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Love Poems About Epic or Epic Love Poems

Epic love poems and/or love poems about Epic. Read, share, and enjoy these Epic love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Epic Poems.

Poem Details | by christie mills |
Categories: family, father, love, work, father, father,

My father is a Soldier

My father is a hero.
He stands so tall and proud.
His hands are firm, But gentle.
He stands out in a crowd.
People stop to Thank him.
For Freedom he does fight.
My father is a Soldier.
But he's my Dad at night!

Poem Details | by Justin Bordner |
Categories: gothic, i miss you, love,

Before The Fire

I remember when our love was simple
a preamble to the heart tremble and the gods' gamble
when we didn't owe each other anything and our artistry meant everything, 
we were free of hope and suffering, living on the feeling of belonging to love rising,

We made a lexicon of lightening and splendor of thunder
rendezvoued in the sharp rain of rage and grew gold roses in rebel's plunder,
taught truth not to bet on beauty but to bite into the meat of rugged reality, to taste our mettle, 
you became the priestess of my noetic eyes, and I, the priest of your poetic pain, we were miracle -


Poem Details | by Afolabi Muideen |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, adventure, age, allegory, anger, anxiety, betrayal,


Cessation the love
Household has been scattered
When love lost

Humming in the community
Malicious gossip in the society
Disorder in the society
Degrading the society
Society has been scattered
When love lost

Humming in the state
Malevolent rumour in the state
As the day chameleon to night
Insomnia in state
Peace elude state
State has been scattered
When love lost

Mystery to nation
When    love    lost

Oh! It is a dream
Why do we stop loving
While love exist
Love is above all existent

Poem Details | by Chelsey D Moore |
Categories: memory, mystery, sad,

Love secre, No more

I love you today,
An yesterday.
I loved you the days,
Before those ones... .. .
Yet kept a secret
  No one knows
Silents DON'T last 
        forever.. .
 A child's laughter
Ain't easy to hide you

Poem Details | by Balbir Singh |
Categories: baby, beautiful, beauty, break up, care, cry, emotions,

Creatures know true love

Baby, every-time you try to avoid me

A cute bird sings to make me calm
A naughty cat tires to help me laugh 
A stupid dog barks to divert my mind!!!

Baby, the creatures of all type feel my heart
Love me the way I love you
So creatures continue to have faith in true love!!!

Poem Details | by Lamar Johnson |
Categories: confusion, faith, happiness, love, parody, passion, peace,


"Emotions are hard to deal with"
That is a statement that everyone who has met Cupid can agree with...
Some would say it a FACT...
Others say it an OPINION...
After dealing with emotions for so long...
I realize that Love has a twin...
Name: Unknown to mankind....
She changes her appearance....
Many of us meet her and never recognize her until the end...
Just like my little twin...
Love's twin looks, feels, and even talks like Love...
One problem...
That's not Love...
Now I can recognize Love...(JRT)
It's ironic but her twin is (JRT)
Long story short...
When you find YOUR Love...
Keep her...

Poem Details | by Taiwo Lasisi |
Categories: love

spirits in love

I choose you,
Like the moon;
Of a new blue

Not for the beauty
But in your eyes;
Purity thrust
If you are not,
Life would be lies

I choose you
Like the bird choose the sky
In your heart
I'll build a beauty land
With swad
Of fairies of light

Just me you
And the world
Like a trinity
Nothing could separate us
Only divinity
But as our love 
Is refined
By the divine
Eternity couldn't dare
Break a bond
We couldn't even care
Just like a song
We are 
Spirits in love

Poem Details | by Lamar Johnson |
Categories: faith, friendship, hope, life, love, peace, me, me,

I Hear You

I can only hear what you tell me...
That is all I can believe...
I'm sorry I have portrayed these thoughts in your head...
I didn't mean to...
But understand me... 
I went out on tree limb...
And fell....
I was falling...
And I hit the ground on the Westside.,,
The way I felt... 
The rocks cut me deep...
I swore to myself I would never try to climb another tree...
But you made me feel different...
And when the wind blew I fell...
As I fell I heard your voice...
Not Red's voice....
Come to think about it I still hear it...
But we good.
I said I was hear for you and I meant it...
Don't give up on me yet....
Cause I Hear You....

