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Poem Details | by David Meade |
Categories: conflict, depression, forgiveness, hope, love,

Wind From The Sea

Inspired by Andrew Wyeth Watercolor Painting -- Wind From the Sea, 1947

Standing in the old house
A strange mixture of feelings erupt within me
My roommates Depression, Loneliness, and Hopelessness
Greet me with strangling arms and leering grins
I don’t fight them anymore – somehow they are a part me
So together, in this house, in this room
We endure the somber solitude of the day

A sudden chill fills the room
Death enters – its foul breath chokes me
My three companions prostrate themselves
Pressure builds in my bowels
Bile rises in my throat
A heavy weariness fills my bones
He’s calling – hissing my name
I can’t breath

Death surrounds my soul – crushing me 
I hear groaning 
Strange guttural sound -- it’s coming from me
Deep painful darkness fills me
I beg Death to take me

Through the open window
A gush of wind enters
A sheer curtain hanging comes to life
It’s spirit lifts inwards and up beckoning me to dance 

What is this wonder?
A limp ragged curtain – faded, stained, frail -- has life
Reaching toward me  frayed fingers of thread motioning
Old friends rush to me – Joy, Hope, Love
Death’s grip slips – I gasp a breath
Looking up I see the open window
Boarded by old bare wood, hard with age

I realize it’s daylight now – soft shadows 
A curving road leading to the water
I can taste the saltiness in the wind
Trees in the distance
A calling from the sea
Seagulls, waves, laughter

Joy breaths into my nostrils 
Leave this place – Depression cannot hold you
Simple pleasures I will give you
   Cool breeze on a summer afternoon
   Laughter of friends
   A walk in the garden
   A book
   The Sea 

Depression laughs in my ears
Through that window lies heartache, treachery, poverty, misery
It will chew your insides up – blood will pour from your lips
Pain and suffering awaits if you leave this house
Death waits to take you home 
An end to this constant noise – the peace of total emptiness 

Another breeze and Hope fills my eyes with light
I see colors – vibrant alive filling me with warmth
Leave this place, take a journey to the sea
Let light fill you and be your guide see -- opportunities abound
For laughter, love, forgiveness for life – abundant life
See the rainbow upon the Sea

Hopelessness rushes toward me
Kisses my lips and whispers
Light burns and blinds
Enslaves you
They will see clearly your secrets
Spotlight focus – ridicule scorn ugly disgust  self-hatred

Love rushes in and embraces me
Light, fresh, empowering
My heart leaps with pleasure
Arm and arm she leads me to the window
Much pain and sorrow – yes  also Love
A powerful love that transforms, refreshes frees
Breathe deeply of the Sea air – fill your lungs
Go – you are loved deeply and completely

Looking out Looking in

David Meade

Live Generously

Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: birth, change, conflict, death, eulogy, life, longing, love, sun,

Death of the Poet Destroyer

~The Untold Fatal Attraction Poem~

Mid-morning she sees the sun ahead
Her death flowed in a messaged bottle
Gazing into her brown eyes upon all open sores,
Her conscience dark and gray a never-ending war!
A giant cyclone of a thousand thoughts swirled around this little girl.
Inflicting away the pain, through the comfort of others pen
The way she twisted and twisted life’s perception was out of her control
Inside she knew the glass slipper was never hers to show off
She is baring nothing but a tainted pen, walking throughout eternity’s sand
A prosecutor of misdeeds, accomplishing what, without knowing the way
Departing from her fractured self, she begins to slip into a righteous form,
Twirling her twilight's pen like a baton, spinning it to one final stand
She awakens in a dream, where her sadness does not allow the light to reform
Her body is weak and pale against the birth of her undying sun
Staring down into the deepness of every-bodies abyss
Inside all souls is where she felt lighter, than the retarded sun gives
A crimson sky follows her just to reveal her diminished soul,
A life of shunning out the city glow will always dwell deep inside her
Sleeping under society as one, insulting the taste of innocent blood
Forgetting the vengeance, in a dimension where the pen is mightier than the sword
How did she let it come to this?
In one feeling she fell in love with the spirit of the living rhyme 
Watching from a cave, with a diabolical look
Refusing to grasp the self - nature and kill off the destroyer's will
A price beyond this enigmatic world, craving to be just like them
Condemning her meaning to a blasphemy of white butterflies
Destroying her poetic meaning that was destined to dance a tangle of endless rage
In love with the essence of her deceased will
She clings on to the dimness and brilliance at the same time
All corpses lost beyond the girl in question,
Sympathetic in a bizarre language, she mutters out sweetness
Her heart mended, recognizing all the adoration and poetic addiction
Exchanging the real terror, fixated by the life force of her poetic destruction
Giving birth to a new revelation
Now she will never deceive her love for the making of true art,
Not wanting to belong in this wretched world with her destroying criteria,
Her soul sails looking for a new era where love will no longer generate
As she loathes the love and decides not to destroy this generation with hate

