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Poem Details | by Bella Cardenas |
Categories: lost love, me,

Untying of a Love Knot

When I used to dream
I used to dream about him
Fantasizing about how it happened and how it could have been
Demons, chasing Nightmares, Happiness on Poles
Tied into a loveknot and dangled in front of me
No matter how I ran, how far, how fast
It seemed to sweetly Escape
Just when he was in my grasp

I tried it all
New haircuts
New styles
New boys
Sexy sexy skirts
With  new pairs of heels
Filling holes with things that
Really don’t mean anything 
Except to say

I’m doing just fine without you

Days go by, 
Months slip away
Years appear on doorsteps like unwanted infantile  
I beat my self up for loving

the way
He moved
Spoke, touched
Laughed, ached, cried
He could
Heal the burns on my fiery soul
He could handle
Dangerous curves
On roadways unknown

My first love

Today I no longer linger
On whispers in photographs
Or chain ball letters
I don’t chase after  white sports cars
Or sink when I hear his name
I see him sometimes and I feel his stare

Sting me on the places it hits
I’m with my own
And his with his other
But just to let him know
It’s okay
I smile
and let go

This cord
of discord

Love is forever
No matter the occasion
I forgive, i forget
and let him live
Without me

I appreciate
His gift, wrapped with 
For the benefit, of each other

He showed me with open eyes
That I did not need a man

                                       For me
                                        To love
He gave 
A bittersweet

EmotionThe Gift
Of Poetry.

Thank you…

Poem Details | by Brian Strand |
Categories: childhood, life, love, passion, places, time


Remember the day
Apron strings loosed,untied
as maternal voices faltered and cried
Remember the day
When a soprano voice lost its elan
and a boy became a man
Remember the day
Peer pressure would not hide
and diffidence was replaced with pride
Remember the day
Desire,with warm whispers heard
questions,answered with just three words
Remember the day
Filled with joy and love
a union blessed from above
Remember the day
Holding a first-born,so wee
as two self-absorbed,became three
Remember the day
Trust was born-a-new
a changed life came into view
Remember the day
Genesis as a work of art
with gifts to share and impart
Remember the day

Poem Details | by Aa Harvey |
Categories: care, drink, happy, love, smile, soulmate, time,



You are cool, that is why I am a fool.
I want you to be happy, with or without me.
If you are already in love, then all is good,
Because all I know is, if you trust,
Another soul, you will never grow old.
You will be forever young at heart
And all because you are loved and in love; so…

…If you are alone, then that is unnecessary;
You have always got me if you are in need,
Of someone to listen, or someone to speak,
Or maybe you would just like some company as you enjoy a cup of tea?
One sugar for me please.

So how are you on this glorious day!?
No clouds in the sky will be bringing us rain,
So everything will be ok.

Why so glum, chum?
You should smile again, 
I liked it so much the last time I saw it
And for you to be unhappy is such a shame,
When really there is no need; or is there?
I do not know, but I would like to understand,
If you would care to share.

Here, have a biscuit.
What time is it?
It’s time you told me what it is, that I can do to make you smile.
You say you are in need of three wishes?
Then do not worry my friend, I have a genie on speed-dial.
Let me just give him a quick ring…

(Ring, ring…ring ring.)

It seems he is not answering.
I guess he is off listening,
To other people wishing,
They could be as beautiful as you are.

Ah, there it is!  
That smile of yours, 
That I had been waiting for.
I knew it was in there somewhere.
Like I always say “You will always have someone,” 
Who would like to care,
If only you would let me.
Excuse me.
“Hello?  Sorry I am busy Call me back in about sixty years.”
Sorry about that; some people will just not hear.

I only waste my time on beautiful souls;
Those cheating people, I leave alone,
Because they do not light up my life like you do.
So, anyway, tell me more about you…

What interests you?  And what do I need to become,
To be somebody that you could maybe lean upon with love?
No promises, I only wish for it,
But you know what ‘he’ is like; never listening,
But anyhow, how can I improve to become what you want?
What do you need from me?  What must be done!?
I will sit here for a moment and give you time to think it through…

Could you ever feel for me, what I will always feel for you?

