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Poem Details | by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, allegory, analogy, anger, angst, blue, change, character, conflict, confusion, corruption, courage, cry, dark, depression, desire, emo, emotions, fear, first love, growth, hate, heartbroken, introspection, life, lonely, longing, loss, love, lust, miss you, missing, missing you, senses, sorrow, wisdom, world,

It Can't Be Real

A truth in rage of insult furrows my mind
For it is only an offense given to me by myself
In the mouths of others far innocent than I
I feel the tears trickle down my cheeks
For I have surfaced into an ugly mistake
I am always inadequate in this brain
I try to shine like the advice of grace given
But confidence rarely rears its head my way
There’s a sort of shade blocking its way
A shade that darkens everyday

That very shade led me to believe my feelings are wrong
That I will never belong so long as they are not controlled
I must be careful—for the lines of love and lust run cold
I hate myself truly this night
And no one but myself will give me the right
The very right to degrade my every being
Because you are not seeing what I am seeing

There is no point
My lines run cold
Can I be so bold as to say
I still love with a pang of indistinguishable doubt 
All feelings enter in
As my truth blurs and checks out

Your words pierce me so deep
I cannot describe the pain I feel
God it hurts so bad
It can’t be real

Much like the love I have come to embrace
The very love that links to your face
Tears don’t give it justice

It can’t be real
Much like the love I will never face

Poem Details | by Kierstein McFarland |
Categories: boyfriend, care, change, confusion, cry, depression, emo, emotions, fear, feelings, first love, for him, goodbye, hate, heartbroken, i love you, inspiration, loneliness, lonely, lost love, love,

Things go wrong

Love hurts and people changeThings go wrong and things get strangeBut life goes on and you only life it onceBe strong cause things will get better over the monthsI thought I was heartbroken, I thought you were my worldYou fooled me though, made me think I was your only girlBut all along, you didnt careIm not sure, your were even completely thereBut now I've moved on, when I thought it was impossibleI had to be the bigger person in this breakup, I was responsibleI let it get to me, but I didnt let it ruin me completelyI didnt do anything about the hurt you caused me, I acted so sweetlyI let you walk all over me, I tried to ignore how you disrespected meBut when I ended things, the pain was easier to see.

Poem Details | by Jasleen Sodhi |
Categories: cute love, emo, first love, i miss you, love,

i'm in love with those eyes

…And one day I realize
I’m in love with those eyes
those deep eyes like oceans
to which I want to ask million questions
I tortured myself not to see you eye to eye
I wasn’t falling for you was just a little lie
I tried reading it,
had a soulful meaning, every blink got me burn
what a great lesson to learn
maybe for the first time
I need no music to dance
your eyes are enough just look at me a glance
these aren’t heaven, these aren’t hell
these are my small world
with see, sand beaches you and I as well
and at night,
I close my eyes, I see those eyes
I open my eyes, I miss those eyes
day by day I’m getting hypnotized
and then I realize
I am in love with those eyes

Poem Details | by SKAT A |
Categories: abuse, emo, fear, first love, grief, heartbroken, imagination, love, me,


It's Nothing

It's in my head
Underneath my bed
It's in the rain
They call me a code red
The label reads INSANE
He loves me, he said
I'm out of my mind
Doctor, I need my meds

I wish I could rewind time
Back into his arms
Everything he said was true
A straight shot to the heart
Why is everyone mad 
"saying I lost my mind!"
I'm so blind, crazy in love
What is love?

Crazy they whisperer!
Saying I kick myself every day
You were never real
Yet so Real
You were never real
Yet so Real

I stare at the wall
I stand still
I lose it when he does not call
Without him, I have no will.
Rocking side to side
Pulling my hair
Yelling, I Love You
It's not real, yet so real!

Rocking side to side,
With my eyes open wide 
You bounce me like a ball
Dropping me from the top of the hill
My heart stop beating for one second
Before that final fall
My heart did not break
His love is still there
I feel it every day
I love him, he loves me

His love is real, he's waiting for me
My love for him is real, 
As crazy as it may seem
I know he loves me still

Poem Details | by kaotik kandee |
Categories: abuse, age, anger, brother, bullying, emo, family, gender, stress,

sibling Love

don't let me see you on my street 
or creepin through my window 
I immensely want your head hanging 
on my living room wall 

I plan to hunt you down very  soon 
So don't go making my chase easy 
I wish you were not a sibling of mine
I wish you weren't in my mind 

But your spying and childish games 
are grounds for me to go insane 
You must learn the hard way 
I really wish you would escape.

