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Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, boat, love, moon,

One Tune

Looking divine a picture goddess 
jewels crowning gems sparkling magic 
shining beautiful moon princess dazzling light

At a regal glance priceless cut, shines out diamond
silver ivory full face over and back 
we dance into the milky way to paradise

In silver shadows we kiss holding sweetly our love
our souls sparkle together amazing dreams shine
this picture forever lives in the mind one treasure

Most adoring of all queens gracious 
sweetheart I pray soon one day we will always 
be together all I ever want to do deeply

Is make you smile embraced with happiness  
its dark here alone shining in all dreams
Light of a thousand stars halo shine around you babe
Silken ribbons whisper tenderly soft
in every thought a warm breeze sails 
Silently this boat to you on golden waves 

Only if you wish darling 
one in a thousand dreams that come true  
you're the  sweet night in gale singing inside always now in your tune 

Poem Details | by cheryl hoffman |
Categories: boat, death, sad love,

Eve of Eternity

She couldn't contain her rhapsody demeanor much more
hugging her husband and gushing with excitement as he closed the door
the third class cabin was modest but she thought it would do
finally spending time together in this steerage cabin room

After dining together and playing cards with some other passengers
they retired to their cabin and did some reading till their eyes tired
then they spooned together in the darkness of the room
and made passionate love being they were on their honeymoon

Sound asleep till they we're abruptly awaken by a violent jarring
finding out from people running about it was from an icebergs scarring
throwing on their overcoats they we're thrown two lifejackets
and fought their way up to the top deck amidst all the panic

Their weary eyes saw the last lifeboat being lowered down to the ocean
many brave men staying behind waving trying not to show emotion
the newlyweds hugged each other while their faces wept
about to go down with the ship into the fathomless depths

They held hands while trying with all their might to hold on and grip
as the ship rose up perpendicular making them and others slip
the ship now offered nothing but quietus to the passengers on board
as they both plummeted in slow motion down to the ocean floor

Some survivors in the Titanic lifeboats watched with pitiful awe
while others who lost loved ones lost control and bawled
the ones who lost many possessions tried not to show too much enmity
while the newlyweds love story would last for all eternity.


Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: blue, boat, longing, love,

Reaching Deepest Oceans

My beloved How far will I love you As far as where moons immerse in deep seas Beyond the edge of a tide's crimson hue Where your breath fills my sails with soft zephyr breeze Lone I embark to our promised land Across borders of secret pain Under still stars,above drifting sand through anchored shadows of rain Oh foreign eyes,but never distant Your arms'safe harbour of a long embrace Two souls entwined,two hearts persistent Beneath night's sky,my lips outline your face Water rise, water falls between shores and time Empty spaces still abhore our love,sweet tender and sublime

Poem Details | by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: boat, loss, love,

Past Proposal

The sun left the sky as I lay on the sand with a three diamond ring resting cold in my hand I lay in the place where I once wrote your name Till soft ripples of waves lapped in silence on shore and washed it away I can still see you there whispering in my ear and beneath a half moon can still freeze our time in the shadow of your tear I remember that night Our arms in embrace I saw love in your eyes and mourn on your face I remember those lights as the ship sailed at bay I remember our dream built on castles of clay Unforgotten your voice though lost in the mist Years in waiting,a return My lips still unkissed I wonder if your fingertips remember my hair If in your serene sleep You imagine me there? Or,Have you forgotten the promise we shared Through new perfume of women Does this heart go unheard?

Poem Details | by Tim Smith |
Categories: boat, love,

Made For You

Standing, searching, anchored to the bow of this ancient boat Two by two I see many a pair but who is out there for me Resilient rains dampen my day but my dreams remain dry and bright Standing, searching, anchored building my vessel board by board day by day Acts of kindness and love giving thanks to the Father above making me stronger, more appealing being ready for when you climb aboard when we set sail for the promised land No longer the seas will be lonely The moon will guide us The sun will be there to protect us The winds will blow us our sails will be plenty and always full all our prayers will be answered because darling I am being built for you

Poem Details | by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love, passion,

A Love Note to my Dream Boat

come to me by night when the world has gone to sleep ~in my bed I wait~ come blanket me with your love rock me awake to passion.

