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Poem Details | by Ashley Smith |
Categories: lost love, lovelonging,

Unrequited Affection

When often thinking of times past
In accordance to her own place
She recalled a heart broken young woman
With longing her pain to erase

Guys grow fond of her demeanor
Going so far as to follow her around
Yet without a doubt she controls her heart
And departs them safe and sound

She never strays from her values and ways
From actions she continues to refrain
And when boys spend time in her company
For her, it is merely to entertain

Childish ways once embedded naturally
Inside her innocent mind
Have soon dissipated into the land of dreams
And reality she’s come to find

So many times she’s feared the day
When one young soul she shall meet
He’ll speak foreign truth she’s never heard
And sweep her off her feet

Hesitant to become transparent
She often hid her anticipation
And did so well for the initial encounters
Although with great frustration

No one seemed to understand her like this one
For in such a short amount of time
She questioned what her motives were
As her affection seemed to climb

Attempts to stray from him failed miserably
And in fact seemed to attract her more so
Each departure she vowed was the last
Yet her endearment continued to grow

Left in a quandary  
She allows him to speak his peace
She soon understands his wishes for them
Are from each other to release

Now, rational a thinker she may be
She desires his wishes as well
But something leads her to believe
They both know this attempt will fail

She’s scared to read too much into this
In fear that feelings are unrequited
For only God can deem what’s to be true
And who shall be united

So, idly she and her soul await
For sign of returned desire
Yet, until that day she will attempt no more
And to her chambers simply retire

Poem Details | by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: devotion, friendship, hope, life, love, social, sympathy, love,


Wrapping your loving arms around
somebody whom you love with passion....
is an expression of affection,
and no one expects a reward!

Only God gives love freely...
to demonstrate how intense is kindness;
and we ought to give it kindly,
not shying away from mindfulness! 

Giving more than you have to someone
who needs comforting words...
is surely an expression of affection,
and deeper understanding without recompense!

Our struggles may cause us to worry,
leaving behind unpleasant reminders...
that we never learn from errors
and continue to act improperly?

Smiling widely and honestly
is the truest expression of affection,
welcomed as the most genuine intention;
why can't we all love sincerely?

This life is none than a short jeourney,
fulfilling what's called destiny;
lives are glorified by their deeds,
but also destroyed by  insidious influences!           

Coming to the rescue of your closest friends,
who seem troubled by hardships or pain,
helps them find hope when they only had tears;
stand by them with that expression of affection!

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: love,

Affection With Rapt

Enthralled am I in my deep mind, a love like yours, so hard to find- I’ve relinquished all that sad woe, once I found it hard to let go, but those days are so far behind. Immersed in your strength I’m confined we’re beauty and passion combined, spellbound with magic, we shall grow- Enthralled am I. Absorbed with spirit I’m inclined engaged in desire, we’re entwined- So fascinated, this I know, with affection our love shall glow, so in love, you’re one of a kind- Enthralled am I. July 2, 2017 For the contest, Form R Sponsor, Broken Wings

Poem Details | by Evan Palmer |
Categories: age, change, longing, lost, love, old, together,

Ancient Affection

there are born two new seeds of the same plant 
marching across the sky singing their chant 
the breeze of fate separates the young
then to the ground, the seeds are flung 

they begin singing towards the sky
seeking company of the trees nearby 
they shout the melody yearlong 
but the other trees don't know the song

now the trees burst through the ceiling 
exposed to allure the jungle was concealing 
hearing their song of the beauty of earth 
a familiar song that each knew since birth 

looking at each other with leaves of green 
the first of their own kind they had seen
their branches extend by pact of silent oath 
love is the mechanism for their growth 

roots wrapping round trunks, collision of bark 
crying out their song, passion's potent remark
the feeling of intimacy, warmth and advection
in a young embrace of ancient affection

Poem Details | by Trinity Biles |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, blessing, first love, for him, love, romance,

Perfection in Your Affection

I know you're the guy for me 
And one day I'll make you see, true love really can come free.

I swear we're perfect for each other
And together we will stay, through whatever weather.