Poem Details | by Crow thepoet |
Categories: anxiety, beauty, emo, i love you, jealousy, , Lullaby,

Emo Love

With this needle and thread I stitch the wounds Avril left
but with this blade I angrily carve a new
rough, short, jagged adjacent from the bone in my wrist
for a reflection of our relationship
and an outlet for the anger unable to release
Then another upon my neck where she used to sweetly kiss
fresh and clean, letting the blood fall slowly and peacefully
as I fall to chaos on the inside
Blue is the warmest color
the words sting more than the knife I hesitantly hang
above the vein I'm so desperate to cut
How can something so warm become so bitter, so brutal
I search the mirror for answers just to see her face instead
piercing me, mocking me; a bonfire to laugh at a candle
as she disappears in an array of fragments
falling to sleep by the lullaby of the earthquake 
resounding from my fist
Cradling my hand, tossing away the pain
I collapse under the weight of my destruction
a king of night slain by the queen of day
as music, my magician, attempts to revive me
installing hope while simultaneously shrouding me in defeat
How can cupid so small shoot an arrow so mighty
I curse the sky, it's betraying hue
as I pray for night, praying for mercy
falling asleep in the arms of sorrow protecting me...
Where am I
I open bloodshot eyes into fluorescent white, an illusion
my world is pitch black and I can't open my eyes
As I begin to panic, shaking the bars upon my heart
for it to beat once again 
As I begin to panic
beating upon the neurons while screaming, 'STIMULATE! '
As I begin to panic, kicking the glass in my iris to bring forth color
a vibrant world in contrast to the island of grey 
I persist to escape
a calmness washes over me
a calm voice whispers so eloquently to me
'Hush thou art deceived
come, follow the sound of my voice; come to me'
Is this angel sent to guide me into a peaceful forever slumber
or is she a temptress so beautiful I die at first sight
She said I am deceived
deceived by what, by who; I must know
'Hush thou art deceived
come, follow the sound of my voice; come to me'
That milky, honey echo so familiar
so tantalizing, tangible; the feeling of invincibility to follow
'Hush thou art deceived
come, follow the sound of my voice; come to me'
That sound, that voice bouncing off the walls of my dreams
I burst through to find a coffee shop
teeming with no one but me 
Then, like a miracle of air, there the voice beholds a face
a captivating beauty so perfect
Her hair, a halo of pink lost in a maze of fields painted black
Her eyes, twins pools of green, the most amazing I've ever seen
that no words give release as I make my attempt to speak
My mouth gains dust as my jaws begin to rust shut
Then she smiles
her cheeks produce dimples, her nose slightly scrunching
yet it's still enough to make me melt
me, now a puddle within my shoes
She giggles and lifts me up
I without a fuss as she sweeps me up in a hug
With a voice to make Aphrodite jealous she whispers softly
'Hush thou art deceived, you are not in love with me
but I in love with you so here take my hand
I'll show you my world if I can to see if you understand'
Puzzled I take her hand but I still don't understand
my breath won't resurrect so I save the rest
as she pokes my chest
for her to hear me breathlessly ask her name
She takes a step back with a small little laugh
she grabs my hand as I realize where I stand
Stunned and amazed I turn to run
but the sight of a whale shakes me to the core
the same frequency as I shake her
With a playful smile, she bothered to ask
'You've made castles by the shore, no? 
I know that we are more so let's make castles on the floor'
With a gleeful jump, she began to work
as my panic turns to curiosity, shaking my head in disbelief
I join in, my mind in a tailspin
I have a whirlwind of questions but they blow over with the ocean tide
as she regails her tale of the other side
a world unfamiliar yet she gains my intrigue 
with stories I can't compete
Though silently I beg the question 
How am I deceived, this feels right to me
How can this be wrong with her bright smile bringing me back to life
She looks up at the wrong time, aware I'm elsewhere
runs and jumps into my arms
placing a phantom kiss upon my lips
a stone fortress under siege by vulnerability
With a phantom kiss I return to her realm
amidst her question hanging in the air, 'Is anything amiss? '
I reply with a smile and a shake of my head
asking for a simple change of scenery 
I have a request but it goes unheard
a mouse on Christmas night; though I shake with slight fright
as she gets my request just right
I sprawl out on the grass, the night sky spread out
a cluster of piercings mapping out my former source of glory
now the orchestrator of my misery
I wince with sudden grief, shedding tears of pain thought renounced
pausing only to find the object of my current affection
eyes brilliant pearls, mimicking the stars stoic beauty
perched upon my lap; staring at me intently, intensely
and without words asking who has wronged me so
With words I cannot bear to voice that name
so I pull her into my embrace
her gaze away from the image of me, clutching what ails me in my hand
till my knuckles turn white as snow then I let go
letting the memory fade so I know it's true
And with a sudden moment I look her square in the eyes
for love is all I have inside
as I ask her to sprout wings of butterflies with me
black as a panther mixed with red of passion for me
a costume of gold with a pink lining for her
for she's perfect beyond reason
I ask her to fly away with me to a galaxy outside the milky way
Sadness in her eyes, she denies
placing her finger upon my heart as she cries
reviving my stilled heartbeat...
Was it a dream or just my escape as my eyes flicker wide
welcoming a world I don't recognize
I try to sit up but I fall back
a heavy sigh to escape my thoughts, 'Where is she'
Like an owl, my head spins in a circle just to locate her presence
but like a ghost arises her voice in my conscious
'Hush thou art deceived for I lied
you are in love with me and I in love with you 
but we can only exist in your dreams'
I know I should've savored every moment
but what happens when every moment was an illusion
to everyone, everyone but you

