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Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: art, dream, hope, inspirational, life, love, wisdom,

Wrestle Your Dreams, The Ones You Most Cherish

Wrestle Your Dreams, The Ones You Most Cherish

Fear what more, love lost or imminent death
life, its beauty extinguished, in last breath.
Hold this thought, that life exists to live on
and it has no more worth, once we are gone!
Just as rainbows can not be bought or sold
living dances better young, than when old.

Love not life too much, for joy holds no scales
night invades the day, sunshine's gold thus pales.
Measurable moments, mere gasps at large
Fate holds its powers boldly while in charge!
Just as rainbows can not be bought or sold
living dances better young, than when old.

Cry not for wants, yet beg for blessings true
nothing is better than, kindness in you
Walk with humble steps, as world spins about
no one while still alive, is getting out!
Just as rainbows can not be bought or sold
living dances better young, than when old.

Wrestle your dreams, the ones you most cherish
if allowed, they run away to perish.
Mold your chains, to keep them held true and fast
they hold keys to loving that truly last!
Just as rainbows can not be bought or sold
living dances better young, than when old.

Robert JLindley, 4-03-2019
Rhyme, ( Why Ones Dreams Should Be Held Captive )

Poem Details | by Kevin C. Martin |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, christian, faith, god, happiness, happy, heaven, hope, how i feel, i love you, inspiration, inspirational, introspection, jesus, journey, joy, life, love, men, peace, relationship, religion, religious, spiritual, strength, teen, teenage, thank you, thanks, uplifting, youth,


We will cherish these moments
Because they are few,
But please always remember
I will always love you.

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: love,

I Cherish You

Form: Anacreontic verse

I lay and stare
you’re lying there
Constant commitment
Gave you my word
Gave me your heart
Pledge a guarantee
Promises anew
We’ll always be us
Cherished passion
Adoring fondness
My darling husband
Relish in your touch
Heartstrings attached
Play with my hair
Pure predilection
Held in high esteem
Ignite my flame
Burn me with your touch
Release my tension
Inclined respect
Admire touches
Wipe my tears
Sweet veneration
True love forever
Feelings of delight
Calm my fears
Smitten beauty
Sensual strength
Needing each other
My beloved

Anacreontic verse is an Ancient Greek lyrical form, consisting of 20- to 30-line poems with three to five syllables per line.

Checked Syllables at
Total # of syllables:  133 syllables
Total # of words:  87

Written By: Laura Loo
Date Written: May 5, 2016

Poem Details | by Jennifer Turner |
Categories: care, introspection, love, romantic,



Two hearts one soul
A love meant to be 

Cherish the love
God has chosen
For thee

In all things be true
To the one
Who loves you

Forget not
Life is about compromise 
This is a word to the wise

For each day is fleeting 
Moments you never get back

But if you cherish each moment
There is nothing you will lack 

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: love, passion, universe,

Cherish You Like I'm Going To Lose You

I’m going to cherish you like I’m going to lose you, hold on tight to all your senses in the highest regard, flow freely through your fragrance of cornflower blue, for before you my soul was shattered and scarred. I need your essence like the ocean needs the coral, I’m going to cherish you like I’m going to lose you, you’ve given me a life of colorful shades of floral, nights of pure bliss with mornings of fresh dew. My reasons for contentment are long overdue, my alignment with the star’s shine in the universe, I’m going to cherish you like I’m going to lose you, I promise my babbling brooks will fully immerse. I can’t stand being away from your tender affection, I don’t think you understand your honest value, your soft lips resonate your beautiful complexion, I’m going to cherish you like I’m going to lose you. Date Written: June 28, 2016

Poem Details | by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: devotion, faith, god, hope, jesus, love, religious,

Jesus I Cherish Your Name

Jesus, I Cherish Your Name!

Jesus, your name is what I will cherish.
Without you, I would certainly perish.

Your name brings refreshment to my soul.
It brings nourishment to make me whole!

Your name is sweeter than pure butter.
And brings a peace to me like no other!

Your name is established in heaven above.
And brings echoes in the valleys of love!

I find a comfort in calling on your name.
I’ve been touched and won’t be the same!

I find a joy and power in the beauty there in.
And have found an atonement from sin!

May others to know of the beauty there is.
And everything that your name can give!

May others be touched by the power of YOU!
You can transform and make
anyone brand new!

In your name, there’s a strength
 that’s needed!
In it, can we truly have a life
 that’s completed!

