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Love Poems About Absurd or Absurd Love Poems
by arthur vaso |
Categories: art, beauty, inspirational, philosophy, sad,

The Park Bench

The Park Bench

I wish I was a poet
With magical words
To make people see all of the absurd
Tears fly, paintings in pastel die

When we look into our mirrors
We sometimes miss
What love dumps upon all of us
We shed tears, for we forgot to shed fears

I have no legs, nor any crutches
So my voyage has ended
I only observe
Sadness upended

When goodness is confused
When gestures are refused
When the kiss that could have been
When a poets tear seems obscene

The one who hears is often deaf
The deaf sometimes have nothing left
If I could give a kiss away
I would give it to lovers with hearts that sway

Drawing love on paper in may

by arthur vaso |
Categories: art, culture, history, poetry, sorrow, symbolism,

No Words

No words

Where there are tears
There are no words

Where there is music
There are no words

Where there is painting
There are no words

Where there is love
There are no words

Where there is passion
Words run and hide

Where there is sadness
There are no words

Where there is poetry
The poet attempts justice to the word

Where there are tears
The poet mystically appears

Where there is death
There are words

Proclaiming dominance to all before
Music art and philosophy

For not all are artists and musicians
All we have left are words and sorrows

How so very sad
And so very absurd

by James Fraser |
Categories: fun, humor,

Doodle the Footle 2 Tootle

I so love this form called Footle It allows the poet to doodle With so few words Whether right or absurd Now read , short trip, lets tootle < ;-) >

by Yoni Dvorkis |
Categories: depression, friendship

Everyone is Broken

Nothing left to hide
Everything is crystal clear
I must sound absurd

How does one confide
In shattered mirrors held dear
Using only words

Why do I reside
In broken hearts filled with fear
Cage confines the bird

Take it all in stride
Love will resurrect good cheer
Mend my broken world

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade,

I am a Booby

My best feature by far, my bright azure feet.
A mating dance star, prowess cannot be beat.
South American bird, wing span of five feet.
My diving is absurd. Snow white breast is neat.
A morel mushroom head, strutting brown feathers.
Seventeen years of stead, love Pacific weathers.
Three hundred and thirty feet, of dive cannot be beat.
Do not need wet suit or any kind of scub-y.
I am the blue-footed booby.

by Mary Wyndee Macaraeg |
Categories: faith, hope, love, love,


Heartsong is how I call the beating of my heart.
Sound of feeling when I met you from the start.
Having you into my life highlighted a blissful art.
In my existence you have become the greatest part.

Heartsong is the jingle that I hear whenever you sing.
Your voice that I recognize in my heart is the one king.
In my life, you my dear Honey only mean everything.
The love and happiness our togetherness always bring.

Heartsong is the hum of silence without saying a word.
Now we have to face challenges that recently occurred
What we're going through is difficult but never absurd.
Let's keep our love forever and be free to fly like a bird.

by Savannah McFarland |
Categories: hope, inspirational, love,


Love is a four letter word,
A word that makes people act absurd,
A thing that we want,
A thing that we need,
A thing we always take with greed.

Love, that four letter word,
I cry out, but go unheard,
The thing I want most,
The word we search for, a ghost.

Love is a four letter word,
A word that causes hurt,
A word that causes pain,
A word searched for in vain.

Love, the four letter word,
You cannot grasp or hold,
A thing that may never be,
But you'll find it in Him who is in me.

Love, not just a four letter word,
It is something we all search for.

by John Posey |
Categories: love, rose, valentines day,

A Rose That Never Fades

There is a Rose that never fades, a bloom that never dies, a blossom brighter than the sky, yet, soft as angels' eyes. When I tell people of this Rose somehow they can't conceive that such a flower can exist. They say it's make believe. They ask me why do I engage in such absurd charades. I smile, then say, "I'm loved each day by a Rose that never fades."
Author's Note: This was written for Valentine's Day some years ago.. It was framed with beautiful Rose graphics and now hangs over the kitchen sink where my wife can see it every day... Her name is Wanda Rose.... Jake

by Heather Condee |
Categories: emotions, family, future, growing up, spoken word, teen, wisdom,

learn to listen

What a mess 
I must confess
I made of my own life
Immaturity can be 
A dull and painful knife
Advice was given readily
Wisdom came like tides
Warned of dangers far and near
That trap young hearts like mine
Stubborn as a mule can be
I scoffed and bucked 
So foolishly
Looking back 
I made a fuss
Over things now 
Old like dust
If I'd listened 
If I heard 
Words of love
I thought absurd

by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: character, dance, forgiveness, inspiration, love hurts, nonsense, silly,

One Word

Ahhhh! My heart!

