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Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: analogy, inspiration, love, metaphor, muse, music,

My Melodious Muse

** I apologize, but if you're viewing this on a phone, it probably wont look right, as the browser page on a phone is not wide enough to indent the right edge properlyIt was designed on a laptop and should appear correctly if viewed on your pcThanks!**

                                       I hold YOU
                               [ in my arms so very ]
                                       tenderly, as
                               [ if an extension from ]
                                       my very own
                               [ being the supple and ]
                                       lithe  form of
                                         your body,
                                          my muse.
                                          I am as a
                                          kid again-
                                          alive  with 
                                          the glows
                                          of being in
                                          the  midst
                                          of your so
                                          sweet and
                                          m elodious
                                          c om pa ny
                                          as free and
                                          com pletely
                                          joyous as I
                                          h a ve  ever
                                          been  in my
                                          whole entire
                                          existence 'til
                                          now - totally
                                          drenched  in
                                          whenever I'm
                                          joined in your
                                          aspect, all the
                                          soft  curves of
                                          your fine torso
                                          r e sonate with
                                          m y thoughtful
                                          intents and wild
                                          are naught with
                                       -out my deft caress,
                           and I, empty and incomplete without
                   you, yet together we create a harmony, pure, the
             articulation of sublime utterance of divine,
       inspired creativity, a dance                     of improvisation and revel
    -ry, melodic wonderment,                               unified and conciseWe
   endeavor to find  our em                                -pyreal song, to  thus be-
  come one, stealing silence,                                 lullsI  gently  caress your
  neck  with resolve, manipu-                               late you with my dutiful and
  competent hands,  each  fin-                           ger with its own very resolute
  course, attending your whispers                 with appreciation, and longing to
   hear the moans and sighs of your sweet voice and affect..the coy result of
      our purposeful, energetic joinings, are your soulful, rare and resonating
         arias - the final and fitting example of all we realize in each other.all
             we create in our requisite energiesI remember back to the very
                first time that we met, you with your brightly colored trap-
                  pings and shiny baubles, the strength of your supple
                  shape rippling with lines of poetic perfection, you took
                 my very breath away! Oh, I had seen others of your ilk
              been with others who spoke with  similar lilt, but none that
         pulled the breath instantly from my lungs, none who made me qui
    -ver with anticipation, to touch you, run my hands over your ample con
  -tours, to hear you whisper a sultry voice to the tympans of my ears - such
 ecstasy I imagined.and ecstasy it WAS! I had watched you from afar for so
long.dreaming, never really expecting you'd ever be mine, but that day I fin-
ally knew - knew I'd hold you, touch you, love you, make YOU tremble, the way
you had me! I would finally get to inhale the sweet, earthy fragrance of your so-
smooth, unblemished flesh, finally know the completeness and exquisite joys of
cradling you in my arms! And oh the beautiful things we have realized and done
 together. what incredible music we have made! Our spirits always united as
  one, moving, sighing, creating every sublimated harmonic expression that we
   can imagine, and always together, always joined by a magic thus unequaled,
     always bound by the song of life, and the voice of the heavens! You shall
       be mine forever, my Sweet Lady, and I mean to hold you and love you
         until both of us can sing no more! Until the very skies no longer can
            vibrate with the musings of nature - until the weep of the even's
                clouds dries up and turns to dust.until the roaring beat
                     of thunder no longer shakes the ground.until the
                         gods themselves wipe the constellations from
                               the sky - this I pledge to you, my love
                                        and my agency of art, my

August 24, 2018

Poem Details | by Elaine George |
Categories: history, love, peace,

It is Written in a Star

                                                             in the East
                                                             that night
                                                            so long ago
                                                         A heavenly light
                                                     that guided wise men
                                                  to the place where He lie
                                             In a manger on a blanket of hay
              ******Christ -Immanuel - a radiant child - a gift from God******
                                              His only son who died  on a cross 
                                                   for teaching us to love and
                                                       help one another
                                                             for this is
                                                               the only

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: death, life, lost love, love, wifeheart, wife, heart, love,