At last, longing this one day with the angel of death
With a closing teardrop, one last thought
My death will not be the end; only the ascension~


Poem Details | by Carole Duet |
Categories: abuse, conflict, jealousy, love, lust, magic, poetry,

Poetry Soap

It’s almost time and I must run to watch/read Poetry Soap for fun. It comes on every day at this time and I don’t want to miss a single rhyme. Some are about a long-lost lover written by a secret poet undercover. Some are about jealousy and some about trust with rhyming lines filled with lust. Competition is part of their game with bards and musicians hiding their name. They covet a prize and praise galore laid at their feet and virtual door. But when Poet A falls in love with Poet B you can bet there’ll be flaming words from Poet C. Or when Poet D gets Poem of the Day Poet E will have something to say. Sometimes it’s fun to read the rhymes of hate whenever I can’t sleep and stay up late. Battles of wits, Poets who have fits, Some who sing, Some who sting. Magical flights to lands of old written with passion and pens of gold. But it’s the humble ones I adore whose words are pure, their egos left at the door. Each episode an unending story with poets and their pets seeking glory. It’s addicting like dope. I don’t want to miss today’s episode of Poetry Soap. By: Carole O’Terry Duet Copyright: 9/26/2017 “All Rights Reserved”

Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: abuse, anger, betrayal, conflict, dark, sad, sick,

Bleeding Love

Introducing: Jan Allison & Poet Destroyer

Pierced by shards of shattered glass 
Deeper and deeper you stab me 
With lies and venomous words 
Dissecting my heart piece by piece 
Crushed like the petals of a withered rose 
I’m dying … 
Scarlet blood seeps into my very soul 
Into pieces and a bloody mess 
I sacrificed secrets; 
Secrets you tore and tore, 
Gracing a fake friendship, 
Trust tossed like a sweaty towel 
Now karma a poisonous snake 
You plea.
To be on death row, decomposing 
Dripping into the night -- Silently 
fading and fading 
Stung by my viper lips, 
Until you are no more

~A Poet Destroyer Collaboration~

Poem Details | by Poet Destroyer A |
Categories: betrayal, conflict, depression, emotions, hurt, love hurts, remember, sad, song,

My Song

~Not Like Me~ 

When you were first put into my arms, 
I begged God, to make you nothing like me 
For my sins, ask for no transformation 
This is my song, my meditation 

Look at my face 
Where has it gone, 
You no longer desire to be part of my song 

Look at my life, 
The toll hasn't been paid 
I'm the one suffering every day 

The vengeance of eternal flames, 
   sit near the empty hearth 
Burning my needs to hold you once more, 
I need you more than you'll ever know 

Now, Look at me, at the age of 73 
I have nowhere to go 
Everyone I know awaits in a place of gold 
Unlike you, you're too busy, proud and bold 
------ A different song!!! 

I sing a song, that accentuate's the mind, 
I have no one to blame, I neglected all the signs 
Hoping the rain would slowly die off 

Today here I lay, wondering where I went wrong 
I implored God, to cause you nothing like me 
I have a heart that forgives, and tries to forget 
I kneel, and I give, and I treat others with respect 
My compassion, I measured in the poorest way 

I judged my life worse than the others did 
Why did I ask ---- Not Like Me! 
For my sins, ask for no translation 
This is my song, my speculation 

The dreaded conclusion of this song, 
All I can say, "Be careful what you ask for." 
In the end, all I can say, I got what I asked for 
Someone, who's Not Like Me.....................

By: PD

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: angst, beauty, conflict, death, heartbroken, love,

She by the Sea

I see the pain
Reflected via turquoise blue
Of the oceans hue
She stares out into the oceans depth
Her lover dead under the sea
The waves have made her destiny

I stare at her
From a hill above the shore
Her pain cripples me such
That I can not move

How can I love this woman so
The small of her back
Invites me to hold her
Caress her tears into the sea

The salt water offers comfort
Massaging her feet
The sun glitters with hopeful endeavors
That neither of us feels at all

I am in love with this woman
Since a wee child long ago
Her pain is my pain
Yet my guilt I carry alone

We both will stand hand in hand
To bury her husband
My brother

As I keep secret my love and desire
Only wishing her sadness to ebb
Into the sea that took hold of part of me
My brother I loved and honored

So on the hill above the shore
I stare at the woman I always adored
Oh brother forgive me my thoughts
As I wish to comfort your lovers broken heart

Poem Details | by Maurice Yvonne |
Categories: conflict, love,

Maybe The Last Letter To My Beloved

My heart?
You have always owned that,
I'm surprised you didn't know.