Poem Details | by Jessica Arteaga |
Categories: funny, slamme, write, life, love, me, write, emo,

Shakespeare Doesn't Like Your Emo Poems

I had a cat name snowball
she died!
she died!

my mom said she was at the vet
she lied!
she lied!


Just Kidding!

Oh no!
Look at this joe
Face on the desk cause he's writing so low
Lifted his head and what did I see:

Oh wah! wah! wah!
Mommy didn't love me!

Saw another girl and her mouth was so cringe
Seem like the pen in her hand wasn't able to unhinge
and I walk passed her and saw some or her words:

life is so lonely
I want to blow some coke
father doesn't know me
people think i'm a joke

Holy ghost and holy spirit!
Why are people so sad?
I thought the guy was A.D.D ing
And the chick was on her rag

I understand that life ain't full of win
But just loathing in it is as bad as a sin!

Cutt-ing yourself
Drink-ing to death
Bin-ging on drugs

So you could feel that "close"
That out of body experience where you leave that "ghost"

Grabb-ing a pen
leave-ing a note
Commit-ing a suicide

If I read more of this depressing stuff I think I will cry!

Listen love
go and feel pain
So your girlfriend dumped you
Then go to the strip club and make it rain!

Uh-oh girl
just lost your job
so now your broke
So go out and shake your ass for some handsome bloke!

I understand if you
get upset
have regret
and want your life to be pushed for reset

but when you go through that you
grow up more
see to explore
find out that you could high again sore!

So write me a love poem with no break up
Write me a story of that one day of endless luck
Give me a riddle where the cow goes mooo
That's right be silly!
Shakespeare doesn't like your emo poems!
I wouldn't too!

ps: hey guys! it's late! and the later it gets the weirder i get!(well it's 3am for me, 
idk what time it is for y'all) :D
anywho we all have written our share of emo poems ( i know i have!
heck i still do!) I just couldn't help myself to write this, especially since 
my motivation was a shirt i saw that actually said "Shakespeare doesn't
like your emo poems." ( with picture of Will annoyed as heck XD)
no not Will Smith :p

Poem Details | by Marielle Dominguez |
Categories: addiction, age, boyfriend, emo, first love, heartbroken, how i feel,


Only 14 and eager to find love, she sneaks out at four in the morning
Persuading her best friend to come along – meet someone new
Hence at the nearest park an unfamiliar friendship is formed
Sketchy as it may sound, Anthony grew to be an addition
to the bad influences that were to come – coming of age
But what did she know, she just wanted to fall in love

Only 15 and again she met someone knew, who showed her love
Nights spent away from home, with David by her side in the morning
Snorting candy in his restroom – new experiences come with age
Pupils dilated, shaky hands bringing them closer every other weekend anew
She found what she wanted, the paraphernalia was an addition
But just as simple as love was found, deceptions were bound to form

Only 16 and life was a pool of mixed emotions treacherously forming
Then Alberto came to show her that a broken heart still has hope for love
But she could not grasp the fact, so he became merely an addition
to the list of emotions she could no longer face each morning
Suicidal in thought and action but this was nothing new
For her arm wore a scar of each fear that surfaced as she aged

Only 17 and her mentality mistakenly surpassed her age
She contented with denying love as soon as it started to take form
For the season had passed and her heart rejected anything new
that entered in the form of affection – disdaining love
Instead she found emotion in other harm that morning
Being careless and carefree came easy when candy was an addition

Only 18 and her priorities were set aside as addiction from the addition
took over and washed away the intellect accumulated at her age
As she discovered how to assimilate in a declining community some morning
For the ignorance that surrounds her finally came to show form
She was crowned Prom Queen one night but still denied to feel the love
Not accepting the popularity that deemed from being someone new

Only 19 and her life takes a route that will reckon something new
Responsibilities wave over as her past becomes the addition
to the addictions that engulf her, for they fill the void of love
A void so profoundly misguided in context to her age
One that could never be accepted thus failing to form
Reminding herself of what derived from that morning

Untitled is the new chapter that will come a certain age,
as the addition of what has been expected for so long forms – 
the love that she needs in order to be at peace and not wake in the morning.