Poem Details | by Earl Graham |
Categories: love, boat, moon,

going to the moon

             i'm going to the moon tonight 
              in a boat with big white sails 
              and you can come too if you want too 
              just the two of us 
              in a boat with big white sails 
              going to the moon 
              we'll sit real close and huggle to keep warm 
              and i'll sing for you if you want me too 

Poem Details | by Ravindra K Kapoor |
Categories: life, love, musicbeautiful, lost, beauty, voice, heaven, beautiful, beauty, boat, day, earth, heaven, lost, love, river, voice,

The Boatmans Song 1/ Many

1/ To be continued in many parts

It was a different era and it’s a different story
Of a boatman and his enchanting melodies 
An Apsara* falling in love with that boatman 
But the boatman having a different love story  

The boatman used to carry simple villagers 
From one bank of the river, to its other bank everyday
While moving his boat on the river  
He used to sing those heart touching stories 

His voice in itself was a melody 
Bestowed on him by the Goddess Saraswati*
And his love songs were the songs of true love stories
Sung by the boatman, in full throated ease and beauty
While oaring his boat in the river side stream
Flowing between a Jungle, on one bank side of the river
And long sand dunes spreading  
All over the other non ending side of the river Ganges

Charmed by boatman’s voice and songs
And charmed by the beauty of the enchanting Jungles* 
Spread all along the one side bank of the calmly flowing river Ganges
His passengers used to get lost in the melodies of his songs
So long as his boat was moving from the sand bank of the river stream 
To its Jungle end every time the boatman carries some passengers

One day the echoes of his melodies crossed 
The airy levels of earth and started flowing
Like a soothing cool breeze, even in heaven
And charmed all the heavenly bodies in the court of Indra*
He listened them almost spellbound and became enchanted 
By the echoes of those unheard melodies of the boatman

Urveshi* who was a crown beauty among the Apsaras* of Indra* 
And was much more than, beautiful and charming
Among all the Apsaras of heaven, found her lost in hearing
The echoes of those love songs sung by the boatman 

Urvasi found one day after hearing those echoes 
That she was in love with them and became restless 
To hear the real songs of the boatman, while sitting before him
In his boat in the river Ganges on earth 

Urveshi asked the Lord of Heaven Indra*
If she can go to earth to hear the songs of the boatman
As the echoes of his songs had made her restless beyond imagination
She found that even she can not enjoy the heavenly pleasures
Till she quenches her thirst of listening the melodies 
Of that boatman, he was singing on earth

Kanpur India 4th January 2010

* Apsara=   A Nymph dancer of heaven in the court of Indra as per Hindu Mythology 
* Indra=   The Lord of Heaven as per Hindu mythology
* Urveshi=   One of the most beautiful Apsaras (nymph) of Indra 
* Saraswati = Goddess of knowledge, music & arts as per Hindu mythology
* Jungle =  Forest

Poem Details | by liam mcdaid |
Categories: angel, beautiful, emotions, feelings, love, romance,

Within Loves Boat

Flying in 
the Heaven's 
birds softly whistling 
sweet magical music 
enchanting among'st 
the angels 

Smiling pouring out 
from the petals 
rising rose emotions 
Straight in front 
of me those eyes 
golden sparkled 
rising a sunshine 
golden treasure 

Listen to 
the heartbeats 
kissing you love 
glowing warm beautiful 
in the soul 
sparkling diamonds 
within a divine light 

A flawless beauty 
fills up inside sparkling 
with Heavenly love 
in your soul 
finds the gentleness 
of your peace 
sailing on 
deep ocean 
blue waves

