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Poem Details | by Sandra Haight |
Categories: faith, hope, inspiration, love,

Listen With Your Heart

Listen With Your Heart Listen, my fellow dreamers, But listen with your heart, And hear the silent music of which we're all a part. Cover your ears, my dreamers, Lest the worldly tunes drown out The inner magic symphonies of what life's all about. Listen, listen, listen, And hear the song of Love; It's echoing within you, outside, beneath, above. It's playing in the meadow And in the city street; Resounding in your friendships and the stranger that you meet. Listen, listen, listen, To the symphony of Hope; Its crescendo's growing louder to help you grasp and cope. It's drowning out the concert Of trouble and of strife; Just close your ears and listen to this melody of life. Listen, listen, listen, To Faith's unending song; There's magic in its music to make and keep you strong. Feel the mighty power, It's flowing through your soul. Its tune will conquer mountains and fulfill your every goal. Listen, listen, listen, But listen with your heart, And hear the silent music, of which we're all a part. Sandra MHaight
~3rd Place~ Premiere Contest: Marathon Mile 12 Sponsor: Mark Toney Judged: 01/26/2019 Listen With Your Heart ~1st Place~ Contest: Life ~ Premiere Contest Sponsor: Janis Thompson Judged: 05/15/2016 ~1st Place~ Contest: Simply Beautiful Sponsor: Kelly Deschler Judged: 04/05/2015

Poem Details | by john freeman |
Categories: inspirational, introspection, loveprayer, love,

"Life's Absolute Epigrams" (for 2010)

Christian Love frame

The only need for death to every exist
Was to slay the fictional self
And all the embellishments used to support it

Fear not, Love’s little flock
You will not be set to fly
And then be allowed to fall

To be strong in your Love
Is to inherit the power of God
That now lies dormant in your essence

For your possession of absolute truth
Is a point at which your Love and your reality
Both become one in God

Slaying your fictional self, being honorable
Is your first step toward your recovery
Of your conscious immortality

For what is sin but the force and mischief
Used to instill and empower
Your mentally invented lower realities

Withholding forgiveness
Is the ego’s assault against life
Love does not judge

For what is the mercy of Love
But that it repeats it’s lessons of life
Until they are learn by the mind

For Love already knows, 
What life is yet to learn
Therefore learn from who you are
And teach your outer self
Love’s absolute truth

Love is your true reality, a constant source
Has no beginning or no end
The unlimited potential, quite essential

My prayer for 2010 is that;
These proceeding sayings
Become obsolete this year
In the face of your Love itself, Smile!

Stay in your Bibles, my little bibles
For Love is your title
Not your mind of idol!!


Poem Details | by Justin Bordner |
Categories: love,

Smile Of A Thousand Songs

A spirit is what it is,
sharing yet selfish, starving yet sated,
a humble sky that can erupt into a hurricane,
can be an avalanche on the mountain of confidence,
it will be a maternal calm in a moment of marbled mania,
or shatter the laughter of happiness with the pompous scorn of suspicion,

This element of unapologetic adrenaline is magnetic,
tickles our tastes like a feather of silky sweetness,
shapes the clay of a body's cunning with lust lost in a thirsty lick,
bestows bravery on Jealousy and can make a fool of Devotion,
Destiny is the web of it's dance, Fate the funeral of it's expectations,

Designs dreams and shares tears with Death,
weddings and wars, crimes and kindness are famiar family,
Joy, the breakfast of it's youth,
Determination, the dragon of it's desire,
walks like weather too cool for sunshine
breathes like butter burnin in a salty simmer,
the only force known
to be capable of creation and destruction with equal ease,
Love is the name, Life is the game,
cinnamon on the breath of suspense -


