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Poem Details | by Keith O.J. Hunt |
Categories: death, depression, lost love, metaphor, wife,

The Widow among Roses

The widow among roses,
though a scent so sweet 
she smells to near smile,
how red the vibrance of life
and soft the petals caress
her lonely cheek,
she remembers her love lost
(her left eye a tombstone glass)
and seizes not to yearn it back ---

The Blacklady among crimson;
her desert rains evermore night and day,
and still the dunes of her heart soak not with love,
the arrid wind still shoots the sand 
through her wasteland unbetrothed,
where the sun never rises,
nor never beautifully it sets 
through her tombstone eye

She walks the night dressed in white,
her wedding gown a sight for ghosts
and phantoms do fright;
they cannot haunt ---
this foot-in-the-grave-soul,
glowing white-red howling at the moon

To true midnite her feet carries her so,
where the river rushes reflecting 
forever moon glow

Where the nymph and sylph and dryad never go,
whispering and wondering ---
gazing to this lady alone,
this poor begotten thing ---
this shadow unto death,
who filled with eternal tears
(seated in some unknown place)
her nose in roses, and her mind always in the past
(grieving life) 
and mourning some faceless man

*** Inspired from a friend's mother, who at the age
of 40 --- all but gave up on life at the death of her
husband, which deeply saddened me ***

Poem Details | by Vince Suzadail Jr. |
Categories: life, love, me, world,

Count on You

When my world collapses
And I'm feeling blue
When the chips are down
Can I count on you

Will you stand by me
And help ease my pain
Will you walk with me
Through fire and rain

Will you stay with me 
When the world turns away
And hold my hand
Help me find my way

When the dark clouds come
And the sun don't shine
When the rain starts falling
Will you still be mine

If I lose it all
That I can no longer cope
Will you smile at me
And bring me hope

If I find my dreams
Have all turned out wrong
So that I must leave
Will you come along

When the tide arrives
As I stand in harm's way
Will you be my support
That I do not sway

We will walk through this world
With our heads held high
While our hearts reach out
And touch the sky

We will stand as one
With a love sublime
We will love forever
Until the end of time.

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: children, christmas, life, love, sweet,

I am the Grinch

I am the Grinch

I am I am, you know that I am
The Grinch of Grinch's and so
Don’t call me Sam
For Sam I not am
I am the grouch of this festive season
I take what yours; I need not but one single reason
I will steal all the presents
Every one under the tree
Why chocolates
And toys
And Barbie’s
And shoes
Mummies make up
The golf clubs
And the tickets to the zoo
Why when I leave up that chimney
You can be assured of one fact
I am leaving with full red bag, upon my huge back
I am leaving with gifts that were given with care
I am stealing your presents, and no I won’t ever share
Mine mine mine
All the presents are mine!
All these toys and gifts are all just for me
While I look down at you with nothing under the tree

Oh yes I stole Christmas and turkey and even the lights
You all slept so innocent while I robbed you at night
So I chuckle and laugh, for its a given I have won
I have all the loot and you have but none!

Now the dawn is rising and why I will take a wee peek
To gloat over all the sadness that for sure I have reeked!
Seeing you all sad, and crying with despair
Surely that will make me so happy as to declare
I have won, I have won! I have all that you could ever desire
Why you have not even a log to start up the fire!

Well Timmy and Maya woke up to a surprise
For its true there was nothing under their tree
Why I stole even the tree from those children you see!
I laughed at the expressions I saw on their face
I did so while gloating and without any disgrace

Confused and distraught, I am sure of the state
Mummy and Daddy earlier had seen their robbed fate
They rushed to the village, on their big Swiss sled
With all the villagers shouting!!!!
We’ve been robbed of Christmas; we might as well be dead!

