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Love Poems About Blue Jay or Blue Jay Love Poems
by Lin Lane |
Categories: lost love,

On Restless Wings

I wrote verse on the wings of a lark
romantic phrases in perfect rhyme
but the lark flew away in the dark
I wrote no further for the longest time

A lone blue jay landed upon my lawn
I wrote sweet prose on his sapphire wings
He spent the night with me, but at dawn
the jay flew away and no longer sings

I answered the call of a beautiful raven
I wrote love sonnets on his ebony wings
He stayed for years in my safe haven
I was one of the raven's castoff things

I no longer trust those who take flight
I lost them all and my torn heart bled
On restless wings I'll never again write
of love that leaves me alone in my bed

by L'nass Shango |
Categories: philosophy

The map

Glacial ice melting
The climate suddenly changes
Old relationships.

When the blue jay sings
Listen how wide it ranges
The boundary of spring.

After rain rainbow
Thunder makes the coastland smile
Faith provides the oil.

So I map landscapes
With audacity to see
Change, a boomerang.

I search through petals
To find a woman's soft heart
Felt a bumbled sting

No bridge left to cross
Love drowns everything in tears
So the cuckoo sings

by Sue Mason |
Categories: devotion

Silent Speaking

To speak a name ...
most Beneficient, most Glorious,
the All-Wise or to This
from whence I came:

No words have I to say
for love lies between us, unspoken.

How to speak of hope if
I turn away from the downtrodden,
how to ask for forgiveness
as my hands kill in Your names ...
so many names ...
how to say thank you for all
as I hoard wealth and
how empty are promises
as children starve?

No, I have nothing to say
as I listen to the cooing of a dove
or the cacaphony of a blue jay
and laugh with You.

     for Matt Calieri's "If You Could Talk To God" contest

by Lu Loo |
Categories: love,

Complicated Perfection

She was covered in messy hair
and wore such manic eyes.
Though she was complicated, 
she offered me perfection. 

She knew not self-control
or aided in anything worthwhile, 
but her voice resounded in an
aria of a tune even a Blue Jay
couldn’t comprehend. 

She lived a life on the edge, 
no rhyme to her reason and
no reason for her mistakes. 
Though she was difficult to 
say the least, she was flawless 
in my arms. 

It was clear she inhabited a
perplex mind. Though she was 
intricate to the world, she owned
a simple heart. A woman with 
arduous passion for me.  

June 10, 2018

by James Marshall Goff |
Categories: lost love

My Love Far Away

I wished to own some things someday
To bring them home and call my own

The trees have grown without a care
To where their seeds have up and flown

Oceans ebb and rainbows arch
These things I gather turn to dust

The Blue Jay flies not knowing why
The birds he mimics, resent my lies

And as my world spins through the stars

       One thing I need-

                                My truth
Dare say

My love for you




by Ken Carroll |
Categories: bird, lonely, love,


Songbird in my front yard
feeding on seed I've thrown
I can see you
because I have become 
part of the silence...

Each day I learn from you
as the fish learn from the sea
the Sparrow and the Blue Jay
learn from the wide open sky..

Mockingbird I am lonely today
chant your melancholy in the still air
call for your lost lover
making the stars smile 
and your mate to sing  back..

Tonight I will chant for my lover
as I look for her in distant stars
perhaps they are all just nests
of celestial invisible birds...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

by Gerald Buss |
Categories: care,

Mourning Dove

The mourning dove visits daily, comes for her noontime meal. This sweet-faced bird also has the sweetest song, a haunting melody. But what is most endearing is her politesse, her courtesy, her hanging back, while others eat ahead. She doesn't "push or shove," nor does she intimidate, as the blue jay does, or seems to at any rate; she waits and, for that, and for what it is worth, the mourning dove has drawn from this bird-loving bird-feeder an abiding love.

by Ernest Robles |
Categories: beautiful, poems, poetry, poets,


My longest morning begins
without you
The cherished sun-smiles
that hides with expectation
   the cloud bellows white
the sheets wet by fitful
dreams of losing you.
   WHEN did moments charge
in blood?  And between spaces
  bent fingers reaching for you?
Oh where, where is this "YOU?"
My passion -->
dearest love 
[perhaps a heart caught 
 in the throe of passion
is a blue-jay egg within my

:: ~~ ::

by stephen blencowe |
Categories: love,

The Day of the Blue Jay

   Thank-you for being you, the sunshine of my days....

   For the playing of my heartstrings of this hopeless romantic blue jay...

   I'll be singing into your arms, to lay, to play and not to stray...

   With you I want to stay...............

by Ernest Robles |
Categories: poems, poetry, poets,


My longest moment begins
without you
The cherished sun-smiles
that hide within expectation;
   the cloud bellows white
like sheets wet by fitful
dreams of losing you
   WHEN did moments charge
in blood?  And between spaces
  bent fingers reaching for you?
Oh where, where is this "YOU?"
My passion -->
dearest love! 
[perhaps a heart caught 
 in the throe of passion
is a blue-jay egg within my

:: ~~ ::

by Cynthia Jones |
Categories: beautiful,

A January Snow Storm

January snow storm
it started last night,
didn't know how much expect
but I wasn't filled with fright.