You're my better half, you're my Superman
You're my livin dream dream, my greatest fantasy
You're my everything.

So baby, trust me, and just take my hand.

'Cause you're my greatest find, you're my favorite ride
You're my Valentine, my sweet rollin tide
You're my everything.

And I Love You.

Poem Details | by Dean Masciarelli |
Categories: confusion, faith, inspirationallife, love,

The lack of love and affection

The lack of love and affection

Written By Dean Masciarelli

November 10, 2009 (10:34am)

The lack of love and affection 

Can truly bring you down

And it can cause you

To become emotionally 
unstable and withdrawn

And even irritable at times

And when this happens

You tend to lose your bearings 

And your sense of direction

And when it gets really bad

You quit doing the things
that you used to do all the time

And you eventually become

Isolated from everyone

Because you have reached 
a point

When you no longer feel 
like you belong

And you just quit caring

And this is when the good Lord
will intervene if you will let him

Because he can  help you 
turn your life around

So that your life 
has more meaning

So that you can have 
a true sense of belonging

Because the good Lord
is the only one who will 
listen to all of your problems

And he will help you find 
a solution to everything

So that you can begin to mend
and then feel brand new again

Because you can always 
rely on him
to lift you up from your burdens

When you can no longer 
carry them on your own



Poem Details | by Jamecia Buggs |
Categories: funny, love

Signs of affection

The animal comes
attacking me with her claws
my sister loves me

Poem Details | by Taide Riley- Hunte |
Categories: break up, conflict, girl, love, love hurts,


Girls need affection 
Guys need sex
When a guy knows he’s not getting it
The warning bells scream next…
Girls think of the future
Guys hold onto “now”
I think the future scares them
So that “talk” they won’t allow 
Girls are more “emotional”
They express how they feel
Guys are more conserved
With you they can’t be real
When girls say that they love you
They mean just what they say
When a guy says he loves you
It’s just to make you stay
To girls sex= feelings
For guys no, not so much
For them it could be casual
Just want a girl to touch
Girls hold on to ex’s
It seems they can’t let go
Guys have called it logic
To move on with the flow
Girls are hurt by one guy
Then think they’re all the same
But guys, they often prove this
New guy, same hurtful game
In breakups loss is different
Both can feel upset and vex
Girls ‘cause their hearts are broken
Guys because there’s no more sex
Sex versus affection
The battle of the sexes
But both need each other
To reach life’s great apexes
So let’s agree on one thing
The word “need” is overused
There’s sex and there’s affection
I wonder what each sex will choose…

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: love,

The Color of Affection

he knows nothing but loving me-
   he bleeds adoration
through crimson-colored 

he knows everything about me-
         he is my creation,
my one and only reason 
to exist;
               now only intimacy remains

he is my artisan masterpiece-
reaching depths where only
                          a soul gains.

he imprints only,
                   affection-colored stains

October 2, 2017

Poem Details | by jhucel del rosario |
Categories: art, emotions, heart, love, relationship, romantic, valentines day,

Abstract Affection

I always  explored the desert of love
When your image, reflected my mind,
My curiosity was in the air above
Because loving you is one of a kind

I'm so happy in the blue memorable days
that angels brought you here,
My emotions start twisted day by day,
because of you my sorrow are gone my dear

Your personalities cannot be enumerated,
You're such a blessing from God from Heaven
Because from now on I dedicated,
My love, My heart till my spirit will go for Eden

A women like you is like a treasure
A Treasure that will be keep forever,
Because your Golden Hand, 
Cured My heart and made it Pure,
That's Why I'll never end this chain of love, NEVER...

My everlasting Love will be yours Forever
I'll promise to continue, the love story that I was started
And  as we encounter different obstacles and become older,
My affection to you will never be ended...