That was not the story to be so you see
For Timmy and Maya came along on that sled
When they saw all the snow and children playing so free
They laughed and danced and said to Papa with such glee
Christmas is here and we have all of our gifts
The laughter and love is what you have smothered us with
Why this is truly the most wonderful of gifts
So the children all danced and played in the snow
The parents so proud has huge smiles aglow
For Christmas was saved but by one small little factor
A child’s love for his parents and his most joyous laughter

The poor old Grinch in his mountain abode
Looking down, he realized he'd been oversold
Why he saw that all the gifts he had cached in his barn
Could not undo the telling of Christmas with all of it generosity and charm

Note: Timmy an Maya being of Swiss decent later scaled the south face of the mountain, with excellent climbing gear, and in co-ordination with Spider Man and James Bond, stormed the Grinch’s castle, tossed him into a Polar Bear pit, and then descended the mountain on Canadian built Bombardier skidoo with a  Rolls Royce quit motor and returned all the gifts to the villageIncluding a huge huge huge bottle of Rum and Postage Stamps.

Poem Details | by Keith O.J. Hunt |
Categories: animal, beauty, freedom, love, nature,

A Swans Return

Grace had floated royal 
among the sweet summered months,
and not a moment had passed
without the nectar of love;

Three feathered lords so fledgling
sleeping white at noon,
'neath arbors brawn....
where the nestles are soft with love,
and dream to host all the world watching;
from horizon's scarlet painting pink
the billowed white hues ---
and black-purple from the Lord's smile

What crimson disguise five plumed hearts
beating as one,
return again o'er Swan Lake,
or with eternal love thy cherubin ponds;
with fountains swooning infinite grace 
then they are gone.....
to privy their existence made,
sleeping black at night 
('neath the gaze of tomorrow's moon)
the future brim with wind....
elder wings at dawn,
unto valor in evening's song,
fain to life again....
(flight of thy Royal Swan)

***Dedicated to the black swan and Queen's royal
swans of Ottawa***

Poem Details | by Vicki Acquah |
Categories: love, music,

The Melody Of Love

Love plays different melodies.
Music to which lovers respond..
Instrumental, is the harp, 
the flute, and the drum.
Listen with your ears, for
your heart may skip a beat

Listen with your eyes,eyes will 
always see.

Hear with your whole being, 
the melody of love.
The Drum will beat out 

As the harp beckons 
to you,.."come"!!
The flute will calm a 
distressed soul..

But only the melody of unity 
can strike that blessed chord.
Unity and passion can 
fulfill the empty soul.

While the melody of love 
unheard, is sad.

Opened ears will make songs glad...
When we move our feet together, 

our hearts will dance in unison 
If we hear love’s melody

with unguarded hearts - 
To the love we shall sub-come.

We contemplate the music 
of loves sweet refrain.
Together we make music 
of melodious adoration,

As our creator's love 
has no limitations.

You whistle the same 
bars and measures.
As I lay and calmly hum.
We be tuned as one- 

We become 
as a symphony, 

to which our 
heartstrings strum.

Poem Details | by Dalia Shahein |
Categories: death of a friend, family, feelings, friend, heart, hurt, love,

Lovely wind

Lonely nights come and take me 
Raise me up but don't break me
Lovely wind I can feel your coldness
Touch my skin, play my hair until I become your oldest
Let the time pass so fast...carry me in your arms and make me forget my past..
Can I continue ? Can I move on ? 
And where is my place if he had gone ?
I can see the flowers but I can't smell it..lovely wind takes my soul before I kill it 
Can the heart live alone? Can he be cold like a stone? 
I can tell you that his whispers gets through my bones
Oh my lovely wind ! Can he feel my loneliness ?
Can he freeze the time and beat you?  Or your going to freeze me but when you feel my heart , my love will heat you ? 
Are you going to be warm and soft like a feather or you're going to be cold and cruel like the leather?
I can feel you when you touch me when you kill my he going to love me or my destiny is going to end ? 
Am I going to dream with him before I die ? Are you going to say yes you will ? Are you going to lie ?
Gentile wind you are my source of truth you're my friend...
Before I fly away make sure that my message will be sent...
Let him feel my love , let him hear my heart beat...
Take my heart and put it in his hands so he can feel my heat..
Lovely wind thank you but it's time to say goodbye...
Smile for me but on me don't cry...

