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Poem Details | by Sabbath De Yecouba |
Categories: love hurts,

Kissing a fat woman

Kissing the lips of a fat woman 
Is delicious like Tania 
It feels like sliding on the slippery floor 
But you only will not fall miserably 

Kissing her cheeks feels like sucking an ice cream 
Hugging a fat woman feels like hugging a mattress 
It feels comfortable like the sofa set 
Hugging her feels like hugging a novel pillow 

Taking her by the hand 
Is not taking the cow by the horn 
It’s as comfortable as the King’s walking stick 
Touching her garment, means you are alive 

After loving a fat woman 
I did not buy an ice cream 
My mattress was no longer comfortable before hugging her 
I had to hug her to add to the comfort of my mattress 

When she is not there 
I am never healed and pass away 
She is my comfort zone 
A day without her; I kick the bucket

Poem Details | by Khalid M Raza |
Categories: lost love, world,

Thank you

I had forgotten the world 
As in love with you was I 
Now I thank you for the treachery 
I’m very much aware of the world now

Poem Details | by Aiyah Torres |
Categories: cat, character, children, devotion, dog,

Mr Dog and Mrs Cat Love Story

One day their eyes have met,
Two creatures from different place.
Can't hold their emotions,
Love at first sight was embraced.

She's a typical pussy in the  town.
He's a dog who loves her meow.
They planned to live together,
They promised to love each 'till they die

Cat and dog never been depart.
They were always been together ,
through sickness and flu arrive.
A fairy tale love story that no one could divide.

One day,MrDog needed to leave MrsCat.
Cat promised to wait for him 'til they grey and old.
She woke up each day hoping he'll be home.
Holding on to her promise that forever they hold.

Days have passed, someone knocked on the door.
Mrs.Cat already fade her beauty and gloom.
Teardrops dried on her cheeks as she slept.
Waiting for her dog to come back soon.

A patient MrsCat never lost her hope.
That someday, one day, Mr.Dog will run back home.
Kissing her softly and hug her tight.
Whispering her name in the middle of the night.

Poem Details | by Arthur Flockwhimsy |
Categories: devotion, life, love, passion, peace, social, time,

Oral sex, much?

Separate Fate scratching Chance so that it may be secure.

Offerings Pile up, Circumstances of Dismantled monotony and softly licking dance.

Undiminished cheekbones flushed with Hope,

Slide up and Down,

Autoerotic, Hanging me,  with vivid--tight nerves, Chaining throat to soul.

As an oddly subtle sound escapes my Lips…

One of those Godly Utterances that a conscious tongue Ignores

Like An Awakened Coma, screamed, in Paralyzing yearn.

 The air is Quiet, lonesome fingers tangled in heat.

An Eye Tilted, A Pierce of Angels, Coiled green and Thick.

Warm hands harvesting Ankles bruised by cold rain only hours before,

It is the Gentlest of comforts and For some reason, Struck hard and deep

 into my mind.

“Forever is Easy”
                                     I Say.

As softly, Fevered and Wanton,

He is stuns the Dust of this House into Noise


Poem Details | by Daniel Schack |
Categories: passion, me, love, me, i love you,

Sleazy Sally

Let me tell you about sleazy Sally.
She wants to be everyone's Pally.
Just deposit thirty dollars in her slot
And Sally will give you everything she's got

Sally says, Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
Do it fast or do it slow.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Hello Joe, let me give you a blow.

I want to marry Sleazy Sally
Cause I love her so

Sleazy Sally, She's all right.
I tried her just the other night.
Sleazy Sally, she can put up a fight.
And after years of working, she's still tight.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
Marry me Sally I love you so.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
I'm beggingI'm pleadingPlease don't go.

I want to marry Sleazy Sally.
Cause I love her so.

Me and Sally married just the other night 
But, she still works on the side, she's got her pride.
She enjoy's her job, with her John's and her Bob's, 
but she's mine for free through eternity.

Dilly dally in the alley with Sally
Dilly dally in the alley with Sally
Dilly dally in the alley with Sally


Poem Details | by ZINE Hadjira |
Categories: discrimination,

As red as love

As red as love
Since additives have been used in feelings
Globalization has changed a lot of things
Hate is green, love is red and tolerance has bled
A day for love, another for water, and a third for bread
Days are couloured but the world is black.
Stars are bright but, skies are dark.
Torture and sufferings are endless.
Diseases, wars, hunger and stress.
Our kids dream of joy and happiness
Too much talk but, little action is meaningless.

