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Poem Details | by robin davis |
Categories: abuse, anti bullying, discrimination, love, racism, prejudice,

I Have Hidden Super Powers

I don't wear a cape around
My neck, breaking the speed of sound
Or capture bad guys in a web
My powers have never fled
From my heart that's where they stay
Secretly until the day
I see injustice come along
Others are treated so wrong
My super powers become stronger
When I can't take it any longer
Hearing stories of bullying
My special skills kick right in
Set loose, no holding them back
My love alert goes on attack
Not stopping for anything
It won't ease up until I bring
All this hatred to a low
I give one huge final blow
Across the land until there is
No more hate or prejudice
Until then, I'm on alert
Making sure there is no hurt
I will be here till the end
All my powers I will send
Into the hearts of those so weak
Mild mannered, shy and meek
That get pushed around each day
I'll make sure it goes away
This promise will be kept for sure
Any kind of hatred I abhor

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: anti bullying, , sweet love,

A Sunny Beach

The hectic world is like a giant ocean.
Every day we wake up and dive in.
We dive into our work, activities, or 
errands we must do inside this great big world of blue!

Our friends and family, at least to me, would be
the good times we enjoy at the beach,
for a sunny beach is like a home -
a place to come back to from our ventures out to the sea,
a place to rest, to just hang out and be with family.
It’s the place I always will return to
when diving time is done.
After all the challenges of being in the ocean,
despite the many wonders to be found there,
can you imagine life without a beach?
To not be able to come back from ocean’s depths
and sprawl yourself casually upon soft sand
which has been warmed from the sun, that sweet love 
which radiates From friends and family?

Friends and family -
they are the many good things at the beach.
Some are the lovely palm trees I always long to see,
bending graciously in ocean‘s breeze.
Others are the embankments along the shore.
Unchanging, they are my constant companions.
And some are the waves rolling in from time to time 
to greet meI love to run into the playful waves, 
for they make life fun and beautiful.

Unlike the giant ocean, upon which terrible storms arise,
the beach is often safeI expect security from it.
The swaying palms are there to calm me.
The sturdy cliffs are my  steady sustenance
The waves I daily jump are often gentle, but sometimes
they can turn into cruel monsters!
When they knock me down, usually I get right back up from them!
However, some can dump on me, exhibiting great force.
Others surge, and try to drag me out to perilous sea.
God forbid I ever must face a life-threatening tsunami!

When the sun withdraws its happy glow
and a once-friendly wave starts pushing hard against me,
 I feel like I am drowning,
being pushed down deep in a rip current.
I must not fight back, struggling to get back to the shore.
This is a time to relax and to stay calm.
I release the animosity the wave has caused in me.
All the tension from the stress, I must simply let it go.
It’s difficult, I know, but I must take a breath -
 B  R  E  A  T  H  E    O  U  T and float

Now I rise above it.

                                  I’m going with the flow.

Soon enough I float myself to shore -
to the warmth of the beach, my security.
A new day comes soon enough.
I resume my dives into the ocean,
knowing happily that always I will have
the palm trees waving me back in
and the lovely waves that rock my world are there.
I have a beach to come back to.

Written June 12, 2016 for contest Judged 6/17/2016
For the I Got Zero, Nothing, Nada -1 Contest of Broken Wings

Poem Details | by The Grahamburglar |
Categories: anti bullying, blessing, christian, devotion, faith, heart, love,

Love Thy Brothers

There are two laws that precede any others:
Love first thy God, and then love thy brothers.
But when we see another engaged in some wrong,
do we offer forgiveness or join with the throng
casting their stones, as their hatred they spew
claiming God’s judgment to back what they do
“It says in the bible, don’t do this, don’t do that…”
Does anyone wonder why the message falls flat?

We go to our churches, and sing songs of praise
but then when we leave we embrace sinful ways.
We claim to know Jesus, we’ve felt of his love
but rather than spread that, we push and we shove.
Yet forcing our morals on others is flawed
do we really think that will bring them to God?

We seem to forget, life is meant to be hard,
that all of us struggle, and in that regard
we are no better than any known sinner,
if we must cleanse a vessel, can we make it the inner?
When others are doing some act we despise,
trust God with the judgment and silence the cries.
Let’s open our hearts, look again at God’s child
struggling through life, and by others reviled.

Let us offer a haven, our friendship, and care
let us strengthen the weary, give hope to despair.
For loving thy brother, comes not with condition
and failing to do so is guilt by omission.
For there are two laws that precede any others:
Love first thy God, and then love thy brothers.


