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Poem Details | by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: joy, love, spiritual,

Spiritual Joy

Assuring more time to embrace the earth's sun
Brings with it sweet pleasures summer has spun.
Casting out a line in search of a suffering soul, 
Derives inner joy that is good for the whole.
Everyone may soon become quite aware, 
Favoring the spirit gifts so much to share.
God's greatest gifts are so freely given...
Help yourself to the sweet fruits of heaven.
Inside your mind lives pristine poetic flowers,
Just let them flow through tips of your bowers.
Kindred spirits will gravitate to your prose or rhyme,
Lyrics that sway us, dancing in harmonic time.
Moving to music creates tranquility,
Neutralizing harsh sounds with indemnity.
Omnipotence frees us from our emotional will, 
Penetrates our sanctuary when we are quiet and still.
Quality not quantity of life's special dreams
Related in love's happiness is all that it seems.
Seeking to help others will benefit you
Through the gift of your time, in kind things you do.
Universal energy is captured by all, 
Vibrating in frequencies in an invisible pall
We may share with each other our auras divine
Xyst beauty that surrounds in astrological trine.
Yearning to spread peace to indifference I find; 
Zealous in my heart to share love with mankind.

© Connie Marcum Wong
July 22, 2015

Abecedarian Contest
Shadow Hamilton

Poem Details | by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: bible, celebration, god, joy, love, spiritual, thanksgiving,


MY SPIRIT SINGS Almond eyes speak: "Take me home please-- bonnie green fields where I may wander, chasing butterflies and darting dragonflies dearly gazing to blue and orange streak skies. Everyday, I will find some daffodils fixing and tucking one to my ear, grin painted on my face as I look hungrily to praise and thank you, God! Interred two years ago by mistake, justice and joy, I yearn to feel, kneeling everyday, praying unto God: "Listen to me O tender God and don't leave" Merciful Father heard, He blessed me saying: "Now Son, be fruitful and multiply", I amble-- obedient me to sunny walks down winding roads, persistent to bear the given loads, quicker to maneuver from danger's path, reflexive instincts working double time! Seeking God's wisdom to always guide me, taking time to read the Bible everyday, understanding: "Man shall not live on bread alone... Vexed and pressed by a truckload of trials but whom shall I fear when God is my light and salvation. Xenacious I, excited, wanting to do it in an instant! Yes Lord! Yes Lord! Yes! Yes, Lord, Amen Zealous is my heart and spirit as I sing! _______________________________________________________ ***xenacious means filled with yearning for change.. Abecedarian - Poetry Contest Sponsor Shadow Hamilton ~~8th place~~ 10:49 pm, July 06, 2015

Poem Details | by Dear Heart |
Categories: fantasy, love,

The Butterfly and Dragon

And a long time ago and far away,
Beyond this earthly realm.
Can you imagine a beautiful girl,
Deep in a lush green forest dwelling
Everyday she followed the tangled paths.
Flowers bright and lovely delighted her,
Gathering them in her arms,
Happy and free the girl roamed.

In a cave close lived a mean witch,
Jealous of the girls beauty, she murmured
Kneeling in front of her caldron whispering,
Live in the forest forever as a butterfly, my pretty!
Moments later the girl was transformed

Now years have passed and the girl is doomed,
Only to live as a butterfly in the forest forever

Pushing through thick vines a dragon saw her.
Quietly he watched butterfly floating and drifting
Realizing he was in love he finally, said hello.
Sweetly she drifted to him swirling and twirling.
Together they roamed all day in happiness,
Under the stars they slept, dreaming.
Very much, in love the butterfly and the dragon.

Walking a path one day, the mean witch saw them.
Xanadu was their existence
Yearning, to make things right she turned him.
Zillions of years have passed for two butterflies drifting.

