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Love Poems About Crush or Crush Love Poems

Crush love poems and/or love poems about Crush. Read, share, and enjoy these Crush love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Crush Poems.

Poem Details | by SKAT A |
Categories: absence, crush, cry, dedication, lost love, sad,

I'm So Jealous

~The One That Got Away~

Here I lay weeping

I sing a sad song to sleep 

Fire cracking bones

kicking, screaming, pulling hair

The moment, gone forever


Poem Details | by Daniel Turner |
Categories: crush, funny love, humorous, teacher,

Teacher's Pet

As I look back, it all seems funny now
Recalling all those awkward teen age years
I pushed the limits farther than allowed
Supposedly when young, we had no fears

Infatuation caught me with the blues
My heart was swollen by love's gentle sting
It was a crush that only left a bruise
Left by the diamond in her wedding ring

The first day I laid eyes on her, I fell
The lightning bolt she was, that shook my world
And to this day I swear I'd know her smell
Could she have read my mind, she'd likely hurled

I hated school but never missed her class
She said she loved me 'cause I made her laugh

  original poem by Daniel Turner

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: august, beach, beautiful, cool, crush, deep, destiny, devotion, fantasy, feelings, first love, fishing, freedom, funny love, future, girlfriend, hope, i love you, i miss you, journey, joy, judgement, lost love, love, love hurts, meaningful, miracle, ocean, people, places, romance, sea, sensual, simple, spiritual, water, women, world,


Don't rush to wash off the sea salt 
drying on your skin;
the hopes it carries from other oceans,
those remain yet to be seen.

Poem Details | by Teppo Gren |
Categories: crush, desire, emotions, feelings, heartbreak, loneliness, lost love,


Should I take the dagger that my heart tore
and use it to avenge the pain it caused?
Or should I bow my head and keep in store,
the obsession of life’s dreams once more paused.

I, undeserving of your resentment,
wherefore my words echoed kindness intense,
in past fondness for future‘s atonement
lest it reveal my soul to your pretense.

Foolishly I opened my heart to you,
expecting to relinguish love yet born,
unwittingly my own destruction woo,
to inflict pain through the wrath of love’s scorn.

I cannot feel anger to act in spite,
with a broken heart I bow to your might.

Poem Details | by Rhoda Tripp |
Categories: childhood, crush, cute love, first love, heartbreak, love, nostalgia,

Love Letter

In the back of my closet,
high upon the shelf,
there sits an old love letter
that I keep to myself.

Its pages are crumpled,
the edges a tad bit torn.
I can recite his words by memory,
although the writings worn.

He tells of his undying love,
and how we were meant to be.
Our vows whispered at the church,
they were our fantasy.

Like all things, neither tried nor true,
we had to be apart.
A victim of the ages,
he broke my sixth grade heart.

Poem Details | by Gayle Rodd |
Categories: crush, cute love, love,

The Eyes Have It

Some are ever hollow
Some are full of lies
Some are evil; menacing
Some are old and wise

Some are full of mischief
Some are full of fear
Some are deep and soulful
Others full of tears

Some are ever roving
Some are ever cold
Some are ever staring
Some are even rolled!

Some are ever flirting
Some are green or blue
Mine are eyes 
That can’t disguise
The love they hold for you

Poem Details | by Teppo Gren |
Categories: beauty, crush, feelings, first love, longing, youth,



She mirrors far more loveliness and grace,
than any other my heart has cared for.
From my mind her beauty I can’t efface,
it is she I will love for evermore.
For her heart my first love yearns, her soft kiss,
sweet smile, her long black hair my eyes adore,
with feelings deep, as meaningful as this,
to end the quest, my pretense lead ashore.
Oh, how the heart has waited for the day,
to reach out in loving you, love confessed,
for the love to blossom to find its way,
to your heart, forever to be blessed.

If only I could see my love returned,
instead of my dreams remaining unturned.

