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Poem Details | by Brian Strand |
Categories: childhood, life, love, passion, places, time


Remember the day
Apron strings loosed,untied
as maternal voices faltered and cried
Remember the day
When a soprano voice lost its elan
and a boy became a man
Remember the day
Peer pressure would not hide
and diffidence was replaced with pride
Remember the day
Desire,with warm whispers heard
questions,answered with just three words
Remember the day
Filled with joy and love
a union blessed from above
Remember the day
Holding a first-born,so wee
as two self-absorbed,became three
Remember the day
Trust was born-a-new
a changed life came into view
Remember the day
Genesis as a work of art
with gifts to share and impart
Remember the day

Poem Details | by Brenda Meier-Hans |
Categories: happy, humorous, love, silly,

Welcome to my Bio

Brenda Gail 
I am Compassionate, love and breathe poetry, humorous and a peace maker.
Sister of Patti Lynne, Paul, David and Beth.
I love children (more), I love to sing in a choir and have a song for just about everything. I love to make others happy.
I feel loved, appreciated and very blessed.
I fear not being healthy enough to make it to my son’s wedding, getting sick this winter and losing my mom.
I’d love to be able to travel again, walk around a mall, and would love to be in a poetry slam.
Living in the GTA Greater Toronto Area, Ontario.

Written by Brenda Meier-Hans 
Regina Riddles Contest: Bio Poems

Poem Details | by john loving iii |
Categories: birthday, words, heart, heart, love,

to april

I say the words I love you
In every song that's played
My every poem says I love you
With ink that will never fade
On a cloud I wrote I love you
But the cloud blew away
On a tree I wrote I love you
Behind the leaves words say
In the sand I wrote I love you
To the laughing tide
In the wind I cried I love you
While its fury silenced my pride
With my eyes I say I love you
They can never lie
With my heart I love you
A heart that's ruled by time
With my soul I love you
Your the heaven of my mind
With my life I love you
Seek and you shall find

Poem Details | by johnathon bart |
Categories: happiness, life, love, passion, uplifting,

Vegetable Love

Sweet peas,
Sweet corn,
Sweet the clue,
That does adorn,
The sweetest thing
I've ever seen,
Since I was born...

Like "Casablanca"
Embracing at an airport,
But not for "Goodbye"
But here to "court"

No way, but 
A short while ago,
Would I ever,
Dare to believe,
This could ever be so...

Life carries some surprises,
Some are awful sweet,
Not every one,
Ends in some 
horrible defeat...

I'll ask no more,
Of my God above,
Because he has returned
Your precious love.

Poem Details | by Constantinos Grigoriadis |
Categories: fantasy, happiness, life, love, passion, sympathy, universe,

The universe close to me

I was not alone inside my loneliness
I had company, stars flowers and birds
But when you came in my life
I saw the universe close to me.

Copyright Constantinos Grigoriadis © All rights reserved

Poem Details | by Jill Martin |
Categories: angst, devotion, hope, life, loss, love, passion, morning,

Monday sans him

Sometimes ... there is no reason
     for morning tears.

Distracted me
     tangled in the debris
     of a raging sea.
So very small
the moment
nothing at all.

And what of that day ....
dismade bed
dirty sock left on the kitchen floor
       I was going to scrub a week ago
left me crying and
       falling to pieces
where is my other shoe
       my toes are cold
speed bump on shaky knees
spills my morning tea.

Sometimes there is no reason ....

Poem Details | by Jill Martin |
Categories: life, loss, love, sad,

In the blink of a wink

He sang to her
silly songs
because she asked
and because
      he promised.
she knew, hundreds of miles away,
by the way the waves crashed on the shore,
the winds whipped his hair
and rocked his world,
he would never know
a tomorrow 
by the same name

Poem Details | by CAROLYN OCLAIRE |
Categories: lost love, me, time, me, time,

u set me free

I thought u set me free,
When u told me u loved me,
I thought I was your forever,
I thought I was your queen,
But I found out that u lied 2 me,

I thought u set me free,
When u said we'd be together for eternity,
But is was another of your many lies,
Just like u said I was your destiny,

But the time has come,
It's time I set my self free,
It's time I learn 2 love me,

Poem Details | by tom bell |
Categories: adventure, angst, faith, introspection, life, love, passion,


Sometimes when I see
A happy family
It quickly gets to me
The sadness that must be
In this lonely life of just me

For whatever sins I may have done,
I never meant to hurt anyone
And whatever luster I had in life,
Burned away with a cheating wife.

