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Love Poems About Abbey or Abbey Love Poems
by Emile Pinet |
Categories: abuse, angst, dark, emotions, feelings, heartbreak, imagery,

A Moral Tragedy

Emma was a little girl of fourteen
with an inquisitive mind and kind heart.
And on most days she'd drop by the Abbey
on her way home from her job at Walmart.

She would daydream of becoming a nun
imagining tending to souls in pain.
And it gave her parents a sense of pride
knowing the depth of love the world will gain.

Without persuasion she entered the park
to drink in the beauty of a small stream.
And there she was assaulted by a monster
her throat cut to stifle her feeble scream.

A moral tragedy beyond compare
it makes you question why God's so unfair.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: beautiful, character, encouraging, feelings, imagery, innocence, inspirational,

Humanity's Best

The nuns in the Abbey adore Emma
for she often visits them after school.
And volunteers her time and assistance
barely thirteen she believes nuns are cool.

It fills her parents with a sense of pride
when she discusses becoming a nun.
For they know she has so much love to give
judging by the things she's already done.

Sometimes it takes a little persuasion
to get her to leave the park before dark.
For she has a profound love for nature
and a tinder heart awaiting a spark.

An example of humanity's best
she’s an inspiration for all the rest.