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Love Poem: Was it Love, or A Mental state of mind
Sheree Butler  Avatar
Written by: Sheree Butler

Was it Love, or A Mental state of mind

You love me but, you show no compassion. You deprive me from the world of epicy.
Sweetest Taboo that's what it was 
when we first met.
Sweet embrace,
you brought a smile to my face.
And then you begin to scorn me. 
You aggravate me to the point,
I want to leave, but the house and kids is keeping your sorry behind upon me.
The streets have taken you, away from me.
When I smile in need, you strip to your knees, thinking, I lust for you!
All this time, in the back of my mind, I am saying, why have you forsaken me.
All this time, our love, can not rewind 
for you, to say, you love me.
Light my fire, So I can Inspire, because the world now knows Me!

© 1998 ShErEe