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Love Poems About Celebrity or Celebrity Love Poems

Celebrity love poems and/or love poems about Celebrity. Read, share, and enjoy these Celebrity love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Celebrity Poems.

Poem Details | by Verlena S. Walker |
Categories: angst, celebrity, encouraging, freedom, irony, metaphor, simile,

of love of war

of love of war
the staff of a prophet, seen fairness not imagine, sings shouting out, obscenity recognized, yet in search of fame, seeking stance the moment arises, seek of voice of power, godsend renown supremacy, yet prophet not acknowledged, kept desire of a great life, sought skill of voice, articulate hardly ever, cheek no longer free, famous self seldom bite snarls dogma, link of country of faith, kinship all that’s true, fair play desired fame acknowledged, pent the home front, covetousness war or peace love or hate, just yelp puppy love, nice _________________________| Penned on September 28, 2014!

Poem Details | by April Gabriella |
Categories: celebrity, film, for him, how i feel, love,

Leonardo DiCaprio

Dedicated to my love: Leonardo DiCaprio

For how many years have I loved you
I think it has to be about eighteen
We were both so young in those days
But I still longed to be your queen
With each film I fell more in love
With each role you reminded 
"This is what true talent is made of"
Beautiful Leonardo
How keenly I feel
How much I love you
Probably too much, but still
You have shown true beauty
You have shown true grace
You're a perfect specimen
Of the human race
You are of the greatest actors 
Of this generation and more
For there will never be another
That I so much adore

Poem Details | by Sandip Goswami |
Categories: celebrity, deep, hero, inspirational, love, poverty, sensual,


They are not rich.
They have no car. 
They have no fat.
They have no dream.

They are not so-called educated persons.
They are not news.

They are struggling for existence.

They have not any exceed of life 
Which is poison. 

They live with their old parents.

They have innocent smile and intuition.

They created their poor house as rich home.

They are my celebrities.
But I am not communist.


Poem Details | by Ashley Mack |
Categories: celebrity, cute love, fantasy, feelings, love, relationship, thank you,


My superman
 He doesn't wear a long red cape or fly in the air
 he can't kill off evil villains with the power of a single glare
 But what he does have is rare and cannot be seen
 I can't see no wrong in him, he's hardly ever mean
 He has a heart so pure and a charm so sweet I think he's heaven sent
 All the girls get googly eyes but they can't have my Mr. Clark Kent
 But ladies don't be discourage there's a superman out there waiting for you
God will give a man that will change the world from the earth to the moon

Poem Details | by Zamreen Zarook |
Categories: age, angel, beautiful, beauty, body, boyfriend, celebration, celebrity, change, character, creation, desire, emotions, children, friendship, girl, girlfriend, hero, humorous, i love you, image, life, memorial day, memory, middle school, relationship, romantic, school, society, student, teen, teenage, truth, wisdom, woman, women, words, world, youth,

Fake Words

Fake Words – Zamreen Zarook

God have given us mouth,
Not to speak to north and south,
Tongue is given under an oath,
So it’s our duty to protect them both.

Girls chat fake with boys,
Having a notion that the boys are toys,
They often make varied noise,
Thinking to keep a trap on handsome guys.

Boys are also human being,
So it’s not possible being clean,
Things varies in the way they are seen,
So positive thinking will make you keen.

Boys’ minds are pure,
As it is pure bio,
So don’t try to pour vino,
Which will take decades to get cure.

Poem Details | by Jacqueline R. Mendoza |
Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, black african american, bridal shower, caregiving, celebrity, childhood, christian, cousin, daughter, death of a friend, devotion, education, environment, father daughter, first love, flower, children, for her, kids, how i feel, little sister, me, mom, mother, native american, nostalgia, people, poets, school, spiritual, student, woman, women, work,

Qualities of Health Engendering Women

They see strengths
Not the limitations
These are people who will make you proud of yourself
They will tell you why you’re special
Trust you to the point you have to answer their expectations
They make you better than you normally are
You can be proud of yourself
They respect you 
For what you’ve done
Where you’ve come from
They see what you’ve experienced something real
Respect you for your courage
They live by their rules
They do not expect you to follow theirs
They are at peace to themselves
They are not proving anything to you
They are good listeners
Sincere in their interest in you
You feel important
They are available for honest
Genuine discussion
Makes you want to share yourself

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, celebrity, dedication, love, remember,

