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Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: beauty, emotions, heart, love,

- The Spirit Of Souls And Emotion Of Hearts -

Two worlds come together 
As sweet music flows gently
leads into a different zone
One circle of a heartbeat skips
A single moment our life changed forever

Paradise simply exists golden delicious 
Hidden from this world one bounty feast
Life every ounce trusting one promise living
Although at times some tears may drip 
Colors kissing love inside a mist 

Passion spreads warm fine spun gold
With you fate decides destinies call 
No distance can prevail
In your beauty of understanding 
You're viewing the second half of my soul

A dream of the truest form develops pure
Under the bright moonlight beam 
wings grow tender feelings fly high emotions 
As fate determines what is meant to be will be 

Within sweet sounds of joy 
Happiness blooms inside diamond shining light
Laughter rings out the bells echo deeply 
It's called true love in you 
Where trumpets rejoice finding heaven

Written by LMcdaid & A-L Andresen :)  03.10.2015 
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Poem Details | by robin davis |
Categories: love, romantic, , cute,

Shocks Of Electrifying Emotion

There is a magnetic field
That is keeping my love sealed
A force so strong it is intense
Just like and electric fence
That shocks me each time we touch
But I just can't get enough
Of this static overflow
I am just about to blow
And release a shock so large
The amount of my discharge
Will send waves of love right through
The core, soul and heart of you
You will know my love is real
With the heat your body feels
The tazeing I will supply
Is coming out of my eyes
Beams of romance I will shoot
At you looking very cute
All this energy is warm
Like and electrical storm
Flashing bolts of big bright light
Making a romantic night

Poem Details | by Marie DuPont |
Categories: depression, happiness, lost love, love, visionary, emotions, love, sorry,

A Face of Emotion

Your face tells all the secrets;
Your eyes state it all
from your lips I can see the hidden happiness,
from the arch of you brow the hidden rage.
Your eyes state your sorrow,
Your face tells all your secrets,
your face states it all.
The cause for all these emotions
Is me I'm the cause for it all.
To the happiness to the rage,
The sorrow and the pain.
The shape of your face holds your determination.
The determination not to let these emotions show,
But my love your face betrays you.
I can see these emotions as they cross your face.
you have a face of emotion.
No matter how hard you try to hide them
I can see them all.
And my love I'm sorry to see them show.
And I'm sorry that I'm the cause for them.
So My love as your face of emotion shows to the world
theres one emotion I've never seen cross your face.
I've seen no love cross your face nor shine in your eyes
So goodbye My love, my sweet face of emotions.
Goodbye to a face of emotions.

Poem Details | by Lyndell Cadasse |
Categories: confusion, love, passion, me, heart, lost, heart, lost, me,


I fall and my mind begs my heart to get up
I try to stand on two shaky legs
But the weight of my soul has become too much to bear
The rips and tears in my heart have become too much to mend
I try to close my eyes  but I’m continuously haunted by your smile

My heart yearns to pull your body close 
To get wrapped up in your lyrical verse
My mind craves the sound of your voice
I try but I’m left with only one lyrical choice
I need you, I need you, I need you 
My soul feels alive when I’m caught in your gaze
I let go of my fear and convince my heart to be brave.

It’s too early so I won’t let this feel like love
I can’t help but want to be your dove
Sailing on the winds of your emotions
A dolphins riding the waves of your devotion
In the ocean that is your heart
Why can’t I just let these feeling pass
My world is spinning way too fast
I’m lost, You find me, I’m lost again.
Your eyes draw me in but your fears push me out
Your lips beckon me closer 
But doubt still clouds your mind
Why did we have to find each other now
The timing couldn’t be more wrong
(cuss) THIS!!!!!!
You still sing my heavenly song
A melodious rhapsody 
Into this abyss 
I fall to thee
I’m floating on your words
This is weird, I’m lost in three different worlds
I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m confused
I wish time would cease to tick
So I wouldn’t have to lose
Wishing amour shall cause our hands to fuse
So I never have to let go
So I’d never have to say “so…
Long” and “I’ll see you soon”
Spiraling, spiraling into this lonely doom 
SAVE ME!!!!!!