By Jim Pemberton    01/03/15

Poem Details | by robin davis |
Categories: child, childhood, family, love, memory,

Cherish Moments While You Can

A happy girl, a silly boy
Having fun and full of joy
Smile at you as they play
Melting your heart as they say
I love you so soft and sweet
Sweeping you right off your feet
With their youthful innocence
And its starting to make sense
They will not stay young for long
The years will make them big and strong
So hold them tight and try to cherish
Each moment before they perish
Into memories and past
Treasure each one, make it last

Poem Details | by Jasmine Cruz |
Categories: love, integrity,

I Cherish You


I sit here alone beside the ocean's beating waves 
As I write this poem flowing through my heart
Thinking of the love that I have for you 
And hope for us to never be apart

My heart beats with thoughts of you 
Engraved deep within my soul
My raging passion is unleashed
I can no longer keep it under control

I bid you this day my beautiful sorceress 
Wave your love's magical wand
Join my hand, lets be forever together
Till the day we die and far beyond

With you I have learnt to trust 
And as a person I have grown 
With your amazing integrity
And the kindness you have shown

Your compassion is my sun 
On a cold and overcast day
It clears away the clouds 
And brings in a glowing ray

I'll never give up trying to win your heart
Because you're the only girl for me
My love for you is oh so sincere
I'll fight for you over all of eternity

I cherish the ground that you walk on
And I promise I'll give you all I have to give
You're my princess and I am your slave
I'll do anything for you as long as I live 

I love you forever my darling
There's nothing anyone can say or do 
That will ever convince me 
That I do not belong with you

You're my breath, you're my world
I give you all that I have of mine
I will always love only you
From now until the end of time

Poem Details | by connie pachecho |
Categories: beach, beauty, feelings, for her, for him, valentines day,

Love is in air, as sparkle eyes cherish their meet

                 Love is in air, as sparkle eyes cherish their meet

                   He sat at the beach leisurely painting the bay

                Blues and purples he mixes with touches of gray

              With melody of music, he dances his brushes along

            Up out of story book tiptoes  a beautiful lady in a tong

                   His heart skips a beat at the triple treat

                 She shaped her red fabric as she took a seat

                  It was a beautiful sunny day on her face

                Everything about her was perfectly in place

                  What are you painting over there mister

              Her voice, lying on a pillow, soft as a whisper

              Oh, I'm a painting a beautiful picture of us

               As he whited out his canvas with his brush

                    She smiled and liked his confidence and desire

                    He painted two hearts intertwined and on fire 

                She grabbed his hand for every rhyme and reason

             Cupids arrow touches them both this valentine season 

                   Angel dust replaces the sand at their feet

             Love is in air, as sparkle eyes cherish their meet

          The last line the couple joked, on their play on words

              Off into the sunset they flew, like two lovebirds

connie pachecho


non contest entry


Poem Details | by ilene bauer |
Categories: poetry,

On Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish

Reading David Rakoff’s book,
In rhyming couplets, really shook
Me way down deep inside my core;
I read and read and wanted more.

A novel all in poetry?
I think he wrote it just for me,
For who could love it more than I?
I’m sure that you can guess the why.

The brilliant rhymings all surpass,
In creativity and sass,
The best that I have ever read;
I wish I’d written them instead.

The author, sadly, died before
His novel hit the selling floor.
Oh, how I wish I’d had the chance
To tell him how his rhyme enchants.

So I will spread the word around,
A fellow-rhymer, honor-bound,
That here’s a book that all MUST read,
To knock your socks off, guaranteed!

Poem Details | by Brandon Allison |
Categories: love, passion, people, social, teen, visionaryhappy, world, people, happy, love, people,

Cherish What You Have

all of the people in this world have the problem of not knowing what they have until it's gone
The few people that understand this and have not made the mistake have lived happy 
lives.Is's hard for someone to understand their emotions and what they feel and it is the 
downfall of manywhen you have someone you love and that makes you happy don't screw 
it up by cheating or changing the way you act because the way you act is the reason the 
person likes you in the first placeYou need to cherish what you have because it can kill you 
in the endIf your going out with someone you really like say it to them some of the time
Tell them that you care about themShow them that they are the only one for you.Don't be 
a moron and get jealous if she hangs out with her other friends some of the time just be 
there for themIf you have something good cherish it as if it were a gift not a right because 
it can be taken away in a heart beatLove is one thing in this world that has the power to 
wound deeply and it cant be taken backYou need to be careful and enjoy what you have 
and make damn sure you don't hurt the person there is no excuse to cheat, lie, or break up 
with someone just because you want to go out with someone else have a very damn good 
reason for itDon't break up with them in a note or a text tell them to their face and explain 
to them whywhen you break up with them you need to be nice and don't be a total b&tch to 
themLike I said love can wound in places that cant heal so when you do find someone 
cherish them like a golden treasure sent from heaven.

