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Poem Details | by Michael Wegman |
Categories: care, class, confidence, earth day, happy, love, nature,

Unconditional Love

Her love was amazing—it encompassed all;
Unconditional—never filled with condemnation,
Despite my predilection toward unmitigated gall,
And unrelenting juvenile reverence for flirtation.
The years did lapse, all consternation lost;
All apathy, on my part, long since tossed,
Replaced by unearthliness, for life’s remaining duration.


Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: beauty, earth, earth day, health, love, paradise, political,

Doing the Math

When I was eight
I knew Paradise could not be merely secular humane
and yet be justly and omnipotently divine,
when a Great Horned Owl
breathed her last sacred breath toward me,
left alone
while she flew away
to where I would thinly follow
in my robust adult time.

It took me eight cycles of octave eight
to realize why
Paradise must include multiculturing nests for fowl
and ecopolitically cooperative seas for fish
and surf's bilateral co-gravity
eco-measuring timeless here and now eternity.

Because a monocultural Paradise
would be polypathically oxymoronic,
an economically and nutritionally ridiculous metaphysical paradigm,
not ecologically sustainable,
not even basic harmonic balance
because not multiculturally
and polypathically 
or polyphonically healthy intelligence
of regenerative/degenerative ecopolitical design.

Everybody knows that Heaven
begins and ends in an organically holistic Earth Garden,
with zero-balanced degenerative waste stream,

So how does denying our climate
and Earthscape wasting pathologies
help us become the ReForesting Paradise 
we might cooperatively become
through healing these dissonant
decaying apartheid anomalies

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: adventure, earth, earth day, farm, love, peace, wisdom,

Why Life

Why does dawn dress robust morning,
while dusk undresses sight?
Each dawn incarnates another Earth Day
a lifetime of Easter mornings 
redeeming nocturnal sight's revolution,
another therapeutic day of gift-it-forward light,
some longer,
some shorter before naked covered night.

Why life?
To uncover love's enlighting therapeutic invitation,
integrity's eco-arising comprehensive bright.
To discover love life sustained bilateral becoming 
within Earth dependent ego-death's belonging.
To recover co-passion's perpetual peaceful pilot light,
decomposing fire's burning fuel and flame 
and flow toward warm home health, 
timeless regenerating sight.

Why universal rehabilitation,
repurposing of people, 
regenerative places,
recycling property,
revolving plants, 
revisiting possession, 
reculturing planet?

Recreation unfolds redemptive revolutions,
dawning/darkening new each moment 
expanding each day to contract each night
and present presence life
integrative communality 
as co-operating species,
polypathic paradigms and memes,
language and information,
form as dynamically reintegrating function,
inclusive conscience as revolutioning regenerate ego/ecoconsciousness,
each loving act of mutual gravity's emergence,
ego-eco zero-solidarity practice

Therapeutic intent to rehabit and repurpose
to recycle
grows internally nutritious inspirational DNA health roots,
natural trans-generational therapeutic branches,
ecological economics healing cooperative Paradise Lost
within our Tree of CooperativeLife meets CompetitiveDeath, 
without our Tree of Languaged "Good" and "Evil,"
organic rooted landscapes
of Ego absorbing polypaths 
echoing Earth's co-arising great with small transitional nurture-systems.

Language both fertilizes and farms,
produces and consumes
echoes and enthymemes
nouns and verbs
subjects and objectives
causes and effects
grows and harvests 
induces and deduces,
inhales and exhales
yangs and yins
optimizes and purges
lives and decomposes rainbow octaves
universalizes and integrally unites polyculturing visions
building on sight
reflecting off light
rebounding of sound
resonant feelings
polyculturing paradigms
polymorphing polypaths.

Speech and thought can both rehabit and repurpose understanding,
comprehensive comprehension,
co-passion feeds con-science
as ecojustice fills out anthrocentric peace with plants and planet.

DNA's temporal analysis decomposes eating cultural memory, 
image evolving imagination, 
hope co-arising faith,
despairing dreams predicting syntax edicting climatic decay,
raping eco-screams restricting life's sensual gift potential,
universal dark negentropy swallowing and regurgitating
inhaling and exhaling
Earth's teleosynthetic life of time-squared zero-light,
both dissonance and confluence,
chaotic energy swelling complex matters
ergodic clatters,
double-negatives justifying ecological positive balance,
contentiousness challenging co-operating contentedness,
fearing ego-death inviting beloved eco-climaxing ecstatic life,
longing regenerating belonging.

Noticing dipolar relationships,
Ego-yang swelling not-not Eco-yin's Earth flight,
enrich multiculturing fields of analogy,
Win-Win games reiterating time's perception of inclusive hope,
growing consciousness of interdependent iconic-ionic paradigms
feeding within and on each Other,
Double Dark dynamic love between weeds and seedy compost flowers,
brother and sister transparent organic kosmic farm
of deep absorbing ecologic.

Bi-identified RNA rests simply silent vital void
growing confidence in SunGod's compelling righteous revolution
resonant resolution
spilling out discontented longing roots
investing regenerate co-passion's peacefilled therapeutic NOW.

SunGod is to Yang/Yin flowing power potential
as ReGenerate Tribal Identity is to Earth's voiceless harmony, 
listening discernment to and of and in and by DNA's health-assurance systems
as non-violent intent is to recreative peace and ecojustice practice,
as embracing empathic conscience grows co-passion's Beloved Community.

Decompositional function of polynomial binary/bilateral language 
grows information's reverse hierarchy of ego/ecoconscious bicameral systems,
where Right-brain not-not polycultural relationship 
rediscovers binomial space as fractal time's proportional construction,
revolving double-boundaried resolution of eternal time, 
coincidental co-arising
co-relational meeting of infinitely omnipresent past 
with omnipotent future.

Regenerate function of language creates,
subjects health objectives to empirical scrutiny,
nouns verbs toward analogical futurity, 
brights dawns both ecologically wise and economically (0)-sum co-operative,
fueling Earth's Win-Win co-passioning power toward global peaceful justice.
Eco-systemic comprehension both biofuels and farms permacultural love,
organic ecotherapy emerging all four economic seasons,
including advent's winterish purgation,
winnowing Identity's weedy monocultural/monomial root assumptions,
composting Earth Tree's rehabiting spring production branches
stretching out gravity's mutual nutritious gratitude 
toward Omniscientific Earth's radiant emerging light.

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: beauty, earth day, health, humor, love, religion, science,

Earth's Final Answer

A society
humane species
or more likely under-valuing,
how to regeneratively suffer loss
may never have learned to face our universal fear of death
as a badge of permaculturing respect,
dignity through suffering sacred absence
where once we knew nondual co-arising relational life
together incarnate.

In response to loss of love's opportunity for further cultivation,
incarnation of life's positives and double-negative equivalencies
of loss to lose ego death's ubiquitous omnipotence,
we could reverse our Interior and Exterior Climate feedback loops,
turn down our YangLeft competition
another half a notnot notch,
where loss to EgoDeath equals WinWin
for society
for internal and external cultural climates
for reconnecting personal identity
as timeless revolving of Earth's holistic loves
and/as/from/toward death's dualdark TransParent BiLateral CoGravitational Primal Time
of EcoConsciousness
as SelfAwareness of HereNow Light's CoArising NonDual ReVolution.

An absence of integrative dignified death culture,
mourning process for love's loss,
reflects a lack of good and peaceful humor
for Earth's lively lovely enculturation
of regenerative health and beauty,
right as now-ness,
Tao (0)-Balanced Left/Rightness,
where Tao begets co-gravitating dualdark exformation,
dipolar light = CommonsSquared = PrimeEulerianUnitarian-Integral Function.

