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Poem Details | by Nancy Jones |
Categories: sports,

I Love It

When the heavy-weights weigh in

Poem Details | by Ninette Carey |
Categories: celebration, destiny, god,

Faith Hope Love

I intend to spend My Future  Days in Hopefulness of Love

Than to surrender to the darkness of despair
With Thy Lord by My Side

In His Faith  

I Shall Abide

Poem Details | by Liam Alepta |
Categories: angst, cancer, death of a friend, depression, loneliness, sad, true love,

A Lonesome Maker

****A reflection of a day, i wrote about the death of my fiance from cancer****
last night
the daughters of ignOrance
coupled with the sons of despair
in parked cars by ruined rivers
WhiLe dreams were finding their way home
in the dark

Old dreams
staying on old roads
neW dreams falling away
troops were being withdrawn
from One battlefieLd to another
and the president was to be re elected
because he kills more than any other
and is the best man for the jOb

because he Wears a mask
on the back of his head
and because he lives
where telescopic cameras
always crosses its target

As today, is the day of the Dead...
so this mOrning
I placed at the feet of unfinished statues
the scars I have salvaged

it's my Way of protesting

Now i sit in this bar
with the bartender and the cockroaches
pretending i am here on a visit
when I know this is home

Like a man with no one
you are such A Lonesome Maker

Poem Details | by Babafemi Yinka Olubodun |
Categories: africa, appreciation, beautiful, blessing, environment, love, pride,


The black panther; no spots for fear,
Accustomed by the frails of the forests, 
To the long stretch of the Nile, 
Such beauty, I marvel at
Grazed fields, wetting bullock's appetite 
For the savannah- a stone throw in distance to the mighty Sahara! 

Oh! Africa! What a mighty creed envelopes your wits! 
In strength and might, she stands unequalled! 

Daunting cultures via tribes, 
Stretches the Zambezi river, 
Encombed by the beauty of the Niger, 
These caves of treasure brews heritage; 
Of untold generations
 The moonlight stories savour our bellies; 
 For each morsel we ingest; joy beams.
 The scent mild one's thought; for our meal trickles away the temptation of the past! 
 Such panther irks the spirits of conquerors.
 Oh Africa!

Poem Details | by Audrey Chase |
Categories: life, lost love, sad, heart, heart,

You take all of me

Take all of Me

	I always wanted to know why I felt so empty when you went awayI never understoodWhy or how can someone 
make me feel this way? My heart is beating, my mind is racing, my hands are shakingI try to catch my breath, I am lost!! 
I try to hold back my tearsI try to retrace my footsteps and rethink those thoughtsMy heart is black, my mind is lips are sealedI cant find  all the answers, but I came up with this, “You take all fo me.”

Poem Details | by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: black african american, death, lost love, ocean, sad love, sea, storm,

The Devil's Thief

Arranged in paradise, by suffering's fate,
to have no end, to be alone and wait,
it was her love, acceptance came so fast
she had no time to think it might not last,
as he, the sailor left, she loved too late;

He'd waited on the dock so long he grew
to be inspired by something she won't do,
'twas just a recognizing love is there
the reaching out for what is everywhere,
but love for her was something all so new;

the sail was set and ties that bound the ship
were heaved away, and thus began the trip,
upon the ocean, far into the sun,
to where the keel was loose and let to run
and sailed right on to where the moon would dip.

She on the shore, he on the watch at three,
both dreaming dreams not ever let to be
but absence makes the heart more fonder yet,
and out of sight means not they will forget;
the ship sailed on, uncharted was the sea;

the gale that came and sank him to the reef,
took from the shore the lady in her grief,
and they were thus to marry, in the sea,
united 'neath the waves, eternally,
depriving love from time, the devil's thief.
© RON WILSON aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

