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Love Poems About Car or Car Love Poems

Car love poems and/or love poems about Car. Read, share, and enjoy these Car love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Car Poems.

Poem Details | by Mary Nagy |
Categories: angst, daughter, family, funny, happiness, life, love, car,

Princess Needs A New Car

Princess just wants a new car.
I have told her that hers will go far.
'Oh, it's really not cool
driving this crap to school.'
'Do I need that emotional scar? '

'The kids will all laugh at the rust.
When we race, I'll be left in the dust! 
I will save up some cash
then we'll make a mad dash
to the car dealer surely you trust'.

'He will make us a wonderful deal
and I'm sure you will know how I feel.
I will love you so much, 
My siblings... I won't touch.
Just get me behind a new wheel'! 

Now she'll be cruisin in style.
She'll be happy for only awhile.
There will always be better
and we'll try hard to get her
a car that will make princess smile.

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: adventure, car, change, confusion, culture, cute love, destiny, lost, love, meaningful, metaphor, miss you, missing, missing you, motivation, passion, people, philosophy, places, proposal, remember, romantic, science, senses, simple, smart, social, spoken word, symbolism, time, travel, true love, visionary, wisdom,


the shortest road
is the one that you know
the longest road
is the one that you love

Poem Details | by Smail Poems |
Categories: baseball, beach, bereavement, birthday, black african american, boat, business, butterfly, car, change,


Romantic, close
A subject of sweetest softness
Cats can be loved too

Poem Details | by Natasha Horton |
Categories: adventure, allah, angel, anger, basketball, best friend, car,

Complicated Love- From Kishiea Davis

Love can be complicated

Like a disarranged puzzle that is passed by daily

No one bothers to put the broken pieces together

All alone, waiting for that special touch

To embrace each piece with gentleness and care

When that special mind that longs to complete and discover the beautiful image

That no one has yet to bring to fruition

The smile that can be seen through the eyes which sees all the perfect imperfections

Making the puzzle so unique and dope its own way

Far from any other puzzle

Challenges unraveling this particular artwork

The optimistic mind brought to life

Which makes the appreciation last forever


Complicated, yet worth the wait 

Poem Details | by Martin Kloess |
Categories: car, humor, husband, love, wife,

The Awwwsome Driving Lesson

The neighbors were running in fear
As into front room car did steer
What fate had approved
His words soon removed
Your parking’s improving my dear

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: absence, adventure, beautiful, car, confusion, culture, cute love, death, dream, fear, feelings, heart, heartbreak, heartbroken, heaven, imagination, inspirational, irony, love, love hurts, metaphor, passion, remember, scary, sleep, smart, solitude, travel, urban, women,


I fell asleep in my dream

at the wheel, 
unfolded maps on the car's floor

to wake up to her smile 
not once but twice.

Poem Details | by David Fisher |
Categories: car, funny,

Crash Landing Love

On my first day in a car factory
A simple girl threw herself at me
I guess I was standing
Too close to the landing
Of the car filled with crash test dummies

Poem Details | by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: life, nostalgia, car, car,

My First Love

Got my first car when I was sixteen The coolest blue car I had ever seen A hot rod fuel injected My foot to floor connected I’m surprised I lived to seventeen I loved my Datsun 280 z A birthday gift from my parents to me Drove it for eight long years When I sold it, I cried tears To this day, I still miss my baby *My first car was a 1976 Datsun 280z By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders for the My First Car Contest (Carol Brown) second place

Poem Details | by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: blue, death, lost love, pain, power, spiritual,

Car crash

Smell the burning rubber.
Hear the screeching tyre. 
Watch in awe as the wheels fly off 
and the chassis catches fire.
Then avert your eyes.
Say your au revoir.
The casualties are packed in tight
Limp inside the car.