Poem Details | by Elaine George |
Categories: lost love, summer, autumn, summer,

Missed the Boat

She sits in the old rocking chair
Threads of silver in her golden hair
Alone in the glow of candle light
She rocks so gently in the night

Outside the autumn leaves do fall
As shadows dance upon the wall
Crystal tears in eyes of china blue
Fall for the love she never knew

He came to shore that summer day
His schooner anchored in the bay
And with a glance her knees grew weak
She lost her voice and could not speak

For there he stood so tall and lean
The handsome man in all her dreams
And he broke her heart that summer day
When he said goodbye and sailed away

Poem Details | by Ravindra K Kapoor |
Categories: life, love, musicheart, song, beauty, beauty, boat, body, future, heart, love, song, time,

The Boatman's Song 9/ Many

The Boatman’s Song       9/Many

After taking some passenger, the boatman moved his boat
And while oaring the boat he started his singing 
Tarang felt as if, someone was pouring honey in her ears
While her heart and mind got enchanted by the song of the boatman
It was a rare pleasure for a nymph, to hear such a voice on earth
For a very long time she could not know, how much time passed away
She found the boatman was about to reach the other bank’s end 

The Boatman was lost in his own world of thoughts
Tarang* thought to find more from his mind
As she was capable to enter in a human minds to know its 
Past, present and even future designs
She took a dive deep into his busy mind and 
Traced all that she wanted to find, within no time

But to her surprise, there were many things
Totally different than what she was expecting to find
The boatman was a prince in exile, escaped to save his life
From those who were trying to kill him
To rule his fathers kingdom and he was living in disguise

From seeing his body Tarang had felt herself
That this man is not an ordinary Youngman
Having all the qualities of a true warrior like body 
But what shocked Tarang was the knowledge 
Of the boatman’s love affair with a princess 
For whom he was looking at those sand dunes
And for her only he used to sing those heart touching songs

Tarang* knew that this truth would be devastating for Urveshi*
Who has come to earth, all along from heaven
As she is deeply in love with this extra ordinary man
Who is so appealingly charming and handsomely bold
In spite of his just crossed teenage, he looks like chief of an army
Only his soldiers appears to be missing or at rest 
Such was the real beauty of that boatman
Whose entire life was open before Tarang* like a book
And she could see even his future so bright
But Tarang* was sad to know all that 
As her friend Urveshi* was going to affected badly
When she would know that the boatman was 
Already in love with a princess of alluring beauty 

Boatman’s love story

Tarang traced the love story of the boatman
Which began one day, when he was waiting in his boat
For some passengers to come to move the boat 
From the river bank side
Suddenly he saw someone coming on a horseback
The riders black horse was shining
In that white sand spread all around, he could see that side

Ravindra				              to continue….
Kanpur   India 12th January 2010  

* Urveshi (One of the beloved Apsaras of Indra 
* Tarang (A name of the nymph) Tarang is a Hindi word means waves

Poem Details | by Smail Poems |
Categories: baseball, beach, bereavement, birthday, black african american, boat, business, butterfly, car, change,


Romantic, close
A subject of sweetest softness
Cats can be loved too

Poem Details | by Russell Sivey |
Categories: boat, love, poetry, water,

Moment of Grace

We are out on a small pond in a boat A blue row boat floating on the surface I recite lovely poems that I wrote The moment is electric sent with grace I softly touch her smooth skin on her face We face each other with a tender look Seeing how our love is read like a book We’re sent slowly into the pond beyond Our gaze and our souls aligned on a hook A kiss on the mouth is how we respond Russell Sivey