Poem Details | by Jarid Miller |
Categories: loveme, time, love, me, time,

I Cherish You

And I will give to you my loveI will give you 
my devotionI'll tell you how I feel about you 
with my full emotion

Because it is you I do love, for you there's nothing 
I wouldn't doI just want to take this time to say 
that I cherish you

You are so sweet, sweeter than the purest honeyAnd 
the love you give to me is priceless; you can't buy it 
with money

I hold you in high esteemYou're the sweetest I've 
ever metBelieve me when I say that it is you I'll 
never forget

Because it is you I do love, for you there's nothing 
I wouldn't doI just want to take this time to say 
that I cherish you

Goodbye lonelinessGoodbye to pain and distressTruly 
I found my love, and she's the very best

Words cannot express how much I adore youI love you, 
I love you, my darling, I say this with the truth

Just call my name and I shall say, "Here I am." I'll 
forever be by your sideI'll forever be your man

Because it is you I do love, for you there's nothing 
I wouldn't doI just want to take this time to say 
that I cherish you

Like a perfect stone picked from the brook, it was 
your hand I then took

Like the glorious light I saw in the sky, one look at 
you and I felt so high

If I were to lose you I would feel a part of me has 
goneI then would not ever again sing another song

I'll give you all my love and whatever you do wish
And before I let you go, let me conclude by saying this

It is you I do love, for you there's nothing I wouldn't 
doI just want to take this time to say that I cherish 

Poem Details | by Patricia Garcia Howard Bramble |
Categories: anxiety, blessing, emotions, farewell, first love, leaving, prayer,

Cherish Moments:

The clock starts ticking
Words are overflowing
My heads spining
I turn to my side 
Only to ask the time
Twelve noon
 Restless soul
Sleepless night
The hand of time is near
My hearts beating
My hands are sweating
My  pulse  are racing
Time doesnt want to stand still
I grab my pen and paper to write
My body is shaking
Tears are pouring
Father are you awoken
My hearts breaking
A chance giving
A lesson learnt
Memories shared
Words said, pain slowly being repaired
Father are you listening
I am departing
I hate leaving
My hearts breaking
I am whispering
I know  you heard my pray 
Thank you, for gathering all the broken pieces
Throughout my years
This moment was worth all my tears.
God I know now you were listening

Poem Details | by WILLIAM HUDGENS |
Categories: happiness, love, sad, feelings,


Today I got a surprise,
I got your letter,
after I read it, the rest of my
day became batter.

I'm the kind of man,
who speaks very few words.
I hope this little verse will,
allow my feelings to be heard.

Every night I lie awake,
in my lonely bed,
while thoughts of you,
explode inside my head.

I pray that you are doing al right,
I make a wish on a star,
that some day, I could hold you tight.

We have so much  to share, but
by you not being there,
is something, I could not bear.

I feel that we could become,
a lovely team, but until that
day comes, I will on dream.

Remember, as each day passes on,
you are not totally alone.
Right now, we are separated
by mile's apart, maybe in distance
but, not in the heart.

As I close this poem, there's something you need to know.
My feelings for you, will never die
but, they will surly grow

Some day, you and I will be
together, and we will stay that way

Poem Details | by John Posey |
Categories: love, words,

To Know You Cherish Me

The heartfelt words may choose to hide
from loving hearts that cast aside
unsuited phrases, that can't say
"I love you" in that special way.

I search, so hard, for words to use,
but find so few that do not lose
the meaning that should simply be
the truthful thought -- "You cherish me."

When nights are long, and you're not there,
I seek a word or phrase to share
the feeling deep inside of me
when I believe -- "You cherish me."

To find a loving word or phrase
that best describes the loving gaze
you give to me, and I to you,
is something difficult to do.

But, every day, I'll search and sort
for words to say what's in my heart.
and, through my eyes, I hope you'll see
the meaning of -- "You cherish me."

Poem Details | by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: christian, dedication, depression, devotion, faith, forgiveness, friendship, god, hope, inspirational, jesus, life, lost love, love, people, religion, religious, social, uplifting,

Jesus Your Name I Will Cherish

Jesus, Your Name I Will Cherish!

Jesus.. Your name I will 
always cherish.
Without you I would 
certainly perish.

Knowing you has been a delight!
You are with me,
Each day and night!

YOU are my best friend! 
 God's precious son.
My daily provider! 
The all sufficient one.

You loved me!
When I was lonely and sad.
I have joy and happiness,
 I once never had.

You are my savior and best friend!.
That's why I fall in love with you
 all over again.

Your life, for mine,
 is what you provided!
Living for you, 
Is what I decided!!

