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Love Poems About August or August Love Poems

August love poems and/or love poems about August. Read, share, and enjoy these August love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other August Poems.

Poem Details | by A.O. Taner |
Categories: august, beach, beautiful, cool, crush, deep, destiny, devotion, fantasy, feelings, first love, fishing, freedom, funny love, future, girlfriend, hope, i love you, i miss you, journey, joy, judgement, lost love, love, love hurts, meaningful, miracle, ocean, people, places, romance, sea, sensual, simple, spiritual, water, women, world,


Don't rush to wash off the sea salt 
drying on your skin;
the hopes it carries from other oceans,
those remain yet to be seen.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: august, emotions, feelings, hurt, imagery, love,

All I Can Do

As fear fills empty eyes
a frown contorts your face.
For it’s hard to believe
you forgot your own name.
Yet as you shrink inside
all I can do is weep.

Your identity’s gone
only a shell remains.
And stripped of dignity
you struggle with your shame.
Yet in spite of your pain
all I can do is weep.

You’re lost within a maze
and can’t find your way out.
For confusion stalks you,
stealing your hopes and dreams.
Yet though I’m losing you
all I can do is weep.

Dwindling into fragments
you die a bit each day.
And your hours are endured
silently in despair.
Yet cause it’s Alzheimer’s
all I can do is weep.

Poem Details | by jay del fierro |
Categories: love, nature

Mid-August Rains...

Soothing from the scorching mid-summer day
winded clouds bring much needed August rain
steam rises from its touch as puddles to drain
absorbed by below quenching thirst as in May...

Basking in showers face raised recieve
most welcomed relief heat lifted release
Sun smiles between raindrops as if in tease
smiling below from those whom believe...

Comforting moisture the water of life
sharing goodness which stream varied currents
delightful pleasures being shared in torrents
as love is true gift shared by husband and wife...

Poem Details | by Robert Lindley |
Categories: angel, change, dedication, farewell, grief, lost love, time,

Night Of The August Moon

Night Of The August Moon

She loved and left all too soon
my lover from nights of the August moon
Hair so black with eyes so blue
we joined, we fell in deep love , we two

Time stood still as we demand
our hearts beat in each other's hand
Dawns birthed new days of thrills
we roamed the valleys and forested hills

Ages passed in those blissful days
hold out against life's mysterious ways
Fate sent its messenger to cast
a separation that sadly did forever last

Sun is black each day at high noon
 as I cry for my lover of The August Moon

Robert J. Lindley,  1/1-2015

Poem Details | by Phoukhong SONEVONGXAY |
Categories: august, girlfriend, home, i miss you, lonely, love, poetry,


Vehicles flow on the road
Engines rumble loudly throughout
All vehicles are running on the same road
But as each of them is different destination

So many people travel back and forth 
They step on the same path 
All of them are in a hurry and introvert
But they do not converse together
Each of them has own target

I blend with those people
I do not know them and they do not know me as well
I only recognize who am I? And where to go? 
My destination is my beloved  motherland 
I look upon someone's waiting for my return
Darling...!! I will be back...

Ho Chi Minh City. November 04, 2014

Poem Details | by Verlena S. Walker |
Categories: august, dance, desire, drink, fun, how i feel, i love you,


Taste buds astute.
How perspicacious are you?
Everyone tends to know food.

Socializing and now you are ready for your appetizer.
Kicking off your shoes and now you are relaxing.
Yesterday was hectic but today is perfect.

Involve your mind because you are
Sassy and fine.

Taste of champagne
Has my mind playing games
Every time I hear your name.

Let’s party
Invigorate the environment
Motion and rhythm
Intimate and together
This is our time.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: august, emotions, feelings, heartbreak, love hurts,

Steeped In Hurt

Shadows of yesterday
eclipse reality.
Yet in hope lies my dreams 
finally free of doubt.

Love’s elusive touch
manipulates pleasure.
And always wanting more
fledgling feelings take wing.

Desire turns into lust 
untethered to your heart.
And love’s consigned to dreams
whenever doubts win out.

When bonds of trust dissolve
love wasn’t meant to be. 
Yet melting into dreams
it stays just within reach.

It doesn't help to cry
though your heart's steeped in hurt.
For just like all the rest
this heartache too will pass.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: august, emotions, feelings, love hurts,

Dreams Disappear

When watching dreams disappear
reality’s hard to bear.
For as they start to vanish
it’s like I’m choking for air.