Poem Details | by Ryan Wegenast |
Categories: angst, death, lost love, lovelove,


I am homeward bound
Lusty thoughts, for the love I miss
It’s a surprise, I am coming ‘round
I’m expected two days beyond this
Being away, day after day, left a hole
Being away, hollowed my soul
I rush towards your embrace
Already I envision smile, upon your face
Desire I now attack
My heart, with I, on highway race
Your gleam of eye twinkles, inside this nights black

Years of unity, love’s solid, sound
Closer, skittish, nervousness
The home stretch, I’ve now found
I accelerate, craving caress
Home in sight, on I roll
With thoughts of my angel, asleep sole
With her in bed, only emptiness occupies my space
I will fill that void and hold her grace
Never again will our love lack
My minds quarrel and love erase
I arrive home, it’s silent, black

I climb the stairs, feet create no sound
As you sleep, your lips, I will kiss
A greater beauty walks not, on these grounds
Creak open the master door, sudden distress
A stranger lies, my loves heart, stole
Pain takes my mind, to the gallows pole
Stunned by the disgrace
Instant horror, rage, I cannot replace
A mans breath crawls my baby’s back
My love and my girl I debase
My world fades to black

My breath vanishes, my pain makes no sound
I beg for a why? This has come of my happiness
Pain in my chest, built a mound
I will avenge this
My eyes, my mind, my heart, are now coal
Two lives for taking become my goal
Three counting me, these lives come waste
No control, rage in haste
This grief will not retract
This sinister situation, I will level at face
All good, has gone black

My emotions, stresses, compound
Creation of plan, slick aggressiveness
I muffle my screams, my conscience drowned
Satan shows face, he wouldn’t miss this
I, no longer in control
Heed order from the devil
Quickly, I spin about face
My entry steps, I then retrace
A fetch of gasoline before I turn back
Fire shall consume their sleeping space
Delighting evils’ mind of black

She sleeps at peace, under satin sheets, negligée of lace
But peace is ’bout to be replaced
A match stick comes alive, with a crack
Gasoline tossed, upon your lips, in sleep you taste
Match tossed, flames dance and light the black

Poem Details | by Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Mambo Ntema |
Categories: dream, hope, life, lonely, lost love, song-peace, love, me, peace,

can i be with you

dear love, o' love, love 
can i be with you, o' love?
can i stay with you, o' dear love?
o' love, love, love
you are the perfect key to every heart
((o' love!))
you are the string to every heart
((dear love!))
you are the peace to my heart
((love, o' love!))
your mood is so emotional
but your love is so natural
you are the wood to my art
to carry me by the walls of my heart

can i be with you?
o' love,
wont you leave and gone? 
dear love,
can i talk with you? 
pure love,
can i walk with you? 
soul love,
you are the need to my wish,
(that is love)
you are the feed to my dish,
(such is love)
you are the strength to the weak,
(o' love)
you are the length to the thick,
(endless love)
can i be with you?
o' love

wondering not but,
is my heart there?
or has it faded?
is it beating? 
or has it deflated?
o' how i wish love you were
so close to mine and there
to stone me a love with care
yes, i stare 
with eyes of love and share
love with her that dare
to share,

i ask with no one..

can i fall in love
with you, o' dear love?
wont you escape my heart?
wont you run away from love?
wont you fade away from love?
come stay with me, o' dear love
come lay with me, not tear love
some blame with you, but care love
come wave with me, share love
you are the perfect key to every heart
((o' love!))
you are the string to every heart
((dear love!))
you are the peace to my heart
((love, o' love!))
come be with me
((o' dear love))


poem: can i be with you?
book: the melody of my heart
book no14 of 2012
december 2012


facebook: opnmambo
twitter: @opnmambo

Poem Details | by Joel Thornton |
Categories: betrayal, love hurts, storm, war,

Desert storm all over again


Destiny is an ideal

An idea that destroyed him

Fate is a cruel mistress

That chews love up again and again

Promising Fantastical futures

Never prophesizing the real.

This is it

This is a line in the sand

This is forever

Is this a great loves end?

It was stupid to expect anything

Other than disappointment

It was so stupid of him.

To put these expectations

On an unavailable soul to depend.

