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Love Poems About Enchantment or Enchantment Love Poems

Enchantment love poems and/or love poems about Enchantment. Read, share, and enjoy these Enchantment love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Enchantment Poems.

Poem Details | by nicholas windle |
Categories: love, spoken word,

Summer Of Enchantment

Warm evenings have that lazy feel,
As the sun sets upon the day.
An orange ball suspended,
As all cares now swept away.
The exotic smells in the perfumed air,
That lies heavy all around.
Mimosa now that in full bloom,
As its branches drape the ground.
Do you ever look at the sky?
As the stars come out at night.
When you’re held by that someone specials arms,
And don’t want to say goodnight.
Though no spoken word is  uttered,
As eyes gaze into eyes
It’s said there windows to the soul,
Mere feelings can’t disguise.
Love can just be fleeting,
With precious thoughts we steal.
And in that brief encounter,
We know that it’s for real.

Poem Details | by Linda-Marie SweetHeart |
Categories: love,


"Enchantment - Duo-Rhyme" brilliant beams of Sunlight cascade to orange aura marmalade enhancing love while blooming new beneath cream skies of patent blue sprinkling words sweet as dawning's dew two turtledoves in wings which coo fond melodies caress adieu' in magic moments rendezvous frolicked in fields of heather's hue fake hearts faded to vapor's view soft silver stars shed tears parade enchanted moonlight mist charade'. *For Andrea Dietrich's Duo-Rhyme Contest

Poem Details | by Courtney Courtney |
Categories: love,


total enchantment
 the time I shared with you
 long past the times, few

Poem Details | by Susan Gentry |
Categories: angel, love, magic, romantic love, true love,


The enchantment of our magical moment
Epitomized an intoxicating aura
The dancing of our minds and bodies
Through sprinkles of angel dust in the air

The enchantment of our magical moment
When true love ignited deep in our hearts
Only ours to share

June 22, 2018

Seven Lines Of Romantic Heaven Contest by Silent One
Second Place

Poem Details | by Martyn Grindrod |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, desire, love, lust, passion, romantic,



Walking Summers dusky haze
I glimpsed her golden hair
Her femininity attracts my eye
Her graceful gait I espy

Barefooted she stands 
Long white dress so pure 
Fair Complexion healthy and kind
Her looks encapsulate my mind 

Butterflies Fflutter by 
In her beauty Enchantment reigns 
Dragonflies dash to and fro 
To bathe in her afterglow 

Hitherto not the courage
 to ask her hand 
As she is the Sun the moon the stars
And I am merely the land 

thank you