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Poem Details | by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO |
Categories: black african american, day, happiness, health, hope, inspirational, life, love, may, nature, passion, peace, people, philosophy, religion, social, time, travel, uplifting, visionary,

Each Day Takes its Turn

Standing firm 
we live 
we give 
we take 
we learn 
we strive to make sure 
each day enlightens us 
and brightens us
even as light fades to gray 
may we keep fighting 
with two swollen feet
beneath the body and soul 
experiencing trials 
and intense life lessons 
meshed with stresses 
may we persevere 
turn off  fear's song 
may we stand firm 
as we glide along 
through shifty winds of change 
that may cause things to sway
but we hold true
inside the values and morality
we stand for 
fall for nothing 
may stumble along the trip 
may swerve at the wheel yet 
do not lose our grip
because no one 
can eclipse the sun 
everyone heals 
before they're done

Just when situations arise 
flooding us with pain we despise
and just when it seems like
our tear ducts are dry 
from ongoing cries
we may think 
things are on the brink of ending
then God shows us the ways of faith
by way of love that he's sending

Standing firm 
we live 
we give 
we take 
we learn 
we make sure 
every day enlightens us 
and brightens us 
as each day takes its turn


Poem Details | by Brenda Meier-Hans |
Categories: death, family, feelings, life, love, thanksgiving,

I must Carpe Diem

I used to live life full of dreams 
Planning, for many years to come.
Where I will be, when I will go,
A future that was filled with fun.

Till the day my life was shattered.
Till the day when the hammer struck.
All my dreams now torn asunder 
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to duck.

I stood my battles, fought the fight 
We gathered and said our goodbyes,
Yet through all of your brave faces,
I could still hear the silent cries.

Last Will and Testament written,
Everything important was said,
“I love you,” still that magic word,
I’d sleep in peace tucked in my bed.

Then something magical happened,
I came back from places of dread.
Now more a part of the living,
Each day I get stronger instead.

Now I know what’s most important
Enjoy precious moments each day,
Learned not to live for tomorrows
That just might not come anyway.

I enjoy each sip of coffee,
Watching leaves turn colours and fly,
Kisses from my sweet little dog,
Every time I see a blue sky.

The music of my Children’s voices,
Love of family never ends,
Carpe Diem, just seize the day,
That is my new motto my friends.

Written 10.25.2014
For Regina Riddle’s Contest 
Seize the Moment (Carpe Diem)

James 5:15
And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up.

Living for the moment makes everything more special.

Poem Details | by John Boak |
Categories: life, love, people, time, day, love, time,


Live each day as if it were your last
I tell you  dear friend time is running  so fast
All of us would one day return to dust
I know it's hard to accept but we must

Tell the people you love about the way you feel
Give them a hug and show them love that is real
Say sorry to those you offended so wounds would heal
Accepting your faults is not really a big deal

Do it now and don't tarry lest it be too late
Sometimes it's not wise for the right time to wait
Because your plans could be ruined by fate
If you do it now you would feel really great

Smell the pretty flowers, listen to birds singing so gay
Enjoy the beauty of nature give yourself time to play
Remember on this earth we can't forever stay
So I tell you  now is the time, go ahead and  seize the day

Poem Details | by Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick |
Categories: introspection, life, love, romance, timeme, me,

Don't Promise me the World

Don’t promise me the world
That’s not yours to give
Neither promise me forever
When all you have to give is today
Just give me your today
And all it encompasses
And should forever come and finds us here 
Our mere presence would speak of our genuine love


©04/17/11 Audrey Haick a.k.aAnnalise Brigham

Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: courage, dedication, desire, feelings, love, sweet,


DUET TO PLEASURE B a b y... How can I get you out of my mind When It's you I only want to twine? Shall I befall to some lovers When it's you I treasure none other? B a b y... Don't play too hard to get You already know Your face and wit, I can't forget... Come, baby, come I tell you... What you can become Ocean skies to underwater trysts My got all the gifts From tantalizing green eyes To pouty cherry full lips Baby,you got me straight on bullseye Your an oasis to my desert life With you by my side, Thorns I will completely abide. Surrender to me, my desire. Keep those blushes alive And together let's duet to perspire! Entangle long on sizzling Madonna moves; Ahhh and ohhhh our dual adoring grooves As we glide in autumn memoirs of ecstasy To reach a volcanic explosion of chemistry. Interstellar prime vows uttered bright, Glowing anew as we kiss so contrite Oh, baby, won't you try to comply? Don't deny, it's I you also desire... Sunset may endow a door to endings but it's also a window to beginnings. So baby, now or never Let's start our pleasure... © October 28, 2014; 10:43 pm Carpe Diem in the form of Entreaties