Captive to a secret wish
I’m a prisoner of love.
And I’m under so much stress
I beg guidance from above.

I exposed fragile feelings
that you then used against me.
And now unrequited love
vows to never let me be.

In a fit of jealousy
my passion betrayed your trust.
And yet I never meant to
deceive you, blame it on lust.

I’m left reeling from your words
wounded to my very core.
And it's excruciating,
cause you're the one I adore.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: august, betrayal, emotions, feelings, love hurts,

To Walk Away

As anger hurls departing words
deceitful tactics are employed.
And two hearts are split asunder
spilling pain they sought to avoid.

When dreams began to drift apart
arguments held their smiles at bay.
And letting doubt push love aside
they somehow choose to walk away.

Anxieties begin to climb
while summoning tears to their pain.
And yet though they are steeped in hurt
bittersweet memories remain.

Loneliness longs for feelings felt
in the closeness of an embrace.
And hope tries to revive passion
by encouraging hearts to race.

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: august, break up, emotions, feelings, hurt, inspiration, lost love,

Fragile Feelings

Love inflicts pain hearts must bear
when shadows of doubt appear.
And though it may seem unfair
sometimes all that's left is fear.

Dreams on a slippery slope
coat the fringes of darkness.
And fate forces you to cope
with reality's starkness.

Fragile feelings require care
in a world of push and shove.
Yet hope courts every affair
even unrequited love.

You live a lie that was spun
from fragments of trust and truth.
And reel from the damage done
to the innocence of youth. 

You mustn't give in to tears
though your heart’s broken in two.
For as the hurt disappears
time will heal your heart for you.

Poem Details | by deepak srivastava |
Categories: america, appreciation, august, celebration, child, culture, giving,

Living love

Love as an emotion,
sets life in motion.

Poem Details | by Kishan sharma |
Categories: april, arabic, aubade, august, bangla, baptism, beach,

Separation difficult in love

Why is separation apart from my match?
For what we have been so far from beloved.

Come near me now,you should be embrace me,
Not meeting me far away,bigger than you.

Do not think that whatever you can now tell me,
Do you want me now?

Is trust, then punishment, do not give it now,
Consider it love, now you importunity.

Poem Details | by Christina Hons |
Categories: anger, august, baseball, conflict, home, horror, water,

Tough Love

Rain passes through quenching the thirst of the parched dry lands.
Lightning flashes and thunder crashes as God clinches his hands.
For he has grown wreary of his creations' greed.
Turning his back on the population. Ignoring the cries during their time of need.
He can't stand to watch as we indure his punishment.
Tough love now will save many on the day of judgment.

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: death, lost love, love, wife

August 25, 1971 - Part 5 -

LOVE stands still , the Sun does not set in SORROW
The deep Caribbean Sea took LENORE from Me 
In a Rainbow, Her Soul lies hidden in Kaleidoscope, Coral


                       To Be Continue


Poem Details | by Bob shank |
Categories: devotion, lost love, sad, sun,

An August Mourning

clear skies of passionate blue
a pictuesque sun shining through
warmth to families of here and now
their happiness creases my brow

empty hearts shall bask alone
wondering why the sun ever shone
upon the shores of a hapless soul
whose only light became death's toll

hugs and kisses I didn't give
those memories, sharp as a Scythe
yesterdays have come and gone
yet my August Mourning carries on........

for HER memory

Poem Details | by Emile Pinet |
Categories: august, betrayal, emotions, feelings, imagery, lost love,

Memories Carry Weight

When betrayal alters fate
your anxieties increase.
For memories carry weight
when emotions seek release.

Love drowns in a pool of tears
forming a sea of regret.
Yet although it may take years
time promises you’ll forget.

When love's nowhere to be found
rising hopes begin to ebb.
And hearts make a crying sound
caught within depression's web.

Accepting change can be hard
for lies try to block your way.
And you must be on your guard
cause courage can slip away.

Today's a good day to start
healing the hurt in your soul.
And let love into your heart
before time exacts its toll.

