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Poem Details | by Sandra Haight |
Categories: poetry, poets, words,

For the Love of Poetry

For love of poetry, spellbound am I
by force, that takes me to the land of words.
Beyond control, this power has its way
that leads me to uncover heart and soul.

This overwhelming power captures me;
like an addiction, I consume fine words
for them to shape the thoughts within my mind;
create great imagery that can be read.

And only fellow poets know this pain
of finding special words to paint a theme.
This search for us becomes a magic hunt
of hide and seek to capture them like prey.

Consuming is this poet’s gift of pen;
the task can be a tiresome marathon
of hours or days, and yet, if lucky can
flow out in minutes on the first clean page.

This love of writing poetry runs deep;
an inner urge that cannot be dispelled;
as captor, captive both, the poet’s goal…
to find some balance in completed works.

Sandra MHaight

~10 Place~
Premiere Contest: Mania
Sponsor: Lewis Raynes
Judged: 11/07/2017

~1st Place~
Contest: What Inspires You To Write Poetry
Sponsor: Julie Rodeheaver
Judged: 09/05/2017

~2nd Place~
Premiere Contest: Blank Verse
Sponsor: Janice Canerdy
Judged: 05/20/2017

~1st Place~
Contest: For the Love of Poetry
Sponsor: John Lawless
Judged: 04/10/2016

~2nd Place~
Contest: New Or Old 3
Sponsor: Eve Roper
Judged: 08/01/2016

Blank Verse: Poetry, distinguished by having a regular meter, but no rhymeThe meter most commonly used with blank verse is iambic pentameter.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: beauty, emotions, feelings, imagery, love hurts, music, passion,

Callused Fingers

Callused fingers press vibrating strings
drawing passion from a violin.
And with burnished wood snug to his cheek
the violinist plays from its heart.

Subtle vibes saturate my being
as crying strings elicit feelings.
And expounding on love’s betrayal
music stirs the imagination.

His bow hangs like a lingering kiss
savoring the taste of ecstasy.
And then with tears trickling down his cheek
he unleashes unbridled fervor.

Experiencing pangs of rapture
sound slips the bonds of reality.
And as each note penetrates my heart
it ignites flames of fire and passion.

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: life, love,

- A Love So Great -


   May the sun always shine in your heart - melt away winter's ice
   Always look for beautiful colors - even if you never find the rainbow

   Nobody wants to experience the towering and storm high waves
   Adversity makes us strong - like sailing on the sea in storm

   Open up your heart - take a deep breath
   Dreams you will find among the stars - where peace prevails

   Let your thoughts dance between the clouds - without a worry in mind
   Bring your paint brush - paint the world in stunning colors

   Our world is so endlessly large
   A human so little, a love so great

A-L  Andresen :)

Poem Details | by Gary Bateman |
Categories: allegory, emotions, feelings, i love you, inspiration, love, spiritual,

Sunshine Radiance

Sunshine Radiance

Your love is my true sunshine radiance,
That greets me every day with such passion.
It sets my heart and emotions afire!
Words often fail me at times dearest one,
As I seek to share the depth of my love
For you and how it makes me feel daily.
The brightest of moons and stars in Heaven
Can’t match the splendor you bring to my life.
My heart is joyful when we touch and kiss!
Our love basks in your sunshine radiance!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved
(July 7, 2015) (Blank Verse)

Poem Details | by Tom Wright |
Categories: faith, inspirational, love,

A Prayer

Lord, I ask not, That You remove temptations From my life; But grant me Lord, Through faith, The strength to overcome.