Poem Details | by Linda-Marie SweetHeart |
Categories: adventure, boat, , romantic love,

in the blink of an eye

'in the blink of an eye" the camera lense inside my eye decided to take flight upon an adventurous love affair intending to ignite while in the midst of viewing landscapes beautiful symmetry capturing on eternal film every earthly mystery. in Rome , the Trevi Fountain intoxicates by bell enticing fond admirers to cast coins in wishing well while gondolas in Venice charm romantic lovers ride upon blue azure waterways where gentle breezes abide. feeling incredible power of Mount Vesuvious volcano inhaling cathedral windows in Padua with classic staino motor boat sking on white crested waves of the Amalfi Coast treasured sights of Italy, to tourists, plays great host. my lense kidnaps a winery in Tuscany's grape vineyard absorbing growing vines of fruit in softly blowing windward toasting wine is an Italian custom of friendly greeting ingesting sights so breathtaking invigorates heart beating. journeying to Positano Harbor for cool boat races snapping photos vigrously as challengers heighten their paces a lovely paradise exists on Florence steamy sandy beach as twilight horizon canopy glows as pretty as ripe peach. in the blink of an eye the mind hides memories of travel forever encased inside the lense protected from unravel a treasure chest of cherished moments envisioned with deep sigh a fabulous adventure preserved within the blink of an eye. *For SandyIvy's Viewing Life Through Camera Lenses Contest. *Nov13, 2012

Poem Details | by Cynthia Ferguson |
Categories: adventure, boat, first love, grief, longing, lost love, sea,

The Anne Marie Gale

There she sits, ready to fly, to be free and take sail
A beautiful ship, the love of my life, The Anne Marie Gale
Ready to take on the harshest storms, the hurricanes
The darkness and the rain, typhoons, and all the pain
She sails off, leaving me behind, lost forever in vain
I watch you slip away, my beautiful Anne Marie Gale 
When you were once here, in the harbors of my heart 
Set off to sail, and to take the wind, as I watch you part 

You are a beauty, an angel, sails are your wings of the sea, 
where behind your veil, You look out ahead, and see 
all your flags are flying, your sails of pearls are furled
On your mast your colors, are waving you on to your destiny
Here you took my heart, and now you are taking the world
Leaving me a shallow old man, to cry alone and wail
Where have I gone? Lost in time, with The Anne Marie Gale
Will you return someday? And return to a place once home? 
Where I stand at the oceans’ edge in the waves, sand and foam 
I watch from the light houses, and islands, their tallest towers 
Waiting your return, counting each day, each second, each hour
I feel the wind and rain pour through my veins, ripping my soul
Taking my heart to the depths, into the end of times final hours 
where I cannot not escape, nor do I dare let go the ropes holding me
Binds me, keeping me tied forever a knot, only time unfolding me  

Soon the winds of a gale will take me, and my strength will soon fail
As I wait out my life in wonder of the beautiful Anne Marie Gale
Do you ever remember me from your heart? See me through the veil?
Or are you set free by your sails forever with the winds and gales?
That take you into the adventures you seek, of The Anne Marie Gale
A beautiful clipper, built from the heart of my woods, and of golden rails
The storms of my heart, a gold jewel of the sea, the wind in your sail
Forever I will be a ghost aboard the pure heart of the Anne Marie Gale,

Poem Details | by Danielle Wise Baxter |
Categories: forgiveness, love, nostalgia, passion, old, memory, boat, memory, old,

Creating Bliss

I take it him down to Louisiana
those long forgotten day I couldn't live without
the days of heat and passion hidden in the sun
barely enough time to do what we wanted

Oh those days that summer in moonlight
when love was my only gift that came from inside
near that old Red River our own valley
the tug boats horn blowing in their travels
but we never stopped laughing
 long enough to hold on and make it matter

Oh I dream of sweet love home together
as my memories make thoughts swim in love's river
two tiny toddlers in that old house asleep
as we made our dreams hope creating another
 in nine months we held our creation of bliss

This is about my third child SawyerMoving into my childhood home, he got a gleam in his eye and we took a break from moving right thereI was so youngA tug boat came by blowing watching and no matter how much I begged he kept saying I don't hear a thingI was so embarrassedWe were miles from civilization but my luck a tug boat came up the riverlol TMI just a fond memory nowAlabama was always on the radio, he would set it to take me down, or she and IOver share I knowNot my best for sure but a memory just the same.

