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Love Poems About Emotions or Emotions Love Poems

Emotions love poems and/or love poems about Emotions. Read, share, and enjoy these Emotions love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Emotions Poems.

Poem Details | by robin davis |
Categories: love, romantic, , cute,

Shocks Of Electrifying Emotion

There is a magnetic field
That is keeping my love sealed
A force so strong it is intense
Just like and electric fence
That shocks me each time we touch
But I just can't get enough
Of this static overflow
I am just about to blow
And release a shock so large
The amount of my discharge
Will send waves of love right through
The core, soul and heart of you
You will know my love is real
With the heat your body feels
The tazeing I will supply
Is coming out of my eyes
Beams of romance I will shoot
At you looking very cute
All this energy is warm
Like and electrical storm
Flashing bolts of big bright light
Making a romantic night

Poem Details | by kristen bruni |
Categories: lost loveme, me, , sweet love,

Emotion Explosion

Such a wonderful city of angels
Full of dreamers and schemers
You poisoned me with sweet love
Then poisoned me with anger.

A lion with an impatient roar
Slowly eating me alive.
Ever so cleverly. 
I never saw it coming. 
I've been devoured and feel invisible. 
I look in the mirror at a stranger now.

The Gods have allowed me gentle protection 
The Angels hover over me, shadows on my wall.
Safe, yet damaged and scared. 
Unhappy, bitter and vengeful. 
Emotions that exploded all at once
A bomb ticking away. you ignited it and detonated me. 

I love you but don't know what to do.

Poem Details | by Frank Polgar |
Categories: confusion, life, love, relationship,

Logic vs Emotion 2

and emotion
coexist but conflict
heart and mind struggle to decide
who wins

Poem Details | by Frank Polgar |
Categories: confusion, life, love, relationship,

Logic vs Emotion 1

Emotion clouds
logical judgment.
Should I let my heart win?

Poem Details | by Jesse Kaler |
Categories: angst, confusion, depression, devotion, faith, fantasy, fear, happiness, hope, life, loss, lost love, love, nostalgia, passion, peace, political, romance, sad, sorry, sympathy, thank you, uplifting, visionary, red,

if emotion had color

if what we do
if what we did
if our emotions 
had colors
that we could see
what color would we be
dark red with passion
bright red with love
black with anger
or a mixture of colors.
what color is your heart
is it perfect
for your body
or is it imperfect
for your soul.
if emotion
was colored
who would 
you be?

Poem Details | by charmane bellen |
Categories: feelings, love, sad love,

Games of Emotion

I'm just an option 
With nothing to expect but 
Thinks it is different now. 

Playful words of tongue 
I've fallen on my own game 
Want you in my life forever. 

I wanted you whole 
You only give me quarter 
You don't trust me, you said. 

I'm a player and we played 
Now I’m getting serious, 
You said no and left. 

Brokenhearted, still waits 
For your attention, 
Trust me to hold you. 

You give no care 
I know, I'm just an option 
The one you played with.

>>for my friend, based on his experience..hope the pain won't last long..

Poem Details | by Elisabeth Dubois |
Categories: friendship, hope, inspirational, life, love, passion, people, romance, time, love,

Love - a human emotion

To find true love is such a thrill Your heart pounds hard against your will Glowing eyes and loving smile Make you believe it’s all worthwhile Apart for long you cannot be I need to have you close to me To hug, to hold, or merely kiss Just thoughts of you are simply bliss As time goes by our love unites And no more dark and lonely nights You are my sunshine and my desire There’s nothing else that I require ©Elisabeth Dubois – 2012

Poem Details | by Mehak Kawatra |
Categories: loveworld,

Love is Emotion

A world without love,
is a world without passion.
'tis a world cold and emotionless
I for one, 
am subjected to a full heart,
the one which can pulse through
pain, anxiety, joy and happiness.
The heart which defines the soul.
I am,
to whoever that may speculate,
in my world of love,
brimming with passion,
and emotion.

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: emotions, love, romance,

spirit of emotion

softest falling petals
drifting into feelings
that binds deeply
growing bonds
with tender affection
strongly ties together
two worlds 
become one

blossoming desire
flowering devotion
conquering the heart
hungering emotions
spiritually thirsting
chemically connecting
stimulating energy
a bonding marriage 
setting this world
hotly on fire

as drums
they beat faster
encircling warm
fluttering strokes
dancing in pleasure
safely within happiness
singing one 
joyful spirit
upon wings descending
falling from 
a great height
into this soul
the heart's pleasure
opening chambers
flooding beauty
with love
in you

Poem Details | by mark phen |
Categories: love, romance, song-world, time,

Ecstasy of Emotion

Here we are, the time is now,
Looking in your eyes flashes all the memories somehow.
Its just you and me alone in the crowd,
In our own world with no intruders allowed.

We should leave, walk away,
Coz my words have nothing more to say.
Holding your hand the time holds its motion,
Like a timeless orb flowing with an ecstasy of emotion.

It is getting harder to desert myself from you,
My broken and lifeless world consists of nothing new.
Yet I hope to give it all in your hand,
Fetch a diamond for you from my world of barren land.

I cannot walk away and leave you there,
But I don't belong with you or anywhere.