Poem Details | by cortney bartholomew |
Categories: bullying, funny love, boy,

The Neighbor Boy

This boy lived down the street from me, his name I will not say,
He followed me to school, and picked on me everyday,
He'd trip me down the hallway, and would pull my hair in class,
The teachers never believed me, because he never got caught in the act,
After school he hid behind the tree, and waited to jump out and scare me,
He would punch me in the arm and run away, and this was on the daily,
I ran home and told my mother all that he would do,
She said, "Why don't you try being nice to him, and then maybe he won't pick on you,"
So I took my mother's advice, and went to school the next day,
I offered him one of my pencils, and smiled in his face,
He smiled back and said, "Thank you," I thought Wow, hey this might work,
But then after school he wrestled me to the ground, and pushed my face in the dirt,
I stayed at home and cried that day, I wouldn't come out to play, 
Every time I saw him, I ran away like He was the plague,
I avoided him everyday, and for years we didn't speak,
And then one day standing behind the tree, he grabbed me suddenly,
Before I had the chance to scream, he kissed me right away,
The whole time he had a crush on me, he just didn't know what to say.

Poem Details | by peter walsh |
Categories: anti bullying, friend, hurt, love, sad love,


Sticks and stones, never hurt them bones
Names, cut him to the kwik
They hurt so deep, for to make him weep
More than any club, or stick
See the sun won't shine and it won't be fine
And it won't all fade away
And it don't seem right, that he has to fight
A world that calls him gay
So he'll hang his head and he'll live his life
While his soul is torn in two
Spend his teenage years, with his straight-laced peers
And a heart, so black and blue
The taunting in the classroom
The whispers 'round the bend 
The vision of a cold tomb
Oh! will it ever end
My love it's not so different
My dreams are pure and true
Why do you stand in judgement 
Of a heart, so black and blue

Poem Details | by Amelia Josephie |
Categories: 3rd grade, 5th grade, arabic, assonance, bridal shower, bullying, cry,

Everlasting love

Sweetheart, have you ever thought about how beautiful our relationship is?

I wonder if it is possible for couples to be like us
So open to each other
Having nothing to hide
No fear but only respect for each other
Accepting unconditionally
Loving without a break
Anger that vanishes in a kiss, sometimes in just a touch
Expressing love even when there is no understanding
Trust to the core
Enjoying the togetherness
Encouraging the uniqueness
Desiring to live long together
So playful
So naughty
So cute
So loving
So caring
So romantic
Never I
Always US.

Maybe it's because of the path our relationship had taken
Genuine affection drew us to each other
We respected each other
Friendship took over and made our bond stronger
We loved each other's company,
Had no expectations from each other
Our respect and friendship paved way to trust
Trust made us share our secrets, our real selves
By sharing, we exchanged our hearts, our lives
And our love
And God blessed and approved our love
Because He had made us for each other.

Our love is a mixture of all relationships..which makes us so unique.

Darling, we are so beautiful!

Poem Details | by Kofi Amed |
Categories: bullying, child abuse, confusion, dark, depression, love, women,

Unaccompanied Paths

Once upon a stranger
A girl A well intentioned woman
With open and adorned soul
Askance behind silvered eyes and sighs,

Revealing her concealed seraphic smiles
In an unending sequence.
Yielded in gleams in day dreams,
With folklores and odes chronicling her unique meekness.

Once upon a moment.
I heard silent whispers fade
Within a bus on a starry August night
She stood up to take one last view
With hope gleaming in her heavy eyes
Half in joy half in fear.

Once upon what it seems
The empty streets the cold store fronts
In the stark of the night she fumbled and crumbled
In the heat of the day she struggled and saddled
Into the realms of unaccompanied paths;
A forlorn forest A dense city street

An unchained soul is caged
(By the ugly parodies of society)
In cells in the dungeons of her mind
She ponders on her dreams reality killed
As she walked through the shanty streets, accompanied by cheer and fond memories.

Once upon a again
Her hope lingers near;
To fill the void with beauty, Top a class of fifty.
Her dreams ignite cheer;
To rekindle the lonely, Build Hope for the needy.
An ebullience cradling every night, dazed with smiles lit by echoes.’

Once upon loop of forever after
Lamentations probed!
Between forced marriages and a broken home,
One demure in her succinct lifetime
Raped abused and ignored.
A predicament lurking for so long,
Gradually prancing into suicidal thoughts.

And her world took a dark turn
For the moments were near felt burnt
And she recoiled deeper into her shells
Too late for your remorse and wishing wells.

Once upon a stolen dream
Once upon a neglected childhood
Once upon a depressing stroll
Once upon an abusive womanhood
Once upon a forced marriage
Once upon time and time again

“A bowed head,
Seeking shelter from raging tempests”
And as she lies on her five feet mat deep In her sleep where dreams unfold,
The Queen rises once again with seraphic smiles in her ultimate paradise.

Photo credit: Darwin Leon “Rape”

Save the Queen!