A critical mistake

Entering this war, without an ability to win.

This campaign of chemical warfare

This operation to destroy happiness and freedom

This useless grudge-driven conflict

Is not aware

That we sacrifice when we win

Our own liberation.

Indigenously unfair.

Poem Details | by Ammu Yo |
Categories: lost love, love,

Love is god

Love is such a virus that kills ur heart even when it beats after,

could show a person smile, healthy and active when they are dying inside

 That is the point where love beats god's creature.

If your love is god, then your god is the better god than any god

Ammu Yo

Poem Details | by Yolanda Jones |
Categories: love,


when will i not love you 
shall there be a distant flame 
flickering beyond the warm air
of an indian summer's breeze
when will i not love you 
will the sun rest on top
of giant umbrella's dancing
heavenly about sparkling shores

when will i not love you 
shall the tides rise over broken shells
sending the tiny crabs backwards
inside hollow cubbie holes

when will i not love you 
will the large vessels set sail
upon the voss banks of marigolds
ancient goodbyes as new worlds 

gleams about sullen memories 
will heaven and earth meet as one
while the brass trumpets sound
when will i not love you when

Poem Details | by Matt Ancient |
Categories: love,


Fortune i have found you
I have found you at last
The finest gold
In the dust
The future
To change the past

A fountain
Higher than the peak
Of the highest mountain

The heart of the wise
Sweet like paradise
Blessing in his eyes
In his house 
Do the mighty seek advice

Poem Details | by Amos Kagiri |
Categories: birthday, care, love,

Salute Brother

(To a brother, he gives his biryhday celebration to be with the less fortunate kidsHe is a hand of this nation)
Love ain't an illy feeling healed but a commuted commitment
Care and fair ain't a lay pay job but a heart learnt art of passion
At a young age yearned long to hand a hand to them
Yours heart pained, drenched with love for the kids
Drunk in intense integrity intimately intending to help
Shunned of your pleasure and leisure to raise and strike a ray
Left all comforts and some-pots to lightly knight a heart
Humbled like an infant faced firm no fear
Hope and trust, trained tranquility to you

Them tummied, armied and dummied grace a day in Green Land
You, humbled, abled, labeled and favoured grace it in Green Card
Not to fill yours abdomen and anal cavity like they
But a ground to grace and ace a life and file a future
Want no fine wine, no 'kay cake
But see, think as I ink his list of least needs for feeds
For he humbles to offer it for free to them
Them,some not known of a day like it
For only him present in their presence 

As he elevates and celebrates a great day
Pimps and teams the kids with joy
Frees and fills their day with love
Invites and incites us all to join
Lets support and sup up his passion 
Born a boy but who serves a nation 
For as a country we conquered Like a society we sort
Happy Birthday bro.

Poem Details | by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: angst, art, black african american, death, depression, devotion, fear, friendship, life, loss, lost love, love, romance, sad, time, life, morning,


Once more it's morning and I greet the dawn,
waking to feelings I've known,
breathing the fragrance that's lingering on
throughout a lifetime alone;

splinters of sunshine are drifting through blinds,
revealing dust I breathe in,
dancing through flashes, and somehow reminds
of things that never have been;

I hear a song and it's what I've dreamed of,
outside my window they mourn,
I'd face the morning, but I need a shove,
for this poor heart badly torn;

unfortunate dove, why is it you sing,
outside my window each day?
It's a reminder of what life won't bring,
mourning dove, don't fly away;

once more it's morning and I hear the dove
all of my life is a sin,
it's just the way of unfortunate love,
but I still dream now and then.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa

Poem Details | by Kaci Jo Atteberry |
Categories: angst, lost love, love, sad

Empty Letters

Sorrow fills my soul,
As I gaze into your eyes.
My heart is an empty hole,
That used to be filled with your lies.

Those three little words still make my knees shake
And I melt from the taste of your lips.
I pray that our love was not fake;
I would die at your fingertips.

