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Love Poems About Dramatic Monologue or Dramatic Monologue Love Poems

Dramatic Monologue love poems and/or love poems about Dramatic Monologue. Read, share, and enjoy these Dramatic Monologue love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Dramatic Monologue Poems.

Poem Details | by Newton Ranaweera |
Categories: love, lust, slavery, women,

What am I if not a slave

What am I if not a slave?
I cook, clean and mourn;
I wash, sweep and weep
from dawn to fall of night.

I do nothing but cooking;
I cook all day,
three times a day,
from dawn to fall of night.

What are you if not a master?
You eat, teach and cheat;
you write, drink and sleep
from dawn to fall of night.

For three long decades,
I’ve cleaned your dishes:
empty, dirty dishes
from dawn to fall of night. 

What’s marriage if not serfdom?
You are my master;
I am merely a slave.
You do your part; I mine.

From dawn to fall of night
and back to break of day.

Poem Details | by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: dance, love, poetry, romance, romantic,

Dance With My Words

Dance with my words,
and I'll dance with yours
Let's do a pen pirouette,
lets make some passionate scribbling noise

I'll let you teach me how to move
in perfect iambic meter
Take me through my paces just right,
doing odd cadence swirls
as we play follow the leader

I speak,
you can hear
I heard you dear,
your voice is so clear
Now come close, closer here,
let me whisper in your ear
The things I want to say,
how I do love you ...
you love me too
Dance with me,
just you

I'll dance with your words,
and you'll dance with mine
Let's do a pen tango dip step,
synchronized thoughts forever entwined

Poem Details | by Iacomi Neta |
Categories: angst, death, forgiveness, love,


stop pretending you care, you never loved me
but your eyes filled with bliss my every day
i know i'm not her, i'm not trying to be
all my hopes of acceptance will fade away

polite words of love do me harm
stop saying things you dont believe
i could cover my corpse with your arm
but its worthless since you shall deceive

i dont want to admit who you are
the purpose itself is in vain
depressed angels could start war
seeing my dieing reflectons of pain

please tell my weak heart you cant
you are not, you shall never be tru
for,my love,deep dreams i shall haunt
everytime black leaves are drowning in dew

Poem Details | by Carrissa Whateley |
Categories: break up, confidence, courage, funny love, grief, growing up, happiness,

The love shock Test

why seek true love 
when even the truest love is fleeting
the thing you should desire is 
for lasting love to transpire 
take my hand and hold your breath
this is a love test
do you have a single doubt
about how it will turn out
are you afraid they will leave
and how you could possibly grieve
worry no more the stress will disappear
and just send this to your sweet dear
because it's over they never really let you near
it is fact they are being clear they don't want you here
take your love and disappear don't live in fear

Poem Details | by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: love, relationship, sad, truth,

Marred Beauty

People say she has a marred face,
but her face looks beautiful to me
People say that she's too overweight,
but I'm attracted to her immensely
I'm attracted to her smile,
it's so, so sweet
I'm attracted to her heart,
it's so, so kind
I'm attracted to her mind,
it's so, so smart
I'm attracted to her will,
it's incredibly strong
So when my baby sometimes gets to feeling down,
gets to feeling bad about herself
I do the little loving things to try and cheer her up
Try to put a smile back on her face,
try to make her once again be happy
Let her look into my loving eyes,
then open up myself, let her come inside
and show her exactly what my heart see

Poem Details | by jennifer smith |
Categories: inspirational, uplifting, beautiful, beautiful, love, may,

ugly and cheap

i may just have an ugly face.
i also maybe cheap
but i have made many "a man race"
as beauty is only skin deep.

i may not be as pretty as a picture
but i have often made a choice
and i may not be any richer
but there is love in my voice.

i may not have lovely clothes
but i can make love to you
and i may not be beautiful as a rose
but i know when love is true.

i may not have a beautiful body
but it is still kept on view
and i may not be small and often in the nuddy
but my affections are on cue

so if you rate your love on looks alone
i think I'll just leave and tarry
because you heart is colder than stone
your the type for me not to marry.

Poem Details | by Roman Chebukin |
Categories: dedication, devotion, faith, inspirational, life, love, music, passion, religion, teen, me, prayer, me,

last Prayer

There is nothing left for me to do on this earth,
I have said and done my dues for this world that's so cursed. 
Every move I make is for you my king of kings and lord of lords,
Make me new and purify my heart and soul, hear my word.

It seems like every move I make now is all to get myself ready,
Ready to step into your holy presence all so steady. 
I can't live without you my lord,
Without you I get really really board. 

I can't walk this road alone,
Take my hand and walk me through all these stones.
Guid my soul, so that I can wall into the holy of holies,
This prayer should say it all God, I'm yours for ever once again.

Poem Details | by JAMES HEATH |
Categories: love, me,


 GLOW      LADY'' 
Glow lady 
Outshine the moon 
Your radiance lends warmth 
To the sun, at high noon 
You are beautiful- 
Like a portrait, framed in gold 
In comparison to you 
Even fire seems cold. 