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: appreciation, husband, joy, love, passion, soulmate, universe,

Affection Ignites - Anacreontic Verse Contest

                              ~Anacreontic Verse Contest~
                                 *Sponsor: Edward Ebbs*

                                      Strong emotion,
                                    Radiates my heart,
                                      Passion fire for,
                                   Irrational thoughts,
                                      Mania me and,
                                       Stability you,
                                      Tranquility us,
                                     Peaceful dreams,
                                       No agitation,
                                     Glows on Venus,
                                     Universe is ours,
                                   Unleash my chains,
                                 And beg me for more,
                                  Sailing so free with,
                                    No more inferno,
                                     Heavenly halo,
                                      Honorable man,
                                      Fidelity me,
                            And marked words by truth,
                                   Loyal companion,
                                 Wings of eagles high,
                                  Soaring to heaven,
                                 Promises kept and,
                                  Heads bow down,
                                Grasping intense love,
                                   Above the clouds,
                                Starlit nights while our...
                                    Affection ignites.

                          ~Written: November 4, 2015~
                                    4th Place Winner

Poem Details | by Roy Pett |
Categories: appreciation, devotion, friendship, funny love, humor, simple, true love,

Affection not perfection

She descended the stairs
Hair matted sleep in her eyes,
Cup of coffee toast and 
marmalade please she cries,

Wearing her baggy cardigan 
Night dress crumpled with stains,
No teeth in her mouth morning breath
Reminders of recently blocked drains,

To say the least she doesn't look 
Her very best,
There again I'm a little shoddy 
In my under pants and string vest,

How we look in the morning 
to others we would not share,
Our love for each other has no 
bounds just shows that we care.

Love is affection not perfection.

Poem Details | by Marquis MC Mills-Cooper |
Categories: i love you, love, romance, romantic,

The Conception Of My Affection

My eyes
they saw you
fine as can be
with features a
goddess would own

I tried to
compare you
with others I see
but naturally you
stood alone

I scattered
your picture well
in my heart so
your face was all
it could see

I later
discovered that
this was the
start of a wonderful
feeling in me

I’ve pondered
the thought of
being forever with
you the one I

I strongly
believe we can
be together with
something deep
and sincere

I feel at
home when in
your arms, I
never want to

For wrapped
up in your
alluring charm,
I’ll always want
to be

Written in Queens, New York -Circa 1995

Poem Details | by Crow thepoet |
Categories: lonely, lost love, love, missing you,

Undivided Affection

I need a little change of pace
take a flight to outer space
make an attempt to paint a face
upon a planet without moons
make an attempt to just spin across the rings of Saturn
I just need a little change of pace
change of air, change of atmosphere
maybe I'll sing a ballad of Myria
Well I could but if I should 
I'd just be singing another lovesick ballad
of another fish who swam off the hook
I'd just be singing another lovesick ballad
how I had to part ways
from an angel so far away
I will go as far as to admit
I have no grievance with her
I have no bad tidings to wear out her name
I have no complaints
just one small regret
well I'll make it two
for I wish I had more time to be with her
for I wish I still had the chance to speak with her
All I have is a few pictures
all I have is a few pictures
and a few memories
of those late nights we stayed up and talked
of how she caught my eye
in full black and white makeup
sprinkled with a shiny ruby red
to create her mask of her favorite comic book villain
Maybe it was her eyes
maybe it was her personality
maybe it was how she seemed extraordinary
something I hadn't seen everyday
which caught my attention
snuck in and pulled the string
to give her my undivided affection
I could have called it love at first sight
but love didn't arise for a few days
a few weeks
I chose not to rush
but my plans go awry at first light
Still I cannot deny
she was my ray of sunshine
through my darkest November
she was my ray of sunshine
from mid October to early November
she was special
a marigold amongst dead weeds
a butterfly in a symphony of wasps
a perfect white cloud surrounded by hectic weather
She was special
oh Myria
She was special
still there's not much left I can say
guess it's her I miss to this day
I could conduct a search to find her
I could try to find her number and call her
I gave it thought
fished it out of the water
but I tossed it right back
for what if she is doing better without me
happier without me
I was a greedy old scrooge
with a mix of kind love and tenderness
but still greed showed more
so what...
I don't know
a misplace of context
for now I have lost my train of thought
for now my brain is scrambled
and my words have become rocks
Let me be honest
she was not perfect
Let me be honest
she was definitely worth it
Worth the month I spent 
in fooled eyes
Worth the month I spent
wishing to hold her in my arms
as she planned to drive miles to be with me
Worth the month I spent
whispering tales of how she was my angel
sent from heaven
whispering tales of how she was my beautiful earth angel
telling her I would never leave
In my heart, my promise still remains true
Myria, I will never forget you
In my head, I ask myself is my promise still true
Myria, where are you
In reality, some would say I am just foolish
but Myria, I was a fool just in simple love with you
Myria, I could send a search party to find you
Myria, I could find your number once again and call you
a fished out thought
but I tossed it back 
and let it swim for the rest of its life
Myria, for you could be doing better off without me
Myria, for you could be happier without me
for I was a greedy scrooge
but I'd do anything to make it all up to you
Hey Myria
I love you
Hey Myria
I will never forget you
but Myria
I will forever miss you
and cradle you in my dreams
well for my famous last words
well for a fond memory
to spend forever with you