Poem Details | by Kimberly Howard |
Categories: inspirational, introspection, life, people, uplifting, visionary, love,

I Dare You

I Dare You...
to be all you can be
to think positive at all times
to achieve all of your goals in life
to captivate the minds of others by doing creative and unique things

I Dare You...
to believe in yourself
to encourage others to do good things
to love and respect yourself as well as others
to have faith even when you are going through the storm

I Dare You...
to love and obey your parents and partners in life
to be the best mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter,
husband or wife you can be
to love your neighbors and even your enemies
to expand your horizons

I Dare You...
to let a stream of wisdom
flow through the valley of knowledge 
and into your sea of understanding
to allow that wisdom, knowledge, and understandig
to be enhance by the word of God

I dare you...
to speak the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding
into a listening ear in hopes that you may glorify God
by sowing good seeds and get someone to accept Christ in their life

I Dare You...
to fear the wrath of God.
for if you do then you would do your best 
to be the best Christian you can be
I dare you to suffer for God;
to change your life by giving it to the Lord
For if Christ is on your side
no devil in hell can be against you
For the Lord said so Himself
And if you do not believe me
I dare you to do the research yourself

Poem Details | by David Dowling |
Categories: family, children, funny, happiness, inspirational, love


Why are you so grumpy?
Pray, what made you so?
What gave rise to those dark eyes,
and snivel on your nose?

Why are you so grumpy?
-Don't give me the charade!
I see through that bright red nose,
upon that white clown face!

Why are you so grumpy?
Oh, come now, don't hold back.
I know you know that I know well,
the way you always act.

You cover and hide,
and hurry your stride,
you act as though I'm clueless.
Pout and weep,
mumble and freep,
I know that's no word, BUT YOU DO IT!

So if you're feelin' grumpy,
don't let that raincloud set.
The day that comes after this one,
could be your greatest yet!

Poem Details | by William Masonis |
Categories: life, love, mystery, people, philosophy, home, home,

Acts of Faith

Each day begins as an act of faith.
We cross our thresholds and expect
That no cruel twist of fate
Will stay us from returning.

But the twists await us in their careless abundance,
And well we know, in our hearts, that one day
There'll be no more coming home again.

For many it goes this way with love.
Love parts, returns, then parts again
Through all the shifts and flux of living,
Oftentimes traveling a little farther out,
Returning a little later
With every passing day, until one day, almost unnoticed
It comes not home at all.

Poem Details | by Ana Callejas |
Categories: faith, family, happiness, hope, life, love, sister, thank you, day, happy, sister, day, happy, sister, smile, space,

My sister's Smile

My sister’s smile

Fourteen years ago, my sister founded something, something powerful, something she wore everyday, a smileA smile that could defeat anything that was against her and make everyone around felt nothing but joyMy sister had a disease, there might not be another tomorrow for her but she did nothing but carpe diem; enjoy every single moment to the fullestI can barely remember everything that passed during that time, I was just four years old but it is impossible for anyone to forget such a unique and beautiful smileOne day she had to do analysis, another day she needed to take about 10 medicines and the next day she was in chemo, this process repeated itself by several months and I was amazed because not a single day passed where she didn’t give a smileMost of the days she had to go through intense and painful tests so she can get better and believe me they were extremely hard, but she had something that motivated her, a kind of awardShe had a little book that was full of happy faces stickers of every single color, size and shapeShe loved the shiny ones because it meant not only happiness; there was a little extra that made her feel so goodShe wrote on a notebook her daily treatments and she leaved a little space so when her hard day was over, she can put the sticker on the blank space she left previously on the pageShe filled about 240 pages with happy faces and every person that went to visit her read the whole notebook and left the place with a smiley face sticker on their foreheadIt is a unique and simple daily motivation she had and it turned out that it worked really well for herMany people find happiness with material things such as new clothes, accessories, cars, luxury things, and etcThey forget that the little and simple things have the most impact in their lifeMy sister’s happiness was represented by a simple smile and most of the persons that she knew and where present during that time had received that gift she founded one dayThrough hard times and sad days don’t forget to smile because one single movement from your mouth can bring the most powerful feelings that can defeat almost everything that stands against youJust like my sister, she founded her smile and it turned out that it worked really well for her