Poem Details | by KamirynnAnd Chance |
Categories: emo, friendship, giggle, gothic, happiness, islamic, love,


Kamirynn is pretty
And Chance is very awesome
Chance loves Kamirynn

Poem Details | by Uwe Stroh |
Categories: absence, emo, sad love,

Pearls I See

The pearls around her neck
Remind me of how
She drowned in the sea.

Poem Details | by taylor hostetler |
Categories: anxiety, betrayal, deep, depression, emo, i love you, mom,

dear mom

ear Mom,
     I know I seem like an angsty teen that's a brat, but just hear me outYou don't know meYou don't know me as well as you think you doyou can't read me like a bookYou don't know what that glint in my eyes isYou don't know that I most likely have or had depressionYou do know that I have anxiety, but maybe you forgot the word socialYou don't that I'm constantly worrying about being judgedI've tried revealing these things to you, but it's a little hard so I try dropping hintsFrom the music I listen to the to the poems I've read to youBut I never told you about one thingTrust issuesI have trust issuesAnd you know whatYou caused themIt's hard for me to trust people and let people in and have people be my friend, because the one person I thought I could always trust, shattered it into a million piecesHome life was bad for a while, but when 'it' happened, I became secludedI isolated myselfWell it wasn't hard to be alone seeing as I had no friends at the timeI was a recluse for monthsI bottled up all those emotionsI half let it out but I never fully let goSo I got a bigger bottleOne and a half years later, that bottle needs to be enlarged, but oops, there's not s larger sizeIt hit me all at onceThe depression, the anxiety, the fear of judgement, the trust issuesAnd guess what, you'd probably blame all those things on vitaminsYou don't like vaccines so I have to miss three weeks of school before I can get the medical exemption because of a badly timed appointmentThe backlash? Bad grades when I get backI'm tryingI was just about to turn in all that workI had an A just a day ago and then she messed it upI'm trying, and I'm trying hardAnd I'm stressedAnd you're just adding to thatYou yell at me, it's all you talk about to meRight when I get back from dance practice you lecture me on vitamins or talk about schoolSo I cry in the bathroomAnd I cry and cry and cryMom you've caused me so much pain and sufferingWe're not a normal familyWe have a pastI've suffered from so many things you've causedMy sanity is dwindling down to the last threadAnd you know what, I'll never show this to youI don't have the gutsIt'd break your heart and maybe you'd get mad But despite everything, I still love you, I just don't know how much longer I can

                                              Taylor Hostetler, your daughter

Poem Details | by Jessica Wrigley |
Categories: bullying, conflict, confusion, corruption, cry, dark, death, death of a friend, dedication, depression, dream, drink, emo, emotions, farewell, fear, feelings, heart, how i feel, innocence, loneliness, lonely, loss, lost love, me, moving on, mystery, psychological, sad, society, sorrow, sorry, suicide,

Well how do you feel

In high school everything changes
Teachers, friends, you, 
“That’s just life” they say,
And they never stop to ask
“Well, how do you feel?”

And your friends leave, and your grades decrease,
And your teachers begin to worry,
And they make you see a shrink,
But they never stop to ask,
“Well, how do you feel?”

The sky starts to crumble,
And the tears begin to fall,
And music and hoodies become your best friends,
And they never stop to ask,
“Well, how do you feel?”

And the tools come out.
And the objects fall apart,
And you reach for the closest one,
And the ask, finally,
“Well, how do you feel?”

But by now it’s too late.
Your time is up, your blood’s run out,
Your scars show for the world to see,
Cause they asked too late,
“Well, how do you feel?”

“She was so young” they all say,
But really you were old.
You’d seen so much and hurt so much,
It was time for you to go.

So you picked up the pills and washed them down
And grabbed the blades and cut
And when they finally noticed you weren’t around
It was too late you were gone.

They found your letter on the bed
And read it out at school
“You asked to late, but I don’t blame you.”
And your friends were moved to tears

In your tree house in the yard
They found you pale as snow
Your eyes closed, a smile on your face
And they realized you were gone.

They roll up your sleeves and roll up your pants
And scream at what they see
Lines, and lines, and lines of cuts
Some healed and some not.

And they realized they should have asked in the beginning
How you felt that is, cause, 
Honestly you didn’t, 
You didn’t feel anything at all

Poem Details | by Flora Mae Gudez |
Categories: absence, bird, blue, boat, boyfriend, break up, deep, depression, desire, emo, emotions, feelings, first love, fishing, girl, grief, heartbroken, lonely, longing, loss, love, miss you, missing, missing you, sorrow, suicide,


Oh sea of love!
How bitter the mem'ries I have!
This place reminisce the pain
Of not seeing my love again.

Your birds up high
Remind me of his goodbye.
Your water so deep
Makes me yearn and weep.

