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Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: bible, love,

Love For Other Christians

Poem coming soon/In the planning stage...

It's easy for me to find fault in them
Why they are so different from us all
Very hard to love, it is somewhat grim
Just listen and hear their dissenting brawl 

The the Holy Spirit spoke from within
Love others deeply; love covers their sins
Red covered my face showing my chagrin
Help me Holy Spirit to let love win

1 Peter 4:8

New International Version

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

New Living Translation

Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.

English Standard Version

Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.

Berean Study Bible

Above all, love one another deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: addiction, bible, hate, health, love, peace, philosophy,

Red and Green Christians

Let's start with a fundamental flaw of fundamentalist Christianity,
a literary flaw within literal non-interpretation of historical creation
and sacred development.

This is true of radical jihadist Moslims as well,
although we both know you think you're more special 
and politically and morally correct,
so, we can stay focused
on Christian evangelical faith communities
in the United States,
especially in Red-dominant States.

mature Christian conservators of God's peace and divine love justice
must stop interpreting the words and teachings
and moral-sexual code for healthy v pathological activities
as if JesusChrist had a dualistic view of Spirit,
of Abba
or of human nature as a whole
separated from Earth's nature,
and as if He lived within a Trinitarian GodHead metaphysical Universe
without a JesusChrist humane-divine nondual Body.

If you truly have the faith of a mustard seed
that JesusChrist taught and lived
in a nondual humane-divine MindBody,
then this explicitly invites us to consider nonduality,
both divine spirit
and humane sacred 
conjoining this interdependent Body of Christ 
on Earth.

When Jesus says
Why do you worry about stupid stuff
because God made sacred flowers too
and which of you
is arrayed with that much festive splendor,
that diversity of color and beauty and Grace,
a truly Christian evangelist of this nondual teaching,
would not respond with:

"Oh, right,
but that's just generic secular natural organisms
and physiological development processes,
but not about how God the Creator Father
arrays humanizing nature."

That separation of Earth's natural systems
from sacred humanizing spirits
you will not find in Jesus' words or teachings
or metaphysical code
or moral v immoral law and order of restorative grace.

Although Trinitarianism,
and the dualism separating
Holy Spirits against secularizing Fallen nature
and patriarchal economic and political aristocratic-plutocratic dominance
against matriarchal EarthMother planters and harvesters,
those annoying motherly nurturing issues,
were alive and well
when Roman Catholic StJerome
was playing eeny, meany, miserly moe
with sacred stories 
and parables 
and poetry 
and history of God's inspiring voices,

And dualistic competitive assumptions were still there,
only now starting to military-industrialize
the entire complexion of intriguing inspiring voices
for Holy Wars and Crusades
when the newer King James Interpretation of sacred history,
literature and stories,
sickness and disease,
floods and holocausts,
wars and burning cities with innocent children included
came into your evangelical dualistic minds
and shared fundamentalist culture of Red.

So what?
you have probably already asked.

With this error,
with this lack of personal
and political
and economic integrity,
you have harmed me,
and you have probably insulted my evangelical Christian mother,
who raised me to love
as deeply and widely
as Jesus nondually loved all Earth,
all Earth's polycultural and multicultural diversity,
as part of one already redeemed
interdependent Body of Grace.

Grace is for those who just say Yes to love
wherever we see love invited,
one arrayed with God's love,
with CreatorGod's relationship with each hair
on each head,
with constantly counting all those drab, yet sacred, sparrows,
and wherever hairs are to be even most inconveniently found.

To believe otherwise,
that this sacred reign of God
on this Earth
in this time of Great Transitional Climate Change
is to interpret the words and teachings of JesusChrist
as if He did not mean them literally
of nature as spirit
and spirit as nature.

That he did not literally mean
He invites us to replace addiction to deadly blood sacrifice politics
with a cooperative economy of grace,
Earth as nondual gift,
life as fundamental gratitude
for those natural and spiritual arrayed gifts
available for eyes that see,
ears that hear.