Poem Details | by Andrew Johnson |
Categories: boat, hope, love, ocean, sea,

Adrift at Sea

For years this ship has been sailing the seas
From the beaches of Hawaii to the Florida Keys
With no land in sight and no view of atolls
The ship was used to pitches, yaws and rolls

Alas, land has been spotted ahead
After four years of feeling left for dead
No more sorrow or lonely, sad songs
Just happiness that good fortune has finally come along

Like an island to Odysseus’ men many years ago
This island is what the captain has wished he would go
After so far away from love and compassion
This was not an example of instant satisfaction

This ship has suddenly turned engines on to full throttle
And its captain now drinks rum from a bottle
Never again he wishes to see
His ship out of love and adrift at sea

Poem Details | by cherl dunn |
Categories: boat, devotion, feelings, friendship, love, spiritual, storm,


Let the storms of rage pace us by my friends, for we have our islands
Of friendships resting in calmer waters, shelter coves of treasures devotions
Never to be rocked away, or relinquished!
Admits tidal shifting, know I’m always beside thee no matter what quaking
Takes place, the heart rheum of cherishment's remains the same pulse beat as mine,
For true sister ship is a binding thread never to be untethered, or unbound!
Behold a quilted tapestry, made from many fabrics of silken materials, emotional
Canvas spread wide to be shared with many souls, and across vast distances,
Beauty beguiling in its depth of structure, and magnificence!
Inspirational muses lighting each other’s way through the darkness of every days,
Tangled mysteries to life, or stressful times, we the anchors firmament to the solid
Ground to realities shores, these soul sisters bounded by loves ties!
Restrictions lightning strikes threshing at us seemingly out of control, the earth
Rattles with the thunderous roar trying to rip us apart, but remember thus
At the heart of this hurricane blast, lies the islands of friendship, the eye of the
Storm remains unshaken, study and firm!
At full sail ships may drift at high tides unpredictable wakes, yet our destinations
Headings remain constant, homeward bound towards the safe harbors of friendships
Cove beyond troubled waters of the haling hellish storm!
If my boat collides against the rocks of injustice, or pains tragedies, I’ll wrap myself beneath
The warmth of my sister ships blanket, for here beneath thy covers layers of loving
I know I’ll be safe, filled with comforts arms enveloping me within mine sisters embrace!
Guiding me do these bright stars, maps of the timeless brilliance shimmering
Within my inner being, each a unique personage that means so much to me,
Lost amongst a universal black hole, by these flickering lights I alone know my way,
For in truth I’m not alone for these mine sisters led me ever onwards!
Knocked to my knees unable to walk, or reverse my sails, their winds guide 
My ship, and lift me upwards by words of encouragement, prayer and thoughts
Of strengths resolve!
Blazing comets zoom passed me above, leaving me awe struck and shivering
Like a child left in the dark, but these many hands of deliverance reach out
Within this black pit of darkness lightning my way, and place these unsteady
Feet on hard earth once more!
Circle to the cross stitching, then pulled tightly behold a rose stitching of
Perfections grace, each threaded strain representing a sisters offering
Within the sails of my life, what a beauty canvas to glaze upon at twilights
Horizon sunset, it fills me with joy, hope and peace!
Do angels exist yes, I believe in them for within my treasure chest of
Friendship are wings of ivory sister ship, and petals of rose emotions,
Behold a true heart shaped box of wondrous miracles, my soul sisters whom are
The islands of shelter within my life storm!