Poem Details | by Mary Oliver Rotman |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, funny, funny love, humorous,

Sir Harold, Knight

Sir Harold, Knight, the valiant swain
Did call his Lady Nell.
He held her close and kissed her hand
And bade her sweet farewell.

"Forth from here I needs must go
My swainly Lady Nell.
I shall return, my bonny lass
To hear our wedding bell."

"Ignoble lord, I'll wait for you,"
The lady she did say.
"Don't forget my diamond ring;
The wedding's set for May.

"I'd like three chests of herbs and spice
And a blooded horse to ride.
If these you manage Harold, dear,
I'll be a happy bride."

Sir Harold, Knight, the henpecked swain
Did ride upon the wind
That he might fight and battle see
In armor made of tin.

"For Lady Nell," he cried in war,
"For her the fight be won!"
He smote his foe with courage great;
The battle soon was done.

Sir Harold, Knight, the honored swain
Returnéd home to Nell.
He greeted her and she did say,
"Harry, you were swell!"

But Harold, Knight, was two months late,
And Lady Nell had news:
"I waited long as I could wait;
Just call me Lady Hughes."

Sir Harold, Knight, the spurnéd swain,
Did bludgeon Lady Nell.
"I forgot the damnéd diamond ring,
And since she's dead, it's just as well."

Poem Details | by Poet Shi |
Categories: break up, cry, hurt, i miss you, loneliness, lost love, sad,

I'm Blinded By The Truth

I have eyes to see,
but they only wish
to see you.

I'm blinded by the
truth, that I can't 
adjust to life without 

My vision is cloudy,
I'm in a state of despair 
now that you're no longer

Tell me what do I do, 
when my eyes are 
stamped with your

And I can't focus on 
anything else, when 
they only wish to see 

Written by: Poet Shi

Poem Details | by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: adventure, imagination, love, passion, romance

Back to Eden—Stimulating

Temperately cooled shade 
From Cedar trees off the 
Coast of Lebanon
Shielded our state of 
Nudity Sincerely we
Speculated; as I wonderfully 
Whispered in her esthetic ears: 
"Eve my emphatically enlightened, 
This garden is stimulating 
Like paradise." As
Sweet musical rapture 
Soothed our souring 
Souls from melodious 
Harps of grander, 
She warmly whispered, 
"Just let your tantalizingly 
Soft sizzling fingers 
Entwined with the 
Hair curling on the back of 
My warm neck, 
While I taste your lips" 
Splendidly we sipped warned 
Warbler feathered wine  
From Macedonia’s vine, as 
Our bodies tingled
With rapture for—the
Honey to come…


Dedicated to LMB and all the Eves in the contest.
Mar sin leat!

9th Place Winner
Adam in Eden Contest
Sponsored by Linda-Marie Bariana


Poem Details | by Nigel Fox |
Categories: age, chocolate, love,

The Walk to Paradise Garden

A downward path but not into 
there going on and following the path

Projected with an impetus from birth 
forwards forwards

innocence but gaining wisdom

Poem Details | by SILA MUTHOKA |
Categories: depression, feelings, good morning, happiness, love hurts, youth,

Good Morning Life

Good morning mister, of thy kindness to receive,
All groans of yester, thou does seem to reprieve,
With a promise to stir, tinges optimiste do contrive,
Pain’s sphincter lets laughter, it’s another reason to live.

Swaying pyjamas on sling, the autopsy right begins,
Stayed on the bed is a rolling, whom my kitchen concerns,
“Who took that mine bedding, and Ngwaci scantily obtains?
Wanna see me cast the ring, that thine blossom returns?”

The morning prescription taken, I am innocuously abased daily,
To equate with all good men, whose wives possess jealously,
For what woman with a noble token, shirks to lose recklessly?
Taught in the womb that lesson, it break suspicious smiles secretly.

So a frowned fellow I am, and not alone in this generation,
Often silent kicks boom, where behind the driver I myself resign,
Mister, let the news come, you know, cowboys pay to listen,
Devising to forget the theme, but slaughters make to mourn.

A day received with glory, all mine suffer classic deplores,
My stem with a rigorous forgery, in front of the boss affords strange chores,
The cold of June here has a story, then an undeliberate sudden Salsa implores,
My acquittal is my worry, nobody cares to hear the weather course.

