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Love Poems About Boat or Boat Love Poems

Boat love poems and/or love poems about Boat. Read, share, and enjoy these Boat love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Boat Poems.

Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: blue, boat, longing, love,

Reaching Deepest Oceans

My beloved How far will I love you As far as where moons immerse in deep seas Beyond the edge of a tide's crimson hue Where your breath fills my sails with soft zephyr breeze Lone I embark to our promised land Across borders of secret pain Under still stars,above drifting sand through anchored shadows of rain Oh foreign eyes,but never distant Your arms'safe harbour of a long embrace Two souls entwined,two hearts persistent Beneath night's sky,my lips outline your face Water rise, water falls between shores and time Empty spaces still abhore our love,sweet tender and sublime

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love, passion,

A Love Note to my Dream Boat

come to me by night when the world has gone to sleep ~in my bed I wait~ come blanket me with your love rock me awake to passion.

Poem Details | by Earl Graham |
Categories: love, boat, moon,

going to the moon

             i'm going to the moon tonight 
              in a boat with big white sails 
              and you can come too if you want too 
              just the two of us 
              in a boat with big white sails 
              going to the moon 
              we'll sit real close and huggle to keep warm 
              and i'll sing for you if you want me too 

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: angel, beautiful, emotions, feelings, love, romance,

Within Loves Boat

Flying in 
the Heaven's 
birds softly whistling 
sweet magical music 
enchanting among'st 
the angels 

Smiling pouring out 
from the petals 
rising rose emotions 
Straight in front 
of me those eyes 
golden sparkled 
rising a sunshine 
golden treasure 

Listen to 
the heartbeats 
kissing you love 
glowing warm beautiful 
in the soul 
sparkling diamonds 
within a divine light 

A flawless beauty 
fills up inside sparkling 
with Heavenly love 
in your soul 
finds the gentleness 
of your peace 
sailing on 
deep ocean 
blue waves

Poem Details | by Elaine George |
Categories: lost love, summer, autumn, summer,

Missed the Boat

She sits in the old rocking chair
Threads of silver in her golden hair
Alone in the glow of candle light
She rocks so gently in the night

Outside the autumn leaves do fall
As shadows dance upon the wall
Crystal tears in eyes of china blue
Fall for the love she never knew

He came to shore that summer day
His schooner anchored in the bay
And with a glance her knees grew weak
She lost her voice and could not speak

For there he stood so tall and lean
The handsome man in all her dreams
And he broke her heart that summer day
When he said goodbye and sailed away

Poem Details | by Smail Poems |
Categories: baseball, beach, bereavement, birthday, black african american, boat, business, butterfly, car, change,


Romantic, close
A subject of sweetest softness
Cats can be loved too

Poem Details | by Russell Sivey |
Categories: boat, love, poetry, water,

Moment of Grace

We are out on a small pond in a boat A blue row boat floating on the surface I recite lovely poems that I wrote The moment is electric sent with grace I softly touch her smooth skin on her face We face each other with a tender look Seeing how our love is read like a book We’re sent slowly into the pond beyond Our gaze and our souls aligned on a hook A kiss on the mouth is how we respond Russell Sivey

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: betrayal, boat, change, computer, confusion, cool, crazy, cute love, emotions, fantasy, funny, funny love, heart, heartbroken, hello, irony, light, loneliness, lonely, lost love, love, love hurts, parody, relationship, river, romantic, sad love, satire, soulmate, voyage, wisdom,


I had my heart put on auto-pilot,
set to navigate towards you; 

the low-battery signal just came on,
I don't know what to do. 

Poem Details | by Voahanitriniaina Rabary-Andriamanday |
Categories: boat, first love,

The Mystery of Life

He used to tell me

Your queen is a christian queen
Your love is a christian love
Your fate is a christian fate

But where is my queen? She died in exile
Now where is my love? He dies for exile
And where is my fate? It's dyeing my exile

And nobody answers me anymore,
Not even the wind
that we used to trust

But that was when
We were still 


Poem Details | by Flora Mae Gudez |
Categories: absence, bird, blue, boat, boyfriend, break up, deep, depression, desire, emo, emotions, feelings, first love, fishing, girl, grief, heartbroken, lonely, longing, loss, love, miss you, missing, missing you, sorrow, suicide,


Oh sea of love!
How bitter the mem'ries I have!
This place reminisce the pain
Of not seeing my love again.

Your birds up high
Remind me of his goodbye.
Your water so deep
Makes me yearn and weep.

So let your breeze blow,
And dry the tears that flow.
Let your waves take away
The griefs and sorrows that stay.

Oh sea of love!
Erase the mem'ries I have!
Wash them out of the blue,
Take them away with you.

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: boat, girl, journey, life, love, lust,

Sitting happy in my bathtub

Sitting happy in my bathtub
Sailing my boat 
Smoothly between and around my kneecaps
When she stepped in and capsized me

Poem Details | by Arturo Michael |
Categories: boat, fishing, inspirational, success, true love, work,

Labour of Love- Caribbean Style

                               (((  Sailor                           
                           Sail ~ your ~ boat

                      Sun's rising ~ on the sea
                           Set ~ your ~ sails 

                      Winds blowing eas~ter~ly

                        Cast your nets to fish

                       Pack your catch and go

                    Your woman’s waiting home

                         To feed the fa~mi~ly )))

Poem Details | by Delice Arleen Skelly |
Categories: lost love, love hurts, water,

Origami Boat

Forlorn love letter Posted by crestfallen heart Paper full of pain Origami crafted boat Battled turbulent water.