Its flow?
How do I explain without being unkind,
simply, its flow is mine.

There's the barb, my vision puts me on a different flight
I own a non redeemable ticket...a ticket I clutch.

Love and age walk hand in hand.
I've had my sunrise...walking with resolve to my sunset.
I spent too much of my time trying to reach the horizon 
now, happy to enjoy the sky's perfect joint with its mate.

Searching for that pot of gold? Some do...but not me.
That sort live with regretThey chased the lie, missed the rainbow.
Not I...I am happy to enjoy the and invigorating.

My heart? You own that. You always will.

At the fork...recently, I chose a different path.
I've looked behind me, I've looked ahead...I'm sorry, my love,
I just don't see you there.


Poem Details | by Susan Ashley |
Categories: angst, conflict, depression, fate, love hurts, sorrow,

Fortunes Of My Tears

I see the future in the constellation of my crystal tears as you siphon the sparkle off what’s left of my joy. Heavy is my heart where you spread your composting ego sacrificing my fire. Your unwillingness to ascend from darkness on wings of breath and light is not lost on me.. as you strut your fan of peacock plumes snuffing out any hope for my flickery flame. Susan Ashley July 19, 2018 ________________________ ~ Third Place ~ Contest: Any July 2018 Poem Sponsor: Dear Heart a.k.aBroken Wings ________________________ ~ POTD ~ July 21, 2018

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: conflict, dark, deep, introspection, lost love, night, sorrow,

Sitting In The Dark, With Darkness Covering Me

Sitting In The Dark, With Darkness Covering Me

Sitting in the dark, hearing voices in the hall
remembering my many lovers, one and all.
Some that sent my heart aloft, on heavenly flights
others that kept me company on lonely nights.

Sitting in the dark, seeing true beauties once known
then, the fairest of gardens, never overgrown.
Night waning, those echoes, their honey-drenching calls
also remind me, of my many faults and falls!

Sitting in the dark, with darkness covering me
begging each, please forgive me, what I did to thee.
Silence, as each lover then slowly fades away
Ah yes, we mortals, for our sins we have to pay!

Dawn's morning rays, broke me from that dreaming trance.
Were we wrong seeking too much in youthful romance?

Robert JLindley, 8-07-2018
Sonnet, ( Recurring Dreams)

Syllables Per Line: 0 12 12 12 12 0 12 12 12 12 0 12 12 12 12 0 12 12
Total # Syllables: 168
Total # Words: 120

Note: Woke 4 am , decided to write this one as it was fresh on my mind...

Poem Details | by Jay Loveless |
Categories: absence, angst, art, beautiful, best friend, boyfriend, care, caregiving, change, character, conflict, confusion, crazy, cry, dedication, depression, desire, devotion, dream, emotions, faith, family, fear, feelings, fire, first love, for him, forgiveness, friend, friendship, girlfriend, growth, happiness, happy, heart, heartbroken, heaven, hope, how i feel, husband, i love you,

Paranoid love

Tell me that this fear is just paranoia in my mind, 
we're not straining, we're not struggling, 
we're not sinking, we're just fine
I'm not perfect my dearest, but damn have I tried, 
and I'll try harder but I know I'll have the same results every time
Do you want me all the ways that I am? 
With all the struggles and the tears and the clinging to your hand
I fear your getting further and Im left on the shore to stand, 
watching you in the distance with a bullet in my hand
Tell me all this worry, its just clutter in my mind, 
tell me not to worry that we're doing just fine
Cause Im scared to run you off and I feel Im falling deep
And Im so frightened of these thoughts that its getting hard to sleep.
All I know is that the heart wants what it desires, 
because of you the match inside has turned into a fire
And I feel the broken glass thats sticking from my skin, 
Wondering if you'll remove the pain or push it back in
My hearts frantic wondering if you feel the same, 
pleading and begging for more than just a saying, 
but to feel and to see that im not alone, 
with being in this love thats overwhelming
Once I told you that we didnt have a spark, 
but you were lighting up and I was sitting in the dark
And this fire, this blaze its wrapped in desire
Im terrified to lose you, I think I might die or, 
maybe disappear from all the pieces falling out, 
im going crazy but when i open my mouth, nothing comes out, 
and I cant explain to you why I just need to hold you close, 
why every time you leave Im scared to let you go, 
why these tears are building up behind my eyes, 
all I know is that the heart wants what it desires 
and it desires to be your wife
So tell me in my panic, that your words are true, 
tell my my dearest what I mean to you, 
tell me that this paranoia is all within my mind 
we're not struggling, we're not sinking tell me we're just fine

Poem Details | by Alyssa Waters |
Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, betrayal, bible, body, books, children, conflict, confusion, corruption, cry, dedication, emotions, eve, evil, faith, father, fear, feelings, first love, forgiveness, friendship, religion, religious, remember, women,


Does the past really matter?
 Does it set you free? 
I’m absorbed in the sin,
That is surrounding him and me

Lost in the curiosity,
Cold to the touch
Drenched in the poison,
With my dignity in his clutch.