Poem Details | by Edward Orozco |
Categories: art, heart, heart, love, me,

A heart to remember

Cold words fall deaf upon the joyful heart
A memory keeps its meaning until death makes it no more 
Her brush always spoke to me, her canvas was my souls imagination
Her soft lips, her beautiful eyes never will I forget for with her I became a man
A nightfall always brought  dreams of holding her, I love her 
She paints to the song that plays over and over again in her heart 
I miss her more than ever
I weep to the heavens and call her name, yet she is absent from my eyes
All I have is the memories, which only God can pull from me 
Her kisses always rose me to the highest point of my self love
When she held my hand I floated carefree 
I love her, she is my heart and I will always remember

Poem Details | by Krysten Mcgee |
Categories: best friend, boyfriend, cute love, love,

You showed me

You showed me 
I once was lost,broken and afraid
 afraid of love 
I once felt alone and betrayed and unwanted 
felt like I had no one 
I was alone in this big o world 
not knowing what to do or where to go 
i wanted to give up I just wanted to end it all...
Then you walked into my life 
you showed me love 
you taught me there was nothing to be afraid of
You showed me I wasn't alone
You never betrayed me
You wanted me when I didn't want myself
You pushed me when I couldn't push myself
You picked me up when I fell
You showed me that I was worth more
You showed me how to be me
You showed me how to believe in myself.
 You showed me the real me

Poem Details | by Carole Duet |
Categories: blessing, destiny, love, romantic,


It was a bright summer day In a green glen far away. There among the tall yellow wild flowers You had come my way on a tall brown bay. You were on a quest and the day was blessed. I felt my heart skip a beat and my cheeks were flushed as I blushed. Suddenly a cool breeze blew and I knew when you bowed low God had blown me to you. And as sunbeams shone through trees the day was blessed. You, my warrior; me, your queen. There was no one in between. You found me there in that pastoral scene. You conquered my heart, my body and soul. You became my king and the day was blessed. Now here on this moonlit night Once again, my heart takes flight. Beside the campfire in this magical place You kiss my lips, I touch your handsome face. On this sacred ground we’ll rest in peace And be forever blessed. By: Carole O'Terry Duet Copyright: 3/27/2018 "All Rights Reserved"

Poem Details | by Vladislav Raven |
Categories: beauty, dance, dream, love, romance, stars,

Waltzing In The Stars - A Collaboration With Susan

(It has been a pleasure and an honour to work upon this collaboration with you SusanYou made the process enjoyable and so easyYour pen gave this wonderful write its soulOur ink shared in the stars embrace within the joy of waltzing beautyThank you for allowing me to share ink with you SusanIt has been a joy.)

In dream's embrace, I hear sweet music play, 
my arms filled with your temple so sublime.
Your beauty shines across God's timeless sea,
within the star's brocade my brightest light.
Come waltz with me betwixt eternal stars,
love croons its serenade within our hearts.
Come dance with me across this stardust floor,
in swirls of love we’re waltzing in the stars.

The distant stars are here within your eyes
in luminary love I am entranced,
you sweep me up within your rhythmic sway
and stir me with your breath upon my cheek.
Warm lips impassioned whispering my name;
your craving lights me up with bliss tonight.
We rise and fall amidst soft moonbeam’s muse
enraptured in our waltz among the stars.

Within moonglow, our spotlight in the night, 
to heartbeats of desire we dance in time,
my love, we are aflame in passion’s heat, 
in soulful heart to heart our love does sing
Within your goddess presence I am lost 
so deep within the dance that binds our joy,
we whirl in Luna-light your lips on mine
in fervent love we’re waltzing in the stars.

Ethereal and lyrical we are
our magic on this night is heaven sent,
what wondrous thrills we glide on melodies
oh, lustrous love is here within our reach.
We strum each other our sweet music lush
our beings are the instruments of love,
ascending heights your touch is taking me
in supernova waltz among the stars.


"Waltzing In The Stars."
A Collaboration by,
Susan Ashley.
Michael ,P, Clarje.

Poem Details | by scott thirtyseven |
Categories: beauty, love, romantic, wife,

I don't write about beauty very often

I don’t write about beauty very often
Maybe that’s because with one eye
I see a blurred pillow
And one corner of your mouth
Your hair resting on the side of your face
Your left eye closed 
In sleep

I don’t write about beauty very often
Maybe that’s because with one hand
I can reach beneath the sheets
And touch your smooth skin
Run my hand along your side
Over your shoulder
Up to your face

I don’t write about beauty very often
Maybe that’s because with a word
I can call on you
And rouse you from slumber
To receive your sincerest regards
As I bid you farewell
Before an unwelcome day

I don’t write about beauty very often
Maybe that’s because it’s become so familiar
I live with you every day
And have grown to expect it
Maybe even treat it too casually
Should learn to appreciate it
And be thankful for it
As it’s you

I'm away now for 5 weeksUpon my return regular transmission will resumeEnjoy, enjoy.

