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Love Poems About Ardor or Ardor Love Poems

Ardor love poems and/or love poems about Ardor. Read, share, and enjoy these Ardor love poems! Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for poems or see our other Ardor Poems.

Poem Details | by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: autumn, love, october, passion, poetry, romantic love,

Ardor of Autumn

Ardor of Autumn

Wind rolls off the river, chills the bones.
My cheeks are rosy from Chicago's cold.
Now wrapped in warmth inside with tea and scones,
October has my body feeling old.

Yet, I love the views autumn colors bring
The rain that falls upon my window pane,
How nature's timing changes everything,
How death of cold rejuvenates again.

The beauty of this season inspires
Poetry to flow from my hand to pen,
As romantic thoughts of my desires,
Memories of our tender love back when

Our souls first encountered a love so deep,
As I recall those times they make me weep.


~Third Place~
Autumn sonnet Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: John Hamilton

Poem Details | by Julian Scutts |
Categories: devotion, humorous, love,

Ardor or Palaver


 "We are dying, Egypt, dying."
I'm still alive and trying
to prove to you, my dove,
that I feel for you a love
you can put to any test,
which means, at your behest:
I'd jump from the fiftieth storey,
though the end of that were gory.
How proudly I would stagger
if you stabbed me with a dagger.
You can go and tell 'em
for you I'd gulp down venom.
My will can never bend,
I will love you to the end.
But one thing I'll never do,
not even, dear, for you.
"And what," you ask, "is that?"
I won't pay a penny for that hat.