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Love Poems About Conflict or Conflict Love Poems

Conflict love poems and/or love poems about Conflict. Read, share, and enjoy these Conflict love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Conflict Poems.

Poem Details | by Susan Ashley |
Categories: angst, conflict, depression, fate, love hurts, sorrow,

Fortunes Of My Tears

I see the future in the constellation of my crystal tears as you siphon the sparkle off what’s left of my joy. Heavy is my heart where you spread your composting ego sacrificing my fire. Your unwillingness to ascend from darkness on wings of breath and light is not lost on me.. as you strut your fan of peacock plumes snuffing out any hope for my flickery flame. Susan Ashley July 19, 2018 ________________________ ~ Third Place ~ Contest: Any July 2018 Poem Sponsor: Dear Heart a.k.a. Broken Wings ________________________ ~ POTD ~ July 21, 2018

Poem Details | by White Wolf |
Categories: angst, conflict, love,

One Must Remain:

Like a thunderbolt through the heart, She was beauty, a work of art, A snowfield on a summer's day, She was an angel here to stay. Such loving eyes to gaze upon, How could I ever do her wrong, The moment of truth did come then, As I wrote with paper and pen. Was she truly the love for me? This is something that I must see, Plainly my love for her was torn, To walk in two worlds I was sworn. One of love the other duty, Neither shall wane but one must be. (Eight syllables per line)

Poem Details | by Jenny Dillon |
Categories: anxiety, conflict, cry, depression, goodbye, i love you, mental illness,

I Jumped

I am the ghost of my past life.
I feel hollow, empty, incomplete,
No one can hear me speak.
I jumped
From a rooftop in budding May,
A beautiful time of year.
I jumped,
Then I changed my mind.

Nothing hurts as much
As seeing the lives
I could have been a part of
Playing out before my eyes.

I jumped
From a glass tower
Shimmering in the summer’s sun.
I jumped
And then I changed my mind.

I wish I was still alive

Poem Details | by CayCay Jennings |
Categories: anxiety, betrayal, conflict, emotions, heartbreak, husband, love hurts,

Break Your Peace

Your breathing is even and bears no concern, no fear or resentment squeaks to rust your dreams' churn. All my wishes wish it would: I want it to rob you, break your peace to pieces, rough up all your pleases and scatter your calm.
4 line excerpt from poem: A Day Scar Drama written 3-18-17 May 29, 2019 Arbitrium Divisa Poetry Contest Gregory R. Barden

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: angst, confidence, conflict, love hurts, sad,


Setbacks Contest Sponsor: Nayda Ivette Negrom missing link unknown her death my pity hindrance lessening of growth regressed innocence before successful progress life’s impediment severe frustration defeated bloodline mourning extinct from her loss thirsty for closure beyond my intelligence woe relapsed from strength prayers heal my heart yesterday’s setbacks bring hope struggle gains freedom ~1st Place Winner~ Date Written: July 6, 2016

Poem Details | by James Cottrell |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, cheer up, conflict, cute love, desire, lost,

When I Close my Eyes

When I close my eyes I see your face
Shining beautiful like summer's grace
I see sweetness in the curve of your smile
Which lingers in my mind for a while
Yet in your eyes I see a lonely dove
Who yearns for man's honest love
Majority of your years you've had so much strife
Yet you still deserve a man in your life
So break the bonds and mould the pain
For there is still much more to gain

Poem Details | by Gene Bourne |
Categories: allegory, allusion, character, conflict, devotion, feelings, hope, introspection, love,

Small The Bud

Love is of itself an entity, 
Never knowing when it's touch will be.
Hate appears, a sentiment as well. 
Predators of love in consort dwell.
Cunning with intentions unrevealed. 
Spiteful in its malice to conceal.
Speak the truth to know a friendship's birth, 
Legacy of trust, proclaims your worth.
Time for all who live is all too brief.
Shun beguiling paths that lead to grief.
Look beyond impressions you assume. 
Small the bud, so beautiful the bloom. 

Gene Bourne 

Poem Details | by Mary Oliver Rotman |
Categories: betrayal, conflict, funny, heartbreak, hurt, lost love, metaphor,

Nuclear-Free Zone

You should know that I've
reinforced the bunker
I built around my heart
until it can withstand a
     direct hit
     ground zero
     head-on collision
from a YOU-bomb.

I've shielded it to withstand
the worst EMP (emotional mutilation potential)
you can generate
and to protect me from
the flash burns of passion, 
Not to mention that I've lined it with lead
to save me from the fallout
of your so-called love.

hit me with your worst.
My bunker--and I-- are ready.