Oh, you do not know,
Well then, let me illuminate your mind;
Open your eyes wide and read my soul
And hopefully one day,
Your soulmate, you too shall find.

(C)2017 Aa HarveyAll Rights Reserved.

Poem Details | by Alunamda Yokwe |
Categories: birth, blessing, child, creation, emotions, love, mother,

You took my life as I gave you yours

Nervous, apprehensive, determined most of all
Excitement on hold, a job to be done
His greatest gift, holy, our creation.
I was prepared, clarity in vision.
Betrayed, a body incapable of my goal.
The journey we started forced to an end,
Mind over matter now meaningless sentiment.

Consent hurriedly signed as corridors sped by
Smell and sounds unfamiliar to our plan,
Masked faces, green gowns occupy our space
Determination gives way to trepidation uncontrolled.
Your father takes my hand, soul now stilled
Presence of his strength restoring all calm.

Searing pain, tearing through me, more than I can bare
Again the end goal grows too far,
You are within reach, unable to be touched
The seconds tick by, clock jealous of our need.
Finally the cocoon that was your home releases you,
A screwed up face and manhood presented to me.
Overwhelmed, emotions lightening in speed
You are here, your arrival the greatest event.

An afternoon spent lost in your gaze,
Confirmation perfection on earth exists.
Stars appear in the night sky
Wearily, with reluctance, utata kisses us goodbye.

The phone call arrives,
Urgency the need,
The greatest day turned inside out.
Your life safe I faced my own mortality
Seconds, minutes, hours all pass by
Again and again dark skies give way to light.

Awake! Scared! Fear foremost in my mind.
What happened to my child?
Why do I not feel you near?
Your father’s hand never far from mine
His eyes reflect my fear,
But knowledge gives him ease, relief has found him.

Tests, observations, all stealing time from me
Never a woman’s need for her kin has been so great.
The warmth of your skin a glove to my heart.
A life spared, second chance, saved by God’s grace.

The years pass by, 10 in all,
Sometimes you question my humanity
Forever I reassure you I will never leave.
Your heart, your blood they are part of me,
Entwined are our souls, never to be freed.

You took my life as I gave you yours,
It was You who gave birth to me,
For you created a mother, 
A higher being.

Poem Details | by Brenda Meier-Hans |
Categories: happy, humorous, love, silly,

Welcome to my Bio

Brenda Gail 
I am Compassionate, love and breathe poetry, humorous and a peace maker.
Sister of Patti Lynne, Paul, David and Beth.
I love children (more), I love to sing in a choir and have a song for just about everythingI love to make others happy.
I feel loved, appreciated and very blessed.
I fear not being healthy enough to make it to my son’s wedding, getting sick this winter and losing my mom.
I’d love to be able to travel again, walk around a mall, and would love to be in a poetry slam.
Living in the GTA Greater Toronto Area, Ontario.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Regina Riddles Contest: Bio Poems

Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: beauty, joy, love, poetess, poetry, writing,


