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Poem Details | by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: adventure, angst, art, black african american, confusion, death, dedication, depression, devotion, faith, friendship, death, death, love,

Beyond Your End

Look deep into yourself my friend,
if then, you need to look to me, 
and deep enough to see the end,
beyond your end is where I'll be.

Into the love someday you'll see,
becoming all the things you'll know,
before your very eyes, I'll be
already where you want to go.

I'll be your long and blinding light,
of which all life is awed,
the thread that reaches through the night
in search of what is God.

And in a while, if love is right,
and hope is not just more pretend,
though you have sought what e'er you might,
'tis me you'll find, beyond your end.

And I will love your death away,
removing from your mind
what'er your death might seem to be,
with love impossible to find.
Û  © RON WILSON aka vee bdosa

Poem Details | by Gary Bateman |
Categories: allegory, death, destiny, imagery, love, passion, symbolism,

Keats - Romantic Humanist

Keats—Romantic Humanist  
John Keats
La Belle Dame sans Merci
Circe-Enchantress to all.

Beautiful, deadly in her elfin grot
She wept and sighed full sore
Hath thee in “Keatsian” thrall.

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,
August 17, 2015 (Double Dactyl)

Poem Details | by Deborah Burch |
Categories: history, humorous, lost love,

Scarlett's Lament

Scarlett's Lament

Scarlett O'Hara, she
slew all the fellas--not
lifting a hand
'Cepting Rhett Butler proved
with, "Frankly, my dear, I
don't give a damn!"

©deborah burch

Poem Details | by Gary Bateman |
Categories: allegory, destiny, imagery, love, passion, romance, romantic,

Shelley-Romantic Visionary

Shelley—Romantic Visionary  
Percy Bysshe Shelley
One Heaven, One Hell
Promise of a later birth.

About a little soul
One immortality, one annihilation
Wilderness of this Elysian earth.

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,
August 5, 2015 (Double Dactyl)

Poem Details | by Gary Bateman |
Categories: allegory, destiny, imagery, love, passion, romance, romantic,

Lord Byron-Genius Unchained

Lord Byron—Genius Unchained
George Gordon Noel Byron
Destiny in Missolonghi at 36 
A soldier’s death.

Legendary immortality
For him the best
And now he’s at rest.

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved,
May 6, 2015 (Double Dactyl)

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: beauty, feelings, love,

A Night Of Passion - A collaboration with Mystic Rose

Angel’s sing a chorus from cloisters that echo lustful cries of love 
While lovers drink in glances, passion turns to intimate desires
With trembling limbs they move, eager to entwine
Showing signs of hunger, in eagerness they thirst
Like a fine wine, they gingerly sip the taste of their sins
Soon to be committed
The Parish priest would be shocked at the debauchery
Yet why do the angels sing in unison?
The passion of love and life is the angel’s glory
A choir sings from above, at the happiness below
The coupling of spirits and raw desire
Gods design a miracle
To be celebrated

Note: This is a collaboration with Mystic Rose, and what a pleasure it was!!!!

Poem Details | by lavanya ramamurthi |
Categories: beautiful, life, love,


LOVE is the first point of the happy.
LOVE is the first step to heaven.
LOVE is the first line of the heart garden.
LOVE is the first day of the peace.
LOVE is the first relation of ourselves.
LOVE is the first person of our life.
LOVE is there every where.
LOVE is mixed in air,water...
that is LOVE.
LOVE the LOVE.....
spread the loveat last,
LOVE ll be the last point of your family.
that is LOVE.

Poem Details | by lavanya ramamurthi |
Categories: care, life, love, love hurts,


i'll feel often.
not that you hurts me.
its because i hurted you.
when my emotion volcano bursts,
i lose my control.
and thoughts in my heart flows out as lava.
it may be imaginary or real.
but., after that i feel relax,
not for the flow of lavabut for,
you will understand, my feelings.
its all because of love, affection, caring and possessiveness,
which i had and still have on you.
because, my every heart beat is for you.
every time when it beats not lup tup but.,
by your sweet name.
that is love which i have on you.
how much this world believes.
that much i believe,

Poem Details | by Charles McDauel |
Categories: funny, love, romance, satire,

Valentines day

Hearts to you-hearts to you
What can be said about
Valentines day that's not
been said before?

Only to say that I 
love you so much that I
gave up my whore.