So let your breeze blow,
And dry the tears that flow.
Let your waves take away
The griefs and sorrows that stay.

Oh sea of love!
Erase the mem'ries I have!
Wash them out of the blue,
Take them away with you.

Poem Details | by Teenage Frustrations |
Categories: age, angst, best friend, betrayal, child, childhood, children, cry, death, depression, education, emo, emotions, farewell, feelings, first love, friend, friendship, goodbye, grief, happiness, happy, heartbroken, high school, how i feel, suicide, trust, truth, write, writing, youth,

From Then To Now

Hand in hand we walked 
together into Reception
Nothing could stop us and 
together we were three
James and I LARP-ed Doctor 
Who for fun
We talked and laughed for 
Because no stress was in our 
Anna and I smiled and laughed
And jumped on our bouncy 
With nothing dividing us.

Side by side we walked 
together into Year 6
Some stranger stopped them to 
talk and broken we were alone
James and I talked about 
Doctor Who for fun
And we talked and kissed for 
But misunderstanding broke us 
Anna and I still smiled and 
And joked about our bouncy 
But secondary school was going 
to divide us.

With no one there I walked 
alone into Year 7
And a stranger became my 
friend and together we were 
Violet and I both loved Doctor 
And James found Dominic
So James and I talked for mere 
And school started pulling us 
Anna and I still laughed and 
Still promising to be friends 
Never letting it divide us

Suffocating and drowning I 
walked into Year 9
Hating how I was and feeling 
Katie and Chloe were so pretty
And Violet so funny and all 
were better than me
James and I hardly talked or 
saw each other
But we still made the most of 
our friendship
As we were like family, stress 
couldn’t break us apart
Anna and I laughed but I did 
not smile genuinely
Because the bouncy castle was 
long gone
And our schools were beginning 
to divide us

Dead yet breathing I stand 
right now
And I hate who am I and every 
single detail
Fights broke us up and pulled 
us apart
So I can feel Katie, Violet and 
Falling further out my reach
James moved house to a place 
And blamed me for never 
talking to him
But really it was because of my 
ex who was a girl
It was for something beyond 
my control
Anna and I were still friends; 
only by a thread
As she did not know about me
And how school broke me apart

So this is me now; I’m all alone
No longer the smiling young girl 
of reception
The only person talking to me 
is me
And the voice in side my head
You see; they all left me and 
always will
So now the only call I answer
Is that of my blades
And the darkness
That is constantly
Pulling me

Poem Details | by Madhavi Sarjare pagare |
Categories: adventure, angel, baptism, beautiful, best friend, career, caregiving, celebration, crazy, cry, depression, desire, devotion, dream, emo, emotions, family, feelings, flying, future, god, green, growing up, halloween, happiness, happy, hate, heaven, horse, how i feel, i love you, imagination, joy, magic, missing you, mountains, ocean, peace, rain, rainbow, relationship, sky, smile, song, together, trust, truth, water, weather, wind, world, youth,

Aviated parachute

A short poetry of Parascending by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

                                                Aviated parachute

 Parachute parachute you flying so high.
 Like an eagle you swing in the sky.
 Flourishingly Waving in an air.
 Your skill astonished me, Take me away !

 A play of lustrous rainbow colour.
 Cascaded by a Blushing rain.
 Sensing the rhythm, flower‘s crimsoned.
 Making me feel excited, Take me away !

 Inspiring me as you without wings swiftly aviate.
 Fortunately you have a flying glance at this amazed beauty of the earth.
 Give me one chance some another day.
 Move me away, Take me away !

 People will greet me, when myself Joe will be lime lighting in the sky.
 Viewing the artistic magnifying creativity, beautified by arduous earthborn 
 mortalizing persona‘s.
 my itchy feet, move me away, Take me away !

 screaking high, conveying regards to almighty and pray for celestial peace.
 Ohhh my spice jet please take me high.
 For the god‘s sake make me fly.
 Take me away or else I will die !


Poem Details | by Erin Clarke |
Categories: anxiety, death, depression, emo, first love, love, sad love,

The Girl

The Girl
I know a girl,
With a smile that could
Melt stone into silk.
She sits in the front, ahead of me,
In my class, making me wonder what would
Happen if I could go forward, so she could see.
Because I could care.
I sit at the back, not really there.

I know a girl,
With eyes like a waterfall,
Drowning me, herself and everyone.
She smiles a little less, a little forced
Nowhere days, which makes me want to call
To her friends, “Find out what’s wrong!”
Because I can care.
I sit at the back, not really there.

I know a girl,
Who sits in class, with her friends,
But somehow all alone.
She doesn’t smile anymore,
And her voice has no tone,
And I wonder when their ignorance
Will end.
Because I care.
I sit at the back, not really there.