Poem Details | by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: love, romance,



                  For a few drops of tenderness,
                         My heart was after

                           But you, my love,

                 An endless sea of affection, have 

                   Offered, my soul, to submerge!

                       © Demetrios Trifiatis
                          09 November 2015

Poem Details | by Ashraful Musaddeq |
Categories: love,

Haiku on Affection

comet on the sky
pavilion of dews
fasten affection

Poem Details | by Joshua Abel |
Categories: africa, betrayal, girl, heart, love hurts, money,

A Dough Affection

To be in love with an African,
An unreasoning love, a Dough Affection
Holes all over My heart spilling love
The light in her eyes my Joy,
Her heart My heart's heart, 
A queen I could not forsake

An unreasoning love, a Dough affection, 
Your Dough,her priority
Her lame love walked to me, 
Reaching for My heart 
A love dressed in deceit,beneath her dress 
A love  in it planted a malign seed.

Holes all over My heart spilling pains,
Dawns her that I'm a maid to Dough 
A street urching, she called me, -(tout)
Though I knew,it was nothing new,
An unreasoning love,an affection of Dough, 
Abacha's food now My diet -(poison)
True love is not as common as it used to be.

Poem Details | by Denis Barter |
Categories: friendship, love, , cute,

Friendly Affection and Love

Friendship is....?

The warm feeling inside, we always get
when an old acquaintance is unexpectedly met:
the sound of a familiar voice on a telephone line,
that sincerely asks: “are you well and keeping fine?”
We seek information after ill unexpected news,
as we phone folks almost forgottenWe peruse
the paper, only to see a familiar name on the page
that reminds us, that it’s been an interminable age
Since we last spoke togetherWith conscience stirred,
we’re behoved to speak and enjoy a friendly word.
Friendship imposes no limits: allows no secrets kept:
no criticism nor judgement: any faults we accept
without need for explanation: as they dismiss ours.
Folks with whom we enjoy spending a leisure hour,
that never regale us with achievements, which flaunted
leave us feeling feckless, embarrassed or daunted.
We’ll rush to their side when necessity commands,
as they would to ours: that’s what friendship demands.
With true friends at your side, we’re never lonesome,
this valued kin of Love, is worth a Monarch’s ransom.

Affection is....?

Providing a shoulder to cry on when it is required;
a consoling caress, at times when we’re sad or tired,
knowing one's presence is eagerly sought and favoured,
and is, when desperately needed, response much savoured.	
Affection dons numerous disguisesIn our passing years,
it’s a great comfort when we’re worried or beset by fears.
It unfailingly presents support in a quiet, essential way;
and as such, its value is welcomed at the end of the day.
When given a firm hug, or a sincere, welcoming kiss:
There’s few signs of affection we receive, better than this.
Animals do so without inhibition nor need of direction.
Lacking deceit, dogs display their honest love and affection,
by the wagging of their tailEmulated by the purring cat:
a welcome we accept with pleasure; with no caveat.
So too does the smile that clearly says “I Love You!”
from one who is delighted and reassured on seeing you.
Affection is but a simple, tender emotion that conveys,
snd proves you’re loved in so many special ways!

