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Love Poems About Dizain or Dizain Love Poems

Dizain love poems and/or love poems about Dizain. Read, share, and enjoy these Dizain love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Dizain Poems.

Poem Details | by harry horsman |
Categories: love,

Moon Dance

Once upon a time so brightly
I had this compulsion to dance
Just holding you oh so tightly;
In thoughts of romantic perchance
Realistic dreams of nuance.
Your silver beam of love the lure
Bathed in splendour ever so pure
In breath upon the breeze clement;
Held here within your light the cure
I thank the lord for this moment.

 © Harry J Horsman 2012

Poem Details | by Laura Mckenzie |
Categories: desire, emotions, feelings, love, lust,

His kiss

His lips inviting
The moment so exciting
He caught me and pressed his face to mine
A moment of savage intertwined
I will never forget he soft supple touch

I remembering wanting it so much
The flood of fever in a seconds kiss
The smiles the childish laugh the endless wish
And I won’t forget the pure bliss
All from the minds fabulous reminisce

Poem Details | by Johnny Sumler |
Categories: dedication, friendship, happiness, words, friend, love,

To Her, With Love

If life is death, do live Elizabeth,
And read my words although I'm far away
Your soul is light beside my dying breath,
With metaphors I'll die to live today
I love you more than sun-light loves the day

Elizabeth, thou art a Queen of mine,
And Angels touch you with poetic rhyme,
With words you whirl a wind I never knew
You write with beauty and you are divine
So wear this ring and kiss my rhyme to you

(written for my dearest friend elizbeth wesley. 
everyone has a fan and friend on the soup, and 
elizabeth is my heart! thankyou my love for all
of your dedicated compliments)!

Poem Details | by CayCay Jennings |
Categories: desire, devotion, love, romance, valentines day,

Joy May Our Love Say

Darling, you are my gift, my treasured gold.
        I braved pain once that our joy might reach crest, 
            So, now for said joy’s passion, answer bold
                  amour's question born from my heart’s own chest:
                      As love’s keen ache, will you crave me with zest?

                      No words trite on this sentiment may lay.
                  Just love words eloquent may our love say.
            Such happy promise dances to please us
       As Cupid’s quest quivers are aimed your way:
   Will my bliss know your shot of lust, kissed thus?

... CayCay Jennings
January 15, 2017

Poem Details | by Russell Sivey |
Categories: boat, love, poetry, water,

Moment of Grace

We are out on a small pond in a boat A blue row boat floating on the surface I recite lovely poems that I wrote The moment is electric sent with grace I softly touch her smooth skin on her face We face each other with a tender look Seeing how our love is read like a book We’re sent slowly into the pond beyond Our gaze and our souls aligned on a hook A kiss on the mouth is how we respond Russell Sivey

Poem Details | by Dana Smith |
Categories: animal, freedom, introspection, lost love, sea,


Drape over lonely hours, gloom of night The silence that succumbs me takes its toll I am left with stardust shed from starlight Words behind me, left as ink upon my scroll You're still inside my heart, marksman of my soul Stillest ocean wrath, black by moon's allure The blackbird dips to brush the water's drone Her wings spread wide and mind set free and pure No two-legged demons here to throw a stone She flies into the seaside night alone

Poem Details | by Tirzah Conway |
Categories: adventure, husband, love, passion, wife,

Today is Our Day

Today we have nothing better to do
So let’s hit the road, Babe, going nowhere,
Let’s take a dirt road, just me and you,
We can put the top down and feel the wind in our hair,
It doesn’t matter where we end up as long as your there;

There is no place that I’d rather be,
The road stretches out for miles on end,
Let’s park by the river, just you and me,
And watch the water run around the bend,
There is no better way for our day to end!

