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Love Poems About Blank Verse or Blank Verse Love Poems

Blank Verse love poems and/or love poems about Blank Verse. Read, share, and enjoy these Blank Verse love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Blank Verse Poems.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: beauty, emotions, feelings, imagery, love hurts, music, passion,

Callused Fingers

Callused fingers press vibrating strings
drawing passion from a violin.
And with burnished wood snug to his cheek
the violinist plays from its heart.

Subtle vibes saturate my being
as crying strings elicit feelings.
And expounding on love’s betrayal
music stirs the imagination.

His bow hangs like a lingering kiss
savoring the taste of ecstasy.
And then with tears trickling down his cheek
he unleashes unbridled fervor.

Experiencing pangs of rapture
sound slips the bonds of reality.
And as each note penetrates my heart
it ignites flames of fire and passion.

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: life, love,

- A Love So Great -


   May the sun always shine in your heart - melt away winter's ice
   Always look for beautiful colors - even if you never find the rainbow

   Nobody wants to experience the towering and storm high waves
   Adversity makes us strong - like sailing on the sea in storm

   Open up your heart - take a deep breath
   Dreams you will find among the stars - where peace prevails

   Let your thoughts dance between the clouds - without a worry in mind
   Bring your paint brush - paint the world in stunning colors

   Our world is so endlessly large
   A human so little, a love so great

A-L  Andresen :)

Poem Details | by Gary Bateman |
Categories: allegory, emotions, feelings, i love you, inspiration, love, spiritual,

Sunshine Radiance

Sunshine Radiance

Your love is my true sunshine radiance,
That greets me every day with such passion.
It sets my heart and emotions afire!
Words often fail me at times dearest one,
As I seek to share the depth of my love
For you and how it makes me feel daily.
The brightest of moons and stars in Heaven
Can’t match the splendor you bring to my life.
My heart is joyful when we touch and kiss!
Our love basks in your sunshine radiance!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved
(July 7, 2015) (Blank Verse)

Poem Details | by Tom Wright |
Categories: faith, inspirational, love,

A Prayer

Lord, I ask not, That You remove temptations From my life; But grant me Lord, Through faith, The strength to overcome.

Poem Details | by Edward Orozco |
Categories: art, heart, heart, love, me,

A heart to remember

Cold words fall deaf upon the joyful heart
A memory keeps its meaning until death makes it no more 
Her brush always spoke to me, her canvas was my souls imagination
Her soft lips, her beautiful eyes never will I forget for with her I became a man
A nightfall always brought  dreams of holding her, I love her 
She paints to the song that plays over and over again in her heart 
I miss her more than ever
I weep to the heavens and call her name, yet she is absent from my eyes
All I have is the memories, which only God can pull from me 
Her kisses always rose me to the highest point of my self love
When she held my hand I floated carefree 
I love her, she is my heart and I will always remember

Poem Details | by Krysten Mcgee |
Categories: best friend, boyfriend, cute love, love,

You showed me

You showed me 
I once was lost,broken and afraid
 afraid of love 
I once felt alone and betrayed and unwanted 
felt like I had no one 
I was alone in this big o world 
not knowing what to do or where to go 
i wanted to give up I just wanted to end it all...
Then you walked into my life 
you showed me love 
you taught me there was nothing to be afraid of. 
You showed me I wasn't alone. 
You never betrayed me. 
You wanted me when I didn't want myself. 
You pushed me when I couldn't push myself. 
You picked me up when I fell. 
You showed me that I was worth more. 
You showed me how to be me. 
You showed me how to believe in myself.
 You showed me the real me

Poem Details | by Aiyah Torres |
Categories: emotions, husband, i love you, love,

To Love Within

To love within is like seeing the night sky,
filled with wondrous and sparkling lights.
The innermost feeling we love to treasure,
Holding hands while watching the moon.
The sweetness of kisses, the warmth of embrace,
Feeling each seconds that never will fade.
Looking into your brown eyes, my dreams fulfilled.
To love and hold forever, our promise in heaven.
Dancing in a silent music while you wrap around me.
No one could replace it, no one will do.
To love within,the best feeling I found with you.

Poem Details | by Aiyah Torres |
Categories: courage, cute love, daughter, emotions,


in a quiet room,
with the hand of li'l baby,
hoping for full recovery,
sunshine meets her glance,
after rainy day has gone.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: betrayal, feelings, love, sad love,

Tethered To My Heart

Reality's a stark place
that dominates existence.
And I cannot escape it
no matter how hard I try.