Poem Details | by Sandra Haight |
Categories: conflict, love, night,

Lover's Quarrel

As they walked the moonlit beach in silence, their aching hearts split worlds apart, they were joined by their shadowed silhouettes, which, connected, danced along… Forms united clear and strong, Gave them counsel in their night. © Sandra M. Haight 2014 All Rights Reserved ~5th Place~ November 10, 2014 Contest: Silhouette of a Heptagonet – Silhouettes of Night Sponsor: Nette Onclaud

Poem Details | by Carol Connell |
Categories: conflict, love, people, prayer,

Difficult People

Though some of them might wish me ill, 
whose presence may give me a chill,
please, use me Lord, to be kind still,
 to difficult people.

I may not like the things they say
and wish that they would go away
but help me not to cease to pray
for difficult people.

To their faults they may be blind.
This may cause me some grief of mind.
Somehow, let me some goodness find
in difficult people.

I know that there must be a reason
for the backbiting, cruelty and treason,
so I want to remember, ‘tis the season
to love difficult people.


Submitted for People Poetry Contest sponsored by Richard Lamoureux
3rd place

Poem Details | by Zachary Ward |
Categories: absence, beauty, blessing, conflict, cute love, desire, i love you,

something beautiful

I want to write you something beautiful
Can I show you I am right here
I would live all my life alone to prove that
I'm so madly in love with you

When were apart 
I can't breathe
You have all the right parts
You fit perfectly in my heart

What you do to me
Is something beautiful
My missing puzzle piece
Pirate my seas 

You're all I can see in the horizon
This love navigates me like a compass
I pray it leads me to something beautiful
If it doesn't ill keep on trying 
until my last breath meets the face of death

I have a great love for  you
The unknown troubles us two
I'll be forever alone if I have to
Because I want something beautiful with you

Poem Details | by Charles Hamouth |
Categories: conflict, crazy, love hurts, relationship,


Preposterous, I am not a junk-food addict!
The recipe was good;
The presentation was great;
The final dish, however, was disappointing.
It could have used a teaspoon full of warmth
And maybe a dash of humor.
A crowd pleaser, at first, to be sure,
But not worth the effort.

Poem Details | by Jessica K |
Categories: boyfriend, conflict, first love, girlfriend, love, together, youth,

Young Love

Uncertainty lies
With us being together
Yet claiming promises
Of always and forever

 Old fashion belief
In a love without measure
Steady we shall stay
For always and forever

Numb without one
Starved without the other
So crucial is the keepsake 
Of always and forever

Words will continue
In a ritual blether
Sharing future vows
Of always and forever

But the stars predict
Our relationship be severed
Still we cling to the hope
Of always and forever

Will we follow the sensible
Give into the worlds pressure
And forsake the idea
Of always and forever

Or instead grasp tight
Run away to wherever
Just he and I
For always and forever

Only time will tell

Poem Details | by Devin Conrad |
Categories: absence, conflict, emotions, first love, goodbye, lost,


The game is crush
Your dealt a hand of cards
And you have to bid on the cards,
Hoping you bid right
If your wrong
Game over
In life your dealt a hand full of chances
Chances that could go either way in life.
Bad or good
I got dealt the card, the chance,
The card…you
I had a perfect game
Till you showed up in my deck
I was in trouble
My heart fooled me
Telling me this was my chance,
My moment
But then
I was wrong
It was my mind playing tricks 
There was never a chance of you and I 
My perfect game was over
I guess that’s why they call it crush.

Poem Details | by Ingrid Showalter Swift |
Categories: conflict, love,

Mind and Matters

Thou shalt not love him said mind...never you mind said heart

Poem Details | by Dana Redricks |
Categories: conflict, deep, feelings, freedom, hate, inspirational, love,


Author Dana Redricks
April 5, 2017

Hate is like carrying around 
Dead weight 
It weighs you down
It’s a heavy load no one
Should want to carry
It clouds your vision
And steals your Joy
And steals your peace
Hate is a waste of space
It is something that will
Take you out quicker than
But the choice is ours to 
Love or hate 
But for me, I think love is the way
To go because hate will
Just take us places we 
Don’t want to go

Poem Details | by Johanna Hartnett |
Categories: beautiful, conflict, dark, death, evil, humanity, love,

Angel Loves The Devil

Leaning in a whisper brings red to her cheeks

Wings fluttering at his touch

Hot as fire against cool as clouds

A tempting death

Blushing never felt so good

His kiss starting a new fire

A fire from hell

Standing beside the angel

His jaw bone breaks her innocence

He is beautiful

A fallen angel

Poem Details | by laurie mahoney |
Categories: angst, conflict, desire, love, love hurts, lust, sensual,