Poem Details | by Samuel Robinson |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, blue, boat, dark, death, girl, god, image, loss, love, mythology, natural disasters, nature, romantic, sad love, sea, sorrow, storm, water,

cerulean loss

her alabaster lips did drown
the sea with rage that fateful dawn.
how beautiful with skin so pale,
her alabaster lips. did drown
the roar of waves and shredded sail.
Poseidon's wrath on human pawn.
her alabaster lips did drown.
the sea with rage that fateful dawn...

Poem Details | by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: adventure, beautiful, boat, cute love,


its get near
 up state  fresh air
mabe see a bear
time to unwince
it be under the moon

Poem Details | by João Camilo |
Categories: allegory, boat, love, river,

Farewell ,old ship

Come and lay to see the lanterns on the ships,
And listen the murmuring of the water flow,
When the river moves slowly among reeds,
not far from where green cypresses grow.
One ship is enthralled by the tree’s roots
“Beloved, Do not let the blazing ship sink,
It must reach the ocean where will join
With the stars that in darkness blink.”
I had to help the ship to continue its way
But before I came back to sit at her side,
Another ship was coming down by the river,
Cruising steadily to brave the sea’s tide.

Poem Details | by Zachary Ward |
Categories: beautiful, boat, cute love, deep, games,

Boat house

Her shining in the moonlight sky
Looking so nice
I held you close
She made me kiss her twice

Holding my hands under the covers
We were lovers
What happened to to the weather up there on the boat
It got cold

Oh the silly games we use to play
When I acted like I wanted you to stay away
Your kiss is like vacation sun rays on my skin
The way your eyes look before we begin

Could this be an angel I've been kissing
Her lips keep pulling me in again and again
Oh the silly games we play 
The games she plays

Moving her arms away from under my rib cage 
She's wanting to play chase 
Walking the opposite way
On top of the boat house as it sways

Poem Details | by Hansteven Selfa |
Categories: boat, life, love, ocean, sad, sad love, water,


I used to be like an ocean
            Ships passing by my life
            Boats wafting my waters

No one understands my mood
            Sometimes my waves go crashing back and forth
            Too strong they avoid to sail

I used to be like an ocean
            No one loves to fall for me

Poem Details | by Jasmine K |
Categories: boat, home, love, metaphor, sea, storm, voyage,


Slicing through bellowing winds,
Cracking the mirror in two;
Black silhouettes cascade down the glass,
Catching the golden hues
that stare, deceived by their own reflections
marred in the murky depths,
never to see truth.

Poem Details | by Brenda Victoria Northeast |
Categories: allegory, life, love, sea, love,

The love boat

The Love boat

Love is such a tossed about word
‘I love you’ we say
But often we neglect to see
We have forgotten to truly care
A rough word written or spoken
Can often break a heart
Have we become so calloused 
Like the barnacled hull of a ship
Desensitized to understand 
It’s the little things that cause us 
A smooth or a rough sail
Or a total wreck
Maybe to have a scrapping down 
We’ll sail smoother 
On our great ocean voyage
Even when the waves swell
And almost swallow us whole
If we are smoother bottomed
Our stormy ride will not leave us 
Quite the shipwreck 

© Brenda V Northeast   4 Sept. 2011

Poem Details | by Lord James |
Categories: adventure, anniversary, beauty, boat, love, sea,


Dark nimbus clouds form from far,
Eagles, Egrets and Hamerkops fly above in circles,
Eyeing the delicious evening picnic dinner on our laps.

Small waves form towards the beach,
But we still kissing in the sea
as we enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

In my old but sure partner,
We in her comfortably,
casting very long shadows on the water.

Imagine what we see?
Before us, there it was,
The most beautiful thing we've ever experienced,

In our honeymoon,
We witnessed the sunset in the sea.
Just the two of us.

Poem Details | by Hansteven Selfa |
Categories: blue, boat, i love you, love, ocean, sea, water,

Sea Of Love

We've been sailing on this beautiful sea 
Enjoying the view while feeling the air 
Like dreams as kids we wanted to be 
The sailors of this ocean we share 
Wandering up high and down low 
Feeding our eyes with clouds and seascapes 
In motion of the current we float and we go 
The feeling of drifting, with you, is my escape. 
Together, we voyage in this course 
Without ends, no limits, let's savor the ride 
To fight at last the lethal remorse 
I love to sail with you upon the tides.

Poem Details | by alex j stokas |
Categories: boat, fantasy, love,

Parisian Night

Parisian nights magical made for hand in hand walking
Along the light sparkling Seine,
Across bridges running to old left bank enclaves
Magic nights soft city lights
Footsteps echo into alleys
Taxis purr catlike in misty morning dew
Who walks in these early hours just before dawn?
Bakers rolling croissants, freshly baking
Deliveries of flowers, papers, breads
All in sleepy just light …
You and I, hand in hand,  find our way home
Under flowering purple trees

Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: fantasy, life, love, mystery, nature, places, romance, seame, boat, me,

Love To Immortalise

Strong storm blew the boat until it did strand
Upon rock_ shore so very far away.
Please my gentle lover give me your hand
There is no way you would let me be prey

Row me and the boat ashore to assay
This beautiful place we will immortalise
No! we did not go down in depths to decay
Nor did guardian angel go down likewise

Didn't matter what nature will devise
Lived through shipwreck we will go down in fame
Thru this somehow we will be eternise
The whole wide world will remember my name

Now this small green isle we'll surely subdue
As our great love grows and somehow renew

Poem Details | by Josette Key |
Categories: angst, boat, boyfriend, break up, farewell, feelings, lost love,

I Knew

You walked away
With a laugh and a wave
Like nothing was happening

Complaining about the lack of beer
With the promise of a call.

But, I knew.

I knew there would be no call
I knew that our time together
Was over.

You never would have
Admitted it.

But, I knew.

Josette Davis Key               2014