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Poem Details | by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: passion, , sweet love,


An ardor for poetic expression penned
Those emotion filled romantic lines drew
Passion reaching forth sweet love uncondemned
Armour poured out 'pon pages like morn's dew 

Christ's passion far surpasses human's love
With patience He looked down 'pon man and earth
Patiently waited coming as the Dove
Amazing grace would transcend with His birth

Passion waited for eons and eons
Patiently longing to redeem mankind
Creatures whom He loved for generations
He waits now for them to His will aligned

Blood poured forth 'pon sad Golgotha's hill
Passion's patience whispers come of own freewill


Sponsor: DrRam Mehta
Contest: Passion Pays, Not Patience
Passion without character trait of patience can result in a disaster.....
Written: This September 2013

Poem Details | by Gregory R Barden |
Categories: love, memory, metaphor,

The Shores Of Ardor

I stand upon the sands of lovers, past,

          Surveying, bleak, the misty metaphors..

                    A crimson blush of hope, so setting fast,

                              Its wake left by a tempest on this shore.

Seems only yesterday I found this place,

          The grace of youth and yearning underfoot..

                    A pulse of passion, showing love its face,

                              And leaving but an ash of desire's soot.

A shadow of my longing leaves me cold -

          These seas of love are all I cared to sail,

                    Yet now my course's harvest finds me old,

                              As all my moonlight drizzles, wan and pale.

               And so..

I'll lay my joys upon these sands to stay..

                    Forgotten, not, 'til time is washed away.

~ 3rd Place ~  in the "Any Rhyming Poem In April" Poetry Contest, Laura Loo, Sponsor.

~ 5th Place ~  in the "Mid April 2018 Any Form" Poetry Contest, Brian Strand, Sponsor.

Poem Details | by Andy Sprouse |
Categories: anxiety, future, happiness, happy, hope, love, relationship,

Anxious Ardor

They talk about not taking it too far,
when first meeting someone.
Arbitrary limits to thoughts set the bar,
setting inanities, falsehoods, to be spun.

All are so afraid of coming on too strong,
most definitely including me.
Feeling a spark quickly shouldn't be wrong,
should even be a goal, far as I can see.

I let the hook-up culture hijack my mind,
made me see all in a lesser light.
Someone awesome I hardly hoped to find,
some redress here I seek, with what I write.

After so long with zero real connections,
this is alien ground.
'Dating rules' shouldn't dictate affections,
by procedure I don't wish to be bound.

Ever done something, and knew right away
it wasn't a good move?
I've done that plenty, could promptly say
of my own action I didn't approve.

But that didn't happen when I met you,
not by a far cry.
It was the reverse, if I speak true,
at the end of the night hated to say goodbye.

Your grayish green eyes said "hi"
before so did that charming smile.
And what, even more, kept me flying high,
was that we laughed the whole while.

I also enjoyed your friends very much,
and especially your wit.
We both felt good, told each other such,
and I won't deny magic when I see it.

Out of that aforementioned fear,
it'll likely be awhile before this you see.
I'd rather not feel that one can be *too* sincere,
but won't risk whatever this may be.

Poem Details | by Julian Scutts |
Categories: devotion, humorous, love,

Ardor or Palaver


 "We are dying, Egypt, dying."
I'm still alive and trying
to prove to you, my dove,
that I feel for you a love
you can put to any test,
which means, at your behest:
I'd jump from the fiftieth storey,
though the end of that were gory.
How proudly I would stagger
if you stabbed me with a dagger.
You can go and tell 'em
for you I'd gulp down venom.
My will can never bend,
I will love you to the end.
But one thing I'll never do,
not even, dear, for you.
"And what," you ask, "is that?"
I won't pay a penny for that hat.