Feeling like I was cheated;
I chose the evil instead of light.
I traded in the sunshine,
For what lurks in the night

I disobeyed his orders,
I gave up security to be unsure.
I went against the warnings,
Gave into darkness instead of remaining pure.

Once my bed was made of soft grass,
But now it is made of stone.
Was plump from all of the luscious fruit,
Now I’m starving to the bone

My curse is one of circumstance.
The punishment a crime,
I’m stuck inside this dampened cave,
For the rest of time
My world came crashing down,
The grief has not subsided.
My heart broke completely,
When my sons collided

My misery a token,
From the abandonment I earned.
Upon the time spent in sorrow,
There was a lesson to be learned.

Have I found the moral?
Only in time we shall see,
For all I did was eat an apple-
From the Knowledge tree

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: blessing, conflict, courage, dark, growth, inspiration, love,

A Single Soul Cries Out

A Single Soul Cries Out

Across this barren lake my ghost did sail
 lost and heading straight into another hell
Behind, remnants of a dark and wayward past
 treasures stored that shall never last

Sunny skies ever looking down upon me
 joined by those memories soul sought to flee
No wind to send my ghost sailing right along
 on the shore images of a faceless throng

So far ahead a welcoming sandy white beach
 forever racing farther and farther from my reach
No deeds to perform to gain my deep reprieve
 only memories of those I so easily did deceive

Within this lonely lake a single Soul cries out
forgive me , forgive me  , in a wailing shout!

Robert Lindley

note: Once a man raced about all alone, 
stumbled upon a rolling stone,
fell into a headlong dismay,
gathered the courage to just pray,

Words that did by faith then atone,
soon the condemnation was forever gone..

Poem Details | by White Wolf |
Categories: angst, conflict, love,

One Must Remain:

Like a thunderbolt through the heart, She was beauty, a work of art, A snowfield on a summer's day, She was an angel here to stay. Such loving eyes to gaze upon, How could I ever do her wrong, The moment of truth did come then, As I wrote with paper and pen. Was she truly the love for me? This is something that I must see, Plainly my love for her was torn, To walk in two worlds I was sworn. One of love the other duty, Neither shall wane but one must be. (Eight syllables per line)

Poem Details | by Lyric Man |
Categories: angst, betrayal, conflict, confusion, depression, dream, love,


Looked out my window this morning
Damn.another cloudy day
Falling further and further behind 
This life's become all work, no play
Where the Corporation is heaven
Our CEO has me under his spell
My suit and tie.strangling 24/7 
This heaven's become a living hell

What good is a big corner office
Only time for my computer screen
I can't satisfy all of these investors
Without being ugly, harsh, and mean
And everyday has become cloudy
I feel like I'm a million miles from home
Hating this person that I've become
Surrounded by people, yet all alone

I'm well aware that I shouldn't do this
It only distracts.and there's no time
But I've been thinking.where's the sun
What's my reason, and can I still rhyme
Is there a place with cloudless skies
Somewhere I'll never need this phone
Is there a real heaven that isn't hell
Could I have a girl that I walk home

I'm dreaming about my tomorrows 
I've started praying it's not too late
That pretty girl who rides the metro
I think I'm going to ask her on a date
It's time to leave my corner office
Discovered I'm good at writing songs
There's a park where it's never cloudy
Close to home..where I belong!

~Lyric Man

Note: Wanted to write a "Wake Up" song about a guy who gets sucked into corporate life and then wakes up one day and realizes he's basically sold his soul to the devilIn exchange for money, position, and shiny things.he's traded away his freedom, and even loveWe're only going thru this life one time.only one shot at livingDon't live it in perpetual.cloudy daysI thank God this was something I learned in my 20'sDon't waste your life existing!