I love when the snow falls
so long as there isn't too much,
enjoy hearing it crunch 'neath my feet
I take pictures and such.

I went out and shoveled this morning
just for something to do,
my morning coffee had to wait
but that didn't make me blue.

Why be upset with a little bit?
About two feet is what we got,
it's still snowing outside though
and it still doesn't bother me a lot.

I'd like to get a picture of a blue jay
or even a cardinal...or two,
I would print them out
that would be something new.

Copyright Cynthia Jones

by Rocell Grace Aranas |
Categories: courage, cousin, creation, crush, cute love, dad, daughter,

The Last Dance

Move thy feet to me 
Let us dance to the rhythm of our hearts; 
Go to the oblivion cold spring of guilty roads and selfish love. 
And drink the cup of our undying passion; 
Could this be our last dance? 
For our hearts know the reasons why.. for the second chance; 
Before the phantom of dishonest morning dies: 
Come! be with me my Poseidon.. 
 Listen to the unheard melodies of the blue Jay; 
A mind can forget, though it's questioning.. 
 And a heart can remember, despite it's aching. 
Weep must not we for sunset, 
And have the Last dance!

by Destiny Budd |
Categories: friendshipme, bird, bird, life, me,

Answer To Happiness

This life of mine has been quite a search
To find what will make me happy
To find the right bird to sit on my perch
To sing for me up in my tree

I thought it would take one blue jay to love
Until I ran into a free and friendly dove

Such a great time we had laughing as friends
And sharing lame jokes and our stories
Made me realize what I want when life ends
Is more than one bird in my memories

I think every bird is meant for every bird
And united we shall always be heard

Because answers don't always come in ones,
As a bird flies in a flock,
And only as we share our lives with tons
Will our happiness be in great stock.

December 2009

by lauren gift |
Categories: loveblue, love,

Blue Jay in The Night

To love a Blue Jay with a broken wing
I do not fly
I do not sing

I ask so much and give so little 
You dance for me and I play a fiddle

So little to gain
So much to hide

To love a Blue Jay with a broken wing
I do not fly
I do not sing

by Steve Crismond |
Categories: love,

Little Butterfly

Like a little butterfly,
Flittering here and there,
Soaring delicately,
Through the tumultuous air,
Like a beautiful blue jay,
Singing and meandering effortlessly,
Sharing its song unawaringly,
Like the mighty wind,
Unbridled and free,
That’s how fanciful,
You were meant to be.

by Louis Borgo |
Categories: art, love,

Blue Jay Signature

Sun is burning so bright like go a head like the next candle it like I'm that type that so bright,

Oh how words whistle to sound of the sky, 

Am i the first or last to catch the Spindalis bird, 

Sight to catch back home oh what a ride, 

Come back to the blue dream like a merchants mark I'm catering back to my 

Come back old love oh yes I guess, 

I am caught flirting once more love,

If the car is park I guess I fall in space to lane what is mine love,

I guess when told to be home lanes are not gaps and what is found, 

Is like gum always the first piece is the best piece, 

Now how do I work a  stick shift word lesson to learn.

by Louie Tibuni |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, feelings, first love, love, youth,


When you say beautiful, you think of many things
The big blue ocean, a blue jay when it sings
For me these could be thoughts maybe
But really when I think about it, its really you I see 
your not like other girls and without makeup your still the best
your the priceless gold and silver in my treasure chest
hard to get but ill be myself and hope I pass the test
I always think about you, especially when I lay to rest
When you say beautiful you think of many things
But I don't have to think about it 
it'll always be you I see

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: bird, day, dream, flower, memory, nature, summer,


Lazy butterflies in the noonday sun,
In a meadow where there is no one.

Refreshing cider in a clear glass jug,
Recalling wild laughter, a kiss, a hug.

A memory walk in grass and flowers,
And retelling tales in shady bowers.

Summer shadows edging the summer glow-
Reliving the flight of an ebony crow!

Distant and treasured melody of love,
That the heart chooses to daydream of.

Exotic flights of fancy, without an end-
In the avid mind, contrast and blend.

Like the day blue jay came out to play-
And the beautiful orange sun went away!

by Jenish Somadas |
Categories: bird, love,

Blue Jay

a lonely blue jay
whispering loud in low branch
melody of love

Second Place in Haiku - Blue Jay Poetry Contest sponsored by Tania Kitchin

by Mohan Chutani |
Categories: bird,

Blue Jay

o perky blue jay
sing a love song on my tree -
donot be a nut


by Gideon Idudje |
Categories: adventure, blue, care, caregiving, color, food, love,

blue jay


blue jay

      blue birds tend nestlings
across blue sea pick fresh leaves
          cleverly builds nests