I know a girl,
Who sits at the front,
Who never wears straps.
And never smiles,
And never says yes to the boys,
Who ask her for a date, and the laps
She runs around the field now have a hoodie,
And have increased in size, no joy.
I am worried, because I care.
I sit at the back, not really there.

I know a girl
Who doesn’t do her sums
And doesn’t talk to her worried friends.
She always says, “It depends”,
To their frantic questions, if it was fun
Running the race at the track.
I more than care.
I sit at the back, not really there.

I know a girl,
Who doesn’t care if her sleeves slip
Up her arms.
And her friends caller her sick,
And ugly, and “too thin”, but she
Keeps her calm.
I think she is beautiful, and I love her, but…
I sit at the back, not really there.

I knew a girl,
Who sat at the front of her
Class, and slept herself gone.
She wrote letters to her parents
Saying sorry, she’d give a reason
But she has none.

And she wrote a letter,
To the sad emo girl,
At the back of the class,
And said she was perfect
And that she loved her
And thanked her, for their
Little infinity,
Because she was always there.

Poem Details | by Piyo Ross |
Categories: chocolate, crush, emo, feelings, romantic, sad, true love,

The Crush

Atop an inverted pyramid
A seismic shift in brain chemistry takes place
Channelling all mojo into a spiralling funnel
Bottom of it a mirage of an alluring treat
An inedible slice of chocolate cake
There a chocoholic dwells

This mid-crisis coping mechanism exits in vain
Worshipped till another fascinating self-revelation sets in

Poem Details | by Uwe Stroh |
Categories: allusion, analogy, emo, love,

RAP out of it

If iniquity is in your head
Far away it should be instead
Of all the Joseph's looking for a manger
You are the one in great danger
As the guilt of sin plays on your mind
Participation will safe human kind.

Poem Details | by Thomas Brody |
Categories: emo, feelings, growing up, heartbroken, lost love, lust, teen,

We Must

An untimely moment I always imagined
A sad past that was a match made for heaven
Breathes taken with shattering fear
For the end of us was scarcely near

We were always waiting on that moment
But the moment ended up waiting for us
You were just my heart's kryptonite 
Unlike the epiphany I had last night

I've got a lot to say, so open up your ears
We are done, the past is here
A few steps closer to being obsolete 
You just make me feel make believe

I'm glad I left when I did
Cause you were only holding me down like an 8 year old kid
All the answers turned out to be wrong
Just like the time I meant making this song

We are a lesson of the past
A story our kids will learn so fast
Cause the months I spent with you 
Turned out to never be true

As if we were a nascar race
We finished in second place
My lucidity was taking over
Making me feel stronger then a four leaf clover

In the end the love was just lust
We must move on, we must.

Poem Details | by Vincel Parmar |
Categories: addiction, anger, anniversary, caregiving, conflict, confusion, crazy, cry, dedication, depression, emo, emotions, faith, feelings, first love, for him, friendship, happiness, how i feel, husband, i love you, inspirational, life, loneliness, lonely, lost, lost love, love, me, passion, romance, teen, thank you,

I Love To Cry

When you dont look at me,
With other things to do when you are busy.
You seldom turn around and smile
You are with me, but just for a while.

I think of what will make me sad
Of things which ever make me mad.
And isolate myself away from you,
Wandering around what next to do.

And a long wait, a peek from the corner of my eye;
Feeling the pain grow, as to forget I try.
And then when it is already too late,
I notice your concerned stride past the gate.

You cuddle me, like a baby you hold,
Trying to reassure your love pre-told.
To get you near me, look at me, I could die;
And that is one reason I love to cry...

Poem Details | by Laura Dee |
Categories: emo, loneliness, lonely, lost, love, metaphor,

The Swing Set

The Swing Set
By Kevin Robey
March 26, 2013

In a playground amongst the frozen wasteland
They swung together above the littered sand
He didn’t understand why she felt ok
Swinging in the cold, just swinging away

They didn’t talk as they swung away together
Despite the wind, she didn’t feel the weather
She swung for reasons he could never really see
He stopped and stared, waiting for her to speak

His fingers were numb but he didn’t really care
All she had done for him, it was more than fair
He owed her the world, led by her selfless example
He smiled as he realized this was just a sample

He sat and watched now, couldn’t swing anymore
But she kept going; weary legs begging for more
When her heart was blown out by the unforgiving wind
He stood, waiting patiently by to return the fire again

Tapping along until his fingers turned to stone
He promised her once she would never be alone
He was not here as a lover, but as a friend
Her heart returned it all, again and again

But he saw no smile as her momentum regained
Her vacant stare spoke softly of a dying vein
She didn’t know if she would ever see the dying sun
In this torrid family affair that she had never won

