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Love Poems About Didactic or Didactic Love Poems

Didactic love poems and/or love poems about Didactic. Read, share, and enjoy these Didactic love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Didactic Poems.

Poem Details | by Mark Frank |
Categories: love,

When Love Suspends the Rules

Bold and Bright
Striving and Surviving
Walking with me as a fire that purifies everything

Fierce and bold
Love moves with great force
Love enforces itself beyond the rules
When love suspends the rules
It will go beyond the ordinary!
When love suspends the rules
It will fight in the darkness
Love does not fear a problem
Moving forward it remains the emblem of discovery!
It covers a multitude of anguish
If things do get tough
Love is still enough
Because love will suspend the rules if it must!

Mark Frank

Copyright 2019

Poem Details | by Neal Carl |
Categories: devotion, faith, hope, inspirational, life, love, religionprayer,

Good Morning Lord Jesus!

Good morning Lord Jesus,
With you I'll start my day.
Reading your word for direction,
So I can walk in your way.

To start each morning,
In prayer and meditation.
Talking and listening,
A two-way conversation.

To lay at your feet,
All that I am.
So I can be your servant,
To every child, woman, and man.

As the day goes on,
Together we will face.
Those trials and temptations,
That could bring me disgrace.

At the end of the day,
I'll take time to reflect.
Confessing my sins and failures,
Your forgiveness I'll not reject!

Neal A. Carl

Poem Details | by Richard Palmer |
Categories: happiness, love, passion, romance,

The Sweetest Sensation

Passion,staring into lust,
Noses,sharing oxygen.
Our lips connect,
Lips start to stray,
Nibbling ears,kissing necks,
Closely drawn together,
Nipples piercing hairy chest,
Nails sink into back,
Head-board knocking the wall,

Knock knock,knock knock,

Deep moans,skin locked,
We counter attack,

Knock knock,knock knock,

Screams of pleasure,
Waking the whole block,

Knock knock,knock knock,

Nuclear explosion,
Volcano eruption,
AHHHH so hot,so hot,
The sweetest sensation,
 I ever got......

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: christmas, joy, love, thanks,

Finding Joy This Season

To find the greatest joy,
give selflessly.
Share your gifts, your time, your love -
be the smile others long to see!

To find your heart’s content,
show gratitude. 
Open your eyes and give thanks for life -
walk with a hopeful attitude! 

To find desired love,
Love others with God’s eyes.
Search beyond the surface seen –
you may be quite surprised!  

To find your Christmas spirit,
return to innocence.
Slow down, have fun, believe again –
remember the Lord’s presence!

for Regina Riddle's Didactic poem contest, 12/7/14 

Poem Details | by Andrea M Christian |
Categories: death, devotion, faith, husband, life, loss, lost love, love, nature, passion, peace, romance, uplifting, wife,

Speak of thee

                                        He is above us in the clouds 
                                run through the fields and speak of thee
                                              He will grow roses

                                       I will be the stem of the roses 
                                       for I shall never leave your soil

                                     You will be the tree I grow beneath 
                                             and he will be our rain.

Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: devotion, faith, father, life, love, peace

If Only We Ask

What makes you 
Think? That your life is 
Lost in misery,
That you choose to live
In trickery!
Is it because of not having
Wealth? That your fervour is on the wane!
The place we live is full
Of mysteries
And the paradigm to ones' happiness
Depends not on the possession we possess, 
But rather on how we live our life!
Your problems today will be the same 
Just like yesterday 
For tomorrow is another day for us to dwell in
This rotten world because we're only passers-by!
So why not spend your time
With the one that loves you most, the Father,
The Almighty Creator who made us all
For He knows what we want
And truly a great provider
If only we ask 
In His Holy Name!

Poem Details | by Leon Stacey |
Categories: faith, father, husband, love, on work and working,

Made Man

Before his appointed place
And before his work and living,
There was a man
God did create.

Before he had a voice,
And before the woman was given
There was a man
That God did make.