All that I have to give belongs to you;
My heart, my body, my soul.
Without you I don't know what to do;
Your bitterness has finally taken it's toll.

Poem Details | by Matt Ancient |
Categories: love, me, love, me,

You are the greatest

You are the greatest
My love, you are the greatest
You make all things beautiful
To me your love is wonderful

Thou feedest me when am hungry
Giveth me waters to quench my thirst
You put me first
Encourage me to be the best

You are the greatest
My love you are the greatest
You visited me when I was in jail
You made me the head but not the tail
You are the reason why I did not fail

You are the greatest
My love you are the greatest
You gave me comfort in times of sorrow
You were there anytime I needed you

Oh my savior
You are my heart desire
You are the greatest 
My love you are the greatest

Poem Details | by Carma Reed |
Categories: love, relationship, visionary,

You Are The One

You Are The One

You are the one pluto's fire, in 
eye that glistens, hot, you are 
the one, passion, that beats my 
heart, to calm, my soul, you 
are the one sun which rises, 
when I open curtain, to awake, 
you are the one, touch that is 
real, to me, you are the one, 
my lips want, to kiss, forever 
more, you are the one I want 
to lay with, under the moon 
light cover, when I close my 
eyes, spending every moment, 
in arm, with warmth, for each 
other, you are the one, faith of 
love, with our almighty, that 
bares truth, I want to share, 
you are the one, smile on, my 
face, which spreads world wide, 
across the sky, to soar,you are 
the one, i fight for, through 
battle, to over come the 
triumph of victory, you are 
the one I honor, and 
respect, you are the one I give 
my whole undivided attention, 
when you walk among the 
land, for you are the one, no 
one can replace....


Poem Details | by Onalethuso Petruss Buyile Mambo Ntema |
Categories: depression, fear, hope, life, lost love, seasons, visionary, fear,

the blind fear in my eyes

the blind fear in my eyes

i looked at my eyes
for the very first time
all i could see
were the blind fear in my eyes
i roared off in the middle of thought
...where is everyone when i need them most? 
i asked, not 
in grief or anger, in despair may be

on foot, my face and lips all cracked
as i ventured into the jungle, my teeth chattered
in cold but very hot emotions of wondering
how luck could have left me so alone, 

i squat to the feeling of nothingness
like a stone falling from a distant heart
and narrowly escaped with my life at heart
tried to suppress my memories at heart
and my blood runs in cold as i recollect
a sudden cry over my shoulder at once
i looked at my eyes again; at once

and spoke timidly to my person's eyes
how hard it were without surprise
of any emotional upheaval to rise
as the wind blew into every crack of mine
and soaked my person to the skin one time
as i looked straight into my eyes

i could see how the grass
and flowers
sprout and spring in intimacy
but pain 
for all i had were all lost between
and gone again
like the tiny little butterflies 
on my mind
that covered all my thoughts to the end
with misery written all over my face
and looked a sorry sight on my face
i could barely see myself
and still looked blindly at my eyes
at last, and rested


extract from: 'the blind fear in my eyes'
source: 'the mind and the science of life' book no.13 of 2012
(c)  nov.2012

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Poem Details | by Kaci Jo Atteberry |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love

The End Of Us

Why did you do this,
After our first kiss;
Take it, then leave me
Behind in a sea
Of tears?
I didn't deserve to be treated this way.
Every fool will have his day.
Your's will be coming
And don't try to come crawling
Back to me on your knee.
You are not worth my time.
Your love was nothing more than a mme\\ime;
Mute and fake.
My heart was at stake,
But not anymore.
In the end, 
I smacked that stupid grin
Right off your face,
As I left you alone,
In your own little place.

Poem Details | by abidemi oyewole |
Categories: age, angel, care, lost love, morning, song, sweet,


Showers of a thousand springs.
Nightfall and its queer needs.
A lovely maiden in a crystal ball.
We see the future, we see it all.

A bottle of jar with lemon crust.
A touch of us in earthly dust.
Beauty and virtue bore along.
Fine wheat, no famine is wrong.