Poem Details | by Justin Bordner |
Categories: art, freedom, love,

Brute Censorship

If you are so proud
of your sensibilities and tastes,
so convinced that your arbitrary judgements
are infallible as heartbeats of angels,
if you are the sole instrument of God's grace and evaluations
then why don't you allow them to stand next to that which you condemn
for your peers and the world to judge,
why deny those immaculate tenets the glory
of intellectual and moral combat
to prove their legitimacy,  their spiritual superiority
and not to become what they claim to understand and abhor,
who and what do you believe you are protecting, 
its critics like you that retard the development of the Youth,
attempt to shame love and passion,
encourage the madness of tyrannies, 
and succor the demons of oppressive cults,
does a rose hide itself in the shade,
does a beautiful sword dignify itself with wild slashes,
does the truth honor itself with silence, 
does justice inspire with opinion,

Banish the bullies,
trip the trolls,
excise the malevolent, 
leave passionate love alone...
I declare,
let there be contrast,
let there be Art -


Poem Details | by Richard Palmer |
Categories: happiness, love, passion, romance,

The Sweetest Sensation

Passion,staring into lust,
Noses,sharing oxygen.
Our lips connect,
Lips start to stray,
Nibbling ears,kissing necks,
Closely drawn together,
Nipples piercing hairy chest,
Nails sink into back,
Head-board knocking the wall,

Knock knock,knock knock,

Deep moans,skin locked,
We counter attack,

Knock knock,knock knock,

Screams of pleasure,
Waking the whole block,

Knock knock,knock knock,

Nuclear explosion,
Volcano eruption,
AHHHH so hot,so hot,
The sweetest sensation,
 I ever got......

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: christmas, joy, love, thanks,

Finding Joy This Season

To find the greatest joy,
give selflessly.
Share your gifts, your time, your love -
be the smile others long to see!

To find your heart’s content,
show gratitude
Open your eyes and give thanks for life -
walk with a hopeful attitude! 

To find desired love,
Love others with God’s eyes.
Search beyond the surface seen –
you may be quite surprised!  

To find your Christmas spirit,
return to innocence.
Slow down, have fun, believe again –
remember the Lord’s presence!

for Regina Riddle's Didactic poem contest, 12/7/14 

Poem Details | by Onyebuchi Okonkwo |
Categories: depression, inspirational, life, lost love, love, sad, satire,

This silly thing called Love

Craze comes out of barrel of joy,
Joy, what makes you behave coy,
Coyness, a thing that would get a toy
From the soul, hands of a smart lil' boy

That his head bobs in saving his mother,
Mother, the filial original not really similar
Similar? To the father, rasp voice that quiver
From the garden of marital ruptureIt'ld linger

Over the elms of gut, ebbing with the tide
Of bliss endedNever should beings all hide
The love, warmth of familyFilial code to side
A broken china, a shattered shuttle that'ld bide

Brittle blissCome in the evenings and laugh
At the debris of the drum, a rumble of cough
Upon anodyne ruble of ruinFeed from trough
O! Love if you aren't lifeThen live quickly, rough.

Poem Details | by Madhavi Sarjare pagare |
Categories: angel, anniversary, appreciation, blessing, desire, feelings, i love you,


 Hey my Sparkling light from heaven of blue sky,
       Marrying You,None of the path in life is empty without Your love!!
You are the dawn turning my night into day,
       Nature  residing in You is the god's gifted creativity,
Life is been delighted with wonders and joy's being with You!!

Hey my Weatherbeater, with You everyday rise with the Upstream and 
vanish my worries,
       You are Staggering force of water with whom I wave!!
You are the Iconic Prism of my life deviating a beam of romantic ness all 
       Stopping by life's biggest question you were the one who took my     
       breath away!!
You are the like the Seaboard bracing the sand and getting dissolved in 
passion of Love,
       Hey my Jewel casket, I feel secured in your sheathe!!
You are the one who always glimmer amongst all the planet,
       Yes Your Lovely smile stucked between paired lips always pleased me 
absolutely in its own way!!

Fabulously enduranced my soul,
       Artfully You committed!!
Wanna fleet admirally along with You,
       Hey my prismatic light, being with You spectral colours bloomed in my 
       Life with Your refraction!!
Something apparently sensed , something made us connected,
       Something arised our feelings, something exchanged our emotions!!
Something made us hear the faint phantom bells from the heart,
       Yes Your Stupefyingly impressive attitude, integrated 
       orientation,Extravert disposition connected me!!