Failure to celebrate life
merging light's co-investment in stretching love,
emerging norm equivalent to denying death's dark ultimatum,
translating light's co-arising dualdark CoPresence.

each AnthroNature,
emerges bicamerally embryonic from warm-heated light,
as each SuperEco/Ego
each Earth(0)-Balanced DNA/RNA fueled cell
speaking intergenerational fertility,
memories of timeless love unfolding,
refolding climates
toward prefolding Post-BiCameral Earth (0)-centric DiPolar

Each Ego loss
a sacred loss from Earth's pay-it-forward evolutionary economy;
each Earth gain
a natural win for cooperative EarthTribe future love,
healthier global culture 
sharing a natural-religious sensory awareness 
of ironic double-negative nondual WinWin  sustained fertile humor,
ProGenitors joining in our DNA-designed celebration of life
as notnot death's grand eulogy
for Internal/External Climate TaoBalance.

We each live on in loving light
or not so much,
depending somewhat on the dignity we hold
for each other's natural right to live and die gracefully,
with freedom
with gratitude for this climatic great transition,
toward our cooperative beloved climaxing
(0)Mega Point.

Cultural wounds of enslaving others
stretch a profound investment in basic integrity
of nature's equitable evolutionary intent,
dissonance feeds on evolution as competitive survival of mightiest wealth,
rather than revolutionary health as cooperative thrival
of our self as other co-optimizing EarthBalance 
resurrecting PostMillennial ReGeneration.

Springing strong-rooted sense of cooperative and actively curious humor,
co-arising nondually throughout each love-filled feisty day and embracing night
of generation's future
living toward climatic religioning conscientific balance
of Tao's bilateral bicameral Time,
in which incarnation explicates restraint on Ego's imagined freedoms
of ownership and power
as disincarnation implicates freedom of Earth's diastatic,
nutritiously universal EcoConsciousness,
co-arising, co-present light
revolving day into dualdark night
of Queen Shabbat
as GrandMother Moon's warm multiculturing integral light.

It is this dream of ego-death
inviting future's health-incarnate life,
regenerating Earth's Tribal Balance,
that understories each moment's daytime active love,
backdrop aria 
bookending vibrant grand climatic opera;
ReGeneration Story.

What our global political and economic climate could most invest,
in this PostMillennial Moment,
becomes integral religious sense of Allah's zen-scientific humor,
beauty truly loves terrifying death-as-emptiness,
expressing diastatic fullness of implied autonomic intent.

May truth in each repose
bring each diastatic cooperative bliss,
evolving rich nutrition
for future smiling contented political and economic peace 
with justice for this replete Universal PolyCulture Network of
EarthTribal ReGenerations,
Internal as External (0)Soul Landscapes of Time's Eternal Light;
Active Love 
CoArising CoOperative DiPolar Yang/Yin Balance  
of DualDark DiaStatic Potentiality 
(O)Virginal WinWin EcoLogical Integrity's Universal Teleological Intent,
enspirited day explains night
as nature's night blankets each mythic spiritual dialect,
speaking our regeneration story,
reiterating resonant resolving harmonies
conjoining Earth cathedral grace 
and Sun's yang-fueled karma.

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: earth day, environment, history, humanity, love, religion, science,

Fundamentals ReDefined

Fundamentalists compete with and through struggling evolution
as Transitionalists would further peaceful revolutions.

A patriarchal-historical view
rooted in interpretation of sacred scripture
written by nondual co-arising NatureSpirits
dipolar appositionally rooted
of and for regenerative naturehealth = spiritwealth,
that would err on the side of removing the "natural" lens from Paradise,
leaving only the reified "ego-spiritual" GodHead.

In co-arising nondual Taoism and Buddhism,
this would be ecopolitical bias in favor of Patriarchal InterdependentYang
and disfavor, suppression, 
of Matriarchal Empty notnot Yin.

In Unitarian-Universalism,
this would be ecological and ecopolitical bias in favor of Universalist-SupremacistTruth Dominance,
thereby suppressing Unitarian-TransitioningTruth Communion.

Sacred scriptures were originally said
and eventually written down,
within ongoing enculturing evolutionary intent,
inspired by persuasive and celebratory and terrifying experiences,
for those with eyes to see,
and ears to hear,
Earth's enspirited nature,
both matriarchal and patriarchal,
and all creolizing non-elite multiculturalism in between.

This evolutionary co-empathic trust
in dipolar NatureSpirit creolization of experience and language
resists fundamentalist over-spiritualized
and under-historic denatured,
and patriarchal-elitist languaged and modeled,
and suspiciously modern Cartesian dualist
Either ReGenerativeSpirit Or DeGenerativeNature
absences of full BothAnd
nondual co-arising comprehension.

Human language for interpreting traditional systems
is also human ecopolitical LeftBrain expression for understanding transitioning historical systems,
including wisdom from great bilateral nondualist NatureSpirit thinkers
of the permacultural ancient
through modern deductive-reductive-reifying nature struggling against spirit,
science over spiritual expression,
academic worlds
together providing a wealth of creolizing paradigms,
where wealth of science could inform healthy nature-spirit teleology,
and natural co-empathic ethological flow functions 
and regenerate/degenerate trend analysis 
could reform deep sacred ecological WinWin wisdom science,
to help transition us toward nature-spirit nondual ecoschools
for further outdoor classroom observation
and more nutritional
and less toxic
experience of climates and landscapes in riotous organic transition.

Nondual co-arising deep-transition 
rather than denatured and reified-spiritualized fundamental
and permacultural bicameral design revolutions
bring sensory-neural balance and blend,
comfort and contentment,
restoring WinWin multi-lateral peace with justice,
as we reconnect to this transitional wonder
and NatureSpirit mystery
of emerging life through regenerative interdependence
rather than merely reductively degenerating fundamentalism,
stuck in the LeftBrain cul-de-sac
of furthering interpretations of emergent enchanting scripture
as also furthering supremacist patriarchal premillennial elitism.

Unless we open our NaturalSpiritual democratic eyes and ears,
and use our bilateral hands and feet,
and our bicamerally inclusive hearts and minds and voices,
all these multiculturing paradigms 
cannot cooperatively co-redeem us
from our own competing egocentric and anthrocentric
foundational colonizing aggressive excesses.

LeftBrain dominant Fundamentalists are to postmodern evolution
as LeftRight MultiCulturing Transitionalists 
further cooperative-creolize
patriarch/matriarch reproductive right-with-left resonant revolutions.

Human nature-spirits,
like all Earth's BodyMind Tribal Natures,
choose between the exegetical neural path most taken
and the eisegetical sensory-imaged paths less taken,
to compare and contrast our optimally creolizing outcomes
when regenerative WinWin language/experience combine
for further polypathic transitioning,
further choosing
along further regenerative/degenerative health branches
of co-revolutionary therapeutic becoming.

Poem Details | by carlos kipkoech |
Categories: crazy, earth day, funny love, high school, silly, student, sweet,

Why I Fail In English

Ten minutes past time she enters,
She's too beautiful to be a teacher,
Her favorite short skirt exposes her thick thighs,
Lips red and pouting, she's a killer,
Right away my concentration flees,
Her and me far away at planet Jupiter,
With a bungalow and two exuberant kids,
I just wedded my teacher at Jupiter,
And it's Only within fifteen minutes,
Don't worry,Maybe we'll fix and visit earth later,
Bell rings,and she ends,
Only to notice,I didn't even open my locker,
Am back to Earth,not with her,but with several boys.

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: earth, earth day, god, humor, love, math,

God of PlayTime Loves

I know nothing brighter than disdain
for algebra’s insane fascination with irrational outcomes,
dissonating my natural empathy
with harmonic blends and rhythms,
patterns of fore-giving symmetry.