July 3, 2015


For the contest, Abecedarian, sponsor, Shadow Hamilton

Second Place

Poem Details | by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: life, love,

After All of These Years

After all of these years,
Because you have stuck by me through thick and thin,
Candidly, I can tell the world that I love you more each day.
Dawns come and sunrises go, but your love never waivers.
Every morning you tell me that you love me and kiss my heart.
Forever is a long time, but life would be nothing without forever with you.
Generations change ideas and habits, but one thing remains constant.
Happiness is sought after, prayed for, cried for, and even died for.
I cannot imagine, now that I have found you, myself without you.
Just as flowers need the rain, I need your smile, your trust, and your dreams.
Kindled by your embers, my soul seeks no more.
Love has smitten me and my happiness has been found with you.
Memories fade in comparison to the passion in your soul.
No person, except by God strengthened, could give as you do.
Omnipotent, everlastingly, and consistently you are here for me.
Protecting, caring, and serving without fail, God watches.
Question not whether I know how wonderful you are I do!
Remember the days of yore when love was new and dreams were large.
Somehow, locked inside of me is the strength that you shared, the love
Tomorrow may see hardships, but together we can overcome all things.
Undying commitment keeps us two, forever strong
Victory comes by rising above struggles.
We walk and the ground floats beneath our feet.
Xanadu looses luster without you.
Yesterdays have become beautiful tomorrows.
Zealously, our souls soar and joy sustains our love.


Poem Details | by Marqese Dabbs |
Categories: love, lust,

A lovely Night

I wanna take this night slow
I wanna take you home
I wanna see what’s underneath your cloak
I wanna kiss your lips, watch the world explode
I wanna watch the way you strip down
Glisten underneath the moonlight
The way your hands touch my face makes me love you more
You back up slow, crawl on your knees
An erotic stare through my soul
Lick your lips that’s so cold
The lust between us burns, but I keep craving more and more
I love the way you make the rules
Hours of pleasure seeping my lips
Wetness, are skin rubs causing friction
Gazing in your eyes, just listen
I love your taste, so sweet, makes my tongue feel subdued
You make me feel insane, the way you moan from orgasmic sensation
Take your time we have all night until the candle lights burn out
I feel warm tonight, you mark my back, and you have laid your mark
I bite rose lips and lick your sporn
Satisfaction of this love reaching its climax
Ejaculating all are being
Into the final closer, all has been sucked dry
Now sleep the night away underneath the glow of the moon

Poem Details | by Vicki Acquah |
Categories: confusion, emotions, love, moon, universe,



As the universe streams moonbeam vibrations;

Beyond brave blue skies dreams are tossed about.

Clouds linger to infiltrate the threatening calm

Dangerous moons practice divination while waxing or waning

Exuding more or less power,effecting evil attitudes of moods.

Fondness withers as an under-watered rose.

Guises itself as sanity, instability rolls her childish eyes.

How such contempt shown as civility is more than cruel to me.

I often wonder why dreams get tossed about near spring.

January, February,seems to balance a tolerated gloom.

Keeps the quiet calm in March, until the waxing the new alluring moon.

Lunacy and love lurks in minds, as cosmic scales weigh-in gravity's pull

March introduced the full moon preparing for the for the Solar eclipse Of April.

Now that adoration has given birth to love, and it's shackles we praise the love.

Of the shackles - lets speak of the shackles that comes with the snares of loves traps.

Promises of forever gagging in the throats of unkempt dedications.

Quicksand, quickening underfoot, love suffocating instincts of Sanity.

Realities of loves lunacy, hoping we could bottle up the good times and save them.

Saving the good times for the bad times testing the power of the mind.

Testing loves abilities under the new lunar moon..hysterical levels of confusion

Universal melodies soothes the carnal mind, bonds together gods and goddesses of love.

Venus vibrations penetrating, piercing arrows, into zones of over zealous lust.

Wanton lust parading as Love causing mental confusion.

Xor gate of your natural instincts and logic wrestle, married now are love and lunacy.

Yet for just a taste of desire, or a semblance of love from you would complete me.

Walking lunatic I am, forever dancing, to the edges of this fanatical world.

Xylophones flowing universal drumbeats keeps me dancing cautiously past the loopholes.