Poem Details | by Mel Merrill |
Categories: beauty, imagery, lost love,

The Rose Beyond my Wall

The beauty I had overlooked
In my haste to get things done--
Another took the time to see
In the wash of morning sun.

The rose that grew beyond my wall...
I think scarlet was her hue--
How sad I failed to notice her
For all I had to do.

Yet all the things I did that day,
So important and so grand--
I cannot smell, or lightly touch,
Or hold with either hand.

The rose, conversely, lingers on
In the wise man's memory--
Never but a thought away,
Should he take the time to see.


Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: love, nature,

Seize the day

Let the flowers speak in hues of brilliance under the canopy Let us run while we may with fluttering petals lavender and ruby ~ Before a memory in thought dissolve before your touch lie far beyond let us run while we may let us gather upon the day sweet fragrant love and rainbow dreams upon a palette of pleasure under sun beams __________________________________ 10-25-2014

Poem Details | by Milan Georges Burovac |
Categories: addiction, adventure, america, desire, funny love, i love you, paris,

Paris forever

choose this sun
you will have the body
I will be your skin

your city elsewhere
Paris I tell to him

here with me
Paris forever

us - bread and wine
us - street and air

Paris our love

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: dream, loss, sad love,


None of my secrets could be darker than yours,
and as raging rivers cutting through prairies;
your haste missed what my words revealed;
crying out the beautiful word, " Love " scared you indeed.
Wouldn't it been much easier to have shown honesty
and banished any doubt that made you lose
the grip on reality and time? If someone refuses
to deal with the dilemma she has caused:
what can be done to prevent it from happening? 
I suggest you forget me and the thoughts spoken
to charm a lonely man whose seduced heart 
couldn't give up the one who made him dream in daylight
Sometimes sudden revelation hurts more that hidden pain,
a pain that was meant to reveal desire...
a desire felt but never fulfilled as a promise;
and who asks this question, " Do you love me or not? " 
Having two broken hearts is a real tragedy...
two souls seeking love, denying the possibility
of ever being together in life and death;
then what is the best solution for us:
to end it before obsession becomes madness...
turning a bright dream into ugly darkness? 

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: faith, hope, inspirational, love,

B e l i e v e - The Carpe Diem Style

~ Believe ~ (Carpe Diem) Always Believe in God, yourself And doing good my friend Be positive Just smile Keep nice attitude with all around you Love God Be happy, have Lovefaith, hope, peace, joy, dreams Show good will, share His love, peace Be best person you can be all the time. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2012
August.02.2017 -So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love 1 Corinthians 13:13(KJV) -“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16 (NIV) -Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding Proverbs 3:5 (KJV) - Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer Romans 12: 12 ( NIV ) -The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.” Exodus 14: 13 ( NIV ) “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” - Mark Twain- ~Author's Notes: The "Carpe Diem" is a poetry form or style created by Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson.

Poem Details | by Aa Harvey |
Categories: destiny, future, life, love,

Looking to the future

Looking To The Future.

Rushing to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,
Will only leave you missing its beauty 
And always looking to tomorrow.
To wish to have the future, handed to you like a present,
Will leave you left in a perpetual state of regret.

Don’t forever spend your time looking forward;
Live in the now before you miss it.
What will be, will be, you can’t change the future.
Your destiny has already been written
And you can’t change that.

It surely is a shame that you’re rushing to your deaths.
Slow down, relax, there’s plenty of time yet.
You have a whole life to live, stop risking it so;
Stop and look around Live today, not tomorrow.

If there’s something, you wish to see;
Put your life on hold, tomorrow may be too late.
If there’s a place, you dream you could be,
Make it so; don’t let it become another missed opportunity.
But don’t miss the Heaven, in front of you now.
Seize this chance at purity, 
Before you’re floating up into the clouds

Embrace the now; don’t just reach for the future,
For that you can never get your hands upon.
Call in sick and just lay here with each other,
For some time in the future, 
You may be waiting for this moment to come.