My dream girl, my reality shivers
An empty heart, with love spots on my quiver.
I escape this solitude for a better morning.
The weather is fine, would you love me only for the money?

I ponder deep till I stop but yonder.
Is this emotion a burden or an aching joy.
My thoughts for you as innocent as a toddler.
I am man yet, I recollect not being a boy.

Poem Details | by Kori Wright |
Categories: dark, heart, heart, love,

Loved Me Too Hard

He's in love with the wrong woman
If he could, her love would be summoned
Too head strong and nonchalant, to him love, she can't return
Empathetic how his love for herpainfully burns
In so many ways she's expressed he isn't for her
Darkness would eventually aches
She tries her best to to make him hate
By pushing him away
Sympathetic to his heart that aches
He's there picking up the pieces to her pain
Knowing love she can't sustain
Still he isn't what she would prefer
For ones that don't know her worth, for them her heart she reserves
All at once his soul drains
Only what is shattered remains
He's now dark
The aches became too severe and sharp
No self-esteem established
There's no lavish
With aggression he yells, "Why won't you love me!"
Feeling like he's owed something, he cuts her deep
She often mentioned it'll never be mutual
He lost control, she became a victim of his traditional ritual
Never thought would he
Never could it be
Earlier she read his card
It said he would love me too hard

Poem Details | by Walter W. Safar |
Categories: love, fairy, silver,



You say that you have long since
turned off all the lights but one,
the light beneath which
I have kissed you
while pearly dew glittered
all around us,
a breeze was blowing,
and the birds were not silent,
but singing at the top of their lungs.

You say that you have long since
turned off all the lights but one,
beyond which everything was freshened
with tears gone by,
which still shine
outside the door of the old house
like fairy silver tears.

When you think you're alone,
know that a calm person
is still walking towards your home
with calm and measured steps,
the person of your poet's
barefoot solitude.

A long, long time has passed
since we used to see each other often,
and since all the lights were glowing
on earth
and in the skies,
and since the moon was,
with its expression of dominance,
and enchantment,
self-consciously sitting up there
- surrounded by the stars
that give him the eternal magic of youth –
and watching
the fairy silver tears
sliding down your face,
as if you were the saddest woman
under the heavenly dome.

You say that you have long since
turned off all the lights but one,
beyond which love was
so impatient and capricious,
in the desire
to go from hand
to hand
of all those who are in love
around the world,
so they, too, would feel the love
I feel for you.

© Walter William Safar

Poem Details | by Marcia Walton |
Categories: desire, love,

Spell of the Blackmajic Woman

Cast my Spell and you are entwined
Cast my Spell and imprison your mind
Cast my Spell and you are entwined
Cast my love and I'll make you mine
Your Soul will be taken
Your heart will be trapped
You will live for nothing but my will
Too late my friend when you realize
You are trapped within my spell
With my potions of love and webs of desire
I will enchant you into my lair
You and I will now become one
I am the Blackmajic woman
I've casted my spell and you are entwined
I've cased my spell and imprisoned your mind
I've casted my spell and you are entwined
I've casted my love and now you are all mine

Poem Details | by Matthew Anish |
Categories: love, peace,

Here is another Poem

All of you out there 
    with pens in hand 
ready to write your poems 
   Here is another one 
   being sent out to you 
from the Lower East Side of 
Wars continue in the world 
   Abused animals and children 
fill out television screen 
Yet I am quite sure 
   all of you out there in the darkness 
are ready to put up a fight 
   with your pen and paper handy 
You, I am sure will struggle for something 

Poem Details | by Aaron Crow |
Categories: christian, community, love, my children, symbolism,

A Manifesto for Friends - Stanza II

Hi Folks,

I picked this poem back up from about four years ago (It was called Caution and Joy back then) and added another stanza to it! Let me know what you think!

