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Love Poems About Abysses or Abysses Love Poems
by Abdul Malik |
Categories: destiny,


Banished by Zeus’s jealous wife, Hera, 
the lively Oread, Echo, 
began to wander haplessly
into the mountain ranges
The depths of dark abysses
The doleful tunnels and
The abandoned mines,
The desolate caves,
valleys and ravines. 

Lovelorn and pining 
for her lost love, Narcissus,
the once loquacious Echo 
could now recall only 
the last shreds of 
someone else's spoken words.

Categories: conflict, love, philosophy,



    There is much more of love in us.
    But we repressed ourselves and
    we learned to give little by little ...
    We forget other forms of love.
    There is so much love repressed in us,
    that if it exploded on everyone,
    at the same time, all ills
    they would disappear from the world ...
    All the streets would light up,
    alleys, caves, abysses ... everything.
    But we do not open the floodgates
    of this ocean of love for fear ...
    We only care to open
     the portals of deception ... because
    we are afraid of love, fear
   of loving ...!

Categories: allusion, art, beauty, emotions, love, metaphor, poetry,


      Taste the antagonisms,
      dare to surrender  to impulses
      be perplexed by abysses,
      not living before wrists ...

      Not having out of love,
      warmth, shelter and rest
      being shot down with glow
      be simple but proud ...

      Imbibe hemlock for wine,
       scorn profit and ruin
       but absorb the pleasure
       of the nest

       Donate body and soul and fate
       and wait in the disappointment,
       this is love, no mistake ...!