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Poem Details | by Maurice Yvonne |
Categories: angel, beauty, love,

Thinking Out Loud

~writer's notes~ i think out loud from my fingers to a keyboard so forgive me if my speak is somewhat long winded if it has swirls and curls this is me hopefully you want to hear my voice in its totality ~the prologue~ just a child he clenches his teeth grinding creating a screeching sound much like worn out brakes the yell of steel on steel he bleeds my God how he bleeds a deep breath and boiling burgundy spills over the structure of his frame wears down the flesh to the bone the sun stops shinning birds start falling out of the skies have you ever heard a dog wail in pain that was him that loud puppy the barking that breaks the night in two i confess he was me - emphasize 'was' ~the story~ back in the day in the dead of night still young cautious we met at a special place where nature's hand had drawn a line a spot unique only we could define where pulses race at an amazing pace like cranking dry ice through veins You asked me "Do you believe in love at first sight." I answered "I believe in love under any circumstance." (later you told me you loved those words) you clarified "in love - i mean do you believe in falling 'in love' at first sight." I replied "I believe in sparks." your face lit up "Sparks?" you asked "Yes," I proclaimed "sparks and kerosene." looked you directly in the eyes smiled and added "wanna burn?" we kissed (how soft this moment was to the touch) the cosmos slowed down i swam in its essence at a crawl devoured this sliver of time as it simmered almost at a standstill I uploaded it to memory my internal library one with shelves leather bound shards of experiences with strong spines one's could stand the test of time our sweet union warm lit now a part of me you stole my lips bound to my heart as they are grazed against my waining restraint surrendering all reason i lost myself to your tender grip your gaze touched me deeper than any man should be felt like a unique note of music heard once never forgotten my wanting a whistling kettle a cool vapour of cleansing mist a burning desire to inhale your presence and never breathe again from then on it was always us you you were always there when I thought I was falling off the earth you handed me what you called gravity saved me from an endless existence among a bevy of extinguishing stars always had a paper pad a pen you were the only one understood my ink flowed of its own volition had a mind of its own could run slowly like a glass smooth lake or like rapids - rabid foaming at the mouth a waterway damaged by jutting rocks as it hits the sea wall - hard however no matter the ups and downs you you were always there when i sang Dylan and Cohen quoted them in Malta, Prague, Croatia lectured people smile the same in Europe as they do in South America cry the same in Africa as in Asia both when tears flow over smiles continued in England some tend to speak quietly in France their passion often screams so when I needed you when there were no words instinctively you just held me soothed my pain i was a man in motion interested in fusion our minds would eventually meld with love held shared a single bed like queen and king when we walked the moon was ours alone the promise of your love the nature of your embrace the perfume of your mane you you were always there ~ the epilogue ~ your words touched my heart your lips softened it your shine tickled my fancy your hold owned my smile together life seemed so unreal in the best of ways when the universe its vast array of entities pauses for what seems forever i dance stupid knowing everyone's looking even staring in disbelief that's what our love allows me the courage to be me no apology i live my time cradled in the calm of us live it just - being and you you are always here

Poem Details | by Maurice Yvonne |
Categories: betrayal, break up, heartbroken, jealousy, lost love, love hurts, lust,

Yesterday Love Was Such An Easy Game To Play

Yesterday, I went home for lunch, I never go home for lunch. When I got to our apartment  I don't know why but I didn't reach for my key.  Francine was at work and I always leave last in the morning.  I was sure I had locked the door but I didn't reach for my key. I reached for the door knob and turned. The door was open.  I don't know how I knew. The moment I entered I knew.  I froze. I could feel it, smell it, hell I could taste it. I started walking but my muscles wouldn't move,  my lungs were grasping for air  for some oxygen  some sweet, sweet oxygen but I could barely breathe. “Leave!” I told myself but I kept walking. Not really walking,  it was like moving through mud,  like a slow motion scene in a movie.  But this wasn't a movie.  This was my life and I could feel it slipping away  from my grasp. I heard noises! Francine.  I had heard those noises a hundred times before,  they were the sounds of an Angel  but this was no heaven  this was my own private nightmare. The moans traveled through the muck in the air  amplified like the hiss from a distorted speaker.  It mocked me over and over again. Climbing a mountain might have been easier  but I finally reached the bedroom, and there they were, and there she was. I knew, I knew the moment I entered the apartment.  Why hadn't I just turned back?  I could barely see, my eyes were blurry,  covered in layers of my own tears. I could see her  I knew I had never seen him before. They were naked and in our bed.  Naked in OUR BED! How do you that? How do you cross the line to that extreme? You'd think the green eyed monster  would control my actions from here on in.  I did see green! I was insanely jealous but I didn't want to end up the morning headline in the newspaper. That monster jealousy was by my side but I took charge.  I'd have to keep him at bay, at least for now. You'd think I would be mad, I wasn't. You'd think I'd curse and call her whore. I didn't! Being cut open alive must be lest painful than this.   This hacked away at my spirit,  tore away at my self worth. I felt like a pile of worthless shreds. I spoke I mean my lips moved and words came out... I think.  I think I said,  I'm not sure it all happened so fast, she never spoke. I could see the shame on her face  she didn't need to speak,  but, but I think I said 'Sorry... I said Sorry and I left. I wandered for what seemed hours,  it was minutes.  It wasn't like I was meandering to a different drummer;  there just wasn't any music anymore. I was moving to the rhythm of the beating of my own heart.  Like a broken record it was skipping, like a broken record it played  in a loop of repetitive monotony. I suffered in my circled steps  until I couldn't stand it any more. I found just enough strength  to return to the apartment. I knew she was gone  I already felt the emptiness in my whole. We'd never see each other again. We had been so much. She was a big part of my life. She was the love of my life. I would never love anyone like that again. So much of her was me. I thought she was my soul mate. We let go of all of it. There is a feeling of betrayal. A feeling of disgust. A jealousy that takes over. I'd never look at her the same again. Everything she ever did from that day on would always make me suspicious. Jealousy would rule me. Jealousy should never rule anyone. If you can't trust the people in your life, friend or lover, you need to remove that person from your life. You have to remove that person out of your life. Trust, is the only gift we can offer. Friend, lover or stranger! People can trust me. My word is my bond. I let her go,  I really didn't have a choice I would never be the same again. She was gone. She had left a note. It said Sorry! Sorry! We both were. Maurice Yvonne 11~30~2014 Sponsor: Verlena SWalker Contest Name: The Green-Eyed Monster 

