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Poem Details | by Leileah Kasperyan |
Categories: celebration, crush, england, firework, kiss, love, night,

Penny for the Guy

On a cold autumn eve, playful fingers tangled, soft and shy. The smell of hot chestnuts wafted through the milling crowd, a promise of comfort and warmth. We watched, you and I, the skies explode as rockets declared their secret desires Catherine wheels danced a dizzying response while the bang of crackerjacks echoed, spilling smoke quick into the night. "Penny for the guy?", they cried. Sparklers lit, searching lips, the most tender touch. We kissed, my heart reflected in your eyes.
Date: 25.11.2016 *There is no category for a double etheree that I could see.

Poem Details | by john night |
Categories: best friend, change, england, girlfriend, teenage, true love, war,

late night

Into the kingdom

From the kingdom was I bourne ancestral sailed into the fall of the hemispheres equatorOther earth side I became alive The table on the fringe.
From the kingdom all my culture my speech unadultured, my faith absolute

Into the kingdom was I taken lifted airborne did I rise and fall and gently sail above the Thames in cloud.
oh mighty I land, thence a war that had began.
two children to become lovers we played distanced by nowt but the daysAnd a haze of hedges, fences, wallsLonely hence thus I alone until
 I pray together I held hands with the love of her and my our kingdom Albion
kissed we kissedLove we loveListen we listened

fettered by oath to because of the poverty

Amongst knights and their princes did I train, against the kaffir whom we blamedAttack now they preached I said laugh instead, this fool feels meek, love, they should not war in the name of the all and that that is above Wise words from her

return to

oh into the kingdom did I go, into the kingdom there I roamedInto the kingdom with all that was kind and brute and love and speech

This child did roam through into the love of her kingdom, there I did go, into the kingdom I amIn time I amOh that I am Man I am In the kingdomHear me times men of man, electricity I speakUntil I goNow im away and waitingHolding silenced im praying for her

split speech wreaking for heavens sakes, im in the kingdom

I fell for her, she fell for meIn the anarchy 

that was life and of death I say when that arrives,
until then spring, new loves and life for more we both memory our time we hope we dream we think we speak we remember our promises in youth

friends forever more, no matter how we fall, if we fallUplift us again in love my friends

She knows when the word, I there within, filled love with her our word as words and words the maker makes and doth we wrote, between the love life

when the holy finds her, there I am stoic im her man, in virgin, Shield, for I am, im hers From the shelter of her kingdom I return to the dark of the deep, the continent of the beastsA lion roars

Poem Details | by Arturo Michael |
Categories: beautiful, community, home, love,

A New England experience

 It's a rainy August day in Massachusetts~ down in Somerville weather's 

cool~on a wet Sunday afternoon ~ see me skipping puddles pass Sanders 

theatre ~ from Kirkland Street to Harvard Square I go ~   watch a beautiful 

Bostonian show ~ so you know ~ I take red line train to Davis Square ~ 

at Burren an Irish band sets up to play ~ I heard Commons is cold today ~ 

 what do you say  ~ meet me at the Harbor we'll watch sail boats 

dancing in the rain ~ think I'm falling in love ~ Boston's happening to 

me~Suddenly I belong ~ like a song to a movie ~ must be falling in 

love ~ she's got heartbeat to woo me ~ twinkling stars abound ~ in her

city of beauty~ 

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: absence, angel, betrayal, business, car, career, celebrity, change, childhood, dance, death, death of a friend, dedication, devotion, england, farewell, fear, first love, for him, freedom, friendship, funeral, goodbye, grief, heartbroken, history, identity, international, london, miss you, money, murder, muse, music, mystery, new york, peace, political, power, remember, rights, spiritual, tribute, truth, visionary, wisdom,

he is leaving home

                  In great respect of the band I grew up listening to
                       as sure as Mom passed down Saturday Chores 
                      for I had been chosen to scrub bathroom floors `

                    Yet a familiar sound would bring me to keep scrubbing
                       The red album, The blue album , The White album 
                        ThenAbbey Road , always remembering the sad look on
                  Ringo's face ,  something hard to understand underneath~
                      I get it now, what you were saying all those years ago ,
                    the many sad lonely tears , secret tears , secret fears 
                    For Maxwell's Hammer was a real one It wanted silence