Set my soul free
Unlock this prison that keeps our feelings hidden
Rescue my heart
It’s calling out to you 
I’ll understand if you block me out 
I can sense your fear
I know, I understand, I agree
Even if the Fates tell us we aren’t meant to be
I know you feel this too
Now do you understand this torment that I’m going through?
I am overcome with boundless affection 
You have captured me with intellectual perfection.

Beating hearts, tempted souls
Feeling which weren’t supposed to grow
But yet they did and I see it clear
Sweet ……, I wish you near
Wrap you in my arms
Breathe in your scent
Countless hours in thought I’ve spent
In a state of mental disorder, your smiles and face inhabit the center, and the borders
Of my heart
Willing our threads never to part……

Poem Details | by Lin Lane |
Categories: lost love,

Squalls of Emotion

Another night of loneliness   
She sits waiting for his call
In silence she grows restless 
Emotional rain begins to fall

Tonight her phone will not be ringing 
His calming voice she will not hear
In reddened eyes there is a stinging 
The threat of squalls is drawing near

Roses he'd given, withered and dried 
Fragile petals crushed, lying in her hand
"What have you done to us?" she cried, 
as she slipped off her wedding band

In breathy whispers she called his name, 
remembering his touch; sweet embrace
Then the haunting memories came 
and the look of anguish lined her face

Days, weeks, then months rolled by 
a semblance of peace she'd finally found
Until the night he called and said, "Hi." 
In emotional rain she almost drowned

No shelter from this impassioned storm 
No tincture is there to cure such pain
Upon her cheeks were rivulets warm;
another downpour of emotional rain

~ Upon request, this is being reposted 
    from several years ago.

Poem Details | by kristen bruni |
Categories: lost loveme, me, , sweet love,

Emotion Explosion

Such a wonderful city of angels
Full of dreamers and schemers
You poisoned me with sweet love
Then poisoned me with anger.

A lion with an impatient roar
Slowly eating me alive.
Ever so cleverly
I never saw it coming
I've been devoured and feel invisible
I look in the mirror at a stranger now.

The Gods have allowed me gentle protection 
The Angels hover over me, shadows on my wall.
Safe, yet damaged and scared
Unhappy, bitter and vengeful
Emotions that exploded all at once
A bomb ticking awayyou ignited it and detonated me

I love you but don't know what to do.

Poem Details | by Andrew Johnson |
Categories: depression, friendship, love, sadheart, hate, heart, time,

Holding Back Emotion

Simple things that come and go
Are easy to release
From the grip of hope in your heart
They can be soon be forgotten with ease

At times though, when you hold all in
Your heart for no eyes to see
Can make you desperate for compassion
And just peace and harmony

Of course, our stubborn selves in hand
Block us from the revealing the truth
My heart once soft is now turned to stone
Much different now than in youth

Tired of lies and treachery
And pointless words of life
Not once is the point brought up
That it involves hardships and strife

Hate you now or hate you later
It's all a matter of time
But hate is a notorious word
It's meaning doesn't fit the crime

Let it out, let it loud
Let your inner soul be heard
The time for your final attack is now
For defensive tactics are at this time absurd

Poem Details | by Frank Polgar |
Categories: confusion, life, love, relationship,

Logic vs Emotion 2

and emotion
coexist but conflict
heart and mind struggle to decide
who wins

Poem Details | by mandy cabral |
Categories: confusion, dedication, depression, devotion, forgiveness, life, lost love, love, romance, sad, life, love, giggle,

Visiting Emotion

Hello disappointment
You visit me pretty often these days
Wish I could say seeing you again was an amusement
I'm hoping your coming so much is just a faze
MrDisappointment you’re becoming the only feelings I feel anymore
The happiness has started to fade away 
I want our old life back where we were in love and a bore
MrDisappointment you make my life dark and gray
I miss the times where I would laugh and giggle for hours
I miss the times when I was the only one he wanted to be around
When you come around disappointment its tears and long hot showers
This love I used to feel is starting to be such a big let down
I don't want to be treated like this 
I have to show him I am worth caring about 
I miss our happy bliss
It's either he straighten up or finds a different route
Goodbye disappointment I want my baby’s kiss

Poem Details | by Frank Polgar |
Categories: confusion, life, love, relationship,

Logic vs Emotion 1

Emotion clouds
logical judgment.
Should I let my heart win?