I AM, "THE POETESS" The array of pigeons stampede upon soft blue-white bears camping on the mountaintopsStretching shadows across green fields, slowly depart when sun yawns to sleep. When moon-dust streams bathing the night sky, horizon gleams brushing--a hidden tryst below. From biting misery caused by world wars' fangs to lullaby hums of tweeting birds and of seagulls' swish and pounds... Grand or not they are spark spectacles drawing lifeline.. (I am the poetess who loves to write about these) Through my pen, I echo to the world the rhythmic message of love. I open the eyes of man to see the beauty among God's creations. (I am the poetess who is a lover of God and forever am seeking ways to please Him more than any) I bring beauty too, that even the blind can see.. Some trembles: songs and speech of angels that even the deaf can hear.I want to touch the lips of the dumb that they may psalm the ballads of life. (I am the poetess who is 29 y/o this year, a nurse, a singer, a cook in my own right :D!) I lift the spirit of the crushed then cheer victors in the pedestal. I invoke joy when there is noneHence, even tears: a scream of smiles. (I am the poetess who dares try and reach my limits and beyond, writing from my heart of hearts and from my thought of thoughts) I light up a candle in the midst of hopelessness then usher through morals in verse:the cavalcade of humanity (I am the poetess who expresses freedom of expression responsibly-- wanting always to inspire, encourage and to remind) Poetic finesse not always my ground My name may never be known but each stanza I write I hope it may wake your somber muse. (I am the poetess that always consider herself-- beginner in every poem she writes...) I am the poetess... ________________________________________________________________ Sponsor TAMMY REAMS Contest Name Bio of a Poet ---Placed 3rd--- O.EGuillermo 9:11 pm, April 15, 2015

Poem Details | by Carol Sunshine Brown |
Categories: love, mother, me, silver,

Silver Strands

I still have the afghan you made for me all
those years ago mother
Although I have washed the afghan dozens
of times the silver strands are still interlaced
through the yarn

I feel your love and warmth each time I cover 
myself with this special afghan.
You are always here with me when I am ill
and covered with my afghan interlaced with 
silver strands through the yarn

Yes mother the silver strands are your hair
As you so lovingly made my afghan your hair 
fell into the weave left behind when you left this 
earth heaven bound

For the Early Mothers Day ~ Contest of PD.
Written by: Carol Brown
3rd Place Winner

Dedicated to my Mother
Helen Elizabeth Huebner
08/1928 ~ 10/2005

Poem Details | by john loving iii |
Categories: birthday, words, heart, heart, love,

to april

I say the words I love you
In every song that's played
My every poem says I love you
With ink that will never fade
On a cloud I wrote I love you
But the cloud blew away
On a tree I wrote I love you
Behind the leaves words say
In the sand I wrote I love you
To the laughing tide
In the wind I cried I love you
While its fury silenced my pride
With my eyes I say I love you
They can never lie
With my heart I love you
A heart that's ruled by time
With my soul I love you
Your the heaven of my mind
With my life I love you
Seek and you shall find

Poem Details | by Constantinos Grigoriadis |
Categories: fantasy, happiness, life, love, passion, sympathy, universe,

The universe close to me

I was not alone inside my loneliness
I had company, stars flowers and birds
But when you came in my life
I saw the universe close to me.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

Poem Details | by johnathon bart |
Categories: happiness, life, love, passion, uplifting,

Vegetable Love

Sweet peas,
Sweet corn,
Sweet the clue,
That does adorn,
The sweetest thing
I've ever seen,
Since I was born...

Like "Casablanca"
Embracing at an airport,
But not for "Goodbye"
But here to "court"

No way, but 
A short while ago,
Would I ever,
Dare to believe,
This could ever be so...

Life carries some surprises,
Some are awful sweet,
Not every one,
Ends in some 
horrible defeat...

I'll ask no more,
Of my God above,
Because he has returned
Your precious love.

Poem Details | by Lyric Man |
Categories: god, love, magic, peace, poetry, prayer, wife,


Many times that summer he thought, if only God were a genie and the moment you surrender to Him, everything would fall into place, but that certainly didn't happenIn fact there would be many long, sorrowful days ahead.

But at least something had changedThe writer now had an undeniable inner peace that did not seem to diminish, or even wavier, in spite of his difficulty and painOver time an incredible sense of gratitude flooded his personGod in his grace had reached and rescued at just the right moment and now this lyric man was being made new from the inside outEveryone around him, including those closest to him, noticed the changeIt was as if the pressures of life had lifted off of him and he was free to fully care about others

This amazing peace and gratitude was not on the back side of his storm, but in the midst of itHe would lose his music gig, and then his writing least for a season or twoAnd the dark and ominous clouds the buffeted his wife would in some degree continue to this day, as she has never fully returned to the free spirit that she once was