By Jim Pemberton

Poem Details | by MC MC |
Categories: anniversary, dedication, devotion, girlfriend-boyfriend, husband, inspirational, love, nostalgia, passion, uplifting, wedding, wife

Cherish The Moment

You hold me up 
as a champion's cup
you cherish me
on bended knee
you ask,"Marry Me."

McCuen Copyright October 2008

Poem Details | by christopher diericks |
Categories: death, family, life, love, time, i love you,

Cherish The Time

My wish to all in my life, to hug one another
cherish each moment you have with others in
your livesLearn to forgive and forget, but
remember the best, cause that is all that is
I can't say enough times, I'm sorry! For pain
and tears, things never said, and things that
never should have been said,
All I want to do, is hold ALL of you till
the time is up and cry the last tears that
I can in your arms
Time is short, too short.
Pray for the time we can be together again
in a Paradise eden, no more sickness to 
seperate one another, no more hurt, no more
TearsNo more lost time.
Till I see you again,

My God, I Love you all! 
My God, I Love you all!

Poem Details | by Marty King |
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, blessing, cheer up, first love, happy, sad,

a quite moment in a realm of cherish

with love, i comb your hair
too weak to move, you look 
straight ahead and smile
i ask you what you are thinking
you shush me, and i hold up my 
and say 'hey, just askin'

i remember the day i met you
you were with your girlfriends
i was with my dog journey
you were 15....i was 5
you smiled at me and waved
i smiled back and did the same
believe it or not, i knew you were it 
for me

with love, i braid your hair
too strong to be quiet, you 
demand me to quit ruining your 
hair and kiss you....i oblige....
still in disbelief that you chose me
after all these years....trying not to 
cry....knowing that soon i will be losing
you forever....

we cherish this quiet moment....loving each
other just because....we love each other....

Poem Details | by Haley Ellis |
Categories: love,

What i cherish the most

You are the one I love
the one I cherish the most
You are my moon and stars
you are who I cherish the most
You know how to make me smile and 
how to make me laugh
You know how to remind me 
of all the times we've had
even know we are not together
you are what i cherish the most

                                                        - the one I cherish the most

Poem Details | by Mark Hansen |
Categories: happiness, hope, imagination, life, love, mystery, passion,


Each breath,
Captived by butterfly nets.
Lungs of blessing to confined,
In living,
Every moment.
Filtered through the heart,
Imprisioned within the treasure chest,
Memory of reminding,
Each walking step.
Emotions separate,
Every minute.
interweave feelings.
Each breath,
Has a name.
Heart cannot dispute,
Remaining the same.
Each breath,
In one of numerous,
Sense of touch.
Vessel of breathing,
Contains the ghost being,
Spirit person.
Each breath,
By the Will to carry on,
Every walking step.
Life is but one,
Earth grant not another.
Each breath,
Must join force in love,
And peace,
To conquer in proclaiming a lifetime journey,
In each breath-

Poem Details | by CC Browning |
Categories: care, family, feelings, love, time,


Cherish each and every day
Cherish each other in each and every way
Cherish what you have, hold onto it with a hug
Cherish the best and throw the worst under the rug
Cherish the love, and banish the hate
Cherish your family it's never too late
Cherish the time you have together
Cherish the worst, the grime, the bad weather

Poem Details | by The Brooklyn Six Project |
Categories: inspiration, inspirational, love, uplifting,

Cherish Your Woman

Cherish your woman 
Cuddle with your woman 
Do not leave her in the dark 
Take a stroll with her through the park 
Shower her with tender love 
She has put her trust in you 
Just be there for her 
And show her that you care

Poem Details | by Albert Wandera |
Categories: cute love, love,

Why I cherish you

Many times, you have asked me,
Why I choose you to be mine,
Is it because of your lovely eyes?
Or is it just the sparks from your smiles,
Still, I don’t know why I cherish you

I ask myself though why I love you,
Could it be your lovely wet lips?
The wild desire that sprung from my veins
Or can it be the calm I keep when I see you?
Still, I have no idea why I do cherish you.

I ask myself why I am in love with you?
Is it because of lovelight fires emanating from your eyes,
Can it be the brighten world I envision when I see you,
Or could it be the warmth of your flesh when I feel it,
Still, I have no idea why I cherish you

You don’t rest asking who you are to me,
I guess you are the hand that holds me right,
The hero that saves my failing heart,
or you are just a gift from Jah,
still, I have no idea why I cherish you.