Poem Details | by Maurice Yvonne |
Categories: celebration, for her, i love you, love, passion, relationship, romance,

On One Knee

if you wanted to dance with me
i mean really wanted to dance with me
then i would
i would dance with you

if you needed me to walk on water
i would stand there until the lake froze
then i would
i would walk on water for you

if you suggested i climb 
a mountain 
warm at the bottom
freezing at the peak 
i'd buy you a snow globe
turn it upside down and up
hold your hand warm 
watch the freezing snowfall
climb your suggestion creatively

if you mentioned 
you'd like me to paint your portrait 
i'd buy every different colour of acrylic paint I could find
blend them on a canvas
paint your colourful internal portrait
every crayon in the box 
that's who i see

if you said move me
i wouldn't hire a truck
or even touch one stick of furniture
i would write this poem for you
put a bow on it
fingers crossed 
i would move you

your lips are always on my mind

if you want a man
willing to do...
...a man...
...hold you gentle but firm

i'm here 

ring in hand 
on one knee

November 28 2016

Poem Details | by Maurice Yvonne |
Categories: love,

Love - An Explosive Rant

she was all like - there's something i have to tell you but before she gets to say it his ex wife shows up he's all like - she's going to be staying with me she says - for the weekend he says - for the summer as he walks away you see regret all over her face you know if he knew you know he'd give his eye teeth that's the way they tell stories life however is not a scripted story it doesn't work like that people in love one's the fridge the other's the magnet you can't avoid that kind of attraction your lips are locked before your mind even kicks in love is like that you don't walk around it it is an a to b and it is direct you don't walk through one door just as she walks out another you can be in a huge city somehow you both walk in to the same restaurant somehow you're both alone less than a second later you are glued to one another super glued to one another there is no where no where else you want to be you are stuck together like a tongue on a frozen metal post no matter how painful it is you are exactly where you want to be you don't ah and hum around it you shout it from the rooftops you use a bullhorn you are anything but shy about it you know what love is love is EVERYTHING no one i mean no one dances around love love owns you when they write stories they feed their audience the same crap their used to me? i'll play some games you know 'suspension of disbelief' but love you have to serve me a five star meal you don't settle for less when love when your EVERYTHING is the topic

Poem Details | by Maurice Yvonne |
Categories: introspection, love, nature, nostalgia, relationship, world,

I Think Of You - At The Edge - 3

A reflection of the coloured pencil drawn sky
skates on the glass smooth surface below it.
While a rebellious group of shades take their positions 
on a glorious stage to express themselves artistically and

i think of you

Wisps of clouds shaped like a palm leaf
fan the winds that stoke the fire
of a randomly sketched sunset.

i think of you

The cool of an ocean breeze 
travels the shadows of this low lit evening.
Caresses my skin like the essence of romance.
Enthralled by the allure of a candle lit sky,

i think of you...

Our French Bakery early mornings.
Café au lait and croissants.
Our freesia soaked baths.
Your mink soft body.
Its milk and honey scent.

As I fall off 
the edge of the world,

i think of you.