It was her idea for him to check out a poetry siteThrough all the travail the one constant was his Muse and she wanted him to writeShe almost demanded it! This was a depth of uncommon love that offered him this outlet when she couldn’t find one for herselfAnd so, with her encouragement, on a February night several years ago.Lyric Man was born on Poetry SoupTo say it was therapeutic would be a massive understatementBoth the writings and the friendships were extremely healing

Sadly, around three years ago this all came to a screeching halt when two Soup stalkers made predatory hacks into his personal life and media accountsHarassing and threatening, not only him, but his wife and childrenForced to quickly exit the Soup was an indescribable agony.

To wrap up the story.A few months ago Lyric Man returned to SoupNo longer for healing, as things have never been better, but simply for the love of writingAnd not just his, but the pleasure of reading others works and encouraging writers to fulfill their dreams!

I can honesty say that this writer feels like the most blessed and highly favored man on the planetGod has allowed me to chase and live out my dreamsI have lots of time that I can devote to those most vulnerable in our worldI can’t help them all, but I try to do for a few what I wish I could do for all those who are vulnerable!

~Lyric Man

Poem Details | by Melinda Anderson |
Categories: black african american, daughter, life, girl, girl, sensual, drug,

Who will Love this Girl

The girl who spent most of her life doing what others expected.
The girl whose good intentions, by others, went undetected.
The girl who saw to it she wouldn't be a statistic.
No children, no drugs, or jail memories to forget.
The girl who didn't fit into any one crowd.
But never minded having those people around.
The girl whose tried relationship, one after the other.
The girl who wants more than just another lover.
The girl who tried hard to get the "American Dream."
Then stopped! Looked around and realized it's not as it seems.
The girl who established herself in this so-called society.
A car, a place, a degree, and yet so much anxiety.
So you ask what's the harm in being alone.
Nothing really till your heart starts to moan.
Moaning for a companion who listens and understands.
Longing for the sensual touch of a real man.
Wanting to be a wife, a mother, and friend.
So who will love this girl, I ask you again?
If no one else will, I'll embrace her to the end!

Poem Details | by tom bell |
Categories: adventure, angst, childhood, education, friendship, health, on writing and words, hope, love, me,

A Note To the Young Girl On The Other Side Of This World

Hello, Farrah....
It's 7Am here, and cold
Just awoke, with,
Oh, Here We Go Again!
Fever, Pain, Confusion,
And Lots of Other Groovy Things
To Keep My Mind Busy...
Many more people know of you
than a few days ago....
Did you ever hear of Rod Mckuen?
Professional poet/ musician/songwritter-
One of the reasons I love poetry...
Not only will you understand him, you should
enjoy him.....Sorry about your work load....
My French is rusty.....I'm pretty good in geometry though;
received 100% on NYS Regents Exam when young-
an unheard of thing, scores in college of 97-99% for the term's work,
and it seemed easy as pi    (joke- pie, etc....oh, why am I explaining it,
sorry, I forgot who I was talking to.......)  Hope you have a happy day.....write an 
indepth poetic bio??   I'd love it, so would many others....
you are known in literary circles here now, I'd venture to guess....
surprising, the power of words, n'est pas?  Je ne sas pa, rien du tout....pardon 
my spelling and's unused since early 1960's (ancient history)  What 
city are you in?  Ever travel???  A favorite destination???  Any questions about
the enigmatic nature of "Americans?"  We're really well meaning, just sometimes
seems we might misinterpret, or misunderstand things obvious to others (and 
vica versa....) Do you get to see movies???  Need books to read??  I got a library 
of 10,000 books, at least, being handicapped gives me too much time on my 
hands, and my health leaves me precious little of a future to expect  I have lots 
of funny stories  I hope you are okay....I never met anyone so brilliant in 57 years 
of living  Youf friend in poetry, tom."

