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Love Poems About Abyssal or Abyssal Love Poems
by Thomas King |
Categories: love, universe,

Space And Time, Making Love

How does one traverse the distance,
Between two hearts separated by love?

How can one pass the infinite expanse 
Of time created by their loneliness

Will their longing and heartache
Explode Like a supernova

Creating a vortex 
That sends them both spiraling 
Into an abyssal plutonic existence

Or will their passion and desire
Be strong enough to bend and warp the continuum
Bringing the far ends of the universe 
In upon its self 
Allowing their love to join once again 
Creating a intergalactic paradox 
Of celestial oneness. 

by Matthan Atherton |
Categories: lost love, love

Visions of the Light

Visions leave me; of this very night
As I drift off into the shallow light
Wither like a slowly fading rose
Where I am headed, nobody knows

It all started on a day
When my maiden went away
She walked out the door
And ever since, nothing more

She left me alone to weep
And fall into the abyssal deep
Depression invoked a sickness within
And slowly flickering derived my sin

My consciousness said no
But my heart said to let go
So I lashed and I cried
And once tomorrow, I died

So thereafter sought her face
And drifted toward the light
To search for her embrace
And visions leave me; of this night

by Afolabi Muideen |
Categories: adventure,

Today's Enemy

Quote Prompt: "How is it so easy for you to be kind to people?" he asked... Milk and honey dripped from my lips and I answered, "cause people have not been kind to me." -rupi kaur 

Life is fire, in every step it ember I step,
I've been rejected, I've been shunned;
Life put me in abyssal of darkness.

Life is honey life is sweet,
the sweetness of life you crave for.
One can ever make whole world love one,
but with my act, I crave for world's recognition.
Today’s enemy might be tomorrow's friend.

Categories: allusion, creation, metaphor, miracle, poetry,


           Tear is the same,
          salt and albumin,
          in pleasure
         and in pain ...
         Pain contracts debts,
         pain breaks chains,
        blurs the heart ...
        Pleasure makes links,
         pleasure fills
        the soul...
        The tear heals the pain,
        the tear miracles the love ...
        Pain and pleasure, feeling
       abyssal natural ...