Poem Details | by Rick Parise |
Categories: adventure, funny, happiness, love, car, time,

My Sweet Ride

~ There once was a car that never did start it sputtered and spit and even did fart I love that car dear to lose it I fear I shall never forsake that quaint Dodge Dart Each memory of joy of days long ago still fill my heart in times I feel low you are my sweet ride for we stand side by side although our time spent is a time in-tow ~ "Contest" LOL

Poem Details | by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: car, sexy,

I love parking my car

I've had a few car ports in my time,
Where I'd regularly park my car.
My car would fit each perfectly,
Then I'd smoke a long cigar.

All car ports were slightly different,
With no two quite the same.
I'd drive deftly, steering into each,
I'd steady, line up and aim.

Some car ports were overgrown,
With plants and weeds and grass.
Whilst others were mowed to the ground,
And washed to a shiny glass.

And each car port had a light switch to find,
Somewhere in the dark.
Sometimes I'd find it, sometimes not,
Either way I had to park.

I've had a few car ports in my day,
They've all been a beautiful sight.
I can't wait till I get home again,
And park there for the night.

Poem Details | by Donna Bellfluer |
Categories: car, color, hip hop, jesus, july, love,

The Job of Paint is that of cream

Yes, Friend

cruising in the manner of an expert...
jaguar thats aquired that of the complex features.

similar to that of a racing team.

freshly painted, with the color of fallin snow.

the inside is creamy.

Poem Details | by Jeffrey Lee |
Categories: car, first love, journey,


Brand spanking new
A love that's true
208-hp 2.0-liter I4 turbo
I like speed let’s go
17-inch alloy wheels
4 wheels of alloy is my appeal 
Dual power outside mirrors
That’s so I can see ya 
Sirius XM Satellite Radio
I love to hear Nas flow
Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Control
It chills my soul
I got my Waze app
Five-O I know where you at
Rain sensing wipers
It’s raining cats and dogs …..I don’t even hear a whisper
Full of adrenaline and no shaky hands
Tilt and telescopic steering column …..I’m gripping for command
Bluetooth hands-free phone 
I'm in the zone

Poem Details | by Liberty Robbins |
Categories: funny, love, car,

The Evil Shopping Cart

In car seats sitting in a parking lot, grocery store
We witnessed a most ghastly gore  
An out of control shopping cart
On a path toward my car door

I yelled, “WHAT DO I DO?!”
When in a panic
One often has no clue

I panicked and raced
To get keys into place
But they landed 
Jingling to the floor
You said, “HURRY!!!!”
I tried my best to scurry

Relieved when the key and ignition
Made love
I threw it in reverse
For the cart wasn’t to be coerced 

When we escaped
Feeling like heroes, caped
We put the groceries on the counter
And made love for an hour

Poem Details | by A. Juman |
Categories: car, cry, fire, first love, sick, sin,

Said my car

Said my car,
drive me in lover boy,
Slowly, Slowly,
This is so congenial. 
Let me savor every moment. 
So tight you are revving every muscle in me.
Love it!
sweating a sheen on me,
like a fresh coat of wax.
Ah, Ah, Aha-a! 
This is ecstatic,
keep me parked right here.
Don't move a squint.
Wow I am in Lovers  Lane.
I mean every car would want to park here
but this Garage is mines.
12/3/2013       © A. Juman The "said" Poet
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Poem Details | by Charles Clive |
Categories: car, love,


I love my rusty dusty car, the most entrusted car, by far; a sort of hey! Come out and play, both here at home and far away, a last hurrah, a real star, my mighty, flighty, motor car. I’ve had it now for quite a time, I bought it new and in its prime. It rumbles, crumbles, trundles on, through life’s eternal marathon. It is my friend, the best by far. Just me - and my old motor car. ~ For Suzanne's 'Synathroesmic Cat' Competition.

Poem Details | by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: car, love,

You are my free, I miss you so much

I love you, I miss you, my mind thinks about you, 
Are you up and about or asleep?
What moments do you give to others around you, 
Are your moments expensive or cheap?

Your book holds my tears, your words are in bold,
And I read them aloud every day.
And I watch the video of what we once were,
Hours of parking in the driveway.