By contrast,
the only math I take to,
warm wet compost
transforming into well-fed root system,
more than geometry,
is logic,
especially ecological applications
to natural systems theory,
in which close enough,
and just show up,
and what goes up must come down
as what goes in must come back out again,
one way or another,
are all good enough
not only for government work but also self-governance
of God as Sun as ReGenerative Love,
Earth's AnthroPlay.

like AnthroVocation toward reconnecting solidarity within all Earth Tribes
merging mystical languages of light as fertile health,
as dark politically economizes LoseLose decomposition plans,
anti-ecological suicide of God as Love,
AnthroVocation of EcoConsciousness,
like AnthroPlay of Love,
vocation is enculturing application,
play is regeneration.

From geometry of biology
I learned each BioLove Player has an Exterior Landscape co-gravitational center
as our Interior MindBody Landscape
has a bilateral dipolar co-arising ecoconscious center,
half Ego-identified Left,
half EcoExterior Landscape DNA-ReGenerative Right,
prime fractal-ecological light incarnation OVER
dualdark Original Intent of dual-dense Black Concave,
(0)Mega Climax of Time
syntaxed as Light/double-reverse TransParent,
languaged and enculturing as Love of regenerative light/dualdark balance,
storied as creative evolution of life, health, good, truth, positive, beauty, wealth, cooperativity
sung in harmony of resonant, full circle, resolutions,
danced in variations on a 4-step fractal-seasonal theme,
calculated in prime temporal-neural receptivity,
stored in dialectic +/-,- memory functions
with octave interdependent primal frequencies
of bilinear co-gravitation
wu wei balancing time as love
as cooperative relationship of midway dark and light,
yin and yang,
double-binding irrational outcomes
as half positive and half negative
so split the absent differences
and therein find opportunities
for new balance and symmetrical evolution
of God as Love as Moose Medicine blended with Owl Medicine
for self-perpetuating EarthTribe's Love MidWay Medicine.

From logic I learned
if God (x) = Love (y)
then BioLove also = God’s Identity.

But, it took Buckminster Fuller’s geometrics,
blended with Julian Jaynes’ evolutionary theory of bicameral mindbody consciousness,
to remind me
AnthroLove evolved through cooperative ego-dialogue within
as evolution emerged without,
they are mutually phylogenetic,
political and economic and social and 
polycultural love of health outcomes.

AnthroLove = BiCamerally Balancing God’s EarthBound TaoTime,
Yang Exterior-Deductive EgoLeft = Yin Interior-Inductive EcoRight,
LeftRight AnthroLove co-arising Prime (0) Relationship,
EarthConvex OVER EcoConcave Double-Binding Conscious Landscape

splitting dissonant differences
of prickly algebraic irrationality,
and other unhealthy, climatically dissonant, outcomes.

To algebra is hell,
to ecologic divinely regenerative.

If Love is God’s Identity
then God is cooperative EarthTribal Love,
RNA/DNA applied as creative work of evolution,
regenerative as radical paradise 
through four seasons of playtime revolution.

Poem Details | by Debra Harris |
Categories: blessing, christian, devotion, earth day, love, religion, religious,

Heaven Knows

              “Heaven Knows”
  Heaven hears the joy and knows the sound of pain.
  Heaven gives its recompense and sends it down in rain.
  The sky obeys this notion and holds the clouds in its sphere.
  Swimming in the air, the clouds stir and waver from pier to pier.
  Heaven hears our prayers and keep them in jars as light.
  When gathered up they are placed in the sky and shines as stars at night.
  Knowing this the moon in gratitude obeys and takes a stand
  by giving all its shine to the dark so to share in this glorious band.
  Heaven knows our sorrows and holds them deep in the earth.
  Until soften enough to take place in the earth's yearly rebirth.
  Knowing this Mother Nature burst into attention each spring
  Reminding us of God's promises while housing the birds that sing.
  Heaven knows the kind of suffering that lives in the world.
  Heaven forms a weapon of innocence in every little boy and girl.
  Knowing this the authority of God is placed on us all.
  Giving shelter to the spirit so as not to crack or fall.

                                              Debra Ann Harris

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: deep, destiny, earth day, hate, health, love,

A New Dawn

Theoretical abstractions,
reductive hard word choices,
to describe and prescribe spiritual experiences
are unsatisfactory for daily consumption and absorption
as they reify exceptions to your Business As Usual,
which is probably LeftBrain patriarchally dominant.

Exceptional Left-Right bicameral ego/eco-consciousness,
of natureLeft-spiritRight nondual co-arising experience,
erupts from the creolizing soil
of your diurnal polypathic
ergodically liturgical
energy is information
as fake nothing-new entropy is disinformation
as regenerativity is notnot degenerativity
hum-drum cooperatively polypathic days and nights.

This implies that regenerative ethology,
exploring your eisegetical experience of nature-spirit's nondual purposes,
within as without,
is a Left-Right 
co-empirical deductive/inductive 
health science.

With polycultural and multicultural outcome intent,
we invite both Left-deductive empiricism
and Right-inductive Personal Knowledge,
a tacit, more than explicit, dimension
(see also M Polanyi and D Bohm and E De Bono and J Jaynes)
as comprehensively balancing co-arising knowledge
(see also B Fuller on distinctions of ecological cooperative bilateral comprehension
as therapeutically contrasted against 
merely ego-anthro-centrically deductive word-choice competitions
of EitherOr oppositions,
where BothAnd appositions
serve more synergetically WinWin healthy-well).

If we believe,
perhaps with our Buddhist nondual co-arising friends,
that the ego mind can become an empty-blank slate,
this is merely the exceptional pause to remember
the interdependent polypathic construction
of all specific knowledge,
including foreknowledge,
content and contentment,
as opposed to more LeftBrain dominant
cognitive-affective clouding dissonance.
When Earth is EmptyLeft
the Universe appears Interdependent-Cooperative inductive Right.

Other EitherOr dichotomies
therapeutically best also comprehended 
as BothAnd co-arising dipolar appositions:

Erotic-natural and Agapic regenerative ecopolitical nurturing 
biosystemic sensory-neural rootedness,
of fractal/developmental/dialectical-DNA and RNA, for example.

Deductive LeftBrain languaged knowledge
seeking Inductive RightBrain revelations 
of ecopolitically cooperative revolutions.

Theoretical deductive-reductive abstractions of rationalism
redrawn and remembered from experiential-affective ElderRight
ecological learning
distinctions between regenerative long-term
and degenerative short-term re-acclimations
of Bateson's Sacred Ecology,
nightmare to daydream daily cooperative adaptations,
creolizing nutritional supersessions
from enslavement to LeftBrain dominance only
to full-free multiculturing liberty 
to dance with Left-Right Bodhisattva Messianic PeaceMakers.

Nature's LeftBrain Yang-strengths
optimizing while nurturing RightBrain's Yin-flow.

Anthrocentric competitive Yang-LeftBrain paid-out-forward messianism
and WinWin pregnant co-arising 
EarthMatriarchal YinSquared-Fractal c-squared, e-squared
MultiCultural CoEnlightenment
(see B Fuller on compare/contrast of spatiated c-squared
with temporal-bilateral linear Eulerian-squared 
prime metaphysical relationship).

So nature and sexuality and ecotherapeutic messianism
do all fit together
to include our humane-divine full bilateral spectrum
of homo through hetero sexuality,
with bi and transexuality somewhere in-between,
Tipping Points
to help the rest of us
heal ourselves of unseemly Yang-dominant bias,
where homo means anti-hetero
and hetero devolves into anti-homo,
and white means anti-black
and black means anti-white,
and North means anti-South
and South means anti-North,
and Western Capitalism means anti Eastern Cooperativism
and Eastern Nondual Cooperativism (Taoism-Buddhism, etc.)
means possibly also Western Creolizing EcoCapitalistic InterRelationalism.

One is naturally a man
or woman
or someone multiculturally in-between,
reminding us
there are many healthier ways to become a bicameral polypathic man,
as accessible as a therapeutic daydream
comprehending this new diurnal dawn.