As available as universal baptism of living waters
flowing through our veins
feeding and nurturing even the flowers
with their most festive arrays
and those drab sparrows
and all that inconvenient hair,
even when teased and bleached
to near extinction.

You have harmed me
in a way that forces you to see me
as a person who chose to become sinfully gay,
while actually having been born sacredly heterosexual.

I know this is not true about me,
or about any person with a gender preference
I have ever known
well enough to ask them:

Did you choose to be, whatever?
When did you choose to become, whatever?
Would you still be you
if the prepubescent you
had chosen to become otherwise?
Did it ever even occur to you
that you had a choice
of whom to find attractive
in either an erotic or agapic way?

If you had been given a choice,
If God came down from Heaven
maybe even in a dream
and said,
"OK, it's time to choose,
those hairs are about to emerge from new places,
Who won this battle?"
How could you choose
to exchange the gifts you were conceived with?

So now,
if you're following this most unlikely hypothesis
of gender identity choice,
If I didn't choose this,
then I was recruited
by my very much happy heterosexual
evangelical fundamentalist Christian parents.

Even my evangelical Christian older brother and sister,
and my Unitarian Universalist younger sister,
who agree on not much,
will all tell you
that this recruiting thing
did not happen to me.

My older siblings
are in this sad position,
Either I chose to become homosexually perverse,
deliberately choosing a life of sin,
despite all persuasive evidence of everyone I trusted and loved
during my pre-adolescent years,
or there is a dualistic interpretation of JesusChrist's words and teachings
that they have assumed was actually there in scripture,
but in fact they falsely believe is there
because they have been religiously indoctrinated 
to deny their own spiritual-historical experience
of grace.

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: conflict, faith, image, love, men, political, power, religion, truth, vanity,

Christians Must Grow In Faith

Never argue with the Church's infallible doctrine,
either you accept it or find truth somewhere else;
I am well aware of the ancient pagans rituals...
Satan is worshipped in many beautiful cathedrals.

I have always believed that Christ was risen
and went to Heaven, He was no mere man;
His spirit was with God in creation and still is
among us to keep wrathful Lucifer away from us

A holy man needs no approval from any sinful man,
faith is what one feels inside, prayers are gilded in gold; 
I bow to no Pope or President but to the Almighty God 
whom Jesus called " Father " even in the most acute pain 

Sometime the burden we carry is overbearingly heavy,
it's the same cross He carried on the way to Calvary; 
one parable spoken by Him compares our time to a thief;  
Christians must grow in faith, get rid of unfounded belief   

Poem Details | by Jacqueline R. Mendoza |
Categories: christian, family, god, love, spiritual,

Non-Catholic Christians

Told Lord Eternal God, Father Christ “I want to be a saint”
Many signs, met my Spiritual Director
Even my soul mate, a priest
Gave me assignments

Propagate that He is the Highest Priest
Of Catholic or Roman Catholic
Reverence with Him and His Mother Mary, the saints
Adding “Eternal” to God

Other man made Christians
Will be made Immaculate in the purgatory
Obtain R.C.I.A.
Means Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

Take advantage while on earth
Go to nearest Catholic Church
The Catholic Church you prefer
Ask their R.C.I.A.

It usually starts on September
Some Church in August
Like a class
Ends at Pentecost

I love you!


Poem Details | by Jimmy Lee Melvin |
Categories: peoplegod, heaven, god, heaven, love,