Poem Details | by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO |
Categories: art, childhood, family, children, friendship, funny, happiness, holiday, love, mothereaster, easter,

Easter EGG, Abecedarian: with egg shape-

                       April Aroma...
                     Beckons Beauty.
                   Come Children!!!....
                 Daisies Daffodil.........
                Fun Filled Freedom.......
                  Giddy Giggly Games...
                    How ya' Hangin'???
                       Just Jolly Joey!

              HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!

Poem Details | by Shadow Hamilton |
Categories: longing, love,

Zincograph Plate

As I walk the scented paths through
Beautiful bright flowers that entice.
Capturing memories in their folds I,
Dream of times now past and gone
Each one in itself a treasure to savour.
Fondly I recall such special times,
Heavenly hours spent with you
In blissful moments we shared.
Jealously I hold them to my heart.
Keening softly to myself, my 
Love for you will always abound.
Magical fantasy's come in my dreams.
Now never in this life to again share,
Or to be able to hold you near, in
Passions throngs once more.
Quintessential desires burn deep,
Racing through my veins,
Setting me still on fire.
Tortuously teasing, driving me mad,
Understanding, not at all why?
Vacant still my heart remains
With longings unsatisfied.
Xenoglossia people can not us reunite.
Zincograph print is all that now remains.

Poem Details | by Tiffany Diaz |
Categories: celebration, family, holiday, love, meaningful,

Christmas A-Z

Alluring scents of cinnamon n' mint
Beckoning of holiday cheer
Chiming of bells for a special mass
Dancing n' rejoicing
Ever blessed for the king is born
Framing love under a stable
Gravitating imaginations of joy
Hidden within messages
In boxed of toys
Jolly old Saint Nick
Kindling of spirits
Landing under a tree
Momentum of detail in wrapping
Nevertheless gathering families
Over Dinner conversations are carried 
Plates full of a soulful food
Quietness sweeping the table through forks
Rambunctious spread of deserts 
Satisfying mindful cravings
Trending time coming near
Upon the morning excite
Various gifts revered
While parents quietly watch
Xeroxing imprints of memories
Yielding imaginations thereof
Zealous baring Santa Claus

Written 1/4/2016

Poem Details | by Brenda Meier-Hans |
Categories: appreciation, bereavement, cancer, death, love, memory, sad,


After your last breath I was defeated,
Body, soul and spirit taken down.
Caressing memories became my new world,
Drowning in the past was solid ground.
Everything you did from start to finish,
Following me in my dreams so clear.
Great to know the time we had together
Harboured solace in my heart, sweet dear.
Innocence; the name of our beginning,
Joined as one we never were apart.
Kempt; seemed to be our life together,
Laughter always flowing from the heart.
Moments I shall keep in memories arc.

Nails like daggers pierced the world we started,
Offering us comfort, could no man.
Pain struck from the thought of being parted,
Quietly my darling took a stand.
Right down to the last he did not waver,
Standing tall and giving his vast love.
Tremendous was his courage as he traveled
Under wings of Angels brought above.
Veiled in sadness moving gently forward
Waiting for the sun to drown the rain.
Xanthic was the color of his golden hair
Yearning now to see it once again.
Zaps me at the thought of it my friend.

Written 08.29.2014
Brenda Meier-Hans 

Poem Details | by Sandra Haight |
Categories: love, spring,

Welcomed Spring

As days of Winter end with Spring,
Before we know, our days will bring
Complete release to walk and roam,
Devote more time away from home.
Enthralled by Springtime’s longer day,
For us to spend outdoors in play…
Go seek out Springtime’s varied blooms,
Have joy in smelling sweet perfumes.
Invite dear friends for outdoor fun
Just to relax, enjoy the sun.
Keep lawns and bushes nicely groomed…
Love to see trees so fully bloomed.
Move on from house to porch at will…
No cold to keep us bound by chill.
Observe as Springtime’s glow unfolds…
Pause to enjoy the thrills it holds,
Quick joy of sunsets make us sigh…
Release our burdens neath Spring sky,
Store energy for next new day
To spend again in Spring’s bouquet,
Under the Sun and gentle breeze…
Victor, our Spring ends Winter’s freeze.
With her rebirth we can embrace
Xanadu...can now erase
Year’s darkened days of Winter’s sting…
Zenith of each new year...our Spring!