Soon ‘t’s time the cycle to restart, wishing a fair friend had that control 
All these woes at will to alleviate, yet as I am, they incur not the respite,
With some spreed daily to hurt, alone I remain, a man of living heart,
I choose to live life when I find it, even if minutes thirty like a concert.

I rise with and as clear as the sun, I return crumbled like muddy earth,
This manner of men taught me none, but the proverbial sways of youth,
What shall I do but a resolve one, tonight, where else to go but Unguth!
Limited of option, I have all mornings mine, even if not couth.

Poem Details | by EMMANUEL PHIRI |
Categories: love,



Poem Details | by jan oskar hansen |
Categories: first love, humorous,

love affair

The Love Affair 
The road that leads to a smallish agricultural flatland has
two wallsOne wall was built by a slob, just throwing 
one stone on top of another

The other wall was built by a craftsman where stones 
fitted and he had used decorative and white painted
 cement between them.

Every Sunday the meticulous man walks to his wall 
and find great satisfaction to see his work again and
wishes the slob would rebuild his wall.

Every Sunday the layabout goes for a walk to, 
first to the bar for a few beers with his mates; he walks
 to the good man’s house and have sex with his wife.

Poem Details | by greg bell |
Categories: love, people, people,

Wow can not believe it

Ok so now poem is written to borrow someone's soul, hopefully it is goldNow writing this poem to rhyme is the only way to kill some trees and waste some timeDone this for years but it is hard to do when all I got is tears, in my eyes for people like youLost and found, mane I see that around town but I didnt know you wore a crownMane is said to describe an object or idea that leaves most people speechless, it is a M.E.M.P.H.I.S thingmemphis= Maybe Everything Mourns and Prior Healing Is SeducedThat is cool that is fair some people think we are a pairI saw naw, all that is done is writings about YouTake it how it is thrown at you

Poem Details | by Malcolm Dyer |
Categories: art, black african american, devotion, fantasy, love

Black Tie Affair

I say to you good fellow
if you do it do it well
trash all your morals and send them to hell
chase anothers woman
cherish her fantasies
make her feel like she's the only human
bath her in attention
perform so well and receive a honorable mention
don't daly or delay
for you have a message to relay
dress top notch at any chance
a suit with black tie for her romance
make her forget her man and come to you
smother her with kisses til she turns blue
once you have her heart
from her sight shall you never depart

Poem Details | by David Dowling |
Categories: children, funny, lost love, love, naturesea, love, sea,

Love you like a Sea Urchin

I wanna love you like a Sea Urchin.
-Not just any other shellfish.
Baby, can't you see it's urgent?
we're strapped for time, so don't be selfish.

I wanna love you like a Sea Urchin.
-and all other points aside.
I know I ran from love in past lives,
'cause I didn't have a spine.

I wanna love you like a Sea Urchin.
-I admit i've been a round.
but of all the other fishies,
you're the one that I want now.

I wanna love you like a Sea Urchin.
-Won't you please come back soon?
oh boy, this globoid was a fool,
but he's a fool in love with you!

Poem Details | by john chizoba vincent |
Categories: abuse, africa, art,

Hurt love


I told the moon my story last night..I never knew love could hurt like a heart attack.

If ever you could kiss the moon and romance the stars, then would love ever cease to hurt" 

I never knew love could hurt this bad, worst pain I ever had, The moon I confided in but he disappointed me at the beginning of the tale...

Hmmm! Try the star!
The star is more reliable and can keep secret than the open minded moon

Maybe sir,
 I will Wait till its dark and scary; when the stars shall begin their journey to my hut then shall I tell them my story of lost love....

The stars shall not only keep secret your love tale but also shall gladden your heart with sweet hope of a better love you'll find from Venus.

Yet have to hold my lips a little tight and watch them closely when they arrive before I talk
Because many have soiled my heart.
So sad a story that dwells in my heart but none of the natural components can be entrusted with it.
The air has built his hut far from me, the moon, my enemy, the sun; a scaring dove and hoping on the stars of love.

Hush! Never give yet an outpour of a frustrated Knight of loveGet thy shoes fixed and thy garment and helment tightened till it's dusk.

I look forward to the promise of your words to baptize my longing soul of love and affection.
The waving of the trees behind the window of my heart is encouraging, the chirping insects are home dancing and I hope am beginning to enjoy the company of those forgotten beings.