 I'm Melvin, C.E.Oof T.W.I.S.T.,,,which stands for "The Way I See This"...
Here's some facts if you care to listen,
 they're about people called Bedside Christians.
Do they love the Lord?, sure they say so,
 if you notice to church they don't even go.
Step on their toes if you chance to dare,
 that's one sure way to get them to swear.
Then they will holler Lord forgive me,
 and turn around and kill, thinking God can't see.
                (1 John 3:15)
They praise God for an hour or two,
 and then curse out a person when they're thru.
Don't think that there are some I'm missing,
 next come the Creeping Christians.
They tip in after the doors are closed,
 make a mistake and they quickly turn up they're nose.
They're always on the go, never being still,
 trying to get into Heaven on their own free will.
Backslidden Christians I pray for the most,
 they've lost their trust in the Lord of host.
There are a few more I'll give you now,
 the Spirit will teach you to know how.
That's how to live for the Lord Jesus Christ,
 being a Simple Christian is o' so nice.
Bighead Christians think they know it all,
 sometimes they are truly on the ball.
When it comes to their walk it's another story,
 they forget to give God all the glory.
My friend they are quick to tell U what to do,
 and that God will always see you thru.
Problems come their way they begin to grumble,
 and you see them really start to crumble.
Sidewinder Christians go from this way to that way,
 never believing anything for more than one day.
Every doctrine they try to go by,
 not questioning or even wondering why.
They are Sidewinders because they go 
from side to side,
 they are always on the bandwagon for
 just a free ride.
These are the ones I love tho',
 cause they really don't know.
But let me tell you this my friends,
 noone gets to Heaven by having  loose ends.
We walk by faith and not by sight,
 and not by our own might.
May we be blessed to have spiritual understanding,
 so that we aren't living a life so demanding.
We should live lives that are totally shameless.
I've been all of the above Christians at one time 
or another, but I now know how to love my sister
and my brother...


Poem Details | by Shirley Rebstock |
Categories: christian, courage, forgiveness, love, people, race, religion, true love,

Christians Divided

Why are we all so divided
With strong opinions all decided

Are we really following Jesus in our lives
Or arguing on doctrinal issues
Constantly taking sides

Jesus was a shepherd of people while on earth
Teaching love and that we all have worth

To sinners He reached out in love
Sharing wisdom from His Father above

Love was His focus, not taking sides
Arguing and fighting only divides

It is courageous to stand for what we believe
If done with hate instead of love others will flee
Jesus our Shepherd prayed for all to be one
Seeking sheep to follow Him to learn love
God's will to be done

God asks us Christians to seek more sheep for His fold
To be a light of love 
Help sinners come in from a world so cold

None among us is sin without
But God loves and forgives us no doubt

If only we could embrace people like Jesus did
Not just who we think are right, rejecting those we think are wrong
Sharing God's love with people of all religions, every race
rich or poor, weak or strong

Any kingdom divided will be ruined
A house divided against itself is doomed

Why would anyone want to know Jesus unless they could see
A light of love shining through you and me

Poem Details | by Shaila Touchton |
Categories: people, prison, society, true love, , cute,

To Persecute Christians Is To Persecute Christ

Christians are persecuted because Christ is persecuted.
Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.
Taking a stand for God always brings persecution.
Remember Stephen is stoned to death 
Andrew was crucified, suspended on an olive tree
Bartholomew was crucified with his head downward
James the son of Alphaeus, when preaching in Jerusalem, was stoned to death 
John the Baptist was imprisoned and beheaded by Herod
Philip preached in Phrygia, and was crucified with his head downward
Jesus was betrayed and forsaken by his own disciples
He was accused falsely, denied, abandoned, mocked, was arrested.
He was scourged, put on a crown of thorns on his head
He was nailed on the cross, bore his own cross and was crucified.
This reminds us that Christians were slained for the word of God, and for the testimony.
Christians are led to slaughter as a sheep 
For the righteous sake they have been persecuted

Many Christians around the world are facing imprisonment, trials, Death
Many evil people have forced them to compromise their faith
When we are persecuted stand on the promise of Mathew 5: 10
When we face opposition stand on the promise of Romans 8: 31 
When we are under attack, stand on the promise of Proverbs 18: 10
Jesus is coming soon, very soon in a cloud with power and Great glory! 
The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night
Every eye will see Him, even those who pierced
Those who are dead in Christ will rise first.
Those who are still alive and are left will be caught up with them
 In the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.