Poem Details | by Valerie Staton |
Categories: bullying, god, hate, jesus, love,

God Saw A Prize

God Saw A Prize
By Valerie DStaton

My world a chasm of utter darkness
Dreariness enveloped me like a cloud
Bound by chains in an abandoned fortress
tormented body - a field freshly plowed

Accomplishments ignored; voice never heard
Wondered why on earth was I even born
Treated like clipped wings of a fallen bird
Ripped to shreds – I could no longer be torn

Unsettling to be disliked by your kin
When all you do is exemplify love 
Bullied because the color of their skin
Is pigmented a shade or two above -

Tried so hard to find favor in their sight
All efforts unfavorably received
I began to pray and was bathed in light
Chains started falling, my sentence reprieved

God looks at me and sees a worthy prize
The Lord loves all of his children the same
I’m no longer concerned about man’s eyes,  
Ill-conceived judgments nor secular names

The name of the Lord is a strong tower
His mighty name is worthy to be praised
I thank him daily for his redemptive power
For being my light on the darkest of days

To those who mistreated me I hold no grudge
I wish them peace, hope, joy and abundant love

Poem Details | by robin davis |
Categories: anti bullying, bullying, change, grief, love, world,

Let's light up world love again

Please answer this simple question
Why don't people learn their lesson
From the past hatred and violence
We need to put an end and silence
To the bullying we cause
Its on our hearts--mine and yours
Lets pull it out from the dark pit 
where it used to be so lit
With love, kindness, understanding
Instead of the place we've been landing
On a road to self destruction
That could use some love construction
If we all opened our minds
It would be easy to find
There's so much we all can fix
One by one, and brick by brick
Making a wall to keep out
The brutal hatred that we shout
Using our hands instead of words
That can be painfully heard
Let's all keep our future safe
Giving us all a great place
To live in harmony and peace
Little by little we'll decrease
The bad sorrow that's been growing
Keeping a new love light glowing

Poem Details | by Yours Truly |
Categories: bullying, care, change, giving, happiness, happy, inspiration, love, people, senses, smile, wisdom, words,

Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated

The littlest deeds still go a long way
So better the world and try it today

People don't realize the good they can do,
By holding doors open and smiling too

Try to be chivalrous, try to be meek
Try to be humble whenever you speak

Others will notice the way that you are
A light so unique, shines bright like a star

Relay the message, conquer the kindness
Replays impressive, actions are mindless

We live to laugh, and love to be loved.
Turn both your cheeks, when pushed and then shoved

Intuitiveness is a trick of the trade.
Instinctive bliss results moments well played

"Treat others how you want to be treated."
This motto of life makes smiles repeated

-Yours Truly

Poem Details | by Young King sa |
Categories: abuse, addiction, africa, anti bullying, slam, spoken word,

Love Slogans

Love left them hanging in the air
They sang slogans
They rained tears though pain was blur and cloudy,
Bully and partly cloudy
Illusions got glued in their slogans
Their love was outrageous and bouncy 

Those short tempered lovers 
Sang songs for their drunken worries
They saw no pain though love was forever sour and chained 

Pain buried himself under pleasurable bedroom eyes
Resurrected on sunny knights with no weight 
Measured their smiles 
And he found odd numbers in their cupid time zone

Days when pressure became their treasure 
Pain snitched in the dark and paused on bedroom eyes
Eyes that vacuumed lust 
Previously crowned lust 
that never lasted long enough to grave all rust 
They sang love songs in anger
On and on they sang courage amplifying worries

Their jaws were breaking laws
Our jaws are breaking laws

I long to save them from this lost in translation watchwords 
I am you in this Poetry
Never wash your face before my words
Remember my seeds
The fruits planted on concrete brains
Left to grow strength and passion
Building castles of hope 

Love seeks more woods and light to walk its blindness sometimes
The defensive jelly 
Smoothly rubbed to take away skin value
Chocolate statues lost in the streets of love
 Singing worried slogans

Their jaws were breaking laws
Our jaws are breaking laws
Pointing blames with no hands and fingers
They swim out of the ocean 
The ocean of tears that make killer waves in passion
Like fish 
They could not breathe 
Trouble was or is their home
They sing gospel in their drunken love

Their jaws were breaking laws
Our jaws are breaking laws

By force they speak jumpy jaws
They are meant to hurt,
burn and kill gender laws
By force they chisel their hips to diesel all body postures
For no reason
By force they sing gross slogans of love
In jumpy jaws
They get stark inside antagonistic love
In jumpy jaws
Pre-rehearsed parent-hood
Love left them hanging in the air

© Raymond Ngomane 

Poem Details | by Young King sa |
Categories: anti bullying, creation, cute love, journey, slam, soulmate, spoken word,

Love Making Poets

When poets make love on pages
They put words were sexy words fit perfectly
They smooth run cold conversations and blocks of ice in slow motion
On all romantic options
They block fear away from these unstable oceans 
While seducing all attractive images of faultless pickup lines
They fly like homeless flies befriending endless dreams on skyscrapers