Each day I dream of our sexy future together,
When I return it’ll be just you and me.
And we can hold each other in a tender embrace,
You’re my car, my classic, you’re my free.

For Nicola's contest Long distance love 14th October

Poem Details | by Judy Riley |
Categories: lost love, lovelove,

Driving in my car

Driving in my car, I love to do.
Singing songs, remembering better days with you.

How appropriate, the rains came.
Like cats and dogs, all is the same.

The visions of critters falling from the sky.
Oh, how I should be laughing, but now I cry.

The road seems endless around each bend.
The rains came, emotions blowing in the wind.

Life is full, but yet I am so alone.
I want to hold you, but you won't be coming home.

Skies so grey and dreary, mountains ahead.
Pretty yellow flowers peek through this day of dread.

Driving in my car, I love to do.
Singing songs, remembering better days with you.

Poem Details | by Kyle Carlson |
Categories: death, love,

Car Crash Lovers

Two bodies hanging from annihilated cars
Collided hearts
Crashed at the lips
Creating daydreams with the impact of their fingertips
Worlds bleeding onto the jagged spears of shattered windshields
Love forming on the merged, crumpled hoods; Love the bodies can't feel
A marriage in death
Exchanging vows in silent breath
You may kiss the bride, the stranger
Upon this altar of a devastated Pontiac Grand Prix and a mangled Jeep Wrangler

Poem Details | by Patricia Bernard |
Categories: beautiful, boyfriend, car, cute love, emotions,

He Says I Ask Him

I remember it well
As I can tell
He says I ask him to marry me
But nay I say
It was he that ask me
We were crossing hiway 43
When we reach the middle he turned to and said but you didn't answer
I replied I was afraid if I gave the wrong answer you just might wreck
Then I would have to break your neck

Poem Details | by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: cute love,


 it was summer
we were like  party bummer
rode with top down
no one was around
got it you can bet

Poem Details | by Cameron Boyd |
Categories: car, lonely, love, moving on, night,


Waiting here
Looking at the stars
Watching all the pretty people
Climb in all the pretty cars.

The sun's creepin up
With the numbers on the clock,
It's got me second guessin
If I'm really waiting for you
Or if it's all just a show
'Cause my car wont start
And my doors- they just wont lock.

This old four stroke engine
Never won a race;
Make a lot of noise, but it
Never took first place.
I used to hear it bangin' round my chest, now,
A friendly little growl,
I hope it only takes a rest, now, baby,
I haven't heard it in a while.

I ain't burnin' diesel, baby,
and I ain't burning coal.
I ain't burnin' much now, maybe
That's why I'm so cold.

Poem Details | by Mariana pavlich |
Categories: adventure, food, love, car,

Sniffed the wine ,goats cheese, bread in oil

The shore breeze rose familiar tang of the sea
Blue touring car , top down , rolling past palms
Brilliant white suit and panama  hat . Car toots!
Enjoying company sharing fine wine and pasta
Radiating high energy and a warm  personality
She felt the warmth of his breath he whispered
It  doesnt  matter .    I love you.   Youre beautiful.
She smiled  her  forehead covered with kisses
She finally let herself relax  loosened her scarf
Harps, lutes , ivory horns, kettle drums , guitars
Hung high from the  ceiling and oak panel walls

Poem Details | by Aa Harvey |
Categories: car, light, love, wife, winter,



I’m heading home now to see my Wife;
I’m gonna kiss her and hold her tight.
Because I think she is so wonderful;
My love I love you.
You are so beautiful.

Driving home on a winters night;
All I’m seeing are those damn headlights.
Those blinding lights, those bright, bright lights;
Those killer lights, have taken my life.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Poem Details | by Nadia Marasco |
Categories: car, emotions, home, love,

driving late night

Please be the bridge that carries me along 
To where ever I am going
Be the structure I need 
You may guide others 
But be there for me
I'll pay my price, I'll pay your tolls 
Be there always 
strong and stable
Promise me you'll still be standing 
When it's my time to return home