                    Going back.remembering when John Lennon died 
                      I was in Arkansas saddened with the world
                      Then seeing his face saying " Drag isn't it " 
                      Nothis was not my hero in music and song

                      he was a stand in hired William , he filled his shoes 
                      bringing diversity to create so much beautiful music from loss

                       One left standing , alone;; grief struck on back cover ~
                       The other identity hidden, tried to be part of.coming together
                            his  world of secrets
                        He to suffers today , in fear , Faul~
                        Too many years gone bylet us tell the TruthLet us be free
                         The very sad long and winding Road ~
                         Let us Bury our real Paul

                         No more " Mystery tour "
                             No more fear 
                                Let him be in peace ~

           Inspired by " The Last Testament of George Harrison , Is Paul Dead ? "


Poem Details | by Vince Suzadail Jr. |
Categories: love, romance, england, love, men,

For Marian

If I could I would return to a time of knights and kings
Of castles, dungeons, wizards and mystical magical things
I'd see Little John, Will Scarlett, the merry men and Friar Tuck
I'd stay away from the sheriff, I'd rather not push my luck

Robin was a hunted man, but he beckoned at her calls
For Marian he'd risk everything and climb the castle walls
His loyalty to King Richard made his men and he outlaws
They hid in Sherwood Forest, fighting for the cause

The king was in the Third Crusade unaware of the unrest
To become ruler of all England was the sheriff's quest
Through all this two lovers would light the evening sky
For Marian he lived and for Marian he'd die

A romance for the ages, A love that would never die
A love for all eternity to make the angels sigh
For King Richard his loyalty, for Marian his heart
To save the crown and England, Robin played his part

Richard returned to England to claim his royal crown
Robin triumphed in Nottingham bringing the sheriff down
There was peace and happiness all throughout the land
Robin knelt upon one knee to take his maiden's hand.

Robin Hood and Maid Marian.

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beautiful, betrayal, blessing, cheer up, city, confidence, cute love, deep, desire, earth, england, environment, feelings, garden, green, happiness, happy, i love you, imagination, irony, joy, july, june, london, love, love hurts, meaningful, missing you, nature, nice, nostalgia, passion, places, relationship, romance, romantic, sad love, seasons, simple, solitude, spiritual, spring, summer, true love, uplifting, vacation, weather, wisdom,


Chairs lined with stripes, 
green and white,
became ski jump ramps
for feelings, innocent and pure,
taking off from the edge
hoping to defy the gravity of fears

Only a lucky few made it,
others turned into tears
landing on the grass of Green Park
as the warm air was getting dark.

Poem Details | by steven cooke |
Categories: war, death, words, war, lost, death, england, fear, life, lost, love, me, war,

A Soldier's Heart

Oh sail this ship on holy water
Let storms be gone today
For the voice of life seeks a tender heart
Away from these fields of despair
A soldier needs God to recognise me

This letter of life, this beacon of hope
Pray land on mother’s doorstep
And give my family the hug
That I cannot bring
For this brings peace to me

The hands of the children
Reach out to fathers gone
I pray that they will remember me
For time has made a stranger
In my babies memory
I fear on my return
They will not know me

 And wife you will not see
The handsome man of marriage
For war has made me old
This withered face will tell no stories
So pray do not ask me

My youth has been lost 
In generals words and one more push
And my mind has accepted this slaughter
The man that closed the door of home
Cannot return
 Life will never be the same for me

My words belong to the soldier
Not to my lovers tears
For we compete with the dead
 Epitaphs are our confetti
Littering every street
These once happy bodies 
 Lay in no man’s land 
And they’re pain
Are companions to me?

Their faces call out
“Come join the ranks”
And we who know our fate
Scribble with trembling hand
Will this bombardment never cease?
For fear is all over me

 Concealed behind my pencilled words
 Except from all who share death with me
Lies a truth lost in the darkest night
The darkness that possesses this life
 For war is a father to me.

I am the guardian
Of this decomposing life
Only my corpse can give you the truth
So this letter will stay with me

I will send to you, my beloved wife
Thoughts that will protect your life
I cannot write fancy words
 I am fine and I miss you
Hope you and the kids are well
It’s not so bad here
And with gods will 
This war will return the man
That is me.