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: feelings, love hurts,

- The Happiness Come And Go -

          It is the glittery eyes of your
          that cause my heart to find nourishment

          You do not see my searching eyes
          Feels like I'm swimming in an ocean all alone

          Is there a formula for happiness - life's fragile tangents
          Let the roses live and let the thorns quietly die

          You are beautiful like a pearl in the oyster
          I was just a friend when you needed a shoulder to cry on

          I can read your divine and the powerful face
          My great love which was awakened by dead

          Along with my thoughts I throw red the rose petals on the sea
          Is it the past or the future that cause the blood flowing

  * ("Some cause happiness wherever they go;Others, whenever they go" 
       - Oscar Wilde)

      Sponsor: Giorgio V.
      Contest Name: Relate your poem to one of these Quotes 
      Deadline:1/2/2014 12:00:00 AM

A-L Andresen :)

(1st place in the contest)

Poem Details | by Aiyah Torres |
Categories: emotions, husband, i love you, love,

To Love Within

To love within is like seeing the night sky,
filled with wondrous and sparkling lights.
The innermost feeling we love to treasure,
Holding hands while watching the moon.
The sweetness of kisses, the warmth of embrace,
Feeling each seconds that never will fade.
Looking into your brown eyes, my dreams fulfilled.
To love and hold forever, our promise in heaven.
Dancing in a silent music while you wrap around me.
No one could replace it, no one will do.
To love within,the best feeling I found with you.

Poem Details | by Aiyah Torres |
Categories: courage, cute love, daughter, emotions,


in a quiet room,
with the hand of li'l baby,
hoping for full recovery,
sunshine meets her glance,
after rainy day has gone.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: baby, beautiful, love, sweet,

Ever So Sweet

My scrumptious baby girl’s
half awake half asleep.
And her toffee yawns are
sweet as peaches and cream.

Her cotton candy cheeks,
glow like pink marshmallows.
And dark chocolate curls
adorn her pretty head.

She sports blueberry eyes
and red liquorice lips.
And a creamy face with 
a million dollar smile.

A confectionery
treat, she is delicious.
And gives sugared kisses
that tastes ever so sweet.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: betrayal, feelings, love, sad love,

Tethered To My Heart

Reality's a stark place
that dominates existence.
And I cannot escape it
no matter how hard I try.

I truly believed we would
be together forever.
Yet your lies and betrayal
tore my fragile heart apart.

Love’s indomitable flame
was suddenly extinguished.
And its demise was painful
fueling deep depression.

Fate spun a fickle fortune
spiked with ecstasy and pain
And yet time holds the power
to resurrect dying hopes.

Drifting dreams cannot stray far 
tightly tethered to my heart.
And there will come a time when
I’ll believe in them again.

Poem Details | by tonya belden |
Categories: i love you, inspirational, love,

Leaf in the Wind

When I am the wind,
and you are a leaf,
I will worship Thee
beyond belief.
Summer dances
across your skin,
when you are a leaf
and I am the wind.
When you are a leaf,
and I am the wind,
each passing day
I will return again.
If you desire
the warmth of the sun,
I will move the clouds
one by one.
You will feel the sun shine
for only Thee.
When I am the wind,
and you are a leaf.
When I am the wind,
and you are a leaf,
I will find you clinging
to a naked tree.
Colors distorted
by the changes of fall.
Still I will cherish you
most of all.
On a breeze I will carry thee
to all the places I've been,
When you are a leaf,
and I am the wind.

