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Love Poems About Abstracts or Abstracts Love Poems
by John Rhinem |
Categories: introspection, life, love

Frankensteins Theory?!

Suspending ornaments within an abstracts reasonings....

Paramountic marvels of a phenomenas majestical wonders; these 

Perceptions perceived along the paragons trails towards, the swallowing castles 

Reflections amid the paradoxes silverish views; hues, of an artificial flavourings

Beliefs upon the impratical balconies foresight of, utopians dreams.... 


....A Frankensteins theory?!

Note: Smile ~ Was considering the irony of certain things and, the love and light of
All things so, decided to drop a humble crumb into the basket ~ "'Love,' Always," John!:) ~

by Emma Jane |
Categories: art, fantasy, imagery, love, metaphor, relationship, romance,

Folie a Deux

Mosaic beauty upon a canvased mind -
Abstracts' thought of two;
Spiritually carving an essence defined -
Sculpture's alluring view.

Model charisma, transcendent panoramics -
Chiseled utopia, kissed;
Shapes sexing and molding, sealing ceramics -
Tracing mystiques', blissed.

Embossed lines erect, curves aligning -
Signature beings, weld;
Engraving couplet, trademark entwining -
Crowning bijou, held.

Marbled terra cotta knows statues' Arcadia -
Concrete and clay conceive;
Porcelain angel now lives in Fantasia -
All set in stone make believe.

© March 2013