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Love Poems About Carpe Diem or Carpe Diem Love Poems
by Victoria Anderson-Throop |
Categories: life, love,


                               CHINESE SECRET LOVERS

                                      Bold frogs croak 
                                 Garden pond danger watch
                                      Carp smile deep

                                         Lovers halt
                          Frog-beckoned silkworms weave
                                        Worlds vanish

Victoria Anderson-Throop    ©1/3/13

by Bev Stewart |
Categories: animal, childhood,

The girl and the Fish

The girl kneels on the concrete slabs.
Dipping her hand into the water-
She spooks the carp within.
Laughing, she drops in tiny crumbs of bread,
That float around like little boats.
Suddenly, the carp are back,
Gobbling the bread from below.
She sits back, hugging herself with joy.
She’d love to take up a fish
And holding its slimy body
In her tiny hands.
She’d plant a kiss upon its scaly head.