Poem Details | by David Dowling |
Categories: family, life, love,

That Funny Emotion Called Love

I see some who have faith, and some who have doubts,
and why not? for so many have seen it go south.
It is hard to embrace an emotion so frail,
with one outcome glorious, the rest, doomed to fail.
It discourages, sadness and dims your demeanor,
with one thrust, it can take all your trust to the cleaners!
And SO many times it will falsely appear,
moving away every time you draw near.
It teases and tiptoes around you at night,
yet by day it remains a big part of your life.
It shows up at meetings, when lunch is provided,
and when you are home, it strolls in uninvited.
It stomps around, feet full of mud, without wiping,
It purposefully mixes the trash with recycling.
Suffice to say, it can be an ill guest,
it will eat, it will push, it will tug, it will test.
But there is a trick, which I'll tell you about,
one thing about true Love, it's not often found.
Rather, Love tends to treat you better, you'll find,
when it happens without force, and arrives  from inside.
But I promise, cross my heart, hope to die, i don't lie,
when Love's arms open wide, they squeeze tight for all time.
...and that's the end of this rhyme!

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love,

This Exquisite Emotion

Like sailing on a moonbeam, this feeling so exquisite Never felt such overwhelming devotion A feeling so intense like the very first time As I succumb to this heart felt emotion Written about in books, sung about in songs Since the very first romantic encounter Adam and Eve, Romeo and Juliette The story of love never alters What's happening to me, love's taken over The sillies are more difficult to write Gonna take a shower till my senses cool This love stuff is giving me a fright What if my sillies have been lost forever Might very well resign from the Soup Known as the jester, funny man of renown Gonna try hard the sillies to recoup Like sailing on a moonbeam, this feeling so exquisite Never felt such overwhelming devotion © Jack Ellison 2014

Poem Details | by William Hughes |
Categories: dedication, devotion, fantasy, love, teen, me, body, me,

Explosion of emotion

Its so hard to keep my mind off you Every poem, every thought, its all dedicated to you I'm so lost, this feeling has been here too long To want you and not have you, the stress weighs a ton Your smile brings me to a happy place The image of happiness, and your limitless grace Your lips so soft i long for a taste You're like a drug with a most dangerous lace When you laugh my heart skips a beat My mind plays over and over that musical treat Plain and simple i want you so bad These emotions inside are driving me mad Eyes twinkle like the stars at night Hypnotizing pearls that influence me without a fight Everything about you, your body and your brain Extremely intelligent lady driving me insane The Queen above Queens and the lust of my eyes Just the sweet smell of you keeps making me high Athletic body dressed with such class I crave your voice, i want to make you laugh Radio on blast your in every song Sweet lady be mine, you'll never be alone Treat you like a princess and fulfill all your dreams Forget everyone else, its just you and me Most important part of my life If i got the chance i would make you my wife Put a ring on your finger and claim you as mine Love you now and for all of time

Poem Details | by harry horsman |
Categories: devotion, life, lost love,

Second Chance of an Emotion


Every single minute
takes an age
while life drifts in haste,
I close my eyes
It helps to forget the pain,
In wondrous ways
paints a portrait
an effigy of a life wasted!
Yet if only I’d
made you realize
I loved you so,
made you linger
a little longer,
these words would have
no meaning
and I, a little stronger
and you, would not be
the memory of my life!

Yet every morning
upon this shore,
a second chance
of an emotion
a vigil to keep of a life
here as we were before.
Here I crave, just longing
for your touch again
no goodbyes only the pain,
and this sad lonely old man
building memories in the 
shifting sand,
in a world I
cannot, understand!

© Harry J Horsman  2012

Poem Details | by charmane bellen |
Categories: feelings, love, sad love,

Games of Emotion

I'm just an option 
With nothing to expect but 
Thinks it is different now

Playful words of tongue 
I've fallen on my own game 
Want you in my life forever

I wanted you whole 
You only give me quarter 
You don't trust me, you said

I'm a player and we played 
Now I’m getting serious, 
You said no and left

Brokenhearted, still waits 
For your attention, 
Trust me to hold you

You give no care 
I know, I'm just an option 
The one you played with.