Poem Details | by Thrisha Nathan |
Categories: life, lost love, love, relationship, romance, romantic, valentines day,

Can you feel it

Love in the air
can you smell it
Always so loud 
can you hear it 
Out on the Prowl
Can you see it
Always wanting more 
Do you need it

Poem Details | by Jude Chukwuemeka |
Categories: love, me,

I promise to love you

I promise to love you
Because you are so precious
I will always slap
Your cheek with a kiss
And collide with you
In ethereal embrace

I promise you a basket
Of smiles
Every time I come home
I`ll save a smile for you
And carefully place it above
Everyday stress of work

I promise to feed your skin
With sweet caress
As much as much as you know
That I`ll never stop 
Feeding you with too many
Accolades and romantic expressions
Like I always do

I promise to give you myself
You can have all of me
From my hair to my feet
But please don`t treat me
Like your housekeeper
Or kick me off
Like your old pair of sandals
Nor put me inside your handbag

I promise you all the good
A husband can do to his wife
The A to Z of marital bliss
And I hope that you
Would always keep me
Close to your heart
Not where you will keep
This poem

Poem Details | by Lebedyenko Berborodov |
Categories: loss, lost love, love, nostalgia, passion, romance, love, i love you,

you, dear

you, dear were my depraved, inelegant swan. envisioned in the moonlight - romanticized, wearing your cheap, red lipstick - and desperate to ravish me. if you did not love me the succulent fruit upon lip and breast would diminish here and now. i said, what man is without his mistress, and you smiled, exposing those crooked teeth. i love you, much more than i loved you then. you seem to have adopted the image of an ill bird, and in my dreams misery has approached you, shackled you; condemned you to love a furious man. i am sorry i could not endure with you, the tempestuous love for beauty. i did not wish to search for you, because i feared that you might be more appealing with those poignant bruises upon your face, declaring your mistake. i remember, in the morning, your breath was like a toxic thunder, as you prepared your quivering lips to kiss me, i did not know i loved you then, but i love you now. and when daylight breaks through the aperture of the night, my lovely sin, i will perish, because even now i love your transparent shadow. the earth, too, is harsh to me on burning sunlit mornings - and i love you today, much more than i loved you then. and only on this day i have been told by the wind that you are alive and well, but not happy.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: beauty, imagery, love, romantic,

Tie-Dyed Sky

Ebony silhouettes
inked by a dying sun
portray lovers embraced
in synergy of hope.

Inseparable dreams
slowly morph into one
subservient to the
whims of compliant hearts 

And azure pools reflect
a tie-dyed denim sky
as enchanted dreamers
seal their love with a kiss.

Twinkling stars confetti
the emptiness of space
and as darkness descends
shadows swallow all light.

Time seems to stand so still
reality pauses
and motionless they swim
to the depths of their souls.

Poem Details | by Gawaine Ross |
Categories: love,

All Praise The Breast

All Praise the Breast
Gawaine Caldwater Ross

When an infant is hungry, frightened or injured
his mother places him upon her breasts,
comfortable like pillows with nipples.
NipplesMmmm, good.
From the very beginning the breast
is a major source of comfort,
which we forget during childhood
but discover again after puberty.
Breasts are satisfying, no matter their shape or size,
they are full of promise, for
future generations depend on these.		
Beyond all eroticism the breast is good
and comforting
When a man holds his sweetheart’s breast
while drifting off to sleep, the woman
cannot imagine the comfort he derives
from simply holding her breast.
This itself is enough to make a bad day good,
no alcohol required.
They are beautiful on all levels,
to the senses, heart and mind.
How wonderful it is that women exist!

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: angst, death, imagery, love, sad love,

Unbearable Thirst

At sunrise newlyweds wandered from camp
hiking into unfamiliar terrain.
And now they have to spend the night in the
desert despite their unbearable thirst.

The sweltering heat of the day lingers
as the sun sets just behind the mountains.
And darkness merges with inky shadows
pooling deep within the cooler crevices.

They dosed off to the mumbled whisperings
of windblown sands rippling across the dunes.
And though their canteen was nearly empty
there had to be water somewhere out there.

Her husband asleep she filled his canteen
and took the empty one to find water.
And although she swore no tears, they still came
not for her but for the man left behind.

Wakened by the searing kiss of the sun
he realized the selfless thing she’d done.
And though he looked for her she was long gone
so he followed her tenuous footsteps.