These friends are wrong; with every nerve I know this.
They know it not, about this joy they sing.
My plank that sang my end is but a kiss
From GodThis narrow nest of crows would bring
A knowledge of their sin and mine, that we
Were all afloat -- no hope for them or me
Unless we clung to God, our blessed land.
And on the rock, we build like warmest sands
A love that nurtures love and joy lay bare
So husbands, wives, and children too demand
That Love and Joy only stay when aware.

Poem Details | by Aroon George |
Categories: religion, love,

Christmas is a day of freedom

Jesus brought freedom for us
We live in love we live in bless

He frees us from every sin
Hate, selfness goes to bin
We meet our old brother
Eat, drink, and laugh together

Love takes breath in the soul
Flowers dancing and sing
We hug all our foes
And doves fly in the ring

Word of fighting is removed
Love, forgiveness every where
We respect to elder and child
We think about them and care

A new life welcomes us
We live in love we live in bless

Poem Details | by Aaron Crow |
Categories: introspection, life, loss, love, philosophyme,

Caution and Joy (Stanza 1)

Hey PoetrySoupers, I'm writing a chant royal and wanted to get your input on the separate
stanzas before I meld them into one chant royaleIf you could criticize some particulars
or concepts, feel free, as I will put them to good use.

I thought that once I tread the plank of bliss--
As glad as I could be, 'cept for a thing:
I wished to be relieved the blinds I miss
Of late, but then I dreamt and dreamt to fling
The wretched cloth t'wards the glimmering sea,
Or t'wards my friends that accompanied me.
They brought me there with joy, upon their hands,
And let me down on this outcrop to stand.
I now am a different kind of scare,
Then, crying, "Remove doubt! Remove the bands!"
But Love and Joy do not stay when aware.

Poem Details | by PRAFULLA SAHU |
Categories: lost love,



Shot with grape dark beauty
Perches behind my window –
My love-
Hops to tickle my heart
Skims my dream to chariot
Making me speechless
With her raw silent crop.

With a burr of arrow-tail
She darts through my ears;
Light as thistledown
She roller-skates my vision
Black as coal full of steam
She drives my horizon.

She has no mobile to cheep
Yet more mobile 
Than time and speech
She wrights an ornate spot
Like an evening green..

A few minutes’ gaze
At that winged vibes
Holier high than years of youth
Scathed by fire of lips.

Poem Details | by SEAN CLAUDINE |
Categories: family, sad, longing, longing, love,


home is the land in my dreams,

Those dreams of bonds of both joys, love & family.

Though longer still the stretch strains,

tearing my heart into a desperate longing for my love

I shall sing in dreams my days of absence & in time we shall reunite

Even i, A wounded man longing for a fading memory throughout sleepless nights

I myself shall fade but live in memories & in dreams of those dear to my land.

In death i shall lie with my love, intimately understanding my course

So let me die victorious ,knowing that i am one with my love

Return my corpse a fossil ,to rest in the land of my sacrifice

To lie down fertile in the land with my love

Poem Details | by STANLEY JACQUES |
Categories: caregiving, faith, love, god, dream, dream, god, love,


We have vision 
We are the equality of God words
A craftsmanship born to serve God
Each of us has a dream, and this dream there is a gift, a gift to live a dream and 
a gift to give a dream
Martin Luther king said I have a dream, but we have a vision 
We have a vision, a vision to love 
If you have no vision, wait God has a vision for you and me the amble of 
opportunity to grow in His eternal dream; we are his vision and instrument of God 
You, who are helpless with your dream through your trail and treacherous pitfall 
you are God eternal dream, in these last hour in time of trouble we have a dream, 
dream to feed the hunger , a dream to clothe the naked , a dream to heal the 
sick, a dream to encourage the discouraged, this was Christ dream 
When our dream was drowning, Christ reach out is hand an save us 
We are His vision
We have a purpose to live in salvation of God grace
We are his vision 
We have a dream, a dream to commission God work
every child, Every youth, , elder, married coupled, single, widow, fatherless, for 
the love of God and the uplifting of humanity this is our vision.
We have a vision
by Stanley Jean-Jacques