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: anger, destiny, dream, earth, earth day, love, religion,

Climatic Dream Therapy

I had a historic dream
that Einstein led polypathic Elders
pursuing roots of time
as emergence of light's speeding race
through regenerative histories,
thought experiments revolving resolving enculturation.

I dreamed energy conjoined space
as rhythm reiterates pattern,
as time incarnates changing place
as space bifurcates time's revolving light and dark
mutual recessivity,
ecological balance of Earth's cycling revolutions,
cooperative norms within interdependent symbiosis,
multisystemic revolutions of evolutionary paradigms,
poetry as language both light and dualdark heart-soul investment.

I dreamed terror reacting to ballistic weapons
revolted into wonder responding to synergetic cultural ballast,
dense nutritional balance of political relationships
with economic transactional harmony,
that spirituality rejoined naturality,
as nurture reflects nature,
that wealth rejoined health,
that degenerative histories conjoined regenerative futures,
that deductive logos refueled inductive mythos,
that economic intention continues incubating ecological forms
and recycling symbiotic frequencies of emergent evolution,
that living nondually co-arises loving
as struggling to harmonize with others
rather than struggling against AnthroDominant decomposing outcomes.

I dreamed religion regenerates polycultural fusion and passion and creativity
rather than competes good spirits against evil natures,
that competing spiritual economies merge into cooperative ecology.

I dreamed of regenerating religions
co-arising from degenerative divisions
to presume solidarity of rightful love multiplication
as polycultural cooperation,
co-arising human nature's political economy
encompassing all Earth's co-evolving species.

I had a fertile Earth Day dream
that elation and fusion
absorb competition and fission,
that integrity overcomes suboptimizing mendacity,
that polycultural life management skills
reverse anthrocentric monocultural elitist aggression,
power overing
when love optimization waits in cultural wings
to overwhelm threadbare anger and fear management
in a revolution of timeless cooperative intention toward mutual love
as mutual assumption of integrity.

I dreamed
we share a self-as-other integrity dream
regenerating time's emergently cooperative Earth Tribes
golden-ruling together
producing and consuming harmonic global poli-economic outcomes,
a self-regenerating WinWin network
where all needs are opportunities
without risk of health-loss to others,
without compromising future generations
of beloved climax gardens,
robust interior/exterior landscapes
resiliently enculturating life
as EarthTribal love,
political solidarity,
economic cooperativity,
ecosystemic integrity,
mindbody wu wei vitality
of dipolar nondual interior-as-exterior balancing dreams;
fewer climatic nightmares of monoculturally elitist AnthroHubris.

Poem Details | by Keith Relf |
Categories: adventure, beach, black african american, blessing, boat, books, career, cry, dream, earth, earth day, faith, fantasy, life, love, music, nature, places, poetry, romance, sea, time, travel,

Dream on

I dream on, from my dome to my chest
to my toes and to the tips of my palms
We dream on, in the land of the free,  
but where freedom comes at a cost and 
sacrifice for others the achieve their dream
I dream on, flying over an icy mountain top,  
To the sweat taste of lemon drops,  
To the cool relief of mist burning over a  
desert black top as I brain storm lessoning 
to heart beat of my favorite song.
We dream on, from the top of 
lonely tropical island hill top  
to the sit and the smell of a breath
taking Forrest and to a falling
sun afflicting a shining sea
that is the best part of the day 
I rather spend ending enjoying with a beautiful
woman..the sit and the breeze
Poetry by Keith KRelf

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: culture, deep, earth day, education, health, leadership, love,

Deep Learning

Health issues and ecopolitical promise speak in dialectal fractals:
1Notice hope
2Understand positive faith
3Believe with diastatic love regeneration
4Polypath creolic integration is also notnot decomposing release,
wu wei double-binding midway image
Tipping Point discernment
toward further revolutionary adventures.

This full open-systemic octave
resonates 1-4 egocentric
with 1-4 EarthTribe's MatriarchalPatriarchal BiCameral Golden Rule.
What starts Ego
ends deep in EcoPointing polypathic Earth.

Matriarchal/Patriarchal creolization
herein defined
as LeftBrain languaged ecopolitical dominance
with RightBrain nonverbal inductive-unitive-cooperative
ecological resonance.

We are in a sad Either/Or competing 
ego v eco dis-centric
Yang v Yin anti-logical 
LeftBrain dominant state.

But also bicamerally capable
of polypathic states 
of LeftPatriarchal-RightMatriarchal grace.

Laotse's content of governing information
and contentment of peaceful feeling
are nondual YangLeft/YinRight trust within Tao-God/GoddessEarth.

Governing authority ends
where responsibility begins
for polypathically using our LeftBrain 
Yang universal-digital-binomial information health/pathology trends
and our RightBrain Yin co-empathic cooperative ecological balance,
together as eco-analogical revolutionary resonance.

The Physician (Luke 12:48)
From every humane emerging person
to whom much has been LeftBrain given,
much more will be RightBrain co-empathically 
cooperatively asked,
regeneratively expected trust,
polypathically invited faith.

building out from Dale B Martin's epistemology of trust in faith:
"Our goal is to rest in the knowledge that we cannot now know fully
[polypathically, with full resonance]
but to determine that we will [deep learn] exercise
our brief and partial [LeftBrain languaged] knowledge
as [RightBrain faithfully] ethically
and [bilateral] lovingly as we can." 
(Biblical Truths, p70)

is the ultimate guide in creolizing polypathic epistemology.

Everything works both Yang-regenerative/Yin-degenerative ways.

All observation is ecologically co-relational (egoLeft-ecoRight).

Deductive top-down thinking fractals
culminate in bottom-up inductive
multiculturing cooperative action fractals 
toward revolutionary diastatic Beloved Community ReDevelopment.

The landscape is our textbook
and climate outcomes are our scripture.

Decomposing failure is useful
so long as we learn polypathic cooperation
along our shared way.

Elegant solutions are simple,
even LeftBrain ego-isolated invisible
transparently bilateral.

Make the smallest cooperative intervention necessary
and available right now
where we too competitively reside.

Avoid too much of a good Win/Lose uber-supremacist overpowering thing.

The isolated egocentric problem
is the notnot double-binding nutritional-healthy resolution, 
Earth and Ego eco-resonant balance.

Recognize and break out of Either/Or LeftBrain dominant cul-de-sacs
by noticing invitations toward Both/And LeftRight reiterative boulevards.

Ecological bilateral root systems
direct and organize natural-spiritual redistributional economies
of nutritional/toxic goods/bads,
preferring cooperative saturation values
and polypathic binomial-bilateral-bicameral  
ego/eco collateral nurturing design powers.

The essential ecopolitical dynamics
of both Bodhisattva and Messiah narratives
are pay cooperative love forward
for polypathic ego/eco-redemption
of Earth-noticing
as Other-understanding
Self-Regenerational Loving
as Polypathic Revolutionary Reweaving,
inviting graced karmic egos
to multiculturally cooperate
full-resonant again.

Poem Details | by sengchanh xuangphuthon |
Categories: blessing, conflict, depression, earth day, international, love hurts,

world for all

World for all

what’s human rights?
After a man sits on the ground 
His heart impresses from serous occurrence
The sound of the gun, suffer voice, victims

Whom belongs to the world
And what the meaning of human 

The soldier walks slow and slow
He descants on his past and future
Family within wife and children in the past
The death is waiting forward
The past memory is better than future

What’s the purpose of development 
It is true for better life
Or for showing the power of dignity 
The natural human as an elder is more need
More bigger needs more power

Sengchanh xuangphuthon

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: beauty, community, earth, humanity, humor, love, mother,

Echoes of Mom's Great Earth Day

A transitional skill
my Mom taught me,
good to use when I start to feel at-risk,
somehow and anyhow,
whether in my relationship with her,
or with Earth’s more kosmic garden of naturally wild and domestic spirits.
Remember to ask permission to ask questions,
even before you may be sure of how She will probably answer
this question
especially when you may not yet fully know what 
or how or when to ask.