 Love Jack.
P S your love will always be with me
Should I die please remember me.
Let me sleep in English soil
For England is my home
Though England will be the death of me

Poem Details | by Carl Halling |
Categories: christmas, city, england, loneliness, lonely, love, nostalgia,

A Cambridge Lamentation

This place is always a little lonely 
At the noise and life, 
I like solitude, 
But not in places 
Where's there's recently been 
A lot of people.

Reclusiveness protects you 
From nostalgia, 
And you can be as nostalgic 
In relation to what happened 
Half an hour ago 
As half a century ago, in fact more so
I went to the Xmas party
I danced, 
And generally lived it up
I went to bed sad though
Discos exacerbate 
My sense of solitude.

My capacity for social warmth, 
Excessive social dependence 
And romantic zeal 
Can be practically deranging; 
It's no wonder I feel the need 
To escape...
Escape from my own 
Drastic social emotivity
And devastating capacity
For loneliness
I feel trapped here, 
There's no 
Outlet for my talents.
In such a state as this 
I could fall in love with anyone
The night before last 
I went to the ball, 
Couples filing out,  
I wanted to be half of every one,  

But I didn't want to lose *** 
I'll get over how I feel now, 
And very soon
Gradually I'll freeze again, 
Even assuming an extra layer of snow 
I have to get out of here.

(Adapted from an unfinished and unsent letter penned just before Christmas 1986.)

Poem Details | by Harika Diaz |
Categories: dream, england, first love, growing up, imagination, innocence, youth,

my own

I prefer to receive my own
Purchased by the clinking of keys and a 
Blister forming on the thumb.
I prefer to find my own
Among the twisted branches and bleeding berries.

The coat with the mended sleeve dangles by my head 
as we find the sleeping bears above us.
He laughs as his becomes a possum
And mine a mountain top.

Poem Details | by Kelly Crenshaw |
Categories: conflict, emotions, england, feelings, heartbreak, lonely, lost love,

Too Late For Me Blues

London bridge has fallen
The queen of England has lost her crown
London bridge has fallen
The queen of England has lost her crown
No more watchman on the wall 
And Humpty Dumpty done hit the ground 
The river Rhine is running backwards 
Flowers won't bloom in midday sun
The river Rhine is running backwards 
Flowers won't bloom in midday sun
The ground is dead and the seed won't grow 
And I can't stand and I can't run
It's pitch black dark in New York City 
And east won't release the rising of the sun 
It's pitch black dark in New York City 
And east won't release the rising of the sun 
Lacuna beach waits patiently 
But that light don't ever come
My heart's as cold as winter midnight  
Spirit dry, as desert sand 
My heart's as cold as winter midnight  
Spirit dry, as desert sand 
Mind lost at sea and body sinking
Not even Jesus would hold my hand

Poem Details | by Jude Kyrie |
Categories: england, grandparents, history, life, love, marriage,

The man with the crooked smile and big hands

A long long time ago
Before digital took over the planet.
My grandfather was n airman in WW2.
He never dropped a single bomb
or even fired a weapon in that war..
He was a bit of a pacifist
live and let live was his way.
Instead he aimed camera lenses
at the Germans snapping their country
on his belly lay on the planes belly.
At the airbase in the UK he printed his photographs.
enough to cover a airfield.
He met an English lady in the darkroom.
They printed their photographs together
mixing fixer and develop[er.
She got used to his crooked smile and big hands
He got used to her being there.
When the war ended he returned to the states
and opened a camera and photography shop.
He built a darkroom by hand
when it was finished he went back to England
on a cargo ship
and found the lady in darkroom.
he asked her to marry him
and she accepted.
when they returned to New York
he showed her the darkroom he built for them.
On the door was a note
held by a thumbtack
It said I fell in love with you
in the dark
but I want you to follow the light
with me for the rest of our lives.
A year later my dad was born
with a crooked smile and big hands
and also his love of photography.
He had the eye for
color and shadow and light.
After I was born I did not follow the
love of photography.
But would get into trouble at school
for writing poems in the margins
of my work books.
I found grandmas note that was
pinned on the darkroom door
she passed a way a few weeks ago.
And I was moved to tell this story
Follow the light Grandma love.
look for a big man with crooked smile
and big hands hes waiting for you.

Poem Details | by Dawn Newell |
Categories: angst, introspection, lost love

Autumn in New England

The hurricanes have ceased,
orange and gold leaves fall,
and dusk approaches
while I brush my hair.