Blissfully You call me as darling, addressing me as Your Life partner I really 
felt blessed,
       Conjuring togetherness had made our life magically beautiful!!
Wooing with You, days is passing amorously graceful,
       Hey Colorful palette, Every shade in You made me feel stimulated!!
You ignited fire in me, Aroused craziness to its height,
       Setting sun kindled the sky with red and orange ,likewise You spread 
       the flames of love drived in every route!!
Tying the knot, we eloped away.created wonders everywhere!!

Poem Details | by Andrea M Christian |
Categories: death, devotion, faith, husband, life, loss, lost love, love, nature, passion, peace, romance, uplifting, wife,

Speak of thee

                                        He is above us in the clouds 
                                run through the fields and speak of thee
                                              He will grow roses

                                       I will be the stem of the roses 
                                       for I shall never leave your soil

                                     You will be the tree I grow beneath 
                                             and he will be our rain.

Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: devotion, faith, father, life, love, peace

If Only We Ask

What makes you 
Think? That your life is 
Lost in misery,
That you choose to live
In trickery!
Is it because of not having
Wealth? That your fervour is on the wane!
The place we live is full
Of mysteries
And the paradigm to ones' happiness
Depends not on the possession we possess, 
But rather on how we live our life!
Your problems today will be the same 
Just like yesterday 
For tomorrow is another day for us to dwell in
This rotten world because we're only passers-by!
So why not spend your time
With the one that loves you most, the Father,
The Almighty Creator who made us all
For He knows what we want
And truly a great provider
If only we ask 
In His Holy Name!

Poem Details | by Sidney Beck |
Categories: inspirationalchildren, father, children, father, love, may, me, my children,



I want to mold no one, for what I believe   is suitable for me alone; 
Each must find a belief-path which suits perfectly, but suits no one apart.
Let me offer my beliefs only to show how a  path may be found  -
And advise you to believe nothing unless it is deep in your heart.

If my job as father  was correctly done, on their path  through life
My children will treat others as they themselves wish to be,
And will  look upon each person as a potential brother in need of help,
And seeing another’s misfortune, they will say -  it could easily be me.

They will look after each other and others who may be in need,
And seek no thanks or praise, but do the job secretly with no bother.
Love is shown only by actions, and in the  doing is the praying.
Their actions will be motivated by what is necessary for these others.

This is a difficult path to take and it is the right path:
But path or no path, I love my children - they are mineAnd I believe this:
If I love my children as dearly as a father  can, then
How much more does God our father  love us We are his

Poem Details | by louise nelson |
Categories: faith, hope, inspirational, introspection, uplifting, god, people, hate, god, hate, love, people,

MAKING IT HAPPEN Part 3: How To Handle The Haters

you've just started to make it happen your project is now being processed
but you need to know how to handle the haters who are only about giving stress
the hate that has consumed the hearts of men the state of our moral being
where compassion and brotherly love are no longer the traits we are seeing

hating has become the latest fad it has bloomed into full season
where people just seem to hate on others for no apparent reason
from President Obama to the NY Yankees the hate has grown exponentially
where people hate them for what they've accomplished and what they've come to be

hate is a demonic force it's a full frontal assault of agitation
it usually occurs when someone has started on a divine assignation
it seems to come with the territory as the devil always manifests
whenever someone starts something that is positive and blessed

the devil then gets very busy when it comes to anything done being good
his noxious persona then arises in those who hate on you as if they should
just don't give the haters a chance to harm nor hinder you
just trust in the will of God for it will see you through

in order to handle the haters you need to ascend to a spiritual plane
for to hate like them is a burden that you don't need to sustain
as hate may cause you to lose your way it can obstruct and intervene
so don't allow hate to enter your heart and plant unrighteous seeds

