eternity, you are now forever one of us, although it was only for a very slight second, it was better than never You are from this day on, embedded into our hearts forever... the impact you have left 'unborn young one'' my beloved grandchild.... "Angel" 2012

Poem Details | by STEPHEN MORROW |
Categories: love, mother, me, me, time,

My Mother

My dear darling mother…

I was not there when you needed me most
To hold your hand or to whisper soft words.

How can I ever be free from the guilt?
Or the pain that I feel.

There is never a moment that I don’t wish
I could turn back the clock.
Turn it back to a time when I was only a
Child and you a young woman.

Back to the days when you would sweep me up
In to your arms and call me your little boy.

Back to the days when all my troubles could be
Driven away by just the sound of your sweet reassuring voice.
A time when you could kiss away all my tears.

My dear darling mother I will be forever grateful
For the love and understanding you gave me.
For you were the rock on to which the foundations 
Of my very soul were built

And even though I will never again be able to 
Hold you as a son can a mother
Or hear you softly call out my name 
The beautiful memories I have of our life together
Will mean that you live on,
 Live on in the very essence of my sole 

Poem Details | by Sarah Cassleman |
Categories: anniversary, death, dedication, devotion, family, farewell, funeral, goodbye, grandfather, grief, heaven, inspirational, life, love, memory, prayer, religious, spiritual, tribute, uplifting, war,


Here lies the best Grandfather,
One who was very considerate.
Remembering him as a child,
I would sit on his lap.
He was a rare person indeed.
He was a colonel in the Army.
Also superlative of a gentelman.
Here lies the best grandfather,
May he rest in peace.

Poem Details | by Raina Hutchins |
Categories: death, goodbye, lost love, love, sad,

Know I'm Always There

I didn’t choose to leave you 
For here I don’t belong
But Heaven is my home now
So please my love be strong

I know you cannot hear me
So I'm sending you this prayer
I need for you close your eyes
And feel that I'm still there

When no one’s there to hold you up
You don’t know what to do
When your legs will walk no more
I will carry you

When you stumble down and fall 
Take my hand and rise
For when you cannot find your way
I will be your eyes

Know that when you’re crying
I will wipe away your tears
When dreams are there to haunt you
I will fight away your fears

When loneliness surrounds you
And covers you with fear
Know I’m standing by your side
Know I'm always here

When you feel you can’t go on
When pain is just too real
Know I’ll never leave
Until your scars begin to heal

When dark descends upon you
And sleep no longer comes
I will lie beside you
Till you see the rising sun

I know you’ll keep me in your heart
Even though I'm gone
For time cannot erase our love
In you, it will live on...

Poem Details | by Eire Toyekoyah |
Categories: baby, feelings, love, native american,

My little star


Poem Details | by Patrick Cornwall |


Love is a leaf in the wind

Floats and blows and spins

Settles for a moment but a gust 

The gust steals it 

It settles on a lawn

But the wind snatches

Spins and flutters

Zigzagging the leaf

Till it is raked into a pile

Carried to the mulch

The leaf turns into dirt

The dirt is used to grow food

Or the leaves are raked 

And burned and the fire

Love is burnt till none

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: faith, family, love, love, integrity,

Evil Personified - 2

There is no beating in this hollow, heinous Heart
Eternal empty eyes emitting, inexcusable iniquities
Jutting juxtaposed jackal jaws, tearing Love apart
Anathematize abandoned, always forgive Atrocities
This is how I live, how I grow, how I stay in control

Eternal empty eyes  emitting, inexcusable iniquities
Where are you Love?, I Long for YOU, with LOVE so TRUE
I gaze into the Eyes of LOVE; I see the Darkness of Death
Yet my Heart can not Shed a Tear,  For Eons of FOREVER

                                 To be Continued

Inspired by TPS’ blog “Integrity“; this is the Liege you do not see
          Dedicated to those who do not believe, like me

Poem Details | by norman russell |
Categories: depression, romantic, love, time,

A Forever Love

The love of all love will live on in my heart,
Though Fate has decreed that we two must part.
We shared such moments that time cannot erode,
But now each must walk our own sepperate road.

The Love that we shared, promised so much,
with each little word, each little touch.
We shared each our laughter,felt each others pain.
Pray fate will decreeThat we'll love again.