March 19 2015

Poem Details | by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: allusion, beauty, love, rainbow,

Unseen Rainbow

I've never ever seen her face, 
but in my mind, she's the color of love
strong like dark coffee
She wakes you up early in the morning,
gives you an energetic taste of loving
to get your day going
passionate fire flows in her veins
She's got crimson lips that blow words of desire,
to keep the flames rising higher and higher,
every time she speaks your name
smile is sunshine bright
She walk towards you in her canary-colored,
polka dot sun dress that accentuate her hips so well
Her graceful charm is so a-maize-ingly pastel
mood indigo can really touch you
She makes you want to love her always,
under ocean lit moonlight and clear cerulean skies
Embark on a passage of endless days
verdant valley of iris flower eyes
She's as a carpet of grass with enfolding arms,
wrapping you in her love
Bury your head in her bosom, safe from harm
sugar is the sweetest heart ever known
She has a boundless supply of caramel happiness,
taste the creamy richness of her sensuality
It's like roasted chestnuts offered to a welcomed guest
visions of a streaming, silky satin dress
She has a winter glow like pure virgin snow,
a gift waiting to be opened by a worthy beau
Beckons you into her ivory tower to rest
Forever gazing into her yet unseen face,
which in my mind is the color of love

Poem Details | by Debbie Knapp |
Categories: hope, husband, inspirational, wife, life, death, god, heart, death, god, heart, life, love,

God Gave You a Second Chance

God Gave You a Second Chance
 Not ready to leave this world with unfinished business determining the souls color; you’re on borrowed time! Prayers to heaven and words spoken from the heart brought perspective to what time remainedFear and regret knowing this may be the end brought us closer than beforeAlways by your side loving, giving freely would now perhaps help spare your life adding color to your heart and soul.
The soul colored with Hope, Faith, and Love, the greatest being Love! I wonder have you given God what was expected for a second chance at life to color your heart and soulColor determines the hearts purity and the soul’s condition
Souls are empty without love in the purest form; if you do not receive and give without fear, shame, or doubt!  From the outside looking in many colors of love surround your soulI pray the love I give you understand the colors surrounding my heart and soul.
Love was holding you when death looked you in the face and love put death on hold! God and I give you LoveHow do you face life and death now, with a heart and soul of vivid colors nourished by our love? God blessed us and we know what matters mostYou now live your bucket list, God’s too.
Your list will end, mine tooSharing with a loved one brings special meaning, understanding, and allows comfort taking away fear, pain, and panicWith unconditional love all’s sharedColors of the soul glow, angels gather, and God gently lifts one unto himselfThe guardian angels exit; slowly colors fade, a feeling passes the one left behind as the end has comeI imagine the colors of love in the heart and soul.
                                                                                                                                                             Debbie Knapp

Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: friendship, heart, lonely, lost love, love, me,

Cloud 5

Falling from cloud 10 (a self rejection collaboration) 

King Mandalay!

Poet Destroyer, I want to tell you this 
My heart is not ready to sing
I will always seal my love to you with a final kiss
So you can always feel you were once my everything 
I am sorry I was too much for you on your lonely night
My ego is too strong for you to be with someone like me 
Sorry, my heart beat will set you on cloud five away from the light 
It's not you my love I need more dots to see
PD, It is not easy to feel overzealous
I became paranoid with this system that  glistens
A friendship I destroyed by the thought that made me jealous
P.D., I don't think we could ever be friends I never did listens 

My ways ruined the perfect expression of a perfect emotion 
Once again what could have been a nurtured affection I ended
You will never again see the moon to my ocean
I will leave you now on cloud 5 hoping you don't feel offended

Poet Destroyer
King Mandalay, you’re my love and will always be my desire 
With an endless world of possibilities you will forever own my heart 
My heart for you will always burn with an eternal fire
I place my hand on my broken heart to another lonely street
Never will my heart beat feel complete
You were such a gift I did not want to live without 
Without you I will go back to my cloud 5 the abyss of delete
I gave you my heart to the fullest, now why so much doubt? 
King Mandalay, you spin my head round and round
Like a kaleidoscope ever color will crash above
You dropped my heart from cloud 10 right into the  ground
Our friendship connected our fate into a promise of broken love
The gravity between me and you was really true in my heart 
My lost emotions will break my unity to survive
You are the devil who ripped out my best body part
My energy will dive back into cloud 5 where life in no longer alive

             CLOUD 5

Poem Details | by Anoucheka Gangabissoon |
Categories: love, romance,

Undoubtful Doubt

Could it be That we will never be? It cannot be That we played with fire Without playing the lyre Could it be That you are a liar? Ready to jump into the pyre My heart does bleed And plead For Mercy I am Capricious Even Luscious In your bed Always coloured red Yet You abutted Never Pretentious I am Anxious Could it be That you do not agree? With my Faith What would become of me Should you let me be? Without my Side You will truly Hide Your eternal Pain In Vain.
Written in 2011 This is my first poem on PS I started with this one I love it as it made of me a poet, appreciated by a poetry community Though now, I have learnt to love myself as well as the skies Love can be about understanding and patience rather than despair