God said no weapon formed against you shall prosper nor prevail
so let God handle the haters and send them straight back to hell
and don't allow the haters to hurt nor humiliate you
stand firm on the word of God for it's foundation is strong and true

now in the midst of your Godly mission continue to stay the course
as God's got more righteousness than the devil has demonic force
now is the time to put on the whole armor of God 
to show the haters that you are not faint of heart
now ready, focused, heightened, alert and aware
in a sure and secure position as evil is everywhere

and don't let the haters get too close nor give them the chance to slip in
for they will choke the life out of you and then turn around and grin
as the more they hate on you the more in Christ you will grow
just continue to do a good work in the name of the God we all love and know
how to handle the haters those folks who only want to drag you down
is to let them see the joy of the Lord in you while you're standing on higher ground 

Poem Details | by john freeman |
Categories: sympathyworld, love, lust,

Sobbin Goblin World's Problem

Our world be amiss, is without love’s kiss
love’s way is narrow, hard for mind to find
sacred heart is bliss, has narrow’s love’s kiss
pray the world will awake, from the mind’s fake…

Love is absolute, the mind gives not a toot
says let us prop it up, lets us lust sup
authoritatively assumes love’s loom
like a night Loon whistling it’s gooney tune…

You say what’s the answer to world’s problem
it is caused by concepts of mind’s cobbling
ever you listen, when love offers kissing
am I brother’s keeper,  precept deeper…

Concepts assuming love precept’s power
this be world’s problem, `tis the mind’s goblin.
Life system is love, must come from above
and by the sacred heart, love must depart…

Precept is absolute, `tis mind’s keeper
keeper of imaginations weaker!
Where shall it end, at precept love’s begin!
Many be of the world, death’s reverse swirl…

Mind’s concepts bestow the worldly logic
sacred hearts bestow Spirit love’s logic
when mind assumes paranormal project
mind still tries to use it’s worldly logic…

First connect the mind to the heart, then start
paranormal armor, your love’s karma
 love the absolute, mind is a lust coot
cares not for moral, loves strife of quarrels… 

My answer to world’s problem is simple
concepts have become festering pimples 
are separate and apart from love’s kind
mind’s problems of love would align in time…

Keep our concepts, all those devils in line
or our concept devils will forever whine
accusing our brothers of sins intertwine
brothers are fine, it’s our concepts that’s lyin…

God bless our darling hearts and inept minds
let us search within reigns of sacred hearts
bringing the two together, birds of feather
let precept love reign, twill end concept’s pain!!


Poem Details | by Jaycee Cervenka |
Categories: faith, god, love,

The Answer

My God does not sit just upon a thrown;
He lingers in the slums and the trenches of groans,
But He does not require arduous tasks to atone.
He gave us Grace through death on the cross--
The hope that through Christ none have to be lost,
And we are sin-free for the asking.

Look to His favor with good cheer!
You don’t have to confess for the length of a year;
He knows every agony and joy you hold so dear,
For He lingers in the hearts of every man,
Waiting for each to take His hand,
And all sins will be forgiven.

You don’t need evangelist on phone or TV;
Just talk to Him like you talk with me, 
And let Him give you comfort from your misery.
For He’s more than a star in fairy tales;
He helps believers through life’s travails
To see the beauty in this world.

Look around at the world in its broken glory--
You’ll find there are some amazing stories
If you take the time to carefully inventory
Those who have put their struggles in His hands,
For each of them knows and understands
His love and mercy are always with us.

written for Tell Me Contest by Richard Lamoureux

Poem Details | by Karen Bryson-Lewis |
Categories: black african american, lost love, passion, me, night, me, night,