It will be a fearful, mournful time for the wicked
He is coming to Judge the living and the dead.
God will judge the secrets of men through Christ Jesus
For the righteous, he awards the crown of the righteousness
He will punish those who do not know God 
Those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus.
We are called to bear witness to Christ in this hostile world.
He is coming! Watch, be alert, Be Ready for the return of Christ! 
Until he comes, get God's protection on you and on your loved ones
 By pleading the Precious Blood of Jesus as a Hedge of protection.
Against any type of adversity, fears and persecutions.

Poem Details | by Gerald Dillenbeck |
Categories: christian, gender, hate, health, history, integrity, love,

Red and Green Christians continued

To deny our own histories
and herstories of truth,
loyalty to sacred integrity of our internal natural
and external spiritual
sacred climates of loving healthy love
with hating pathologically competitive hatreds.

Restorative healing grace
invites economies of polyculturing love
and these are not to become confused with
retributive justice politics
of dualistic injustices and war- 
and hate-mongering.

Imagine growing up in a world
where Jesus taught you must grow up into mature polysexuality
and this was accepted and presumably experienced as true
by all you loved and trusted
except you,
hopelessly heterosexual only.

We would sing
"Onward Christian Soldiers
marching off to war..."
and you would worry
how you might possibly stay under range
of our automatic rifle fire.

That is the harm you have brought to me
through not believing in the nonduality of Earth's Matriarchal Nature
and God's Holy Spirit
as per the literal nature-spirit teachings
and parables of JesusChrist.

And this is the retributive monotheistic harm
you have brought into this Nation's sacred patriotic commitment
to protect and conserve grace-arrayed beauty and health
of this Mother Land
and all of Earth's sacred interdependent multicultures
of internal
and for external
climates of health
through less competitive dualistic pathologies.

All are invited to restore justice and peace
to turn away from OldSchool retributive injustice
and not-so-divinely inspired violence,
to vocations of healing
and not for judgments against others,
as if any one way of becoming
were not replete with multiculturing truth
and polypathic nondual sacred loves.

Imagine you were born into a RedState
where only you could see in full color,
but you have read experiences of GreenStates
in full polycultural glory.
Would you believe God is calling you
to punish all those who could only see in black and white?
Or inviting you to restore your RedState
to GreenState Traditional Arrays of Grace?

Poem Details | by Martha Malloy |
Categories: faith, forgiveness, happiness, hope, life, love, people,


C_ourageous, consistent, constant, constrained by Love.

H_onest, holy, humble, holding fast to the Word of God.

R_ighteous, reborn, regenerated, renewed and restored.

I_nstructed in righteousness, immortality assured.

S_anctified, sincere, submissive, self-controlled, secure, saved by grace through 

T_ruthful, thankful, thoughtful, trusting God's Will to be done in His name.

I_mperfect but daily seeking for perfection, improving inwardly by the Spirit.
A_nointed, appointed, an holy vessel of praise and thanksgiving.

N_urturing, noble, new life with and in Christ-


S_tanding, stedfast, immoveable, always abounding in the Word and Work of the 
God of all Creation and Christ Jesus our Lord.

Poem Details | by Ronald Bingham |
Categories: hope, inspirational, love, philosophy, uplifting, visionary, time,

United Christians


The winds of change are blowing across our great land,
    It’s time for Christians to unite and take a prominent stand.
No more standing back or cowering down.
     As United Christians we’ll stand strong in every city and town.
Christ was persecuted once and I think that is enough,
     He died for our sins back when things were tough.
In my heart I know He died for us all,
     They nailed Him to the cross, He took the fall.
It was to His own choosing that He did this deed,
     That all God fearing people their souls could be freed.
That is why I love Him so and to follow Him I choose,
      That’s why as Christians united we cannot lose.
If we don’t stand up it can be taken away,
     But if we unite they’ll have to listen to what we say.
The minorities have ruled just a little too long,
      It’s time we put a stop to letting them do things we know are wrong.
The day is coming and I feel it coming quick,
      When you’ll have to make a choice which one to pick.
All signs are pointing to the second coming of our Lord,
      And if you make the wrong choice you’re going to learn the meaning of the 
word called hard.
Stand for Jesus, like He stood for you,
      United in Christ is the right thing to do