“May I ask you a question?”
can be felt as a stab in hearts
for lovers who thought you were their question-space,
their primal source of both mystery
and childlike endless curiosity
inviting multi-reiterated “Why and How this Curiosity”
soaking deeper into your most richly composting conjoined souls of language.

If, when you ask this of your Mom,
Political and Economic Leaders,
fellow pilgrims along our nutritionally cooperative way,
if they seem to not respond at all,
your best translation of this absence might be
“Apparently not right now.
Please try again later.
I will probably be back campaigning your way again soon.”

If, when you ask
along your poli-economic trans-relational path,
you hear something like,
“I’m sorry, what did you say?”
your best translation could be
“Please repeat.
No, I was not available for your question,
but now I might be.
However, beware,
my mind is in transition-mode right now,
and I might not seem to care
as compared to another
better appointed time."

Here it could be helpful
to memorize a script:
“May I share fifteen minutes later today?”
or variations on this quarter-turn of cooperative communication,
meeting each other halfway between
your hope to gain my full attention at all your ego’s most convenient times
and everywheres
and your negatively correlated parallel hope
to receive each of Earth’s relational invitations
as co-operatively intended gift-it-forward response
to whatever it was that Ego had been investing in
just before you asked for this transactional nutrition
to become invested right your way,
“Why can’t I have your attention
in this co-ego-focused way,
right now?”
kinda’ pushy, but may be worth a try.

If, when you ask for attention,
intentions of co-relationship,
such as “May I ask you a question,”
If Earth responds with
“I have always thought you were my most curious source
of life’s richest, deepest, most important and yet intimate questions.”
And then goes on and on resonantly, redundantly,
Especially about wise relationship choices and love as life’s pilgrimage,
co-mentoring how to both truly and beautifully plant our network of organic gardens,
Most fierce Advocate for Golden correlational landscape design,
and redesigner of (0)ego-zone nutrient flow charts,
NatureMystic Quester of Earth-embedded hopes as WinWin ego outcomes
despite timeless death and decay
great and small transitional incarnational climate trends,
don't be surprised.
I told you so.

If you hear anything along those considerable lines,
please don’t worry so much
about forgetting what your LeftBrain competing-for-attention question was,
or might become
with further regenerate development.
Rather, refocus 
on why did you think you needed to speak this question right now?
Why not just ask your originally intended question,
or is this your primal question implied within each question?
Wondering why we are always open within Earth’s source of childlike questions,
why do we call this mental and physical and economic and politically ecological climates of healthy curiosity?

May I ask you a question?
“I most certainly hope you are.”
“Namaste, for such mutually-assured pilgrimage.”
Mythic Mystery,
active hope for Earth’s communicating love
and sometimes not quite so balanced yet,
egocentric terrorism,
anthrocentric addictions and aversion to competing LeftBrain evolutionary supremacist dialects of ego-independence,
cognitive-affective dissonance on an epic operatic scale of non-cooperation,
competitive research complexities, lapsing toward chaos,
waiting to become more fully networked as cooperative opportunities
to reiteratively ask “Why not?”
receiving WinWin kosmic and RightNow answers,
to communicate our intelligently designed polyculturing curiosity.

In this more cooperative communication way,
every Earth Day is also Mother’s Day,
May we ask you a question?
Because I would not know how to ask
in our time now past
or ask in future Time
before this Why right now.
(0)Riginating Evolutionary Intent.

Every day Mother’s Day
dipolar MidWay
thru Earth’s embryonic nutrition,
inter-regenerating healthy ego language,
eco-writing memories of Moms with futures
who might have been why.

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: earth, earth day, health, love, poets, political,

Saints and Prophets

Bodhisattvas turn airflow into flames,
water into Earth
as Jesus turned baptismal waters
into blood red rivers
of warm nutritious wine.

like Messiah prophets and saints,
long for
belong to
the baptismal political economy
of cooperative ecotherapeutic waters,
as yin flows air MidWay notnot pathological
through Yang's Great Transitional flames
eco-diastatically leaping,
poli-ecosystemic "hungry"
for air's co-arising health-optimizing 
enculturing love

as ReGeneration
balance becoming co-waves
evolution of eco-conscious language
as logos
as mythos
as ecological ethos.

When our political voices become too didactic
we listen wiser for more lyrically cooperative outputs
with denser harmonics,
singing and dancing in
bilateral resonant polynomials
optimally nutritious for self-perpetuation,
regenerative yang/yin dipolarity of time.

While these singers and dancers
disconcert their way
maintaining (0)-investment PlaceHolder mentations,
SpaceTime Unitarian-Integral Occupation,
unfocused polypathic attention to eco-conscious ethics
and norms
and cooperative economic-political evolutionary values,
with nature role-playing economies of cooperation v competition,
co-arising nurture of politically dense wealth outcomes,
these are all held in Common Language
as invitations to positive individual freedom development
values whose nutritionally regenerative purpose
merge future Bodhisattva ReGenerators,
composed of past,
and disposed toward future healthy love
of ecoconscious balancing
fractal-dialectical light

where red flame of dawn's Earth warning
meets red Heavens of long dusk-swept past.

Poem Details | by Zakhe Michael Mcunu |
Categories: celebration, devotion, earth day, emotions, sad love, strength, time,

Fear for tomorrow

A day so bright, so unique from the birth today all was new
But I fear that as today let go all will be old tomorrow
Today I drank from the pond so clean, so pure that nothing I knew
For I was cleansed with the rich love overflowing like streams sorrow
Thou I know that tomorrow will entice me with burning lust
The sun has seen and shone so far; saw you in time of emotions
I fear today will not let me take this love to keep till the last days
I want to take your love beyond the mountains of tomorrow
I fear tomorrow will seduce me to its beauty oozing with joy
Give me the strength of a lion so that I can resist persisting sounds toys
Sorry my sweet soul for I fear the adventures of tomorrow
I fear the mountains will eclipse the images of you looking shy
Not even yesterday can attest to the feeling that will stay with me

Poem Details | by Marouane Hachmi |
Categories: beautiful, day, earth day, holiday, romance, romantic, simple,

Holiday in Love

Holiday in Love 
I want to love you more 
But I have not written one day in order to Mark 

Every day 
Every day I love you 
Every day is getting my love 
Every day in order to dedicate my heart 

I do not like that I love in one day 
I do not like to have a brief love in one day 
I want to be all the days of my life in order to love 
And I will stay true to my love to another day in my life

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: birth, earth, earth day, easter, love, mother, sky,

Revolution's Resurrection

Grace absorbs Western sun beneath Her dark fertility 
To return with gratitude as Earth's morning embraces her 
yet again 

While Sky God watches us watching western divas 
She takes his measure and He grasps hers 
Evening's morning revolves “Eternal Earth Day” 
once more 

She is Earth's Diva Mother,with unrecreated Queenly Grace 
From lava flows wombed eternal life, from tomb to rebirth 
Echoing nights surrender sublime stars on her soft scent skin, 
Sky God 

Sits firm upon his solar rays 
Undressing her belly clad in bonding beauty 
Surrounded by resplendent light 
One billion blaring stars 
Earth's Health ReGeneration, 

Strains forth with present new beginning 
Birth of radical rebirth 
Ovation gift of swelling zero silent life 
Peaceful revolution's radiant co-redeemer 
Humanenatural CoPresence

By Mystic Rose and Cosmic Thorn

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: allegory, culture, earth, earth day, love, peace, wisdom,

Gaia and Fr Time: True InFormating Scandal

Gaia’s love first embraces Earth’s tribes
who then embrace Her back
through Gaia’s co-redeemer enculturation gift,
pay-it-forward grace of permacultured history,
karma of EarthTribe’s economy,
mutually-parasitic subsidiarity
embracing universally regenerate Host
in political-through-personal empowering solidarity
of EarthTribe's Eco-Passionate Universal Rights.