Poem Details | by Ikwuegbu Ihuoma |
Categories: eulogy,

To the one I love

Angels smiled at your birth
Happiness, heaven felt
The creator marvelled at his creation
An epitome of absolute perfection

Life made its way for you
Even a thousand foes that wept
Twas a miracle so good
Fulfilled all its debt

Love they say means a lot
But even it can't tell so much
For the feelings in my heart are countless
A million words would be useless

I see you in the sun and the moon
The way you smile that fades all gloom
Your gracious flair is radiated
Both in heaven and here on earth

I hope I can see past the fears
For my lips have turned numb
I hope to see you in a hundred years
After all, After the darkness comes the dawn

Poem Details | by Nancy Jones |
Categories: death, life, love,

Who Knows what Love is

that's all

Poem Details | by Journey Mcknight |
Categories: art, caregiving, forgiveness, friendship, love,

Our Resolution


Poem Details | by Justin Bordner |
Categories: desire, encouraging, joy, love, romance, spiritual, voyage,

Union Of Ultimates

Come to me my eastern star, to your love mystery Avatar,
travel the path of my tantric wish to where touch is holy spectacular, 
discover the dharma that has delivered the dream of Ardhanarishvara
into the spine of your psychosexual lifeline, the vine of divine quanta
polishing the pearl of vipassana embedded firmly in the crown of your psychic flora,

Bring with you the faith of infinite love fire
that fuels the physics of fantasy's fearless desire
votives of violet vibration, the birthright of a Lotus Queen
born between motives of midnight storms and sunrise rose opening,
we will ride the ancient equinox that lusts for our sacred senses uniting -


Poem Details | by Tunaldo Naldo |
Categories: addiction,


Everywhere i go, everywhere i see
so many people with different wear
but a friend like her i see nowhere.
A true friend, a special woman
who is always there to love and care
her cheerful smile, her caressing hand
just her presence makes my life grand
she knows all my emotions,
many they may be,
she knows when to be gentle
and when to scold me *smiles*
loving you has become my hobby
and i'll be proud to be your hubby
A deep connection between her and 
myself is at its peak
for she knows what i'm thinking
even before i speak.
The distance between us has no say
it's our promise,FOREVER WE'LL STAY.

You can follow me on twitter: @Tunaldo

Poem Details | by HINA NASIR |
Categories: appreciation, emotions, encouraging, heartbroken, introspection, recovery from,


Yes there the heart pun, with pride
Here the sense grows admiration for self.
Every time, my eyes _ see my eyes in the mirror,
Something sparkles and a cherishing smile appears.

Look here the person, alive,
Then a deep breath inculcates, Rushing blood 
With so much self-righteous arrogance, it takes
Yes because here is the power,
Look at my face, I rule myself,
Look at eyes, once shed blood,
Look at pause I utter, once broke up
Are powerful and gleaming again.

Yes I love that face that was burned,
The kingdom; along with herself,
Now is alive and with life.
Yes I respect that face, in mirror
You are my pride see, undefeatable I deem.

Poem Details | by richard nnoli |
Categories: africa, courage, dedication, life, love, voice,

Live your life

Live your life
One life we got 
So live your life well

Distraction must surely 
Come to you
But do not fear to live

No one is above life challenges
But don't let it tear you down

Even if you fall 
Don't depend on it 

For it takes a pull 
To achieve a long push 

Life is not just all about 
Running here and there 
For self desire 

Life is beautiful 
only when you
live your life

Poem Details | by richard nnoli |
Categories: africa, hyperbole, love,

The end of humanity

The end of humanity 

When love dies out
On the face of the world 
That is 
The end of humanity

Poem Details | by Ronald D. Write |
Categories: corruption, desire, faith, first love, grief, miracle,

The Golden Shoe

The Golden Shoe

It derailed me on arrival, there was the golden shoe
A warrior who lapsed a portal, the prophecy was true

His name began to roar, who ran of rapid speed 
And from another world, its told that he would free

He rushed inside my heart, he told me we were lovers 
He’s to save me from the king,  the prophet of thy runner

He’s lost his mother in the one, and found her in thee other
The Golden Shoe has come, they’re yelling in the gutters

A man who has no fear, if scriptures tell it right
Thy man who wears thy shoe, will strike its golden light

Poem Details | by Poet Shi |
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, beauty, blessing, care, cry, dedication,

A Love Like Your Love

A love like your love 
can't be compared.