Glow lady 
Show me some sign 
That I have touched your heart 
Like the way you have mine 
You are wonderful- 
Like a June moonlit night 
Like that last puzzle piece 
When it fits in just right. 

Glow lady 
What more can I say 
My thoughts are all of you 
Every night, every day 
You have touched- 
Something brand new in me 
And these things I now feel 
I feel, so tenderly. 

Poem Details | by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: love, religious, spiritual, truth,

Double Blessing Reprise

When I say: "Love and more love" to you,
What I’m also saying is,
I bestow a brotherly double blessing upon your soul
so faithful and true
When I say: "Love and more love" to you
What I’m spiritually saying is,
I send a Resurrection greeting kiss unto you,
delivered always faithful and true ...
A double blessing born again each day anew 
Abundant love given to you, from me, in this life;
and more abundant love given to you, from me, in the next life 
My deepest wishes of a double blessing for you,
are sealed with a holy kiss from my two lips

This poem is my tribute to the talented poet, James Edward Lee Sr.

Poem Details | by Cheryl Johnstone |
Categories: angst, life, lost love, me, me,

Take It

By the pale of dawn
I took back my love
And by the dark of night
I told two lies
Never again will I wish
For a lover's bloodstained kiss
Nor remember him with weeping eyes

You stole me from a peaceable sleeping
And brought me to the enchanted place
Then turned me loose upon the wind
And showed to me a stranger's face

Take from me all youth and grace
Beauty, wit and strength to care
Take from me my dreaming eyes
Rosy mouth and twilight hair
Take from me this heart forlorn
Newly formed and newly torn
And throw it to the raging sea
Else you will not depart from me

Poem Details | by Bertrand Raven Banda |
Categories: sad love

Beautiful Death

With each touch... I lose 
the sense of feel
She reels me in with her 
luscious appeal
O... I have fallen for her & 
she knows
Heart... mind... body... & 
most of all soul
Ecstasy!... Bliss!... 
& she won the war... 
Without having swung an 
axe or strung a bow
My body lay helpless 
begging for more...
...More time to make 
amends & say goodbye
But she won't listen she's 
far too high
Her name isn't common 
like mary or beth
But love her & she will 
take away your breath
I guess love is a 
euphemism for a 
beautiful death
As the hands of time 
undoubtedly lead to 

Poem Details | by Debbie Duncan |
Categories: lost love,


Forgotten heart of mine.
Forgotten souls in time.
Teetering on the fence of time.
As prisms sparkle thru the night.
The moon glistens on the leaves.
Volcanoes erupting  thru the night.
I smell the taste of honey on my lips.
Passions controlled by what was once felt.
She has become the desire within his veins.
The forgotten dreams of his heart drip blood.
As they were dropped along the way. 
The heartbeat of their love was left out in the rain.   

12:30 mid-night 9/ 17/ 2013

Poem Details | by Donald Meikle |
Categories: childhood, daughter, family, life, love, people, social, visionary,

Sweet Short Poem After lengthy Thought

Tot for Tat

Poem Details | by Emelia Samanhyia |
Categories: betrayal,

Love is Just a Word


Love is just a word I just found out
By it nations stood far to riot
Troy and Spartan fought till men bled
Trading Achilles to his eternal bed.

Love is but a by word
Humans leave but by lust
Entangled by it treacherous thread
Which only drains the blood so fast.

Love is only a mean word
Men, women and children all trade
Just to find themselves entangled in your web of thread
And all you do to them is fade.

Love you are just a word
Not a feeling so told
You only exist by the mouth of a whistling bird.
You are only but a story never to unfold.

Poem Details | by Raffy Relator |
Categories: dedication, dog, feelings, funny love, kiss, memory, smile,

A Puppy Love

I met you in the city
I introduced myself as Raffy
How glad I met you
Since I don't know what to do..

Each day had passes
And I thought that was the last
I tried to search you again
But the city is vain

Hoping you will see
I search you with glee
At last, I saw you
Kissing to others as much you do

Seeing you in that way
Feels me hard even though your a DOG anyway
But now I don't know what to do
Coz your OWNER is much beautiful than you.....

Poem Details | by Laura Dizonno |
Categories: lost love,


you brought me
and crashed me
love isnt supposed
to hurt
or is it?