Poets paraphrase their faces when they kiss on papers
They eeeechooooo echo kisses in repetition until notorious predictions are detained and predicted
In hand held inspirations they cook unbelievable recipes 
They compose verses on home-made beds 
Even worse
kitchens turn into Bedroom beds
Their kitchens are pre prepared prier portions of word recitals and fork and knives
Date or no date their mandates are easy to date
Snitch and Sneak preview their unspoken slams on different dates
Fight back for all that’s bad with your madness in different dates
They're licenced to use military expressions

They mic tongues naming each kiss a masterpiece speaking back on all evil kills
They terrorize silence in screams of pleasurable skills
Neighbors have rights to take sleeping pills
Poets can scream their pleasures in love making moments
These humans master piece their body languages in flings
Paragraphs of candle lights and strawberries paint their private lives 
High five to those who date multiple poems on a single date
Poets love loving love on hateful dates
Poets love making love

They careless 
if you mimic their rhythmic drums 
When they 
caress your skin with Goosebumps
They drive their mics in circle with no driver's licence
They sense love from a distance with no expense 
Love makes composers love speaking in tongues 

With lights up all night long they forget life is time
Take your time kinda like love making times 
They tease multiple metaphors with background music
Stripping truth naked 
Poets don’t miss their past lovers
They know how the book ends
They plant baby poems on each other's bosoms

Hugging all night 
like sober minded blushes
When poets make love in pages
They put words were sexy words fit perfectly

© Raymond Ngomane 

Poem Details | by Leo Larry Amadore |
Categories: america, anti bullying, community, conflict, discrimination, hate, love,

Today's Homily

In those days, when we feared the truth

not for ignorance of it within ourselves

but for the dangers posed by speaking aloud
against the prejudices of masses too well-tutored

in lies and hatred, we kept our secrets

and hid among the crowds, assuming

their rabid colorations, spewing the same

evil venom, spreading all the same lies,

pretending that the past was better

than the present, that regression

to our yesterdays, the years gone by,

could create for us, anew,

that Eden we all lost, that sanctuary

from our knowledge of the world, of evil;

and, our regained ignorance

would restore the bliss we lost

with our innocenceThat, the biggest lie,

feeds our growing xenophobia --

hastens humanity's ultimate demise.

Time does not flow backwards in this universe;

and there is no "us versus them" --

we are all crowded here together

on this fragile planet, all in this together.

We must be kind, and love one another, or die.

Poem Details | by Cona Adams |
Categories: abuse, anti bullying, feelings, friendship, love, together,

Don't Walk on Me

                   Hey, you;
               yeah, I'm talk-
              ing to you there.
           Don't  Walk  On  Me!

    Don't be rude, and walk upon
  my person, sprawled here, in the 
 grass; give me space to be myself;
please walk around me as you pass.

 If, someday, you should find that 
  I am lying prone and feeling ill,
   be kind enough to bring a rose
    and sit quietly, with me, till

       I'm up on my feet, then 
        help me clear the way
         to find an easy path
          thru frenzied fray.

        Don't step on me as
       you pass by, but take 
      me by the handWe'll 
     walk side by side in sun
      and as a team-together
         we both can stand.

Poem Details | by kaotik kandee |
Categories: abuse, age, anger, brother, bullying, emo, family, gender, stress,

sibling Love

don't let me see you on my street 
or creepin through my window 
I immensely want your head hanging 
on my living room wall 

I plan to hunt you down very  soon 
So don't go making my chase easy 
I wish you were not a sibling of mine
I wish you weren't in my mind 

But your spying and childish games 
are grounds for me to go insane 
You must learn the hard way 
I really wish you would escape.

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: anger, bullying, childhood, evil, holocaust, mother daughter, racism, truth, world,

Southern Love Southern hate

Southern love,  Southern hate 
they are the opposite of each other 
 I have  memories of both in the State I love dearly.

Going back to a old plantation home in the South ,
as a child I played in the many Pecan trees , collecting baskets upon baskets of fresh pecans

the smell of fresh pies , of pecan and rhubarb , oh my Mom took the prize

One afternoon , School was out , it was in summer  , reminisce of fresh lemonade 
My Mother called my name 'child come in here now " in the middle of the day ' 
she many times called and I would hide in this paradise full of honeysuckle and pecans

This time the tone was one of fear , and alert , "come inside Now"
 I ran to the top of the old plantation stairs to my Mother
I saw in the distance what seemed to be a parade in the day

This time the parade was of people in "white sheets ' going door to door,
just like salesman they would knock , they would greet
my Mother said " We have no time for this here " leave now , and leave fastyours is only teachings of Discriminate

she sent them quickly away , giving back the paper , the invite 
These people dressed in funny white  sheets  
only later I discovered what this was about 
Your Parents do their very best , to keep any Evil out

These people are not just from the South , they are all over the World 
Leaving me that day with no doubt Make the choice you have , we all do
Remember Gods Children are innocent , and many a color , they could be Blue ~

Poem Details | by Brian Johnston |
Categories: anti bullying, bible, faith, life, love,

Crop Failure - Bitter Harvest

The past can’t tell the future; I'd almost forgotten this,
The past six years had brought me higher yields than average,
Though expectations soared, now nada, nothing, zilch.
Our wheat fields decimated from the lack of rain.
And those who bought insurance, now farm firms who lost the bet.
But policies will cost much more in coming years I think.

