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Poem Details | by Ashraful Musaddeq |
Categories: love,

Haiku on Attachment

a scholar person
in front of orchid blossom 
a cool attachment

Poem Details | by Eve Roper |
Categories: abuse, addiction, feelings, loneliness, love,

Insecure Attachment

quite tears  unnoticed
eggshells  crack under my feet
purple, black bruises

nagging guilt blinders 
never-ending  loneliness  
fantasy love  bond


Poem Details | by Christy Love |
Categories: christian, friendship, god, how i feel, love, memory, men, moving on, self, thank you,

Crazy Attachment

Lord I'm attached to this man.
I dont talk to nobody about this.
You the only one who understand.
He is a really nice guy.
We seem to have a lot in common.
I really really care for him
I could even say I love him.

I want himI dont want him.
He cares for me but dont want me.
I don't want him to want me or care for me.
It's a lot of confusion on my end.
Sometimes I get frustrated and go anti socail on men 
Even though it has nothing to do with men
but really has every thing to do with me.
I feel selfish because I dont want him with nobody else
BUT I dont want him with me either.
I feel crazy,Maybe I am
I fear that he may be a blessing that I will miss out on.
Right person at the wrong time
It seems like he has my heart and we JUST  friends.
He dont know thisI dont want him to know this.
Nobody knows this but you LordNobody!!
 Just One night,strong connection with him
 Lord please unattach me from this man
I think about him all the time.
I'm just divorced,2 kids from the last guy, 
want him not ready for him.
Its like want I him now vs not ready to be with ANYONE anytime soon.
It was just one night with him!!!Dam I hate him! Lord help mePlease give me strenth in the name of JesusThanks for listening lordI know you hear meI love you

(I just ask him to go to the movies today,what the hell was I thinking? I need to stay way from himI like him too muchPray for me)

Poem Details | by Kay'Sha Taylor |
Categories: lost love, betrayal,

The Attachment Is Gone

My words must mean nothing to you
Some girl got a hold of what I thought we only shared
I stay thinking that you really respected me
Everytime I think of your betrayal my eyes tear up
I'm glad that I know better than to not stress myself out 
I know I hurt you before I promised myself I would never do it again
Now I don't even care how you feel 
You have me so bitter
And it's crazy cause I'm such a loving person
My heart is broke once again
So music has become my number one love
My number one friend 
So forget you, I'm done