In my line of sight
books beckon,
music entices,
prayer temptsBut the one
to whom I belonged
has betrayed me
and I have vanquished him.
I am inconsolable
and weeping.

New England is prized
for it's autumnal glory.
How I wish to watch a kite
rise, alone on a hill of majestic hues

but the kite,
so fragile and tentative
would crash under the weight
of my grief.

-- 10/28/08 --

Poem Details | by Serge Belinsky |
Categories: beauty, england, feelings, flower, flying, sad love, sympathy,

Flowers, the ending

 Slightly snowy Bouquet of red roses,

 Glowing and shimmering with all color shades of light purple Egypt lilies,

 On the forgotten Gods on Earth and in space always ,

 Accidentally noticed but then later banned by the Queen of All Snows ,

 All steering on it with unrelenting attention intently and carefully , 
 marveling at its beauty,

 Reflected as in a mirror in miriards of the gloomest color shades in the clouds ,
 Evaporates in the endless void of space distances...

 Neverending story
 The End

Poem Details | by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: love, philosophy, seasons,

Seduction of a Maiden Song Lyrics first notes penned England in May 2006

   By Victoria Anderson-Throop
        first draft notes penned on the moors of England in May 2006     (call also means visit)

I remember
   When its morning
I remember 
   breezy spring
I remember 
    all the flowers
I hear larks
  in meadows sing

I remember
   When its autumn
I remember 
  red leaves fall
I remember
   heartbreak clearly
I remember 
  your last call

Hopeless, Hopeless is my name
Endless, Endless is my shame

I remember
   that last summer
When the roses
  were so sweet
I can smell
   their fragrant kisses
When my world 
    was so complete

I remember 
   winter coming
When your kisses 
    turned to ice
I remember tears 
    were falling
I learned lovers
    pay a price

Hopeless, Hopeless is my name
Endless, Endless is my shame

I remember
  When its morning
I remember
   breezy spring
I remember
   all the flowers
I remember
  how to sing

I remember
  when  it''s morning
All the heartache
   of the spring
Love has stolen
  my sweet memories
I've forgotten
  how to sing

Hopeless, Hopeless is my name
Endless, Endless is my shame

Poem Details | by Christine Phillips |
Categories: beauty, courage, culture, desire, england, growth, love,

Saturated in My Passion

Come come come and dance with me 
Come come come and sing with me
A sweet aroma is churning in the air
enchanting everyone far and near
Nature is emitting  goose bumps upon my flesh
And I can hear the sound of the  spiritual drums
delivering a message across the deep blue sea 
for you to come and dine with me
Come come come and laugh with me
Take off your convent robe embrace yourself 
and meet  me in the middle of the road
and wrap your powerful  arms around me
How much I am yearning for your tender touch 
When I look at you I  often blush 
but underneath there is deep sensory meaning
Life is blooming around me and the angels are protecting me
But the forces are still bothering me
I am determined  to  push them back 
with prayer  power might and  everything that I 'ave got
I have been searching for more than a  week
For something dynamic to appease my heart beat
And today I saw it singing and dancing in nature
Bright yellow flowers springing up everywhere
lightening up the atmosphere with a message 
that thrill hearts amuse souls and
dig to the core of their stubborn  bones
playing ping-pong on conscience and
rebuking them for their terrible judgement
exposing their heart rhythm and deep thinking
I could feel your compassionate touch 
with a smile that is warmhearted  and divine
But when I turned around you suddenly disappeared
I lost myself among the tall grass and let go of everything
Then something slowly creeps in elevating me to an elated position
Causing the murmuring few to surrender and suport me
The queen in her parlor  is satisfied with me
and send a note to congratulate me
I stood among yellow and purple flowers  that outgrew my  statue
I released my soul into something that is dynamic and bold
I drench myself among the wild marigold 
while honey bee gather around
sucking nectar from pollen flowers
The softness of your strong hand 
could not withstand the  power of the holy one
Your passion overpowered me
 And  cool breeze is romancing with me
I am imbued in nature 
soaked up with passion dripping from your purple robe
I wasn't the only on feeling this warmth
All of a sudden a lot of women  emerged up in  bushy park
men and children  start riding to and fro 
They did not know which way to go
I don't know if the flowers attracted them 
or they were curious about me
Perhaps they were indeed  sent  
But they blended in quite well
What ever it  was nature permated itself  all over me
bringing joy to the strong  weak and lonely 
On the other side someone else was sharing  this bliss
A woman in a child's body sat in a wheel chair
among the bright yellow flowers reading a book
she blended in nature and I could sense a healing power
Further up the track children screamed and shouted in the park
Others somersaulted on the grass
 and life was once again evident in the city
The sun is shining on me and my passion is driving me to the sky
I have finally found my tempo and I have a strong platform 
to deliver something that is sound and proper
What a  beautiful day.