Poem Details | by CayCay Jennings |
Categories: angst, love,


Please, my heart begs you stifle each false thought. I see wounding words forming in your eyes. Spoken, false words will shape love more distraught than this swelled tussle we now realize. Best we speak core truth, lest we spin crosswise. I urge healing sincerity from you, not jabs to maim me thoroughly dark blue. Let your heart tenderly engage with mine that our fine love will strengthen its feel through full hearts entwined in love tighter aligned.
... CayCay September 9, 2016

Poem Details | by Margaret Foster |
Categories: lost love,

Midnight Pearl

When darkness decends in the long day's wake
Cool breezes waft and sigh a gentle sigh
The crescent moon her chosen course will take
To carve a pathway through the starlit sky
And midnight brings dreams of sweet days gone by

To fleeting a pearl, to fragile to last
Sweet days of delight and sheer youthful bliss
That purest of days in long distant past
The joy of first love, the thrill of first kiss
Is  lost back in time and dim foggy mist

Margaret Foster April 2012

Contest. Russel's " Midnight Pearl "

Poem Details | by Nehpets Gnik |
Categories: love, marriage,


In marriage love and grace needed
Two hearts shall know no ending
Vows taken should not be impeded
Perfect care and passions transforming
Children born the family advancing.
Heaven is a impeccable marriage
While greater love full courage;
If love begins to shrink with fear
Husband and wife should read the message
With problems solved heavenly life near.

Poem Details | by Johnny Sumler |
Categories: loveold, love, old,

My Elder Love

Madame, thou art mature and must I say...
Thy wine is old and pleasing to the taste
The love you give to me no one could weigh
Yet eyes eavesdrop on evenings we embrace
Your years above my age is their distaste

For you came like a cougar in the night
Desires upon my flesh you did delight
After our lips would play and kiss with tongue
We lay in love and looking in the light
You would say I was old and she was young

Johnny Sumler

Poem Details | by James Fraser |
Categories: life, love,

Whilst Porcelain Skins, Excitedly Grow

Where does one start when through my eyes I see I see curvatures of she, her soul glows Naked to bare she lies living so free Her undulated figure in froze pose Whilst porcelain skins, excitedly grow She to me she climbs, snake like we're entwined Defined, enriched and absorbed, two in dine Our skeletal skins dance, naked now we Undressed we're elected to be, aligned Where does one start when through my eyes I see

Poem Details | by Virginia Mitchell |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love, love, seasons, autumn,

I'm Orange

I am not blue today, though I forgot.
I’m orange as the autumn leaves, blown astray:
Or, maybe a pumpkin with missing gut.
Seasons transform and summer fades away,
And seas hold the sun’s flag in disarray.
I hope sister Moon will rise, dressed in blue,
To alight the night with her lonely hue.
Though, I’d don the harvest gown, full and bold.
I miss those red-bikini days, it’s true,
When ideals, like cheap pearls, were bought and sold.

Poem Details | by sashi prabhu |
Categories: happiness, life, love, song-desire, emotions, , sweet love,

Dance with you

9th march 2012, by: Sashi.Prabhu(zeauoxian)
 ~ LET'S DANCE! ~ Poetry Contest

Dance, only with you, my sunshine,
Dance, our vigorous emotions within erupt and rise.
Dance, exuberantly and vivaciously to make you all mine.
Dance, diaphanous caress with my gossamer eyes,
Dance, intimately churn sweet love’s nectar to inside us sensationalize.
Dance, ecstatic desire to drive us to each other fondly insane,
Dance even in doubt’s pain I have only you to gain.
Dance, desire gushes out the fathoms of my heart to my yearning lips,
Dance, from my fervent emotions all impurities will drain,
Dance, Behold us hankering and seductively gyrating  our hips…………

Poem Details | by Brian Davey |
Categories: break up, depression, sad love,

Sewer of Sadness

Sewer of Sadness
Walking in the dark down a hole I fall Slipping in the darkness that consumes me Crashing to the bottom feeling so small Wet sewerness in constant misery She showed me the signs I chose not to see Now in emptiness I long for the chance to start over again in our romance Knowing I will never receive this wish Dreaming of her closeness in one more dance waking up in defecation with fish

Poem Details | by Rocky Swartzfager |
Categories: life, lost love, love,

The Dance of Life

The spinning, the twirling, you were all so majestic, Coming down gracefully from a leap, You embodied beauty and everything fantastic. You were all but mine to keep. Their jealous gawking and words pushed you to the deep. I walked away, abandoning you to a gallows, But you were just ankles deep in the shallows. Please forgive a stupid boy, For forsaking one by the hallows, Of a life I only hope to destroy.