.................  L  I                                  L  O
                Y            F                       Y             V                         
           M         H        E                M        G           E                
       F   O   R   E  V  E  R             E   T   E   R  N    A   L                    
     L     E    N    O    R    E          L     E    N    O    R     E
  E   N   T   W   I   N   E   D       E   N   T   W   I  N   E   D
 Always  with  my HearT  I         Always with true Feeling
Love You, my Dearest WIFE        ALWAYS with Emotions
My  Love grows like an oak        My  Heart beats for YOU
Mighty  and E v e r l a s t I n g       MY  TEARS  are  Real 
 YOU  are  M Y  STRENGTH         Yet My Heart still Aches
  FOR YOU LIVE in  ME            Though You live with GOD
   ETERNAL  B L I S S        YOU wear the gown of Angels
     INFINITE  P U R E        YOU carry my Heart in Yours
       You grow in my heart     EACH  and   EVERY   Day 
         The LOVE grows and   I am at  Peace KNOWING
            As  LOVE  Grows          In my  BROKEN Heart 
              Constantly Knitting        cracks and Fissures
                My  Dearest Beloved    Tenderly  Mended
                    Repairing Loneliness   My Wife Lenore
                       Angelically Smiles   Eternally Loved
                          MY Only Most        B E L O V E D
                              L  I  F  E        L  E  N  O  R  E
                                  Always      F O R E V E R
                                      YOU    My  Heartbeat
                                          Are   My   S O U L
                                              MY      W I F E
                                                One  Breath
                                                    N e v e r

Poem Details | by Elaine George |
Categories: devotion, faith, hope, love

The Candle

                                                                am a
                                                              of hope
                                                              and love
                                                              where I
                                                      one piece of string

                                                      wrapped with wax

                                                      made all by hand

                                                      a beacon - of light

                                                     slender  and white

                                                     burning so brightly

                                                    in a window tonight

                                                    there in the stillness

                                                    whispering a prayer

                                                    into the midnight air

                                                    In a flickering  flame

                                                    spelling  your name 

                                                   until I find you again

                                                   there in the darkness

                                                  on a bloody battlefield

                                                  lying in the frozen rain

                                                  wounded crying in pain

                                                 and in a flickering flame

                                                 again I spell your name

                                                 A spark  of  recognition 

                                                 ignites your lonely eyes

                                                 as you reach out to me

                                                Your hope and your love

                                                your light and  your wife

                                               here to comfort you tonight

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: love,

Tongues Tied

     O                        D
      N                      E
        G                 I
           U      N   T  W
               E    S           I
            R                      N
           E                        E
          V                        D

Stars shine so bright this moonlit night and in my arms you lie within this kiss I leave my love for ever by

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: anxiety, love, solitude, sorrow, tree,


oo weeping willow oo oo why do you mourn so oo oo laden with inconsolable sorrow oo oo tears of woe overflowing in soft moonglow oo o incognito on tiptoe to and fro such source of vertigo o to hovering melodies of oboe under a van gogh rainbow oo o o oo oo oo o oo o L oo o o oo o oo o o o o o o o o o LO o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o LOV o o o o o o o o o o o o o o LOVE o o o o o o o o o o o o o OVEL o o o o o o o o o o o o o VELO o o o o o o o o o o ELOV o o o o o o o o o o LOVE o o o o o o o o o OVEL o o o o VELO ELOV ELOVEL ELOVELOVE LOVELOV O LOVELO VELOVE OVE OVELOVE
Submitted on July 3, 2018, for contest GET INTO SHAPE sponsored by MAUREEN MCGREAVY - RANKED 6TH

Poem Details | by Teresita Cailo |
Categories: hope, lost love, love

Broken Heart

                  broken heart 
           that I am, has beset 
    by blemishes though I'm not  
 ashamed; for my shattered 
pieces myself is to blame
here I breath waiting for the
 day of my renewal, then back
    to the role I play; painful
         past lurking still, but 
            I'm not afraid to take
                chances to love and
                    be whole once 
                        more and
                             be ready 
                                 to shed
                                      a tear
                                         of joy

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: life, lost love, love, wife,