Poem Details | by Stephen Jewell |
Categories: absence, december, desire, emotions, england, lonely, love,


A lone winter wind chills a lone Yorkshire lady
while alone she retires for the day
And a lone fire warms her but alone it does little
to relieve the lonesome feeling as she lay
But alone is not so lonely while alone she knows her lover
lies alone as he awakens and can say
Alone we are together and alone is shortening ever
and alone we soon will send upon its way

Poem Details | by JEANNINE GLEN |
Categories: boyfriend, cute love, emotions, england, how i feel, i love you, water,

I love thee

I stood upon the ocean's bay shore
And with a fragile reed I traced upon
"Bobby I love thee."

The mad waves rolled by and blotted out
The fair impression.
Frail Reed! cruel wave!
Treacherous sand!
I'll trust no mere!

But with a giant hand,
I'll pluck from Scotland's
Frozen shore his tallest pine,
And dip its top into the crater of North Sea
And in the high and banished heavens I'll
Write: Bobby I love thee.

And I would like to see
Any doggoned wave wash that out.

Poem Details | by Bethany Harnwell |
Categories: dedication, deep, devotion, england, i love you,

Yorkshire rose

My Yorkshire rose..
You start a war in my southern soul

Poem Details | by Christopher Flaherty |
Categories: lost love,

Old England

My Father voiced
The country's got cancer
Broken down into a 3 day week
Labor failed 
And the Union's triumphed 
While the peasant's toiled 
For greener pastures
But the ego of man won out in the end
Boarding Ships destined for foreign lands
Families left not wanting 
Rather needy of hungry mouth's 
And child to feed
The ties and loss that bleed
Loved ones away
The price and debt must pay
For a brighter day
Hold a candle and write a letter
To all lost daughters and parting sons 
Who where the collateral cost
Of Mother's and Father's 
Who there grandchildren will never know 
Because the Cancer of which my Father spoke
The common folk would part
From the stark reality of 70 Britain 
And thought the Sun never set
On the places now the emigrants stay
Loved one's left behind are missing 
What England tore apart 
Mother's,  Daughter,  Father , Brother
Someone who could only be reached on the end of a phone
Another lifetime away 
Though not Grey 
But could not keep the Blues at Bay

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: appreciation, betrayal, lost love, missing you,



There was a from New England
so excited visiting his cousin
he was single and lonely
his lost love left for Finland
she left him at the park so cold hearten

  For Contest: Tradition Limerick
  Sponsored by: Viv Wigley

Poem Details | by Anil Deo |
Categories: appreciation, community, destiny, education, england, freedom, truth,

LOVE THE QUEST and QUESTION: senryu20180707

my quest for my Self and awareness of my search cannot be two: but One Truth
(c) DEDICATION: To all who asked, and keep asking, for Job-like questions of the UniverseTo SURVIVORS of 07/07shalom, shalom

Poem Details | by Christine Phillips |
Categories: character, destiny, england, heaven, hope, love, romantic,