Poem Details | by Judy Emery |
Categories: betrayal, break up, conflict, emotions, image, love hurts, writing,

Your Heart Is Too Cold

Your Heart Is Too Cold 

Why don't you come over hear 
tell me all about your love afars
do you really think I care?
you think you are brilliant
untouched in your hateful games
you should feel ashamed 
I give you all your own blames
for acting that way
So, go on and tell me all about her   
Is she worth throwing our love away ?
I packed your garbage in a sack 
so don't bring it back
I remember I was the love of your life
but that was way before I found out you had a wife
just in one night our love faded into darkness
so much pain of untruest 
I waited for you to say what you need to 
But the more I was standing next to You 
I started feeling so abused and very used
we got in to a heated fuss 
because of your lust 
I felt your coldness in out bedroom
your heart was even colder
your words are hars 
where loneliness come to me quickly
my world felt so empty in a bed of bitterness 
I looked out from my window with careful eyes
where I see him drive away on streets
that old memory will be the photograph 
that will stay on my mind 
the more I look 
I started to see yellow leaves
fall on that old dappled street of you and me.

Poetic Judy Emery 

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: conflict, cry, dark, heart, love, moon, sun,

Destinies Child Chained

Searing flames within hissing steam burns 
letting the dragons out in frozen time 
cold stone winds blow into the desert sands of illusions etched

Dark and feral holding immeasurable promises 
held captive under those that are never completely met right
freedom and forgiveness denied cries from an impenetrable heart

Hatred is the twisted short sided vulture of the virtues
incomplete confidence expressed in a waning moon
Tears of ivory silk burning salted spiced

Cries forever inside chambers weeping wall’s
taken far away into discoveries path 
were limitations and love never coexist
Endless beginnings take centrefold in a staged arena 
otherworldly visions of a life re-imagined scarcely believed
in a sealing ritual sacrifice, sacred temple of another is played outcast
Vibrant scalding primal evil colors paint the blood truth 
boldly endurance can no longer be silence issued
through the sun’s warm radiance Illuminati exposed

Co written by Donna Loughman and Liam McDaid 
unrhymed tercets

Poem Details | by Xavier Johnson |
Categories: conflict, deep, feelings, how i feel, life, love, relationship,

Poem for Poem

Poem for poem, rhyme for rhyme
I'll continue to write, until it's time
Time being death, which I never see close to me
Sometimes I find placement in places I don't want to be
Like in your conversations, did we forget my positivity?
Like how I helped them at their worst, after they've begged me constantly
I'm running out of options as well as doing favors
Handouts become expected from those I consider takers
Rekindling former loves can become very likely
I could tag one in with Nick and make a special trip to Raleigh
My time is valued more, and I choose how I spend it
By now they've realized my love has no limit
Part 2 was about you know who, I hope she liked it
You never know what you like at first, until you try it
Old feelings, new women, mismatching
Old friends, new rivals, backstabbing
I feel sharper than I did at 8:00pm
Thinking back to the issue, it was best ignoring that DM
All problems became trivial once I showed them what Happiness is
Expression of a man, loving mothers and their kids
Yet, it's so easy for words to become twisted
The bullet misses the target, then the meaning becomes misted
Count on being forgiven for things I didn't do
Addressed it in full, all love from me to you

Poem for poem, rhyme for rhyme
I hope through the hard times, I remain on your mind
We're not perfect nor are we saints
Not even as Xavier, shall I discard restraint
I've fulfilled my Ideas of Gold
Even if the expression was Too Much
These are thoughts that I hold
Never too sensitive to touch

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: art, conflict, desire, lost love, pain, relationship, sorrow,

Save Me, That I May Rise Again To Stand

Save Me, That I May Rise Again To Stand

Where it that good-morrow brought thee again
save my broken soul from love-lust in sin!
Heal my heart, stop my nights of great sorrows
offer thy hand, promise of tomorrows.

Thinking back to love-nights we never slept
agony, I fell and viciously wept.
O' my love, allow me one more soft kiss
grant mercy, giveth this saddest soul bliss.

Remember vows, we swore to never break
in this dear Hope my life, I gladly stake.
My daily prayer, sends pleas for thy hand
Save me, that I may rise again to stand.

Where it that good-morrow brought thee again
save my broken soul from love-lust in sin!

NOV.17TH 1975

Note- This poem was written while in a fallen state of despair
from a lost love, and broken soul laid bare.
A youth that raced to drown sorrows, only to find more and deeper misery in the drowning.

Poem Details | by Jenny Dillon |
Categories: anxiety, conflict, cry, depression, goodbye, i love you, mental illness,

I Jumped

I am the ghost of my past life.
I feel hollow, empty, incomplete,
No one can hear me speak.
I jumped
From a rooftop in budding May,
A beautiful time of year.
I jumped,
Then I changed my mind.