Poem Details | by delson seaman |
Categories: death, depression, faith, fear, life, loss, lost love, sad, heart, angel, angel, heart, love, me,


Life is worth it
When I live for you
It’s how I know that this is love proven true
But there you fly now in the sky
Showing me that differences and flaws
Is coexistence in each other
Celebrate them don’t use them as a weakness
Because in doing that you show weakness in yourself
Show some respect to them 
For they are to be cared for 
Then why is it no one ever does
Do they not see the pain? 
With every dying cuss 
So let the pain engulf me 
Teach my eyes to see
Let a fallen angel come to curse me
Let my cuts come to bleed 
Evil engulfing my broken heart yet falling deep in love 
When everything turns to turmoil 
I turn to my angel from above 
Let my heart come to boil
In the ashes of my innocence 
Letting myself go until I fully reach out to fellow brethren s 
Praying with no feeling I can feel myself slip away
I’m falling yet falling apart 
 Without the slightest of delays 
Birth was a mistake and yet I cannot come to die
Was it true that I am meant to live?  
A man who only knows to cry 
I cannot give
The light has forsaken my cold and darkened heart
For who am I to live 
Cold and fruitless moon why have you forsaken me
Does it bring you joy to see that you are breaking me
Listen to the cold and broken winds 
Nothing can ever beat it
Nor can I defend

Poem Details | by ellissa dewitt |
Categories: love, heart, heart, life, love, time,

sad or happy

Baby in my dreams you were my only desire
In my life till now you have been my one inspire
In my heart I hold this love so open and strong
I have never thought of anyone else all yearlong

When you are far no where near out of touch
At night I've never dreamed of anyone this much
When you're close and I feel your gentle kiss
And when you leave its all of you that I miss

In your heart and soul I will forever confide
Baby in our time together we could never divide
Its your everything that makes my life complete
Its everything we share that makes me heart beat

For you I'd do anything, never make you wait
Whatever the time, place, and even the date
Baby your name is engraved on my heart
My heart longs for you each time you depart

And honey I will never hurt you or try to break
Baby I'll never disown you or cause you to ache
You're my everything that will forever remain
Our love story would be so easy to explain

Poem Details | by Michael Degenhardt |
Categories: faith, friendship, hope, inspirational, life, love, peace, people,

Don't Hold Back (Diatelle)

Till it hurts
Give all you’ve got
When you’re done, give them more
They will then appreciate you
Not for what you gave, but for your giving
After all, it’s not what you give, but if you give
That lets a person know that you do care
Making them always feel so loved
Giving them new feelings
Then about you
Showing them

Poem Details | by Charles McDauel |
Categories: funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love,


Woe is me-woe is me
Romeo Montague 
loved Julie Capulet
what e'er the cost,

but in the end it seems
lovers so torn between
fueds, can be lost.

Poem Details | by Harley White |
Categories: dream, fairy, fantasy, hero, love, sleep, time,

Double Dactyl

Hickory dickory,
Beauteous Rosamond,
Sleeping so silently
One hundred years…

Come your awakening,
When a Prince Charming can
Conquer your fears.

~ Harley White

Poem Details | by shaan taj |
Categories: adventure, allegory, angst, lost love, love, music,


Silence the soundtrack, 
Solitude the song...
All life dims around me
As I play along...

Bitterness my audience,
The tense present the applause..
I play on as never before..
Without so much as a pause..

The strings bear the torment.
Of all the pent up pain...
I pass it on, well knowing..
That it is bound to happen again...

The notes are loud and sweet,
The chords do perfection portray..
But my isn here...
It is roving.the vales of dismay..

Each string a charm..
Each strum a solace..
With not a care I wander..
Thru the distant star's rays...

Poem Details | by connie pachecho |
Categories: beauty, flower, love,

His New Sweetness

His New Sweetness

You're so honey
Sweet Bee
Fly with me
To your flower

Wings be flapping
In budding unison
My dear, lover

connie pachecho


Poem Details | by Luis Salinas |
Categories: confusion, love, mystery, sorry, baby, baby, love, me,

Dream-M[Male]F[Female] Double verse

M-Were both dead, are souls seperate
F-I open my eyes and i feel in hell
M-I see the big golden gates with angels around
F-I see pits of fire ,demons stabbing me
M-The gates widely opeing for me
F-I see chains on me, I dont want to cry
M-I see...Theres no words to describe the beauty
F-Am i really i really in hell, baby where are you
M-I'm in heaven baby its so beautiful,so calm
F-Not here , i hear horror , screaming,yelling, chains dragging
M-I dont want to leave this pleace, I'm in love with it
F-I dont wnt to be in hell,where did i go wrong
M-Baby i wish you were here with me,where are you 
F-No,no i dont want to burn , no no help me please
M-I'm in love, I'm so free, i can fly i'm an angel

The thunder from the heavens fall
The golden gates rapidly close
Our souls run back into are body
Our eyes finally meet

F-It was only a dream,but it felt so real
M-I had a dream to,but i wish not to say
F-Baby i want to say ,i love you,i will never cheat on you
M-I love you to, i will not either
F-Hold me will you please
M-Yes, but lets go back to sleep