© Sandra MHaight 2015 
   All Rights Reserved

~4th Place~
Contest: Abecedarian - Theme Spring
Sponsor: Shadow Hamilton
Judged: 02/27/2014


Poem Details | by Estela Canama |
Categories: best friend,

Love in Friendship

 Love in Friendship

Don’t neglect a friend,
Especially in times of difficulty
Friendship is the foundation of real love;
Giving advices and confront each other-hold the hearts together.
A love honed through friendship lasts for a lifetime!

Poem Details | by Christopher Loti |
Categories: allegory, best friend, emotions, irony, leaving, life, love,


We’ve seen flowers
Of all colours
Flowers that are bright
Flowers, blue and nice

Flowers that invite bees
Flowers that kiss breeze
Beautiful flowers

Flowers are different
Some hold strong firmament
This flower radiates fragrance of scent
Opens its petals for my sake
Kindles my heart
Knows not the word ‘hurt’
Passionate and loving flower

Beware of phony flowers!
Which pretend to fulfill heart desires
Flowers with uncircumcised petals 
Blooming flowers 
With smouldering pollen
Burning anther and stigma 
Unforgiving flowers
In turmoil; fighting with hard lines
Opening mystery drawers
Where they hide concoction 
Poisoning your soul without remorse
Macabre flowers

Poem Details | by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: children, love, mother, winter,

The Snowman

~The Snowman~

As the kids go out 
Braving the snow that 
Continually falls all thru the 
Day, they start to play and laugh 
Excitedly run to the shining snow that 
Falls and covers their pink noses, to the 
Ground below they run and roll 
Happily,  as they giggle and chortle 
Inside mom watches each, with a happy grin 
Joyfully she laughs and calls them all,  as they
Keep on playing and throwing snow balls,  as they 
Land everywhere it gets whiter with more fallen-snow then
Mom comes running out of the house,  and 
Nears quickly the children,  that are happily laughing 
Overjoyed, with all the excitement they're having as they 
Play and beg mom to join them in all the fun 
Quietly  they kneel upon the ground and 
Rest, grabbing mounds of the shining snow as they 
Start to build a huge Snowman,  as 
Tall and strong as it can it be, then they 
Unite together to finish it quickly
Very soon it will get dark and they 
Want to drink a hot cup of coco 
X-cellent way to beat the winter- blues that 
Year after year, with all the snow shows 
Zero-like temperatures on the go

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


Poem Details | by lavanya ramamurthi |
Categories: best friend, life, love, mom, mother, mother daughter, world,


the 10 months inside my mom, i was happy.
when i came out first, i came with a heavy cry.
its not for that i born in this world.
its for giving heavy untolerable pain for mother.
even though she didn't hurt me.
she lifted me and kissed me at once with a deep love.
she took care of me by losing her all happiness, only for me
she holded my hands and made me to walk, 
and she taught me to look forward in this world.
she laughed when i laughed and,
she cried when i cried.
she taught me everything, which always helped me to stand in my own feet.
the day will come, which will make me to be your mother, 
and you will be my child.
that's the time when you become old.
that time i ll give you double love and affection which you gave for me,
and i ll take care of you mom.
i will make you to feel proud of me.
i love you mom.

Poem Details | by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: beautiful, cute love, emotions, love, sweet, true love,

As We Met

         As We Met
        A glimpse of you in a wonderful day
        Brought storm and I was swept away
        Crept and crawled in depth of your gaze
        Devastated, drowned and flown in craze
        Enchanted with charm in every breath
        Fascination urged even to embrace death.
        Glory of emotion reached perfection
        Heaven stepped down on destination.
        Illuminated my heart, soothed my, soul.
        Journey of life turned bright to reach goal.
       Knocked my conscious and sub conscious desire
       Lightening of love flashed on mind- sky entire.
       Motionless, speechless I stared
       Not even a smile I dared.
      Overwhelmed fully and felt narcotic
      Passion was oozing making me lunatic.
      Quenched my thirst on your glance to absorb
      Ripples of excitation dancing on each heart throb.
      Strange sappiness longed for manifestation
       Thrilled to sense a heart-piercing expectation
       Utmost longing to speak a syllable
      Ventured by me but was not viable.
     Wobbling swayed, I could not approach her
     'X' in my equation of love was not solved either 
      You came forward haply to hold my hand.
      Zeal won before I could understand
  Love for Movie Screens Contest by Silent One 