Poem Details | by Grace EunSong Lee |
Categories: father, love, sad, son, boy,

To the Boy Who Could Not Sleep

You cannot sleep, you tell me
spitting forth frustration
angry sentiments of a scorned heart
Your dreams are robbed
You have been ridiculed 
all day 
in a world where 
You don’t quite understand the rules
every word you spoke today was the wrong one
You crossed lines unknowingly
doors were shut in your face doors
of opportunity
Your love and passion 
which you felt was real
was mocked—
so you cannot put away such thoughts
You come to me frowning, heated
seeking sympathy
But son,
you are young
you know not what ropes 
truly bind the soul
what thoughts throttle the heart
in the darkness of night
you have been betrayed, deceived
by strangers amongst whom 
you sought fortune and acknowledgement
but this, I tell you
is no shame, no grief
you have not felt the cuts 
of those you thought dearest
those you thought you knew 
that hair those lips those eyes that heart
now coloring and darting away
leaving icy holes
in your chest
you know not yet 
that the curse of a sleepless night 
does not burn with anger
it is cold, so cold
and so lonely
So say not another word now
and go
you may sleep in peace
for you are not a father.

Poem Details | by Angel fire |
Categories: desire, life, longing, loss, love, moving on, passion, romance, woman, words, me, woman, longing, love, me,

A moment in time

A moment in time..

I saw you across the room the other day,
Much like another time when you held my gaze,
Pulling me in with one passing glance
Our longing eyes betraying thoughts, that this might be another chance
This is crazy I thought, we both surmised and laughed.
Looking away, looking back again, can anyone else see what’s going on?
This moment of desire shared between you and me,
Embracing the what ifs and what would be?
Two strangers living separate lives, intertwining paths in space and time
Connecting in ways we could not explain
The thought of one touch occupying all senses
Haunted by the what could have been
If I would have been, the one to say I do
We recently shared a moment in awkward conversation
Trying to be informal and coy,                                                                                           But what we really wanted was to
Wrestle with the deep mysteries of each other  
The woman in you celebrating the man in me
The man in me praising the woman in you, the beauty of you
With your long hair and misty eyes, just something about the way
You look at me, makes my body leap inside, and weep at the same time.

Where were you from? What was your name?
The love from my youth is one and the same,
Has it been that long? Forbidden romance lost in memory
Something of a glimpse captured in remembrance,
Yes! You found me in my misery long ago
Wanting to love me out of a misguided childhood,
Only to be met with at the time, a beautiful mess
We shared intimate conversation, falling for one another
As words fell from our lips, an exchange of hopes and dreams
We fulfilled a need in one another, drying tears from each other’s eyes
For a season,
But momentum drove us on separate paths, on distant shores
I watched you fade away, like a fog across the bay.

Do I have regrets and will I have regrets?
Sure I do, and yes I will,
I didn’t have the words to tell you then, what pride refused to say,
That you meant more to me than handholds on a treacherous mountain,
That your tenderness broke through layers of bitterness left untouched,
And that now, like before you shake the foundations of my very being,
Only you have been able to reach me there.
Shall we embrace this forbidden love? Build a future out of broken lives?

You have yours and I have mine, what will become of us if we pursue?
Sometimes true love is never meant to be shared, if it decimates 
The only thing you know to be true, what is real and what is now
And the impact a dream can have.
So when I see you now, at least for the moment I can believe and know
Your okay and that life has treated you well and that you’re happy,
We can find peace in our circumstances, the way we found each other again.
And smile remembering that once we shared a moment in time..

Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: character, christian, feelings, inspiration, life, love,


What is the best gift you ever have?
Who gave it to you?
When did you last receive a gift?
What have you done after receiving that gift?

Did you use?
Did you keep?
Did you brag about it?
Did you exercise that gift?
Did you share them?
Did you say thank you to the giver?
Did you do something as an exchange for that gift?

Our Father God is so good 
that everyday He is daily giving us a gift.
Each day we are given a gift--- life...
Walk around and see how the world around breathes
The blue clouds drawing some bear, dog or even a human.
The trees that swing left to right with the wind hum.
The flowers that exhales fragrances tripping on air.
The birds that chirps and the running water soothing lyre...
then stand infront of a mirror and see the best gift you can give.

YOU, yourself is a gift to someone.

Your smile.
Your friendship.
Your time.
Your kind words.
Your simple act of kindness.
Your selfless service.
Your loyalty.
Your understanding.
Your presence.
Your effort: participation.
Your generosity.
Your talent.
Your abilities.
Your forgiveness.
Your encouragement.
Your unfailing love.

Are these not gifts if done with sincerity?