Nothing hurts as much
As seeing the lives
I could have been a part of
Playing out before my eyes.

I jumped
From a glass tower
Shimmering in the summer’s sun.
I jumped
And then I changed my mind.

If you're feeling down and need some to talk to, message me, know that I care about you, I don't know know you but your life is precious to me, you are lovedYou are important<3

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: break up, conflict, depression, farewell, lost love, moving on, sorrow,

Morn's Coffee Will Taste Of My Tears

Morn's Coffee Will Taste Of My Tears

If you have left me say it plain
some deep cut hearts can't stand the strain.
If dawn shines and you are not here
morn's coffee will taste of my tears.

I'll not beg you back, not my style
I will deeply mourn little while.
Strap on my boots, in dark world go
embrace sorrows I've come to know.

If you ask forgive, try again
I will say no and say amen
Let your past forever be gone
I'll chew my cud and live alone.

When we both die, again we meet.
I will pray not your soul to greet.

Robert JLindley, 8-05-2018
Sonnet, (Love Once Broken)

Syllables Per Line:  8 8 8 8 0 8 8 8 8 0 8 8 8 8 0 8 8  
Total # Syllables:  112  
Total # Words:  100

Poem Details | by Mark Toney |
Categories: addiction, conflict, divorce, drug, heartbreak, lost love, relationship,

You Say You Love Me

You say you love me but you’re not
You say you’re going to fight and give it all you got
You say you find it hard to breathe
You say you’re mad at me but I’m the one who seethes
You say you love me but you’re not (in love with me)

~ Tears falling, relationship flailing, love failing… ~
You say you need a place to stay You say you’re asking me to find another way You say you thought about the debt You say you’re leaving but it hasn’t happened yet You say you need a place to stay
~ The time, the hurt, the pain, the drain… ~
You say you overcame the jones You say you’ve analyzed it to the bare bones You say you finally found the cure You say you’re righteous, clean, happy and secure You say you overcame the jones
~ Familiar lies, thin disguise, love’s demise … ~
You say you love me but you’re not You say you’re going to fight and give it all you got You say you find it hard to breathe You say you’re mad at me but I’m the one who seethes You say you love me but you’re not (in love with me)
~ Tears fall, relationship flails, love fails… The time, the hurt, the pain, the drain… Familiar lies, thin disguise, love’s demise … This time, this hurt, this pain, this drain… Time runs out… no more to gain~

Poem Details | by John Hamilton |
Categories: anxiety, conflict, death of a friend, lost love, mental illness, suicide,

Don't give up the fight

Don't give up the fight

Vs 1
I know that you have suffered in the silence,
(but) I never knew that you would go this far...
I thought I understood your pain...
now memories...are all that remain...
now I look to the stars

Vs 2
I see in others eyes- they too feel the pain
I pray for them, that it won't be too late
I pray for them, that the day will come
when suffering in silence-comes undone
and no-one is to blame

Oh, I know well, all that you're feeling
I can validate, the emptiness you feel inside
I'm the proof that life's worth living
so please, don't give up the fight
no, no, don't give up the fight

Vs 3
I know for you, it's hard to see your beauty
all the love that dwells inside of you
Maybe, I can be a friend,
someone you can trust and can depend
to tell you the truth

Vs 4
You should know, that it takes time to get free
to conquer all the conflict in your mind
The tangled web of tragedy,
need not be your final destiny....
happiness you'll find.

Oh, I know well, all that you're feeling
I can validate, the emptiness you feel inside
I'm the proof that life's worth living
so please, don't give up the fight
no, no, don't give up the fight

I know that you have suffered...
in the silence,
I never knew, 

John Derek Hamilton
October 24,2018

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Categories: betrayal, break up, conflict, depression, hurt, lost love,

When the love dies


When the love dies…
When the love dies, and you feel buried alive
You discover, hidden secrets...
Then two souls collide!

Enigmas and mysteries, like history unwinds
Raw emotions spill right out of your soul…
There is the fury… there is a fire
It will burn you if you lose all control

You know that it’s a sad day,
When you give up trying to keep it alive….
Since the bonds have broken,
You’re shackled to the moment
When the love dies!

When the love’s gone,
When the love’s gone and you’re alone in the dark
Do you ever wonder where it goes to,
When it’s lost the spark?

When the questions go unanswered
And you’re still on your own
And you contemplate the purpose of life
Emptiness fills you…
You still feel the fire…
As it burns a hole right into your soul

You know that it’s a sad day,
When you give up trying to keep it alive….
Since the bonds have broken,
You’re shackled to the moment
When the love dies!