I promise one day I will answer your questions,
Holding you right to my arms,
Whispering to you the why (ssss),
And letting you know why I cherish you,
For now, I still have no idea why I cherish you

Poem Details | by Laura Richardson |
Categories: friendship, life, love,


Have you ever known someone,

Who's soul is so unique

Who's smile makes your day

and presence makes you weak


Who can ALWAYS make you laugh

But understands when you must cry

Who knows just what ur thinking

From just one look in your eye


Who's always right on point

And you don't have to say a word

Who listens with their heart

When ur needing to be heard


The only one to "get it"

when u make ur corny jokes

Who LOVES when u act silly

And adores the poems u wrote


The one that is ur biggest fan

And always boosts u up

When ur feeling down and out

They feel it in their gut


Thats when u get a call

offering joy & love & praise

They remind u of who u are

When ur lost, confused, and dazed


If you've EVER known that someone

That Im speaking of tonight

Dont EVER let them go

I suggest u hold on tight


Cherish every moment

And cling to every word

Take in all that they're giving

Give back the good u learn


Above all, make sure u tell them

they made ur world a better place

Because tomorrow's never promised

And today can be erased


Should something ever happen

and that NEXT chance never comes

You wont have to wonder if they knew

Cause you've expressed to them ur love.........

Poem Details | by Cheryl Ann Ross |
Categories: death, loss, love,

The Things I Still Cherish About You

(To my sweet husband that I miss so very much)

I still have all of your pictures, stashed neatly
away in a box.
I also have keepsakes from that camping trip,...
yes, I still have those rocks.

I have all of the songs that you wrote in a 
notebook, just for me.
And your buffalo collection we worked so 
hard to achieve.

All of those silly little “state magnets” are
still stuck on the refrigerator.
Your jacket that you loved so much is still
hanging on the door.

The shirt that you gave me when you had
to leave one time
Still ends up on my pillow when I’m sad
and can’t get you off of my mind.

My tears now take the place on that shirt, of the 
smell of your cologne.
God, I’m no good without youI was never
meant to be alone.

Your cowboy hat is still in car, back in 
the rear window
And the damn radio stations won’t allow
me to let you go.

It’s like they save all of our songs, to play 
when I get in the car.
I like to think you did that just to let
me know you’re not far.

Well, Honey, it looks like I’ll never get 
used to you being gone.
So all I can hope for is the day I’ll see you again,
and hear you sing our love song.

Copyright: May 22, 2006

Poem Details | by Curtis Forsythe |
Categories: heartbreak, loss, sorrow,

All We Love and Cherish Today

Nothing of true value comes without cost,
and everything dear will someday be lost-
causing much pain and relentless sorrow,
the deepest sadness we will ever know.
This is the price eventually paid,
for all that is loved and cherished today.

From all things we love someday we will part,
this is the sad fate destined from the start.
Forever lost to history or grave,
there are none forever that can be saved.
This is the price eventually paid,
for all that is loved and cherished today.

Today’s pleasures beget pain tomorrow,
and today’s joy will result in sorrow.
The pleasures of love we enjoy today-
bitter gall when it passes away.
This is the price eventually paid
for all that is loved and cherished today.

Many things once cherished now passed away,
bittersweet memories of yesterday
Even so I again open my heart,
another cycle of sorrow to start.
This is the price eventually paid
for all that is loved and cherished today.

Poem Details | by SHERRY WATSON |
Categories: happiness, love, passion, world, day, friendship, love, together,

I cherish you

Your friendship is the thing I cherish 
and I'm glad to share it with the world 
In times of sadness you're always there for me, 
One day I will show you that same love 
We'll stay together forever and I mean this 
even when our days seem blue, 
I know that I will always have you 

Your friendship is the thing I cherish 
and I'm glad to share it with the world 
In times of sadness you're always there for me, 
One day I will show you that same love 
We'll stay together forever and I mean this 
even when our days seem blue, 
I know that I will always have you

Poem Details | by Amber Moultry-Harrison |
Categories: baptism, destiny, happiness, love,


All things have dissipated 
In your omnipresence 
The obscurity of a tainted past 
Seems to evaporate 
Because of your affection 
That you display for me 
From day to day
What a marvelous phenomenon 
These emotions I am experiencing 
When I’m with you 
Never in a million years 
I would have believed it to be true
I am completely and totally 
In love with you

Poem Details | by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: birthday,

Cherish The Lord God's Love

C-herish the Lord God's love, 
I-t's a blessing so true; 
N-ew day has dawned, 
D-ark departs from

D-etest not the Lord God's love, 
E-arly eighteenth of May; 
T-he morning that breaks
O-pens the only doorway.
I-t's not righteous nor virtuous
T-o despise the Father above; 
O-pen your heart and mind, cherish the Lord God's love.