He found her collapsed, exhausted and near death
and they shared the few drops of water left.
Yet in the midst of death's dusty embrace
angels in helicopters rescued them.

Poem Details | by Eric Schojan |
Categories: abuse, addiction, angst, emotions, loneliness, love hurts, pain,

Letter To Myself

Give it up, no time for excuses
A sad man will cry but a broken man uses
His sadness as a reason for why he abuses
Himself and who he loves and they are who he accuses

When things go wrong you can't just run and hide
In this life we can't control we're just along for the ride
You take the good with the bad, all the tears you have cried
you add them all up and they reflect in your stride

But try and stand tall, try and walk even taller
if you're aching to call pick up the phone and call her
If you're striving for knowledge, go out become a scholar
Don't let your folly's in life tighten 'round your neck like a collar 

The one they put around your neck with a tag for return
If you stray too far away and their reality begins to burn
You'll be sent right back and re-taught what they want you to learn
And they'll convince you their acceptance is vital to earn

You can fall in with the crowd, take your place in line
Or you can choose to use your voice, you can choose to shine
A ray of light breaking the dark, peaceful and benign
show the world around you it's not that hard to realign

So get up out of bed, I want only positive today
I want you to let go of your sadness, push the negative away
I want you to appreciate the people, all the ones who've stayed
And thank them every day, they could so easily have strayed

Life is not a chore that slowly we get done
It's as random as our planet floating steady 'round the sun
It's meant to be enjoyed, it's experiences fun
and if your head lays down for good and you are happy, you can rest easy, you have won

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: emotions, feelings, hurt, love, sad,

Scripted Tears

Life’s like a poorly penned poem
punctuated by emotions.
And lacking in substance and weight
dreams are abstract and mystical.

Influencing your heart and soul
love touts its own philosophy.
And acknowledges its existence
as the pinnacle of feelings.

Sometimes life’s profoundly painful
while at others it’s filled with joy.
Yet there are similarities
found within its overall theme.

Hope's the predominant rhythm
encouraging feats of magic.
And escaping reality
hides within thoughts of fantasy.

Curiosity turns life’s page
always leaving you wanting more.
And life becomes an illusion
conjured to appease scripted tears.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: august, emotions, feelings, hurt, imagery, love,

All I Can Do

As fear fills empty eyes
a frown contorts your face.
For it’s hard to believe
you forgot your own name.
Yet as you shrink inside
all I can do is weep.

Your identity’s gone
only a shell remains.
And stripped of dignity
you struggle with your shame.
Yet in spite of your pain
all I can do is weep.

You’re lost within a maze
and can’t find your way out.
For confusion stalks you,
stealing your hopes and dreams.
Yet though I’m losing you
all I can do is weep.

Dwindling into fragments
you die a bit each day.
And your hours are endured
silently in despair.
Yet cause it’s Alzheimer’s
all I can do is weep.

Poem Details | by Nick Hertzog |
Categories: angst, confusion, death, depression, devotion, funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, introspection, lost love, love, nostalgia, on writing and words, philosophy, sad, time, love, me, poetry,

Love Song

Here’s what I’m thinking now 
at the end of the world: 

There are no atheists in foxholes— 
no theists in politics
If knowledge is power, 
and power corrupts, 
then why did I bother reading you, Cicero? 

Does it matter that I didn't’t love you? 
Would it have mattered if I did? 

There’s a poetry reading tonight 
whence I’I'll chide other poets 
who don’t sit alone
I won’t bring up death 
but I might have to breathe, 
even into a mike 
and mouth lines to get a snap or a boo 
maybe even a wince or two

Just maybe I’I'll talk about love 
and how following your heart is like following a dog— 
it only leads to vittles and (female dogs)
But how many times have I used that line 
since the story I wrote about you, 
a witty and sexy and fictional you? 
Most likely I’I'll read something tonight about you

I won’t recite it from memory 
because I don’t think about you that much anymore, 
not even when I search for my socks in your drawer 
or when I put on the scratchy sweaters you give me, 
horizontally striped to bring out my eyes? 