Love is.....?

When Love comes calling: though we know not why it may?
We welcome it most warmly, though all reason flies away.
It is the strongest of all our passions, the absolute emotion,
being born of acute awareness, reinforced by devotion.
Resisting Love is futile, whilst its denial squanders time:
when seduction and temptation lead us, to our state sublime.
The degrees of Love are several, but all exert their sway,
when true love pays a visit, to steal our heart away.
It comes with obligation: though one gladly borne it seems,
exacting firm commitment, though it’s the stuff of dreams.
Strongly demanding: it opposes all thought of turning back!		
But should one choose to do so?  Of a future they’ve a lack.
If you’d effect denial? Then friendship too, it is doomed,
for without Love’s support, affection is also foredoomed.
Walking hand in hand, all three will be seen to bloom,
whilst spurning Love's a burden, that few of us assume.
Love is the greatest blessing, extended to everyone!
So embrace it when offered, and share in Life’s fun.

Rhymer December 26th, 2016

Poem Details | by Savannah Rose Harper |
Categories: love, nature, passion

Northern Affection

Her eternal beauty
Pulchritudinous colors
Fondling northern clouds

Poem Details | by Steve Voorhees |
Categories: love

Affection Antedotes

 Resistance is futile
I know this well, even as
self wrought fortifications fall
by way of your velvet touch,
disarming every suspicious sensibility.

That recoiled voice within
to bristle at your touch
distrust this sweet advancement
despise the caress you brandish
Gently you shush this voice
with outstreched silken fingertip
to pursed up cursing lips

Replacing that touch with the sweetest lips
mine have ever known
Erasing the expanse from then to now
the awkward abyss of the ever alone.
Kisses layed lightly about my face
smash the walls surrounding
Bonded now, fingers interlaced
synchronized hearts are pounding.

you kissed my lid clenched eyes
detouring all falling tears
like they may bring my certain demise
I feel the healing
in no small measure
senses reeling
immersed in pleasure
Passion pure
guard torn apart
affection cures
my scar torn heart

Poem Details | by Anthony O. Mitchell Jr. |
Categories: happiness, joy, love, people, romance,

Affection 2K13

'Tis therein embrace
where sighing and warmth occurs,
kisses ensue most properly
as inclined subjects board their
ships of affection due love.

Poem Details | by Sarah Comstock |
Categories: love, passion, romance, life,

Object of affection

To be that,
that is the 
object of your
To feel a 
love that is 
one of perfection.
To be the
object of 
your desire.
To be that,
that fuels 
your fire.
To want 
so that it
an need.
A hunger,
in which 
to feed.
A fire, to
no end that
it burns.
A heart that
only yearns.
A life of 
A wish of 
I can only
pray for
such a 
My love I 
am now 
I would
love you 
for a lifetime.
I would give 
my life to make
you mine.
I pray this,
that my wish
will come true,
in time.

Sarah Comstock

Poem Details | by mahvash A.M.U. |
Categories: faith, family, forgiveness, growing up, hope, life, love,

Dreamy Affection

There are very few ones who care
There are very few who share;
There are few who affectionately glare
Number of those specials are undoubtedly rare.

People whom you can trust blindly
People whom you can forgive kindly;
People whom you love passionately
People whom you can show your stupidity innocently.

Those who'll never talkbehind your back
Those who loves you even if you lack;
Those who often abusively whack
Those who have the key of your heart to hack.

you must be thinking who are they?
Why without greed they are behaving such a way?;
Don't they deserve an extreme pray
Its your FAMILY, Yes none but they.

They can forget you even for the biggest mistake
They are the one if you'll sleep ,they'll wake;
Their affection is as pure as shell
They know your every next step very well.

I really call it a dreamy affection
Seems like living in the world of perfection;
They are your family never let them down
Their single love can bet the whole town.