I truly believed we would
be together forever.
Yet your lies and betrayal
tore my fragile heart apart.

Love’s indomitable flame
was suddenly extinguished.
And its demise was painful
fueling deep depression.

Fate spun a fickle fortune
spiked with ecstasy and pain. 
And yet time holds the power
to resurrect dying hopes.

Drifting dreams cannot stray far 
tightly tethered to my heart.
And there will come a time when
I’ll believe in them again.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: baby, beautiful, love, sweet,

Ever So Sweet

My scrumptious baby girl’s
half awake half asleep.
And her toffee yawns are
sweet as peaches and cream.

Her cotton candy cheeks,
glow like pink marshmallows.
And dark chocolate curls
adorn her pretty head.

She sports blueberry eyes
and red liquorice lips.
And a creamy face with 
a million dollar smile.

A confectionery
treat, she is delicious.
And gives sugared kisses
that tastes ever so sweet.

Poem Details | by tonya belden |
Categories: i love you, inspirational, love,

Leaf in the Wind

When I am the wind,
and you are a leaf,
I will worship Thee
beyond belief.
Summer dances
across your skin,
when you are a leaf
and I am the wind.
When you are a leaf,
and I am the wind,
each passing day
I will return again.
If you desire
the warmth of the sun,
I will move the clouds
one by one.
You will feel the sun shine
for only Thee.
When I am the wind,
and you are a leaf.
When I am the wind,
and you are a leaf,
I will find you clinging
to a naked tree.
Colors distorted
by the changes of fall.
Still I will cherish you
most of all.
On a breeze I will carry thee
to all the places I've been,
When you are a leaf,
and I am the wind.

Poem Details | by Thrisha Nathan |
Categories: life, lost love, love, relationship, romance, romantic, valentines day,

Can you feel it

Love in the air
can you smell it
Always so loud 
can you hear it 
Out on the Prowl
Can you see it
Always wanting more 
Do you need it

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: beauty, imagery, love, romantic,

Tie-Dyed Sky

Ebony silhouettes
inked by a dying sun
portray lovers embraced
in synergy of hope.

Inseparable dreams
slowly morph into one
subservient to the
whims of compliant hearts.  

And azure pools reflect
a tie-dyed denim sky
as enchanted dreamers
seal their love with a kiss.

Twinkling stars confetti
the emptiness of space
and as darkness descends
shadows swallow all light.

Time seems to stand so still
reality pauses
and motionless they swim
to the depths of their souls.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: august, emotions, feelings, hurt, imagery, love,

All I Can Do

As fear fills empty eyes
a frown contorts your face.
For it’s hard to believe
you forgot your own name.
Yet as you shrink inside
all I can do is weep.

Your identity’s gone
only a shell remains.
And stripped of dignity
you struggle with your shame.
Yet in spite of your pain
all I can do is weep.

You’re lost within a maze
and can’t find your way out.
For confusion stalks you,
stealing your hopes and dreams.
Yet though I’m losing you
all I can do is weep.

Dwindling into fragments
you die a bit each day.
And your hours are endured
silently in despair.
Yet cause it’s Alzheimer’s
all I can do is weep.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: emotions, feelings, hurt, love, sad,

Scripted Tears

Life’s like a poorly penned poem
punctuated by emotions.
And lacking in substance and weight
dreams are abstract and mystical.

Influencing your heart and soul
love touts its own philosophy.
And acknowledges its existence
as the pinnacle of feelings.

Sometimes life’s profoundly painful
while at others it’s filled with joy.
Yet there are similarities
found within its overall theme.

Hope's the predominant rhythm
encouraging feats of magic.
And escaping reality
hides within thoughts of fantasy.

Curiosity turns life’s page
always leaving you wanting more.
And life becomes an illusion
conjured to appease scripted tears.

Poem Details | by alex j stokas |
Categories: farewell, i love you,

memphis farewell

I remember you standing high above that big muddy river
The wind dancing with your soft white cotton dress
Revealing tanned straight legs standing on green summer grass
The golden sun dripped into your fiery hair as the shadows of 
Dusk silently approached
I watched you, a picture of innocence, of unreality 
As the evening grew long shadows you turned and smiled
It was the last time we were together

Poem Details | by Miriam Calleja |
Categories: absence, break up, heartbreak, love, people,

Pomegranate Heart

She counts the seeds
Of my pomegranate heart
The same, always the same
No matter how many times she counts.
Her fingers are stained 
And though she may wash and scrub
There I will be
In her skin, lodged in places
Where she cannot wash me out