She said one word, 
And it shattered my soul,
Once so strong,
My diamonds are coal!

Ridicule, disdain, and disgust
Are all her testy mind can must!

I am stupid,
Indignantly so! 
How ever with such insults
Shall I properly grow?

My heart! The pain!
The sting of one word!
Tis an ache one looks on 
As grossly absurd!

Though as it were,
I must grow tall,
For such a mere word
Shant possibly end it all

I shall laugh—HA HA!!!
And instead I shall dance, 
For life is quite great,
And I still have on pants!

Tis I, a gentleman,
Tried and true, 
Whom shall never be less,
E'en when I am with you!


by Jack Ellison |
Categories: nostalgia, words, old, sweet, love, old, sweet,

Okay Then, Alright Then, Toodle-Loo, Bye-Bye

“Okay then, alright then, toodle-loo, bye-bye!” Sure love to hear that again My first wife would end each phone conversation With this familiar old refrain Once uttering these words of sheer finality It was over, finis, a done deal Even though their words are heard trailing off Time's up, no chance to repeal Was definitely over when this sweet lady quoted These charming memorable words Am I dreaming or did I actually just hear them again Can't be true, that's totally absurd! “Okay then, alright then, toodle-loo, bye-bye!” Sure love to hear that again Life has moved on but love to hear them once more That familiar sweet old refrain © Jack Ellison 2013

by Christy Stover |
Categories: addiction, love hurts,

Loyalty Bleeding

each kiss is a tear
every touch a blood drop
breeding pain and fear
from bottom to top
    our brutal love
    rages on and on
    beneath heaven above
    above sweetness come and gone
darkest night falls down
hitting with a resounding thud
in your arms I drown
in an abyss of evil crud
    your abundance of addictions
    and multitudes of lies
    all of love's afflictions
    can be seen in my eyes
but no matter how absurd
I have made the vows
that must be honored
the forevers and the nows

Categories: bird, tribute, , cute,


Have you heard of the Kakapo? A Kakapo … I guess the answer’s no! Kakapo’s are a breed of parrot but they cannot fly They are far too heavy and would fall from the sky! Kakapo’s can live for a hundred years… A hundred years – I couldn’t believe my ears It may sound strange yes even quite absurd But I’ve fallen in love with this cute rare bird 11~14~16

by Kendal Pyfrom |
Categories: lost loveold, old, passion,

Old Flame

Fire rekindle as the old ashes are still burning The flame in ones soul ignites The soul awakens as there is a new yearning In your own world was born a new light Overflowing passion with ones mind interacting All your thoughts and memories seemingly far away The past experiences present counteracting The love, your love wishes to keep it at bay Remaining focused and still yet no resolve Tighten your grip on your own reality The mixture of your absurd fantasies dissolved Free yourself from this passion insanity Wherever you go, you always here their name That spark, a small spark which was your old flame

by Robert Ball |
Categories: black african american, love, happy, happy, love,

Unity Of Love

Happy, Happy as can be,
Together happy you and me.
Living in a home, together
Love will last forever.

If you Love God and yourself,
You’ll be able to Love someone else.
Your Mate is Faithful and true’
She Loves God, and she Loves you.

Bingo, like a snowball, it hits,
You’re in Love and it doesn’t hurt a bit.
Love for your enemies, those who like you not.
It’s the Father’s Command, it’s Spiritually a lot.

So be Faithful have Hope, Love will get you through.
God’s Infinite Wisdom, in the Holy Bible is for both of you.
Blessed by the Holy Spirit, Wisdom is the Word.
Anything else would be totally absurd.

by simone segal |
Categories: inspirational


As luck would have it
But luck is not the word
You attracted reading this
Although it sounds absurd

I have a message for you
I would like to plant this seed
Believe this information
That you are about to read.