Poem Details | by awoh kingsley awoh |
Categories: love, baby, heart, night, baby, heart, love, night,


The Naughty Pen

She loves my naughty pen
Little wonder why her bunk shook 
The last night I visited
Between the boards of her heart my verses are vast
Written with unspoken words 
Littered with love language 
Only her heart can decode 
The naughty pen’s code

She loves my naughty pen 
Because of its beautiful rhymes
The reverie of having my pen made her snore
As we snore 
I swim through her imaginations
Exploring and emancipating her innermost 
Conquering her doubts
Surpassing her body
Plowing the unknown
Building fences around her garden

She loves my naughty pen
And my pen love her I swear
But I hope she won’t stone my pen to death 
For its naughtiness
Even if she does
My pen shall resurrect on the third day
Because no stone can kill true love 

She kissed my naughty pen 
Like a mother whose child needs lullaby
Caressing my innocent lips with her wet lips
As a baby pen, I cuddled between her two tender layers 
Standing between her chest
The baby pen sucks her milk
Thus making her sobbed, saying; ‘crazy baby’
 The sand hill stood straight, pleasure mixed with imagery 
Dragging the night into an endless quest of possibilities…
Possibilities encoded with lyrics

I gave her my naughty pen the last night we met
Now, she is accusing the lyrics of my pen of being naughty
And yet, she is smiling all the way, asking for naughtier pen
Is it a crime to express my innermost feeling?
Is it a crime to build true imagery and fantasy?
Is it a crime that the mental state of my pen’s imagination is naughty?
Is it a crime that my pen loves her; and she loves my pen much more?
Much more because the frequencies of her heart beat is stronger than Rhythm FM

To my bosom friend
My naughty pen loves you
Stop acting shyness
Shyness is for the weak at heart
My pen is ready to go hungry for a century to proof this;
Ready to surmount Mount Everest for you;
Ready to blow you kisses when the night is dark and fear arises;
Ready to stand by you when the arrows of life rail at you;
Ready to cover you when the night is cold and cruel
Ready to make you feel like a woman
Ready to forgive and forgive, and forgive…
I love you….the naughty pen

Dedicated to Adeola Adenekan
Written by Awoh Kingsley
October 19th, 2012.

Poem Details | by awoh kingsley awoh |
Categories: love, life,


Void of you 
My life is like a wind
Drifting to nowhere
Tossed and turned
By the ragging nature

Your kisses hunted me down
Capsizing and ceaselessly 
Plowing my innermost
Drilling my manliness

Void of you,
My life is separated by miles of realities
Stay with me, my dreamer

Written by Awoh Kingsley
Dedicated to Adeola Adenekan
November, 2nd , 2012

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: angel, beautiful, crush, heartbroken, lost love, passion, true love,

Angel, No Romantic Heart Could Forget

 Angel, No Romantic Heart Could Forget
  ( Collaboration RLindley & KHunt )

Desiring to feel again, thy warmest touch, 
Dreams that have faded into distant past, 
Love burning hot in our hearts was too much, 
Its glow and ardor faded too fast, 
Thou wouldst have had eternal sweet dreams, 
In castles created to hold our true love, 
Alas! This dark world destroyed with wicked schemes 
All that was heaven sent from above

We in our youth, tasted of love's purity divine, 
Gentle hands, held wealth of all precious to me, 
Thy image and power, did my romantic soul refine 
Gifting passionate fruits of thy bountiful tree; 
Now my soul, cries out for thy blessed return, 
This miracle I pray shall one day be, 
As flower meadows, rich in glory, one never spurns, 
Let love send us again, sailing on its heavenly sea

For all the ages revealed our great love eternal,
From silver spires did the world seem so small and otherworldly
We crept into our lofty paradise, teeming our little secret furled;
Two great eagles soaring soft to eternity
A thousand kisses too holy and sweet thy lush peck
A million lovely seasons thine eyes sparkle as honeyed stars
To Venus (shooting!) and thine vast heart our thee wed
But without thee, life is empty and its affections as death's cold charms

So sweet, death whispers your name.....
To tempt my fate to follow thy fleeting footsteps;
How damp this love, wouldst now seem in vain
No flask too deep to numb this bitter-made bed
But I shan't despair no more to mourn ----
For too holy my angel, lest I forget her plea;
The beauties of her idylls (alone) as lovelies shown:
Let love send us again, sailing on its heavenly sea

First half written by Robert Lindley
Second by Keith O.JHunt

Poem Details | by Keith O.J. Hunt |
Categories: angel, hope, love, senses,

Our Midnight The Unseen Within Collaboration

Silent unto our sense, yet musical
With eternal harmony, they move
About our darkened vision, the beautiful ones,
Angels of destiny.