Poem Details | by Onis Sampson |
Categories: angel, april, bird, boat, dedication, devotion, earth, february, forgiveness, growth, identity, introspection, jesus, loneliness, lost love, memory, metaphor, miracle, mom, mythology, nostalgia, pain, passion, poets, prayer, rain, relationship, rights, sad, science fiction, sky,

Your Eyes

 (Dedicated to Folake)

Your eyes, woman
are like twilight rainbow
amorously bearing aloft passions of mine
toward androcytic ecstacy.
They tell of endless lights.

Night skies clarion the warmth of you
keep me balled-up till
i am tilted to your adorned essence.

May I call up words to adore you,
agglomerate them into a panoply of worshippers
unsandalled before you
like Moses at the burning bush.
And now you seem to fall asleep
but you tell me it's the heavy night
bidding toward a sunny dawn
wherein our love is lighted.

Slowly I let you fall asleep
impatient with the long night
waiting to gaze once more
into the eyes of my lovely love.

Then a lip is placed on yours
and you rouse up wide-eyed
smiling at my romantic move.
We enjoyed the night, cruising on.

Poem Details | by Voahanitriniaina Rabary-Andriamanday |
Categories: boat, first love,

The Mystery of Life

He used to tell me

Your queen is a christian queen
Your love is a christian love
Your fate is a christian fate

But where is my queen? She died in exile
Now where is my love? He dies for exile
And where is my fate? It's dyeing my exile

And nobody answers me anymore,
Not even the wind
that we used to trust

But that was when
We were still 


Poem Details | by Flora Mae Gudez |
Categories: absence, bird, blue, boat, boyfriend, break up, deep, depression, desire, emo, emotions, feelings, first love, fishing, girl, grief, heartbroken, lonely, longing, loss, love, miss you, missing, missing you, sorrow, suicide,


Oh sea of love!
How bitter the mem'ries I have!
This place reminisce the pain
Of not seeing my love again.

Your birds up high
Remind me of his goodbye.
Your water so deep
Makes me yearn and weep.

So let your breeze blow,
And dry the tears that flow.
Let your waves take away
The griefs and sorrows that stay.

Oh sea of love!
Erase the mem'ries I have!
Wash them out of the blue,
Take them away with you.

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: betrayal, boat, change, computer, confusion, cool, crazy, cute love, emotions, fantasy, funny, funny love, heart, heartbroken, hello, irony, light, loneliness, lonely, lost love, love, love hurts, parody, relationship, river, romantic, sad love, satire, soulmate, voyage, wisdom,


I had my heart put on auto-pilot,
set to navigate towards you; 

the low-battery signal just came on,
I don't know what to do

Poem Details | by Katherine Stella |
Categories: adventure, business, education, fantasy, children, funny, imagination, inspirational, life, lost love, people, places, social, urban, visionary, worklost, lost, love,

Banana Boat Bob

<                        Banana ~ boat ~ Bob ~ is ~ a ~ slippery....Boob
                          Thought ~ that ~  this ~ town ~ lost ~ it's..groove
                          No ~ spice  ~  no ~  life ~ no ..nothing
                          Little ~ lost ~ boy ~ now ~ looks ~ for ~ his ~ Lucy's.. ring

                          When ~ where ~ what ~ or ~ even.... why
                          I'll ~ inquire ~ insist ~ innovate ~ or ~ even ...lie
                          His ~ history ~ of ~ having ~ such ~ big.....hamstrings
                          Maybe ~ even ~ mighty ~ magical ~ musical ~ fruits ~ and..greens

                         Or ~ having ~ big ~ over-sized ~ onions ~ olives  ~ and...Kiwi
                         screw ~ this ~ he's ~ scum  ~ skewered ~ tossed ~ back ~ to.sea
                         Poor ~ precious ~ pretty ~  Lucy ~  got.....   pranked
                         Cause ~ curious ~ Bob ~ couldn't ~ control ~ love ~ so ~ he.. sank


                        All ~ alone ~ and ~ now ~ very..angry
                        Drowing ~ deep ~ in ~ own ~ do-do  ~ droppings..whopie 
                        Luscious ~ Lucy ~ now ~ can ~ look ~ long ~ and....hard
                        For ~ another ~ fast ~ floating ~ free ~ salemens ~ not ~ selling...lard