From the moment 
that I saw you, I 
knew I'd be there.

When I look into your 
eyes, my heart is content.

You're my sunshine 
when it rains...

You're my everything.

When you're in my arms 
the feeling is incredible.

I couldn't imagine 
life without you.

I get lost in your kiss.

When you tell me 
that you love, my 
heart trembles in 
delight of a love so 

You're my angel from 
above, the reason I look 
forward to another day...

Just to see you again,
just to hold you again,
just to love you again.

Written by: Poet Shi

Poem Details | by Emmanuel Brian Oule |
Categories: age, anxiety, cute love,

Epic Soul-mates Ink

I fondle you lately every nightfall!
But Soul soldiers are, against our egos,
So, stronger we are, when chained together.
Destined soul-mates we are,
Coz, our blood is coherent,
We can fall asleep together,
We can walk together,
Coz, our shadows trail each-other,
Just as the ‘being’ and, an icon in the mirror,
We are the incredible epic soul-mates. 

©Bryan De Poet, T.m.T Scripts

Poem Details | by richard nnoli |
Categories: africa, care, cheer up, for her, love,

Am a captive in your love

         Am a Captive in your love 
A-arms of love 
M-my baby I throw 

A-around that beautiful

C-circle hips of yours
A-accepting to always
T-to never
I-let you go
V-very far from me 
E-earns me a lot joy

I-in your paradise 
N-now and ever I want to be 

Y-your humour makes me 
O-offer all that is 
U-unusual but for love 
R-really I oath to 

L-loving  you
O-opens up a lot 
V-values I ever 
E-endlessly want to abide with

Poem Details | by Robin Brown |
Categories: abuse,


HE beat me with his battered words. 
He deceives me with with deceptful ways.
I live in his darkness of pain and loniness.
I long for his infidelity.

I taste his anger for me.
I sawllow his beating on me.
I look into his eyes. I see his hatred for me.
I drink myself drunk, until my love is a hangover.

Poem Details | by reyhan yucebay |
Categories: life, love, peace, philosophy, science fiction,

my love

Winds blows your hair  
Kisses  salty  crystals
Eyes of yours hit ocean
Rocks planets still rebourne 
In many spoken languages
In many dimensions 
Anywhere in any times
I be with you  to bless
Stop  drifting clocks

Poem Details | by Christian adeyemi |
Categories: beautiful, fairy, feelings, flower, love, passion, princess,


I know of a little princess
But now she is grown up
I know of a little maiden 
But now she is grown up 
The look in her eyes is like of a rose.
My little princess has gain weight 
Well who cares, I don't 
She still is pretty. 
I know of a little princess which no one can beat.
I know know of a little princess which has the look of a Lilly!
I know of a little princess, her name is gold because she is precious. 
I know of a little princess and now,
She has grown to become beauty 
Her name is beauty,
There is none like her. 
Her beauty is priceless.
Her beauty is divine.
I know of a grown of princess,
Hwe me strikes beauty in the kingdom,
Her voice is like of a fairy.

Poem Details | by Brian Strand |
Categories: history, love,

RUTH expression of love

Ruth,a lovely lady of Moab,
Nearly always picked up the tab;
Gav her mother-in-law a helping hand,
Emigrating back to her distant homeland;
Naomi quickly returned the compliment,
Matchmaking bing her special bent;
The romance of Boaz and Ruth,
Crossing wealth & caste,showed such love can last;
As grandson Jesse put forth his root,
From which sprang forth the eternal Truth.

Poem Details | by reyhan yucebay |
Categories: love, passion, peace, peoplebaby, baby,

Destiny baby

If we have a choice before born
If we have a choice before grown
Destinity baby is a location when and where open your eyes
Soft baby tears as bloody as gets you nowhere unless some random luck

Destinity baby... I pray  for you to born in world's most secure and happy land
Till make your wolrd seamless  as you smile to be hug and fed in mothers breast.