Contempt Has A Name

I stand naked wrapped only in the truth
you vile, loathsome reptile.
My contempt of you is limitless
as I have been force-fed your hypocrisy.
Your postulations are lost on me
as my insight into your repulsive nature
is exceeded only by the palpable stench of your aura.
Eyes opened to their widest apex,
ridiculously lends support to your “jokerish” 
smile overly exaggerated in a…
Carol Channing kind of muse.
It seems your purse a revolving door
to his wants, has an ideally broken clasp…
Your shoulder, a never ending
tissue to his every sorrow should be waterlogged.
Which stands to reason why your legs
stretched open as wide as the earth’s axis, 
“she-doggedly-in-heat” sniffs attention from him
and remains open like an all night 7-11 just to 
provide “respite” in the name of “friendship”.
You find joy in slinking and scurrying through
the misfortunes and/or gains in our life,
all the while professing your love to him 
and masticating on a stolen covenant
you have orchestrated in destroying.
There is no sector of my day
allowing me peace and escape from your 
treachery and continued debauchery
Your hair once a mousy shade of brown
now waxes blond in your further attempt 
to assure he remains suckled at your breast 
knowing his lust for blond haired, blue eyed
women that are six shades lighter than my ebony hues.
There is though, an appellative to my anguish,
which recoils from my tongue at 
any attempt to voice this rage.
Escalating anger marinates and broils within 
my breast as your ubiquitous presence
in my life has finally left me little strength
and no shelter from the uncloaked
vicious pain searing me to the core
in this deep abyss I have found myself in…
Unleashed fury beckons me, reaching back beyond now 
when day was night and night was only imagined
barely controlling this hate and 
the exigency to extract myself
from this nefarious, cheap, vaudevillian 
show, which no longer can be ratiocinated
through your insipid lies before I...
Can’t imagine your expending this much 
energy with your own household or husband because
you’re always living and breathing in mine!
Contempt has a name…and its malodor is…Linda.

Categories: loss, lost love, love,

After You Were Gone

after you were gone
your presence manacled my soul and lingered
long on the streets of my conscience

caught on desolate fields of loneliness
silence and tears remembered
the beauty you created

your absence was felt on the breast
of my memory and the air I breathed
jammed at its doorways 
and death looked me in the face
and my eyes wept for your return

in the hearth of desires
your enchantment remained a lingering shadow
in every whisper on steep slopes of hope and I cried

every lip prays for the resurrection of our souls
and at the village square 
steps wait to see us walk our chiefly walk again

Poem Details | by Leon Stacey |
Categories: faith, father, husband, love, on work and working,

Made Man

Before his appointed place
And before his work and living,
There was a man
God did create.

Before he had a voice,
And before the woman was given
There was a man
That God did make.

Poem Details | by Carol Connell |
Categories: family, friendship, giving, god, love, people, relationship,

Tying Strings

Relationships we have on earth
are very important things,
that must be nurtured, nourished
and tied with many strings.

First and foremost must be
our relationship with God,
that must be tied securely
while through this life we trod.

Spending daily time in prayer
and reading God’s Word helps assure
the line to our Creator
grows more and more secure.

Next would come our family
the ones we hold so dear.
May we engage in thoughts and deeds
to ever draw them near.

Having quality time, selfless acts of service
affirming words that we impart,
these are just a few things
that aid in bonding each heart.

Then we have our friends
that may prosper or be in need.
May our presence in their lives be a cord
that helps them to succeed.

Finally, our neighbors, associates,
in essence, the rest of the world,
are looking for a line of hope
from some caring soul to be hurled.

If we allow God to use us
to meet the needs we see,
more strings of love could be tied
Through our generosity.


Poem Details | by Hakeem Sotayo Aro |
Categories: devotion, father, love, peace,

Moral Suasion

Fathers-in-spirit do not teach your congregations
Suicide, massacre, fallacy, bombs, and guns
But facts, piety, love, and peaceful co-existence.

Fathers-in-flesh do not teach your young ones
Neglect, war, begging, rum, and abortions
But care, peace, jobs, juice, and obedience.

Fathers-in-power do not inflate elections
Accumulate billions, dictate the pace, and obliterate our positions
But listen, agree, and act to what is being said by the Audience

Father-in-heaven allow our pleas to act in turns
For you are a witness to these burns
As we shall use these as lessons and evidence.