Poem Details | by Marie DuPont |
Categories: depression, happiness, lost love, love, visionary, emotions, love, sorry,

A Face of Emotion

Your face tells all the secrets;
Your eyes state it all
from your lips I can see the hidden happiness,
from the arch of you brow the hidden rage.
Your eyes state your sorrow,
Your face tells all your secrets,
your face states it all.
The cause for all these emotions
Is me I'm the cause for it all.
To the happiness to the rage,
The sorrow and the pain.
The shape of your face holds your determination.
The determination not to let these emotions show,
But my love your face betrays you.
I can see these emotions as they cross your face.
you have a face of emotion.
No matter how hard you try to hide them
I can see them all.
And my love I'm sorry to see them show.
And I'm sorry that I'm the cause for them.
So My love as your face of emotion shows to the world
theres one emotion I've never seen cross your face.
I've seen no love cross your face nor shine in your eyes
So goodbye My love, my sweet face of emotions.
Goodbye to a face of emotions.

Poem Details | by Lyric Man |
Categories: absence, angst, christian, jesus, lost, love, voice,


The weary eyed writer of love, is trance walking toward the black widow's flat..when his phone ringsThe last person he thought would be on the other end was his wife, she never called anymoreHe answered without even looking at the screenThe moment he heard her voice he fell to pieces; tears burst from the corners of his eyes and ran river trails down his guilty cheeksShe spoke.her words were garbled, as she was and had been for some time, dependent on heavy meds(It was also the middle of the night back in the States).To be honest, he would not recall much of the content or context of the call, or what, if anything, he saidWhat was rememberedWhat will always be remembered was the voice, her voiceAnd the love he felt at the sound of itHer voice was all he had left in his world!

By the second word he knew it was herBy the third.the spell he had been under was brokenBeyond that he didn't knowHe was on his knees, far from home, weeping in front of passersbyAll the song writers dreams were tied to that voiceA thousand memories flooded his abandoned heartThe magnificence of the past and now his present reality, left him feeling so vulnerable and was as if a child was trapped in an adult body, not knowing what to do or where to turn

If there was a God, He had totally betrayed this poor writerWho could argue? How could a good God allow such horrible things to happen? If God exist, he reasoned.then He has purposefully allowed life's ocean waves to overwhelm and overtake all of his dreams, as if they were mere sand castlesHis Princess, his past, and his peace were all gone.if his wife ever returned it would have to be by some pure chanceIt would not happen by God's divine hand.such power was a child's fairytale.religion, he thought, was the cruelest of lies.

He was alone without direction, the saddest man on earthSummer was so hot and slow.everyday a hellThen one day he had a true "Damascus Road" encounterIn a story too long, and perhaps controversial, to explain here.he was introduced into an authentic personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Many times that summer he thought, if only God were a genie and the moment you surrender to his Lordship, everything fell into place, but that certainly didn't happenIn fact..

~Lyric Man

Note: This is Chapter 4 in a series of five chapters that give context to my writingsI'm grateful for anyone following along this journey 

Poem Details | by Aa Harvey |
Categories: age, beautiful, fear, friendship, hate, love,

Something beautiful something ugly

Something beautiful, something ugly

Something beautiful trapped inside a black hole;
The monster is feeding and swallowing hope.
It’s swallowing souls as its fingers hold,
Us down by our throats and it will never let go.

Something beautiful, something ugly;
Someone to love, when fear has a grip on me.
Let it go and rise once more!
Kick down the exit door and once more feel the warmth.

Been cold so long, I have forgotten the heat,
As strangers meet; 
They soon disappear and become a friend or a lover.

After walking alone down barren streets,
With no knowledge of what it is we should seek;
Until we find a love we have always needed to discover.

Something beautiful hidden beneath;
Something ugly, plain for all to see.
Give them all a remedy and allow them to see beauty.
Misery is surely ugly;
Bitterness seeks the incomplete.

Wondering how to become complete;
Lacking good will, detesting humanity.
Something beautiful, something ugly;
We are human Words are used without dignity

Something beautiful, something ugly;
We are all humane and we are at war with ourselves.
Destroy the fiend you call your friend;
Because when the time comes, they will offer you no help.