Poem Details | by David Adeyemo |
Categories: august, beautiful, beauty, best friend, blue, creation, cute love,


Even in my adversity
Darling! You show compatibility
You are fabulous and comely
How ravishing you are honey!
You have extricate me from loneliness
In your presence I have no more worries
When your eye glow
My heart seems to blow
Infallible damsel of our time you are
Indeed a freebie from God

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: death, history, lost love, love, wife

August,25th,1971 - Part 2

The Flashes, YOUR About to See
Are Memories, of LENORE and Me

When I said :  “ I DO “, I meant “ I DO “
How Well I Know, YOU  Meant it “ TOO “


Dedicated, in LOVING Memory; To my Wife
  “ Lenore Ellen (Adams) JOHNSON “

Poem Details | by Probir Gupta |
Categories: allusion, art, august, beauty, bird, freedom,


Days arrive days go
January snow
Words shine
In dopamine and oxytocin
In black and white
In figures of delight
Also in colors
In milk and in liquors
The sensor in the prefrontal cortex
Is in a centripetal vortex
Sensitive to the letters
Holds the birds
The imagination tinkers
With their genetic make up
The bird of a tree
Is now in great glee
A bird in a pocket
Flirting with a locket
Poetry in the vicinity
Ephemeral days pulsate
For some moments
Into infinity
Making one psychiatric
For the love of Poetry
April 6, 2016
Sponsored by : John lawless

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: death, life, lost love, love, wifeday, love, me,

August,25, 1971 - Part 4

Can You Remember;  the day YOUR Voice, Died; to my Ears
To Lose my Wife  Lenore :  on Our Wedding Day all Those Years

Reminisce : in the History of  Forever : “ The Day; the Dead, Survive “
How much more I want to “ LOVE YOU “ for that’s what Keeps me Alive

I  Know YOU Will ALWAYS LOVE Me  with All My LOVE for YOU
My Tears are unfulfilled Dreams; Crying for the Memory of my LOVE " YOU "

                                     A Dedication To Eternal LOVE

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: death, life, lost love, love, philosophy, wife

August 25th, 1971 - Part 3 -

A Tear scars my cheek, With no Time to Think
I watched My MOST BELOVED LENORE --  “ DIE “
Thrown Overboard, by a Boom not  tied 
                The Tears I Cried

                     To Be Continued, if YOU Like??
YOUR Liege ALWAYS and FOREVER; HG ( Harry )

Poem Details | by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: death, love, wife

August 25, 1971 - Part 6 -

The ripples at the stern of the ship, Air bubbles rise no more
In the depths of the Caribbean Sea, I Lost My Love : LENORE

My Heart and Mind in Unison, decided they could be :
The One’s that Swim from Shore to Shore, and bring Lenore back to Me

The Captain hands me a Transparent White Veil ,they found floating on the Sea
A tear in his eye, He Salutes: his Dress White Gloves wipe flowing Tears from me

            YOUR Liege, With LOVE, ALWAYS and FOREVER...HG ( Harry )
                                        To Be Continued

Poem Details | by james saidi |
Categories: abortion, absence, abuse, adventure, arabic, august, birth,

love is like mathematics

love is like mathematics....
you add yourself..
subtract the hate...
divide your time...
multiply your feelings...
you will have to factorise your communication before you underline your status in your calculative love zone and begin to do your statistics of drawing your frequency smooth curve as you are lining up your little human beings while you are going to the positive side of your love number line, so this love you can name with a number 1because 2 are involved. so if you want to be in love, just add yourself and do as math.

Poem Details | by Athena Hoefs |
Categories: age, august, birthday, cute love,


Today is my birthday
With so much to do
Where do I start?
Should I hang with the crew?

I’ll do that tomorrow
Or maybe the next
Maybe I’ll send them
A short little text

I should take a quick swim
Or lay out to tan
I’ll do that tomorrow
Then sit by the fan

I could go have some dinner
And pick a great place
I’ll do that tomorrow
And then I’ll say grace

Maybe I’ll go shopping
And buy something nice
I’ll do that tomorrow
Buy something with spice

I’ll think about dancing
With my sweet true love
I’ll do that tomorrow
Dance close as a glove

Today is my birthday 
With nothing to do
I’ll sit and watch t.v.
With no one but you.

Poem Details | by Saumya Aloysius |
Categories: anxiety, august, baby, beauty, feelings, first love, for her,

Meet me in an ecstasy

See me where
the palms scrape the skies,
where the exquisiteness of life 
cannot be deprived of
Sense me between 
the sheet s of dampness
Love & adore me in the
hot waves of 
a midsummer gust
I want you around
I want you here & there
meet me in an ecstasy
where we can 
spend our time together

Saumya Aloysius