Poem Details | by Suzette Richards |
Categories: happiness, husband, love, me,

My A - Z Affairs

All my energy went into pleasing the other,
belatedly I’ve realized he didn’t bother.
Cozier prospects have lured him from afar.
Doors miraculously opened and left ajar,
empowering me to hold my head high,
for now I’m fending for myself and fly.
Going wherever I pleased, whenever,
holding council with the artistic, clever.
“Intellectually challenged” his badge; 
Joker and the jester: general adage.
Kindness has been bestowed on me.
Love and compassion had set me free.
Meeting you – my perfect match,
never thinking of myself as a catch.
Over the moon I was the day we met,
perhaps a bit apprehensive and did fret.
Questioning – understandably on my guard;  
responding to you, my heart no longer hard.
Softly spoken and a perfect gentleman.
Tears are not the prerogative of woman.
Unconditional love offered from the onset,
vowing to cherish and honour – future set.
Wedding bells soon rang; custom never fail.
Xebec restored and ready for pleasure sail:
You’ve  the ability to amaze, do not scoff.
Zeal, on your part, finally had paid off.

[Poetry form: Abecederian] - I used "ABC" as PS do not have the option of "Abecederian". This is very distinct from an ABC poetry formPlease see the About section for details.

This is, also, an example of a Concrete poem, where the “face” is in counter-relief, utilizing the white space, ie on the right hand side of the poem, in profile.

Poem Details | by Nosipho Bleeding Ink |
Categories: boyfriend, love hurts, relationship,


"Been smoked in the prison of my mind
and fantasies.
Been drained in valleys of selfishness.
If self love means I selfish! Let it be..
I selfish, let me love I".

Poem Details | by Lu Loo |
Categories: addiction, death of a friend, new year, new years day, sad love,

New Year's Eve Blues

After the day I had I could care less

   Being sad is all I wish to do tonight

     Confetti in crowds makes me stressed

         Dear Lord, I wish we could reunite

Everyone left to hang out downtown

   Friends no more because I do not drink

     Going to bed as they watch the countdown

        How long until these memories go extinct?

If only I had a moment to spend with you

   Joke and laugh and remember our yesterday's

      Karen, please visit and lend me a tissue

        Lonely me just needs to know if you're ok

Mad at you for taking on the whole world

   New Year's Eve you killed yourself

     Opportunities you could never afford

        Praying constantly for your mental health

Quiting while living and dying in vain

    Regret swallowed you like a tornado

      Sadness has left bleeding tears that stain

          Treacherous lava from your volcano

Using and drinking became your hell

  Violent outbursts in the family room
    Walking alone and drunk you fell

        Xanax was eventually your doom

You need to know how sorry I am

    Zero smiles because of Karen JoAnn

Date Written: December 31, 2015
For the contest: Contest Forms-A
Sponsor: Broken Wings

Poem Details | by Olatunji Samson |
Categories: love

Under the greenwood tree

Under the greenwood 
tree,under the coolest 
shadow,whose love 
with me stay..who want 
to kiss me there?          
Where a tune of sweet 
merry             Where 
birds chirping and 
Waiting they we want to 
sing:             Only you i 
want to 
Come to show your how 
much,Love or what to 
think?         Love to 
live in the sun,Seeking 
my food i eat.