Something ugly, something beautiful;
The pain has been removed, so you can fly high now people.
Age is a thief; time is not your friend.
We are condemned to lose our beauty and become ugly in the end.

(C)2016 Aa HarveyAll Rights Reserved.

Poem Details | by Jill Martin |
Categories: angst, devotion, hope, life, loss, love, passion, morning,

Monday sans him

Sometimes.there is no reason
     for morning tears.

Distracted me
     tangled in the debris
     of a raging sea.
So very small
the moment
nothing at all.

And what of that day...
dismade bed
dirty sock left on the kitchen floor
       I was going to scrub a week ago
left me crying and
       falling to pieces
where is my other shoe
       my toes are cold
speed bump on shaky knees
spills my morning tea.

Sometimes there is no reason...

Poem Details | by Lamar Johnson |
Categories: black african american, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, inspirational, love, teen, visionary, prayer,


We talk all the time...I trust her
I know she in control, cause that's what she is used to....
If it makes her happy I'll do....
I wish she'll let go and open up....
I know its hard to do after what she's been through...
Man  the way i feel we could make stars fall from the sky....
I think things would change when we meet eye to eye....
Just a week ago I was thugged out.....
But what ever she did brought the soft side out of me....
I hate that.....
But I love her.......
I can always count on her to tell the truth.....
They say the truth hurts.....
Her personality is my band-aid......
I see, hear, and feel her pain even where I cant explain it.....
Friends now, but God holds the future......
My prayer is that she is in God's hands........   

For K.M.W.

Poem Details | by Jill Martin |
Categories: life, loss, love, sad,

In the blink of a wink

He sang to her
silly songs
because she asked
and because
      he promised.
she knew, hundreds of miles away,
by the way the waves crashed on the shore,
the winds whipped his hair
and rocked his world,
he would never know
a tomorrow 
by the same name

Poem Details | by CAROLYN OCLAIRE |
Categories: lost love, me, time, me, time,

u set me free

I thought u set me free,
When u told me u loved me,
I thought I was your forever,
I thought I was your queen,
But I found out that u lied 2 me,

I thought u set me free,
When u said we'd be together for eternity,
But is was another of your many lies,
Just like u said I was your destiny,

But the time has come,
It's time I set my self free,
It's time I learn 2 love me,

Poem Details | by Lartoria Brown |
Categories: daughter, death, father, forgiveness, happiness, life, lost love, mother, child, life, words, me, woman, time, child, life, me, time,

Trying Times

Trying Times

Can I maintain this life
Without begging Christ 
To save me 
From the life he gave me 
Can I walk to the plot
To where lays my father death spot
And stand over his grave 
His life is with me acknowledgement
I’m is daughter but I wasn’t with him his last dying days
Tears seem to not fall from my eyes 
Because I know emotion will not grow him back 
And the last words that utter from my mouth will be with me until the day that I’m 
dead they are now un-depart able bitter words that has now been said

They say Gods give you nothing you can’t bare 
Trying time he’s given me trying times is in me 

I dream of some better days 
As a young child proven educate with good grades
Wanted to be a woman at a young age 
Started working on my life 
Tried to blackout every thing in my life that went wrong 
Even as a minor I promise god that all my struggling was going to  make me 
But lost in the mine set that I had no one to carry with me 
Turn my back on the people that had given me life 
Told  them I didn’t need them so forget their advice 
I broke them down to the same feeling that rooted  bitterness 
Spoke for me took hostage over my pride 
But each heart beat I wanted I wanted them to reach for me because all I wanted 
was to be their child 

They say Gods give you nothing you can’t bare 
Trying times he’s given me trying times is in me 

Fast I was moving 
Tried I was getting 
Still I wasn’t not going to stop 
Because I  will never give up 
I instill in myself as long as I don’t misused my body and educate my mine 
There was nothing that could harm me Nothing
Suddenly  everything that  I was reaching for turn around and ran from me
And for the first time in my life I wanted good to save me 
I barely stop myself from falling to my knees begging him to free me 
For now I could see 
My daddy deceased 
My mother sickly 
And soon I will be a woman 
For I will be no ones child 
I feel as if I’m not ready 