Be spontaneous, make a choice and go with it,
There’s no telling where it could lead,
That’s why it is so exciting.
This day could be your last, or it could change your life,
So be content with what you have now 
And leave tomorrow out of sight.

Kiss her lips, hold her hand, 
Say I love you, again and again
And make sure you mean every word you say to her,
For tomorrow something could change, 
Your opinions of each other.
But I’m sure it won’t, you’ll last forever,
If you can both truly stay faithful to one another.

(C)2013 Aa HarveyAll Rights Reserved.

Poem Details | by Matthew Anish |
Categories: football, love, poetry, work,

A Visit from My Housekeeper

   Her I am 
sitting writing a
While my housekeeper 
  is bury cleaning 
my apartment
   I feel a little guilty 
 She is working hard 
while I am just 
   moving a pen 
along a piece of 
Still poetry 
    is listed as an 
occupation in the Occupational Outlook Handbook 
So I guess I am working, too
   In September I return to work as a
college assistant 
   Devoting the rest of my time to 
the New York Giants, poetry and looking for love

Poem Details | by Sam Ruby |
Categories: angst, art, beautiful, beauty, boyfriend, butterfly, caregiving, childhood, computer-internet, confusion, courage, cowboy-western, dance, dark, daughter, dedication, depression, devotion, dream, funny, girl, girlfriend, goodbye, growing up, happiness, humorous, inspirational, lost, lost love, nostalgia, peace, romance, romantic, sad, song, teen, time, uplifting, women, me, love, me,


Your  love pricks me like a rose each thorn grows but no one knows Your so full of 
it as it shows so carry on now go on, goI'm fed up with the phony and  i'm 
through with the tears, you couldn't pay me all your money to make up for those 
yearsSomeone help me I feel faint how could I think he was such a saint and 
worst of all I let me fall into a spiral down belowA magic called love carried 
by the dove of someone I use to know.

Poem Details | by john. M diketane |
Categories: lovedesire, love,

permit me

Permit me if you will to speak of 
this great obscurity called love
I am not here to preach or feed 
your preconceived clichéd ideas 
of linguistic and rhythmic words 
live above and dove.
I am here to invoke what is 
already deeply embedded in the 
very Fabrics of your soul.
I want to insight that traitorous 
smile that creeps in on a long 
day When the sanity of your 
heart won’t let your mind be 
whole.I am not talking about 
the rushing waves that caress 
the contours Of her body as you 
stare into her eyes  and make 
love to her entire being with 
just a single kiss
It is  that silent completion that 
just her mare presence is 
enough And to hear her speak 
is simply pure bliss.

I am enraged by the notion that 
love is only an emotion,a feeling 
A state of mind that comes and 
goes like a headache.It surely 
makes my head ache when I 
see so many emotional 
Structures fade because the 
foundation were built on 
temporary Infatuated bricks.
It is not the desperate 
yearnings of companionship nor 
the loneliness but the blind 
ambition to attain love that 
most angers me.
we settle for a good perception 
in place of perfection t o ease 
our conscious.
If could open your eyes then I 
would eradicate your illusions 
and place love in your hand for 
you to taste it.I said  If could 
open your eyes then I would 
eradicate your illusions and 
place love in your hand for you 
to taste it

It is not a feeling of butterflies 
in your stomach when they 
appear.Hell it isn’t even in the 
silent whispers as  you attempt 
to gather your breath from the 
sweet wrath of her bosom.
Its more refined like 1953 
corvette or a 1960’s chevrotte 
impala you would love to own 
one but settle for a 5series 
BMW instead it is not the value 
but the overall cost that most 
frightens you.
So instead of saving we invest 
in physical pleasures and 
material thingsWe become 
luminary in satisfaction and 
perfectionists in pleasure.

It is best to detach from all lust 
and desire if it will only pro long 
the joy and serenity of soul 
matched beings what are we in 
the end if we have all we desire 
and lack the love we need? 