Pale with the dawn, sun-golden with the noontide,
They mingle with our moments;
There is no sadness that they do not share,
No night they are not near.

Even as flowers that scent the roving winds
With fragrant incantations, - flowers unseen,
That loose the largess of their beauteous dreams,
Even so are they.

Bequeathing endlessly for our delight
The gifts we spurn, the secret revelations
Would make us in our needless misery
True kindred of the Soul,-

A holy kiss to marry us with light,
These sheens where cherubins loose their waxxen wings;
Shear the shadows where fear is oft found,
And quell doubt like a startled imposter

A righteous device to lead us home.....
A wanton wind to soothe the wayward ails;
A flame-cold but bright to illume every wan,
We sleep unbeguiled, where angels tread

What secret shadows skulk to maim?
Strip our bones to sudden death?
Move they winnowed and tarried -----
Helpless to the winged, swift eye

A keepsake (say many) beat of feather;
Hope gives us peace in those hallowed hills,
Where the angels sing like larks and cry a tear of love:
              (Our midnight)

First 16 lines written by Robert Lindley
Last 16 by Keith O.JHunt

Poem Details | by kristin gregoire |
Categories: confusion, death, dedication, devotion, fear, friendship, funeral, girlfriend-boyfriend, life, loss, lost love, love, pain, lost, lost, me,


                  I miss you more and more everyday, That's why I drink so much to take this   pain awayThe pain don't really go away it comes back, and I get so lost I don't know how to actI get lost in my thoughts of you, It kills me you can't come back ever no matter what I do, This is the hardest thing I ever had to go threwSome people say time will heal, but I know I'll be missing you still, It feels like I'm living in a bad nightmare I wish it wasn't realIf I could go back in time, I would go back and press rewindI would go to that day the 2nd of July, and make sure you were okay and you didn't dieAll I got got now are our memories and the tears I cry, To keep it together it's hard but believe me I try.

Poem Details | by Keith O.J. Hunt |
Categories: abortion, courage, creation, faith, love, marriage,

Love was made for Heroes

Love was made for heroes....
who risk the thorn which cuts deepest,
but who's armor as Achilles,
even unto death ---
pledges faith to a thousand lords;
but only One shall make

Love is the hope of the gods,
where their seed shall spread,
more love,
and the lillies of the field
flourish to stardust,
and return;
a rose to wed the world...
and the mountains shall moan;
and move (Artemis!)
with a newborn's first cry

--- no coward 
shall love make more
but for bane lust;
and bastard-children ---
half in love
(half empty to the world)

No deceit in holy matrimony,
or the heart which flows the waterfall;
or a thousand deaths 
too grim to keep them part,
bound in eternity

Only the brave shall heroes be,
free in love....
lest the world perish;
and the sun go black
(for none shall see)

Poem Details | by Mika Herold |
Categories: allegory, caregiving, love, nature, passion, rose, rose,

How to entice a rose

Tame your wish to unfasten
the shut bud ‘til she’s willing!
Give her sweetest thoughts of spring.
Attract her, softly thrilling
with your words and compliments.

If the sprout of rose is closed
you need gentle kindheartedness.
Warm alluring breath of love
may touch cheek with such caress
that first petals open slow.

Now ensure her - and yourself –
that there is no other one
that deserves such attitude
under shining moon and sun
no one that compares to her.

But you have to say the truth
or you will feel painful thorn.
If you do, you’ll see delight
Beautiful as dusk and dawn
when the rose unlocks herself.

Ensnare the ears with kindness,
enmesh with care her splendor.
Cautions stroke her fears away!
Then may your fingers tender
detach the outer casing.

Coat the rose with water drops
from your lips – fresh summerkiss
over body, mind and soul.
Feel with beating heart the bliss
when the trembling bud unclench’s.

Shivering the petals spread
ample to receive delight.
Open are the calyx’s thighs
that entangled day and night
the straight erected carpel.