So much for global warming changing weather’s future trends,
In South Dakota where a better pattern lost its grip!
A favorite car bumper sticker posits this,
“Make gambling all legal! Farmers! Share the fun!"
And locusts fiddle their hysterics, "You thought we were bad?"
"Rest well assured that Rome can always burn once more to ground!"

Nor do your best investments guarantee a profit friend,
Your labor lost, and planting, preparation costs as well.
Landowners who ‘cash lease’ (1) to farmers do OK,
But those who rent this way face stressful loss in drought.
In good years ‘share crop’ (2) helps distribute risks and profits all,
But bad years punish retired owners who may need this cash.

But these days even worse perhaps is Nation's virtue lost,
Republicans have slain the Bible’s Satan it would seem,
Chilled brimstone with their frozen hearts and quenched Hell's fire,
They froze out Devil from His twist on paradise,
God faces now a monster worse than Satan's jealousy
(As whorish greed prepares at last to swallow own tale whole!)

God’s Grace becomes white’s birthright with Republicans in charge!
The fact that you are wealthy perfect proof heaven deserved.
New barns get promptly built to store God’s chosen’s gain,
(While reprimanding God if wealth should come too slow.)
God's crop though always "mercy," there’s no "sacrifice" demand,
And Christ himself enjoins us all to "go learn what this means." (3)

Brian Johnston
May 272017

Poet's Notes:
I think that free verse is almost always inferior to rhymed poetry given a poet of equal skill in bothFree verse is more commonly the media of amateurs (as a rule) who are lazy or have an incestuous relationship with their muse and, all to often, give their best poems short shriftIt is true that free verse poems have a conversational flow to them which in general is a nice quality, but with a little more effort a rhymed poem can also accomplish the same thingThe advantage that rhyming and a syllabic pattern has is that the poet has to pay more attention to what is said and howI can't tell you how many times that search for a rhyming word pair has honed my thought processes and even led me to new ideas that I might never have thought of otherwise if I was writing free verseLet me paraphrase Robert Frost (I think) 'Yes, you can play tennis without a net too, but only an idiot would want to do that!' Ha! 

I am not blaming Republicans for my "crop failure" in this poem, and it is a term that I use loosely here because the current leadership is (in my opinion) close to insane and anti-American in their thinkingThere are some "conservative" Republicans though who I do respectHowever what this poem does suggest is that the current Republican leadership is itself a "crop failure" and that their aspirations are anti-Christian, anti-American, and even approach being Satanic.

(1)    In a ‘cash lease, ' a farmer pays the landlord a fixed sum of money to use the land every year, pays all the operating expenses himself and gets to keep all of the profits.

(2)    In a ‘share crop lease, ' a farmer does not pay the landlord anything in fact for the land that he rentsInstead, he gives the landowner 1/3 of whatever crop that he harvestsIf there is a crop failure, he owns no rent at all which protects the farmerThe owner of the land also benefits though because in a good year he makes more money than he would if the lease was a straight cash per year dealUnder this arrangement, the landowner's only expense is a 1/3 share of any fertilizer cost.

It seems to me that God's deal with us is more of a 'share crop' contract than a 'cash lease' arrangement! What do you think? Is giving 10% of your income to God all that you owe Him? Should a 'follower' also not extend God's Grace to others? 

(3)    Matthew 9: 13 (New Living Translation)   
Then he added, 'Now go and learn the meaning of this Scripture: 'I want you to show mercy, not offer sacrifices.' For I have come to call not those who think they are righteous, but those who know they are sinners.'

Poem Details | by Bj Fard |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, adventure, age, allah, angel, anger, angst, animal, anniversary, april, art, baptism, basketball, beach, beauty, betrayal, bible, blessing, body, bullying, care, caregiving, celebration, celebrity, change, childhood, christian, courage, dedication, dream, family, children, for her, for him, hate, hero, i love you, inspirational, joy, lost love, love, love hurts, lust, power, social, sorry,

The Righteousness Of Love

Love is a wonder shared by one another it's the only reason I'm not six feet under Love in which I believe in a will to sustain I give back to life, now in dormant states of pain The power of Love may not alone be enough locked inside my dreams escape only from above higher than any human being has ever gone before I must have evolved rise above hate, great once more My Father taught me wisdom I am imprisoned no longer now an beast not of burden I am no lion, I am stronger on my shoulder sits twin dragons long awaiting the day evil forces come forth to take what Love is left, away A Hero of Love light are what the world needs angels, not demons exist where ever you believe follow your heart's direction and you shall achieve objects of affection rid of materialistic greed My bright energy has awakened to a fire never consuming the source as the flames just grow higher that is the desire of a product we call Love Fear, the counterpart what I was once made of I am slowly learning how to win when my peace is harder to sharpen so I have given my pen leave the sword has its uses I must say I believe to vanquish the evil in the minds too diseased to serve any purpose except their own selfish ones tomorrow a new day in the clarity of the sun where we two are now one and one done now does bring about a great change lit by the righteousness of Love.