Poem Details | by Mark Frank |
Categories: life, love,

Lost love: Divide and multiply at the same time

When a male and a female of the 21st century collide
They should not expel the thought of simplicity
Often the purpose is to divide and
Multiply at the same time!
This principle should rectify
Some thoughts upon division!
Here, wisdom has a purpose in order
To solidify the widespread paradigm of deep hidden love
So that love can extend the foundations of lost love!
Let us simplify the issue
Nothing can go to waste
People’s lives are at stake and so
Friendships at times might be sacrificed for a season!
We might not fully understand the reason but we must
Know that the destiny of some stretches further than others!
Let us continue to fulfill our purpose
In the face of division, loss of friendship and
Marriage and relationship disorders!
True love has a ‘wonderful border’ and
Nothing will deprave its order!
People’s lives are at stake and so
Friendships at times might be sacrificed for a season!
We might not fully understand the reason but we must
Know that the destiny of some stretches further than others!

Mark Frank

Copyright 2018

Poem Details | by Mark Frank |
Categories: destiny, love,

Life is worth living again

The storms of uncertainty will approach you
Life’s enduring spirit will raise you to a new level
Several times a lesson will be learnt
At times a part of you might get burnt
But giving up will haunt you for a very long time!
Life is worth living again, you must reach your prime
It will be a crime if you give up now!
Take a bow and see your enduring spirit
Will take you to a new level
Life is worth living again!

Mark Frank

Copyright 2018

Poem Details | by john freeman |
Categories: introspection, body, change, love,

Precept Vs Concept

A fact is a fact in it’s own fact while dwelling in it’s own fact though not necessarily a fact in the face of the greater fact but indeed a fact while in the body of it’s own fact! A babe is a fact as a babe in fact but not an adult in it’s fact. Physical and spiritual growth are changes in lower facts… as all change are made at the level of the lower fact. Love’s precept in fact changes lower facts lower facts, in fact do not change Love’s fact! Love in fact… makes changes in the fact… of His own body in fact… taking it’s fact back… into the greater fact’s sack… rearranges, makes changes… in His body’s lower fact. When is a fact not a fact? A concept fact is not a fact while in the sack of precept’s fact and when apart from, it’s essence of fact All concept's facts are only extensions of a greater fact but in fact are facts while in the body of fact. Be aware…in the world some quacks pose as facts apart from any-body of fact. as a matter of fact, they are not within the grace of fact. While apart from their body in fact,, the fact is a quack, needs to be taken back, into the sack of fact, the precept equiped, to redo the flip, do not let Love slip. Love's fact at all levels are precept backed, the same cannot be said of concept facts, for sometimes apart from Love's body, they slack!! "Essences of love are precept backed"

Poem Details | by Deborah Finneran |
Categories: faith, health, hope, life, love, people, uplifting, visionary,

The Seven Wonders of the World

The Seven Wonders of the World

The real seven wonders were not built by hand, nor bought by any man
The Seven Wonders of the World, indeed, much more splendid & grand

The real seven wonders are part of every woman and every man
Given to us from God, part of His great abiding plan

To see
To touch
To hear
To taste
To feel
To laugh
To love

Oh that we may notice these wonders and recognize God’s love
He has given these wonders to teach us, as He reaches from above

The Seven Wonders of the World, exist in us each day
Let us live our lives in fullness & wonder, in every given way

Poem Details | by Gary Bateman |
Categories: courage, destiny, devotion, emotions, feelings, heaven, hope,



TO BE is that existential moment that defines each of us on our
respective life paths as we each individually acknowledge the
reality of our human existence on this EarthTo be able to laugh
and cry, to think and wonder, to create and perpetuate, to read
and write—among many other human actions, helps to define
our human experience as we individually and collectively pursue
a philosophical and ethereal realization of our cosmic existence.

TO FEEL is a special characteristic that reflects the nature of
human compassion as it is often associated in consonance with
a genuine understanding of relationships and all-important human
interactionTo be able to feel something positive for someone
is a grand thingIt is certainly inherent in our human psyche as
we each reach out to one another in times of joy and sadness,
crisis and affirmation, and friendship and love.