Poem Details | by Sam Chatts |
Categories: beautiful, dedication, devotion, girl, imagination, love, beautiful, people, beautiful, body, love, me, people,

Caramel delight

Can you see the radiance in her smile? That beautiful row of white goodness that makes me forget there are other people existing in the world Can you see the sensuousness of her skin? That caramel chocolate sensation I love to drown my thoughts in..I know you can see the way her hips sway with such perfect synchronicity, the image alone conjures thoughts loving in perpetuityCan you see her hazel eyes? Twin pools of perfection to cool this body on a hot summer dayI am but a watcher; if I were a collector of beautiful things I would spare no exertion to have her be mine

Can you smell the scent of her femininity? An aroma so intoxicating that I will never want another highCan you hear the sound of her voice? That calming husky baritone that brings waves of peace to my conscious mindI know you can see that lovely mane of hair, that black hair with the specks of gold and red to entrance every eyeI am but an admirer; if I were a man of means I might have the courage to speak to her

My eyes avoid catching hers in a moment stolen, so afraid am I that she will see the hunger brimming thereinI look at her and see everything that I am not but everything that I needI see laughter and that carefree nonchalance of youth and brevity that I so crave but that elude meI envy the water that gets to cascade down her body when she bathesI envy the wind that gets to caress her long luscious legs as she dons that skirt that invokes feelings in me that are not easily suppressed I envy the sun that gets to warm her body when she is chilledI envy the moon that watches over my sleeping beauty as she dreams of people she does knowI envy the man who gets her sighs and knows her dreamsI envy him not only because he is all she wants but because he is all that I can never be for her

While my heart is the one that loves her with the fervour of a thousand fires and the intensity of a million lifetimes; he kisses her, touches her and holds her and she loves him to a place beyond distraction; he is all that she thinks she needs, he is her manI am left to watch and admire from a distanceHow can I compete? After all, he is the man of her childhood fantasies; all that I am is a girl who fell in love with the wrong goddess.

Poem Details | by PEDROS FERNANDES |
Categories: beauty, children, i love you, paris,


Daniel JR search where do the wind goes 
Well you do
I want a kiss from you 
Twice softly and sweetly Mon Amour 
How will your father coquettishly do  
Came in if you have a chance, something pops up- thanks for trying
Cabs are yellow silver and blue
White Grey as your Eyes
Be good no lies
Us is Us 
Yours Heart Mine Is 
There's no fines for
only in mailing
I am stuck on thy beauty
and classy Catherine SR nurturing 
All Lucky

Poem Details | by Nola Perez |
Categories: eulogy,


Some never 
experience it,
that time 
of a perfect fit

Before everything 
that gets 
in the way gets 
in the way.

It was really 
nothing much: just 
words, and 
remembered touch,

in real time,
in memory 

Poem Details | by maya chaar |
Categories: angst, beauty, confusion, courage, death, dedication, devotion, dream, faith, fear, forgiveness, freedom, happiness, happy, hate, heaven, hope, imagination, inspirational, journey, life, love, spiritual, success, uplifting, visionary, truth,

Questioning Life

Forget! Regret not, for it all has intention...
To attempt comprehension leads to double block wall.
In searching your question, much more loss is gotten, 
Confusion, dismay a deeper dug hole.
Infinitely seeking you strive for some meaning, 
the truth is quite simple you are not sole at all! 
Infusion connection the union eternal, 
Is easy to grasp when knowledge of whole,
is truly encountered from deep within query
The meaning the truth the love of it all...
Once trouble & strife and struggle are missing,
The clear light of being shows beauty once more.
Accept what is given agree to the treaty.
Fight not with your fears, and answer your call.
Find substance in living, step over delusions
Regardless of meaning, life’s radiance will soar.
So use this awareness these words and this practice,
Come forth tall and sturdy, head high and recall..
When sad and when empty in need of intention,
No doubts I plead! No need to explore!
Emotions you hold are sensed by your siblings,   
Your waves of sensation your truth and your soul..
Are parts of us all, we are all together we are all but one!
In oneness we’re whole! 

Poem Details | by Sara Vecchi |
Categories: lost love, love, time, love, time,

Time of Love and Late

Those days are dead and gone.
Arising to new ways and different strays
Now is not forever
For what is ever? Next to time

Mistakes are made and loves are chosen
Deep within flesh our souls are broken
Can you hear a whisper, a moan, a cry; 
When you see into anothers eyes? 