Poem Details | by Keith O.J. Hunt |
Categories: love, romance,

She of Sweet Kisses

She of sweet kisses and lavender hues,
  with wild loving eyes,
  to melt in each orb of fire,
  and dream too long....
Disguised to resist such wild love;
  untamed as a wild stallion ---
  she illumed this little darkling....
  with her little light of love,
  vast as the hope in her heavenly heart

That I dream her little dream,
  and dance to the wanton moon in her eyes;
  where the heavens alight a darkest night,
  where my heart swoons in sweeter meadows,
  I hold her as mine;
  for all time, we are One,
  in this red-wedded night,
(She of sweet kisses)

Poem Details | by Md Shahadat Hossain |
Categories: care, caregiving, cute love, dedication, deep, devotion,

Ode To You

When you keep silence yourslef,
I try to read your eyes,
When you keep smiling yourself.
I try to feel your nerves.

When you keep staring at me, 
I feel shy at that time,
When you get angry with me
I feel you love me a lot all the time.

When you shed tears, 
I feel very shocked,
When you don't make me nervous,
I feel you are only one who make me proud.

Poem Details | by Jo Bien |
Categories: love


love comes around once in a while
unlocks the door with its winning smile
it takes every breath, wounds with its scars
whispers to your soul as it plays with your heart
the lessons you learn, what answers remain 
each time a beginning as you try it again

Poem Details | by Md Shahadat Hossain |
Categories: cute love, dedication, devotion, fantasy, for him,

Beauty Walks At Night

She walks without making any sound at night 
She is afraid of someone is watching her 
How she could go there escaping his sight?
Her heart bit is getting louder.

Everything is sleeping except them,
Someone is waiting out there,
She has to meet him
A wild owl is watching her,

Nothing can stop her walking,
Something making her mind stronger;
It's nothing but pleasures of meeting-
For her love she can go fur and further.

Poem Details | by Md Shahadat Hossain |
Categories: beauty, dedication, desire, love,

Bring Something For Me

Bring me a moon lit night, 
I will shower, 
Bring me a wonderful sight, 
I will go nowhere.

Bring me a lovely smile, 
I will listen, 
Bring me a soft touch, 
I will not ever be forgotten.

Bring me a secured lap, 
I will sleep, 
Bring me a caring heart, 
I will not keep any gap.

Bring me a lady, 
I will love, 
Bring me a melody, 
I will standstill, won't move.

Poem Details | by Yash Ranpariya |
Categories: beautiful, deep, emotions, heart, i miss you, lost love, love,

Where are u my love

That all untold words inside me
Are roaring today for you
Where are you my love ?
My all senses are in the search of you...

The way on we walked together
Are in the thirst of the footsteps of you
Where are you my love ?
The whole soul inside me 
Is in the search of you...

My each morning of the day 
is only asking about you
Where are you my love ?
My life has become drought 
Even in the season of rain 
Without you...

Poem Details | by TIMOTHY CARTER |
Categories: change, character, conflict, confusion, corruption, emotions, evil, fear, feelings, goodbye, heart, how i feel, introspection, judgement, leaving, lost, lost love, me, pain, parody, relationship, remember, sad love, self, slam, spoken word, storm, stress, time, together, truth,


Oh what a mistake I have made,
Traveled so far to end up this way.
  Not in a million years would I have guessed,
That this idea was truly not one of my best.
  Never had  known things had changed so much,
We for sure had fallen so far out of touch.
  So many different do's , don't , and bewares,
Actually has left me absolutely  scared.
  What a fool I was to ever believe,
That she would ever be in love with me.
  At my age you would think I know better,
You can trust this will be remembered forever.
  Oh what a terrible mistake I have made,
Wanting all these memories to just fade away.

Poem Details | by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: friendship, imagination, inspirational, life, love, mystery, philosophyson, god, sister, god, love, poems, sister, son,

Karen O'Leary—My Poetry Soup Pal!

She should have been Hera, goddess queen of heaven, the sister-wife of 
Zeus, king of the gods; she would have caught him one Friday night tipping 
Out while she sleeps to visit one of his plumy wives and over 100 relations
She would have said, “Sit down Zeus; let me inform you about the laws of 
Property settlement and child support in heaven with a concrete poem.”