>>for my friend, based on his experience..hope the pain won't last long..

Poem Details | by Jesse Kaler |
Categories: angst, confusion, depression, devotion, faith, fantasy, fear, happiness, hope, life, loss, lost love, love, nostalgia, passion, peace, political, romance, sad, sorry, sympathy, thank you, uplifting, visionary, red,

if emotion had color

if what we do
if what we did
if our emotions 
had colors
that we could see
what color would we be
dark red with passion
bright red with love
black with anger
or a mixture of colors.
what color is your heart
is it perfect
for your body
or is it imperfect
for your soul.
if emotion
was colored
who would 
you be?

Poem Details | by Elisabeth Dubois |
Categories: friendship, hope, inspirational, life, love, passion, people, romance, time, love,

Love - a human emotion

To find true love is such a thrill Your heart pounds hard against your will Glowing eyes and loving smile Make you believe it’s all worthwhile Apart for long you cannot be I need to have you close to me To hug, to hold, or merely kiss Just thoughts of you are simply bliss As time goes by our love unites And no more dark and lonely nights You are my sunshine and my desire There’s nothing else that I require ©Elisabeth Dubois – 2012

Poem Details | by Mehak Kawatra |
Categories: loveworld,

Love is Emotion

A world without love,
is a world without passion.
'tis a world cold and emotionless
I for one, 
am subjected to a full heart,
the one which can pulse through
pain, anxiety, joy and happiness.
The heart which defines the soul.
I am,
to whoever that may speculate,
in my world of love,
brimming with passion,
and emotion.

Poem Details | by Quondreika Cheatham |
Categories: love, romance,


















Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: emotions, love, romance,

spirit of emotion

softest falling petals
drifting into feelings
that binds deeply
growing bonds
with tender affection
strongly ties together
two worlds 
become one

blossoming desire
flowering devotion
conquering the heart
hungering emotions
spiritually thirsting
chemically connecting
stimulating energy
a bonding marriage 
setting this world
hotly on fire

as drums
they beat faster
encircling warm
fluttering strokes
dancing in pleasure
safely within happiness
singing one 
joyful spirit
upon wings descending
falling from 
a great height
into this soul
the heart's pleasure
opening chambers
flooding beauty
with love
in you

Poem Details | by Kay'Sha Taylor |
Categories: lost love

A lover's Emotion

Love is what i no longer feel
Something's missing where we attract
Where our love use to be
But i still don't want you away from me

Poem Details | by kristy chun |
Categories: emotions, feelings, love,


 A single note, so pure and sweet.
 piercing your soul, cutting so deep.
 Lightning flashes, so bright and white.
 Blinding your eyes, burning your sight.
 It happens so fast, so quick with might.
 un-expectantly shocking, to the bone it strikes.
 Emotions tumbling, confusing and frightening,
 so quick to set, so easily unexpected.
©KChun 2003

Poem Details | by Brenda Victoria Northeast |
Categories: love, sad,

The seconhand emotion

You said you loved me
But behind your eyes
I saw another 

Your lips told me
I was secondhand shopping
And I was but - second best

I could never own your words
For their value fell short
Of my heart

© Brenda V Northeast   14th January 2012

For Dana'lynn Smith   The Secondhand emotion contest
deadline Wed29th / 2/ 2012

Poem Details | by mark phen |
Categories: love, romance, song-world, time,

Ecstasy of Emotion

Here we are, the time is now,
Looking in your eyes flashes all the memories somehow.
Its just you and me alone in the crowd,
In our own world with no intruders allowed.

We should leave, walk away,
Coz my words have nothing more to say.
Holding your hand the time holds its motion,
Like a timeless orb flowing with an ecstasy of emotion.

It is getting harder to desert myself from you,
My broken and lifeless world consists of nothing new.
Yet I hope to give it all in your hand,
Fetch a diamond for you from my world of barren land.

I cannot walk away and leave you there,
But I don't belong with you or anywhere.