Her Kindness - Rondine

~Her Kindness~ (A Rondine) Her kindness just touched all people on Earth Her beguile smile could light up a whole room She loved everyone we all did assume Much loved from the first moment of her birth More than we knew then she was by all worth Were all much mistaken with her wedded groom Her kindness just touched Much loved from the first moment of her birth Her life was cut so short, most tragic doom My eyes fill with tears when I see her tomb Remember always her beauty and mirth Her kindness just touched. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2012 January.27.2015

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: anxiety, appreciation, art, beautiful, celebration, celebrity, city, confidence, courage, creation, culture, destiny, dream, emotions, feelings, firework, first love, girlfriend, good night, hair, happy, humanity, imagination, international, jealousy, joy, love, metaphor, miss you, missing you, music, parody, poems, relationship, romance, romantic, stress, success, symbolism, today, tribute, true love, uplifting, world,


in the dream I had 
many appeared
extras plenty
but loved ones too

all had seen
that same dream
but only one got it
others had no clue

Poem Details | by Milan Georges Burovac |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, celebrity, fashion, love, muse, paris,

The great Parisian model

to a sweet navel of glutinous oracle
sticks the fairytale makeup
because the model caressed the tree
since the model recognizes the apple
as the model eats the grass
a carrot from Hollywood paradise
a green salad with organic smelly

Poem Details | by Caryn Gerometta |
Categories: celebrity, dedication, i love you, men, poetry, smile, words,


Your eyes, your smile Your love and dedication You are beautiful

Poem Details | by Samuel O. E. D'phoenix |
Categories: birthday, celebrity, dedication, desire, fantasy, first love, wisdom,


It is your smile;
Staring at me at every mile
It speaks to me for a while
And tells me that you are mine

It is your love;
Stirring all kind of sensation like a seductive glove 
Warming my heart as though on a stove
And this realization out shines a swimming dove

It is you, my one and only
Your presence comforting and soothing beautifully
Adorned with virtues gracefully
And happy ever after we will live admirably

Poem Details | by Mary Oliver Rotman |
Categories: celebrity, crush, funny,

Randomling 1 contest love poem

(pronounced mik-fad'-yen)

I believe I'm in love with Matthew Macfadyen He inspires in me a terribly bad yen But as poetry goes His name 'spires woes Cause nothing rhymes with "Macfadyen"

Poem Details | by Brad Nicolas |
Categories: beautiful, best friend, celebrity, friendship, funny love, loneliness, lonely,

Muhammad Ali

I take your look most seriously.
I take that look furiously.
In my journey I be.
Waiting at the finish line I imagine time after time.
Inside wine after wine bottle 
With each key stroke
I wonder 
What you will think.
With each love
In each moment
Its simple to you
But not here
Its easy for you to love me.
But I only know I love writing
And that I’m alone.
I have yet to really meet your beautiful soul.
So if you must smile and walk
Walk smiling up to my front door.
And if you don’t like it cheesy,
Take it easy
You’re the greatest, 
but that’s not poetic
But some things you have to make clear
 so you don’t regret it. 

Poem Details | by Arabian Poet |
Categories: celebrity, desire, emotions, forgiveness, heart, love, sorry,

If You In Love

If you in love 
Rise your hands up 
If you in love 
Higher as you can jump 
If you in love 
All anger behind you dump
If you in love 
Go to the lover don't wait for crumb
If you in love 
Take her in hands and closely grab
If you in love 
Kiss her like when you do if you hurt a thumb 
If you in love 
Or if not just shut up 

Poem Details | by April Gabriella |
Categories: celebrity, dedication, fantasy, for her, how i feel, i love you, longing, miss you, missing you, tribute,


No one is like you Goddess
So beautiful and most kind
So ready to be of service
Always willing to ease my mind
I am ever ready to worship
At your feet as you deserve
But I do not actually know you
So I am forced only to observe
Observe your beauty, appreciate your grace
Succumb to the bewitching expressions on your angelic face
I desire you Goddess in my life everyday
When you are gone from public view
I wish I could fade away with you

This may still be a work in progress, I'm just not sure. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Poem Details | by Kishan sharma |
Categories: cancer, care, career, celebrity, chanukah, character, cheer up,

Cheat is now love

Seeing the craving of grief,
Do not let them invite you now.
They will not understand you,
No matter how much tears.
They have no heart,
He is rich,now he is crazy.
Seeing the craving of grief,
Do not let them invite you now.

Now honey is right of hatred,
Love is more sad than poison.
In whatever love you Lean,
If you do not have wealthy,
Then you are nothing.
Seeing the nothing get trapped,
Who have ever begun their own.

Seeing the craving of grief,
Do not let them invite you now.

