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Love Poems About Dramatic Verse (Verse Drama) or Dramatic Verse (Verse Drama) Love Poems

Dramatic Verse (Verse Drama) love poems and/or love poems about Dramatic Verse (Verse Drama). Read, share, and enjoy these Dramatic Verse (Verse Drama) love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Dramatic Verse (Verse Drama) Poems.

Poem Details | by Swetha Vangaveti |
Categories: love,

Beyond expression

She: I have no one to shower love upon me. 
He: "I" love you 
She: You are a busy man. You don't have time for anything. You neither wish me on my birthday nor text me ever. You never speak sugary sweet words to me. 
He: I "LOVE" you 
She: I have neither family nor friends, I possess neither wealth nor any riches, I have no education nor do I have any knowledge of the world. 
He: I love "YOU"

Her eyes melted and his heart filled with joy. 

Poem Details | by randy johnson |
Categories: angst, loss, love, woman, me,

I kissed another girl

(This is a fictional poem)

When I kissed another girl, word got back to you.
You slapped my face and told me that we're through.
Most kisses taste pretty sweet but that kiss was tart.
Now I'm all alone nursing a broken heart.
Kissing that girl was foolish and it was a mistake.
But I'll make it up to you no matter how long it takes.
I can't go on if our love is at an end.
If you'll take me back, I'll never look at another woman again.
You're the only woman who I want to be with.
So I'm on my knees begging you to forgive.

Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: lost love, sad,


?The day my Silver lining vanished away?

I was traumatized, 
After walking through the bedroom door.

No movement, or sign,
Not one single breath left behind, 
the canvas has been painted black.
Not a single image on the wall, 
I took one last gasp----- of nothing,
No hint of musk in the air,
Silently, I stare, to the unknown 
The positive aspect, gone,
My unseen benefit is missing,
The absent suitcase,
The only clue!
The burglar took it all, 
the garbage stood alone.
This is not my home. 

Chaotic, disconcerted
After walking through the bedroom door.

by; PD

Poem Details | by Frank F. Atanacio |
Categories: family, lost love, mother

Cold, Clinical, Professional

After he was shot,
the doctor told her he would die,
he let her cry,
deep, heaving moans,
heart-wrenching groans,
pain that carried fear
beyond the realm of sorrow,
her son was certain to die by tomorrow,
the doctor hated himself during times like these,
she lost it as she fell to her knees,
cold, clinical, professional,
all went out the door,
the mother cradled like an infant on the floor,
nothing else he could say,
it was such a dark day,
but he didn’t turn away,
he was struck deeply by her pain,
her terror, her strain,
he couldn’t be cold, clinical, professional,
because times like this leaves an emotional stain.

Poem Details | by Leah Werner |
Categories: inspirational, introspection, life, love, mystery, on writing and words, passion, romance


Words are just a decoy
An excuse to dance around the truth
Underestimated silence
Proves language is uncouth

Your gut will always tell you
What your heart tries to ignore
Most try their best to silence it
Stirring an internal war

Why deny yourself of happiness?
Why pretend logic is correct?
Why hide behind a curtain?
Why pretend our hearts select?

Ignorance is truly bliss
Too bad that's not our case
Lets take a risk and show our courage
Let our souls meet face to face.

Poem Details | by janetta harrington |
Categories: hope, introspection, life, love, nostalgia,

Better (by kimmy holmes my daughter)

am so special
won't suck you dry
need to be someone
have such anger
am a stranger
to myself, myself

I promise to me
to let myself be free
I WILL do better

I WILL forget
the things said
be better, no regret

I will be better 
than you
I already am

Poem Details | by Emily Kroeger |
Categories: depressionlife, life, love,

My Life.

My life gets so off course, and spins out of control, like a magical tornado.
My life, to me, is my own death race.
Don’t ask me how or why I look at this way.
I know my life is not great, but I love it as is.
My life, is wrong beyond compare, but its so right too.
My life never comes to a positive road.
My life , is addicting in so many ways.
My life is very regretful, well for many people. I do not regret one damn thing about it.
My life, is my life and I would not change anything in it.
My life is my life and I love everything about it!
I hate my life.  Maybe it could spin into control. 

not about me. I just thought of it.