Poem Details | by Jenny Sliger |
Categories: love

An Emotion

Seeping through a rift in time,

Causing destruction at its prime,

The one emotion to change life,

Always with an unexpected strife,

Something everyone can feel,

Sometimes becoming too surreal,

The gentleness of the wave,

At times making you want to hide in a cave,

With the ability to heal all wounds,

Attempting to leave you in ruins,

The only thing that makes sense,

Even if phrased in a different tense,

With complete honesty,

Leaving no room for modesty,

With the symbol of the white dove,

The emotion I think of is love.

Poem Details | by James Long |
Categories: inspirational, heart, day, heart, love,

~ The Wayward Hopes Emotion ~

is found and 
so rests in measure 
and solely and alone upon 
the given surrender, the one compleate 
abandon to be found within the open heart of the 
broken, will, as as well so pure yes, as well it is a true 
devotion, one given the sight, and the mind to dream,
to take a jaunt upon the merry winds of chance, for it is 
the one given of this the Fathers foremost desire and one 
moving in way of the one wayward hopes emotion, the grace, 
one born of chance, and granted for all and so hence it is so intended 
to be one, an adaptation alive, so as well and thriving, well within the heart 
of a child, to be alone and swept away, alive and wandering free, tossed about and 
around on the many winds of peace and so away goes the one the one gentle chipper leaf,
sent adrift, and amid the fall, apart from the day in way of the gentle warmth one shown to him in 
the beauty of his ever fonder youth, as when to look upon that day just as he was then one quickened in the 
spring now his spirit wandering is found recalling 
the scene, as now he is a love one taken 
aloft the care and gentle 
notions and aloof the 
hearty welcome of the 
breeze, a ways apart 
from the one the one 
so tender, the ever 
tender timber tree
As Father love for 
him will sew a new 
place in His heart 
as well so alone 
and in way for him, 
one, a perfect home
As I have been the one to 
be so granted the eyes to seeFor this graceful 
dance, of this peaceful heart knows that freedom, freedom never falls far, far from the breadth of the tree~

Poem Details | by cherilyn fry |
Categories: passion, me, love, me,

This emotion

This emotion seemingly carries me away
to where I see dolphins play
and the water
as it flies over the edge
reminds me of myself
fluid and free
getting to where I almost want to be...

this emotion endlessly is one of a cherished caress
no jilted lover
embossing their shadows upon my heart
the part I play
is simply a moment in life
where love and laughter meet....

this emotion is only fueled more by your smile
planting seeds in my heart of love that goes from warm to boil
and your touch
so searing and so sweet
allows me the freedom to let our lips meet....

this emotion
so colourful too
holds my heart
enbroiling me and you.

Poem Details | by Edoja Faith |
Categories: emotions, love,


Your love is a cure to my fever
No lies said,you cure my malaria
you're my doctor's prescription
3 times a day, relieving me of my hurt heart commotion.

 I want to love you
i want to make love to you
giving you pleasures you don't anticipate
suckling in sheer excitement, you won't hesitate.

I want to kiss your head
giving you confidence, so don't be scared
i want to kiss your lips
with your eyes closed and my hands on your sensuous hips.

I want to sensitise your thigh
send sweet sensation, make you high
i want my arm to roam the dangle of the twin mountain on your chest
killing all your doubt as if they're pest.

My love is not one devoid of emotion
i shall love you for you're my priceless possession
don't nurse any confusion
for my love is spiced with emotion.

Poem Details | by Kenneth Melvin |
Categories: emotions,

Atmospheric Love Emotion

The refrigerator breeze, air in motion, recycled E, air enables emotions, resembles diminutive crush gusts to giant sorrowful storms which scales the love of motion.
- Loverboi

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love, emotions,


What a blessing this thing called emotion
It saves us from acting robotic
It separates us from the monkeys they say
To make sense of this world so chaotic

It's how they define us as humans I guess
The ability to have inner thoughts
But for some it's much easier than others I'm sure
Their emotions are close to the top

So unless you're robotic by nature it seems
You must be aware of the strain
That emotions can be so rich and uplifting
But can also inflict so much pain

I don't know the answer why some of us hurt
While others go on with their day
The ones with emotions that are close to the top
Are the friends to whom I can relate

So unless you're someone who's cold and unfeeling
You're my chum till my very last hour
Just say something sweet and you'll bring on a smile
It will seem like you just sent me flowers

©Jack Ellison 2012