Emptiness fills you…
You still feel the fire…
As it burns a hole right into your soul

You know that it’s a sad day,
When you give up trying to keep it alive….
Since the bonds have broken,
You’re shackled to the moment
When the love dies!

You’re shackled to the moment
When the love dies!

John Derek Hamilton  
August 30,2018

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Flailin’,  flailin’, flailin’;
There goes my ball sailin’
Into a trap, the water or the woods.

Flailin’, flailin’, flailin’;
You can hear me wailin’,
“Why won’t that damn ball go where it should?

Drives go right Putts go wrong.
I shank my wedges or ‘skull’em’ long.
My golf game’s just no damn good.

I’m swingin’ too hard & lookin’ up;
As if I’ll actually see it go in the cup….
As if it ever really would.

My alignment’s too far left or right.
My ball can find the only tree or trap in sight,
Even if the shot starts out lookin’ good.

These days, I carry some special tools:
A handheld weed eater with extra spools
And a pruning saw, in case I’m in the woods 

I’ve even tried to ‘buy’ a better game.
No matter My scores were just as lame.
Those new clubs didn’t do what they should.

Bogies & doubles...even triples..are common scores.
I very rarely get pars any more.
Believe me, I’d change it if I could.

My buddies said it must be me,
A teaching pro I should go see.
They said he’d fix my game…..if anybody could.

The pro said, “Hit some balls while I watch you.
Just set up and hit’em like you normally do.
We’ll see if I can do your game any good.”

After the first bucket of balls I hit,
He calmly said, “Take two weeks off…then quit.
Take my advice You really should.”

Now, what really has me vexed,
I’m wondering what I’ll try next.
That pro’s advice was no damn good.

So, I struggle along with my flailin’ game;
But, strangely enough, have fun just the same,
Finding hope in rare shots that are actually good.

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Categories: conflict, how i feel, love, uplifting, words,


Dejected on my bed this morn, I lay while contemplating,
what seems to be a day to face, I’m really quite unwilling
The peaceful place that used to be for me was so inspiring,
has come to be now tainted with such hatred and despising.

I used to get up from my bed an hour early to see,
to share what’s new, to grow, to live, to love more perfectly.
Each new day that unfolds with friends who greet excitedly,
felt like I’ve touched the heaven’s gates where I wanted to be.

The special word that’s meant to love has come to be vitriolic,
what used to be a happy place has now been melancholic.
Why can’t we just forget our pride, a soul that’s embryonic?
An open heart and mind will help lower blood’s diastolic.

What good is it if we can talk to ad infinitum?
When all the others think an adder fills our heart and cranium.
Will wounded hearts be even healed with simply an erratum?
When people can no longer see which is our mouth or rectum!

Our love for self and things should not be so that it replaces
respect for him, regard for her, a love that recognizes
each one's unique, no one’s above, this love’s the one that reaches
out with sincere humility, forgiveness, it amazes.

02 May 2015

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It Can't Be Real

A truth in rage of insult furrows my mind
For it is only an offense given to me by myself
In the mouths of others far innocent than I
I feel the tears trickle down my cheeks
For I have surfaced into an ugly mistake
I am always inadequate in this brain
I try to shine like the advice of grace given
But confidence rarely rears its head my way
There’s a sort of shade blocking its way
A shade that darkens everyday

That very shade led me to believe my feelings are wrong
That I will never belong so long as they are not controlled
I must be careful—for the lines of love and lust run cold
I hate myself truly this night
And no one but myself will give me the right
The very right to degrade my every being
Because you are not seeing what I am seeing

There is no point
My lines run cold
Can I be so bold as to say
I still love with a pang of indistinguishable doubt 
All feelings enter in
As my truth blurs and checks out

Your words pierce me so deep
I cannot describe the pain I feel
God it hurts so bad
It can’t be real

Much like the love I have come to embrace
The very love that links to your face
Tears don’t give it justice

It can’t be real
Much like the love I will never face

Poem Details | by James Cottrell |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, cheer up, conflict, cute love, desire, lost,

When I Close my Eyes

When I close my eyes I see your face
Shining beautiful like summer's grace
I see sweetness in the curve of your smile
Which lingers in my mind for a while
Yet in your eyes I see a lonely dove
Who yearns for man's honest love
Majority of your years you've had so much strife
Yet you still deserve a man in your life
So break the bonds and mould the pain
For there is still much more to gain

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Setbacks Contest Sponsor: Nayda Ivette Negrom missing link unknown her death my pity hindrance lessening of growth regressed innocence before successful progress life’s impediment severe frustration defeated bloodline mourning extinct from her loss thirsty for closure beyond my intelligence woe relapsed from strength prayers heal my heart yesterday’s setbacks bring hope struggle gains freedom ~1st Place Winner~ Date Written: July 6, 2016