She paid the health assurance rent
we’ve been redeeming ever since.

And so it is
that Ego’s love invites EcoEarth’s co-passion,
mutually held holy compassion,
synergy of with for Earth’s co-redemptive Rights
embracing Gaia’s Universal Nest.

Not sure where this climatic
and over-heated story
of bicamerally diastatic love
as balance harmonic octaves
because love is timeless
in this sense
that it can go forward
only as it has emerged from past
except in bicameral systems,
where love,
as synergetically dynamic time of presence
is perceived and comprehended
as bilaterally unfolding.

For example,
bicameral lungs
autonomically know the difference and sameness
of Yang inhalation formation
and Yin exhalation flowing out frequencies.

As bicameral hearts
autonomically feel the difference and dipolar symmetry
of inflation toward diastatic Yang power
and recession away deep flat-line trending
toward static Yin-aptic Basic Attendance.

Bicameral mind-bodies profoundly comprehend
this balancing and permaculturing love story
of Universal Earth
as bilateral FrTime's 0’Mega Science Revolution.

Once upon bilateral time,
Earth Day dawned her Birth of Passion Story,
co-passion story,
passion story,
reading with passive purgative passion
Her co-redemptive narrative
of cooperative
mutual subsidiarity
co-arising messianism.

Asked Earth of her ScienceSun,
“Can you truly love a rock,
or any of those static, sometimes dissonant, objects,
like egocentrism
or a steel-grey slate wall?”

love is co-relational,
different than unilateral basic appreciation,
Basic Attendance
emerges love as positive enthymeme.

“How can we attend to love’s co-passion
in absence of its expressed return?
I fear I fade
my climate wilts
for lack of co-redemptive love
within my rightful seasons
of cooperative power
and ecological flow.”

“Your neutral economic science investments
display our true ecological incubator, and not, laboratory vestments.”

Universe’s comprehensive co-gravitating love
emerges now
enthymematic photosynthetic evolutionary compassion,
co-arising co-passion,
of Ego’s quintessentially ubiquitous
bicamerally balancing
sensory timelessness within metaphysicality.

“My children co-redeem.
PassionYang, child for deductively reducing suffering,
PeaceYinYin, instinctive child of kindness,
together, twins of bipolar contention,
dipolar contentment.”

unlike those returning wealth for health value,
receive a healthy/therapeutic advance
for services to be rendered later,
like paying one’s rent on the first of each day,
and month,
then redeeming that gifting-it-forward investment.
unlike a coincidental exchange,
co-arises a return
for a WinWin pay-it-forward investment.
Yang brings forth political power
for Yin’s ecological economic optimization flow,
Yin brings forth full EarthRights logical double-binding co-redemptive flow,
for Yang’s more inclusive political form of wealth: eco-therapeutic health.

Co-passionate peace
dipolar bicamerally harmonizing
with Earth’s full octave fractal form and function,
eternally regenerates
FrTime’s spatially econtented informational telus-dance
teleodance of co-intelligence
gazing through 4 equidimensional eco-consciousness seasons.

Gaia and FrTime’s permacultural affair
looms their co-redemptive weave 
throughout TransMillennial PolyPath Power.

Poem Details | by Christopher Goss |
Categories: beautiful, earth day, life, love, nature, uplifting, visionary,

Children Of The Earth

Children of the Earth, I come to you in song On a day full of glorious rain O' glorious rain wash away the pain Of a yesterday coated in plastic From plastic smiles to plastic motives We'll wash it all away On a day full of glorious rain Children of the Earth, I come to you in song Children of the Earth I come to you in spirit On a day full of promises For we will dance with each other And color fades, sexuality fades, religion fades You're all just my little children Dancing to jovial music as we promise We promise to save the world Children of the Earth, I come to you in spirit Children of the Earth, I come to you in love For love is essential in life Let us embrace each other and recognize The fallacy of homogeneity You're all humans and part of a complex web Of beautiful creatures, landscapes, and history You're all my little children Children of the Earth, I come to you in love Children of the Earth, I come to you in hope That the tensions of yesterday May be alleviated through song and dance As you accept that we must all survive together For in unity humanity may transcend mortality And dance through the solar system To find other child bearing planets Children of the Earth, I come to you in the hope That you won't let me die Please don't let me die

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: beauty, culture, earth, earth day, history, love, moon,

ReGenesis Peerage

If MoonLight frames GrandMother,
and GrandFather radiates SolarPower of Synthesis
then Mother emerges as Earth’s BiLaterally yin-yin
win-win FlowingSpinning Rivers
baptizing embryonic holonic ecosystems,
and Father emerges as Universe’s DNA-Yang AnthroLanguage PolyEnculturation.

If TransMillennial Children of Elder Trees
have regenerated PostMillennial Children of EcoForesting MindBodies,
with nondualdark (0)-soul NetWorks 
within interior landscaped EgoYang,
designing and incarnating and recomposing
Cooperative ClimateHealth NetVocations,
with (0)-sum WinWin Exchange EcoSystems without,
Exterior Earth/Universe MetaPhysical Landscapes of Eco-YinSquared
rhyming PolyCultural EgoEco Bicameral Balanced Yang 
as YinOptimized MidWay,
wu wei,
Tipping Point Harmonics in toward (0)Mega Point
of TransMillennial Children working HealthyForest Octave-Open-Organic Networks,
fully invested in mutual-cooperation financial and sweat equity 
ecopolitical loans and borrows,
transactions captured within relationships of mutuality-intent.

If PostMillennial Children of Network Forests,
then active love for ecotherapeutic climate-revolution,
positive polynomial polyculturing polypaths
activating PostTransGender neural-temporal harmonic health outcomes,
EarthTribe ReGenesis Project.

If ReGenesis Design Political and Economic-Ecological Revolution Project,
incarnating endosymbiotically decomposing bicamerally primal relationship 
of Time as BiLaterally CoGravitating Light Revolving Waves 
with YangPoint Label DNA-Fractal Metric Dialectic 
Temporal-Relational Prime PermaCultural Values,
we are from what we have embryonically absorbed,
as we are what we Ego invest in
and divest of,
regeneratively speaking peer-to-peer networked
across polypathically environmental
(0)-Ego-soul economic research investment in cooperative networks,
polynomialYang as polyculturalYinYin equi-valent dialectic,
language paradigms and iconic measures
for health as notnot pathology 
RNA/DNA solidarity-syntaxed information trends,
optimizing health-as-love-as-truthful beauty
BeLoved Climax 
PolyCulturally BiCameral-EcoConscious 
EarthTribal Community.

God of Fire
Goddess of Flowing Rivers,
within Ego/Eco CoArising 
without Earth’s revolutionary RNA/DNA 4-seasonal dialectic
ReGenesis Interior/Exterior Network Forest Landscapes,
RealTime as 4D Ego/Eco BiCameral Balancing Nutritious Cooperative
WinWin TaoTime,
emerging PolyCultural Polypathic CoArising Nonduality 
of Time's Nutritious EarthTribal Becoming.

If intrinsic nutritional value of yua (Yupiit of Alaska)
is also Laotse's yin of primal holonic relationship,
mutual dipolar balance within EarthTribe's cooperative ecology,
then this Spirit of Time's ReMembered
polyculturally revolves toward WinWin cooperative economic politics,
personal through EarthTribe's Climax (0) EcoConscious ReGenesis.

As Earth's revolving MoonLight
speaks in GrandMother's gratitude
for creation's continuing prodigal story.