Poem Details | by liza marry |
Categories: angel, basketball, cat, celebration, celebrity, change, chicago, cute love,

Poems about Life

We are the sum of experiences that we encounter as we go through life. Day to day struggles and triumphs are experienced by all of the world's creatures. As human beings, when we encounter a challenge, we have freedom to choose how to react. Every decision that we make leads us down a different road. We will never come to exactly the same crossroads. Every decision that we make has significance. The tiniest choice that we make reverberates throughout the entire universe.

Poem Details | by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: betrayal, celebrity, character, funny love, lust, society, women,

Harvey Weinstein

The world of Harvey Weinstein
Has spun out from his control
His brother went and fired him
Amidst the hyperbole

But Donald Trump can save him
For neither know remorse
And groping seems so natural
You know they'll stay the course

Their victims band together
Sharing everlasting shame
If no one is responsible
Then God must take the blame

But Sherlock Holmes can quickly
Identify the fool
Who really needs an  actress 
To fix a worn-out tool?

Poem Details | by cortney bartholomew |
Categories: celebrity, lost love,


oh, can't you see..the same goes for you,
because at one point you thought you were special too,
routinely your not the only one,
if you were that search would of been over and done,
it's larger than what we think and know,
it's in branded views of a heart stricken soul,
that ran too fast to see its own track,
never turning around to view the love of his own lack,
hidden in taunt, dropping lines,
seductive remarks...he stimulates to find,
unsettled, still stricken in the past, you'll find,
cravings of his own heart he left behind,
screaming newness heard from miles away,
driving to get there down the wrong highway.

Poem Details | by Tareva O'bear |
Categories: celebrity, crush, hate, love,

Still Got a Hold on Me

 He's still here, haunting me.
 He's always close but yet so far.
 I don't think I can deal with this.
 I don't think I love him anymore.

 He still holds my heart, that's a shame.
 I put my head down all over again.
 Nothing has changed over the years,
 And still here with falling tears.

 Tell this boy to go away,
 I've been over him since yesterday,
 But no matter what, he still appears.
 Every time I see his face, it brings back memories from yesteryears.

Poem Details | by Warner Baxter |
Categories: adventure, celebrity, cute love, marriage, romantic, wife,

My Wife Molly Brown

I’m a simple man with stature quite norm In search of a partner who could weather a storm A woman with style, charm, poise and grace She would be strong like leather and gentle like lace She would be fast with a quip and quick with her wit Every room she appeared would be instantly lit Oh how she and I could burn a house down We went on a cruise, bad news, I thought we would drown And on that dark dreadful night, my wife saved my life How courageous she was, my amazing wife Now still to this day we are the talk of the town They say, hey! That’s what’s his name and the Unsinkable Mrs. Molly Brown

Poem Details | by Warner Baxter |
Categories: celebrity, cute love, husband, romantic, sweet, wedding, wife,

My Wife Marilyn Monroe

I’m a simple man with stature quit norm In search of a partner who could weather a storm A woman with style, elegance, glamour and grace A vision of beauty, charm, poise and a pretty face She would be fast with a quip and quick with her wit Every room she appeared would be instantly lit She’s more than celebrity she’s a culture icon Changed her name from Norma Jean to Marilyn Oh how she and I could set fire to a town The two of us together would burn the house down Marilyn Monroe will you marry me? What a sight for all my friends to envy and see

Poem Details | by Earl Schumacker |
Categories: best friend, celebration, celebrity, dedication, love, religious, wisdom,

The Mary Rule

            The Mary Rule

We are commanded to honor our mothers and fathers
Honor is a thousand steps higher, beyond respect
We pray to God and His mother for ourselves and others
God seems so far away in heaven
We pray to the queen of the universe to bring us closer
Sometimes it might be wise to pray to Mary
Not simply for our selfish ends
But purely in our hearts to honor her
Our friend and mother 

Poem Details | by ADEDAYO GALI |
Categories: art, black african american, celebration, celebrity, love, poems, poetry,


Hood loves me so much
and wow me for my midas touch.
Each ink I spare is deeply appreciated
and each triumph I make-greatly celebrated.

What am I? I'm God's wonderful masterpiece
a Shakespearean mind that flows with ease.
Each time my thoughtful mind travels,
I'd have rhymes to unravel;

Eyinju Olodumare, Humble servant of HE
whose Greatness is so vast for all eyes to see.
Thanks 'Hood for wowing me to this height,
as heavy as poetry seems, I did lift its weight!

Poem Details | by Allan Terry |
Categories: appreciation, art, care, celebrity, clothes, cute love, dance,