Poem Details | by lonely mabale |
Categories: art, blessing, cry, cute love, miracle, myth, pain,



Royal banking, in the mist of dilemmaMoney buy my instinctFull defeat possessionValley of miseryI sing the song of false hopeMy name is known in forbidden mountainsI am no longer having my courage in a lonely life I am livingMoney run the world but nor buy loveI thought I had it all now I am a lost one.
Internal battle my soul strike my consciousCivil war of my systemI failed my brainNow I had to go insaneLet it be known like kuvuki kingdomI saluted my previous existenceWhile my name was treated as God'sTo my entire world I parish sing my name no moreEmpty spot autocrat meI thought I had it all now I am lost one.
Indeed emotions are blindMy anger and happiness betrayed my trustThey stole my loves virginityNorth, east, south, west in all the edge earth let it be spread like HIV virus that lonely man found his empty spotI am hard to say no to my cottage like a victim of sexI thought I had it all now am lost one.
A special mood on my face was the expression what do you want while you criedMiddle finger was the second, now my bride is bankruptLife of fantasy it has extinctForgive me is now my name, kingdom of love got rid of meForgive me is affirmative I got permanent resident in empty spotI thought I had it all but now I am lost.

Poem Details | by Elissa Quigley |
Categories: cute love, first love, i love you, innocence, love, teen, youth,

In his eyes

Amongst the faces, he shines
Before you, I melt
Can you really do it?
Determined to please
Engulfed in your eyes
Forever together
Giddy till next time
Happened to pick me
Involved to the end
Jumping into your arms
Kiss me now
Love rushes in my veins
Moved by your words
Nothing can separate us
Open hearts bond
Prove how 'bad' you are
Quest on my body
Racing heartbeats
Soft lips brush my neck
Touch is never enough
Upturn me into your
Voice makes me swoon
Where shall we meet
'Xited' I text
You are worth everything to me
Zapped with love

Poem Details | by Ginny Weasley |
Categories: love, love hurts,


Never been afraid of the nought,
Until your existence came upon.
Never feared requiems,
Until your breath stirred my life.
Did not mind stoicism,
Until your smile revitalized everything around.

It is like
every light, every meaning,
every sunshine and every wonderful thing
that the Earth has,
are being possessed by you.
Only you.

And if you decide not to stay,
the world will never be the same.
It would turn into a mass of asteroids.

You have the core of my Earth,
And without you,
there will be no more foundation for my spirit,
music on my lyrics
and reason for my heartbeat.

So please, Love, do not leave.
But, when my encasement do not satisfy you anymore,
When the Earth is not enough for its core,
Forget my plea.

my sunshine,
my soul,
my everything.
I embrace the state of being an asteroid.
As long as I make you happy.


Poem Details | by precious matodzi mudau |
Categories: cute love, dedication, deep, i love you, love, romantic, true love,

my promise to you

Your way through my heart
Xerox your love
Where  I was once broken
Validate my pain  and
Uncover my hidden truth 
Soulfully kiss me
Revive  my dead hope
As I quiver from the  taste of your lips
Pleasure my mind
Open me up to new ideas 
Make me love like I have never loved before 
Keep my name on the tip of your tongue
Jungle memories of us in your mind
Hold me till I  cry golden tears
Forgive my short comings
Everyone mess up
Don't let your fears stop this
Cause I won't let my fears stop us 
Baby I promise you my forever  and always

Poem Details | by Aunika Alch |
Categories: crazy, first love, friend, friendship, giggle, happy, silly,

Silly Lilly

There once was a girl named Lilly
she was very silly.
One day Lilly 
met a boy named Willy
willy was very silly 
Willy and Lilly played with glue