BrokenHeart -re submit-

.................  L  I                                  L  O
                Y            F                       Y             V                         
           M         H        E                M        G           E                
       F   O   R   E  V  E  R             E   T   E   R  N    A   L                    
     L     E    N    O    R    E          L     E    N    O    R     E
  E   N   T   W   I   N   E   D       E   N   T   W   I  N   E   D
 Always  with  my HearT  I         Always with true Feeling
Love You, my Dearest WIFE        ALWAYS with Emotions
My  Love grows like an oak        My  Heart beats for YOU
Mighty  and E v e r l a s t I n g       MY  TEARS  are  Real 
 YOU  are  M Y  STRENGTH         Yet My Heart still Aches
  FOR YOU LIVE in  ME            Though You live with GOD
   ETERNAL  B L I S S        YOU wear the gown of Angels
     INFINITE  P U R E        YOU carry my Heart in Yours
       You grow in my heart     EACH  and   EVERY   Day 
         The LOVE grows and   I am at  Peace KNOWING
            As  LOVE  Grows          In my  BROKEN Heart 
              Constantly Knitting        cracks and Fissures
                My  Dearest Beloved    Tenderly  Mended
                    Repairing Loneliness   My Wife Lenore
                       Angelically Smiles   Eternally Loved
                          MY Only Most        B E L O V E D
                              L  I  F  E        L  E  N  O  R  E
                                  Always      F O R E V E R
                                      YOU    My  Heartbeat
                                          Are   My   S O U L
                                              MY      W I F E
                                                One  Breath
                                                    N e v e r

Poem Details | by Raul Moreno |
Categories: love

I Love You

oXo oXo X----O----X X----O----X o---My love--o o---I stay----o X---forever---X---so true---X o--I want you to know--o X----I love you----X o---eternally---o X--yours--X o---o X

Poem Details | by Anulaxmi Nayak |
Categories: appreciation, art, husband, love, wife, , memorial,


 TAJ                                                  J                                                TAJ
MAHAL                                         MAHAL                                          MAHAL
  [W]                                      MAUSOLEUM IN                                        [U]
  [O]                                A MARBLE SPLENDOUR                                    [N]
  [N]                            AN EPIC IN STONE,A MARVEL                                [E]
  [D]                        FOR HIS BELOVED MUMTAZ MAHAL                           [S]
  [E]          T          HIS FAVOURITE AND MOST CHERISHED       T              [C]
  [R]          A         QUEEN, BUILT HE,THIS NOBLE  MOGHUL       A              [O]
                 J         EMPEROR ,  A  MAGNIFICENT  MEMORIAL       J
  [F]     *******     HIM SUNK IN UTTER GRIEF,WHEN SHE    *******        [E]
  [T]   IMMENSE WAS HIS LOVE                     TO IMMORTALIZE, HIS VOW   [I]
  [W] THIS TOKEN OF DEEP                           LOVE FOR  DARLING  WIFE   [E]
  [O]  STANDS SYMBOL  OF                           ETERNAL LOVE TODAY RIFE  
  [R]  ADORABLE,MAJESTIC                           REPOSITORY SO  ROMANTIC [S]
  [L]  THE KING AND QUEEN                          LEFT BEHIND LOVE  LEGACY  [I]
  [D]  HISTORY  WILL  HUM                          THIS LOVE STORY FOREVER  [T]

 28th December 2016
~ For Concrete Crush Contest~ 
Pietra Dura:  Inlay technique of using cut and fitted, highly polished colored stones to create images.

Poem Details | by Edward Ibeh |
Categories: dedication, destiny, love, people, romance, together,

A Bell Tolls For Two Souls

                           bell tolls
                        for two souls
                         crimson red 
                        with passion
                        they started
                      at opposite ends            
                  at full-throttle speed
                racing to meet halfway
              on the rendezvous rubicon
             then they collided exploding 

Date written and posted: 10/23/2016

Poem Details | by Carole Duet |
Categories: dream, fantasy, flying, love, missing you, voyage,

I'm Thinking of a Place

I’m thinking of a place, a place far away, far away from here as I sail through the night, a place where you are in my sight. Yeah, I’m thinking of a place where I see you so clear, not here, but there. Yeah, I’m thinking of a place sailing through the cool night air, getting closer to that place far away where I’m going someday. Yeah, I want to go, have to go to that place far away where I’ll hear you say, “I love you too.” By: Carole O'Terry Duet Copyright: 2018 "All Rights Reserved"

Poem Details | by Kale Brereton |
Categories: encouraging, inspirational, inspirational love,

I Can

They told me “I couldn’t” But I did Now they don’t tell me “I can’t” anymore Because “I can.” Kale Brereton 6/12/2018

Poem Details | by kia coady |
Categories: love, words, day, me,

1st thoughts about us

I picture this being more than a friendship even
though we just met
Your conversation is so strong and seductive with
plenty of intellect

It appears your very mature with the words that come out of your
To find someone like you is what I’ve dreamed