Poem Details | by lonely mabale |
Categories: destiny, earth day, future, love, miracle, rain, river,

Praise Lord

Praise Lord

Let your mind frizz not, in the evil flash of thoughts
Embrace within.
 Light of night, his key is king.
 Lock road with joy
Neither nor eyes blind switch
Seek name let all be welcomed
Proverb is a doing word.
 Action takes time.
 Nothing is through catch.
 Beat is rhythm
Voice comes with spoken word
Exhale fresh breath.
 Speak in tongue
Brain is in charge

Fear range in a mortal flash.
 Stress wrestling physical being.
 String rings in mind
Light up never end
Let glory sing in your sight.
 Beauty spread in map
Call name for location be trapped
Preach gospel of Luke and John
One day he will come.
 Be prepared!

Ten yes down the time
Five John see and five in right.
Idiots live without light.
 Bright pass the line.
 Stay shaped like assegai
Phrase the name Pluto.
 Light failed her.
 Names exist in lifeDeath is unknown side
Pin aim, hand touch the breast, sight is bright
Praise God! Stay right! 

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: caregiving, earth day, health, love, mothers day,

CareGiving Earth

Caring for Earth
includes caring for oneself,
and caring for those we have grown to care for.
Co-piloting Spaceship Earth
includes piloting humane landscapes of EgoLeft-EcoRight Identity.

Spaceship Earth evolves collective global 
LeftBrain power
and RightBrain wisdom
to co-manage with Earth
what we ecologically own cooperatively together.

The cooperatively owned
WinWin self-regenerative 
Gaia hypothesis,
Lovelock and Margulis,
presents Earth and Her Tribes
as self-regenerating/degenerating bio-ego/eco-EarthBorn systems.

CoMentoring Systems merge now in this Great Transitional moment,
critical crisis of risk and opportunity,
to reverse disaffecting fundamental life-support systems
of both eco-climate and ego-landscapes.

EarthCare evolutions/devolutions
follow both Western fatherland
patriarchal patriotic nationalistic competing histories,
and matriarchal-cooperative ethical MotherEarth
restraint and respect mutual enculturation,
and sometimes even active fear
of not-so-motherly rejection and annihilation,
rather than c-squared
Yin-squared flowing fractal
nurturing light.

CareGiving Both/And Light
can self-extinguish
through too much monoculturing competitive Either/Or
deductive-only dominance,
evaporating capital-nutritional trickle down and out from above,
where swelling CareReceivers monopolize totalitarian
Don't Lose short-term
and Don't worry about future generation long-term Losers
devolving outcomes
of Anti-Caring Earth.

Think of CareReceiving Ego
as also CareGiving EarthBorn.
You and Mom's own small cooperative co-mentorship,
extending out toward all our collaborative EarthShip bubbles
recycling in spirals
of dipolar co-arising full-spectral lights
CareGiving and Receiving and Giving and...

Poem Details | by Rayne Thomas |
Categories: beauty, betrayal, birth, childhood, dark, earth, earth day, emotions, faith, growing up, innocence, lost, love, nature, poetry, spring, symbolism, trust, truth, words,

Return to the Womb

Down in to the darkness deep
Slowly and delicately I now edge
In to the warmth so cold and bleak
In to the womb I once resided
In the mother I’d idolized
Wondering what did happen
Wondering what had changed
What had caused such death?
To cause such pain?
Still slowly moving, sneaking, 
I started faintly weeping
Why would we cause this?
Why did we not see?
Still I inch, well tears did fall
Till a light I did spy
Till a sprig I now cradle
Now I see, as I gently stop my deplore,
My mother will forgive
All the hurt,
The hate,
All the people that did denounce,
All she has provided
All that she cherishes
Yet she now grants;
Unconditional love
All in the loud roar
Of spring

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: anger, earth, earth day, fear, love, peace, political,

Marching EgoWinds of Time

Note to PostMillennial God of Time:

Your human race exhausts ourselves
and our home
and our extended DNA/RNA family
and our soul-soil
and our blood-water flow of ecotherapeutic life
and our healthy integrative atmosphere.

What was Anger and FearFilled Memory of Heaven
has fallen upon Earth
a venial parasite
with rapacious competitive intent
to absorb the very last drop of hope
out of PreMillennial economic-industrial development
and politically faithless degenerate futures
for PostMillennial divestment
of your sacred cooperative-regenerate Wisdom vestments.

But, your continuously divine intent and practice,
your eco-vocation
to love each moment
born of past
just a bit more elationally,
than we would without its baggaged past
and yet just a bit less
than its co-arising intent
toward regenerate Heaven on nondual healthy Earth,
Tribes advocating for PostMillennial cooperating networks 
more than competing root systems,
global gods and goddesses
of bicameral eco-empathic loving CoPresent Time.

Why does such ecological healthy inclusive love
exhaust your sacred Time's greatest lovers?
How could such profound integrity
so profoundly isolate
within co-arising and coincidental polypathy,
enculturing voices and divine integrity's designs?

Information eco-functions in-empathic-telligence
blending bicameral positive evolution of love toward peace,
by struggling and suffering with dualdark angry PreMillennial,
painful birth,
and fear of post-climatic Millennialism,
static ego/anthro/encultured death.

PostMillennial Gods and Goddesses of Time's incarnate body
exhaustively repurpose PreMillennial Tribes of DNA/RNA double-binding EcoMind,
surfing bilaterally primal power of discontinuous enclosing prisons,
closed-set metasystems,
yet wildly suffering flows elational,
positive-midway double-negative in revolutionary scientific retrospect,
evolution branching spaciating time's eco-birth
through and of and in and by and for each moment
of Ego's co-messianic post-millennial death
of fear of Time's co-gravitating absence.

Completely purgative,
your universal smooth-structured metaphysique of lovely synergy,
primal relationship of understoried creation,
between as within each pre- with post-Earth enthymeme,
health loving,
integral intuition
of dipolar dialectic diastatic vocation,
rolling toward hope for cooperating lives
yet terrified to let go
of Ego's discontinuous
decomposing lively deaths
of co-incarnate Memory,
EcoNorms of God Love,
democratically ubiquitous, 
global co-arising equity of faith, 
yet solely present-tense accessible, 
EcoPresent Diastolic 
Longing/Belonging TaoTime.

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: culture, earth day, history, humor, love, religion,

My Book of Lists

A book of lists
is what I need
to absolve Earth's Tribes
of rampant greed.

Before and after lists,
being and becoming fists,
masculine and feminist mutual mentoring trists
of transliterative transubstantiation.

I would like to hug
a warm and fuzzy theology
with prophetic philosophical appeal
to aesthetic reasons and tastes
that both hunters and gatherers
might sing and dance along

Nationalism is out,
so Earth-centrism is in.
Egocentric competitions are out,
so ecoconsciousness colors back in
balancing patriarch/matriarch cooperatives,
consensus ego/eco-consciousness.

I need an updated list of reasons why
when red is out
then green is in
and when they grow together
we rediscover rich brown creolization
of less anthrocentric cultures,
we reweave deep dark mythos/logos syncretism,
for healthier earth history stories,
not just logos taught, but also mythos mentored.

I love this list
of red becomes purpling peopling nurturing equalities
as blue states of eco-natured redevelopment
become aquamarine green,
together ultra-violet
non-zero sum octaves
WinWin his/herstories.

I live these self-regenerating lists.
They move around
Yin-in with Yang-out
to re-emerge regenerative
of and with and for Earth's 4D spacetime double-binding
transcendent generosity
listing forward to regenerative ecotherapy
listing back toward permaculturing gratitude
for these organic EarthTribe lists
of ebb and flow.

We need an historic list,
cooperatively owned and together self-managed,
of how paganism birthed monotheism
and regenerations of taoist anthrocentric panentheism
birthed co-arising nonduality
of PatriarchalYang loving Matriarchal nurturing Yin
birthing Trinitarian permacultures 
systemic-organic networks
regenerating egoconscious Left
as also ecoconscious Right
as Mother Earth Shabbat
in and of Beloved internal/external Community
climate balance
both universally absolutely empowering
and invitingly
concretely organic Golden Rule ego/eco enlightening.