I realize part was my fault
I did not provide something I ought,
But the pain was slow to fade,
In the misery that she made

Now hope has come again to me
In a beauty all can see
Shining from the inside out
Makes me want to shout

And, I know that I am blessed.
And in happiness I am dressed.

Poem Details | by Tyffani Paceley |
Categories: love, love,

Same Old, Same Old

I hate the way you look at me
It reminds me what we used to be
But our love wasn't real
When I look at you
I can't control how I feel
You don't know how badly you hurt me
All I can think is "How could he?"
It was all a lie
The "I love you" and "Forever we'll be"
And yet I believed 
Everything you said to me
I was your biggest regret
I just can't let go yet
I tried to change for you
But that wouldn't do
So I sit here and ask
"Why does it always seem
I always fall in love with someone
Who isn't in love with me?"

Poem Details | by Shari Larson |
Categories: devotion, girlfriend-boyfriend, hope, lost love, love, sad


I smile when I talk to you
I wish to hold you tight
Yet in this cave I have to stay
and think throughout the night

The way you used to hold me
how special I would feel
And now my soul is numb within
was your love for real

You never said you wanted me
no words were even their
The tension built up inside
from memories we'd share

Everything is different now
your miles from my heart
Yet my thoughts stay with you
and wish to never part

Maybe we weren't meant to be
my heart will question why
Good bye for now but don't let go
for you I'll always try

Poem Details | by Millicent Pieters |
Categories: adventure, blessing, celebration, heart, love, soulmate,


Not another phase in my life
Or another chapter to be closed
There won’t be more pain to erase or
Another story to be told
I won’t speak of memories
I’ll be living them daily 

Not another “that point in my life”
Or another “used to be us”
There won’t be an “experience” I had or
A page to be turned
I won’t speak of you
I’ll be speaking to you

Not another heart breaking poem to be written
Or another entry in my new book
There won’t be more ink to be wasted
And paper recycled 
I won’t be able to have a final draft
I’ll be writing our story forever

Poem Details | by Carla Hale |
Categories: friendship, life, love, passion, teen, me, love, me,

"I' m In Love Wit You"(Inflenced by my lil sis Atedra)

"I'm in love wit you"
is such a strong phrase
Keeps me guessing
leaves me in a daze
puting me a new phase
Making me wonder if I mean it or not
I can't say it
I can't break your heart
I love you 
But I'm not in love wit you
not now anyways
Maybe we can progess 
into something new
and I can finally someday say "I'm in love wit you"

Poem Details | by Brian Strand |
Categories: daughter, faith, family, love, on writing and words, wife


The first kiss of love's bliss-
   could lips be soft like this

Our first-born's finger-nails,tiny-
  growing a bond,none can un-free

The first word of  child,so small-
   begins a never-ending call

That first moment of re-born life-
   birthing a wholeness,free from strife

The first picture in my mind-
  ignites experiences,of a spiritual kind

The first poem,on paper penned-
  that was to bring many mutual friends

Poem Details | by Jason Crump |
Categories: art, confusion, death, lost love, love, me, smile,


As I wake every morning to the sound of no you
My heart falls away.
I need you in my arms
My life
My soul has no reason to stay
Youll never know how much I love you
Youll never see your place in my heart
Youve touch me like only angel could
This is not your fault
I still dream about you every day
and wish to have you in the worst way
But we are so far apart.
So as I lie down tonight I think only of you
Your smile and your love
has made me a foul.

Your smile has made me.


Poem Details | by johnathon bart |
Categories: history, life, lost love, love, nostalgia, passion,

Night To Remember

It was long ago,
In time and space,
Where the night of my life...
Did take place...

The woman I loved,
In tender rapture we,
Were entwined,
In my mind,
For eternity,

To all else the world,
I was blind,
Our bodies and souls,
With just one mind..

We fell asleep,
till late that night,
To me, the world
Was never so right...

I'll remember that night,
Till the day I die,
And maybe longer,
If God does comply,

Those sweet hours,
Far too few,
The ultimate ecstasy
I ever knew.

Poem Details | by Kiara Lowdog |
Categories: life, loss, lost love, love,


Why do you make my life miserable?
Why do you cause peoples grief and pain?
Why did you create us, simply to neglect us?
Why do I question that you exist?
Why am I writing something that you will never see?
Why do people call you god?
Why did you make every human have flaws?
Why did you allow so much trouble and destruction?
Why do we pray to you?
Why do we love you?
Oh, Why?