They say Gods give you nothing you cant bare
Trying time he’s given me trying times is in me

Poem Details | by Bella Cardenas |
Categories: forgiveness, hope, lost love, love, sad, uplifting, me,


I don’t need
His seed inside me
Or his or him, or their
Passion doesn’t ignite
Anything else but hate

I detest clumsy hands all over my body
Tainting what was once
All mine
I don’t need kisses to make me happy
Happiness won’t ever make up for what
I had to endure once he was gone
Left me for a weaker woman
Who would let
Things happen
Over over and over again

I cannot make love without love
Inside this soul of mine
I will not give into pressures of the teenage mind 
I refuse to become a product of lust
Misuse of an emotion so strong
That it makes it more then a solitary race
More then a slippery slide of distaste, full, Action

Respect myself and me
I am pure still
After the fact and forever on
Born again in different seeing eyes
More important then the rest
My own
I am re-virginized

Poem Details | by Robert Cathey |
Categories: sad, sad love, drug,

My Jones For Leesah

Love has hit me so hard
Left me damn near crazy.
I met the perfect woman
Who never ceases to amaze me.
Who's beauty is flawless
She has grace & style
Her eyes captivate me
& so does her smile.
Her long beautiful hair
Gets curly & falls over her eyes.
All natural, Homegrown
No weave to my surprise.
I love her perfectly shaped legs
So firm, so thick.
Women envy her beauty
It just make them sick.
She has a spirit that draws you in
Just like a magnet.
The first time I saw her
I knew I just had to have it.
Her love for God
Is what I love most of all.
Even he's memorized by her
Because he answers, when she calls.
Her name is Leesah
She has stolen my heart.
She's become
My beginning, my end, my finish, my start.
That may not make sense to you
But that was only meant for her to understand.
I love when I'm with her
I become the envy of every man.
I love how she is
So spiritually tuned.
She's special, one of a kind
& it's my heart she's consumed.
Leesah is my drug
I need her daily, for my fix.
Leesah is a habit
That I would never dare kick.
She could go anywhere in the world
& my love will go find her.
My love will be in front of her
Never behind her.
She'll know that I Love Her
Because everyday I'll remind her.
I'll never mentally hold her down
Or emotionally bind her.
I want to give her the world
& everything in it.
I'm in it for the long haul
I'm in it to win it.
Leesah is so perfect
She leaves me in a daze.
If you knew her
You too would be amazed.
She's a Queen a Goddess
She's so real, so true.
Leesah too bad 
I never said these things to you.
Now I am all alone
Just me, myself & I 
No Leesah, just this Jones.

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: birth, child, love, mother,

Parenthood A Gift

Nine months I carried and waited
for you to come into the world
so I could hold you in my arms.

I knew you were in my womb when
my moods changed and certain smells made
me nauseated sending me
straight to the bathroom vomiting.
Flavor for food had also changed
craving strange foods and lots of ice.

You would stretch, punch, kick, flip, and turn
when you were old enough to move,
even hiccupped once in awhile,
your way of letting me know you
were healthy growing in my womb.

The day arrived; you decided
to make your heartfelt appearance.
The contractions started while I
sat in the bathtub relaxing.
The pain subsided for just a
little while; five minutes later
I knew I was in true labor.

Your dad rushed us into the car
and drove  straight to the hospital.
I was told it wasn't time, but you
decided to proof the nurse wrong.

Those memories long forgotten,
the second I laid eyes on you
at that moment all I desired
was to stare with awe as you slept.

I was intoxicated with
your blissful scent, the feel of your
soft skin, the wrinkled tiny feet
and tiny hands, and charming smile.

Eternal sunshine that was mind
is still my whole joy in my life.
Don't you ever forget you will
always be the love of my heart.