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Categories: anxiety, conflict, confusion, crazy, how i feel, love, trust,

Conflicted Love

My mind is burning, blazing, turning
With doubts and irrational drivels
My heart is livid and hardened
For it freezes in the potentials of disappointment
Of failure, downfall, and impending death
In ceasefires of never mind, and never more 

My soul is stubborn for alien tastes
For knowledge and truths with prefaces that rub me sore
I question your heart,
I question your intelligence—
Your resonance
Do you harmonize with me,
Or do you smother and terrorize me? 
I question your desires—
Are they beyond me,
Formidable to my own trivialities
Do they blind you with flame burns?
Does your presence and pride
Drown my dreams?
What do you gain?

And I question your love most of all
Your throbbing throat that spurts and spits heavenly conundrums 
Waves in clashing waters furrowing my interests and fears
And growing fires from pupils long fixated across my own

I want to believe you are the one for me,
Though there is so much more for me to see
And I want this heart to love—and love damn-right free!

Oh, but every time I see your face,
Gazing upon the beloved features I have come to admire,
I am crushed—I collapse inwardly
I am utterly defenseless, vulnerable and
Crazy for you
Every time you smile at me sadly,
Softly, and madly….
I sense the sincerity of something so secret
And my cold, selfish heart melts into its furtive light
My suspicious mind begins to glow with tacky hope!
It’s silly—in that moment, I hate myself
Because I have fallen again into a pit full of who-knows-what!

The questions that have pestered me for so long
Become suddenly lost in the pollen of lusty adoration
Where the heart is so liquidated
The brain cannot compute its dearth of consistency
In a matter of pitter-pattered moments
Between fluttery heartbeats and many “I love you’s”…
I have crawled to unreasonable lengths 
To sustain this delectable self-deception

You look into my eyes
I know you feel all this pain
All this turmoil sifting through my being
You feel all of these desires in me rise
The color gives it away on my merciless cheeks
And these glistening eyeballs
You feel me on the brink of breaking
And I cannot emphasize enough how full my heart is! 
It is so full and my mind is dull!
I am so close to giving in—to savoring submission
Though countless frustrations from nameless regions
Tug relentlessly between us
My dreams dissipate into pools of sorrow
My need for more regurgitates on what we have built
I cannot break through the wreckage of blue
When all I want is you

And through it all,
You want me to be strong
To not give up on us
With you, I feel stupid and weak…
How can true love be so bleak?
In its coldest darkness I wish to hide
To stay covered in false convictions
Because sometimes freedom is only for the miserable
While bondage, in pair, is for the loved

Have I become a fool again?
Perhaps, but for you, I will try to be strong
If only peace of some world beyond me could lead this mind
And faith from my God above would reassure my heart
If this should fail,
If we indeed should end,
May our wisdom as two separate beings increase!
So, soul, vacillating soul of mine, be at ease!  

Poem Details | by Kelly Crenshaw |
Categories: angst, character, conflict, confusion, emotions, introspection, lost love,

Trading my tomorrows

The things in life that cost me most are the things that came for free.
And what I thought I was,
Was not what I would be.
And what I thought I was looking for
Was not what I could see.
And every time I got close
I threw it all away.
And the price of that keeps going up
It's more than I can pay.
So I keep trading my tomorrows
To forget my yesterdays.
And every time I get close
I throw it all away.
And I know I'm gonna do it
But don't know what makes me this way.
And every time I get close 
I know I've got to pay.
And every time it changes
It always stays the same.
I couldn't wait when I was young
To get away from home
I've spent the rest of my life wishing
That I had never gone.
Chasing my regrets
They're dragging me along.
Willingly unwilling
To forget and just move on.
Driven by the things 
That keep me all alone.
Taking comfort in the pain
Knowing every time that I get close
I'll throw it all away.
And I know I'm gonna do it
But don't know what makes me this way.
Like a secret life has kept from me
To dry me with the rain.
Drinking life like it was whiskey
And chasing it with pain.
And the things that cost the most
Are the things I got for free.
And the ones I need the most 
Are the ones I throw away.
And I know I'm gonna do it
But don't know what makes me this way.
I just keep trading my tomorrows
To forget my yesterdays.
And there's not enough days ahead 
To pay for the days pre-spent.
That prize I've chased in life
I just don't know where it went.
And the things that I've loved most
Are the things that came for free.
And the ones that I need most 
Are the ones I throw away.
And I know I'm gonna do it
But don't know what makes me this way
And the love that cost the most
Is the love I'll throw away
And what was given to me free
Had a price I wouldn't pay.