He felt the silent tear streaming from her heart
Same place as his, where they’d never be apart
As she slowed down, her feet dragged on the ground
Her smile unbound, with the love that they had found

She felt the pain everywhere at once, but still she smiled
She sat on the frozen ground, and there they stayed awhile
Noticing for the first time the barren wasteland of their hearts
Her world was a shattered wreck, but this swing set stood apart

The pulverized remnants of her distant childhood memories
Lay all around them like dreams made by her worst enemies
As he held her close to him, she nuzzled her nose into his chest 
Reprieve from the surrounding chaos, closed her eyes to rest

Finally she stood up and asked him if he was ready to move on
When he said yes, they ventured into the world they had drawn
With redefined smiles they saw their futures intertwined
The unlikely survivors of their own post apocalyptic minds

Endless horizons lay ahead as they left the swing sets behind
He couldn’t touch the demons that waged war in her mind
So he squeezed her hand tight, and she did just the same
Into the world they went, giving every street a new name

[sitting on the ground next to a swing set in florida]

Poem Details | by Manni Veena |
Categories: anxiety, emo, february, feelings, for him, jealousy, sad love,

Great love

"Was it a great love?" she asked, 
with a cool facial expression, 
and a raging storm in her heart
"The kind that keeps you awake in your sleep, 
And forces you to dream when you're awake."
As she waits for his reply, 
she is fixated on his reluctant eyes,
Wishing for a lie, 
Wishing for a "no".

Poem Details | by Samantha Komornik |
Categories: desire, emo, high school, longing, love hurts, sad love, teen,


I lost all the color in my face
My throat is closing up
My brain is frozen
My hands are shaking
I'm naseous again
I didn't mean for it to happen
Why in the world did I ever hit send?
Waiting here like a fish on a hook
Reeled close and closer struggling to drift away
The hook is caught on my lip
I can't escape this
I can't breathe
The weight of this is crushing me
It's like carrying the world and the planets on top
Patrick, the name of a saint
Michael the name of an arch angel
Why did you leave me hanging?
Hands are shaking
Mind is frozen
Soul is burning
Mouth is dry
Losing color slowly
Fading away
Preparing for the big bang.

Poem Details | by Dave Collins |
Categories: absence, angst, change, desire, emo, how i feel, husband, life, love, lust, marriage, wife, winter,

A moment in catagorical time

It's a cool  mesure of life blood low
keeping the venous vacant return and arterial alert
               compressive but maniacal
down   deep fried effervesence continued a bliss
smooth blow horn alive high frequency antedote
fever pitch a b--i-- t==...c,,,h  mellow deed digestive
cornerstone just picked, not canned cloud
billows apiece with networks intact
sublime charged unpatterened--to gut cord
noose cadence couffiures---who needs to look
when you can heartfeel the resonance trueblue
mild like casket breaths mishapen to formless 
'guises compact summer stated summer not
he--ightened proseless panarama to stiffle
the mistermasters time corrided but indelibly
remembered and "coited to us"---like
creature interruptusFollow the ill laid scheme
and bottleneck every word line graph to a sinomeasure
rhyme myth only time will tell tribute
pour the mind from the soul fill the void with the
gush of private reserve subvintage--but held
crime captive via socioprocastination of free, non taxable
no interest due, no penalty for "early withdrawal" 
purely personal, single minded, "brand H-one
owner single sibiling thought jester cannibal
yum yum eat'em up eat'em up.

Poem Details | by Sedain Sangster |
Categories: break up, depression, emo, heartbreak, heartbroken, sad love,

Cut My Wrist and Hope to Die

I use to cut my wrist and hope to die,
You never understood the pain behind my smile,
Depression took over my body and all I did was cry.
But I couldn’t feel too sorry for myself I fought to survive.
But when I couldn’t take the hurt and the lies;
I’d cut my wrist and hope to die.
I use to get insecure and wonder why.
Why did you break my heart and made me cry,
So then I’d cut my wrist and hope to die
 This was definitely our last fight,
I shed a couple tears and wished to die that night.
You were my soul mate, my best friend, you were like my brother 
Now I reminisce on the days when we use to love each other.
Now I’m stronger, I’ve moved on
And you’re now in past,
I regret the day I believed you when you said,
“Darling I’m gonna make us last”.

Poem Details | by joyce wolayo |
Categories: caregiving, character, culture, desire, dream, emo, emotions, feelings, vanity, words, writing,



I got a reason to be with you
I got the feeling I want you
And I got the feeling I should be with you
Because wanting you satisfies me
And loving you shows me who you are
Because the reason I need you is
No one loves me the way you do
If woke late at night frightened
I would put my head beneath your chest
I would press my body close to your heart
To feel the warmth of your embrace
It is because you remind me deeply of 
The vows that were once said by a priest;
That if two people loved eachother
Then only death do them part.
Your love reminds me of the promise;
When two lovers meet and trust
It is like the galaxy in the sky
That shimmers the night into full bloom.
The beauty of your love grown so soft
Slides smoothly like a kiss
On my breast firmly imprinted
By your loving caress that touches the soul.