Together we could cross Oceans so wide,
and scale every Mountain at each others side.
our sorrows and joys were just as one.
My Love is still hereDarling, 'tis you that has gone.

Even time will not heal this broken heart,
or erode the memory of the day we were to part,
for here in my being always there'll be.
A  'Forever Love.' Thats just you and me.

You walked out of my life with no word of farewell,
and left such a sorrow that no word can dispell.
Be happy My Darling in all that you do.
But remember the Lovethat always is YOU.



Poem Details | by Mark Goodson |
Categories: death, love, romance, wife,

The Perfect Woman

The Perfect Woman

“She loved me- she loved me not” 
And she sung “Stand by Your Man”
When the moment was right 
She would wiggle a bit  
Taking my manly hand
Of course she could cook
 I married her biscuits
 I did I did I did
The perfect women the one I married
Her voice no longer gets mad 

Poem Details | by Cynthia Alvez |
Categories: love,

The Long Good-bye

Good-bye sweet ecstacy
Farewell to kisses that betrayed!
I was not wise as thought to be,
My heart would not behave.


Poem Details | by Dave Timperley |
Categories: life, loss, love, me, me, time,

Let me go

When my time on earth is over,
And the end of the road is reached,
I have no room for a gloom filled room,
I'll be happy, for God I have reached.

Miss me a little, but not too much,
And not with remorse in your heart,
Remember the love that we shared,
Yes , miss me, but let me depart.

It's part of God's plan, the road I am on,
We all in turn must travel alone,
Our Father decides the time and the place,
From where He calls us home.

So, when you feel lost and sad in your heart,
Turn to friends that you trust and know,
Leave your sorrows behind, they do you no good,
For your sake, just miss me, but please, let me go.

© Dave Timperley  2011

Poem Details | by Susan Schebe |
Categories: dedication, miss you, mom, people, age, age, i love you,

The Woman I Never Knew

She looked like an angel
Sitting there in her bed
Everybody loved her
She had a great sense of humor
They say I am like her
I am very honored.
She was my dear mother.

She was a very sick lady.
She had tuberculosis and stomach cancer
She left me and this old world at the age of forty-five
I was age five
Mom I love you and I miss you.

Poem Details | by iolanda Scripca |
Categories: death, love, nature,

Epitaph on a Nameless Grave

 I've heard roots digging underground for me'

 they need my concentrated pain to blossom

 in whispered scent of angels bringing Spring

 and pure white Hope of finding ageless Love

Poem Details | by Gael Attal |
Categories: lost love, me, me,

Epitaph Of The Abused

Amidst the cruel claws of doubt
I plunged disastrously without
Your helping hand, your soothing voice,
In spite of how you had the choice;
You've purchased now my dying breath
Through willed abuse, my cause of death

Such shrewd abuse, the form of which
Is crude neglect and wicked word
The currency that made you rich
And turmoil that within me stirred.

Like putting out a fire by
Pretending that it isn't there,
Or heartening me as I cry
By gifting me an empty stare.

Like making my body hurt less
By handing me a pack of smokes.
In order to relieve my stress,
Lobotomize me as I choke.

The torment you've engraved in me
Through harsh, relentless, cold abuse
Does prompt one thought, that death is glee,
To which I offer no excuse.

Such cold abuse, such cold abuse
That racks my frame, my mind, my soul.
Like reassuring a recluse
By not talking to him at all.

Like swindling your warmth from me
By giving it to someone else
And forcing me to sit and see
While ice around me slowly melts.

Like lying in a manner bland
About the bullet you would take,
So that I wouldn't think "to hand
The gun to you is a mistake."

Poem Details | by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO |
Categories: brother, death, dedication, family, funeral, love, music, visionary, cry,

YAUCH, i cry

a tearful dedication to my lifelong brother, mentor, and friend Adam~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~aug.5, 1964-may 4, 2012

I owe you better than this...You were Heaven sent...
Eyes cascade tears I cry
do you know Y?   AU.C.H                  ~ ('t UC.hillin' H.ere?)
I cry dry...
my ACE of spades, i miss you kid
my mentor
my man
my ILL-est friend
my Superman
my M.C.A.
why'd you have to fly, you'll never die...i cry i cry

the pen leaks
i sink 
it stinks it stings i cry i cry
side by side we were A.L.I.V.E
tho' i can hear Dechen cry, wipe tears from Lo's eye
wings you glide
the rhymes we rhymed, you and i
G -S.O.Nthe sky, too short yir' time
the moon should refuse to shine
Losing your duty's shredding my mind i cry i cry
you remain so kind transcending your ending line
I CRY this way I crY I crY and I just do not own the right words to say, just as mc's squared you cared this way  
you shared melodies but now this sky's gone to Red from Grey,
i must make it anyway,
but trust when I say 
I love you MCA!