Categories: loss, lost love, love,

After You Were Gone

after you were gone
your presence manacled my soul and lingered
long on the streets of my conscience

caught on desolate fields of loneliness
silence and tears remembered
the beauty you created

your absence was felt on the breast
of my memory and the air I breathed
jammed at its doorways 
and death looked me in the face
and my eyes wept for your return

in the hearth of desires
your enchantment remained a lingering shadow
in every whisper on steep slopes of hope and I cried

every lip prays for the resurrection of our souls
and at the village square 
steps wait to see us walk our chiefly walk again

Poem Details | by Hakeem Sotayo Aro |
Categories: devotion, father, love, peace,

Moral Suasion

Fathers-in-spirit do not teach your congregations
Suicide, massacre, fallacy, bombs, and guns
But facts, piety, love, and peaceful co-existence.

Fathers-in-flesh do not teach your young ones
Neglect, war, begging, rum, and abortions
But care, peace, jobs, juice, and obedience.

Fathers-in-power do not inflate elections
Accumulate billions, dictate the pace, and obliterate our positions
But listen, agree, and act to what is being said by the Audience

Father-in-heaven allow our pleas to act in turns
For you are a witness to these burns
As we shall use these as lessons and evidence.

Poem Details | by Mark Frank |
Categories: destiny, love, relationship,

Start Over: Do Not Fear a New Beginning

The element of change is to keep your destiny alive
Life will rearrange itself 
Because you must be kept on track!
Your life needs change 
Bringing on the reality that every man and woman
Will attend the academy of transformation!
The anatomy of a season will spring forth new life in your heart and
Darkness will appear as light and night as day so start over!

We all have a blank page
We have a story that we are writing and
Starting over is a gift so do not fear a new beginning!

Mark Frank

Copyright 2019

Poem Details | by Mark Frank |
Categories: love,

One day you will remember how much I loved you

One day you will remember how much I loved you
One day you will remember how much I cared for you
When your pain returns
You will remember how much I loved you
You can pray all you want
But what you do to others will be done back unto you!
In your first pain, I gave you my heart
I am the one that embraced you when
Your last man saw your foolishness!
Sometimes it takes a heartbreak to shake us awake and
Help us see that we are worth 
So much more than what we wanted to settle for!
The end is part of the beginning so
When your pain returns 
You will remember how much I loved you!

[Our enemies have become those we once helped]

Mark Frank

Copyright 2018

Poem Details | by Mark Frank |
Categories: destiny, love,

Life is worth living again

The storms of uncertainty will approach you
Life’s enduring spirit will raise you to a new level
Several times a lesson will be learnt
At times a part of you might get burnt
But giving up will haunt you for a very long time!
Life is worth living again, you must reach your prime
It will be a crime if you give up now!
Take a bow and see your enduring spirit
Will take you to a new level
Life is worth living again!

Mark Frank

Copyright 2018

Poem Details | by Deborah Finneran |
Categories: faith, health, hope, life, love, people, uplifting, visionary,

The Seven Wonders of the World

The Seven Wonders of the World

The real seven wonders were not built by hand, nor bought by any man
The Seven Wonders of the World, indeed, much more splendid & grand

The real seven wonders are part of every woman and every man
Given to us from God, part of His great abiding plan

To see
To touch
To hear
To taste
To feel
To laugh
To love

Oh that we may notice these wonders and recognize God’s love
He has given these wonders to teach us, as He reaches from above

The Seven Wonders of the World, exist in us each day
Let us live our lives in fullness & wonder, in every given way

Poem Details | by Gene Bourne |
Categories: angst, betrayal, character, corruption, desire, heartbroken, lost love,


Simultaneous the sting,
Those who two-time on the wing.
Each at fault began the fling.
Subterfuge, a complex thing.

Schedules smeared and rearranged.
Missing gaps in time explained.
Lies to memorize, maintain.
Learn the lying details game.

Shelf life of adultery
Locked away for none to see.
Those who trusted while deceived,
Hold, and rightly so, the key.

Gene Bourne.

Poem Details | by Joy Wellington |
Categories: forgiveness, hope, lost love, recovery from..., change,

A Note To Self - based on India Arie's song - Get It Together

A Note to Self
You and you alone 
can make the change
in your life to make it

Self you need to try a different angle
Years of trusting the wrong person
Has left you frazzled and depressed

Enough self-inflicted wounds on your heart
Cease the long waiting to exhale
Stop blaming others for your misfortune 

Make a change for your heart’s health
Flip the scrip this one isn't working
You and you alone can change yourself

For Poet ~ Destroyer's contest: ~~India Arie - "Get it together" 

Poem Details | by Charles Melody Lightning Ink |
Categories: dedication, forgiveness, friendship, happiness, hope, love, passion, peace, religion, me, me,


Another day, meditating
On ways to please you
On qualities to make me true
That you and i be stuck as glue
Oh! Lord in you i won't be blue
You are my being, without you i can't be
And when i look up, only you i see 
MY love for you is taller than a tree
Thinking of my hope in you gives me glee
Outside your camp, depression sting me like a bee
Looking unto you makes the devil flee
Because am in you,am now so free.
You are my base and the defender of my case
I'll keep on searching, more of you I'll trace
As i remain loyal to, and protected by your grace
Thank you JESUS, you're the strength of my race.