Poem Details | by Raina Hutchins |
Categories: bullying, death, lost love, sad,

If Only I Had Known

If only I had known I’d never hear your voice again
Or hear you whisper sweetly in my ear 
I’d memorise each word of love you ever said to me
So when I'm all alone, your voice I’ll hear

If only I had known it was the last time I would see
The man I love with all my heart and soul
I would have held on tighter and kept you close to me
And never would have ever let you go

If only I had known it was my last night in your arms
That I would never wake with you again
I’d pray for God to hide the sun and let you stay with me
And pray for night time always to remain

If only I had known you would be taken from my life
Be left with only memories and tears
I’d cherish every second, every minute spent with you
To keep them in my heart through all the years 

If only I had known that you were leaving me behind 
So many things I never got to say
To tell you what it meant for me to have you in my life
Steal one more kiss before you went away

You were my love my heart my soul, the reason that I breathe
And now you are my Angel up above
Please listen, and hear me when I say a prayer for you
The only man I know I’ll ever love..

Poem Details | by Jessica Wrigley |
Categories: bullying, conflict, confusion, corruption, cry, dark, death, death of a friend, dedication, depression, dream, drink, emo, emotions, farewell, fear, feelings, heart, how i feel, innocence, loneliness, lonely, loss, lost love, me, moving on, mystery, psychological, sad, society, sorrow, sorry, suicide,

Well how do you feel

In high school everything changes
Teachers, friends, you, 
“That’s just life” they say,
And they never stop to ask
“Well, how do you feel?”

And your friends leave, and your grades decrease,
And your teachers begin to worry,
And they make you see a shrink,
But they never stop to ask,
“Well, how do you feel?”

The sky starts to crumble,
And the tears begin to fall,
And music and hoodies become your best friends,
And they never stop to ask,
“Well, how do you feel?”

And the tools come out.
And the objects fall apart,
And you reach for the closest one,
And the ask, finally,
“Well, how do you feel?”

But by now it’s too late.
Your time is up, your blood’s run out,
Your scars show for the world to see,
Cause they asked too late,
“Well, how do you feel?”

“She was so young” they all say,
But really you were old.
You’d seen so much and hurt so much,
It was time for you to go.

So you picked up the pills and washed them down
And grabbed the blades and cut
And when they finally noticed you weren’t around
It was too late you were gone.

They found your letter on the bed
And read it out at school
“You asked to late, but I don’t blame you.”
And your friends were moved to tears

In your tree house in the yard
They found you pale as snow
Your eyes closed, a smile on your face
And they realized you were gone.

They roll up your sleeves and roll up your pants
And scream at what they see
Lines, and lines, and lines of cuts
Some healed and some not.

And they realized they should have asked in the beginning
How you felt that is, cause, 
Honestly you didn’t, 
You didn’t feel anything at all

Poem Details | by Rosemarie Rowley |
Categories: allegory, angst, anti bullying, love hurts, women,


by Rosemarie Rowley

I knew you fainthearted what side you were on
When you talked of social reality: not Jesus at the well
With the Samaritan woman, or the invisible loss of power
Which halts her speech and causes His deference

Holding her in trust for what she is.
You can talk of rural communes in China
Till the cows come home – leading them will be a girl
Bearing a key-ring and a dead black raven.

Your ways are sweet indeed, nectar and honey
And vinegar to end it all: you’d let all the
Wells in the world run dry for a principle
And proudly show us the papier-mache women who survived,

Embalmed with bitter hope and urgent salvation,
To tell the tale on electro-magnetic tape.

Poem Details | by Ninette Carey |
Categories: addiction, body, bullying, child, deep, future, love,

Sinners Choice

Looking into your eyes
I see so much pain 

When did it begin

How did it become your sin

Hate can never win

The battle is within

Yet do you feel Love

Do you remember

So many good moments 

A choice will be made

I Choose Love...........