Poem Details | by Kristen Wallen |
Categories: angst, loss, sadcare, me, care, hope, love, me,

Something about that emo kid

Dear make-up-wearing-emo-kid,

I hope you're having funI hope your life is good.
I wish you well, but I'm curious, do you wish the
same for me? I mean, you don't even talk to me
anymoreWhen you do talk to me, it's to question
me about my sexuality, what clothing I'm wearing
at the moment, basically anything relating to sex.
So, it's hard to tell you apart from those perverted
old creeps you might see on TV, looking up the
skirts of MILF's as they stroll on by.

Dear skinny-confused-emo-kid,
It's not about looksIt's about what's inside.
It's not about sex, it's about the love in a relationship.
It's not about having to lie to me and make me feel
like you love me, because there are millions of girls out there.
I'm not the only one to chaseI'm sure there are lots of other
girls who would just love to let you chase their skirts and
hear you lie to them repeatedlyI'm just sick of it all.
I don't need you, and you sure as hell don't need me.

Dear traitor,
You built me up,
you broke me down.
You got what you wanted.
I hope you're happy.
Wipe the smirk off your face,
I don't care that you've succeeded in making me fall for you
I don't care that you're freaking gorgeous.
I don't care.
I am not your toy.
I am not your slave.
And I am most definitely not your 'baby girl'.
Just because you have my heart doesn't mean that you can control me.
I'm not yours.
I'm my own person.
I'm me.

And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

But never mind that now, I must goMother is calling me to come to supperUntil next
time, you traitor.


Poem Details | by Samantha Komornik |
Categories: emo, high school, loneliness, love hurts, sad, sad love, teen,

A poet after my own heart

Words formed into such beauty
Can so easily take my breath away
Can so easily sweep me off my feet
Can take this heart, break or make it, and bewitch this mind
I'm falling apart to synthetic verse across a digital screen
A poet after my own heart
What I search, what I crave, what I may have found
Knees buckling, teeth chattering
Heart melting like a waxed candel
So easily swept away with the tide of rythmic word
I pour my heart out
To this poet after my own heart
Hiding my real self from everyone else
Decrypting my form for no one else
For this poet after my own heart to understand- maybe see
Decrypting him I find myself reflected in him.
Leaving myself out in the open
For him to take or leave
Still showing this heart in my wrist to no one, only informing the poet of it
Amazed, and lulled to serenity by this poet
I'm quite infactuated and he does not even know it
I'm a simple stalker with her eye on a target
Aiming to hit, shooting to miss
Bone crushing lust for a poet after my own heart
Lust, love
Love, lust
What's the difference at this age?
Dependant on the poet, quiet around him
Lulled into silence by his presceence, put to shyness
Fighting down rolling waves of insecurity in the ocean of my gut
Watching him, stalking him playfully
Gives me the zest
Hiding and trying to avoid from being seen- to avoid his dissapointment
At such a homley form- nothing special, nothing beautiful, nothing divine
Just simply sam, standing before him, before you
Simpley Sam, the simple stalker
I've found you, you've seen me.
Which direction now?
I would sew my lips shut before I ever uttered a word
Of this poem, of my heart, of my feelings
Because I simply cannot take one more let down

Poem Details | by Jewels Chavira |
Categories: addiction, anger, change, conflict, confusion, corruption, courage, cry, dark, death, depression, emo, emotions, evil, feelings, grave, grief, growth, hate, heartbroken, how i feel, inspiration, inspirational, leaving, life, loneliness, lonely, lost, lost love, memory, pain, poetry, power, psychological, recovery from, sad, sad love, sick, strength, suicide, uplifting, wisdom, write, writing,

The Black Abyss

Sinking in deeper,
No way to escape,
The dark and scary Reaper,
Fore told in the Book of Life.

Is this my end?
Will I ever see the light of day again?
NoMy wounds, I must mend.
I must find my strength.

Stand my ground,
Face my fears.
Only then will my voice be found
I must survive.

Break the suffocating chains,
Run from the darkness.
Power will fill my veins.
I will Fight!

Fight the painful names,
The horrid memories,
The demented games 
And escape My Black Abyss.

Poem Details | by Sharline Anaya |
Categories: betrayal, emo, first love, men, romantic, slavery, symbolism,


Hidden - known but unknown: a reflection 
Of a soul; though not of a heart, 
Of a being rent apart 
from himself and from others - 
And futile the struggle 
And futile the cries 
For there is no escape though he may try -
both he and I are caught in his web of lies