Poem Details | by amber repoli |
Categories: angst, confusion, death, devotion, introspection, loss, lost love, love,


So Broken
Like Shards of glass
I'm shattered
A million pieces scattered
 across the floor of my heart
               for your love.
But I am not worthy
 for anyone's heart,
  much less yours.
For so long you were my heart
And now you are gone.
 I am dying
from the inside out
Like a knife carving its way out of my chest.
Blood trickles,
 as I leave this place.
Sweet release

Poem Details | by randy johnson |
Categories: angst, people, sad, love,

I believe in love a little less each day

Life can get pretty hard when relationships go astray.
I believe in love a little less each day.
Marriages used to last fifty years, now they last fifty weeks.
Couples keep breaking up even though true love is what everybody seeks.

I've gotten a lot of rejections because I don't have much money.
Everything gets dark when I begin to think it's sunny.
I have pain and anger because life goes this way.
I believe in love a little less each day.

Poem Details | by Myron Davis |
Categories: love,

So Close Yet So Far Away

I can feel her presence
Going through this adolescence
My lyrics are out this world
But I’m so down to Earth
I touch all her senses
Mind, body, and soul
The way I explain
You thought I made her whole
My words give meanin’
And every word 
Takes her through the ceilin’
So far in miles
To get there
May take a while
I’ll make her important
Better yet queen of  the Nile
So close we share the same pulse
 So deep she feels the impulse
I believe the simple word
Cuts sharp like a sword
Yet is what split us
Yet is offended
Like someone cuss
So close to the end
Yet so far from it

Poem Details | by Susan Duplechin |
Categories: life, loss, lost love, people, sad, sorry, time,


                           Reflections of a day gone by
                           Reflections in the mirror of tears in my eyes
                           Reflections in a window pane
                           Trying to erase all the pain
                           Reflections of your face near me
                           Reflections of what never would be
                                      You said you loved me
                                       You didn't stay
                            Reflections of a lie,that never goes away.

Poem Details | by Kim Robin Edwards |
Categories: destiny, kiss, longing, love, ocean, sea, true love,

For As Long As You Can

I need you to stay with me.
For as long as you can.
I need you to comfort me.
While I hold your hand.

When we make sweet love.
The sun shines above.
While we lay in the sand.

The sun beats down.
There's love all around.
Another golden tan.
Because i need you to stay with me.
For as long as you can.

I need you to stay with me,
Until the end of all time.
We can kiss and hug.
You can show me your love.
While we lay in the sand.

With the sky so blue.
Our love so true.
Rejoice and be glad.
Because i need you to stay with me.
For as long as you can.

For as long as you can..

Dramatic Verse by Kim Robin Edwards.
Copyright 1986,2018.All rights reserved.

Poem Details | by Jesse Jones |
Categories: confusion, introspection, life, loss, lost love, love, mystery,

Untitled #259 / Are you...

“Are you okay?”
Are you blind?

Poem Details | by PYG's Whisper |
Categories: break up, pain, poetry, sad love, slam,

One More Time

Can you look up at the stars 
There you'll see my face 
Can see that look in my eyes 
It's begging you to come back again 
If you really can feel my heart 
You'd know that it's bleeding 
And all the scars are still open 
If i were you 
I would  find at least one reason 
To hold onto our love 
Just for one more time

Poem Details | by Debbie Duncan |
Categories: faith, love,

A Lover's Quarrel

You know I had a lover's quarrel with God
As I sat there telling him  ~
I knew the fastest way to heaven
Was straight through hell
Though He did not see it that way 
Nope, not at all
God said you need to go down this one path
But as I sat out there on that enormous cypress tree
I thought and I listened and I thought some more 
What I was feeling now and what I should be feeling 
Where very two different things.
But as I said before ~
I had a lover's quarrel with God
But never once did he let go 
Of that unconditional love for me 
No ~ never once and for that I will always love God 

 1 / 1/ 2006

Poem Details | by PYG's Whisper |
Categories: passion, poetry, sad, sad love, slam,

Shady Castle

My pain is invisible 
But my tears are burning my eyes 
One day I'll forget 
One day I'll smile 
I know someday I'll meet you again 
But today I'm crying your absence a river 
In my shady castle.

Poem Details | by Gene Bourne |
Categories: addiction, allusion, analogy, angst, assonance, character, confusion, drink, imagery, introspection, sad love, self,

The Kitchenette Motel

Sometimes an
Old bulb inside him 
Flickers on 
And dimly lights 
His woozy thoughts 
And thirst to write
A song. 