Entry For
Linda Marie's
Luscious Love Lingers Contest

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: boat, girl, journey, life, love, lust,

Sitting happy in my bathtub

Sitting happy in my bathtub
Sailing my boat 
Smoothly between and around my kneecaps
When she stepped in and capsized me

Poem Details | by Delice Arleen Skelly |
Categories: lost love, love hurts, water,

Origami Boat

Forlorn love letter Posted by crestfallen heart Paper full of pain Origami crafted boat Battled turbulent water.

Poem Details | by Keith Relf |
Categories: adventure, beach, black african american, blessing, boat, books, career, cry, dream, earth, earth day, faith, fantasy, life, love, music, nature, places, poetry, romance, sea, time, travel,

Dream on

I dream on, from my dome to my chest
to my toes and to the tips of my palms
We dream on, in the land of the free,  
but where freedom comes at a cost and 
sacrifice for others the achieve their dream
I dream on, flying over an icy mountain top,  
To the sweat taste of lemon drops,  
To the cool relief of mist burning over a  
desert black top as I brain storm lessoning 
to heart beat of my favorite song.
We dream on, from the top of 
lonely tropical island hill top  
to the sit and the smell of a breath
taking Forrest and to a falling
sun afflicting a shining sea
that is the best part of the day 
I rather spend ending enjoying with a beautiful
woman..the sit and the breeze
Poetry by Keith KRelf

Poem Details | by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: adventure, beautiful, boat, cute love,


its get near
 up state  fresh air
mabe see a bear
time to unwince
it be under the moon

Poem Details | by LAUREN GARNER |
Categories: adventure, best friend, boat, easter, happiness, love, river,



On a windy Easter Sunday, the sun was shining bright
A group of people went to the river for an afternoon delight
Even though it was last minute, we surely did not care; 
all we wanted was some fun and feel the wind blow through our hair.
None of us were ready for what we had in store, 
all we knew was we had friendships, lasting beyond that sandy shore.
Some of us took pictures, all of us drank beer; 
and as that sun went down, it quickly drew us near
Talking about loved ones, whose soul's clearly remain, 
brought us all together.Every story was explained.
Who knew on that one day, so very much could happen, 
and relationships could be formed and continue with so much passion
Even though it is still early, and there are more memories to make,
I still would choose the river.Over any Sunset Lake.

Poem Details | by James Tate |
Categories: life, love, natural disasters, boat,

On the Ocean Waves

She smiled and squeezed his hand
As he looked into her eyes
Drawing her close to his side
Ignoring buffeting winds

The proud boat shuddered
But the young lovers hardly noticed
Dark clouds and lowering skies
Threatened their honeymoon

The captain got their attention
“Dawn your lifejackets now,
We’re facing rough waters!”
He tried to comfort her as anxiety appeared

Tension mounted, deck awash
The boat leaned and shook
Now, with fear showing in their faces
The couple prepared to ditch

Reluctantly, the vessel faltered
During the intensifying storm
The frightened couple escaped
Clinging to an inflatable raft

Seven grueling days past
With no rescue ship in sight
Their drinking water going fast 
Food containers long sense depleted

“O Lord, send us food!”
They prayed in desperation
Suddenly a curious seagull came near
Floating on the ocean waves

Poem Details | by Samuel Robinson |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, blue, boat, dark, death, girl, god, image, loss, love, mythology, natural disasters, nature, romantic, sad love, sea, sorrow, storm, water,

cerulean loss

her alabaster lips did drown
the sea with rage that fateful dawn.
how beautiful with skin so pale,
her alabaster lipsdid drown
the roar of waves and shredded sail.
Poseidon's wrath on human pawn.
her alabaster lips did drown.
the sea with rage that fateful dawn...