She would have straightened up Aphrodite, goddess of love and lust.
Especially when Aphrodite was caught red-handed making love to
Her son, Ares, the God of war, she probably would have said, “Now look 
Here woman, quit messing with my son and creating all this rumblings in
Heaven with the gods.” I could see some Lanturne poems floating

She would have acted as the sister of Demeter, goddess of fertility,
Agriculture, and harvest, a sister of ZeusBecause she would have 
Blessed women with children who need them, and also farmers
With great harvest and crops to feed their families and sustain the 
People across the land, by waving a haiku poem in her healing hands

She would have screamed as the sister of Hermes, the crooked cattle-rustling
God; son of Zeus and Maia, who stole his brother, Apollo’s cows, then
Lied, and swore before Zeus, their father, “That even if I knew who stole 
Apollo’s cattle, I would not even accept a reward for finding the thief.” 
She would have gave her crooked brother, and son of Zeus, a flying senryu

She would have been with Athena, the virgin goddess of wisdom, reason, and 
Heroic endeavors; the daughter of Zeus, and Titan goddess of wise counsel 
Métis, especially when Athena appeared onto Swift-footed demigod,
Achilles, and told him, “Sheathe your sword and defeat Agamemnon, the 
Greek king with words of wisdom.”  I could see some wise epigram poems 

She was probably counseled by Apollo, her brother, god of music, healing, and 
Poetry; the son of Zeus and the Titan goddess LetoBecause she has cared 
For the sick in hospital emergency rooms, and has also stimulated us for years 
With her poetic museShe has counseled many along the way and has calmed
Many storms with loving charm“Hail my sister in Christ—Karen O’Leary!”

Happy birthday angel and wishing you many more for years to come!

Poem Details | by kristin gregoire |
Categories: childhood, confusion, death, dedication, depression, devotion, faith, fear, friendship, funeral, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love, love,

Only Death Can Tear Us Apart

Your always in my heart & head,
 I still can't believe ur deadWe may
be miles & miles apart 
but I feel ur still close because I keep you 
always in my heart, 
Death was the only thing that could ever
keep us apart.

Poem Details | by gianni pansensoy |

Love in bleeding constipation

Between You and I,
What's going on?
torn stitches,
Smiles of diabolical impression,
brutally appealing,
gestures of charismatic sweet melodies,
best described: very dangerous indeed,
on this brown wooden bed,
over the same bloated pillow we sleep madly in love,
within the blanket of velvet furs and moonshadow,
the nightsky so dark,
seeing everything,
yet we feel miles apart inside.

Funny how it seems,
we have been longing for our warm embraces,
listening to the same jokes and new wave songs,
hanging beneath the music of  pure love songs,
dissecting every quote of Milan Kundera,
contradicting the dialectical thoughts of marxism,
eating green mango and octopus that give us indigestion,
taking refuge under the heat of our long kisses and laughters,
turning the December chill into summer,
but deep in our hearts,
we are still perfect strangers with each other,
such a perfect combination.

I can see from the shadow of thought in your eyes,
it shelters me from harm,
you give everything,
mind,spirit and virginity,
but I crave for more,
grabbing even your soul,
An insatiable predator comes out of me,
it gives you so much pain,
bitter agony,
worst than a diabetic wound,
an atomic bomb in your brain,
putting our love in the cauldron of bleeding constipation.

 Beauty of classical seduction,
it turns man into the verge of insanity,
but if you just can read the poetry of my soul,
every letter of it says how I really love you,
its rhyme weaves a rope of soothing lyrics and notes,
to tie you forever beside,
only death can separate us,
that is the love I render for you.

Poem Details | by Victor Alexander |
Categories: africa, love, pride,



My Africa; oh my beautiful Africa
Words of your past glories gladdens my heart
History embeds in her heart; stories of you Africa
Ages through ages; you gave birth to men of brave hearts
Expectation didn’t expect much from you Africa
Yet, you tried your best to live up to expectations
Your 18th to 20th century ancestors suffered invasion of your lands
Helpless and ignorant; they suffered a lot from the invaders of your land
With eyes that can only watch; they watched your cultures drift away
Today, with my heart that can also love; my love for you Africa will never drift away.

I thank you God for having created me black
The blacks are Africans; Africa is black
It feels very natural to be a natural African; an Africa African
Beyond the deserts, out of the forests and above the mountains of Africa
There will never be a need for me to introduce myself as an African
Everywhere I go, anybody that sees me sees Africa
I am proud of our lands; the brave son of the soil
Some fools don’t take pride in our land; the name Africa they soil
Home and abroad; we all share the same ancestral lineage of the 3rd century Africans
Today, Africa is for all and not just for Africans.