Evang. Charles Melody
  (Lightning Ink).

Poem Details | by Deborah Finneran |
Categories: faith, happiness, inspirational, introspection, life, love, on work and working, uplifting, me,

Master Carpenter

Jesus is the Master carpenter
He builds me from inside

He hammers me when needed
So I will open up my eyes

He saws a little here and there
As He loves and shows He cares

He’s building something wonderful
As He constructs and as He tears

The beauty only He does know
As He’s the Master at His skill

Only time will tell and show
As I give my heart and will

Poem Details | by Clay More |
Categories: love,


We have to accept every religion with respect and open arms.
It seem like we are here to eat, make good and then to die;
Getting hate, fighting wars over religious made covens:
We stand far from seeing love, peace or acceptance;
If we can’t live up to appreciate others for whom they are;
Where then do we go?

Poem Details | by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: family, life, love, sympathylonging, red,

Let Not Time Dim The Silver

A red rose
on the page 
of my age

imitating the dance  
of morning wind, as it ripples 
my spirits in waiting

Smell the breath 
of youth and pass it unto her 
the light of time 

for when yours dim 
you shall enjoy hers, glowing
on a sun-kissed stone

Carve love that you’ve never tried 
freeing it, from the pocket of your thoughts
on this red rose, longing for a grasp

‘Tis alone wish
of a lonely heart
and if the wind can hear it...

why can’t you?

Poem Details | by Ellen Fahey |
Categories: hope, introspection, life, love, thank you

A Reflection On Spiritual Warfare

Arm yourself!...

Put on the armor of compassion...

Put on the armor of understanding...

Put on the armor of forgiveness...

Put on the armor of gratitude....

Lord Jesus, dress me in Your armor today. Amen

Poem Details | by Balveen Cheema |
Categories: fish, humanity, love, sorrow, world,

Life In A Perfect World

My world, my utopia, could be yours 
A world of love amidst all jealous
An impossible situation made possible by effort
A political scenario is an unchangeable reality
And so is life and cruel death
But within my enclosure it is possible
'The big fish eat the small fish', 
We've heard since we learnt to read
If all small fish are well fed
Hunger and  human predators evaporate slowly
At arm's length shared sorrows halves  miseries
My soul is at peace and guiltless
The purpose of my life is fulfilled

(February 14, 2016
Catie Lindsey)

May 15, 2016
For Janis Thompson

Poem Details | by Ellen Fahey |
Categories: childhood, faith, children, love

God's Child

A child is a precious gift
sent from heaven above,
entrusted to us by God, our Father,
to nourish with His tender love.

But, should a little one lose his way
and wander from the fold,
Jesus's love will be there to bring him back,
His arms to embrace and hold.

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: abuse, business, confusion, evil, feelings, love, self,



Give or Take?

Love should have no opposites but it does
Love should be the opposite of love but it is not

Hate is not the opposite either
Most people think it is
It seems to make sense since hate is evil

Selfishness is the one true opposite of love
Since selfishness is only taking for one’s self
Causing pain, loneliness, leaving suffering behind
Selfishness is a lonely business, paid for with your soul

Love is simply giving
Giving all the time, no cause, effect or strings attached
When you have love there are no mistakes

Love cost nothing
It is free and last forever through eternity

GIVE or TAKE is your decision 

Poem Details | by Gerald Nforche |
Categories: confusion, depression, loss, lost love, love, heart, heart,

















Poem Details | by christie mills |
Categories: forgiveness, life, philosophy, teen, love,

A mothers understanding

I realize that you are growing up,
And we may have our different views.

We all must find our place in life;
That path is up to you.

Just remember that my love is unconditional,
Rather your wrong or right.

Making mistakes is normal.
I know; Ive made a few.

But no matter what your choices might bring.
Remember that I love you.