Poem Details | by Bobb Marly |
Categories: mother, love,


11:07 AM 8 May 2012
Mothers love 
Mothers have patience
 Mothers remember when and understand
 Mothers protect and nurture
 Mothers listen and impathize
 Mothers correct and explain
 Mothers play and teach
 Mothers hold and be quiet
 Mothers laugh and smile
 Mothers cry and pray
 Mothers smile 
Is this you or someone you should be.
 Mothers are like dads they make mystakes too 
But they always love you no matter what you do
Happy Mothers day Aunt Virgie and thank you for all you are

Poem Details | by Michael Grugan |
Categories: depression, devotion, friendship, lost love, nostalgia, sad,

Sword of Roses

What, then, is Love but a sword of roses
Which cleaves poor waiting hearts
And thusly drunk with the blood of saints
Exults in its own dissipation?

And mine, a soul it so jagged gashed,
A scarred and wilted husk
Which once had songs to Heaven sung
Yet now but gasps with the fetid breath of dying things...

Oh soft Night's tapestry:meadows, fields, 
The courtyards of the Moon!
Now but brittle corpses endraped in silken mask,
Their board and banquet but sullen Death
Mocking of Light, fair Hope, and fond Embrace...

Poem Details | by Vertical Vertical |
Categories: love,


They left every stone unturned
Every rose untouched 
In the rubble of a shrine 
Of those who once had loved
They lie quietly
Faces upturned
Towards the sun
Their tears vaporize
To ascend
To become 
A story that will never end
Life begins at the turn 
Of a long winding way
Journeyed in a day.

Poem Details | by Jonathan White |
Categories: devotion, faith, family, hope, life, loss, love, passion, sad

Corazón Propio

I often find myself in the same situation 
As a life guard
Who dives into the water 
To save a swimmer. 
She can save herself from drowning, 
But she's content with letting the tide 
Determine the outcome.

Don't forget.
There is always that little boy 
Who walks down the road 
Who will save the wheat from the weeds. 
Let him. Please, for his sanity.

And if thee feelst
That thee art beyond
The young boy's grasp, 
Reach out. 
For he knows. 
The boy wants more for his estrella bonita, 
Than his corazón propio.

Poem Details | by Michaela Dowdy |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriendme, me,

I Love You


yet, i hate you.


yet,i want you to leave.


yet,i dont want you.

You broke my heart..

i fell apart..

You didn't help me when i needed you..

You laughed at my pain..

Made me feel invisable..

You wanted me back..

I tried to hide from you..

Everywhere i went, you followed..

I needed to hide..

I was too scared you'd find me..

So here i am..

Stuck in a relationship..

i'll never be able to excape from..

Help me get out..


You dont understand..

It's like being stuck in quick sand..

Everyone says'll be ok..wiggle out..

But when your terrified,,,you can't just sit there..

Poem Details | by Jim Musser |
Categories: betrayal, heartbreak, lost love, pain,

A Love Story

A lane alone
A look alike
A lift aloft
A love alive
A luau aloha
A load allied
A laugh aloof
A lode allude
A lore allure
A loan align
A lodge allege
A lobo alibi
A law allow
A loss alas
A lane alone

February 12, 1995
Submitted to contest: Choose A Topic – D, Heartbreak and Loss
Sponsor: Russell Sivey

Poem Details | by Woodrow Lucas |
Categories: love, mystery, nature, peace, philosophy, god, light, god, light,

The Secret

There is an enemy, who keeps herself hidden to some.
There is an enemy, who with his mighty lies torments others.
But it is only one enemy.
And this enemy destroys the blood of brotherhood by convincing all that God is 
By convincing all that God is one and that she is many, this enemy convinces all 
that we are outnumbered.
But God was many from the very beginning.
And so we are many, the forces of light.
It is the enemy who is outnumbered.
For we are a kingdom which cannot be divided for we are of the same substance.
For in the beginning was the Word, and the word was the light of humanity.
The Word is the light of humanity.
And the Word is many.

Poem Details | by Anthony Beesley |
Categories: god,

Limitless love

A love that has no limitations
No lines or laws to cross
No rules or regulations for the lonely and the lost
A love that sees through darkness and penetrates the pain
A love that finds no fault or foul and does not lash the lame
A love that asks no questions
A love that tells no lies
A love that glows just like a ghost in a neverending night
A love that shines like sunshine in the midst of savage storms
A love that does not bend or break like artificial sticks and stones
Extinguishing the evil that scorches longing souls
A love that reaches past the stops turning ravens into doves
Both endless and eternal
Gods own limitless love