I know I don’t know you and we only talked this one time
But I like you
It’s beginning to be scary, crazy, but yet exciteful 
and delightful

Maybe one day you can send chills up my spine, better yet
make me smile
Wait; maybe you’ve done that from giving me you 
piece of mind

The way you talk and your words sound 
so sincere
And if I’m wrong say I’m wrong but I know you’ll always
be there

It’s a must that I know right now how you feel if there’s
Because one day I would like you to be my 

Poem Details | by kia coady |
Categories: love, words, me, cry, love, me, time,


When I’m with you love me and care 
Don’t hurt, play, laugh at my feelings or take
advantage of me

When I cry you’ll cry because you’ll feel my pain 
and anger
Don’t complicate things and not be there and act
like a total stranger

Be my friend, understand me, touch and tease 
Say the words I want to hear like everyday saying, 
the little things, these are the words that please me

Don’t rush and be my lover like we did in your dream
I’ve been broken by love and I need time to heal from being
treated like a score


The love I feel when someone makes me smile and
It’ll finally feel good to not sit up and cry not kiss 
everyone’s a$$

All I ask is for you to hold my heart honestly in
the palm of your hand 
Not asking for much only for you to be my friend and

That I am human and I make mistakes and it
That everything can’t be right all of the time because life
is a cold breeze by any means

So what I’m trying to say is that all I ask of my lover is for 
them to hurt
because if they understand how I feel or felt maybe 
the happiness for me will finally work


Poem Details | by Annabel Mukete |
Categories: daughter, baby, dad, baby, dad, love,

Daddys Little Princess

She is just a darling little girl,as precious as a lamb,
She rules our home in many ways that another can.
She's in and out,here and there throughout our busy day,
And many times I stop my work because she wants to play.
She often has a special hug, the sweetest baby kiss,
And when just she and I are there I rate this treasured bliss.
But when her Dad arrives at night, you'll find her in a whirl's
She hasnt time for Mother then,because she's Daddy girl
It's joy to see her laughing eyes,her baby smile,
Tis' then I know that all is well and life is worth the while,
So lovingly he'll pinch her nose or steal a curl
Just anything he does is right because she's Daddy's girl.
I often marvel at the charms that only Dad possess
Although I know within my heart she doesnt love me less.
We tuck her into bed at night, our one and only pearl
And cause I love her Daddy too,I am proud she is Daddy's girl.

Poem Details | by Elaine George |
Categories: husband, i love you, love,

I Give you My Heart

                         sweetheart                            sweetheart 
                    for you to ask me                  (                       )   )   
                 the reason I love you so        (                                    )
                is to ask a bird why it sings  (                                         )
            or if it could  fly without wings                                              )
          why does a rose bloom in spring                                             )
           why do those bells have to ring             I Need you here        )
           why do leaves cleave to a tree                 by my side          )
                why does honey need bees                                        )
                  there is really no mystery                                     )
                     it is  just  their  destiny                                  )
                      the same as you and I                             )
                             predestined to be                         )
                                   for I am only                   )
                                     half a heart               )
                                           without          )
                                                you    )


                                            Written:  January  9th, 2010
             For:  My Husband and for Geborah Guzzi's contest 'Who do you Love'?
             Placed 4th.

Poem Details | by Sharon Smith |
Categories: art, love,

Just A Word

                                INDIANA’S BEST KNOWN IMAGE                   JUST A WORD
AND                    YET SO POWERFUL, YES, JUST                                   A WORD
SHORT              AND TO THE POINT, BUT TO                       SOME           IT IS A
WARM              AND HEALING WORD, IT                       BRINGS HOPE         AND
PEACE               AND LIGHT UNTO OUR                      WORLD, IT CAN           BE
  SEEN               THE WORLD OVER, IT                  NEVER SEEMS TO             BE
LOST,                IT KNOWS THAT                     IT’S JUST A WORD                YET
THER                IS NO DENYING                  THAT IT IS VITAL                        TO
EVERY               LIFE ON EARTH,      I      AM CERTAIN IT                           WILL
PROVE               TO BE MORE          OF    A NECCESITY                            THAN 
EVEN                 THE VERY            AIR                                             THAT WE
                                                BREATHE,                            WITHOUT THIS
                                               WORD WE                       CAN’T REALLY BE    
I AM                CERTAIN OF          THAT, JUST A            WORD, BUT I
KNOW              THAT IT IS           A VITAL PART            OF HUMANITY,
THERE               WOULD          BE NOTHING OF              THE JOY         WE
KNOW                 TODAY         AND ONLY HURT             UPON            A COLD
EARTH, I               CAN          BUT IMAGINE THE                                EVIL IN
A WORLD,              A           HELL, WHERE THIS              WORD          DID NOT
EXIST, I CRY                      FOR THOSE WHO DO           LIVE IN          THIS
WORLD, I AM                   SURE THAT MANY DO             JUST THAT, AND
I PRAY THAT I               WILL NEVER FIND THAT             I INHABIT A
PLACE WHERE I           HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE                 OF THIS