I think the mystery of the firmaments have I deciphered; the air is but a hypocrite, the sun offers no eternal succor, the moon though generous lacks no virtue for loveThe Stars I know no matter her infinitesimal nature  provides liniment to those broken hearts of love..Seek ye her face tonight and solace shall you findTake my words to the Stars!

seeking the face of the stars shall I do with hope of a new beginning.

This gratitude shall my heart romance whence thou hath succor found alas.

Poem Details | by T Wignesan |
Categories: funny, love,

Sing haughty yacht-y yea

bayboats purse seine whey
journey yearlong gay
laddy inured dryup
haughty yachty yea
mildred mayhem dewlap
naughty jaunty jay
car sons caught in capers
haughty yachty yea

vicar baking in butterfat
orphan boy screwed in larder
bluejay frollic jane
and a haughty yachty yea
bombs in bay bombard
dickson singsick cockpit
french chicks s’envoyent en l'air
oh a haughty yachty yea
idols jailed in temples
choked in garlandy incense
priestly eyedance pose
yes a haughty yachty yea
masons’ mildewy masters
with compass stone and pilasters
plan solomon’s might on earth
yea sing haughty yachty yea

royal houses love in stables
lords and ladies love in regalia
loving ones love in limbo
cry haughty yachty yea
dote on damsels in december
hey yachty haughty yea
make them deliver in september
ho yickety yackety yea eh
©T.Wignesan - Paris, May 4, 1997

[from the collection : longhand notes: a binding of poemsParis: 1999]

Poem Details | by Dear Heart |
Categories: bird, love,

Birds in Love

As the warmth of the sun embraces the land The birds think of love and make a nesting plan They restlessly search for the perfect mate With determination the males seek their fate On a branch, in the forest after a lovely ballet A female is unimpressed with a boy birds grand display "I love you!" he chirps, as she pushes him with her foot "Enough you fool!" she shrills, so loud, that their branch shook ___________________________ December 18, 2012 Poetry/Burlesque/Birds in Love Copyright Protected, ID 12-443-711-0 All Rights Reserved Written under Pseudonym. Submitted to the contest, Sweet Poems(old) First Place

Poem Details | by A. Juman |
Categories: car, cry, fire, first love, sick, sin,

Said my car

Said my car,
drive me in lover boy,
Slowly, Slowly,
This is so congenial
Let me savor every moment
So tight you are revving every muscle in me.
Love it!
sweating a sheen on me,
like a fresh coat of wax.
Ah, Ah, Aha-a! 
This is ecstatic,
keep me parked right here.
Don't move a squint.
Wow I am in Lovers  Lane.
I mean every car would want to park here
but this Garage is mines.
12/3/2013       © AJuman The "said" Poet
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Poem Details | by Jane Wayburn |
Categories: love,

The Dreamers

The swirling white mist
Like a cloud, surrounded us
Captured by the dream
Only sounds and feelings of you
Close, breathing the same air
Touching, hot flesh.
Sweet sexy smells and candles
As the sounds of the ocean's
Rippling waves upon the shore,
Reaching out to grab our lust
Holding it tenderly, subside
Two hearts beating as one.
Two souls wrapped around each other
Throwing off their illumination:
Brightening up the darkness of the night.
Colored rainbows dancing with the stars
As the planets align themselves
Heaving off the spirits of the past

Make way for the lovers, the dreamers.

Poem Details | by aneesh lawrence |
Categories: life, love,



Poem Details | by lavanya ramamurthi |
Categories: happiness, happy, heart, how i feel, life, love,


TIME is precious.
DIAMOND is precious.
FRIENDSHIP is precious.
LOVE is precious.
A DAY is precious.
ONE HOUR is precious.
ONE MINUTE is precious.
ONE SECOND is precious.
PARENTS are precious.
FRIENDS are precious
SCHOOL MEMORIES are precious.
COLLEGE MEMORIES are precious.
HAPPY is precious.
SAD is precious.
for me.,

Poem Details | by connie mccracken |
Categories: childhood, boy,

love within boys

spend my life trying to avoid the hurt and pain stored upon u and try not to pass it on to my girls when i had my babys i spoke from the heart and everyday boys are trouble stay away as you got older they looked in my eyes and knew that was a lie its time.