T.J Grén

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: beauty, crush, kiss, love,

- Nest - Pleiades N -

Natural beautiful
Newfound love, roses grow
New moon silver flashes
Nubile young, blushing cheeks
Nice guy, real charmer
Nuts about your sweet kiss
Nothing can change the love

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
( Pleiades form : N )
For Kim Merryman's contest

Poem Details | by Jesse Rowe |
Categories: crush, funny, funny love,


romantic dinners
and walks together   but she
won't know I was there

Poem Details | by Im Me |
Categories: crush, girlfriend, i love you, i miss you, love,

Never end please

as the sun sets i look up at the sky
Watch the rooftops glisten with the moon light
Wondering if we see the same stars at the same time?
Butterflies, heartbeating, with these feelings i can see blind
Sleepless nights talking, leave me wanting more
Like them glowing footsteps on the sea shores

Poem Details | by Leileah Kasperyan |
Categories: crush, kiss, longing, love, lust, morning,

A liquid mishap

Silky smooth satin skin. Fluid, graceful movements as you pour hot milky coffee into a cup, that soft smile on your lips. Still half asleep, I spill your coffee on my lap.

Poem Details | by Anita sharma |
Categories: cheer up, crush, cute love, desire, emotions, i love you, i miss you,

Beckons For Ambrosia A tale of romance

He smiles and gazed
deeper in my eyes,
nuzzling closer
whispering words 
I want to hear
sweetest love 
take my breath away
he whispered
have confession to make
million ways making me quake 
fuming hungers
A desire a passion
we can share
A secret 
burning like fever
softly calls my name
warm as summer breeze 
beckons me closer
he whispered 
let me enter
alabaster temple of you
sweet like ambrosia
worship deep
secret delights

Poem Details | by Leileah Kasperyan |
Categories: celebration, crush, england, firework, kiss, love, night,

Penny for the Guy

On a cold autumn eve, playful fingers tangled, soft and shy. The smell of hot chestnuts wafted through the milling crowd, a promise of comfort and warmth. We watched, you and I, the skies explode as rockets declared their secret desires. Catherine wheels danced a dizzying response while the bang of crackerjacks echoed, spilling smoke quick into the night. "Penny for the guy?", they cried. Sparklers lit, searching lips, the most tender touch. We kissed, my heart reflected in your eyes.
Date: 25.11.2016 *There is no category for a double etheree that I could see.

Poem Details | by JustPlainMerrie Noway |
Categories: friendship, happiness, love,

Secret Crush

Her face is like candlelight in the dark
with eyes so deep in thought and
a smile so innocent
Brown hair so soft
Tickling her neck when the wind blows which
Softens her olive skin
Her heart is pure
Filled with sweetness but
Pounding with life
If she could live forever
She would and would
Never waste a single moment
To touch her is to really know her
Holding on to be complete
Kissing her softly and breathing her in
Never-ending laughter of youth and angels
Mind of a thousand scholars and a
Heart of a poet

Poem Details | by Nadine Youngblood |
Categories: love, dream, dream, me,

More than a Crush

How did a girl like me, meet a guy like you?
You’re the kind of guy girls dream about,
Almost too good to be true
This isn’t just a crush, I think about you everyday
And whenever I’m feeling down, you always know what to say
At first I didn’t want to get too attached
Because I had seen the pain of love gone a stray
But u make me feel loved and promised me
You’d never hurt me in any way
As I sit here writing this poem, I’m constantly thinking of you
Knowing this is more than a crush, hoping it’s a dream come true

Poem Details | by Vijay Pandit |
Categories: crush, sweet love,

You had a crush on her

You had a crush on her You had a crush on her Being sure as well Love is what you felt, Dating her exclusively Without ever telling her. She indulged in your care Like you were her kid-brother, And you rejoiced finding passion In proximity of her splendor, Feeling mighty blessed When she wrapped you in a hug. You didn’t know how to ask What kind of love that was, Had no clue how to talk about The flutter in your heart, And now you're too grown-up to ask Yet, you are dying to find out If she ever connected the dots. January 6, 2018

Poem Details | by Jessica Arteaga |
Categories: love


Tracing back upon this line
my fingers itch the feel of time
and yet the stray throughout the curves
I can't forget the words you served

And yet I know it was so long
when we first touched and danced that song
my heart still feels it laced upon yours
like a ribbon in a child's hair; brightly colored, deeply fair

And till I know that I am through
of all these feeling I felt for you
I want to stay and keep and touch
to ask my heart: is this a crush?