Love attracts love

Hate attracts hate

Peace attracts peace

Happiness attracts happiness

I could go on, its an endless list
What you are attracting will persist
So be aware of all you think
You know what I mean
Nudge nudge, wink wink.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: emotions, feelings, imagery, introspection, loneliness,

Alone, Absurd, Adrift

Alone devastated by pain of betrayal my future feels like it's over. Contemplating committing suicide depression has me in its grip weeping in solitude suffering all alone. Absurd to cry for love yet it can be so sad when desire suddenly dies and passion's insatiable flame flickers out. And all that’s left is little more than a fantasy dream that’s blatantly absurd. Adrift clinging to hope I'm floating aimlessly on the fringes of time and space searching for the other half of my soul. And the sharp edge of rejection slices through fantasy setting feelings adrift. (Linked rictameter poems)

by Just That Archaic Poet |
Categories: love, romance,

Issues of Clocks and Romance

Quoth I unto the Rock:

"Hast thou seen an old, black clock
With the Coo-Coo bird abruptly missing?"

Quoth the Rock:

"Sorry, I have not seen the clock
That you have sought:

I've been watching the Lover's kissing!"

*This piece is meant to be absurd; doggerel, I suppose. Just something silly and (hopefully) fun :)

by Jody-Ann Beckford |
Categories: love, me,


Smitten by his every move, his every breath, 
Moving towards me and I'm dumb struck, lost for words,
I intend to do nothing about it, just enjoy him,
Tempting me, seducing me, how desperately absurd,
Tasting his deliciousness, with each inhale,
Excitement, wondering if he feels it too,
Nothing can stop me from being hopelessly SMITTENED by you.

by Seren Roberts |
Categories: words, writing,

Let it flow - contest

Your going to write poetry
do so with your soul.
Take a deep breadth.
Breathe out the words as a whole

Your inner self will be revealed
more than you can guess.
Write as it enters your mind
or it will be lost.

Don't strive to be a Tennyson
or Wordsworth and such.
Look around you 
at the things you love to touch.

Write  simply 
don't force out the words.
You will soon become a poet
maybe that sounds absurd.

Let it flow, let it flow
the magic will be weaved.
May not be a!s
something you alone achieved

Penned 6 June 2015

by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: happiness, happy,


What makes you smile? What gives you a grin? 
What makes you roar in a crowd?
Is it the joke from a professional comic, 
That makes you laugh out aloud?

Or is it the irony of seeing others fail,
Like “NO REGERTS” her regrettable ink.
Or maybe you like the constructed absurd, 
Like the Python’s absurd doublethink.

Maybe you prefer fun shared by others, 
Like the silly things children often say.
Or do you enjoy your partner’s company, 
When you please and tease and play.

Actually, I bet you love all of these things, 
And more, to keep you happy, up and elated.
Because we only live once, one go at this life, 
To live a life of sheer tickled animated.

by Phatt Matt |
Categories: blue, dream, eve, flying, inspiration, metaphor,


I am young and travelling

my life is unraveling

as a teenager I dreamed

this day would happen

not on the safe side I dwell

as the danger unfolds

forward I propel

I coming out of my shell

extreme is not the word

crazy sounds to absurd

this beats the life of a nerd

this excel the master degree of a jock

“daddy is going to buy you a mocking bird”

who am I kidding

my parents were never there

just mama the only one

who ever cared

it is all I ever have

a personality flaw

my heart in a chest of drawers

this how I extend towards an inconvenient cause

ain’t no love lost

ain’t no sunshine when its on

by Martin Kloess |
Categories: death, loss, love, wife,

The End

She just closed her eyes and that was the end
No tearful goodbyes not even a word
And all of the whys they were never heard
There were no more lies we had to defend

So ended our show and all it incurred
So far beyond woe no teardrop to rend
My mind won’t know it chose to pretend	
So great was the blow it must be absurd

My memory ran to our special place
Where kisses began in days of our youth
Where once a young man discovered his dawn

No future in sight just one empty space
Which stole all my light this vision of truth
So began the night for now she is gone

by Atour Tamrazov |
Categories: family, children, people,

Love And See!

'On' is extra, 'in' is sense, 'off' is the absurd away from the free herz:
To be now the new International Democratic Society - we must
Love and see our life as the future in past

by Brian Johnston |
Categories: love,

Unconditional Love

A message came from biggest fan
That says he misses me,
And hopes that everything’s alright
Or that it soon will be.

He’s looking forward to a word
Of news or poetry
A casual comment, or absurd,
Imagined fantasy.

By tone it’s clear that he is fine,
And needs nothing from me,
But knowledge that his friend’s aware
Of dreams that yet could be.

Accepting of my joy and pain,
The visions that I see,
His judgments never do congeal
Or drive me up a tree.

A presence that is always real
And not just scenery,
A friend who’s not afraid to walk
In faith upon the sea!

Brian Johnston
February 16, 2015