Poem Details | by adi star |
Categories: first love,

Painful Love

I was so young when you looked at me
 a Boy who did not see you as a she
your look was deep your look was warm
I felt so good I felt no harm..

But suddenly a Spark ignite
I saw your skin and smile so white
your hair your hands your smell so sweet
a urging pain crawlet up my feet

I sucked your beauty needed more
Im hooked for you the more and more
and then I saw your flashing breasts
I nearly fainted what comes next

and then you disapeared so fast
I laid in bed my breath with gasp
So I became a man so fast
The fear you will not ever last.

Poem Details | by JODY ROBINSON |
Categories: beauty, care,

when i fell in love

when i fell in love i felt like i could be my self 
now that my love is gone it kills 
when i fell in love i felt like i me and him were the only people in the room
but now that that love is gone it kills me in side
when i fell in love my friends stoped careing about me
i hope when you fall in love you dont scruew it up like i did.
bc i scrued up i might have lost the bes person in my life.
and a nuther thing dont give up on your self just because no body loves you at that mommentlove jodyrobinson

Poem Details | by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: feelings, jealousy, love, word play,

My Jealous Adjectives

Everyone she meets want to
sunbathe in her smiley face
My happy-go-lucky girl
with the sexy turnabout twirl
She’s got a wooing walking way,
sensual sway.sultry sashay
And my adjectives get jealous
about her everyday
Office chatter gets whisper low
when my girl arrives
Top-of-the-morning goes spinning
fast into noon
Five o’clock takes a commuter dive,
I can’t wait 
for my baby to come home soon
Go out on a dinner date;
order romantic radish thoughts,
creamy tossed salad kisses on my plate
The waiter serving is looking a little too close,
my baby’s curvy cleavage is too near his nose
My adjectives are getting jealous again,
and a hard stare is the only tip he got coming
On the dance floor, she got a lot of eyes turning..
yeah, both women and men
Then some cologne doused clod wanna cut in,
sparking the ire of my jealous adjectives once more
But my loving baby puts her hands on my hips,
and pulls me closer to her
Then she puts her mahogany cheek on my lips,
and tells him that I was here first
She knows how jealous my adjectives get,
and likes when a non-verbal fire gets lit
Her body rhythmic movements 
says her flaming passion is all mine..
Such delightful, adjective promises — 
It’s supernova loving time
when our two combustible hearts combine
And at home, we vow to never quench any of it,
as the night candle lights burn down to the wick

This poem was inspired by the poem titled "Purpose"
by the talented poetess Mindy Clay.

Poem Details | by greg bell |
Categories: adventure, business, christian, computer-internet, dance, devotion, faith, girl, goodbye, husband, life, love, dream, dream,

What is next

I have been looking for my dream car, 1971 ChevelleCarrying out dreams and goals are not bad things at allThere is a positive on thisI have a very vivid mind and it goes to work from time to timeThats a feelingIt is hard for Ek to remember thingsHow i FeelSongEveryone thinks people are there to help them but everyone is out for themselves not trying to help each other outIt is all a dream she would have done this and she would have done that but she did not replyWhere did the girls go was the questions asked by all the guys and then discussed by the girls as they drive offYou were drunk, rambling, and you ran them awayPure 3-2718space240Dash BravoWhat is this you ask? You can put pure in front of anything and sell It.

Poem Details | by Christie Morris |
Categories: death, funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, introspection, life, love, nature,

Relax Honey The Worms Will Play

Relax Honey..The Worms Will Play!

Oh honey one day,
We will both part;
To rot in graves,
And waste away:
Playing with worms,
And dancing with maggots,
As they climb all around.
Relax love all is well!
Soon we'll be down bellow,
Cavorting with the others, under the ground.

Poem Details | by STELLAH AYAKO |
Categories: loss, lost love, love hurts,


He called me Remxy,
Actually that's his previous one,
I know he was furtive,
about his cold feelings towards me,
he felt completely nothing for me,
yet ! he lied,
should I hold on?

it is something that seems
like an intractable problem,
he does not seem to realise,
that I am here fir him,
He only sees her shadow hovering,
in his dreams.

it seems I was a substitute,
more so,
I was just an impersonator,
because even after I left ,
he never seemed to bother to call,
he never realised that he had lost an unfound species,
the unique species,
he never felt he had smashed a beautiful Spanish guitar,
it was a lesson learnt the hard way for me.