I've still not healed from you
You're in my blood, my veins
You've seeped in every pore of me
A plague upon my brain
You make me hot like fever
I sweat, my body aches
Lose air when I am close to you
How much sickness can I take
I'm infected with this passion
Desire like disease
It lives in every cell of me
My body's under seige
This carnal need is savage
It's eating me alive
I have to touch you, feel you
Or else I cant survive
There has to be an antidote
A treatment, remedy
To cure this lustful sickness
That's taken over me
I need to search, to find it
And make this go away
I'm so weakened by the wanting
I'm temptation''s easy prey

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: adventure, appreciation, beauty, conflict, creation, journey, love,

Love Love Love

There is but one thing between the distances
Sleeping gently on the clouds of calm repose
With nightly stars so far away we touch them 
But only with our eyes first meant for love
Knowledge gives rise to reasons why
We stay together by each others side
Working through the pain of being 
Alive and open to the unknown mystery
Let us go on an endless journey out to sea
Not end before the sweet is gone
On with a lovely song of trust and beauty
Landing at the harbor of your heart

Poem Details | by Anna-Marie Docherty |
Categories: anger, appreciation, conflict, devotion, hurt, love hurts, marriage,

Working at it

F - For better for worse
R - Remembered, revisited, recalled
A - Aggressive temperaments agitate
G - Gives way and love is lost
I - Illicit affair throws fuel on fire
L - Leaving me beaten - hanging there
E - Endearments all out - nobody to hear

H - Heated arguments
E - Empowered talks
A - Addressing all issues
R - Redeeming our marriage
T - Two aching hearts together treading lightly
S - Sharing special somethings previously so sparse

Poem Details | by Winged Warrior |
Categories: conflict, destiny, lost love,

Sailing for Love

My love can part the oceans, But it hasn’t reached your shores… Sailing in the breeze with emotions, As my heart rudders and explores. Within the mist of heartaches, The thunder passes through… Shattering sorrows of earthquakes, Exposing the love I have for you. The deep sea swallows my soul, I’m drowning in ambient aquatic… Resurfacing amidst the Devil's Hole, A delusional drift by evil’s erotic. Sails are down the anchor thrown, A lighthouse dims of love unknown. June.21.2019 YOUR CHOICE(12) LOVE VERSE, Any form or theme Poetry Sponsored by: Brian Strand Honorable mention for contest...Thank You

Poem Details | by Winged Warrior |
Categories: conflict, feelings, lost love,

The Last Forever

The Last Forever The last time I saw her face, with a halted heart, and no love to replace… The last time I kissed her smile, of the adoring art, a Mona Lisa in exile… ~~~ The last time I saw her sleep, a pastoral princess, as I awoke to weep… The last time I heard her speak, with a calliope caress, as words vaporized in a bleak… ~~~ The last time I touched her heart, love still in the ambient air, then slowly ventured to depart… The last time I felt her soul, nothing left to soundly share, except the emptiness of the whole. Nov.27.2018 The last... Poetry Sponsored by: Silent One Placed 1'st...thank you

Poem Details | by Mark Frank |
Categories: conflict, how i feel, sad love,

Love Can Become a Burden

When you fall out of love
You will often discover how plain 
And ordinary the person was!
Your love made them special!
As I retracted myself
It became clearer
In reality, I had to take 
One long look in the mirror and
See all the ‘drama’ it would cause!

Love was an obstacle
Caught up in passion was didactical
A lesson for some 
Because love can become a burden!
When you fall out of love
You will often discover how plain 
And ordinary the person was!
Your love made them special!

Mark Frank

Copyright 2019

Poem Details | by ALKAS POETRY |
Categories: allusion, conflict, love, poetry,


                       Why are you enchanted
                gentle lady?
                My mind
                every day gets worse,
                It's my rambling heart
                is not here anymore ...
                No longer poetize
                as before ...
                That one who
                preceded you stole it
                and now ?
                Now only rime
               Don't be enchanted
               sweet lady...
               The verses I write
               they are not for you ...
               They are for her ...!

Poem Details | by Rich P. |
Categories: anger, anxiety, conflict, love hurts, truth,

Sake hangover

her mannequin flesh and acidic eyes dragged his inner beasts of burden from his bones and ruined them both. the subtle silence of bitter thoughts and broken promises creep through their pores and violates their veins. love is a marionette, twistedly dancing without ever touching the ground, mocking almost lovers and the corpses of letters written in bloody tears. he said, "be my coffin", her response was a peck on the cheek and the slamming of a door.