Poem Details | by Devin Conrad |
Categories: absence, conflict, emotions, first love, goodbye, lost,


The game is crush
Your dealt a hand of cards
And you have to bid on the cards,
Hoping you bid right
If your wrong
Game over
In life your dealt a hand full of chances
Chances that could go either way in life.
Bad or good
I got dealt the card, the chance,
The card…you
I had a perfect game
Till you showed up in my deck
I was in trouble
My heart fooled me
Telling me this was my chance,
My moment
But then
I was wrong
It was my mind playing tricks 
There was never a chance of you and I 
My perfect game was over
I guess that’s why they call it crush.

Poem Details | by Robert Marlow |
Categories: beauty, crush, desire, longing, love,

Vision Of Beauty

Your hair is like tresses of gold
Flowing down soft hills of flowering beauty.
Your eyes, drown me in their depths as I behold
Your loving gaze, which puts my heart in agony.

Your voice, bird song, which could melt the coldest heart
And charm even the most wicked of men.
Your smile, shafts of sunlight, pierce my eyes apart,
Causing tears to fall yet longing to look again.

Your skin, polished ivory, beautiful and ornate,
Soft as silk, exqusit to the gentle touch.
Your presence always thrills my heart, I await
Every day to behold  your countenance as such.

My eyes long for you and no other.
My heart races for you, not another. 

Poem Details | by Violetta Love |
Categories: beautiful, confusion, crush, for him, heart, love, romantic,

Brain Storm

Clouding my thoughts
you drive my imagination wild 
I guess you could say you give me "wild thoughts"
I'm trying to pull myself out of this whirlwind of bliss.
It's great but I must get back to reality.
i'm Dorthy and you're my Oz.
you're the kerosene that fuels my fire
and this is way too hot to handle. 
I'm living in a sea of emotion and I know i'm gonna drown. 
I do this all time, when am I going to learn?
I wish i could calm this storm in my brain. 
I feel it will make me insane, and you already drive me crazy. 

Poem Details | by tamer hossam |
Categories: beauty, crush, forgiveness, freedom, girl, lost love, romantic,


some eyes cover rather than uncover
let my eyelids be your half-moon
you can pluck my eyelashes one by one
weave yourself a pair of forever caring wings
and i know with them you'll fly to him
matters of the unconditional moon
 and what's to hurt soon 

Tamer Hossam

Poem Details | by Anonymous Girl |
Categories: 10th grade, crush, leaving, love, miss you,

Don't Leave

You made me smile
But it just lasted for a while
Don't leave, because I don't know why
But that'll just make me cry.

All your memories of being here
Are now getting washed away in tears
Just a little more time
And I'll be left speechless like a mime.

I won't be seeing you after this
All that bliss, I'm gonna miss
What I feel, I guess I realised too late
But what now!? I think it was just fate.

Wanna go back to that night
Because all that just felt right
Just wanna look at you as if it's the last
So I can look smiling, back at the past.

Poem Details | by Bryan Lunsford |
Categories: crush, cute love,

Her Light

Under any light,
I find art within her eyes,
As like stars found in the night's sky,
She's a masterpiece no darkness can hide

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love,

Mo Crush

Much charisma Mesmerisma

Poem Details | by tamer hossam |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, crush, deep, true love, wisdom, women,

love tames

when you feel so much, too much, that you don't even know what you're feeling
matters of the heart and the nature of beauty
love tames 
Tamer Hossam