* I'm running into walls without you...

Poem Details | by Linda Long |
Categories: life, lost love, sad, wife,


“you’re killing me….”
words that I hung in the air,
a prophecy that resonates through sleepless nights
my heart said goodbye to itself
that chilling evening in early August
how sacred the hidden treasure of a wife and mother
how broken the memories 
how haunting the path not taken

Poem Details | by Dave Timperley |
Categories: dog, heartbreak, love hurts,

The Dogs we called Family

The Dogs we called Family

Tara came first and then there was Ben,
When both of them died we said never again.
Then Sam the runner, got killed in the street,
Prince came and went quick, we didn't know he was sick.
He came from a farm where distemper was rife,
Took him to the vet where he ended his life.
One year had to pass to get our house clear,
Without a mutt there, it seemed without cheer.
One day I was out and the Pound I happened to pass,
I doubled back and I looked through the glass.
Inside I walked, many dogs ignoring my stare,
Until one at the end looked up at me square,
Sat on her haunches both paws outstretched.
She's the one, I knew, so my family I fetched.
I said nothing to them of the dog I had seen,
When they saw the same one I knew they were keen.
The dog was due for the jab that very hour,
To save her life now was in our power, you see.
We paid the fee for her life, Our Lucy was free.
She was the new member added to our family of four,
She lived with us and loved us for 19 years more.
While she was with us we had another to add,
Along came Jamie the Yorkie,he was a bit of a lad.
Like Ben he stayed near ten years and sadly passed.
Lucy died of old age, we said it's time to give in.
Our Garden Cemetery of loved ones was full to the brim.
To Cyprus we came to retire and live in the sun,
Of a dog in the family we didn't want one.
Then a visit to Larnaca was to change our life again,
Because along came Lexi to start it all over again.
She was soon followed by Levi, he was a lively one,
Then came Eli, the whirlwind and pain in the bum.
So from just us two forever as we'd planned,
Now we were five and life was once again grand.
A sad day loomed we had no idea of what was to come,
Levi was walking wrong so we took him to the vet
He had hurt his spine, as bad as it could get.
His rear end gave out and could not be reversed.
He was paralyzed, and getting steadily worse.
The love he gave us in his life reduced us to tears.
The vet said it's time he confirmed our worst fears.
We let him go to where he could romp with all the rest,
All the dogs in our family, they were the best.
With Tara and Ben, Jamie,Charlie the Pinscher and Lucy too
Neo the Collie  and Big Ben & Storm the Rottweilers two,
Newfoundland Curtis and Demon the Chow,
All Pals together, in the Big Kennel now.

© Dave Timperley May 5th 2016

Poem Details | by A.E. Rivenbark |
Categories: death, jealousy, love, mythology,


He stole the heart of the Sun
Charmed the western wind
Then on a whim
He played a game with them
at the greatest cost
It was a terrible fight
For by jealousy's might
And the discus's flight
Hyacinth's life was lost

Poem Details | by Deborah shepard |
Categories: dedication, light, light, love,

Her Rose will burn brightly

Lullabies , fireflies , he placed the ring on her tiny finger
 Softest lasting ambrosia silhouettes , he kissed her, lightly they linger
 Lasting hugs, embrace he kissed her one last time
 I speak to you , he softly said..''I love thee''
 Soft garnet chimes played , sweetly
Whilst thou love thee? , even death My love ?
 He will remember her raspberry wine lips though all time
 I slumber peacefully, with you near my beloved Angel chime
 Dawns leathery emerald light shines
 Mystical tender hands she carried to the grave
 Nymphs were etched on her headstone
 Radiant light shines only at twilight now 
Her spirit visits when I come , he loved her deeply
 Wandering spirits lay to to stay
 Enchantment within all fairy's wand, will she return?
 Azure  lace, he could feel the music as if she was near
 Aspirations , beauty , she now holds his fragile hand , many years later 
She waited as he fell asleep next to headstone