I don’t remember your eyes 
except they are blue
And I don’t remember you, 
not even when I smell cucumber and apple, 
not even when I sleep on my side of the bed 
or when you walk through the door 
happy to see me; 
even then I don’t remember you
Does it matter that I don’t love you? 
Would it have mattered if I did? 

How about a few one-liners 
for the end of days?— 

Depression is self-awareness, 
which you’d know if you were; 
I need Ritalin to listen to you, 
Lithium to hug you, 
Viagra to feel you, 
and Valium to sleep

All you need 
is me standing there, waiting at home 
with turns of phrase and word plays 
telling you about why I hate Ayn Rand 
but want to buy as much as I can 
and how I love celebrity gossip 
and detest poetry slams 
and find rhyming trite 
except when I am

Hypocrites can still be right, 
which you do understand 
because you nod at my nonsense 
about fighting the man

But now, at the end of all things— 
I’m speechless and witless and pointlessly well-read, 
and you’re just sitting there, smiling 
asking me to pass the bread.

Poem Details | by Alyssa Waters |
Categories: beautiful, depression, family, lonely, love, mom, pain, me,

Her Life

My past is a reoccurring nightmare.
This cycle is never broken.
My heart is filled with poison,
So are your veins.

Chains hang off of me as I try to break free.
I have lost myself somewhere within the years.
Age crept up slowly, and I started to see my life;
It was not what I had expected.

With every whisper of ‘I love you’,
Another crack spread across my delicate soul.
Hardened by the years of abuse;
Nothing can hurt me now.

Stripped from my innocence;
My confidence shattered like broken glass.
There is no escaping this.
I feel alone and unloved

I was taken off guard,
Your words were a promise of security;
 Hope amongst a sea of sorrow.
 You were just another lie

Depression doesn’t sum up my pain.
Death would not heal it,
For I have responsibilities;
I have people who need me

I long for the day that this rotation ends.
I can be loved for being myself.
I will be taken care of.
I will be yours

Poem Details | by Phil Capitano |
Categories: desire, destiny, dream, heart, longing, love,

This Mystical Heart


Do you know me? Not my worldly names,
merely form, the vessel…I see what others
do not, I feel what others may never touch,
the morning mist surrenders to the subtle sun.
Jumping in and out of existence, the anti-particle
of fear; need is scratching the back of rejection
while some in favour of blindness, preachI am 
drawn to you the way the shore beckons the sea.
Do you know how many years I wandered the sands
searching for the oasis in time? The flute needs
only wind to make music but what makes it a song? 
Motion is the creative spirit, the harmonic breeze
moves across the openings and flute and sound
are one; a loving connection is why the shaman walks.
A Crown you chose over this pauperism,
tired of the fight; it is in the very struggle that
riches are foundBe like the Prince of Peace
and surrender to the laundry, there is no lifting up
when things are easy only trouble brings out the light.
Of the many lives within this one each death
has brought the sober terms and one by one they die
like the notes of a song, not the whole tune, a part.
Listen for the melody of this mystical heart.
Do you know me? I am the wind.
Be the vulnerable flute and hear with your body.

For White Wolf's contest ~ first poem entered on the Soup (4/07/16)

Poem Details | by alex j stokas |
Categories: farewell, i love you,

memphis farewell

I remember you standing high above that big muddy river
The wind dancing with your soft white cotton dress
Revealing tanned straight legs standing on green summer grass
The golden sun dripped into your fiery hair as the shadows of 
Dusk silently approached
I watched you, a picture of innocence, of unreality 
As the evening grew long shadows you turned and smiled
It was the last time we were together

Poem Details | by Bobb Marly |
Categories: mother, love,


11:07 AM 8 May 2012
Mothers love 
Mothers have patience
 Mothers remember when and understand
 Mothers protect and nurture
 Mothers listen and impathize
 Mothers correct and explain
 Mothers play and teach
 Mothers hold and be quiet
 Mothers laugh and smile
 Mothers cry and pray
 Mothers smile 
Is this you or someone you should be.
 Mothers are like dads they make mystakes too 
But they always love you no matter what you do
Happy Mothers day Aunt Virgie and thank you for all you are