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Love Poems About Cherish or Cherish Love Poems

Cherish love poems and/or love poems about Cherish. Read, share, and enjoy these Cherish love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Cherish Poems.

Poem Details | by Kevin C. Martin |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, christian, faith, god, happiness, happy, heaven, hope, how i feel, i love you, inspiration, inspirational, introspection, jesus, journey, joy, life, love, men, peace, relationship, religion, religious, spiritual, strength, teen, teenage, thank you, thanks, uplifting, youth,


We will cherish these moments
Because they are few,
But please always remember
I will always love you.

Poem Details | by Jennifer Turner |
Categories: care, introspection, love, romantic,



Two hearts one soul
A love meant to be 

Cherish the love
God has chosen
For thee

In all things be true
To the one
Who loves you

Forget not
Life is about compromise 
This is a word to the wise

For each day is fleeting 
Moments you never get back

But if you cherish each moment
There is nothing you will lack 

Poem Details | by robin davis |
Categories: child, childhood, family, love, memory,

Cherish Moments While You Can

A happy girl, a silly boy
Having fun and full of joy
Smile at you as they play
Melting your heart as they say
I love you so soft and sweet
Sweeping you right off your feet
With their youthful innocence
And its starting to make sense
They will not stay young for long
The years will make them big and strong
So hold them tight and try to cherish
Each moment before they perish
Into memories and past
Treasure each one, make it last

Poem Details | by ilene bauer |
Categories: poetry,

On Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish

Reading David Rakoff’s book,
In rhyming couplets, really shook
Me way down deep inside my core;
I read and read and wanted more.

A novel all in poetry?
I think he wrote it just for me,
For who could love it more than I?
I’m sure that you can guess the why.

The brilliant rhymings all surpass,
In creativity and sass,
The best that I have ever read;
I wish I’d written them instead.

The author, sadly, died before
His novel hit the selling floor.
Oh, how I wish I’d had the chance
To tell him how his rhyme enchants.

So I will spread the word around,
A fellow-rhymer, honor-bound,
That here’s a book that all MUST read,
To knock your socks off, guaranteed!

Poem Details | by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: christian, dedication, depression, devotion, faith, forgiveness, friendship, god, hope, inspirational, jesus, life, lost love, love, people, religion, religious, social, uplifting,

Jesus Your Name I Will Cherish

Jesus, Your Name I Will Cherish!

Jesus...  Your name I will 
always cherish.
Without you.  I would 
certainly perish.

Knowing you has been a delight!
You are with me,
Each day and night!

YOU are my best friend! 
 God's precious son.
My daily provider!.  
The all sufficient one.

You loved me!
When I was lonely and sad.
I have joy and happiness,
 I once never had.

You are my savior and best friend!.
That's why I fall in love with you
 all over again.

Your life, for mine,
 is what you provided!
Living for you, 
Is what I decided!!

By Jim Pemberton

Poem Details | by MC MC |
Categories: anniversary, dedication, devotion, girlfriend-boyfriend, husband, inspirational, love, nostalgia, passion, uplifting, wedding, wife

Cherish The Moment

You hold me up 
as a champion's cup
you cherish me
on bended knee
you ask,"Marry Me."

McCuen Copyright October 2008

Poem Details | by christopher diericks |
Categories: death, family, life, love, time, i love you,

Cherish The Time

My wish to all in my life, to hug one another
cherish each moment you have with others in
your lives. Learn to forgive and forget, but
remember the best, cause that is all that is
I can't say enough times, I'm sorry! For pain
and tears, things never said, and things that
never should have been said,
All I want to do, is hold ALL of you till
the time is up and cry the last tears that
I can in your arms. 
Time is short, too short.
Pray for the time we can be together again
in a Paradise eden, no more sickness to 
seperate one another, no more hurt, no more
Tears. No more lost time.
Till I see you again,

My God, I Love you all! 
My God, I Love you all!

Poem Details | by Haley Ellis |
Categories: love,

What i cherish the most

You are the one I love
the one I cherish the most
You are my moon and stars
you are who I cherish the most
You know how to make me smile and 
how to make me laugh
You know how to remind me 
of all the times we've had
even know we are not together
you are what i cherish the most

                                                        - the one I cherish the most

Poem Details | by CC Browning |
Categories: care, family, feelings, love, time,


Cherish each and every day
Cherish each other in each and every way
Cherish what you have, hold onto it with a hug
Cherish the best and throw the worst under the rug
Cherish the love, and banish the hate
Cherish your family it's never too late
Cherish the time you have together
Cherish the worst, the grime, the bad weather

Poem Details | by The Brooklyn Six Project |
Categories: inspiration, inspirational, love, uplifting,

Cherish Your Woman

Cherish your woman 
Cuddle with your woman 
Do not leave her in the dark 
Take a stroll with her through the park 
Shower her with tender love 
She has put her trust in you 
Just be there for her 
And show her that you care

Poem Details | by SHERRY WATSON |
Categories: happiness, love, passion, world, day, friendship, love, together,

I cherish you

Your friendship is the thing I cherish 
and I'm glad to share it with the world 
In times of sadness you're always there for me, 
One day I will show you that same love 
We'll stay together forever and I mean this 
even when our days seem blue, 
I know that I will always have you 

Your friendship is the thing I cherish 
and I'm glad to share it with the world 
In times of sadness you're always there for me, 
One day I will show you that same love 
We'll stay together forever and I mean this 
even when our days seem blue, 
I know that I will always have you

Poem Details | by Amber Moultry-Harrison |
Categories: baptism, destiny, happiness, love,


All things have dissipated 
In your omnipresence 
The obscurity of a tainted past 
Seems to evaporate 
Because of your affection 
That you display for me 
From day to day
What a marvelous phenomenon 
These emotions I am experiencing 
When I’m with you 
Never in a million years 
I would have believed it to be true
I am completely and totally 
In love with you

Poem Details | by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: birthday,

Cherish The Lord God's Love

C-herish the Lord God's love, 
I-t's a blessing so true; 
N-ew day has dawned, 
D-ark departs from

D-etest not the Lord God's love, 
E-arly eighteenth of May; 
T-he morning that breaks
O-pens the only doorway.
I-t's not righteous nor virtuous
T-o despise the Father above; 
O-pen your heart and mind, cherish the Lord God's love.

Poem Details | by Dedu Son |
Categories: abuse,

To Love Cherish and Batter

He solemnly swears,
In sickness and in health;
He pledges to her,
Love and wealth.
Promises were broken and shattered love,
Jealousy that out ways reason;
Doubts, corruptness, and failures,
Min in tatters and outdone.

She wears sunglasses sometimes,
Not to protect her eyes from the sun;
Long sleeves to cover her arms,
A punch if she looks at anyone.

He loves her dearly,
He owns her or so he thinks;
Mistrusts every step she takes,
His mouth speaks his words that stink.

For sickness and in health they pledged with rings;
He shows his hate when her neck he wrings.

Poem Details | by Ashley Daly |
Categories: devotion, life, love, passion,

And I Cherish You

And I cherish you
More than anyone
That I have ever met
You wouldn’t believe
How lucky I am
To know you
It’s just all laughs
But not this time