Poem Details | by Ellie cross |
Categories: hurt, lost love,

Drops of Affection

Drops of affection I spill my eyes, 
and meet my point insane,
he looks at me and dare I do,
leave keys out in the rain.
Not keys to doors nor troubled scores,
but hearts beyond divine.
He grabs the key,
but happens be,
a faux of the same kind
O lover, lover, my kind heart beau,
why shall you trouble thee?
For the key my love,
is far above,
from what you gave to me
Drops of rejection I spill my eyes,
and meet my point insane,
he looks at me and dare I do,
leave keys out in the rain
Though months and months I gave own,
the blame was put on me,
days grew dark now don't deny, 
you left me there to see.
A cabin of darkness with no shed light,
I let my lover be,
with no escape I final rest,
but keys still left for thee.

Poem Details | by Keith Dovoric |
Categories: anxiety, humor, love, nostalgia, political, sexy,

Public Display of Affection

Public affection –
Where did it go?
There’s an infection
Nobody knows

Loving in secret
Guilt meter’s on
Telescreen watching
Privacy gone

They’re lockin’ you up
For a public display of affection

The children are snitches
The homeless are spies
Watch in the subway
Their schizoid eyes

They’re puttin’ you down
For a public display of affection
They’re sellin’ you out
For a public display of affection

Sex in a strange room
Along a brass pole
The dancers are working
Shoveling bullshit like coal

Warmth was a legend
Your passions are woes 
The fate of the last friend
Nobody knows 

They’re pullin’ your plug
For a public display of affection
They’re punching your ticket
For a public display of affection
They’re cuttin’ your battery
For a public display of affection
They’re snapping your cord 
For a public display of affection 


Poem Details | by BURT HEACOCK |
Categories: beautiful, feelings, happy, how i feel, love, romance, romantic,


Inebriant is affection
when hearts to hearts are hot
and pangs can cut the tendering
Effects not short of alcohol !

Come to my heart - take it slow
One atrium at a time
The right - when at first sight
The left - when attractions grow

Ventricles are the portico
Emotion at the door !
In cadence debuts the lifeblood
That solicitous ore !

That synonym - the saviour -
the kindred in kind - 
like life and death -co-exist
How much like brethren they are

Live and blood steep in vermillion
How vital they are !
Then one and then the other
One distills - the other gurgles on.

Poem Details | by Michelle Edwards |
Categories: feelings, love, mystery, song,

no affection

I will show you no affection
and dont you show none
if you do, it gets you in trouble
lots of trouble
if you let your guards down
the vulture flies in
they will take you for a doormat
pretend they your friend
as if they bringing peace and love
peace and love....
peace and love....
I will show you no affection
and dont you show none
if you do, it gets you in trouble
lots of trouble
no love....
no love...
no love...

Poem Details | by Jim Pemberton |
Categories: dedication, devotion, faith, forgiveness, friendship, happiness, hope, inspirational, life, love, people, religion, social, uplifting, god, god,


As I give God my love
 and deep affection…
He’s planted my feet
 in a new direction!

As I give God my adoration 
and deepest praise…
His presence is with me
 all of my days!

As I give God my heart
 and my time…
I begin to have a
 Christ-like mind.

As I give God meditation
 on his word…
His voice is more
 distinctly heard.

As I submit to God my
 actions and deeds…
I’m amazed as to how
 he meets my needs!

As I submit to God and let
 him be Lord of all…
My faith in him grows ever so tall!

As I submit to God and cast 
my cares on him..
I fall in love with him… 
 Again and again!

Won’t YOU submit your
 life to him as well?
The emptiness inside of you… 
He will fill…

Won’t you come to him,
 and let his blood was you clean?
He is our righteousness.
 Our everything!

By Jim Pemberton

Poem Details | by Roy Pett |
Categories: devotion, love, meaningful,

Quantified affection

If my loves measurable 

then a mathematician 

you will need to calculate 

how much I love you.

Composed 25th April 2017.

Poem Details | by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: daughter, love,


she talks to me - eye to eye outside church doors in the cool night air how lovely this lady who has children all her own Her arms goose bump bare and my heart strings pull - i say to her, “i just want to warm you up” and she smiles behind her glasses hair done up in a pony tail how blessed i am we hug as friends much more than that we complement one another