Poem Details | by Kay'Sha Taylor |
Categories: lost love

A lover's Emotion

Love is what i no longer feel
Something's missing where we attract
Where our love use to be
But i still don't want you away from me

Poem Details | by Kenneth Melvin |
Categories: emotions,

Atmospheric Love Emotion

The refrigerator breeze, air in motion, recycled E, air enables emotions, resembles diminutive crush gusts to giant sorrowful storms which scales the love of motion.
- Loverboi

Poem Details | by cherilyn fry |
Categories: passion, me, love, me,

This emotion

This emotion seemingly carries me away
to where I see dolphins play
and the water
as it flies over the edge
reminds me of myself
fluid and free
getting to where I almost want to be...

this emotion endlessly is one of a cherished caress
no jilted lover
embossing their shadows upon my heart
the part I play
is simply a moment in life
where love and laughter meet....

this emotion is only fueled more by your smile
planting seeds in my heart of love that goes from warm to boil
and your touch
so searing and so sweet
allows me the freedom to let our lips meet....

this emotion
so colourful too
holds my heart
enbroiling me and you.

Poem Details | by Brenda Victoria Northeast |
Categories: love, sad,

The seconhand emotion

You said you loved me
But behind your eyes
I saw another 

Your lips told me
I was secondhand shopping
And I was but - second best

I could never own your words
For their value fell short
Of my heart

© Brenda V Northeast   14th January 2012

For Dana'lynn Smith   The Secondhand emotion contest
deadline Wed. 29th / 2/ 2012

Poem Details | by kristy chun |
Categories: emotions, feelings, love,


 A single note, so pure and sweet.
 piercing your soul, cutting so deep.
 Lightning flashes, so bright and white.
 Blinding your eyes, burning your sight.
 It happens so fast, so quick with might.
 un-expectantly shocking, to the bone it strikes.
 Emotions tumbling, confusing and frightening,
 so quick to set, so easily unexpected.
©K. Chun 2003

Poem Details | by Jenny Sliger |
Categories: love

An Emotion

Seeping through a rift in time,

Causing destruction at its prime,

The one emotion to change life,

Always with an unexpected strife,

Something everyone can feel,

Sometimes becoming too surreal,

The gentleness of the wave,

At times making you want to hide in a cave,

With the ability to heal all wounds,

Attempting to leave you in ruins,

The only thing that makes sense,

Even if phrased in a different tense,

With complete honesty,

Leaving no room for modesty,

With the symbol of the white dove,

The emotion I think of is love.

Poem Details | by Hayley Cimochowski |
Categories: loss, love, words,

I'm sick with emotion

I'm sick with emotion
filled with hopelessness
I hate you
I love you
I don't know even know you
You slipped from my finger tips
Fell into a sea of black
It was not for me to find you
But for you to find you
I often ponder what went wrong
It is one thing I will never know.

Poem Details | by kevin goodrum |
Categories: love

Youthful Emotion

Youthful emotions 

I love you 
But I hate you 
This twisted 
 simple Feelings
 of a young heart 
I'm portraying it tthrough 
This simple poetry 

Like Roses are red violets are 
Envy is green my love is true 
Tho you leave my heart black 
and blue 
When your near Im taking a 
arrow to the knee 
But the shooters me 

Cause I try to love the 
Cause well I love the 

Is it love or the love of the 
Or the lust for that taste 

Either way I love you 
Cause I can't have you 
I hate you cause I love you 

Poem Details | by Kennedy Hopkins |
Categories: analogy, color, emotions, hate, love, sad,

no emotion

What's the difference?
These emotions are just flaws in the 
human configuration 
Why feel with your heart
when you can feel with your lungs
and your broken brain
The yellow that I search for is blocked
by the black and blue that surrounds me
The closest I can get is 
the green that disappears when I 
try to create make-believe yellow


Soon it will be all white

And it will be all over

Poem Details | by BL DEVNATH |
Categories: introspection, love, passion,


                            When true stream of love flows from heart				
                            Passionate eyes are filled with sweet tears				
                               extreme emotion tells the depth of love			

Poem Details | by kay wofford |
Categories: love, passion,


 Looking through the eyes of love
I see a vision so beautiful.

 Looking through the eyes of love,
I see more emotion, than my heart may handle.

 Looking through the eyes of love,
I see how, I am capable of love.

 Looking through the eyes of love,
I see you.

                / Fini /

Poem Details | by alex s |
Categories: feelings, i love you, universe,

Galactic emotion

Is this feeling galactic?
Or simply lactic?
Your presence is celestial
These emotions, extra terrestrial
This feeling is inexplicable
Ignoring it would be despicable
You are my brightest star
I can't imagine you far
for you are the center of my universe
And in my love you shall submerse

Poem Details | by Ashley Daly |
Categories: angst, confusion, lost love,

Ripped Up In Emotion

Ripped up in emotion
Tossed like a fragile doll
Seasick from your sway
Never to be stabilized
When heroes conquer
And villains are demolished
That’s when I’ll be
Back for more	

Poem Details | by John Willis |
Categories: angst, hope, life, love,

Innocent Emotion

When I take a close look
What do i see
I can define you a mystery
As a man caught, staring at your chest
i can't see through a bulletproof vest
Your heart is what  seek
not a life chambered without a key

Just to sit beside your mind in silence
Knowing how you feel inside
No need to hide or fight reliance
Glowing with a reeling pride

This simple intimate notion
Lost inside an ocean
Because we can't planley be
Emotionally innocent and free

A broken system of relating
Leaving lonley people waiting
Empty hearts continue fading
Without a light, how can we begin to see?

Poem Details | by Page Words |
Categories: love,


The soul is the soul; the heart is the heart; 
The mind is the mind, they cannot be separate, they must be intertwined;
Not by single passion, intimacy, or desire but all of the above;
For this is how I function when I am desperately in love