Recall he's human, 
That's to say, he
Thinks he 
Still adheres, 
Not just a washed-up
Singer, missing
Schedules to

The stained and
Scribbled rhymes 
Of scattered nonsense 
On the floor, 
Three gulps of Vodka, 
Bring applause,
Adoring fans,

Gene Bourne


Poem Details | by Tobias Musyoka |
Categories: anger, sad love,


I love my nation!

With all my heart I love this land
I’d die for all what it stands for
Hypocrisy and two-facedness
Inhumanity and corruption
What a sweet and wonderful song to sing?
I love my country

I know all my fellow countrymen and countywomen
Will say the same
This nation is an oasis of damnation
Full of extortion and oppression 
Ohhhh I love it with all my intuitions 
What an imposition to shoulder
I love my country 

New storming and infiltration every moonlight
Deaths are common like cars
How I love my country

Poem Details | by Verlena S. Walker |
Categories: adventure, betrayal, break up, conflict, crazy, deep, i love you,


ARTISTIC Aspired Really did. To be your woman Involved myself Suppose to have loved you. Two worlds apart Is this because of one-sided love? Conclusion is we are not one. |______________________________________________| Penned on October 30, 2014! [New Poetry Form - Acrostic Verse Drama/Dramatic Verse]

Poem Details | by Julie Alcin |
Categories: death, grief, lost love,

Love died, so did I

Once again 
Love has died
So did I

No one cares
About me
No one cries

No one there
By my side
No comfort

Simple tears
Tears of pain
My last ones

Touched by death
Closed my eyes
Say goodbye

Poem Details | by Marilyn Williams |
Categories: death, faith, grief, loss, lost love, metaphor, sympathy,

Deepest Sympathy

Mere words cannot express the loss of a loved-one That is why I am hoping you find some comforting thoughts in these simple phrases: This Charm Bracelet is to remind you of their love, peace, and healing for your life today and always. Each Charm plays a significant role in your daily life. The Cross is the start of the day and thoughts throughout. The Church whether we go or not guides our every step. The Bible is a source of comfort. And, last but not least the Bird teaches the light of day.

Poem Details | by Patrick Cornwall |
Categories: love

So We Do

Do I deserve love
Will you throw water on  the ember of my emotions
I deserve to be loved
When I'm tired will you stroke my brow
Patiently the dying , flickering flame waits
Momentum gathers as you add fuel to me
I roll like a child taught under the smoke
Can't touch me and I reach to gather
I pull you to me and hold you 
I drink you to my parched lips
I deserve to be loved and we move
We move silently to the new song
I  gently place my log into your fire
We watch the crackling fire 
Together we roll under the smoke
Like children playing a game 
Only understood by us
We speak our language
We deserve to be loved 
So we do

Poem Details | by Debbie Duncan |
Categories: love, me, passion, time,

Anonymous E - card

I am consumed by my love for you
I cannot contain it anymore 
I have to let you know how I feel
I have given you a card to let you know 
I spent tons of time on it 
So I should like to know 
Do you love me Yes or No

Someone sent me an e-card about four times.. he, "It" said he spent tons of time on it. I kept thinking it was a virus waiting for me. So I never clicked on it.

Poem Details | by Margaret Franceschini |
Categories: color, emotions, i love you, love, romance,

Brown- Your Eyes

Brown – Your Eyes

Dark and rich
As nature 
Color of the trees and soil
A hue of luminous browns
A blend of shadows in the sky 
The color of your eyes

Gazing brings me deeper 
As I descend into colors so rustic
Shades of taupe fading at dusk
Taking me deeper into your sight
Like twilight 

Chocolate coffee 
Galloping horses from Renaissance
Embroidered in a spectrum 
A gallery of browns
Cover me like a gown

The colors of the earth
As in the chestnut tree
Where we sit 
Your eyes find me 
I surrender
To the splendor
Of your eyes

 Margaret Franceschini (March 17, 2014)

Poem Details | by Ralph Sergi |
Categories: love hurts,



My unrequited love of thee
was not returned in words or touch
and it had reached a torrid toll
that sparked a flame within my soul
its strength ignited by my pain
send to me a thunderous rain
to extinguish this flame of love
leave a smoldering memory
of a love that can never be

Ralph Sergi  Flame  June 12, 2014