Poem Details | by Maria Williams |
Categories: anti bullying, anxiety, love, romance,

A Girl and A Boy

The music more or less acts as a sequel to the poem
Please click onto the music when cued in the poem and continue enjoying it

The Girl She looks down at her shoes, they’re nice An extravagant splurge a bit overpriced Her dress is demure chosen for obscurity In shades of dull to blend into invisibility Yet it doesn’t seem to be working tonight As another text message comes into sight Fear sends out signals as it goes for oblivion Protection comes not from her stone of obsidian Dare she look at the text - the last left her rattled? Panic surfaces - her arch enemy whom she’s battled Time and time again - he enters to take her embrace She gears herself up to meet him face to face. She looks at the group, the boy is still glancing at her- Shouldn’t he be out there on the floor dancing? She feels a blush spread from her head to her toes She’s the butt of their jokes - somehow she knows Should she stay or leave behind this dreadful night Fear responds in full alert - Is it time for fight or flight? The Boy He watches with interest from across the room From her flickering expressions he senses her gloom He’s the Star in the campus, with his Brad Pitt look His compliments comes easy - not learned from a book He loves the girls and they love him more They drip off his arm the accessory just so Appealing - this look - a boy needs this game But he’s starting to doubt this claim to fame The pretty girls with him are vicious tonight Their prey so vulnerable as she sits in full sight She fidgets and looks down at her screen once again A non-committal expression that she tries to feign And in that moment the boy knows what to do He shakes them off rudely - Miss Popular and Crew
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With strides so purposeful such confidence here In a hurry to reach to halt flight and fear She looks down again - another pair of shoes In front of hers - Looks up into swirls of greenish blues The most beautiful eyes that she’s ever seen In that instant she forgets that the world is so mean As he looks down into the most beseeching eyes He extends his hand not hearing the boos and jibes Could it be that Life is offering her a second chance? As his lips mouth the words - ‘May I have this dance?’
Footnote: A stone of Obsidian is a strongly protective stone, forming a shield against negativity. Bulling can take different shapes and forms, such as social isolation, verbal assaults and physical harassment Perhaps this poem might inspire young people to help their peers to realize that they are not aloneThey can stand up for themselves and their friends putting an end to bullying Passive and reluctant bystanders are just as guilty as bullies. This version sung by Chris Isaak - 'Can´t Help Falling In Love With You' Original sung by Elvis Presley in the movie Blue Hawaii (1968) Scenes of this clip from "Meet Joe Black" [1998, Universal Pictures (ZEFR)], produced by Universal Studios, directed by Martin Brest and starring Brad Pitt, Claire Forlani and Anthony Hopkins.

Poem Details | by JAY JOHNSON |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, africa, age, allah, allegory, allusion, analogy, animal, anniversary, anti bullying, april, arabic, assonance, autumn, baby, beach, best friend, betrayal, bird, birthday, brother, daughter, death, faith, father, hope, life, loss, lost love, mother, nostalgia, religion, satire, sister, son, sympathy,



                             The Apple PASTURE

Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture.
Were once was and all well meet.
A pure and dear site.
Where silver reflection cover the still waters that holds the golden
grains of morality and the grazing souls lie young amounce no stars.
Oh how I long
To drift into the apple pasture
Were winds smell of melon and the trees whisper spring corals in the mellow dark and best of light and time creeps into no tomorrow.


Poem Details | by Sierra Arnold |
Categories: abuse, anger, boyfriend, bullying, cry, feelings, love,


Why don't you love me?!
Why can't you treat me like a person?!
Why can't you give me the respect you expect?!
Why can't you let me finish what I'm saying?
Why do you have to be such a hypocrite?
Why do you have to make such a big deal over everything?
Why do you have to be so cynical? 
Why can't you respect me feelings? 
Why do you have to say things just to hurt me?
Why don't you care about me?
Why don't you love me?

Poem Details | by Anthony Thomas |
Categories: anti bullying, bullying, christian, creation, kids, forgiveness, love,

You Are God's Art Work

You are God’s Art WorkWhen you understand this; you understand the importance of being and the importance and beauty of another’s being.
Imagine a child of any age, with his or her coloring pencils drawing on a piece of paperTongue stuck out, eyes focused and every mark in its placeThe yellow is where he or she wants it, there’s just enough blue and every line and dot in the background makes that child’s art work completeIt took some time, but it was worth itThis child is so proud of his or herself, sitting back gazing at his or her creation, knowing that he or she will never create this one masterpiece ever againCan you feel that child’s joy, that child’s love for his or her creation?
Now, imagine another child with only one black flat tip marker, with only two strokes in only two seconds ruin the first child’s creation before he or she was able to show it to anyoneCan you feel that child’s pain, that child’s anger?
You are God’s Art WorkAnd every Man, Woman and Child should be treated as such.
Every scar you made on another Man, Woman or Child was a mark on one of God’s many Great Masterpieces (if you never done so, I congratulate you and ask you never feel this shame)This is how wrong our world isYou should feel ashame to have another bare the mark of your rage and even worse if you bare the mark of another because of your own wrong way of livingThis is not a hard task but it must be dealt with where the problem beginsIt begins with youIf you have a thought, an idea, the feeling or if someone is pushing you to hurt or harm or even dislike anyone in any manner at any time, you should have the wisdom and compassion to know that this is wrong, that this is not right and want to resolve the matter of not; the difference of the other person, but why I feel this way towards them.
Now, imagine a world with no man made scars created in anger or dislikeCan you see a World with no war, a World with no animosity toward one another Worldwide…a World without one man made bruise in anger toward another? That world can be, just by respecting...God’s Art Work.