Proxy Wedding

Sweat is dribbling down my face, I am feeling hot
I can still hear the cracking sound swirling around 
And the night dancing to its own rhythm
The night suddenly fades in and the journey begin
That night I finish school late 
And boarded the bus from Kingston town
And got off at Spanish town
Then hop on another bus to Linstead town
And got on the last bus that was going 
In the direction of my country home in Dover Castle
I got on the last bus about eleven pm, 
The night was dark and the road was bare and dry
No car was around, just the country bus going out of town
Not a person was insight except for the passengers 
And the driver directing the bus light
I can clearly remember the cane field on either side of the road
It was like a bus going through an unwinding tunnel 
And  the silence of the night bore its weight upon my soldier  
I remember pressing the buzzer just before I reached my stop
And the conductor asked me if someone was coming to meet me
The bus was seven miles away from my country home
Back then I was young, innocent, quite, and intuitive 
I had not attained the level that I had today 
but I could sense something unusual anyway.
I stopped the bus and cross the dark street
 that was going in the direction of Dover Castle
I walked along the street in the black night 
Anxiety beckoned me to hum my mother’s song
And tension forced me to trod along
As I reached the corner, an unusual body odor 
Circled around me, someone who had not showered for days
Appeared to be following me
I began to pick up speed, and walked faster and faster
But the smell got closer and closer
I felt an arm reached out to grab me 
But I kept going without looking back
Then suddenly a bright light broke around the corner 
And stopped next to me, and the driver called out to me
I was reluctant to take the ride, 
 I began to wonder if he was the bad guy
Walking seven miles close to midnight is no fun
And after much persuasion, I yielded and took the ride
“What happen to the other guy? He is not coming? 
The drive asked
And I replied, “What guy?”
 “You are lucky that I gave you the ride; do not walk alone at night” 
the driver said.
I was still shaking and my heart was vibrating,
He was hiding in the cane fields and had planned to rape me
But help came just in time to stop that horrible crime
Later the driver revealed that he knew my brother
and they both work at the same company
As I was penning this verse on the bench in front of the hotel
A taxi driver came around and started touching me up 
My chest began to stiffen and a sudden vengeance rise up inside me
 I clenched my fist and took a deep breath 
He pulled out his billfold and showed it to me, 
and this was what he said, 
"everybody in my country has money"
 Everyone in my country is working
 Look, they use American dollar in my country
 "They don’t use Jamaican dollar here, I have money"
He crossed the street and went to the steak house opposite the hotel and whispers something to the man sitting outside , 
It was obvious that he was an informer
Suddenly my blood began to boil and I was raging inside
I took  his picture and showed it to the manager inside,
In seconds some people were moving out of the hotel,
I had no clue what everything was about
I just don’t know where else to go 
some men cannot keep their hands out of their mouth,
 they quarrel and shout and they shake their di**  all around the town
What have do I have to do with these people?
These happening really make me feel sad
Sometimes I sing, I laugh and I cry
I just want to have peace in my life
It’s this part of me that I cannot let go
It is this part of me that embodies my soul
It is this part of me that is determined to win
Sometimes, I feel as if I am living within myself
Then I have to come to my real sense
Sometimes I feel as if I am living within myself
And I have to wonder if I am already dead
The days go by the night light lit up the night sky
There is something that I still cannot understand 
 I still cannot solve this part of the puzzle
 I have tried so hard to put the pieces together
It is something bigger than faith that keeps me going
And I am bound to find it quite rewarding
Two mind two souls what is it that I  have behold
Two hearts  fused together but separated by water
How did I find myself in this situation?
My secret admirer?
My distant lover and my marriage partner
I had promised that I would never love again
After my heart has been broken so many times
I promised that I would never love again
Because my first love has brought me to shame
I promised that I would never love again
Because real love is not a game
Hearts meet hearts spirits meet spirits
Head meet head and love meet bed
This has been a rare time
And I just can’t get you out of my mind
The sky is blue the ocean is deep
And the journey is incomplete
You must set a time when we can meet
I know that you are busier that usual
And I don’t want to cause any confusion
It’s just a thin line that separates us
Thirteen hours flight that will unite us
They tell me that I am married now
 and I have settled down
I  have never attended a formal wedding 
except for the one I dreamt of in heaven
I heard about a proxy one
 but I still cannot imagined how it is done
I say that I love you and you say that you love me
But we have not physically met at the top of a hill
Is this how it supposed to be? 
A spiritual marriage
Is this how it supposed to be?  
A spiritual love?
I want more than this
Write a letter and tell me
Is this how it supposed to be?
I saw you sitting alone in the chair
Looking slightly tired
I wonder where you have been
A good night’s sleep can change the mood
And a substantial portion of health food.
Will increase your magnitude

Poem Details | by Janet Gardner |
Categories: absence, color, england, i miss you, love, romance, spring,

Bluebell woods

I love bluebells, 
I like their deep scent, 
the way they jingle invitingly in the spring breeze, 
their delicate blanket patchworked by trees,
brief but bold blues against verdant greens, sparkling with white anemones.
This year I look at them and all they are doing is reminding me of the colour of your eyes.