 07:37 pm, February 22, 2015

Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: appreciation, feelings, life, love, new year, prayer, thanksgiving,


EIGHT DAYS HAVE PASSED "Give thanks to the Lord our God and King His love endures forever For He is good, He is above all things His love endures forever" ---------------------------------------------------- Eight days have passed since year 2016 began Father God, I welcomed this year with beaming smile and hope for a better, happier year to accept Your revelations and heartily with arms wide open set forth to live. Last year has been a big surprise Father God but wow, You always overwhelm me when You answer my prayer. Trials, disappointments and failures thud! thud! thud! They came too, battling with me, weakening my nerves that there are times, I am again asking why... I am again asking when is the ending because I'm all tired. Despite such times, I know, I believe and I continued to never ever forget to say thank You. I may have lost some opportunities but I thank You, You gave me this time to be with my family. Seeing my parents laughing and crying while they hold the first baby of our family, priceless. I admit, I miss these times for in my memory there's not such pictures or moments I recall. Thank You because after long long time, I celebrated my birthday with my love ones complete. I thank You that You gave me those times to finally speak out those buried heartaches that openned the door for better relation... It has not been easy because I even leave home just for things to cool down and let them all realize. Over that period, I thought I will be alone but no..You Father God sent a gift to me, since July 2014, what we have has grown to more and more. You know Father God how I yearn to have somebody by my side, someone stronger, wittier, funnier, better than I am and my being is overjoyed that You gave me a person far greater than I even wished, even dreamt and prayed for. I thank You Father God that You are making it happen for me, I do believe that there is so much more You have stored for me, I am relieved to let go of 2015 with a determined heart and receive the New year with positivity... With Your strength and wisdom that empowers me, I know anything that may come I can stand through and be victorious as You are with me, seeing me through since I was born. I hold on to Your promises Oh Father God and the fulfillment of the everything You have started in me. Faithful, merciful and loving that is You, I say with all I am that I love you and I thank You. Forever, I will declare and spread Your goodness in my life. Forever, I will utter my gratitude that You blessed me then and now. Forever to You is the highest praise, glory and honor. F-o-r-e-v-e-r! ____________________________________________________________________ *** Quoted lyrics is from the song Forever by Chris Tomlin ***Inspired by Biblical Verse: 1 Chronicles 16: 34 8:36 pm, January 09, 2015

Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: feelings, longing, love, prayer,


HOW OFTEN DO I SAY My God, h o w o f t e n do I say that I love you? Did I when You give me message and I speak? Did I when You give the Bible and I read? Did I when You give me directions and I obey? Did I when I followed Christ, Your Son? Each time tears roll under my cheeks it's You I run to call A breath of prayer my succulent squeeze of shaping hope and hence, Your ways and answers will be revealed whole I trust You'll crash every fears that crumbles my whole! Every beat of my heart belongs to You. Every amazing thoughts in my mind comes from You. And I acknowledge Your ever faithful presence; As I open my eyes when I wake up; the soft brush of sunlight kissing my skin the tiptoeing fall to dagger pour of rain the bubble bloom of blossoms tickling my nose The chirping birds I hear each time I sit and pray. Every pats. Squeeze. hugs... Oh! they truly remind me, how You love me.:) And so... I love You my God that each day I live... I long to serve You in every talk in every walk I love You my God that I opt to pass each test You put me through I love You my God that just by thinking of You it makes me smile It makes me wanna say thank You. thank You and T H A N K Y O U... © OEGuillermo October 23, 2014; 11:22 pm ***Inspired by my favorite Bible verses: Matthew 22:37: ''YOU SHALL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART, AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL, AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND.'' Psalm 118: Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;his love endures forever.

Poem Details | by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO |
Categories: character, fantasy, gothic, old, passion, romance, sexy,

Grace Thou Love Nary Forlorn----OLD ENGLISH

Her grace, she moves in poetry,
Tread cobbled path of wandering heart;
She speaks in moonlight spirit,
Thine treasure chest come undune,
'Till I lose mine feathers,
Frozen by her sole divinity;
She, found to mine lost,
Twixt these street exile redefined by her golden glory,
pounding on my chamber door;
I must forego the counsel of my twisted devils,
Rise from lay 'pon this brow beaten soul;
Swell into her wonder..lift love anew!
Heaven restore mine black gloom;
Her grace, she moves in poetry,
Spilleth' over, soothing matrimony.


                                                                             ©    PoeTTreeZ Publishing

Poem Details | by Newton Ranaweera |
Categories: love, lust, slavery, women,

What am I if not a slave

What am I if not a slave?
I cook, clean and mourn;
I wash, sweep and weep
from dawn to fall of night.

I do nothing but cooking;
I cook all day,
three times a day,
from dawn to fall of night.

What are you if not a master?
You eat, teach and cheat;
you write, drink and sleep
from dawn to fall of night.

For three long decades,
I’ve cleaned your dishes:
empty, dirty dishes
from dawn to fall of night

What’s marriage if not serfdom?
You are my master;
I am merely a slave.
You do your part; I mine.

From dawn to fall of night
and back to break of day.

