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Love Poems About Abstractions or Abstractions Love Poems
by M. L. Kiser |
Categories: appreciation, art, beauty, places, poems, poetry,

Starry Night

Over the Rhone, web of light sewn; eyes of night’s wonder, God’s own plunder. Reflections mirror the heaven’s splendor. A magical river, love it delivers. A walk on the banks, amid glowing ranks; romantic attractions, vibrant abstractions. Vincent’s emotions, magnificent potions. Vibrant allure, a must to procure.

Categories: childhood, love,

Spelling LOVE

Little angels lying around
Sprawled out on clouds
In pink and purple pajamas
Against clear blue skies
Cutting and scribbling pictures
Of houses, people, pets, butterflies and trees
Of clouds, stars, the moon, hearts and bees
In all their abstractions and colors

With letters drawn
Backwards and upside down
And in all shapes and sizes
No matter what letters or order
Or what pictures 
They spell 
To be hung on refrigerators

by daver austin |
Categories: introspection,



Out on the fringes
Beyond speculation
Beyond deep cobalt blue
Bottoming out
Rising to infinity
To sunless east, west
Where long since had appeared
The golden, hazy light
This is where my spirit’s fancy has strayed
Expecting blackness,
Many shades beyond night
I am surprised
For there is music
Music of unimaginable depth and sweetness
And there are colors
This circular rainbow of known and unknown colors
And there is transcendent peace
The soul seeming to float
There is love
And infinite truth

by Michael Smith |
Categories: childhood,

Weeping Willow Why

I trace the harden, scars of bark
Merely, a piece of heart has healed
One by one and letter to letter
With tinges of smile as I feel
The puppy love that fades within inscription 
Passions scratched upon a Weeping Willow 
So far away are the lives in parallel 
All abstractions as... statues in a field

by Ricky Muse |
Categories: appreciation,

Sixteen Days

days that brought me to worship
sounds of deity echoing through my room
music that deftly captured my ears and dreams
all we needed to release the discomfort 
of war and plastic cages
was the experience of his Fender Strat
the feedback from that Marshall amp
her Big Momma Thornton howls
Ball and Chain, Ball and Chain
long may we love the real s--- left behind
abstractions melodically rhythmic to rock
these tracks take me to that door
where I pray someone will answer
let me enter the blues of their world and see
why such beauty had to end

Categories: psychological,

Reconnect to Divine

Forgetting the abstractions of our brains
And the scientific way in which our mind is trained
A thinking beyond the thoughts of materialism
A joyful try to connect to realism
Of the higher worlds of invisible existence
Emitting energies of unconditional love and acceptance
A deep mysterious darkness
In the realm of the world beyond
Brimming with light of hope and compassion
Waiting for our immortal part to recover its connection
To the truest deepest spiritual self in the core of glorious shine
To a universe entirely ruled by the love of divine.