Oh my lovely Africa!
I need not open my eyes to see the splendour of your beauty
The caress of your sun warms my black skin
I only need to look up and see the clearness of your skies
I cannot swim to swim enough of your charming waters
The birds sing in glory of your proud high mountains
Your land is so rich in minerals and natural resources
Not even natural disasters can cause disasters to us
The earthquakes and tsunamis are still myths to your people
I take pride in you my Africa.

											D’ Poetic Beast

Poem Details | by steven cooke |
Categories: fantasy, love, me, woman, love, me, wisdom,

An epic Woman

An Epic Woman  

Woman tell me your thoughts
Shall I be the fool and you the teacher?
Am I your Adonis, or do you see a toad.
Chivalry demands that I am your knight without reward,
For my kin is that of Beowulf and Lancelot,
Dragon slayers, so command me.

I am woman I need no gesture, for wisdom lies in,
Raindrops hung out to dry on silken cobwebs.
And in the beggar who is happy, while his king sleeps in fear
For my kin, blessed me with a rare beauty,
For my reflection rivals that of the queen Of Sheba
My thoughts entwined with the warrior queen Boudicea, 
My tenderness lies in queen Amyitis and her Hanging gardens of Babylon
My passion is that of Cleopatra for Mark Anthony,
And my faith equals that of Mary

So beware young Jason, speak from the heart, 
Or you will summon queen Kriemhides in me,
For she killed Attila the Hun for less,
This Woman will send you to phineas
A slave for the harpies, if you lie,

My lady, I have slain the sirens with Lyre music,
For my love for you was greater,
Alexander wept when there were no more worlds to conquer
Achilles killed Hector for Helen,
And King Leonidas defeated the Persian Empire
One glance from you and their deeds fade into oblivion,
Medea the Sorcerer, My mother,
Gave birth to me, for this moment.
Woman take my hand and show me your love

Jason of Argo, look into my eyes
For I see the soul of a man
Your shield is heavy to stop you running away.
Your Hero Achilles was slain by a true suitor Paris,
His love for Helen, was true.
You deceive all women.
Your Friend the Goddess Hera
Was killed by you,
It is my enslavement you seek, not love.

I send you to the Eighth Circle for Eternity to be whipped by DevilsFor the Harpies deserve better.
And Remember, these words
The Wisdom of King Arthur,
When a Woman you seek, be honest at all times,
 No matter what the cost
And defend her faith, her home,
And her country with your life.
For these are the Thoughts of all Women.

Poem Details | by Douglas Lawder |
Categories: life, love, nature,

The Couple(s)

           The poem as novel

Small grapes of the morning like poetry,
cold water pulsing deep in the well,
a bag of bright nails in the yard,
the smell of cut wood wet in the sun,
the mild bite of pain put on everything
and everything still to be done
-- when love's first sting buckles them to the ground.

The long melons of the afternoon like prose
and by the poolside the gin drinks and the sun,
the new car bright
as a jelly bean on the lawn,
a glaze of clean order put on everything
yet everything looking to be done
--when love has rubbed them smooth as a stone.

Poem Details | by Madhavi Sarjare pagare |
Categories: adventure, angel, baptism, beautiful, best friend, career, caregiving, celebration, crazy, cry, depression, desire, devotion, dream, emo, emotions, family, feelings, flying, future, god, green, growing up, halloween, happiness, happy, hate, heaven, horse, how i feel, i love you, imagination, joy, magic, missing you, mountains, ocean, peace, rain, rainbow, relationship, sky, smile, song, together, trust, truth, water, weather, wind, world, youth,

Aviated parachute

A short poetry of Parascending by Mrs.Madhavi.Suyog.Pagare

                                                Aviated parachute

 Parachute parachute you flying so high.
 Like an eagle you swing in the sky.
 Flourishingly Waving in an air.
 Your skill astonished me, Take me away !

 A play of lustrous rainbow colour.
 Cascaded by a Blushing rain.
 Sensing the rhythm, flower‘s crimsoned.
 Making me feel excited, Take me away !