Poem Details | by Mariah Lopez |
Categories: love,

My Serenity

After my life fell onto black days and down in a dark hole of nothingness,
Before I knew you wanted something to do with me after all,
Crystals shining beautifully in the night sky might as well have been pieces of dung flung down on me by the mockery of the gods.
Depression became an everyday, never-ending way of life.
Everything had this menacing shadow glazed over it, everything that was once pleasing.
Finally after what's seemed like centuries of grief, I have some peace of mind.
Grains of loving innocence are showered upon me as you speak words of wisdom to your student.
Happiness doesn't seem so far away for us, this couple of kids who know too much for their ages.
Indebted and so grateful am I to you.
Just as you've busted the defibrillator out for the sake of reviving the real me, I vow to do the same for you.
Kindness is in one hand and a tender touch from my lips to yours in the other,
Love from my depths will bring you back from getting lost in the insanities of life.
My darling, my serenity,
Nothing's gonna harm you, not while I'm around.
Ophelia couldn't maintain a grip on her own life, lost in her lover's insanity.
Pretty little face, weak little mind it seems like.
Quiet and weak I suppose I appear to the world.
Rain falls to my chin almost every day, I know.
Surprising as it may be though, I am like an ant, much stronger than I appear.
Together with my serenity, I will be invincible.
Until the day of reckoning, we will rule our land, our surroundings.
Vision will be repaired so we can both see things with the eyes of God.
Water frozen by the ice queen, tainted and murderous will never reach thy lips because I would never let that happen to you any longer.
X's and O's, to and fro, stabs and jabs from old loves past, forget them.
You are mine and I am yours.
Zip close the cover over the glossy mirror and use only the reflection of yourself coming off my gaze, eyes locked for all eternity.

Poem Details | by Patrice Trice Jackson |
Categories: blessing, for her, for him, memorial day, men, soulmate, true love,

Man's world

mail your king your heart with love
manage your union with integrity, honestly, 
   and grace
march to beat of his drum; his ego that is at ease
marry with faith he’ll lead you to righteousness
men are the head in open the path to
marvelousness, metapsychology, money, muscle.

Poem Details | by njeri hunjeri |
Categories: future, hope, life, lost love, pain, peace, together,

Peace Calls

Allow me to make this suggestion 
By all means you can oppose 
Carefully listen, boldly take these steps with me
Dotted lines, that once held our names
Easy the journey seemed, tough one it really was
Fairy stories, never knocked on our doors
Gambling for love, fighting non stop was all we did
Here I am, there you are, distant with every ticking clock 
I hated you with a passion, you couldn't stand my guts
Jagged edges were our playground
Knots on our heads as we drove each other crazy
Love, the one word that never found refuge in our hearts
Morning intoxications led to
Nightly insanities 
Organized hurts and cuts
Prescriptions couldn't do the trick
Ugly words from our ugly hearts 
Vibrated the compass, covering every corner
Wisdom i've sought, now i want us to try
Xenoglossy is not my speciality, I hope am clear
Younger no more, a fixer I've become
Zenning out the bitter past, as we build a peaceful future

 July 9th 2015

Poem Details | by Kellee Smith |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, analogy, crazy, desire, funny love,


Moni Mo you make me smile,
everyday is like trial,
being thrown at us to smash and tackle,
you mean alot to me,
you make my heart beat like a melody,
that makes me fall in love more and more,
with each pasing day,
does your love grow the same,
some say not trust me, 
alot of just talk s***,
ima slap them in the mouth with a big old fat d***,
let them talk s***,
because you and i are legit,
say what you say,
you wont change our ways,
we know eachother very well,
i swear if he leaves me behind,
ill end your world right along with mine,
Moni Mo you know what you do,
don't  make the mistake of leaving me behind,
who know what all could happen,
if you go out of state tonight,
i best be going to,
if you leave me in the dirt,
ill hike all the way to you,
your the best thing i could ever ask for,
like from Santa Clause on Christmas,
all my wishes came true,
finally meeting a down to earth guy,
that is you,
especially when you look me straight in the eyes,
i can read you inside and out like a book full of secrets,
that were never meant to be touched,
so i wrote you this poem form me to you,
please don't think im totally crazy,
im just blonde crazy white b****,
but now that im yours and you are mine,
my mind can finally relax and unwind.

Poem Details | by Olatunji Samson |
Categories: love

Under the greenwood tree

Under the greenwood 
tree,under the coolest 
shadow,whose love 
with me stay..who want 
to kiss me there?          
Where a tune of sweet 
merry             Where 
birds chirping and 
Waiting they we want to 
sing:             Only you i 
want to 
Come to show your how 
much,Love or what to 
think?         Love to 
live in the sun,Seeking 
my food i eat.