Poem Details | by tom bell |
Categories: adventure, angst, faith, introspection, life, love, passion,


Sometimes when I see
A happy family
It quickly gets to me
The sadness that must be
In this lonely life of just me

For whatever sins I may have done,
I never meant to hurt anyone
And whatever luster I had in life,
Burned away with a cheating wife.

I realize part was my fault
I did not provide something I ought,
But the pain was slow to fade,
In the misery that she made

Now hope has come again to me
In a beauty all can see
Shining from the inside out
Makes me want to shout

And, I know that I am blessed.
And in happiness I am dressed.

Poem Details | by Megan Andrews |
Categories: love, baby, me, baby, body, kiss, love, me,

The Teenage Romance

Baby you’re so cute
Baby you’re so fine
You may not know it yet
But you’re forever mine
I see you in my Dreams
You are all I can think about so it seems

When we kiss the urge is hard to resist
I want you
I need you
Feel me inside
Make me moan
Make me scream

Baby make love to me
Hard fast soft or slow
The deeper I dig the better it feels
To make you mine would be so unreal

I laugh
I giggle
I taunt
I tease
You tickle
You play
You please

Just one kiss one touch that’s all it takes
That’s when my body has tiny earthquakes
My body shivers
My body shakes
You make me feel so awake
I love this feeling
I hope it never goes away

Touch me
Tease me
Oh baby please me
Pull my hair
Spank me
Bite my neck
I like that
I’d eat you up and suck you dry
Hold me baby through the night

The way you kiss drives me insane
I want it
I crave it
I need it now
Give it to me please
Baby make me weak in the knees
There is no other way now I’m addicted to you now
Is this a dream it feels so real
No rehab can detox me
I am an addict you are my addiction

Poem Details | by Carla Hale |
Categories: friendship, life, love, passion, teen, me, love, me,

"I' m In Love Wit You"(Inflenced by my lil sis Atedra)

"I'm in love wit you"
is such a strong phrase
Keeps me guessing
leaves me in a daze
puting me a new phase
Making me wonder if I mean it or not
I can't say it
I can't break your heart
I love you 
But I'm not in love wit you
not now anyways
Maybe we can progess 
into something new
and I can finally someday say "I'm in love wit you"

Poem Details | by Tyffani Paceley |
Categories: love, love,

Same Old, Same Old

I hate the way you look at me
It reminds me what we used to be
But our love wasn't real
When I look at you
I can't control how I feel
You don't know how badly you hurt me
All I can think is "How could he?"
It was all a lie
The "I love you" and "Forever we'll be"
And yet I believed 
Everything you said to me
I was your biggest regret
I just can't let go yet
I tried to change for you
But that wouldn't do
So I sit here and ask
"Why does it always seem
I always fall in love with someone
Who isn't in love with me?"

Poem Details | by Millicent Pieters |
Categories: adventure, blessing, celebration, heart, love, soulmate,


Not another phase in my life
Or another chapter to be closed
There won’t be more pain to erase or
Another story to be told
I won’t speak of memories
I’ll be living them daily 

Not another “that point in my life”
Or another “used to be us”
There won’t be an “experience” I had or
A page to be turned
I won’t speak of you
I’ll be speaking to you

Not another heart breaking poem to be written
Or another entry in my new book
There won’t be more ink to be wasted
And paper recycled 
I won’t be able to have a final draft
I’ll be writing our story forever

Poem Details | by Shari Larson |
Categories: devotion, girlfriend-boyfriend, hope, lost love, love, sad


I smile when I talk to you
I wish to hold you tight
Yet in this cave I have to stay
and think throughout the night

The way you used to hold me
how special I would feel
And now my soul is numb within
was your love for real

You never said you wanted me
no words were even their
The tension built up inside
from memories we'd share

Everything is different now
your miles from my heart
Yet my thoughts stay with you
and wish to never part

Maybe we weren't meant to be
my heart will question why
Good bye for now but don't let go
for you I'll always try