Poem Details | by Ashley Poort |
Categories: funeral, love, me,


Where can I go to bury love?
To the cemetery at dusk when the mist softens
Further the already worn corners of granite markers?
“Beloved Father and Friend”
“Cherished Wife”
Sister, Brother, Son, Daughter—
What will my epitaph read?
Here lie the ashes of a life remade
Time and time again.
No epithet or adjective,
For ephemeral forms like the scent of lilies,
Clinging to each form and shape, permeating the air;
I can be whatever the sun makes of me:
Rain, fog, snowflake kaleidoscope.
But enough—
Through the weeds and the overgrown plots
To the mausoleum where all the old loves lie.
Each crypt contains the remains of
Laughter and tears, midnight words and sunrise fears.
The memories of meetings between hands, eyes, lips—
And they make prayers as ghostly pilgrims do!
Tomb of cherished and forgotten things,
that I could not keep within the confines of this heart.
And here I lay to rest
The brush of your lips on my forehead,
The swell of your chest under the blankets in the dark,
The small furry warmth on my breast of your smile.
Someday, Friend, my bones will lie here too,
And all of the feverish hope and love will awaken,
Be reabsorbed and make me new.
But until then, there are miles to travel,
So many other crypts for loves to come.
Until then, pearl of my soul,
Wait for me in this storehouse of treasured things,
Do not mind the dust and the corpses
They were once treasure too.
Until I return to lay down what I have gained
And become one with what I have lost,
Here lie the ashes of a love remade
Until the fire scorched what it lit.
No epithet, no adjective,
Rest in peace until we meet again.

Poem Details | by KalMiQAz ProLiterate I |
Categories: best friend, brother, death, dedication, for her, heartbroken, i love you, little sister, missing you, obituary, tribute,

Kali Raalene: Never Gone, Never Forgotten

Forever held in heart and mind
Day by day for all my time
Unjust, unfair and so unkind
Wishing this life could just rewind.

Never fathomed such lonely times
When you and I could not confide
Hopes and dreams which cross our minds
Our greatest fears, regrets and binds.

I know you now watch from above
Forever sending down your love
Spirit soaring above like the holy dove
And when I slow, you give a gentle shove.

In time I know we'll meet again
Your wisdom guides me through my pain
As rays of sunshine that break the rain
Somehow I know it's not all in vain
Yet, still I wish that on this Earth you did remain.

Dedicated to my baby Sister Kali Raalene Taken in form Everlasting in heart and mind. There are many who will always love you for who you were and how you touched their lives.

Poem Details | by Brashard Bursey |
Categories: childhood, love, on writing and words, romance, day, children, parents, children, day, girl, hope, love, parents,

Teenage Love 2-and-a-half: Childhood Sweethearts

This type of love have been in the lives of all children (boys and girls) for some time to
comeIt's been like that since the day the kids started going to camp and elementary
schoolIt seems as though that when a little boy had fallen in love with a little girl or
the other way, their hearts start to beat, they're getting this emotional feeling in their
ribs, thoughts rushing tn their brains, and that kinda stuffIt will have looked like
that their parents will have know that their kids were in love with each other, even from
the beginningThere's been a lot of young relationships that have begun back in
elementary school and at summer camp, especially when one little boy had met one little
girl when they were participating in a lot of camping activities (kayaking, e.g.)But
what's so great about a lot of long-term relationships most of all is when this boy and
this girl are talking to each other on the phone on a Saturday nightThis type of young
love among children from around the world is starting to look like the movie, "Little
Manhattan" with Josh HutchersonIt's also as if this was a real fairy taleSometimes,
some relationships among kids don't last long, but some of them doAnd when it comes to
these kids-before-teenagers falling in love with each other, there is such thing as love
at first sightLove follows all of the children everywhere they go; it existsTheir
parents will have gotten this funny feeling inside, especially when they were supposed to
know what their lives were like as children when they met and fell in loveLet's hope
everybody knows that young love existsLet's also hope that the parents know that their
children are in love with each otherAnd if this type of young love continues to grow and
grow and grow day in and day out, their hearts will never be broken in the near future.
Let's hope they stay together forever.