TO LOVE is that most special emotion which has a tremendous
effect in covering the vast expanse of our daily human experience.
Love excites us and it can depress usLove makes our blood boil
with passion and purposeLove makes us happy and it can break
our heartsLove is that special alchemic catalyst that transforms
us as we seek our respective destinies in search of that other one
person who loves us and opens our hearts and souls to Heavenly

TO LIVE is what we humans do on this wonderful planet that we 
inhabit—this EarthAlthough we all live here in this everyday world,
there is for many people, little or no real understanding of the special
relationship to their Soul Body beyond the limitations of this certain
mortal coilTo live and to live well, one must show a capacity for
both empathy and compassion toward one’s fellow human beings.
Our days living here on this Earth but mark our mortal time which
will eventually run out for each one of us like grains of sand in a 
fabled HourglassBeyond our challenge to define ourselves in this
mortal plane, lies that divine and ethereal world of God as our souls
seek their place and destiny as they journey toward eternity

TO DIE is that special final moment that describes the action ending 
of our mortal existence on Earth as our individual souls seek to find
and fulfill their destiny with God Himself in the very outreaches of
His infinite kingdom of wonder, beauty, and divine gloryThis whole
process gives each and every one of us the closure we need to break 
the earthly bounds that have defined and circumscribed our existence 
in this finite mortal worldThis process is inevitable and is something
not to be feared, but to be understood and embraced as God helps 
each of us on our eventual spiritual journey along His footpaths to 
eternity and into the everlasting light

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved – August 29, 2015

Poem Details | by louise nelson |
Categories: faith, hope, inspirational, introspection, life, philosophylife, god, car, god, journey, life, love,

be careful what you wish for

be careful what you wish for on this journey called life
and that what you wish for lines up with the spirit of Christ
be careful what you wish for just make sure it's Godly inspired
don't be a fool nor the devil's tool by what in life you desire

you thought you had found MrRight to you he was the perfect man
he turned out to be a loser and abuser who only showed you the back of his hand
you thought you had the perfect woman she was smart, pretty and sweet as honey
but when you feel in love she broke your heart as she was only with you for the money
you thought you had that dream job which gave you power, prestige and control
instead it was an all consuming stint sucking away at your soul
you desired a certain type of car the most fabulous vehicle you could get
but instead you got a big fat lemon that wasn't worth the polish nor the spit
they say that the grass always looks greener from the other side
just don't hate, appreciate, seek God's guidance and with Him take the ride

If you allow God to navigate you on this journey that is life 
I guarantee you will experience less trouble, struggle and strife
God wants you to be happy, God desires that you have the very best
so for everything pray to Him and let the Holy Spirit put it to the test

God can send you the right mate someone who will love and cherish you
God can hook you up with the perfect car and so what if it isn't brand new
God can give you a career that will fulfill you and make you feel whole
allow the presence of God in your life and it will nourish your soul
so be careful what you wish for as you just might get it
all I can say is that on it pray that it's sanctioned by the Holy Spirit

Poem Details | by Justin Bordner |
Categories: character, courage, inspiration, leadership, love, star, wisdom,

Champion's Chomp

A Champion must lust for that ancient adrenaline
the primal prize alive in the eyes, trophy of thunder in the pulse,
a Champion's heart welcomes adversity with teeth gleaming sharply,
worships the battlefield with risk righteous in ripped tradition,
doesn't celebrate the strikes that knock the foe into awe
finds glory in striving for the impossible
creates Legend from the unthinkable become visible,
buries the adversary's soul in the winter of forever woe,
the Champion says with disciplined effort and presence pure in practice,
lightning is comin for you, blasting your bones, bashing your boasts
tear you up and down and all around
your dreams nor dare, will not be found,

The Champion must adore the trauma of training,
remembers the humility of a Beginer's trouncing,
must pray with innocent instinct, thank Providence with confident conviction,
makin bravery out of bruises and being headstrong amidst hecklers,
invents technique like a Freeborn freak,
they shame the opposition into reverence with indisputable excellence,
true Champions are unforgettable, architects of shock and hope irrevocable,
indestructable like a titanium pyramid,