I need a list
composed by historians
and journalists
of what regeneratively happened
when we had no bad news,
where we had no headlines to gossip about
and only loves to nurturingly share
and in 
and on 
and for 
and of 
Earth's regenerate blessings.

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
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Becoming Polypathic

To become polypathic should feel regenerative, good, positive,
maybe even beautiful, graced,
like we are inviting only the positive karmic stuff of Earth
and humanity.

Pathology, on the other hand, is degenerative,
negative antipathy,
it is reductive.

While health, fed by consistently good sensory-neural nutrition,
is regenerative,
positive empathic trust;
it is inductive--
which is double-bind notnot deductive,

A polypathic double-negative
regeneratively inductively feels
like it could only equal a polynomial positive,
as notnot equals yes.

So regenerative life becomes equivalent to notnot fully degenerated death,

PolyPathology is the ecopolitics of how these two are
and are not
equivalent normative-descriptive
and ethical-prescriptive
positive WinWin values
and notnot double-binding LoseLose disvalues,
empathic trusts and anti-pathic distrusts,
with multiculturing-creolizing Tipping Points
of polypathic equilibrium in-between,
midway YangLeft and YinRight.

to science and religion and philosophy,
share one bilateral nature/spirit 
dynamically nutritional health/pathology, 
one bicameral Way,
BothAnd bilateral truths,
multiculturing-acclimating-creolizing lives,
dipolar co-arising Tao,
Sacred Evolutions of EarthAcclimation 
and YinFlow ReVolutions of ReAcclimation-Reversion.

You can imagine how the monocultural surface and interior of both sun and moon
appear and sound and feel,
hot and cold and airless.

can you imagine how the multicultural surface and color-drenched soils of Earth
would so miraculously appear 
and longingly sound 
and polypathically feel
green and blue and ultra-violet,
dark and light,
neither too hot or cold or airless to survive
and potentially thrive,
as regeneratively viewed from either sun or moon?

Can you reweave this muticulturing miracle 
of cooperatively owned and managed climate
for breathing in self-acclimating Yang
to breathe out re-acclimation of our WinWin-YinYin LightSquared-Fractal
re-investing Earth,
ego/eco-conscious CenterCommons,
full-color violet transcendent denseblack/whitelight octaves
of fertile ergodic nutritional rhythms,
patterns ecopolitical notnot pathological?

If so,
then you,
like any creature capable of seeing both sun and moon,
and imagining how Earth's regenerativity would feel fertile by comparison,
are well on our way of reweaving healthier cooperative climates
of polypathic WinWin consciousness.

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Beloved Community Economics

Peace redeems justice
as justice pulls peace forward
into this now and here,
as justice predicts and optimizes peace.

Ecological comprehension redeems competitive economic norms
as economic transactions and networks and root systems pull ecologic forward,
cooperating this now and here Beloved Community,
as economics predicts and optimizes prime polycultural principles
of interdependent functions and ecological relationships.

Love's passionate commitment redeems comprehensive consciousness
as comprehension pulls love forward
within here and now,
as compassion predicts and optimizes universal mindfulness.

Coincidence redeems interdependent gravitational assumptions
as mutual flow evolves coincident information forward and backward
through spaciating time,
as synergy predicts and optimizes coincidental intelligence of natural systems.

Being redeems becoming
as longing evolves belonging,
as becoming predicts and optimizes Beloved Community,
both within individual landscapes of healthy eco-identity
and Earth's SuperEco landscapes without.

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Neglecting Top and Bottom Lines

I worry we co-invest in big private and public corporate assault
on Earth,
on environmentalism,
on longer-term ecologic.

Really, honey?
That's too bad.
Why not also see long-term assault
as the unintended outcome of short-term neglect
of cooperative care-giving,
healthy nurturing behavior,
Golden Rule economic and ecological behavior,
like we learned in Sunday School?

Well, yes, I guess I can see that.
And yet, responsibility for neglect
is not the accountability for injustice I seek
for assault on climate health,
landscapes of regenerative, rather than degenerative, potential,
resonant slow-growth multicultural fertility,
organic resilience,
full color octaves of strong-hued eloquence,
resonance for future Earth reweaving regenerators.

I wonder if it helps
to remember that assault derives from learned fear-mongering critical-event behavior,
while neglect speaks to more chronic ecosystems of over-investment
in short-term corporate ego-inflation,
rather than short-thru-long-term ego-eco bicameral economic regenerative balance?

WinWin regenerativity is big corporate's WinLose assault for survival target.

I think you give them too much evil conspiracy credit
and not enough human neglect of ecological long-term mindfulness credit.
When positive growth trends
are measured only in producing accumulation of wealth
for investors, both taxpayers and shareholders,
without any thought to quantities of resources consumed
in exchange for this production,
then this further feeds short-term neglect of long-term investment in care-giving and receiving
and cooperative co-arising long-term consuming-producing mindfulness.

You are reminding me
of all the corporations I have ever known
with 4-generation Mission Statements
about their corporate Original Intent,
yet, at best, 4-quarter profit-making projections,
positive budgetary outcome wish lists.

And then, too,
we have the 4-generation campaign promises
derived from public corporation officials' ReGenerative Constitutional Intent,
yet, at best, a 6-year re-election cycle,
and more likely 4-year,
or even just 2.

Yes, we do seem to have a degenerative tension
between the post-revolutionary Constitution's Original Intent
to keep this democratizing revolution going,
for cooperating with the healthy wealth of Earth
and our nation-state neighbors, 
as diplomatically and economically possible,
and within our own multiculturing liberties and justices,
mercies and re-acclimating
redefinitions of peace as restraining tolerance
for those terrorizing differences we could never nutritionally celebrate,
tearing families from their homes,
children from their terrorizing/terrorized parents,
young adults from their malnourished 
Business As Competitively Usual
neighborhood not so neighborly environments.

Democratizing intended Constitutions
speak of co-arising health-wealth,
where one could not become,
much less sustain,
without the other;
where co-investment in politics of democratic growth,
mutual acclimation,
creolization of Elite with NonElite enculturation,
are drawn within the loops and pointing dots
of periods and episodic commas
and objectives for Earth's co-arising health
and fertile wealthy prosperity,
as rich iconic compost
and cooperative economic climates,
regenerate healthy political landscapes
less likely to neglect ecological values
when drawing economic corporate wisdom's co-operative
co-gravitating original and bottom lines.

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Primal Operas

All conversations,
like harmonic music,
practice rhetoric's resonant enculturation
with mutual communicating hope,
sometimes even love.

All evolutionary integrational spirals 
practice nurturing encultured healthy trends
with spirited hope, intent, faith;
and within great evolution's transitional climatic revolutions,
often even love.

All nutritional recycling events,
divinely humane co- as eco-repurposers,
nurture open-loop polyculturing regenerations,
emerging healthy local through global hope,
positive political intent,
economic cooperative faith;
and, PostMillennially,
balanced nurturing permacultural love
of organic nested root system landscape development networks,
both on- and off-line,
with arts and craftsy ZeroEgo Optimization Zones.

All discernment practices languaged enculturation,
with enculturing hope, active climaxing love,
faith in Gandhian wealth of nondually co-arising healthy outcomes.

All prime information strings within networks practice dialectal flow
as rhetorically YangPositive AND YinYin double-negative
temporally and neurally aptic,
mutually inductive dipolar function,
with hope for less noise as dissonance
and pathological absence of prime-bicameral Left-Right communication.

All love practices communication
enculturing healthy faith in wealth of active regeneration,
EgoLeft as EcoEarth's Right
to live Tao balance proportions of symmetry,
Tipping MidWay Points
gleaming sunlight's reflection off Earth's transparent skin
toward Alpha through (0)Mega Primal Points
ecoconscious bicameral lights
displaying Ego's big stage for song and dance
rhetorical campaign events,
each interdependent aria 
comprising EarthTribe's Opera.