*Based on Robert Indiana's "Love",

Poem Details | by Samantha Simmons |
Categories: love, me, love, me,

Your Secret Smile

Give me " Your Secret Smile" the one that i forever see every once in awhile.
The secret smile that allows your eyes to tell its story, for it pours out reflective visions of your love for me...Glory.

Give me "Your Secret Smile" the one where everything is at end.
the pain, guilt, anything that makes you feel empty; unable to mend.
For Your Secret Smile" s one im for sure going to forever keep close to my heart.
Yet if it weren't for that smile; would this have been love from the very start?

Give me "Your Secret Smile" the one that can change the day.
Allowing one to feel safe and secure in every possible way.
touching me softly in places one can't reach.
for the power of "Your Secret Smile" has expressed the words from the unspoken speech.
Taken away from the mesmerization of "Your Secret smile" only seen and recognized by me.


Poem Details | by zachary dennis |
Categories: lost love,

my heart

my hearts been broken,my heart is sore,can your cure my sickness,before i am no more

Poem Details | by Cona Adams |
Categories: abuse, anti bullying, feelings, friendship, love, together,

Don't Walk on Me

                   Hey, you;
               yeah, I'm talk-
              ing to you there.
           Don't  Walk  On  Me!

    Don't be rude, and walk upon
  my person, sprawled here, in the 
 grass; give me space to be myself;
please walk around me as you pass.

 If, someday, you should find that 
  I am lying prone and feeling ill,
   be kind enough to bring a rose
    and sit quietly, with me, till

       I'm up on my feet, then 
        help me clear the way
         to find an easy path
          thru frenzied fray.

        Don't step on me as
       you pass by, but take 
      me by the handWe'll 
     walk side by side in sun
      and as a team-together
         we both can stand.

Poem Details | by Cindy Lu |
Categories: friendship, love,

The Rose

Atop The Table 'an empty verse' and empty hands ~understand~ The glass in hand can drown out ten- thousand and ten; Hearts, ~emptiness~ ' ' looking for ? a f l o w e r '' '' ' ' ' " " , ', ', (Oh, Holy Nights) on bend-ed knee enlightened to see, Ten Drops from the Glass < << < << < << < I ponder great love and then I let it go (Boomerang) Hands, (the) Masters Hand * * * * * * * * * A parade o'er Parodies' "'atop'" "The Table" Inspired by a reply to comment: 3/6/2012 ~ "Slowly Ascending The Steps Unto Once Upon A Times Familar Front Door~ Seems As Though But Yesterday When It's Newness Held Such Vibrancy, Colours & Laughter~ Love Filled The Hallways Leading Into Many Different Rooms; Some Were Hidden~ A Vacancy Sign Now Posted Upon The Curtainless Window; Inside My Heart~ Spring Melting These The Last Winters Remnants Of Snow Left Amid The Blizzard~ Winds Whispering Through The Trees; Flowers Bending In This Their Wake~ With A Single Rose Sitting Atop An Empty Table Past The Glass, Aside A Note~ Time, Beckoning From The Street; Leaving A Bottle Of Champagne At The Threshold~ Wrapped With A Red Bow And Turning To Make My Way; Beyound The Rainbows." Love John!:)

Poem Details | by Lee Baq |
Categories: lost love, naturesilly,

Time Waits For No One

As the clock turns and your ways remain the same
You don't stop and realize you have a good thing
Your eyes are closed can't see the end of the road
To late to turn back now your luck is gone
Such a shame how you played your silly games
Patience has run out now
I must move on
Tried and hoped that things would change and not remain the same
I won't keep holding on
The love is gone
Move on
It won't stop for me I've tried so hard with you
Why can't you see your ways have caught up with you
Such a shame how you play your silly games you should have known your time was running thin
Broken promises I'm not down for your childish ways
My future's on the line I have to make my moves
Got goals for the near future each second affects your life
 Can't hold on you're nonproductive
Take the steps improve your mind
I tried to help motive you
Outline the steps make it right
You failed to see the Big Picture
God Bless you
I'm out of your life