Poem Details | by Sukmawati Komala |
Categories: friendship, i love you,

Release me not

Release me not

Release me not from the charm
Of hearing your exclusive chriping
We met by chance
On an exclusive dawn
Under a velvet sky
Whilst the astonished sun
Peeped at us through its silky shadow

Let your melodious chirping 
Get merge with the vibrant wind
And compose an eternal symphony
In my solitary heart

Release me not from the story
Of your emotional heart
Let it breezes
On the tender petals of sping flowers
And mellowed autumn

Let a thousand dreams
Colour my fantasy
And let me fly unto you
On my flapping wings of poesy

Release me not 
Of hearing your exclusive chirping
In every dawn
In every dawn

~(c) Sukmawati Komala ~
Jan 2013

Poem Details | by Debbie Duncan |
Categories: faith, god, love, son, war,

My Son

My son,  my son
I want to see my son 
Please God, where is my son 

That's all I heard 
As the man ran past 

Seems there was a shooting 
And he can't find his son 

He heard there was a shooting 
On his car radio, that's all he knew
His son was all but a child of fifteen

Someone reaches out to stop him
As he drops  to his knees  to pray
My God, My God please show me 
 my son. 

I will do anything to see my son 
Next thing he knew they took him 
downstairs to see his son 
To the blood soaked sheets 

God let him see his son that day 
His son was an innocent bystander 
Of the games, people play on the world stage! 

wrote 1, 6, 2005
Was watching a movie .

Poem Details | by Janice Jackson |
Categories: love,

My Love

You stare at me with liquid,brown,eyes that grow dimmer as each day goes by
Trying to communicate with a mouth that cannot speak,my heart slowly breaks.
You lie against me, so warm at night protecting me from the cold,
I feel you shiver, I try to cover you but you pull away,sometimes leave the room.
What more can I do to make you see the love I feel for you?
We still walk together down leaf-covered walks, the wind blowing in your hair,
Sometimes you stare up into the blue sky, sometimes you seem so far away,
What thoughts are passing through your mind, do you know how much I care?
No matter what the future holds, no matter how much I cry, 
My love, my friend, my dog.

Poem Details | by Phatt Matt |
Categories: beautiful, cute love, deep, devotion, husband, relationship, soulmate,



I watching the sunset somewhere

oh my but it does look lovely

if I were a criminal

the police will probably bug me

darling I’m coming home to you

so come and hug me

go on sleep my wife

I’ll watch over you

because I am your hubby

I’m glad I promised

I will be rid of the bubbly

yes it brought quite a bit in me

the good ,the bad

and the ugly

no guts

no glory

this is the end of the story


Poem Details | by Sukmawati Komala |
Categories: love,

The language of love

Come love
Please come 
Fill my desire

I’ll  beg for your present
till  you apprear
with  your sweetest  fragrant

anchor in my heart
with  your language

beautiful language

the language of love

let me
your romantic art

in sharing the joys
and appreciating  the griefs

life is about
knitting happiness and sorrow
into a blanket
of heart and soul

in sorrow
I understand
the value of a smile
and the priceless of a laugh

and in happiness
teach me much
how to care 
the value 
of each teardrop

~ (c) Sukmawati Komala
12 june 2013

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: love, lust, marriage, miss you, passion, romance,

love not taken

let no soul take your love and memories from you
they belong to your heart , they belong to you
not for one person to minimize all you have cherished and saved

the many times you have loved , the passion , real fire
in all the memories of loves present or past
holds a passion,  holds a hot flame of desire 

Let no one person rob you like a thief 
for your love that you have had even, if brief 
holds the magic and scent of the passion that you crave

unlock the door to your memory
and open what is yours 
It is yours to remember,  it is your love that you have saved.

Poem Details | by Sukmawati Komala |
Categories: love,

The house of love

The house of love

a door
is always open
when I come
and go

search in longing 
my presence

each room
save breath
peace and beauty

in silence
shining clear
the string of words
in beautiful poems

the house of love
full awareness
a true shade

maintain the
existing comfort

don’t move

the house of love

~ (c) Sukmawati Komala
05 May 2013

Poem Details | by Sabion Osore |
Categories: crazy, funny, love, love hurts, sad love, satire, scary,

Suicidal love

Suicidal love

It chokes and mauls me,
It suffocates me as its venom spread to shake my heart,
It kneads and lives me vulnerable to hurt,
When you hunt it,
I remained obdurate to love,
Its obsession sucks my strength,
When the peril of real epitome of African beauty sprout her,
Chokes and desires of having you drown me into sour guts,
It is a suicide how this eerie feeling fills,
For it freezes not the frosted and fermented heart to freedom
It is suicidal how love is.

Poem Details | by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: character, dance, forgiveness, inspiration, love hurts, nonsense, silly,

One Word

Ahhhh! My heart!

She said one word, 
And it shattered my soul,
Once so strong,
My diamonds are coal!

Ridicule, disdain, and disgust
Are all her testy mind can must!

I am stupid,
Indignantly so! 
How ever with such insults
Shall I properly grow?

My heart! The pain!
The sting of one word!
Tis an ache one looks on 
As grossly absurd!

Though as it were,
I must grow tall,
For such a mere word
Shant possibly end it all

I shall laugh—HA HA!!!
And instead I shall dance, 
For life is quite great,
And I still have on pants!

Tis I, a gentleman,
Tried and true, 
Whom shall never be less,
E'en when I am with you!