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Love Poems About Abjure or Abjure Love Poems
by Heather Condee |
Categories: death, depression, grave, grief, lost love, metaphor, sad love,


Ascultate my vociferation!
Contravene your sepulcher.
Insurrect our omnipotent.
I enjoin thine quintessence.
Whilom anon.
Euphoria salvo.
Eschewal Valhalla's porticullis.
Genitive hedonic, envisage.
Erewhon betwicts my gammons.
Imbibe of my mammilla's.
In perpetuum cache me.
Gehanna upon macrocosm.
Your Inamarata writhes.
Is thus kismet?
Cull Inamarato!
I abjure forthwith.
Abaddon velleity extirpate my noumenon,my pneuma.

by Gary Bateman |
Categories: angel, blessing, devotion, faith, god, metaphor, symbolism,

Angels Speak of His True Love

Angels Speak of His True Love

By God’s intent, Angels speak of His true love,
For mankind and nature here on Mother Earth.
They help us find our path to Heaven above,
Whilst playing a role in our mystic rebirth.
Angels talk to us, and show us God’s true love;
They guide our souls on ascension far from Earth,
To Our Holy Father who redeems us pure,
From which no one can seek to ever abjure!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved
August 5, 2018 (Ottava Rima)