Is Museum Art more important than God's?
These are thoughts for our wolrd to heal it from all the wrong we bring into it, we must look at ourself and see our faults and change our behavior tward one another to make this World a the wonderful place God made for us....
"Greater will be the place in heaven for the A__hole that can control His or Her tongue and actions while here on Earth."
Quote By Anthony BamBam!! Thomas

Poem Details | by Reynaldo Mast |
Categories: abuse, adventure, anger, baby, betrayal, bullying, care, child, childhood, children, conflict, confusion, corruption, courage, crazy, culture, dark, death, desire, devotion, discrimination, emotions, environment, evil, faith, family, fear, friendship, grief, growing up, growth, heart, hope, horror, image, innocence, life, loneliness, lonely, longing, loss, lost love, love, me, memory, pain, poverty, sad, sick, strength, stress, sympathy, violence,

Physically and Mentally Abuse

I was born in a world of poverty and soiled life of a third world country
The way I lived till I was five years of age was walls of boundary
These walls had towers of guards that had no heart or care
If a child would try to climb the wall they lose their life I swear

Father had drank and threatened my mother with a knife
My father lost his job and wife and that was the hardship of life
He stopped my mother from taking off with me in her arm
Hoping that my father would ignore and left me be with no harm

When my father went off to drink one night and came home with rage
My brothers stood by my crib and took a beating that set up the next stage
My father had woken up to three scared children half starved and in pain
His final words as he walk away from the orphanage gate live life do not go insane

I was still a baby in the orphanage; the caretakers did not really care about the babies
They stole items and materials those wicked men and maternal evil ladies
They starved all the babies because it cost a lot to keep them alive
As a child of that age I could feel the sins and greed that gave out bad vibes

I was ignorant about what I drank and ate, as I see white maggots move in my bottle
As I see them move I thought about how they were playing and some were hostel
They ate each other to keep each other alive in a manner that took me by surprise
In the back round I hear others throwing things with sounds of painful cries

I got very strong at a young age I was able to start pulling myself up over the cage
My feelings were to see my brothers with strong lungs that I cried out of rage
My two brothers came to see me and sneak food into my crib
The caretaker would find the food in my hands as they grabbed it and hit me on my ribs

As painful as it was I kept eating the food with blood in my mouth as it was instinct
I sometimes laid in my crib dazed and confused with smell of death so distinct
With all my might I kept myself strong and climb the small wall
I finally was old enough to get out of the building and I could hear my brothers call

With tears of joy with short legs that ran as fast as my heart
I ran to my brothers arms and held their hands to have a new start
I grew stronger everyday but more things came into my life in a manner of dismay
If my brothers stay by my side I could smile and everyday their would be okay

Poem Details | by Sean Taylor |
Categories: anti bullying, change, conflict, courage, love, pride, prejudice,

We are not the same

"We are not the same"

A man is born to a gentle tune
The world looks on in shame
One day his spirit will fairly bloom
The world is not the same

A woman is born with calloused hands
The world looks upon her in disgust
By her own measure she will stand
Upon her strength the world will trust

While parents share confused looks
And holy men say their prayers
So it is written in the books
These children can not be theirs

And as these two will grow
They are only boy and girl in name
For these two lovers know
Their world is not the same

The boy will look upon another
As the girl will find her own
This boy will never create a mother
This girl, a boy has never known

The young man stands proud
Another such as he, at his side
With them the girl shouts loud
Their true nature, they will not hide

This man and woman shall shine
Their wild hearts, never tame
For gay love, has come the time
That old world, is no longer the same

To this world is born a different sort
And with it a new love came
And now prejudice must be cut short
For we accept, we are not the same

Poem Details | by Shanity Rain |
Categories: abuse, bullying, corruption, family, lost love,

Death by Gossip


            I am here for the pain 
            yes I am entertained

            a public hanging my choice
            living amongst rules I use my voice

            the tongue is sharp as a finished blade   
            my one reason to make you afraid

            pleasure is mine to spread all within a crowd
            To hang , draw and quarter your soul allowed

             gathering a crowd is easy to find
             for many like I are here that threw you aside

Poem Details | by Mike Liquori |
Categories: america, anti bullying, character, community, love, drug,

It's Enough

It's ugly out here and getting worse

The winters wind blows cruel harshness upon on our own humanity,
scarring with images the brutality of our most innocent
The degradation of ourselves, 
by ourselves.

Righteously wrapped in the shadowy shroud of God,
The harshest of the verdicts,
handed down,
administered as only we can,
as only we understand

What is one more,

Black life,
Muslin life,
Jewish or
Christian's Life?

What is one more.
drug addict?

When does spring bloom on this winter?

When will humanity shine its light,
its hope, 
its future 

In each other?

When will it be time to say
It is enough!