What beyond faith keeps us alive?  
As darkness sets in light sheds a tear
Praying for everlasting life again
Begging to be held in loves whim

Can love be the true savior? 
Always averting and changing, never stopping for time
Behold love can strip away any and all evils
All it asks is for your love back

When amiss the nakedness of that lonely feeling, 
Brings rains of cold sadness
The fear of alone in that circle of love
Someday one day the ring will be complete
So long as those don't forget, 
As time will fight to bury it away.

Tick tock why does time make a mockery?
A pit of want and of hate,
Rest so enticingly at its breast 
The arms of love loosen and unwind,
Leaving with a last song of beauty 
Easing the fall into the darkness.

A prison that keeps the hungry starved,
And the thirsty thirst.
For one last drop.
Each moment passing by slower into oblivion.
Manipulating the sound of loneliness.
So they echo in the anger,
Of all those days that were passed and wasted.

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: faith, hope, inspirational, love,

Believe - The Carpe Diem Style

~Believe~ (Carpe Diem) Always believe in God, yourself In always doing good Think positive Just smile Keep nice attitude with all around you Love God Try be happy Bring His love hope and peace Show good will and share His love Be best person you can be all the time Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2010
November.07.2015 ~Author's Notes: " Carpe Diem is a poetry style created by Patricia Ann Farnsworth- Simpson.

Poem Details | by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO |
Categories: angst, business, caregiving, family, friendship, hope, inspirational, introspection, life, love, on work and working, peace, people, philosophy, political, religion, social, sympathy, uplifting, urban, visionary, work

Baptized In Equality

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

Poem Details | by Patricia L Graham |
Categories: character, confusion, freedom, games, growth, relationship, women,

Love Mismatch

Our parallel lives never crossed
Love like this, a Paradise Lost
Together but never quite in sync
You never knew how bad I felt

You had me always fighting fires
Which left me drained of all desire
I used to take my cues from you
But now delight in things I do

Life is calmer, I feel at peace
Now that I’m beyond your reach
To think I thought you such a catch
Blinded by our total mismatch

Poem Details | by Joel Thornton |
Categories: love, me, nature, romance, summer,

Summer of love


Torbid lake

Serene shrill

Stillness; opaque

A furnace of a summer

Rumage through the trees and foliage

Rake and sift nature, for a selfish sake.

We all lose blood of our ancisters

We all lose in the end.

We all keep this sacrament in secrecy.

We all do nothingVoid of intent.

Weather of war.

Patriotism in cloth and bigotry

Uneducated enemyUnhealthy lifestyles.

Unafraid, because we remain unaware.

Remain in denial.

Seasons change, climate coalesces

Geography is slowly rearranged

As is my focus on something new and strange

A focus on a dot to obsess

We all have reasons to run – to regress

We all hide.

From each other

And ourselves.

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: faith, hope, inspirational, love,

B e l i e v e - The Carpe Diem Style

~Believe~ (Carpe Diem) Always believe in God, yourself In doing good all time Be positive Just smile Keep nice attitude with all around you Just smile Try be happy Bring faith His love hope peace Show good will and share His love Be the best person you can be all time. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2010
September.17.2016 -So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love 1 Corinthians 13:13 (NIV) -“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life John 3:16 (NIV) ~Author's Notes: " The Carpe Diem is a poetry style created by Patricia Ann Farnsworth- Simpson.

Poem Details | by Robin Brown |
Categories: lost, love,




Poem Details | by Sam Ruby |
Categories: adventure, angel, angst, art, beautiful, black african american, business, butterfly, caregiving, christian, confusion, courage, dedication, devotion, dream, faith, family, fear, freedom, funny, grief, growing up, happiness, happy, history, hope, inspirational, life, lonely, love, philosophy, spiritual, visionary, world, love, money,


If its money I got its money ill keep. If its money I have its money ill weep. If its love that I give its love ill receive. For I am but no one who just see's beneath Some say your only as strong as you feel, but how could we a place that's so unrealPeople are hearing but..not really hearingWhy is the world so blindI keep on screaming and screaming and screaming for things to be revolutionizedI am just a small song in a world full of cries, laughter, tears and french-fries.