To be a Champion is to have a demolishing drive,
they must excel when underestimated
and must dominate when expected to succeed,
the Champion's Faith devours fear and punishes pretenders,
to finish the foe with decisive declaration, " Check Mate! "
a Champion always defies, and never dies,
there is no calculation of defeat for an Angel following a Divine beat -


Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: adventure, change, family, food, fun, love, silly,

Perfect Pizza

                 Perfect Pizza

Empty the kitchen of red wood trees and chairs 
Clear all phones and children from the room
Build a giant cooking space right there
The area must be six times larger than the one before
Place a big wooden table in the center 
When construction’s done the fun begins
Buy an oven ten feet wide and then you start
Roll the mammoth dough until it’s thin
And six feet in circumference
Pour 2 gallons of fresh tomato sauce all over 
Use a little basil for some flavor
Bake it until its crisp and let it cool
I like to add my naked wife as a topping 
Make sure she showers first
Don’t want no dirty pie 
I Place mozzarella and olive oil gently about her
And sprinkle Parmesan all over sweetie pie
Trying not to get any in her hair or eyes
Then roll the pizza around her like a blanket
Start at the edges first and eat it slow
When finished or satisfied
Lay back and have a coke
Save a slice for later
Smile and love that pizza pie

Poem Details | by Neal Carl |
Categories: devotion, faith, hope, inspirational, life, love, religionprayer,

Good Morning Lord Jesus!

Good morning Lord Jesus,
With you I'll start my day.
Reading your word for direction,
So I can walk in your way.

To start each morning,
In prayer and meditation.
Talking and listening,
A two-way conversation.

To lay at your feet,
All that I am.
So I can be your servant,
To every child, woman, and man.

As the day goes on,
Together we will face.
Those trials and temptations,
That could bring me disgrace.

At the end of the day,
I'll take time to reflect.
Confessing my sins and failures,
Your forgiveness I'll not reject!

Neal ACarl

Poem Details | by hija de la luna |
Categories: how i feel, life, love, relationship, trust, truth,

Sisterhood, Brotherhood

Sisterhood, brotherhood is a state 
To be seriously worked atIt is hard, and
Needs lots of grace more powerful than us.

Love is God’s grace He gave on the Cross.
Only such love can take us to love another.
It is so powerful it can overcome our dark self.

When we have this love, our soul will be fed;
Stronger even amidst troubles others cast upon us
And still look at them with deep love and concern.

With this love in us, we are able to forgive first;
Rather than judge hastily and throw a stone
So that retribution and justice will be done.

We will be secure in our inadequacies; 
Gentler to ourselves and more so with others 
For now we know we are no better than them.

We trust no longer in our capacity to love;
Rather abandon our ego and let this grace
Flow and free us from our fears and unbelief


Poem Details | by Justin Bordner |
Categories: education,

When Love Fails Reason -

Reason is a tool,
it can not escape the boundries of calculation as oxygen departs from blood,
logic operates on the body of algorhythems thumping along trails of faceless fates,
reason is a scavenger of possibilities matured into conclusions born from imagination,
without formulas to navigate the maze of Life's elasticity reason becomes music unplayed,
reason needs it's parent of the playground so to construct a kingdom worth caring for,
provided with an objective it can flourish as seed to stem, highlight the heroics of heaven,

Love is a hope,
confidence to dream is what it encourages, to orchestrate talent into the physical dimension,
love is the currency paying the mercenary of reason for a fort captured or erected properly,
schematics of soul lust, blueprints of God's sandbox gives direction to the 'chain reaction' of destinies,
where would purpose go to if denied sojourn in the mansions of love's capacious creativity,
love is the roadway feeding the logistics of our egocentric reason, the part of us seething for results,
tragedy is when love fails to convince reason to trust in adaptability, when smiles fail to persuade tears -