 Inspiring me as you without wings swiftly aviate.
 Fortunately you have a flying glance at this amazed beauty of the earth.
 Give me one chance some another day.
 Move me away, Take me away !

 People will greet me, when myself Joe will be lime lighting in the sky.
 Viewing the artistic magnifying creativity, beautified by arduous earthborn 
 mortalizing persona‘s.
 my itchy feet, move me away, Take me away !

 screaking high, conveying regards to almighty and pray for celestial peace.
 Ohhh my spice jet please take me high.
 For the god‘s sake make me fly.
 Take me away or else I will die !


Poem Details | by Matt Ancient |
Categories: love, me,

Isle of love I

As the lion searches for it prey 
So have i long for thee 
Sorry my anger drove you away 
For with you behind me 
Made me more comfortable 
Why did i act a fool 
You are adorable 
But i betrayed you 
I was carried away 
Like a feather 
I was discourage 
By the bad weather 
You were a good pair 
But i did not treat you fair

Poem Details | by Darlene Smith |
Categories: death, depression, love, memory, missing you, mother, native american,

Fighting Sorrow

Fighting Sorrow

When the stars refuse to glow;
And the moon turns off her light.
That is when I'll know;
You are forever from my sight.

When the sun no longer rises;
And the winds of time stands still.
There will be no surprises;
Nothing more will I feel.

When all the waters run backwards;
And birds choose not to fly.
I will accept that I am shattered;
And will lay me down to die.

Until that day arrives;
I simply will not succumb.
Like the Phoenix I will rise;
For I shall overcome.

If today must be a battle;
Then a warrior I shall be.
Nothing's won for the idle;
I carry perseverance and dignity.

When this day be finished;
And I reflect the challenged scores.
My love will be undiminished.
Your memory the source.

~  Darlene Doll Smith 

Dedicated to my mother, Etta Maye Martin Harris on this Mother's Day

Poem Details | by Patricia Davis |
Categories: cry, dedication, deep, emotions, i love you, i miss you, woman,

Love and Gratitude

                                         Love and Gratitude
                                          By Patricia Davis

In the chronicles of love, I've felt my deepest distress
Truly unwanted feelings of separation brings me despair
From the one I love, one day equals a thousand years
 Yet that still maybe too long.

Broken hearted how can this be? When things were going so well.
Loves aroma blowing brisk fully in the air, the Hanging Gardens of
Samurais, and all its splendors of love could not compare
My love, who’s lips were sweeten by summers fruit, from you a single kiss can bring such great delight, why then am I broken hearted to where it keeps me up at night?

Praying and fasting, hoping that you’ll hear the cry of my soul, and forgiveness in the air.
In a world where mistakes on beauty can cause a woman to scream
and yet the biggest mistake I made was saying something I didn't mean.
Will the gods, will the goddess, will the Lord aid me in my distress
why oh why, am I taunted and torched here?

Oh, somewhere I’ll find myself, with you in the coolness of the day.
 Laying by still waters listening to the melody of your voice
Who is this coming up from the wilderness, in chariots of gold gushing forth with the wind of God behind his back?
It is my beloved, and in him I take great delightWith skin tanned by the sun and eyes of black opal’s hue, returning for his true love, underneath the apple tree I await you.

It is here where you comfort me and aid me in my distress
to forever light the candle that stands in front of your picture frame.
Take me back to the beginning where love was not just a name
Or a song, sung from ancient textWhere the words that penetrate our souls, kept us forever more, send me guide me to loves unconditional adore.

Ride me, ride me, gallop me high into the skies
where arrows dipped in love, pierce the heart and blind the eyes.
Send me; take me to the temples far away, where song and dance and beauty treatments prepared me for this dayIn the beginning there was love and it hovered over the waters deep, where fables of love and fairytales come to visit me in my sleep.

As I lay here in your garden, I am naked to the world, vulnerable to loves frequencies innocent and still a girlI long for trees and fragrant plants that remind me of your scentImagining and dreaming a life with you content.

Earth shaken by distance, division, and unwanted soul cries

                           Love and gratitude
                           Love and gratitude

                      In your temple I offer my life
My lamps are trimmed with oil, like a virgin I await my king
the songs of a maidens’ sighs, love and gratitude I awaken thee.