Poem Details | by donna phillips |
Categories: childhood, forgiveness, lost love, me, me,


 I see a darkness in my heart.
A anger that is very great.
 What else of me do I have to part?
This can not be my fate.
 What is child abuse?
That leaves you with so much hate.
 But leaves you with a great bruise.
Even where you can not find a mate.
 And leaves you with nothing but booze.
I just want to strike out. 
 Buddy you let me down.
I just want to scream and shout.
 Buddy you left me so alone.
You said you would protect me.
 But told me I left you.I truste you would be there for thee.
But you left me to flee.
 And now you hate me?

Poem Details | by Camilla Williams |
Categories: confusion, history, love, me, love, me,


I love you, I hate you
I trust you, i don't
you a messed up person
you're the love of my life
i can't stand you
you keep this flame for you lit
din't say nothing to me 
i miss you i must admit 
 you so sexy

A ugly personality 
you sweet since i'm confused you must leave 
 i don't wanna be with you that's what i believe 
no please don't leave 
we can work this out lets talk save your breath i need a long walk
come and walk with me lets get some fresh air 
stop giving me more memories as the wind blow threw my hair.
I want you away cause you still turn me on 
I want you here to fulfill my needs i'm confused can't you see

Poem Details | by tom bell |
Categories: friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, life, love, passion, time, love,


I love YooHoo,
I love wine,
I love your love,
It is devine...

Some hidden god,
Brought us together,
Once more again,
A long lived yen...

Sweet is sweet,
And love is love,
The day we did meet,
Was blessed from above.

Poem Details | by Carol Sunshine Brown |
Categories: faith, family, love, heaven, earth, heaven,

In This Box

I have asked the mortician to close my box
For in this box lies only the shell you knew
The shell of who I used to be to you all
On my last breath my soul to heaven went

Please remember me alert and breathing
Not in my box without a breath left in me
What is in this box I want no one to view
As my soul is no longer on earth with you

Please go on with your life knowing this
I loved you on earth and will in heaven too
In heaven with others who went before me
I'll be waiting when God calls you to join us

Entry into P.D's  "Emotional Write" contest.
Written by: Carol Brown
6th Place Winner

Poem Details | by chipepo lwele |
Categories: inspirational, mother, thank you, love,


I love my country Zambia
I am committed to move it forward--
In the areas of good governance and national building
I may go out to another country as visitor--
In pursuit of noble goals for advancement of our nation
I will get knowledge and wealth to supplement our national economy--
From being a consumer market to a manufacturing oriented economy
I love my motherland Zambia--
I aim at the promotion and building our peaceful nation
I will die a little for my motherland Zambia

*chipepo lwele
 PS;Happy 48 years of independence mother Zambia[24/10/2012]

Poem Details | by Janet Runyan |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, care, dad, i love you, mom,

My Parents

I love to hear my father's laugh
When he thinks something's funny
I really love to make him laugh
Because he's such a comedian

I love how hard my mother works 
When she has a goal,  she achieves it
I love how judgemental she is at the t.v. 
It just makes me laugh

I love that I'm the perfect mixture of them
My lower face is Mom 
My eyes and forehead are all Dad 
Only they left me out on being tall

I love that family is sacred to them 
That they'll always help us if they can
I love how supportive they are 
I wish they could know how grateful I am

Poem Details | by Diana Dalton |
Categories: adventure, art, brother, family, happiness, love, places, sea,

Diana Dalton -Bio Poem

Diana Dalton 

Creative, curios, playful & loving
Sister of a brother who is not here
Lover of Life,Photography, Hubby and more
Who experiences love, longing, excitement, 
Who dislikes High fructose corn syrup
Love to see, England again, the Sea & Australia (with hubby)
Resides in Grand Junction,Colorado

Diana Dalton 
10 Aug 2012

Poem Details | by Laura Mckenzie |
Categories: husband, love, passion, me, me,

To my husband

It’s the way you look at me
With that little stare 
It’s your kind loving touch 
That shows me you care
It’s your support for all do and share
It’s your commitment to our marriage 
That lets me know you’ll always be here 
It’s your faith in God that makes everything clear 
It’s the way you care for my child 
When she is sad or confused 
It’s your compassion as a lover 
That keeps me mused 
It’s your shimmering smile 
That makes it all worthwhile 
It’s your love for all living things
That makes you shine like twelve kings 
It’s all this and so much more
That makes me glad I have you to adore 
Loving you is so much more