Poem Details | by Ninette Carey |
Categories: destiny, earth, love, prayer, rose, spoken word, world,


We open our homes

We open our hearts

We bring kindness

We bring knowledge 
We Pray to the Heavens for Peace

You will be asked to choose

The time will come

Fear will be used as the weapon of choice

Masked with a loyalty of Religion  

This day will come

Together Love can conquer all darkness

  Believe in Love 
  Believe in Peace
  Believe in Us.........

Poem Details | by Ninette Carey |
Categories: abuse, beauty, bird, love,


Each morning as I open my eyes 
They are forced to be shadowed by bleak emotional ties 
When will the past stay where it belongs
An no longer torment  this beautiful day
When birds are leaves are hope is in the air 
Where dreams come true
And love isn't blue
Does love exist in this greedy world
It has passed my way
But has never taken hold
When will I learn that it isn't real....just a feeling I am told not something you can hold...Elusive to me.......

Poem Details | by PENINNAH NGANGA |
Categories: anger, break up, deep, heartbroken, how i feel, love hurts, sorrow,


Lovers then we became strangers
now full blown adversaries
gladiators armored for destruction.
This is no longer a relationship
it is a ruthless affair
a house of cards
kill zone
minefield 101.
Words sharp than machetes
actions colder than waterboarding
we massacred us
we are locked up in solitary confinement
you the king of North
and this Nubian Monarchy is mine.
To the last Iron and Crown standing
its game on!

Poem Details | by Austin Tenthani Phiri |
Categories: i love you, love, valentines day,


On this day, I want to say
Words that forever will stay
In your heart as well as mine
Words silky, smooth, tender and sweet as wine

You were a flower on a tower 
Plucked and firmly planted in my heart
Protected from life’s harsh weather
Lady, you are a treasure....
The source of joy beyond measure

Your rare beauty, my medicine
Your sweet smile, my cure 
Your gentle laughter, assures
Your firm love has made me sure
With you l am secure.....

Rip not my heart for it is yours
Yours I will not for it is mine
Together we 've been woven 
Tangled....with love’s silk and twine
No one in between, can draw a line

Your hurts are mine as well
As are your pains and gains
Sorrows and joys

Come along with me
To our own paradise
Away from love’s parasites
Those liars, cheats and thieves
Who rob others 
Of love’s joy and bliss 

Poem Details | by Annie Lander |
Categories: dedication, fantasy, happiness, life, love, nostalgia, passion,

Ha ha


This morning the taste of mint and chocolate 
Upon my tongue 
My exposed nipples under my silky gown 

 you whisper words in my ear 
that I never heard before 
I sigh! with admiration as I tiptoe
 to reach for your kiss 

I put my arms around your neck 
You whispered softly
Make me hard with your eyes 
Be my dark surprise 

Ha! Ha! 
Why the laughter? 
Babe! it my way of saying yes! 
Oh! yes! oh yes 
and more 

Poem Details | by Ninette Carey |
Categories: conflict, confusion, destiny, hate, love,

Red Sky at Night

The Rivers Current 
Flows in this Mind
Visions Drifting 
Propelled to the Waters Edge
Pockets of Wind  
Lead them to Their Port
I can only watch 
Binoculars give a close view
Their Course is Set ....
Remember Once You Set Sail.....
There is No Turning Back.......
Navigating ones Head and Heart......

Poem Details | by Benedict Msawenkosi Khubeka |
Categories: betrayal, break up, care, emotions, heartbreak, loneliness, lost love,


At first it was Love
She would check you minute to minute
She would make you feel her presence
She would make you feel the warmth of her breath
She never missed your call
Her phone was never busy for you
She checked her what's app
Every two minutes

Is it love or tolerance?
everything changed
Like it was never there before
You send her a text
She would just go online & off.
Does this love lost it's taste?
What was it at first
Love or tolerance
Was it wrong to love her?
Did you gave her more than what she expected
Was this love more
Than enough.....

Was it Love or Tolerance?
she's not the one
You used to love
she's not the one you knew
This Love was not Real
If Love was a fire 
This would have been a Spark

Was it Love or Tolerance???