Poem Details | by Johnny Sumler |
Categories: depression, lost love, heart, heart,

Heart Questions Love

My house is but a heart of shattered glass
With broken crystals that carpet the floor
Un-furnished bronze and cracks of damaged brass
Disease the dining of my hearts decor
A heart once healthy love held to adore

Of that fine drum-line...spirited and free
That danced to beat now drifts depressed in me
Awaiting for loves donor to revive
Yet my ship sank in loves seductive sea
Heart questions love...which lover shall arrive?

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: love, passion, romance, me,

Wildflowers in the Rain

Lure me tenderly to your lover's lair bathe me in moonlit celestial showers clandestine hearts join to ignite a flare blooming in a meadow of wildflower let the spring rain fall 'til dawn's early hour Senses enraptured in sweet perfumed bliss candy confection, your lips upon mine enchantment defined by a lover's kiss as passions unite, the planets align our night in the rain, memories divine

Poem Details | by Diana-Marie Bombardieri |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, me,


all I wish for is to be loved by you
all I ask is you treat me with meaning
I am tired of feeling shades of blue
I am losing you despite all my scheming
you are only mine when I am dreaming

you have elected another devotee
you have chosen liquid poison over me
I will love you regardless of my pain
though a conscious mind pleads me to flee
one look at your splendour, bliss I will feign

April 18, 2012

Poem Details | by Crystal Wilkins |
Categories: lost love

Thoughts of you

I waited for you
But you never came
Promises you'd be here
Just another lie again

I'm a fool
For believing yo
I'll never learn

companionship thoughts
thoughts of:


Poem Details | by Russell Sivey |
Categories: life, love, places,

Light Within the Heart

Power behind the middle of the heart Incredible feats that it carries out Every day, inside, outside, with each part There is a light that tells what it’s about The heart levees strength that is strong and stout Even through the city, love is within me My surroundings brings me to Sicily Where hearts beam with a great, mighty white light My life is warm with heartbeats that truly Mend all hearts, working with wonderful sight
Russell Sivey

Poem Details | by Karam Misra |
Categories: betrayal, break up, depression, divorce, loss, love hurts,

Cruelest Cut

There were times you called me vindictive names,
Said so many uncalled for things that hurt.  
You played so many emotional games  
And with my friends you did shamelessly flirt.
Was there ever a time I lost my shirt  ?
Despite your disdain and cruel intent  
Your burning barbs and maleficent bent  
Most steady, steadfast was my love for you
So t'was the cruelest cut when you went
Forever deserting a love that's true.

~14 May 2016~

Dizain -  Ten lines of 10 syllables each line rhyme scheme: A-B-A-B -B-C-C-D -C-D 
 Syllable count via

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: i love you, valentines day,

My One Truelove

Leaped into the arms of my one truelove Blanket of love I’m falling still falling Listening to the mourning doves above Intimate kisses held more whispering While sweet rain lulls our passionate feelings I miss your presence when you are away You are worth every hour of every day You are the rhythm, my breath my heart belongs The poems, rhymes, my scented rose bouquet Falling still falling for my truelove songs
1-12-2017 Happy Valentine's Day For Poetry Contest: Valentine - Form D - Sponsored by: Broken Wings

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: beautiful, butterfly, death, goodbye, music, sad,


Life - a mere whisper in eternity
    Bitter taste tonight of melancholy
        Dew on rose petals leaving me thirsty
            For nostalgic notes of music folly
                And tender dreams under Christmas holly

When feelings run as deep - love does not die
    ‘Tis no more than a momentary goodbye
        As love for you flutters in afterlife
            On beautiful wings of a butterfly
                In the mystical garden of your life

Submitted on May 16, 2018, for contest DEATH: LOVE DOES NOT DIE sponsored by BROKEN WINGS  -  RANKED 6TH

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: faith, love, nature,

Light of Dawn

I tell myself, I'm blessed to open my eyes, bright in the glory of a new day. Rays of sun, gifted drops of gold on high from azure sky reach down to kiss bouquets of soft petals, gracing His sculpted clay. The song in my soul praises the morning and Heaven's light falls on lips rejoicing. Arms reach in prayer, I am clay in His hands. Mold me, Lord, in the dawn's sky, worshipping You until nightfall and starlight expands.