Poem Details | by Bertrand Raven Banda |
Categories: addiction

Kill You Today, Love You Tomorrow-Love And War

I lay in my bed day by day,
thinking of what next to say,
I feel I dont love you 
its like I was drowning & now 
I'm ashore
I feel no love & no hate my 
heart is sore.
all is fair in love & war 
Inside my twisted mind i mix,
Two very different links, 
Today you die, 
tomorrow you cry,
today I'm wielding a sword, 
tomorrow I'm defeated by 
your words.
I see you in my dreams, 
but we are on different teams, 
it feels so right & yet its so 
its like I'm in heaven, but not 
for long
I will kill you today & love you 
this day is on happiness & the
next sorrow, 
Why am I like this? Are you to 
Why are you always that 
I stand in the midst of 
ready for war, 
with my armour & hammer 
looking like thor, 
I see you on the other side 
are you looking for more?, 
only God knows what it is 
we're fighting for!

Poem Details | by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: beautiful, dedication, identity, light, passion, sad love, trust,

The Monster's Soliloquy

I am not dreaming, certainly.
Not even dreams of the purest happiness 
Contain that of which makes up this precious being.
How softly she smiles at me….
Like the beautiful gypsy, La Esmeralda,
To the hideous hunchback Quasimodo, 
Looking not on my face and frame with any ounce of fear nor fright—
But with wholesome love and compassion

She extinguishes all past hurt 
With the gentle, fervent touch of those soft, small hands,
The determined gleam in her eyes of certainty, mercy and trust…..
A guardian in this icy world of hate and suspicion, 
Whom melts this frozen heart with her words of skill and will!

I should almost wish to steal her away—
Yet any power or control that I have once possessed is lost in her good deeds
I cannot be tempted to hurt or wrong her any longer,
For she and she alone acknowledges my life with the stainless soul
Of justice and kindness!

She has restored my hope like the rays of the sun 
Beating upon a warming ground once cold and rigid through many nights
She melts me like the ice of the mountain’s peak, 
Which now pours such warm, gratifying tears,
Down the  dangerous trails, to the humbling base…..

Sweet angel of relief…..
I will cling to you as I have nothing…..
I rely on you, for you are everything…….

Poem Details | by Angel fire |
Categories: devotion, love, passion, romance, sensual,

To look at you

To look at you…  by Steve Hudson

Woman come alive at my touch
Respond to the caress of my hand,
Be yourself and more,
A mystery shrouded in wonder you are,
Surrounded in deep love and beauty,
I pursue you in fearless abandonment
Giving you my all
Captured by your eyes, your hair,
The curve of your body in sensual pose,
You were designed to draw me in,
Into the place of togetherness 
To live as one in physical, in spirit and emotion,
Let it not be at my hand, the downcast of
Your disposition, 
Let it not be at my hand the ordinary way of living
Nor the routine of every day boredom
But adventure and passion at every turn,
Embracing this union in daylight,
The way we embrace each other in the throughs of ecstasy at night,
Noble creature, delicate and bold
Take this hand today,
The way you took it yesterday,
And let us walk in sacred unity for the Glory of tomorrow

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: life, love, peace,



Oh Zeus,*
Ruler of starry heavens and of fertile earth,
Supreme among Gods and father of all men,
Your name known to me it is, although, you, unknown 
To me remain 
No mortal, since the beginning of time, has set eyes upon
Your divine face**
You, the immortal God, through the millennia with different 
Names to mortals have appeared*** 
Immutable and undeniable forever you are!

Zeus, the “life-giver”, you are called 
With other names, too many of us, have chosen, you, to recognize 
Please, do not be offended if by a diverse name, I you identify, 
My action doesn’t spring out of disrespect or spite 
The result of my own ignorance it is and nothing has to do with your 
Holy essence  

Tell me, oh Zeus,
Why in your name, throughout history, people have been killing constantly 
Each other?
This is difficult for me to understand, as you the father of all us were and 
Are and would, always, be 
How could ever possible it be, for you, one of your children to demand
Another of yours to slay?

One thing I beg you, oh Zeus, god of gods and of all the peoples’ father,
Is it feasible ever to enlighten us, the ignorant, of your divine essence, 
Of your immutability, omniscience, goodness and omnipotence, 
So as to see and comprehend that you this world have out of love created 
And that your law is eternal,
Thus we to be convinced, from now on, peacefully to live in harmonious

© Demetrios Trifiatis 
 09 SEPTEMBER 2014

*Zeus: The most powerful of all ancient Greek gods; ruler of heaven and earth, of all gods and all men
His name comes from the Greek verb “ Zein” and means “To live” so Zeus means the one that gives life: the “life-giver.” 
**Xenophanes of Colophon,  Greek philosopher and poet,  565 -478 BCHe said: “ No man has seen anything clearly nor anyone know about the Gods.”
** John epis:, first, chapter 4, verse 12 “ No man hath ever seen God at any time.”
*** Heraclitus of Ephesus, Greek philosopher 544-480 BC, said that Zeus didn’t mind if the people called him Zeus or by any other name
**** Ferekides of Syros, Greek philosopher , sixth century BC, said that when Zeus decided to create the world he changed himself to the love- god, Eros, and by doing so he managed to unite everything in a harmonious  whole which means that this world is the outcome of love.
****John, epis:, first, chapter four, verse 16: “ God is love; and he that dwelleth  in love dwelleth in God and God in him.”

Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: anger, angst, feelings, inspiration, lonely, sad love, sorrow,


Words badly spoken
Shout - by - shout - by - shout
Let anger be spoken
Let all people around see and hear
Was that all you can do?!!!!

My heart pounding fast
Beating strong and hard
As if any moment I will burst
Sweats unstoppable running low

My fingers starts to shake
Each breath a shallow deep ones
Each glance a hidden plea
Each step carried with the heaviest gold

I want to speak but I can not
I am stunned
I am stripped
I am foot glued
I am hurting
Deep and open

I want to utter something
But I can not
Afraid to say something wrong
Scare to be put on fault
I am tired explaining
so tired...
so exhausted in a way even...

I run
keep on running
and there as I stop
Tears flow....


Poem Details | by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: beautiful, desire, inspiration, life, love, power, prayer,

The Five Word Challenge - The First Daughter of Eve

My Father, 
See the little serpents slither
Among the Wolfsbane, the Foxglove and the Daffodil
My mother distains the creatures,
And fears the beauty of my garden
Though I see splendor in their movement
They dance carefully in the night,
The moonlight shining on their freshly shed scales

Why are they punished for an ancient wrong?
Why are they hated for their doings? 
Am I like the snakes, in my father’s eye?
A limbless mistake? A falsehood you know,
As they wait to accuse,
And always abuse? 

Fallen Lucifer laughs in the crevices,
As he has taken my brother with the rock of another,
My desires remain in the ground,
Among the burrowing creatures round
For it is a falsehood you know
That we, the children should be blamed
For a wrong made by the very ones who made us
I will dance in the moonlight,
I will water my beautiful, poisonous plants
And I will live and die like the ones before me
I will bear others, and keep watch of their growth 

For The Five Word Challenge contest, hosted by Timothy Hicks
Five words used: 

Poem Details | by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: animal, color, hate, love, symbolism,


My father is black,
my mother is white
These be the birthright
of my stripes
I'm despised by blacks,
I'm hated by whites
All because of my zebra stripes
I live in both worlds,
but is accepted by neither
I'm an outcast,
a rejected soul
I am a zebra,
a most rare creature
For most of my life,
I've been shunned and only shown hate
But in return, I've tried to only give love
This makes me a rare animal,
someone with a pure soul
I am a zebra,
born to be hate-free
I proudly bear the stripes
that don't define me
I'm more than what you see;
I am a black knight on a white horse,
I am a white knight on a black horse..
fighting against the vessels of hate
I carry only love in my bowels,
my ship always stays on course
My destination is eternity..
maybe now you wish you were more like me
A zebra is who I be

Poem Details | by Nicholas Rush |
Categories: angst, appreciation, i love you, imagery, imagination, longing, love,


Oh readers, may my brevity be realized in this passage
Oh fruitful earth, may you please ignore our credulity 
Oh bountiful harvest, may you please continue to feed our souls
Oh radiant stars, may you please not dim for we relish your glow
Oh loving sun, may you please shine into our yearning hearts
Oh blissful moon, may you please stay put as a marquee in darkness 
Oh blanketing wind, may you please blow softly on uneasy minds
Oh hand of esoteric mystery, don't close your fist in disappointment
Oh love, I see your everlasting grip of the good
I see beauty in all you encompass
I see you encompass all that is beautiful
Oh love, I see how you walk in the hidden channel of eternal and mortal
I see you shine from each atom, I see you brimming from tears of joy and sorrow 
Oh universe, is your magic a byproduct of love, or is loves magic a byproduct of you?
Who are you?
Beautiful are the good laws
Beautiful are the good smiles
Beautiful are the good tears
Beautiful is the mingling of good and natural
But what is good and natural? Beautiful
And what is beautiful? Love
The circle of infinity winds into itself, and begins again 
With a touch it is electrified, and with a breath it can vanish
To understand, would require parameters, instead we take a step with eyes closed
If there's solid ground or quicksand is a mystery
In that mystery is where the verve and itch for life swells and dwells
Oh life, it is fun pretending to unravel riddles of your silent gifts, by atom smacking naively
We're swallowed by your breath; by asking why we breathe 
When all the while, the answer is the question itself
Oh god, let us bask in your symbol as the totality of existence
Let us drown ourselves in reverence of your labyrinthine eyes 
Who am I addressing? Love
Who is love? You.

Poem Details | by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: dance, love, poetry, romance, romantic,

Dance With My Words

Dance with my words,
and I'll dance with yours
Let's do a pen pirouette,
lets make some passionate scribbling noise

I'll let you teach me how to move
in perfect iambic meter
Take me through my paces just right,
doing odd cadence swirls
as we play follow the leader

I speak,
you can hear
I heard you dear,
your voice is so clear
Now come close, closer here,
let me whisper in your ear
The things I want to say,
how I do love you..
you love me too
Dance with me,
just you

I'll dance with your words,
and you'll dance with mine
Let's do a pen tango dip step,
synchronized thoughts forever entwined

Poem Details | by Debbie Duncan |
Categories: lost love,

Life After Love

You believe in life after love
You went places I did not go.
I told you it was breaking down.
The  foundation of our Love
You said hold on a minute 
I'll be right back.

We needed to fix it then I said
I waited for you to come back.
Forever and a day  it seemed
But when I saw your face
My heart lit up like always
And everything else fades away.

Then you'd say to me again
Hold on to this I'll be right back.
I told you, you can't leave, not again.
You said to hold this I'll be right back.
I promise you this time I mean it.
You know I love babe you know I do.

I said but what if I get tired and it falls.
I trust you I know you won't let it.
I said if it shatters on the floor
Then it will be to late to fix it.
And it will be swept away  
All that will be left on the floor 
Are teardrops where I cried.

Poem Details | by tom bell |
Categories: angst, depression, girlfriend-boyfriend, introspection, lost love, sad, sorry, me,


My eyes grow heavy,
Yet I can't sleep,
My soul feels weighted,
But I can't weep

I dream on
Without the hope I need
I need to talk
Yet my tongue's not freed

I clutch my pillow,
I cling to the thought
Of how we met,
And why we fought

It all seems so silly now,
And I wonder why
We could let this stand
And let love die

Pure "saving face"
Holds me back,
Especially since
Your verbal attack

Being a person,
No easy thing,
You've left your nest
And the protection of
Your mother's wing

Should i call?
Or hold out?
Be the weak one?
Or stand and shout?

Oh, Lord, please guide me
Let me know
The way to be...

I roll over in bed again,
And turn on the light,
But light doesn't help.
I have no sight...

Indecision means inaction
I start to groan,
To lose your love,
A fear greatly grown

Turn off the light,
Again to bed
In many ways,
Wishing I was dead.

Poem Details | by Alexandra Armata |
Categories: best friend, blue, depression, i love you, loneliness, nostalgia, youth,


There aren’t many people there for you,
Remember that.
	You can be in a dry heaving heap on the floor and 
Will know.
Much less care.
	Do you understand the dangers of knowledge?
Do not bring this pain into their lives,
They do not deserve this.
	You do.

My soul is not bound to yours
	You can have your life for as long as you dream
I will not pull you down with me
	Just sit from the sidelines and appreciate you are not me
You are not breathing my air
You are not seeing through my eyes
You do not feel from my hands
	You are not me.
Appreciate your life and your mind and I will
Appreciate the way I am
Still breathing
Still feeling
	The blood in my veins is still
Flowing through the course of 
My body.
	I love you
And maybe you will be able to reciprocate
But for now I am content with your
Love is unnecessary when I see your 
Blue eyes
Through mine
Thank you
Thank you

Poem Details | by Hardik Gala |
Categories: culture, hindi, love,

Ek tarfa pyar

Thehri hue julfe theri
Jab pawan k joke ched jate he
Dhadkan ruksi jati he meri
Teri ek muskan ke aage

Ruk sa jata he waqt teri ek jhalak ke aage
Sab bhul ke bawra ho jata hu me
Har us gali, maholle se jaha tu guzarti he
Aashiq aawara k naamse jana jata hu me

Dil kehta he teri julfo se khelu
Dhadkan ki raftar badhti jati he tere khayalo se
Jab nazre mod k tu chali jati he
Tab Dhadkan tham jati he meri

Sapne in ankho me kai sanjoye tere
Darta hu kahi aansuo me behna jaye
Dil bayan kar rha he dastane ishq har pal
Juban pe khamoshi har pal cha jaye

Nazro se ankh micholi kesi khel rhe hum
Ishq mera thukrati teri nazre raaz chupaye he kahi
Ek tarfa pyaar saccha he mera
Tere sajde ki aas me hosh sambhal jaye kahi

Poem Details | by Wathuto Pearl David |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriendme, love, me, i love you,

Seeds of my pain

Black weeds of doubt
still sprout
from the seeds of me pain
remembering the day
when i had lost love again
after letting myself care much
forgot that love is hush
still I tasted the bitter
side of love that wasn't better
those words of pain from your letter

Ignored that, there is danger
in loving someone so much
that love is blind
takes over the mind
had treasured happiness
and locked it away in sadness
for black weeds of doubt
still sprout
from the seeds of my pain

As I force myself to remember
the drying, falling & dying
of our love in November
when summer started
had no love content
when the knife so sharp
those lies tore me apart
left me with black weeds of doubt
that still sprout
from the seeds of my pain

Now I cant say it no more
that I love you alot
for that repetition
does not bring correction
to the horror of my past
when i thought i had found love at last
until the day when all were gone
and our love was done
remaining with only black weeds of doubt
that sprout
from the seeds of my pain

they sprout
cause i doubt
that you love me
i think you'll hurt me
like he did, again...